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Divine Mother God - audio excerpt from message of November 22, 2020



Friday, November 27, 2020

Link to the audio file

Hello!  I have just added this audio excerpt to the bottom of Mother God's message on the previous post.  However, I wanted to also make it a separate post so everyone would be able to hear it.  She was so very powerful and passionate that I wanted you to hear and feel it in my voice.  I am a shy person, so this is tough for me, but that is how important I believe her message to be.  Please help me to share it if you are moved to do so.  

Here is the link to the full dictated message:

Thank you!!

Love & Light,

Dancing Dolphin

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Caution for All Pet Lovers: Dog Poisoned by the Diffuser.

Caution for All Pet Lovers:
Dog Poisoned by the Diffuser. I copied this from a friend on Facebook, but it is very important information for all my friends and neighbors with furbabies. Saturday night I got home late and my dog didn't recognize me. Being a nanny I thought I woke him up and he was having a night terror. Sunday, he was still acting weird. I realized that I had been running my new diffuser and decided to turn it off. Sunday afternoon, he was feeling better. Today at work, my dog sitter said that he wouldn't come out from under the bed. It was very odd as he is a happy dog. I came from work early and again, he was very confused about who I was. So I took him to emergency vet. It turns out that the tea tree oil I was using in the diffuser is toxic for dogs. Thankfully the test showed that his liver was ok but we weren't out of the woods yet. He was given fluids under his skin to get the toxins out. The vet and the poison control are saying that they see these cases often now that the popularity of essential oil is growing. Please make sure that the essential oils you are burning are not toxic for your pets. Here is a list of essential oils not to use if you have a dog at home Anise (Pimpinella anisum) Birch (Betula) Bitter Almond (Prunus dulcis) Boldo (Peumus boldus) Calamus (Acorus calamus) Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora) Cassia (Cassia fistula) Chenopodium (Chenopodium album) Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) Garlic (Allium sativum) Goosefoot (Chenopodium murale) Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana) Hyssop (Hyssopus sp. with the exception of Decumbens) Juniper (Juniperus sp. with the exception of Juniper Berry) Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) Mustard (Brassica juncea) Oregano (Origanum vulgare) Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) Red or White Thyme Rue (Ruta graveolens) Santolina (Santolina chamaecyparissus) Sassafras (Sassafras albidum) Savory (Satureja) Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) Terebinth (Pistacia palaestina) Thuja (Thuja occidentalis) Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

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Philippines getting New Communcations

DITO Telecommunication
We wish to inform the public that the locations for the construction of DITO infrastructure (e.g. towers, base stations, and other similar structures) in time for its roll-out and launch have already been predetermined and were included in the plan submitted to the Philippine government even before July of 2019.
In addition, DITO Telecommunity ("DITO") has appointed five (5) duly authorized representatives (the "Vendors") to assist in site acquisition:
1. Huawei for North Luzon and the National Capital Region
2. ZTE for South Luzon and the Visayas
3. Nokia - Huaxin for Mindanao
4. Udenna Infrastructure
5. China Communication Services Philippines Corp.
These Vendors and their agents have been provided authorization letters and identification. DITO has disclosed the identities of these Vendors and their agents to the respective local government units.
Furthermore, to clarify the site acquisition process, below are some key points to note:
1. The DITO SAQ (Site Acquisition) team or the Vendors or any of its representatives and agents survey the pre-identified sites and alternative sites that are within a 300-meter radius of the nominal point.
2. A memorandum is provided to the landowner. This memorandum contains specific details pertaining to rental fees, rental escalation, conditions, and other contractual terms.
3. The DITO SAQ team or the Vendors or any of its representatives and agents check and validate documents provided by the landowner.
4. The last step is contract signing.
Most importantly:
1. DITO or the Vendors or any of its representatives and agents never promise lump sum rental payment to landowners. DITO only provides a maximum three (3) months advance on monthly rentals to landowners based on the memorandum.
2. DITO or the Vendors or any of its representatives and agents never request or demand advance payment or “processing” fees from landowners.
3. DITO or the Vendors or any of its representatives and agents never request or ask for “commissions” from landowners.
We wish to assure the public that anyone caught misrepresenting themselves as employees or representatives of DITO Telecommunity or any of its Vendors will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Atty. Karen Santos
Site Acquisition Legal Officer
Signed and Noted by:
Retired Major General Rodolfo Santiago
Chief Technology Officer
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“I AM” the Cosmic Victory

Saint Germain Foundation

“I AM” the Cosmic Victory in the feelings of the people of the Nation, which blazes the Light that makes Her Victorious over all that is of the shadows! “I AM” the Victory of Cosmic Action in whatever intensity is necessary, to compel all physical conditions to change into the Divine Plan Fulfilled—Victory made manifest in Full Authority forever!
If your daily conversation were all the Acknowledgment of the Victory of Light, instead of the discussion of any political condition, My Dear Ones, your America would be victorious quickly! With the amount of energy of human beings’ lives which has been spent since the election, discussing the conditions in the Country that do not produce Perfection, you could have reversed the conditions in the management of your affairs.
The Cosmic Law demands that the acknowledgment of what you want, go forth with your conscious direction before the manifestation can be released. Therefore, in acknowledging the Victory of the Light in America, whenever there seem to be shadows, call for the Cosmic Flame of the Cosmic Victory of Light to descend and consume all that is not of the Light; and blaze there forever the Cosmic Light of Thousands of Suns, charged with Cosmic Victory forever. …
I plead with you again, please do not go on discussing the political situations, with human feelings running rampant. Rather, whenever something is wrong, if it needs to be explained enough so you can also give a Decree about it, then turn right away from it; and command and compel it to become My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory. If need be, call to Me and say: “Oh, Mighty Victory, blaze Thou here Thy Cosmic Victory of Hundreds of Thousands of Centuries, and let naught but Thy Victory reign within the borders of America.”
Excerpt by the Beloved Mighty Victory from Volume 9
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We are the Arcturian Group 11/22/20


NOVEMBER 22, 2020

Greetings dear readers. Emotions of both sadness and celebration presently reflect world energy do to people's inability to return to what is familiar. Know that there is a purpose to all that is presently going on. Circumstances are forcing many to reassess how they have been living their lives, what they believe is true or important, and if there may be a "better" way. Much that up to now has been simply accepted, is beginning to be more closely examined from a higher perspective.

