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Father God

Art: Stardust by Jean Luc Bozzoli 
" I can confirm, as we have told you through many other beloved channels, that the coming two months will be an enormously important window in many arenas - financial, yes, but also many, many other areas of life will also be massively impacted by the events that now hover on the horizon.  The excitement in the air is real.  Allow your joyful anticipation to soar.  In doing so, you create the slipstream that carries events to completion, and formerly uninvolved observers to come to attention in wonder. " ~ Father
Father God:
My Beloved Earth Children, I come to you today with great feelings of admiration and gratitude, from Mother God and I, and also from your many close friends and family members on Galactic Federation ships and from your devoted Company of Heaven who tenderly so closely watch over you.  We all admire your stamina, your determination and your steadfast faith in the face of the unique difficulties of this time. 
We are aware that the time passing -  as you await the dramatic and clear evidence that your world is truly changing - seems an eternity for you, although in planetary terms it is hardly a moment. This does not lessen the colossal attainments you are achieving moment to moment during this unprecedented transition.  What you have accomplished in just the past few years is truly miraculous by any standard, and you have done it without much direct information or communication - you have done it by faith and with love.  You are marvelous.
You Too are Part of Our Integrated Network
You see, in the higher dimensions, we function as an integrated network, as you might call it.  We are all in constant communication with one another. We are truly One, and we are aware of it at all times.  It is different for you in the lower dimensions, where you must go through your days without such easy reassurance with others across the globe or even around the corner.  Many Lightworkers who are involved in the crucial financial, legal and political programs which will change all your lives have little knowledge of one another.  You have received only a smidgeon of what is truly possible through the information you get from channeled messages and from the growing number of information gatherers who have bravely "gone public" on the internet. 
There is still a nearly absolute black-out in the mass media on anything involving the monumental progress that has been made in bringing Earth into the Light.  As we have explained, this has been advantageous for us because it allows our beloved Boots on the Ground to operate in virtual anonymity, providing greater safety for them and their precarious tasks until the time for the official Announcements comes.  It has been a delicate balance, proceeding with the most complex and far-reaching programs without using what you would think of as "normal" information channels.  It means that most of you have performed your roles largely unaware of the bigger picture, seeing only the progress you can observe in your immediate environment along with what you can keenly perceive just beyond.
Your Great Faith Leads You to Live Courageously
We understand how challenging it has been for you to keep moving forward.  Often you had only the inner voice of your own intuition to listen to.  You long for a wider group of comrades and pals to share your hopes and dreams with.  For most of you, your families and friends are nay-sayers and doubters who mock your deep convictions that the RV/GCR is real, that NESARA is truly underway, that Earth hovers on the precipice of the New and everlasting Golden Age.  You are the ones who have carried the ball for them, and when the news breaks - and break it will - you are the ones who will be "suddenly" brilliant oracles in their eyes.
Difficult as it has been, you have seized the opportunities to gather 'round messages like this one, forming a close network with like-minded people, many of whom you have never met or spoken with in person this lifetime.  You gain strength and inspiration from each other, and together you create stronger bonds with us, with your Higher Selves and with your Guides and angels.  You have built a community out of the sheer will and unflagging desire to bring peace and abundance to your beloved Earth.  In your own way, you are fulfilling your life contracts and far beyond.  This is the wonder that brings tears to our eyes and fills our hearts with joy - your growing capacity for Love, and your dedication to using that growing capacity for the Greater Good.
