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Montague Keen

zon.jpg  Montague Keen - December 20, 2015

The release of humanity has begun. Ireland is taking the first steps to release humanity from captivity.

Watch this video

Their time has come to turn the key that has waited so long for humanity to be sufficiently awake to recognise what needs to be done. Since my passing, I have been guiding Veronica on this. Now, others have got the message and done their own research on it. I thank them for their input. I have always told you that Ireland is the key that will unlock everything. The Irish are now awake. They have come together and they are refusing to allow the banks ro rape Ireland again.

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Baking Soda

Baking Soda & Maple Syrup Cancer Remedy


Stephanie Relfe, B.Sc. (Sydney)

I had always wondered, since most people's health problems are partly owing to being too acidic, if it would be a good idea to take baking soda, since it is so alkaline. Well, it turns out that there is a story to that, whereby simple baking soda and maple syrup cooked gently together were said to stop and even heal cancer.

 There is not a tumor on God’s green earth that cannot be licked with a little baking soda and maple syrup.” That is the astonishing claim of controversial folk healer Jim Kelmun who says that this simple home remedy can stop and reverse the deadly growth of cancers. His loyal patients swear by the man they fondly call Dr. Jim and say he is a miracle worker. “Dr. Jim cured me of lung cancer,” said farmer Ian Roadhouse. “Those other doctors told me that I was a goner and had less then six months to live. But the doc put me on his mixture and in a couple of months the cancer was gone. It did not even show up on the x-rays.”

Dr. Jim discovered this treatment accidentally somewhere in the middle of the last century when he was treating a family plagued by breast cancer. There were five sisters in the family and four of them had died of breast cancer. He asked the remaining sister if there was anything different in her diet and she told him that she was partial to sipping maple syrup and baking soda.

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What is NESARA?

What is NESARA?

Since NESARA has been mentioned several times recently and is the destination that the Reval is headed towards, please allow me to give a short summary of what it comprises. This summary was written in 2010. Some details may have changed but the overall intent and structure appears to remain the same. The acronym NESARA […]

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Rare Astrology: All Planets Are Moving Direct From December 25th to January 5th

~ Synchronized Global Meditation For Peace ~

Hey friends! NOW is the time for us to join together as one global family and create the world we want to live in. Each and every one of us can make a difference. As we come together for a weekly global synchronized meditation, we share the love in our hearts and help uplift the vibration for all.

The global meditations are held each Sunday for 30 minutes at 2 pm GMT and another at 7pm GMT. For the first meditation that is:

6 am in Los Angeles PST
9 am in New York ES

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Sheldan Nidle

zon.jpg Sheldan Nidle - December 15, 2015

11 Muluk, 2 Mol, 12 Manik

Dratzo! Many good things are now happening in your realm. The funds that you have waited for in great frustration and worry are here! Their order of arrival is dependent upon a number of key factors. First there is the degree of overall security employed by the major groups involved. These first monies are to be the initial falling dominoes, which are to start the formal end of the global dark cabal rulership. This means the formal initiation of a whole host of new banking and financial procedures. Second, these monies are to signal the end of the fraud-laden privately owned “US Federal Reserve”. There is a major last-ditch struggle between those who are losing the battle to save this onerous institution and those who desire to bury it. Third, many who are to release these funds are as well fighting an inner struggle against doing so. Despite this, the funds are being released at the appointed time (NOW). We are urgently insisting upon this as the only remaining alternative. It has been sheer folly for all who somehow wish to delay the inevitable!!!

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2015 Christmas Messages

Merry Christmas to everyone, and a New Year full of happiness, joy, courage, and blessings.

Here is a lovely message from the Self-Realization Fellowship:  2015 Christmas Message from their president:, and here is their 2015 Christmas photo album:

I'm reading their guru's book entitled The Second Coming of Christ, and gaining much wisdom from it.   Paramahansa Yogananda was a very spirit-filled being, and truly one of the great masters who graced Earth with a visit.  He very much revered the Christ.  In my studies, I have learned there were many expressions of Christianity in the early days, finally coalescing into the Roman Catholic Church in the fourth and fifth centuries.  SFR seems to be an expression from the Hindi/Indian point of view, which embraces the school of thought called yoga, or God union (it's much, much more than just the exercises, which is how most Westerner's know it).  George Harrison was into Eastern/Indian spiritual traditions and had connections with SFR.  See ;

If you follow a certain tradition, please post links to their Christmas (or other holiday) greetings and/or photo albums, so we may learn of their traditions.  If you don't know of any, go look for some... Kwaanzaa and Hannukah are two I can think of.  Let's make this holiday season one of understanding and respect for other cultures and beliefs. 

In December, Muslims celebrate:

Monday, December 21

Milad un Nabi (Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad)

Shia Muslims celebrate this 5 days later. Some Muslims do not approve of celebrating the birthday, and regard doing so as a religious innovation.

Saturday, December 26

Milad un Nabi (Shia)

Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. Sunni Muslims celebrate this 5 days earlier. Some Muslims do not approve of celebrating the birthday, and regard doing so as a religious innovation.

I do not know what an appropriate greeting would be, but I wish for our Muslim friends a holiday that brings all they expect and hope for, and more.