Life as you have known it cannot return to exactly as it previously was simply because the energy maintaining and sustaining many of its three dimensional creations are dissolving by virtue of the increasing presence of high resonating energy--as collective consciousness evolves, so do its material expressions. Always remember-consciousness is the substance of form.

World consciousness has reached a place of readiness for earth's next step in the Divine Plan of all eventually awakening to their Oneness with Source. It is a step but not yet the fullness. Some will experience it more than others and it will take a few more lifetimes for some.

Allow the process dear ones, allow the process. The process may not be or even resemble what you had had in mind, but trust that personally and globally a new phase of the Divine plan is unfolding, one unaffected by three dimensional thinking, plotting, planning, or scheming.

Keep your consciousness filled with the knowledge that every individual regardless of how ignorant of truth he/she may be, is in reality (not ego based humanhood) an expression of God for nothing else exists from which they could be made. As increasingly truth becomes the substance of your thoughts and actions it becomes your state of consciousness where without thought you are adding increasingly more Light energy to collective consciousness where it will at some point begin to manifest in the world as higher and better ways of living. This is how things will change. It has begun.

Many of you are about to celebrate the holiday called Thanksgiving, a day set aside for expressing gratitude for the things in your life that you are thankful for. Gratitude is much more than a polite response to something received. Gratitude is a facet of Love and as such is in and of the Divine. Love and gratitude are two ends of the same stick.

At some point in every person's spiritual journey they must cease looking to a person, business, job, family, group, or friend etc., for gratitude even if deserved, because only God has gratitude to give. Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion for examining your beliefs about gratitude. "Have I been looking and expecting gratitude from outside of myself, from my job, my family, a friend, or even the random stranger I may have helped?".

Know that no person in and of themselves has love or gratitude to give and so seeking it from a person, even one you would expect it from, can only result in disappointment and a sense of separation from your true self. Only God has love and gratitude to give, and therefore these things must be sought where they exist, from within, from the fullness of your own Divinity.

When you look for love and gratitude within where the fullness of all that is real exists, it will flow in ways and from those you may have never expected it because you have opened the door to your sacred storehouse. Love and gratitude frequently does not come from those you would naturally expect, hope, or want it from, but if you seek it where it exists, it will manifest.

The error of the human condition is and always has been in looking to persons or conditions for what only God has to give. Gratitude, just as with all God qualities, flows through individuals, but never from them. Example: If you limit your finances to being personal, they will be limited and reflect duality, but once you attain a consciousness of abundance as being ever present, infinite, and never personal because it is a facet of the unlimited Divine Consciousness that you are, it can flow in ways you may least expect.

You are spiritually ready to understand and accept that no person in and of themselves has love, gratitude, peace, joy, happiness, understanding, abundance, appreciation, etc to give you. These are God qualities and to seek them outside of where they exist simply perpetuates the illusory human condition.

Express gratitude often, allowing it to flow freely in every moment. Don't apologize for donating only one penny if that penny represents your highest and best. Simply let it flow out in the realization that that penny is not coming from a limited amount that can be depleted, but rather is an expression of an unlimited Source within you. As you pay bills, shop, or donate remember that it is flowing through you from an infinite well that never runs dry and not from a personal limited source regardless of how it may seem.

Let Thanksgiving during these times of stress, confusion, and change be a time for rejoicing in the fact that you have attained a state of consciousness able to recognize the underlying reality of all things in the material world. "My car may be a junker but in reality is a three dimensional expression of Omnipresence." "That person is acting like a real jerk, but I know his essence is Divine." The spiritually evolved know that that every person, condition, thing, or life form is a spiritual reality being interpreted materially according to the consciousness of the individual and/or collective.

This is absolute truth but a person is only able to experience it as they attain the consciousness of it. Attaining a consciousness of the absolute is what constitutes the spiritual evolutionary journey of every individual whether or not they know or accept it. None will or ever can be dropped from or quit the Divine plan for like it or not, God is the essence of every individual.

Gratitude for something received is the common belief about gratitude, but you reading these messages are ready to bring gratitude to a higher level through understanding that love and gratitude are God qualities and no man or woman in and of themselves has them to give. This realization will remove you from the painful experiences of expecting and not receiving love or gratitude from another.

Our wish for all who celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday is that they begin to experience the true love and gratitude they carry within. For those who do not celebrate this holiday, the message is the same.

We are the Arcturian Group 11/22/20

Donations are welcomed.

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Lightwarrior Work: The Broken Spell

Lightwarrior Work: The Broken Spell

  "On the morning itself, I explained the situation to those gathered. I was wondering why the citizens of my beloved country were so apathetic about serious issues that affected them. Issues such as blatant and rampant corruption by government members that would have seen riots and demonstrations in other countries pass with barely a murmur.

At that time, Spirit reminded me about a conversation I had a few years ago with my Lightworker friend, Lynda. In this conversation she indicated that there was a particular dark magician who would be frequently visited by many members of government in the secrecy of nightfall. This had been going on for decades.

Spirit then showed me a dark web that had been cast across the country by this same dark magician. This was largely responsible for the apathy that I saw amongst my beloved countrymen. My task as a Lightwarrior was to dismantle it."

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