I can assure you, Beloved Lightworkers, that no action has gone unaccounted for; no thought or feeling occurs in a vacuum.  The energy of your being is your contribution and your gift to others.  Your inspiration lifts all.  As Mother and I raise the vibration across your world and beyond, the pace has quickened, and every action of Love and Light has greater impact than before.  Similarly, actions that bring pain or suffering have an equally quick reverberation, creating darkness and pain around the one who initiates it.  It is no longer possible to hide from one's actions when those actions are destructive or negative.  As energies quicken, results are swift and decisive.  This is helping you to increase your pace toward our desired Divine goal - Peace, Prosperity, Joy, Harmony and Love for every being on Earth.
You can feel it, can you not?  You are learning to look to us, rely on us to send our HoneyLove to nourish and sustain you.  It has allowed you to reach deeply within, to find your true gifts, and to make the contribution only you can make.  As the time has passed, you have used it to do an enormous amount of deep inner work, transmuting and clearing away old energies.  You have become more skillful and sure with every day, developing your unique gifts as never before.
If your gift is inner fire, it is blazing; if your gift is joy, you bring that joy to every encounter regardless of the circumstances.  If you are a Lightbearer, you search out every dark shadow to dispel it; if your gift is Transmutation, you may be feeling ill and exhausted, but you are learning to expand to increase your capacity and speed your healing.
You Are in the Final Stretch
Know that this is not an endless final stretch. It is a time of fullness, of fruition, of growing into new and previously untried levels of spiritual expansion.  If you are reading this, you are a member of the spiritual team of Lightworkers.  You may also be taking part in financial or social or political work, but your main focus has been to build the portals and bridges that will lead to Ascension.  This means, of course, that you are consciously aware of your connection to us and your participation in something greater than yourself which is ordained by Heaven.  I can promise you that the Light of all that is about to burst open will give meaning to all your efforts, and to all you have been doing and feeling.
I can confirm, as we have told you through many other beloved channels, that the coming two months will be an enormously important window in many arenas - financial, yes, but also many, many other areas of life will also be massively impacted by the events that now hover on the horizon.  The excitement in the air is real.  Allow your joyful anticipation to soar.  In doing so, you create the slipstream that carries events to completion, and formerly uninvolved observers to come to attention in wonder. 
There has been enormous progress in the financial, banking and security systems.  The old cabal systems that allowed theft and chicanery benefitting the wealthiest among you as a matter of course have been completely dismantled and replaced by new, transparent banking practices and secure computer systems.  There will be no skimming, money laundering, fake fees and blatant theft.  The days of developing sophisticated derivatives and complex accounting practices to hide criminal scams is over, and the originators and practitioners of such dishonesty are now being investigated, and arrests will soon reach the top levels of the previously impervious cabal.
All is unfolding as we hoped, and in some ways even better for the gentle pace.  We have been able to shore up your efforts, assure your safety and that of your coming funds, and during the interim, more second and third line Lightworkers have awakened to lift the tide with their own expanding unique gifts.
Each of you is working at your capacity and beyond.  No two beings are alike in their assignments or their abilities.  This is the wondrous part of your challenging endeavor.  Every single soul is crucial to its completion, and each has been given the opportunity to shine.  No one is less important or less vital to the success of this historic Ascension Project than any other.  Each one of your life plans and assignments was perfectly tuned with your Heavenly teams to take into account your greatest gifts and most inspired dreams, with the fulfillment of your own Ascension foremost in our minds.
Hold fast, Beloved Ones, and look forward into the Golden Light of the New Age of Gaia.  It is your age, your beautiful planet, your time to become the Truest and purest form of You - the Self you came here to be.
I am Father God, your biggest fan, here with your adoring Mother.
(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May & Christine Burk,
 5/28/16 )
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A Vision for True and Honest Elections

