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The Boy Scouts of America have lost the way

Comment: How sad that such a wonderful organization for young boys could sink into the abyss of shame.

"Boy Scouts of America file for bankruptcy amid unprecedented flood of sexual abuse claims"
by Tom Tillison |

The Boy Scouts of America, a 110-year-old organization, is struggling to stay afloat financially in the face of hundreds, if not thousands of sexual misconduct lawsuits.

On Tuesday, the BSA filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Delaware, which will halt the legal action, according to the New York Daily News.

The organization is vowing to “compensate victims,” and “continue carrying out its mission for years to come.”


The Boy Scouts of America have lost the way

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"Son of the Republic, look and learn,"

10958306471?profile=originalSaint Germain Foundation

Presently, I heard a voice saying, while at the same time my visitor extended her arm eastwardly. I now beheld a heavy white vapor at some distance rising fold upon fold. This gradually dissipated, and I looked upon a strange scene. Before me lay spread out in one vast plain all the countries of the world-Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. I saw rolling and tossing between Europe and America the billows of the Atlantic, and between Asia and America lay the Pacific. "Son of the Republic," said the same mysterious voice as before, "look and learn." At that moment I beheld a dark, shadowy being, like an angel, standing, or rather floating in mid-air between…

Excerpt from Washington’s Vision, copied from a reprint in the National Tribune, Vol. 4, No. 12, December 1880
Washington’s Vision is reprinted in America’s Destiny booklet
For America’s Destiny booklet, visit:

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Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - February 11, 2020

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We express our profound gratitude to the lightworker who was our message group’s dedicated moderator for 12 years and to the owner and technical staff who offered their company’s service when Yahoo stopped hosting groups. My mother thinks of all these dear souls as “angels on Earth”—they are indeed!

Let us now speak about quite a different matter, concern about the coronavirus. This laboratory-designed virus is more potent than its predecessors—avian flu, swine flu, N1H1 and SARS—but it will be no more successful than they were in causing a global pandemic.

Extraterrestrial volunteers living among you greatly reduced the coronavirus’s potency, just as they did with its forerunners. Thus, instead of being lethal to many millions, even billions, as intended, this virus’s symptoms are comparatively mild. Many thousands have contracted the disease or have flu-like symptoms, but only individuals with severely weakened immune systems become so ill that they cannot recover.

more @ link

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Below is not’s just the timeline...   Please take what resonates and discard if it doesn’t.

Every Belief System shall come undone, before each, one by one can enter the Eye of the Needle. So every human belief system is seen, consciously by you, to see through, come undone. For we take nothing with us, except our Love and innocence. We regain our innocence lost to those belief systems. Some on the planet never lost their innocence, yet for those particular innocents, they also fell into painful belief systems that held them back, for right and perfect timelines.

Some BELIEF SYSTEMS will come and be seen through like a gentle breeze. Where we smile, playfully giggle, at how funny they were, that we could have believed them.

Some BELIEF SYSTEMS will come like tornados. Where we are shocked, that we didn’t see them. They were staring us in the face all along and we did not see. These also dissolve quickly once seen.

Some BELIEF SYSTEMS will come like rain falling from our eyes. Where we don’t in that moment know how to let go of them. They were ingrained, hard to let go of, for we have carried these like a heavy burden through our childhood and life so far. These are the precious ones. The ones where tears fall. Where we may weep. For these Belief Systems when dissolved, let go of, finally, set us free. These need your full surrender, and personal kindness within. They take Human effort within to dissolve. Or ignore and cycle another round.

No amount of distraction can clear a belief system. Another’s words (telling you) will not clear it. It is you, from within that hold that power. You always did. There always would come this time, where you see. When you’re ‘at ready’. No force is necessary, just your will to become your purest version of yourself. You have the ability and you have the courage. It’s inbuilt, even in any forgetfulness it is there. You may feel lost when the personal ‘big’ Belief Systems get shown to you, but it is only an experience to then be ‘found’.

There are many individual Belief Systems we were given as a chosen experience.
There are many Collective Belief Systems we have been programmed into.
There are many 4D Spiritual Belief Systems created for more experiential exploration of self that can assist us to a given point.
There are many human belief systems of the Universal kind born from exploration within the Astral planes (lower 4D).

