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We, the Arcturians, want to tell you that this situation that you are moving through is actually a training ground for you. You are moving into all the difficulties, challenges, and fears of that process of letting go of life as you know it, and letting go of everything that you thought was real.
Simultaneously, you are holding on to something that you can only perceive in your consciousness, that you can only perceive in your dreams and  that you can only in your meditations.
We remind you that every Ascended Master in the history of Earth has had to go through difficult initiation after initiation. In other words, they have had to clear the dross from their beingness.  They have had to realize that deep inside of them they have the courage, they have the Light, they have the connection, and they have the commitment to go through their Ascension process.
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Picture of the sun

I toke these pictures from my cellphone in December.  All my pictures have this pink centre which I though could have been cause by Fresnel lense, but now beleave that it is cause by colour saturation. The red sphere at the left look like something we have seen before from other picture from the web. Anyway. let me know what you think.10958083465?profile=originalThis second picture was taken about the same time ,but not the same day in a different area of town. There is a bump at center left protruding from the rays.10958083083?profile=original 

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Published on Jan 13, 2017

Astronomers have detected a new "hot Jupiter" exoplanet orbiting a nearby T Tauri star known as TAP 26. The newly detected alien world, designated TAP 26 b, is about 66 percent more massive than Jupiter and is orbiting its parent star approximately every 10 days. The findings were presented in a paper published Jan. 6 on

Located some 480 light years away, TAP 26 belongs to the T Tauri class of variable pre-main-sequence stars. With a mass similar to that of the sun, TAP 26 has a radius of 1.17 solar radii and is about 17 million years old. Such young forming T Tauri stars could provide important information about the formation and early evolution of planetary systems. 

Therefore, detecting "hot Jupiters" around these objects and determining their orbital properties could help astronomers to understand how they form and migrate, offering crucial insights on physical processes responsible for generating such planets.

According to the research, the newly detected planet has a mass of 1.66 Jupiter masses and is circling its parent star at a distance of nearly 0.1 AU. With its short orbital period, huge mass and proximity to its host star, TAP 26 b was classified as a "hot Jupiter." 

The so-called "hot Jupiters" are gas giant planets, similar in characteristics to the solar system's biggest planet, with orbital periods not longer than 10 days. They have high surface temperatures, as they orbit their parent stars very closely.

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This documentary examines the controversial military program based on Tesla technology - its possible effects on weather and use in mind control. H.A.A.R.P. is a scientific research facility, located near Gakona, in the remote Alaskan outback and is a joint Navy and Air Force project. This facility is used to study the earth's Ionosphere, the electrically-charged belt surrounding our planet's upper atmosphere, ranging between 40 to 60 miles from its surface. More specifically, H.A.A.R.P. is a controversial high frequency radio transmitter, or "ionospheric heater". The military intends to use this billion-watt pulsed radio beam in our upper atmosphere, which will create extremely low frequency waves, or ELF waves. This technology will enhance communications with submarines and will allow us to "see" into the Earth, detecting anything from oil reserves to hidden underground military targets. H.A.A.R.P.'s roots can be traced back to work of Nikola Tesla, a Yugoslavian scientist, who's achievements include the Tesla Coil or "magnifying transmitter" which is still used in televisions and radio today.

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A Call To Action Lightworkers! #6,thru 11

Archangel Michael's New Year's Gems: 
#6 of 11 CURRENCY - 
Peace, Prosperity and Freedom Are Certainly Yours!
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Published on Jan 4, 2017

In 1907, a book was published called "Lord of the World." This book is about the a U.S. Senator named Julian Felsenburgh, who quickly ascends to become "President of the World." Felsenburgh has unusual parallels with Obama including that they are both U.S. Senators, both charismatic speakers, and both have visited Paris for major conventions. Felsenburgh visited Paris and presided over a peace treaty as Europe spiraled into chaos. There was rioting in the streets, people dying, and protests, yet Felsenburgh quells all of it with his promise of peace. Last year, a major convention was organized surrounding the hoax known as climate change. This was nothing more than a reorganization of the world toward a new order. It was not about the climate. 

Now, Obama appears to be pulling the strings behind a push for peace among Israel and Palestine. Firstly, he instructed Samantha Power at the U.N. to abstain from a vote condemning Israel for building settlements. Secondly, he orchestrates a Paris convention involving 70 countries gathering together to discuss peace in the Holy Land and a two-state solution. The catch is that neither Israel nor Palestine will be at the meeting. They will be completely removed from direct conversation with the 70 countries. Perhaps a two-state solution will be accomplished without Israel of Palestine present.