A Vision for True and Honest Elections

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In this election year when so many of people are saying that we really don't have a choice for a true leader with a conscience, we felt it timely to present the following Vision:

We see a world where the sham that used to define our electoral process has been set aside in favor of a system that honors the true dictates, dreams and desires of the people; where the masses have seen, ever-so-clearly, that the elections of the past were orchestrated and decided behind the scenes by the 1% of the population in order to keep 99% of the people controlled and under their thumbs. We see a world where Super PAC groups have been outlawed; where no business: no chemical factory, no pharmaceutical manufacturer, no environmental spoiler, no arms dealer, banker, foreign investor, insurance corporation or fat-cat lobbyist can buy a candidate, and no candidate can sell-out to big business. We see a world where campaign lying has stopped and the people have stopped believing in the lies of the candidates. And we see a world where our lawmakers are no longer lawbreakers because they now act, 100% of the time, on behalf of the people they're sworn to represent.

We see a world where the people have, without equivocation, seen that the media has a vested interest in the outcomes of our elections, and where the media now has to provide equal coverage to all candidates with absolutely no favoritism toward one candidate over another; where polls of all kinds are a thing of the past because they have been seen as a means by the powers-that-be to influence the outcomes of elections.

We see a world where the American people realized that they deserved better; where the two party system that kept the American people unrepresented for decades finally deteriorated and was replaced by a system that offers the people several high quality candidates to choose from, candidates who have true leadership skills, candidates with a conscience, candidates who have not sold out their values for money.

And finally, we see a world where the voting machines and polling places are operated and accessed only by those who are honest and truly caring for the highest good of the people. We see complete accountability - with nothing hidden - throughout the entire election process; where the winners of all elections have honestly won their positions based upon the actual and accurate number of votes they received from the people - and not based on a skewed, "rigged", outdated electoral college system.

  As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!

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Unusual Cloud and Rainbow

I was at the park with my grandson yesterday and was watching the clouds on a breezy day.  One cloud drew my attention, so I took a picture of it:


I ran it through the Photoshop filters and one showed something (see the line of elliptical circles on the left about 1.25 inch above the swing set bar?) ...

10958065891?profile=originalSo, I zoomed in on it.  Notice the lines are black, like the metal bars on the swing set.  Compare other images of clouds, they don't contain black lines...


UPDATE 5/25/16:

I found a comparison image in my old NASA image files.  It is of one ship by the sun and is similar to the chrome image.  It looks like each elliptical object could be one ship, thus, there may be as many as 5-6 ships in the Chrome image above, not one large one.  Well, whether one or many, who knows, but it's a definite something.  Anyway, here's the NASA image:



Today, I was back at the park.  No clouds drew my attention today, but I snapped a picture of one, just for contrast, same place, about the same time of day, same weather conditions...

10958066872?profile=originalAnd, ran it through the same filter (Chrome)...

10958067698?profile=originalAnd, no black elliptical circles.  I think the first cloud shows something hiding within it.  What do you think?

Another interesting thing that happened yesterday was, after thinking about all the repetitive numbers regarding change that I've been seeing lately, I realized I was interpreting them too narrowly, that the change is going to be the bigger picture of later this year.  After that realization, I looked up and saw a rainbow (it was brighter when I first saw it, by the time I got my camera it was starting to fade).  FYI, it hadn't been raining, and rainbows happen by light shining through raindrops in the air...

10958068453?profile=originalAs an afterthought, I ran the rainbow picture through the Photoshop filters, and look what I found (top center)...

10958069071?profile=originalAnd, in this filter (Chrome), notice the parentheses to the sides of the object, top center...

10958069864?profile=originalParentheses showed up in this image Byron took of a UFO back in April...


And, one I captured above my house (top center) back in April...


The point being that parenthical-like images accompany UFO's.  It may be a shadow of the craft's force fields.

So, was I sent a rainbow?  :D

Another interesting observation is that all the "change" numbers (involving 5's and other numbers) that I've been seeing lately have stopped since yesterday's realization and rainbow.  I've read that the numbers persist until you "get it" (get the message).

