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Disney UFO video

Alien Encounters: Disney UFO Video Raises Questions

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Our Wholistic Future

Our Wholistic Future
A cool feature of the ECC ning is that we can incorporate a wide range
of perspectives in how we explore what is going on the world, gather
evidence, and piece together the big picture puzzle, all, while we seek for the
Truth, of who we are, where we've come from, and where we are going.

With this in mind, I wanted to share that I've noticed many of us here at the ECC Ning are
spontaneously using a wholistic model in how we choose to live toward
our future
. While we are concerned about the typical "beans,
band-aids, and bullets", or the "keeping-our-bodies-alive", style of living, it
seems to me that we consistently consider our larger selves, our whole
selves, in our living.
Many of the spiritual, and ET sources of counsel that we have been
listening to talk about how it is important that we understand that we are
multi-dimensional beings
rather than just a collection of minerals that
we call bodies, clothed in a personality, with maybe a soul hanging around

The PEMS model is the one I have seen most. PEMS, for our four bodies,
or layers of being.
P - Physical body/self
E - Emotional body/self
M - Mental body/self
S - Spiritual body/self

In addition to the PEMS model I want to add, our communal self, global self, nature/natural self, cultural self, creative self, co-creative self. I fully anticipate that this wide range of our whole being will be discussed within our active planning for the future. And I want to welcome this thinking into our discussions here.

With this in mind, I wonder, what do you envision as the highest potential for humanity in our emerging reality?
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Why Talking IS Learning

Why Talking IS Learning
I have to be real honest with you guys. I was very influenced by Edgar
Cayce, his readings, and his Search for God material. I was exposed to
his brand of thinking while I was still in elementary school. And EC was
a very practical guy. He founded the ARE, Association for Research and
Enlightenment, with a heavy emphasis on practical spirituality, healing,
and research. One of his many guiding principles that most shaped my
own thinking is his counsel to bring everything into practical

He would often say, "Wisdom is knowledge applied." The whole point in
learning anything was to become changed by your learning, and to live it
out on a day by day, moment by moment basis. EC was big into personal
response-ability. In the end, we choose our responses, it is about the
only place in our lives where we have any real control. At least, for

There are tons of upsides to this emphasis on practical application, and
personal responsibility. And there are likewise, some downsides. One of
the downsides that I have noticed is that when we become influenced by
this mindset in an imbalanced way, we become impatient, or intolerant,
of the larger learning process that human beings go through, while we
are learning to put principles into action. In short, we think everyone
learns the way we do. And this is not true.

We each have our own unique learning style. And to make this even more
muddier, we have different learning styles at the various and different
learning stages we may go through.
I tend to over gather information
before I move into the action phase. Other people are completely
impatient with the information gathering stage, skip it entirely, and
jump straight into action, learning by trial and by jumping into the
fire, so to speak. I use a lot of personal feedback processes in my
learning. Other people learn by teaching, even if they do not know what
they are teaching, they are learn by teaching, it is their particular
learning style.

I'm very kinesthetic, and often timid. When it comes time to do the
actions I will want to be left alone, so I can observe myself, what I am
doing, how it all feels, where I get stuck, how I can improve, and so
on. Visuals are helpful, but I cannot anchor the learning until I've
done it.

It's important to understand our selves and our differences in how
we learn, and to be patient with our differences.

One of the universal ways that all humans learn to by engaging the
self-expression and feedback loops circuits in our brains. The part of
our brain that learns is the part of the brain that expresses. This is
why we talk so much about what we are learning. It is because talking is
learning, we are wired this way
. Regardless of where we are at in our stage of
learning, preparing, or maturing in our expressions, it is through self-expression, by either
talking, writing, journaling, creating, and doing that we will anchor
our learning. These are all very physical processes. And the only way we
can anchor our soul growth is through the physical expression of it.

