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10958083079?profile=original A mysterious crater in Siberia has grown 15 timesits original size since a huge explosion and bright lights were reported in the Area.

In 2013, a huge crater opened in a remote area in Siberia, Russia. Since it mysteriously appeared three years ago, the crater has increased in size more than 15 times. Researchers remain baffled unable to explain its origin. The infamous Taimyr crater is located 300 miles from similar newly-formed holes. The region has been dubbed as the ‘End of the World’ by residents.

Three years ago a mysterious crater appeared on the Taimyr peninsula in Siberia, creating a staggering 300-feet hole in the surface of the Earth. Since it appeared three years ago, the crater has grown 15 times its original size.

“Since the crater was formed in a 2013 blowout, the crater’s size rapidly increased at least 15 times during the next year and a half, according to previously unreported scientific data.” (Source)

In three years, scientists have proposed a number of theories trying to explain why caused the mystery crater to appear and why it has been increasing in size for the past couple of years. The appearance fo the bizarre hole in the surface of the planet has prompted all kinds of theories ranging from gas leakage, missiles, underground bases and aliens.

However, it seems that the mystery behind the enigmatic hole just got a lot more bizarre as a Russian expert revealed that residents have reported hearing an explosion and saw a ‘clear glow’ in the sky.

When the first crater emerged three years ago, debris of displaced oil, dirt, and ice were ejected across an area over half a mile wide. Researchers have attributed the appearance of the enigmatic ‘hole’ to explosions of methane or other types of underground gas.



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Source Cheyenne Macdonald For 

Huge explosion that created a mysterious giant crater in Siberia was heard 100km away and caused a 'clear glow' in the sky

  • Crater opened in 2013 and has since increased size by more than 15 times 
  • It's thought it may have been formed by explosions of underground gas
  • New account reveals locals heard an explosion and saw 'clear glow' in sky

Big bang formed crater causing 'glow in sky': explosion was heard 100 km away

07 June 2016

Startling new details emerge of the most mysterious of Siberia's newly created giant permafrost holes.

10958083482?profile=originalSince the crater was formed in a 2013 blowout, the crater's size rapidly increased at least 15 times during the next year and a half. Picture: Vladimir Epifanov

Huge Siberian crater keeps growing

Source: WBAL11

Updated: 3:07 PM EST Dec 28, 2016

A huge crater in Siberia caused by damage to the permafrost and *global warming has

been growing for years and now is a mile across.                    *"global warming" stricken by TPS

GOOGLE search>>


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 Sadly, 2016 became the year the US became the first country to ban GMO labeling!

Despite the blatant corruption of our elected officials, we the people have created change. The power of voting with our wallets is reflected on our store shelves as more and more food manufacturers are turning to natural and non-GMO options to satisfy a growing consumer demand. Keep using your dollars to propel change! As if you needed further proof to choose organic, a shocking report was released this year by Food Democracy Now! and the Detox Project exposing staggering levels of glyphosate in popular American foods. FDN founder Dave Murphy is calling on the EPA Inspector General to investigate the agency’s failure to properly test and regulate glyphosate, end the practice of pre-harvest spraying of Roundup as a drying agent and release ALL of the industry data submitted to federal agencies, but kept hidden from the American public as "trade secrets." (Learn more here.)Demand that your regulatory agencies, like the EPA, FDA and USDA protect the American people from toxic chemicals in our food, medicine, water, and air! It’s time to get Monsanto’s Roundup off your plate, ban glyphosate and label GMOs!  Every voice counts! The report can be viewed here.

This year MAM jumped into the vaccine transparency fight with both feet. Shocking research funded by Moms Across America confirmed that Monsanto's carcinogenic herbicide glyphosate is in the vaccines being pushed on our children. If we won't eat this poison, why would we allow it to be injected into our children?? (Read more here.)Get involved!On May 20, 2017 the international March Against Monsanto will take place. There is no denying the impact these marches have had on waking up the world to Monsanto's nefarious business practices, the hostile hijack of the food supply and the chemical assault we are all being subjected to. Please be a leader in your town! It only takes one person to plant the seeds of change. Be that person. Email for more information.10958082854?profile=originalOur friends at Focus For Health are conducting a Marshmallow Experiment.

‘Tis the season when dreaded colds and flu are among us. So, how do we keep our bodies strong and our immune system functioning? 
To see just how effective the flu shot is, FFH  is conducting a “Marshmallow Experiment".
Out of the 85 people that have participated in our poll so far, 78% of people said they have not taken the flu shot, and 21% did. We encourage everyone to  participate in our experiment, whether you’ve had the flu shot or not, and then let us know by April 1st if you got the flu or not, and if so, the severity of the illness.

Please email if you wish to participate. Thank you for your help!
If you missed some of Focus For Health's great articles this year, click herehere, and here to keep up with life-saving health information. Also, sign up for the FFH newsletter for the most current health and wellness news by clicking here
Thank you for all of your support! We are so grateful for the millions of people all over the globe that have stood in solidarity with MAM's mission. The time to unite is here and it is up to us stop the corporate hijack of the planet and its resources.
Our soil. Our air. Our medicine. Our water. We will not stand for poison. We will not stand for corruption.
Here's to 2017 and the continuing fight for a toxic-free future! Cheers!

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Please read these Universal Laws!

The entire Milky Way has moved into a higher energy area in the Cosmos and Thoughts produce more easily now!
The Frequency of Earth is much higher now! 
Our thoughts produce things much quicker Now!
Good Thoughts Produce Positive things!
Bad Thoughts Produce Negative things!
Here is just one of the Laws Attraction
Law of Attraction - Demonstrates how we create the things, events and people that come into our lives Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies which, in turn attract like energies. Negative energies attract negative energies and positive energies attract positive energies.

So controlling what one thinks is very helpful! If there is no good thing to say are think of someone, then have no thoughts at all for that person or thing! These thoughts are not going to attack the person,or thing that thoughts where produced for, only attacking the person that is having the thoughts! Causing health problems!!

If one cane control his thoughts then his health will return with help!
We live in a "Free Will World" The Angels can only stand by & watch, unless they are asked to help they can only want to help, one must ask the Angels for help for to receive help! They are always ready to help when asked!

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The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele ~ Christmas Message

winter-treeDecember 18, 2016

Dear ones, again this year we wish to bring to you the deeper meanings of Christmas, the ones in which you do not simply celebrate people and events of 2000 years ago but personally experience

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