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Tara & Rama Report 5-10-16

Tara & Rama Report 5-10-16

Solar-Flare2.jpgTogether: Greetings!
Tara: Everyone! OK, I get to start with, let's put in the circle of support the people that are working at the Hanford [nuclear storage] site. There was another severe leak of the radiation poisoning today and there’s quite a bit of denial about it coming from the government and the agency itself. And, I mean, it's like a big gaping distance between what they’re passing off as something else and what it really was. And also to the issue of the fire in Alberta, Canada. It's now at least a 9 billion dollars of cost and in terms of the people, it’s over 90,000 people. It's actually closer to a 100,000 people because areas around the focus area have been evacuated too, so all those people are going to need some level of assistance.
So let's just take the eyeglass into - the future is coming now, NESARA now. This changes everything. It includes, you know, simultaneously full disclosure of our Galactic Brothers and Sisters.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: who literally represent the end of, you might say, the abuse to our Mother Gaia. Happy Mother's Day! until the next day and the next day. Only two days ago, Everybody. So, Happy Mother's Day to Mother Tita Lacoria and all of her children, which really and truly, the greatest wisdom would be for the New Earth to have NESARA with all of her children together. And Natasha spoke with Rama and another visitor who I believe is a Russian person, and she was in Copenhagen, Denmark talking on the computer screen to Lord Rama.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: So, Lord Rama met with Natasha at one of our really favorite restaurants. Right across the street there’s a little park bench there in a park-like area, very Santa Fe-ish. (laughing) and, she opened her portable screen and she pulled up a lady from Copenhagen, like I said via Skype on her screen. And you just add things as we go, Rama.
Rama: OK.
Tara: But Natasha explained to Rama that this lady wished to be called Sweet Angelique. Rama: Yes.
Tara: So Natasha said Sweet Angelique is a quote-unquote, one of her titles is a high class call girl and she's also a double agent for ACIO [Alien Contact Intelligence Organization], And Sweet Angelique greeted Rama and said that she was one of Madame Palfry’s top five girls. And she also said: I had s*x with Donald Trump 3 times. She also said Donald told her during these engagements that he’s running his entire performance or so-called campaign from another place, taking orders from higher up in the dark Archonic hierarchy, Donald Trump being an Archon. And these higher up dark Archonic beings are also in turn getting their orders from the Lords of Chaos. 
Rama: Yes.
Tara: There is a description of they are part of the 1/3 of all the fallen angelic hosts who fell from grace 450 billion years ago by destroying the entire 23 sun systems known as the Aurora sun systems and killing trillions of beings. And that's where NESARA really, on the larger story represents the conclusion, you might mean the completion in this 9 year of that entire wheel cycle of all 450 billion years. By ending Karma and only bringing in new souls that have never been here before, and a new Earth is returning under our feet as we speak, this situation has often been referred to as the fortunate fall, as we are at this point right now where we have enough wisdom and memory and higher frequencies of Love in our hearts, and expanding more, and expanding our DNA to that level of higher angelic presence and Divine Beingness, that we are at this point now where Sweet Angelique said, everything going on now is part of the 13th families’ last desperate breath, the last desperate attempt to create confusion and chaos rather than harmony and balance.
o-CALICO-CATS-facebook2.jpgAnd Sweet Angelique said, I am one of Mother Sekhmet's Paschats, and I serve aboard the Niburu. I also serve aboard Archangel Michael starship, the New Bethlehem. As a starfleet engineer, she said, I create living matter out of thought forms. I create crystalline life forms who offer themselves to the starship engines to supply them with crystalline energy for their travels. Sweet Angelique said, Realize, we are living in the most awesome times – ever - to be alive.  And then Sweet Angelique shape shifted right on screen into a very large calico cat!   
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: (laughing) Well, Rama, you said it was like night time there.
Rama: Yeah, it was night time and she was sitting on the couch in her apartment.
Tara: Yeah. (laughing). So, she's more than meets the eye, you might say.
Rama: Yeah, and all of these stories about how different so-called political figures that have played on the wrong side of the fence with taxpayers money, let alone the fact that they have not been loyal to their wives and their families. You know, ethics is not part of their integral program.
Tara: Whose ethics?
Rama: The politicians.
Tara: Oh.
Rama: Yeah. They have no ethics.
Tara: All the ones you were talking about, right?
Rama: Yes. That's right.
Tara: OK, and Natasha spoke to Rama at that point and said that Obama has not stepped down, contrary to myriads of reports of that.
Rama: Yeah, as for the many stories that Paul Ryan and General Dunford are in charge of this country - that is the furthest thing from the truth that I have ever heard. Not true!
Tara: Yes. And what she said is that very much the opposite is true, because Barack Obama not only is the valid President of the United States of America, he's also the ninth member of the Council of Nine from Sirius. And he goes there on a regular basis for the last 8 years to meet, just as the dark side’s got their Archonic hierarchy.
Rama: Right.