For those of you who would like some more very simple information on how
we learn, and the expression circuit/feedback loop please check out The
Einstein Factor
. If you go to Amazon, search inside the book, and
search the word "expression" then you will find on pages 62-65 a super
simple, effective description of what I am talking about. "

So, here's to talking with you, in the days to come.
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We are Where We Are, and it is ALL Good

We are Where We Are, and it is ALL Good

I don't know about anyone else, but I know that for me, I keep catching
myself thinking that I should, or ought, to be further along in my
preparation process. I continually remind myself, every day, some times,
several times a day, that I am doing the best I know how to do, and I
try to encourage myself to trust this. I'd like to do the same for you.
And I know, when I feel overwhelmed, tired, or uncertain, I very much
appreciate it when someone else around me encourages me with this

Each of us will be coming at these changes from our own unique situation
in life, with our own unique sense of purpose, meaning, and direction.
We are not cookie cutter images of each other, and we are real live
perfectly, imperfect human beings. With this said, I do not believe
their is a right, or wrong way to become prepared for living in emerging

Most of my present planning will look more like homesteading, and
sustainable living, because this is where I am at right now. Another
person may be just beginning to think about their prep plans,
they may be here listing items for there GOOD bags. Some people here
will be brainstorming their exit strategies from the cities, or to
another country. We may have people in this group who have decided to
live a mobile lifestyle in the AfterTime, so the sort of prep planning
they will do will look very different from the person that is setting up
a remote retreat. It would be interesting to meet the person who has
decided that they will be travelling back into the cities to help with
trauma, and first aid.

Each of us came to make a unique contribution to ourfuture. Our prep plans, and the lives we are preparing to live in the AfterTime will reflect this. We can learn from each other,
and honor our differences at the same time.

We are where we are, and it is ALL good. This is the only way we can be.
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Reality Checks

Reality Checks
This is one of the biggest problems, or road blocks I continue to bump
into in my preparations. Every day, as I try to apply what I've been
learning I run into reality checks. I'm discovering a huge disconnect in
how I imagine it is to do certain things, or live a certain way, and
the reality of actually, physically doing the task, and living the

I know this is the area where I most need support. The AfterTime
Lifestyle is physically demanding. It is a very physical lifestyle.
Almost everything about this lifestyle, is time-intensive, and
labor-intensive. There is quite a gap between how we live in our modern
culture, and the culture that is emerging all around us.

There will be many among us who will chose to move on and out of the
physical expression during this transition. They will be supporting
those of us who have chosen, at the soul level to stay, and help birth
our emerging culture, and human experience. For the ones of us that will
continue in our physical expression, this issue of bridging the reality
gaps is going to require us to be strong, focussed, unified, and clear
in our honesty. The sooner we can learn from, face, and adapt to the
many, many reality checks we will be experiencing, the better we will be
able to help others do the same.

I encourage everyone to share their learning experiences. The "real nitty
gritty, I-ain't-so-pretty", experiences. It is my hope that we can
smooth the rough edges of the reality checks by sharing them in
honest, open, and genuine ways.
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AfterTime Living (ATL) General Introduction

Hi!!! :-)
Welcome to the AfterTime Living Group!!
This group was set up for people who feel they are ready to explore in-depth, the
actions that they can take today, now, in their daily lives to prepare,
not only for Surviving a Civilisation Changing Cataclysm, but for
LIVING Life after such an event.

It is set up for you to have a place to sort out, to think out loud,
your unique life situations, and to customise your own preparation plans,
according to your sense of mission, or purpose. And to
PLAN on how you're going to LIVE in the AfterTime.

The Survival Group, and Food Storage group are spaces where anyone can
read, or post general survival/food storage information. We want to keep
those spaces fairly neat, so it is easier for people to gather information.

Once, you're ready to move beyond info-gathering, then you can come here
and start making this information your own. In mulling this over, we
decided to separate these two processes. You will notice a lot of
cross links between these groups, but this one will be much more messy,
and free for all, brain storming, solution-storming, bouncing ideas off
of each other, and all the wonderful creative chaotic ways in which we
each learn how to take book/intellectual knowledge and apply it to our
lives, right here, right now.

The Big Focus here is to make this information your own, and to
start living the changes we will all eventually need to make now, as we
can, in the context of our everyday lives.

