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Historic Arctic Blast Sets Eyes On U.S. West Coast This Next Week – An arctic blast not seen since the historic 1990 event is setting sights on the entire Western USA, which means that ares from Seattle, Portland, down into California are in for a real cold air-mass, most notable over the Pacific Northwest and threatening production along California’s I-5 farming corridor.
This arctic air blast will start across Seattle and Portland on Monday, peaking in the middle part of the week, and lasting through the entire week … a long duration arctic blast event.  Snow is very possible in both these cities and further updates will be given on such.  Low resolution modeling outlooks show temperatures in the teens, however if dry air does accompany the airmass one of the nights .. it’s very possible we could see single digit marks in some locations.
The blast will head down into Northern California on Tuesday and finally Southern California by Wednesday and Thursday onward … Expecting temperatures to be widespread freezing for much of Central/Northern California for overnight lows … so production across the farming lands along the I-5 corridor through California will be vulnerable. Any snow will be further warned for before it hits … for now the freezing temperatures will be the focus.
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Update on Andromeda Council Website: Re ISON

The following update has been added to the Andromeda Council Website on 11/28/13:

"For those number of you who have written to me asking - the answer is: Yes. The biosphere - Xanterexx [called by the news media: "comet Ison"] is in fact the "Blue Star Kachina".  It signifies the coming of major changes to this planet, the harbinger of change & 'open first contact ' I spoke of in my September 7th video on this topic, as it marks the ending of the "4th world" and the beginning events of the "5th world" emerge... as the new coming, mid-level, 4D higher dimensional world, in my words.

This confirmation was provided to me in the past two (2) days by my contacts on the Andromeda Council who are originally from the planet Dakote, origin planet of a great many indigenous Native Americans, including the Hopi, of the star system Taygeta, constellation Pleiades.  The Hopi consider themselves to be direct descendants of people from the Pleiades.

To all of you in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving."

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When big companies like Wal-Mart don't pay their employees living wages, taxpayers take up the slack in the form of welfare benefits.  I've heard that the Walton family made $17 Billion in profits last year.  To pay their employees $12/hr ($25,000/yr) would cost $2 Billion.  If these numbers are correct, you have to wonder why they can't "afford" to pay their employees a living wage.

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Expert Says ISON Could Hit Earth! NOT YET CONFIRMED!


I have no idea if there is any truth in the assertion of this article at all - although I was kind of expecting something like this to surface at some stage - which makes me think it is false - however, I'm posting so each can decide.

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Cobra 11-16-13 Interview Transcript

“…the United States will be the last country on the planet where those changes will happen, and when they happen in the United States it will be the moment of the breakthrough. Because it is the turning point…

“The United States is the key trigger point for the Event to happen. When you see changes in the political system of the United States, then you know it is time.

“…Many souls who are incarnating in this time have chosen to incarnate in the United States. Many of the brightest souls have incarnated in the United States in the span of the last 150 years. In response to their light, the Cabal had to put their strongest control there to prevent a breakthrough. This has been the focal point of this planetary struggle between the light and dark for the last 100 years at least. When the breakthrough happens, it will happen through United States.”

The data about Fukushima radiation does not appear correct.  Many babies died in the Pacific Northwest.

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