Tara: This is the light of El Morya and the energies of His office of the Christ, as well as his energy as a great being from Andromeda. Yet the Executive Order he has signed which has to do with the facilitation of presidential transition. And Natasha said that it is totally related to NESARA.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And that, you know, it refers back to an original document that went back to 1953, which was the presidential transition at the 1953 inauguration and it's now been amended. It lists many different participants in the transition process. And again Natasha is saying that it's a very necessary document as there is galactic intervention coming about too. And this is to keep order at that level, which we assume that they know about, since simultaneously with NESARA’s enactment there is full disclosure. So this is a participatory procedure for participating with calm and peace and order.
And then Natasha went on to say that not only is this a time for President Obama not to step down, or having anything to do with him leaving his office, it rather has to do with full disclosure and another official role for Obama as the ninth member of the Council of Nine. It has a whole lot more to do with transition of all of us out of this corrupted treasonous regime of the Reptilian invadors and occupiers and into the Age of Enlightenment and the Age of the 6th Sun.
And you might say that the Green Tara has a lot to do with this time period as we move into working with the 6th and 7th and 8th and 9th dimensional energies. 
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And we have access just to 3 thru 9 energies and opening up those energies and exploring them, and becoming the Commanders, Angels and Eagles that we truly are.
Rama: I mean in the last couple of days the Sun’s been going into X-class flares, Mercury crossed the face of the Sun in the last 44 - 48 hours with this transition. And what Natasha says is that this is bringing up so much energy for people to transmute all kinds of ancient karma and stuff that has gone on for eons of time because, in spite of all the horror stories, things are lifting up so much higher right now.
Tara:...I wanted to say that on the Steve Colbert Show last night, he does a little skit at the very beginning, and he was whistling and he started his skit that way and he went to a candy machine and he put his money in and the candy bar, you know, he picked it and it got stuck between the metal where it was sitting and the window. And so he thought he could be clever to put his arm up there from the bottom to attempt to get this, I think he called it a hundred dollar
Rama: a hundred thousand dollar [candy] bar.
Tara: a hundred thousand dollar bar. And what ended up happening was that Bernie Sanders came in to the area, and I mean, the audience just was very excited. It was so funny. And so he gave this whole talk about, you know that you have trouble sometimes getting to where you wish to go. And all that means it that you need to call on a neighbor or a friend to assist you.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And as we work together on bigger and bigger projects, together we accomplish greater and greater good for all the people. And Steve Colbert is still sitting there with his arm in there stuck and Bernie was getting ready to take a walk in a different direction, and he said: Wait, aren't you going to help me? And then Bernie says: OK, well, yes. What you have to do is you have to rock the system. And so he took the machine and he started rocking it and it freed up the hundred thousand dollar candy bar, and then he reached down and he said, And then you have to be willing to, you know, realize you have to ask for help which you did and I said, Yes. And so he helped him get his arm out of there. And then the candy was there and Steve Colbert was getting ready to eat it. And then he said, When you work together then it's time to share. And Steve Colbert was playing the crabby kid about that.
That's the deal here right now, and then Natasha said we also share the responsibilities to make these things happen and to get together in groups and listen to as much what Bernie's sharing. I mean, there are groups all over this country that are doing that already. And you might want to tap in and just connect because then you can bring NESARA flyers to the groups and start handing them out and then you can share how Bernie’s platform is exactly what NESARA is.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And we can also do other suggestions like go to that gun show - that's brave. I mean there are so many people right now in so many progressive minded groups and Bernie is talking about bringing all of the groups together too. And NESARA is the tie-in for that. So, we really are messengers from the Light and she reminded us not to forget to tell the people that NESARA was supposed to be announced on the morning of 9/11 instead of what we got that morning.
Rama: That's right.
Tara: And that’s a very important key and that’s also the reason why the things are going the way they appear to be going right now, because Archons are very concerned and the Lords of Chaos are very concerned that, as anything like that should happen that they would have to be held accountable. So must it be and we have our angelic hats on and our captain’s sash and, Beam me up, Scotty. NESARA now! Do you want to say anything, Rama?
Rama: We do need a little help with bills.
Tara: OK.
Rama: We love you so much. I am so grateful to be here at this time to do this mission. I am very humble with so much help. Thank you.
Tara: Yes, and thank you for the food program. We're going to go see that place on Thursday. OK. NESARA now! Sat Nam. Namaste.
Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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