You will each be shown at YOUR OWN right timing, which Belief Systems have influenced you most, still influence you, so that you see each and let them go for your own consciousness rise. Huge surprises in store. No one need point them out, for each dissolve them when they are ready to, as per their own facet of consciousness and individualised storyline at PLAY. For another to say what is not true, would only be telling another when they are not ready to hear or let it go. Each Higher Self knows that INDIVIDUAL right timing that allows the Belief Systems to be dropped, that then fall like a pack of cards.

There is only your body, your innocence, your love that you take with you IN LIVING BODY to the higher planes of higher frequency consciousness. This is the esoteric meaning of the Eye of the Needle. We take nothing with us. For no belief systems we have lived human by, exist at higher frequency consciousness. There game we played was here under these systems so we let them all go. It is a new experience to begin and live by. Where the human innocence lost, is found. Where the Love withheld or given selectively is given to all in each moment. Where the disconnection or separation of Source experienced by human, is given back to human...from within YOU.

This whole disconnected human experience, could only be experienced via EACH consciousness facet experiencing certain restricted Belief Systems. That creation, in a SEPARATIONAL ENERGY FIELD and POLARISATION, allowed us to experience and explore the idea of disconnect. Where ENERGY could also be experienced separately, at separated out frequencies. That we then attached definition to. That created human brain thoughts. That we then experienced emotional of, as separated energy frequencies we did not understand. That we further defined again and again. We ATTACHED TO belief systems.

To lift into a higher consciousness state, that will experience a NEW SET OF ENERGY SYSTEMS we as awakened humans are first prepared, step by step through what we call ‘Ascension’. Where at final stages, FINALLY, all personal, collective and universal belief systems are shown to the individual. To be seen and dissolved. What we do for one we do for all. We pave the way to humanities liberation. Showing it can be done. Having the inbuilt courage. Making a difference. The difference is our increased energy frequency, given to us, embodied, to be given out. But to be that, we first clear all belief systems. Like attracts like. So the absence of ALL Belief Systems allows us to become once more the innocent, the free, the Love, the ‘child’ of God. This major breakdown of belief systems sets us in ‘readiness’ to become at certain time, the Higher Consciousness Frequency, that starts a new existence IN BODY with those GIVING qualities already present. We give, of innocence, of Love, in PRESENT MOMENT. Open and free to receive higher energies. Open to begin to accelerate VIA our INCREASED ENERGY, the gifts we sensed all our human life. New gifts, that humanity has not witnessed, that we give out of LOVE and INNOCENCE only in the PRESENT MOMENT. It can not be given in pre-planned manner, or contrived. For we have given up all belief systems. Present moment is THE ETERNAL TIME we give in, where the ETERNAL POWER we give out, is born of the energy of LOVE, emitted by the NEW human.

The answer is simple. It is LOVE. From this all flows.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
11 February 2020

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Golly gee! The Iranians are cheating!!!

"U.S. Navy Intercepts MASSIVE Cache of Iranian Made Weapons In Arabian Sea"

Send ’em to Israel!

The illegal weapons were seized by the crew of the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser Normandy, a press release detailed.

Weapons and sensitive tech captured during the ship boarding included 150 Dehlavieh anti-tank guided missiles, three Iranian surface-to-air missiles, Iranian thermal scopes, and Iranian parts for unmanned systems, among other advanced parts and munitions, the release said.


Golly gee! The Iranians are cheating!!!

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"Amid Virus Outbreak, Funeral Home Officials in Wuhan Reveal Sharp Increase in Cremations"

Statements by officials indicate Chinese authorities are underreporting deaths
By Cathy He

A senior official at a crematorium in the coronavirus epicenter of Wuhan, China, says their intake has skyrocketed in recent weeks, suggesting that more people are dying of the disease than officially reported.

Beginning around Jan. 22, the number of dead bodies received by the government-operated funeral home has drastically increased—peaking at 127 bodies on Feb. 3, the official said, adding that he’s been seeing about four to five times the usual workload.


Devastation wrought by the coronavirus is far worse than the Chinese are reporting

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Thank you Source, Alcyone and Ter'Aka, and galaxygirl for sharing this 7Feb2020 messages.

Source, Alcyone, Ter ‘Aka 2/7/2020

I am Source. I am the all that is and the all that is not. I am surrounding you with intense love and light in this time of metamorphosis of your bodies, of your planet, of your minds, of your hearts. For all is changing. Time marches on and it has been not only marching, but sprinting to try to keep up with these blasts of light from our friend here, Alcyone. Alcyone, do you have a message for our precious ground team today?