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We are the Arcturian Group

DECEMBER 13, 2015

Dear ones, it is with joy that we commune and join with you as you journey ever more deeply into enlightenment. 
We wish to speak of benevolence, a subject that is frequently misunderstood.  Benevolence is considered to be the practice of meeting of some need--the giving of time, money, or service by some group or individual without personal consideration.  The USA is considered to be a benevolent nation because of the spiritual principles upon which it was founded and most religions of the  world believe benevolence to be representative of spirituality. The holiday season in particular promotes benevolence as the Christmas message.
True benevolence is loving action that flows without  pressure, guilt, force, prejudice, or shame, performed with no agenda or desire of reward.  It is simply  another facet of unconditional love for someone who has attained a consciousness of oneness.
Benevolence becomes  misguided when it takes precedence over any and every consideration in order for the giver to feel  "spiritual".   This sort of benevolence can easily and  often does, become enabling.  Many a sincere seeker has made the mistake of believing that catering to others is love and so makes them (the giver)  more spiritual. 
We have chosen to speak of benevolence today because many serious spiritual seekers have become confused while sincerely trying to live unconditional love. This is because they are forgetting to first go within and be guided, often becoming instead human puppets  serving the prompts of others while believing that they are living from unconditional love.
Want versus need is the criteria for true benevolence.  Become adept at knowing which is which,  not allowing yourselves to become hypnotized by appearances or the opinions of others.   This does not mean that you never assist some person or group,  but means that before doing so you assess the situation and get a "feel" as to whether the request represents  real need or is simply a want on the part of the recipients and/or individuals promoting the cause.  
Be wise in the  practice of financial benevolence, taking time to investigate how much of the donation actually reaches the cause they are promoting.  There are some groups launching appeals especially during holiday times in which a large portion of your donation will go to a highly paid CEO.  Common sense is a spiritual activity too, just as is every aspect of ordinary daily living. 
Benevolence is birthed as conscious action but over time as spiritual awareness deepens, becomes natural and common place.  You will find that you  automatically and without thought begin to recognize  needs from wants and it becomes much easier to lovingly refuse or simply do nothing if so guided. 
When you are guided to refuse you may find yourself criticized by those who do not understand that benevolence must include  consideration for the deeper aspects of the request.  There are times when certain situations may be providing a much needed and chosen lesson for all involved, requiring some of the  difficulty to remain.
Always trust your intuition and  experience the resonance  of whatever correct action is needed  for yourselves and others.  Benevolence occasionally means simply allowing another to fall flat on their face so to speak, because this is what is needed for the person's growth.  
This message is to point out the importance of becoming conscious of the reasons behind your actions--your intent.   During your heart centered  journey to become more loving and benevolent  ask yourselves;  "Am I expressing unconditional love, or simply parroting someone's concept of unconditional love?".  You who read these messages are evolved beings of Light and no longer students, but as you move into  higher dimensional energy, even the smallest bit of old conditioning can trip you up and cause confusion.  Stay conscious in every moment.
State the intention to always serve only in those ways providing for the highest and best good of the "other".  Many in their sincere quest to be spiritual have made the mistake of believing that benevolence means blindly giving, giving, giving,  at the loss of their personal power for discretion and choice.
Benevolence should never be obligation because of pressure from some outside organization or person even though these groups often serve to alert people to world needs.  Never forget that every person has a Higher Self and Guides,  and  came in to this lifetime  with a contract that they themselves created  for learning. 
This is particularly difficult for parents and loved ones who sincerely want to relieve the suffering of their children or friends and family.   It is never wrong to assist others who need help.  Your famous psychic Edgar Cayce said; "You'll not be in heaven if you're not leaning on the arm of someone you have helped." 
However, there  often comes a point at which you realize that the most loving action you can take  is to simply step back and allow the process to unfold even when you can easily see what is coming down the road.  This can be very  difficult, but is the more heart centered and truly benevolent action.
Never fear to say "no" when you are  guided from within even if others disagree or even accuse you of not being loving.  Never allow another's belief system to dictate your actions, especially in spiritual matters for that is what has brought about much of the chaos and ignorance now manifesting in the world.  Enter into every situation from a state of consciousness that realizes all are spiritual beings having a human experiences. 
Do not let these words cause you to fear expressing love, service, or money to seemingly discordant situations when guided,  for giving is receiving which is the secret key to abundance. Send Love, recognition, and  Light to every situation, for this is a high form of benevolence. 
Everyone is moving quickly into the new and higher dimensional energies and many of you have discovered that the journey holds a few physical, emotional, and mental  bloody footsteps which only represent the old energy you are moving beyond.  Even those still asleep in the illusions of sense are feeling, causing them to fear and act out.  Be patient with them, recognize their divinity, and never fear to  express benevolence without reservation when guided.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                         12/13/15
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Matthew Ward - December 10, 2015

Now then, even if a number of you had not requested our comments, we would have spoken about a lamentable part of what otherwise is this season’s extraordinary thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity—the spirit in which a number of countries are welcoming Syrian refugees. Many in the United States Congress and some presidential candidates are, instead, instilling in the citizenry fear about the refugees. Some are acting from genuine concern, having succumbed to the fear that was fomented; others are using fear to make political hay, so to say.

Not only is fear a highly magnified energy that blocks light, thereby blocking empathy, sympathy, compassion and rational thought, it is wildly contagious. A few persons who have public attention, amply aided by mainstream media, can “infect” the populace—that is what happened in the United States, where many people are afraid to provide sanctuary to any refugees. We honor and commend all souls in that country and around your world who are thinking and speaking out factually: The refugees aren’t terrorists, they are fleeing from war and terrorism.

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