The move to have a major convention about solving one of the world's greatest land conflicts just five days before a president leaves office is unprecedented. Why Obama would decide to do such a thing is not known. Nonetheless, he will send Kerry, likely Samantha Power, and an entire American delegation to Paris. Julian Felsenburgh also did the same thing when he signed a peace treaty.

In the novel, Lord of the World, we also meet another character named Father Francis, a Roman Catholic who leaves the church and joins Felsenburgh's new world religion. This religion is a combination of mother goddess worship and Freemasonry. Felsenburgh is, himself, a 33 year old Freemason who hates organized religion, especially Christianity. After he takes power, he orders Christians to be killed if they do not renounce their faith.

We should be questioning if a 1907 prophecy is coming to life right now. Several people, including a former pontiff, have suggested that "Lord of the World" is a prophecy in the form of a narrative. Pope Benedict 16 called the novel prophetic, while Pope Francis encouraged people two read it. He stated that the book portrayed the transition of the world toward the "globalization of hegemonic uniformity." He neglects to tell the audience that this uniformity is achieved through great violence, death, and destruction carried out by the Antichrist, Julian Felsenburgh.

Music: Craig Armstrong "Escape"

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Lord of the World from Wikipedia

Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson ebook

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Esotericist Mark Stavish writes:

Leaving the Path

As a young member in several esoteric orders I often wondered how people could belong to something for twenty or more years and then leave.  How is it that they could not only drop [out by cancelling their] membership, but also [drop] any or all relations[hips], [and in some cases] even appear to abandon spirituality altogether?  In those days of bright-eyed idealism it was easy to confuse the work of spirituality with the vehicle of teachings, and in some instances, even the people who provided them.  Such confusion is not uncommon, but also encouraged in many circumstances.

I am sure that each of you has asked yourself the same or similar questions, and maybe you have even come to some of the same conclusions.  In Light on the Path – A Study Guide for Qabala, Alchemy & Astrology, some guidelines were provided for those running or wishing to run a study group or formal lodge.    The primary focus of those guidelines can be understood in the following statements:

  • Spiritual practice must encourage personal responsibility
  • Spiritual practice must encourage healthy interpersonal relationships
  • Spiritual practice must build upon the previous two points and encourage independence and autonomy

It is clear from many of the experiences each of us has had on the Path of Return, particularly when we walk it with others formally as  “Brothers” and “Sisters” or informally, that unless the first two points are achieved, the third — that of autonomy — cannot be fully realized.  True autonomy is not leaving your order or group in a snit, or waging flame wars against it or others. True autonomy is accepting things for what they are and recognizing your role in them, and what you want to and can do about it – if anything.  Separation is often a part of autonomy as the group mind of an organization or movement may force you out if you are not in a high degree of conformity with it.  However, how we respond to this new direction is a matter of how well we have mastered the first two points of personal responsibility and healthy relationships.  This is why in the guidelines in Light on the Path we actually encourage creating distance between one’s self and the group after a period of seven to twelve years. This starts with taking on less responsibility and concludes with an actual year off or “sabbatical” to relax and regroup before returning.

If you are wondering what kind of influence your esoteric practices may have on you, influences that are actually detrimental to your achieving personal responsibility and goals (the reason you started the Path to begin with), and healthy relationships with those outside of the group or movements, try this for forty days.  Remove all reminders of your spiritual practice from visible daily sight. Place them in storage, or if you have a set-aside chamber or oratory, leave everything there, but strip it to bare minimum. Place all initiation certificates, images, charters, special robes, into boxes, and leave nothing esoteric visible in the common areas of your dwelling – box your books as well.

Then notice what your mind gravitates towards.  What areas of your life have you left undone? These will be the areas of your life that you need to apply your attention to so that you may better express your SELF as an autonomous being.

After forty days bring everything back out and pay attention to your feelings and responses to your collection of artifacts.  Now, please be clear. During this time you may continue your periods of self-reflection, meditation, and inner work.  Simply notice what and how it changes when you truly open up the mystery that is your SELF, rather than the Lesser or Greater Mysteries of this or that tradition, order, lodge, or group.  This will help a great deal in understanding the immense power of the group mind as well as the power of suggestion.

Sometimes leaving the Path for a little while is the best way we can come to realize just how well we have mastered it and applied it to our daily life, or if it has mastered us and made us a servant of the dream.

Light on the Path – A Study Guide for Qabala, Alchemy and Astrology


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I am The Educator:

Dharma Type Test — What is Your True Life Path?Results: The Educator

Your Dharma type is The Educator.