To help put everyone on the same page, or as much as possible, I've
created fives posts for you to look at. After you've looked at these
posts, come back here, copy the questions below, share with us your
point of view, and add any more relevant info you would like to
introduce to us. I've done one myself so you can get some ideas as to
how you might want to do your intro to this group

Let's have fun, getting to know each other, helping each other, and
becoming prepared humans!!!!

The 5 Stages of Catastrophism
We are Where We Are, and it is ALL Good
Reality Checks
Why Talking IS Learning
Our Wholistic Future

1. I am at Stage ___ in the Five Stages of Castastrophism.

2. This is where I am at in my prep planning right now:

3. My mission for living in the AfterTime is....

4. Arrrghhhh !!!! :0) My biggest reality check/road block is......

5. In the future humanity will....

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ECC General Introduction

ECC General Introduction
This is a space we created where anyone, new, or old, may come and
introduce themselves to the ECC Ning Community. It takes time to get to
know each other, to build trust with each other, and to learn more about
how we may share our journeys, in a way that is mutually helpful to all
of us, our loved ones, and each other.

FEEL FREE, to let us know moreabout you, when you feel ready to do so.

Great Blessings and BeautyDay!!!!
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Here's another post from SurvivalBlog that may be relevant to some of the conversations we've been having here.
This is a long post. I'm printing it and will be studying over the next week, or so. To help me continue to make plans on what I will do in this sort of scenario in the future.

I'm posting it here for others, who may be interested in doing the same thing where they live:

For now, I'm putting this in the general category. Later, I will come back and post this to AfterTime Living, and note links to this in some of the other related posts.
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FIREBALL ON JUPITER: On August 20th at 18:22 UT, amateur astronomer Masayuki Tachikawa of Kumamoto city, Japan, video-recorded an apparent impact on Jupiter. Click on the image to view a movie of the fireball:


This is the third time in only 13 months that amateur astronomers have detected signs of impact on Jupiter. The earlier events occured on July 19, 2009, and June 3, 2010. This weekend's impact, if that's what it was, has not been confirmed by multiple observers, but it resembles the uncontroversial impact of June 3, 2010, and appears to be genuine.

"Like the event of June 3rd, this fireball did not produce any visible debris," notes John Rogers, director of the British Astronomical Association's Jupiter section. "Here are some hi-resolution images taken 1-2 rotations before and 1-2 rotations after the event. As the observers commented, there was no visible mark (not in RGB, nor UV, nor methane), post-impact. Dark brown spots on the North Equatorial Belt were already there before the fireball."

Stay tuned for updates!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... 3rd time in 13 months, and in almost the same place as projected for the Brown Dwarf ..................................

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at the end of the summary i will be adding something please let me know if you like or get rid of it.

here we go family: molucca sea 4.6, heavy valcano area, java indonesia 4.8, most of the other quakes in this area have been in the ocean, this ones on land. near east coast of honshu, japan, the quakes are on both sides with volcano's in the middle. taiwan 4.2, 5.0, 5.1 near coast of new guinea p.n.g. 5.0 this is in a new area. timor region indonesia 4.7 new area. south of panama 5.3 south america sliding. 1o miles south of eureka near fortuna 3.3 this is for teresa. off shore bio-bio chile, where south america started to rock and roll 5.0.






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Welcome to our ning...

Hi, :-)
Welcome to the ECC ning!!!
There is a lot going on here, so relax, take your time and browse around.
If you are concerned about what is happening in the world,
and you want to learn more,
sort out your thoughts with other like-minded, and like-hearted souls,
get more prepared,
or share lots of the information you have already been gathering on your own,
then you will be happy here.
Here's a link to the Welcome Center to help you get started.

There is an open invitation to a weekly ECC Group Meditation/Healing/helping others
if your interested.

We love learning more about each other, feel free to introduce yourself
in this ECC General Introduction
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swelled by torrential rains, the yalu river that marks the chinese-north korea border breached its banks on both sides saturday, inudating communities and forcing the evacuation of more than 50,000 people in china

flood waters punctured a dike between the river and an economic development zone ina low-lying part of the chinese port city of dandong.


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