Educators are intelligent, insightful, and curious people who are motivated by helping others to learn and grow. Of all five Dharma types, Educators are the sages who like to impart wisdom and help society to intellectually and spiritually grow. 

Vices: Lust, impracticality, cynicism

Virtues: Wisdom, truth, compassion

Life purpose: You are born to share your truth with others and to create understanding in society. You will thrive in any field that allows you to adopt the role of the teacher, professor, scholar or instructor.

Lesson to learn: Learn to separate your beliefs, assumptions and biases from reality and you will discover the clarity of truth. Educators also benefit from learning how to practically implement what they have learned in a way that will help themselves and other people. 

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Kent is Pleiadian, played with P children, fairies, gnomes til age 12.  In past year, they came back into his life as it was time.

Today, at 1 pm EST, TODAY, Congress will be certifying the electoral college results.  According to Kent Dunn, it will throw out Trump and elect Ryan, so we will see very soon if this meme is true or not.

CIA owns 52% of Google.  Google owns youtube.

~ 30:00 -- Going back to the 1871 Constitution.  

Free energy.

Oil will become obsolete.

Fukushima ... ocean die-offs.  Pleiadians have the technology to clean it up, but can't until we get the corporate gov'ts out of the way.

Syria - Joe Lieberman, John McCain, Lindsey Graham created ISIS.  Went into Syria to retrieve alien technology.  Fort Knox is repository for retrieved alien technology.

Antarctica - WW2, Germans set up bases, set up secret manufacturing.  This is where beginning of technology begins.  Made deal with Annunaki and Grays.  Gives history starting with Betty and Barney Hill.  

~43:00 - Ascension - We are two years into Armageddon.  ETs sped up time line.  Mandala effect.  Not in 3D anymore.  We are at bottom of 5D.  Earth slated to go into 16D.  Tomorrow (1/6)  will start higher blast of ascension wave. and the reason it is coming though, it is driving the tunnel people (the Annunaki, the reps, etc.) (not the inner earth people), this is putting such a pressure on them to drive them to the surface, cloaked, waiting, grabbing them as the come out of their holes.  There is bubble around Earth, nothing can get out.  

We are ascending.  Be kind to people.  Help people out.  We need to lose hate vib and take on loving/caring vibration.  The mother effect -- the nature and nurturing.

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Archangel Metatron: Keep the Light Strong!

I greet you, this is Metatron of the Light!

I come because there is much disturbance on the planet now, emotional disturbance, that runs very high. We are seeing how this propagates and seems to become larger in its propagation, when in fact, it is not large.

There is still a tremendous amount of Light and Love on this entire planet . . . this is far greater than anything else! And I come to remind all of the Lightbearers of this time that no matter what chaos comes up, no matter how much hatred is expressed, these are shallow compared to the depth of Love that is in everyone's heart. Therefore these emotions, these feelings, this intense behavior on the part of many, will pass.

As we look at the planet after this election, we see that, even leading up to it, there has been more and more of this fear and hatred expressed. This has caused divisiveness and furthered the chaos that we now see. But this will not last! You know the Light always prevails and whatever happens, these intense energies had to come out in some way. The election process did not create these, it only brought them out, it exposed them . . . and yes, now exposure means healing. This kind of intense energy cannot survive for very long and we are happy to say that once it has been exposed it can be healed, probably faster than you imagine, but perhaps not as fast as you would like.

I have been called here today because of this very balance of the Light and the darkness that has come to the surface of late. And I call on every Lightworker to hold true to their highest ideals and not to allow any of those dense energies to hold them back. Now is when we need your help the most! Now is when this planet requires the utmost of your service, to hold the Light strong, to be the beacons that you agreed to be, to shine your light no matter what chaos is actively working around you!

We need you more than ever now! The planet needs you, humanity needs those beacons of Light shining without wavering! So if you find yourself falling into the dense energies of hatred or fear, or divisiveness, or "us against them," use your healing skills and consider it something that needs to be healed, then move back into the finer space that the Light provides.

THIS IS WHAT I ASK OF ALL LIGHTWORKERS AT THIS TIME! It is no time to give up on your quest, it is not the moment of history in which we want any Lightworker to give up or lessen their impact upon the world. Your faith is your gift! Hope is your gift! Shine this to the world and allow everyone who comes in contact with you to be uplifted, above the dense energies. This is how they will be healed.

I thank you all for staying strong at this time, and I know without a doubt that you will succeed in shining the Light upon even the most dense energies and dissipating the pain that is within that density.

I thank you . . . beautiful ones!

Copyright 2016 Antera and Omaran.
Permission is given to share with others in its entirely with source credit.
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