I am Alcyone. I am sending you my light, my love, my truth. Many truths are being revealed and it has been painful. You knew this was coming and the others did not. Have compassion for them. The time of judgement is past. Compassion is the new judgement. They are your brothers and sisters. All are interconnected. I don’t hold a grudge against the young stars who are learning the ropes of being a star, of shining their light. I love them. I am mighty because of time, because that is how Source made me. I see you in me, mighty beings of light. It is true. For soon you will reflect me even more, but many of you are doing so already now. This now is changing fast. You are tired. Allow me to send you some encodings of the purest of light. (I am feeling shivers and heat at the same time. I am seeing hieroglyphic-like light language codes and my head is hot and prickling and I have a quick fear of lice!). Galaxygirl, you amuse us all. You do not have lice! This is me, we’re friends remember? These upgrades are intense, aren’t they? Yes, you may feel like you have all sorts of interesting diseases. Most likely you do NOT. You are upgrading. Your old computers are getting upgrades and they are churning, steaming. (I am seeing my first boxy apple computer from the late 1980s, and the progression of huge monitors to thick laptops. I am hearing the modem connection whirring, the static, the piercing sound of early internet connections. I am seeing Control-Alt-Delete. And yes, my head is itching like fire). How well would your first computer have taken all of the information that your current laptop is able to process? You are getting totally new body systems, children of the light, and it is being written while you are in it. You are living the upgrades. This is no small task, in fact it is a new task and one that seems to be going quite well. You’re still embodied aren’t you? Take care of your precious biocomputers. Let fruits and vegetables be the electrical currents that serve and nourish you. Let the water you drink purify and be the conduit of light that it is destined and supposed to be. Purify your water. Purify your foods. Infuse them with joy. I now infuse you with my joy for you. You are not alone. You are surrounded in light, by my light and the light of many helping hands. Cry. Release. Know this truth. Your sovereignty is at hand. Take my hand and be absorbed into my light. The Christed flame merges with the Sophia. Two become one. These flames of light are becoming activated in a variety of interesting ways on Gaia’s form in this now. It is a blessing to watch. I am overseeing your progress and I hold you in light. Be at peace and be in joy.

We are the Blue Avian Beings. I am Ter ‘Aka. This has been a very intense energy week for you and we see your little lights flickering a bit from our spheres. Much grid work, much portal work has been done this week. Many of you have felt it but were unsure of the origin of these unsettling feelings. Friends, much has had to be transmuted, and much success has occurred this week. Surround yourself with a cloak of light of the higher energies. Intend all things to work out perfectly for you, intend to flow through your ascension process with the grace and ease of masters, for that is what you are. That is who you are.

I am Ter ‘Aka. I and my colleagues with your permission surround you in the deepest of vibrant blue. We are standing around you, enfolding you in our energies with your permission. We always honor the free will of others. This is the hallmark of a higher society. This is what is being made manifest on your planetary world. Gaia. Her rich blue from space is much like ours. Such a lovely planet, such a universal treasure of light. We see you dears, with your dirty boots and torn uniforms, weary. You are war weary. It is definitely a battlefield that needs some more light infusion. And that is precisely why you are here. You are infusing the dark with your light, seeding the universal consciousness of truth with the truth of the Christ.

We are still surrounding you, our gift tonight is peace. Profound peace and rest. We are creating, with your permission, your own personal blue sphere. It is an energy buffer. You empaths have had a rough time of it, it has not been an easy embodiment. You did not come here for ‘easy.’ You came here to fight, to balance discordant energies, to lend your light, to test your mettle, to be the superheroes of this quadrant. You are royalty, dears. Many of you are Elohim returned. We are all working together quite tightly now. Much collaboration is occurring now in the ships at night. We are team planning, co-creating, dark blasting. We are becoming more familiar with you and with your kind, and with your current experience upon Gaia, which is most challenging and most intriguing. You have earned our deepest admiration and respect. We look upon you with admiration and love. Many of us are also currently embodied. We are all united in one single purpose, to free Gaia from the dark and to ease her metamorphosis into the light with grace, dignity and extreme safety for all parties involved. Gaia is a treasure and she shall be preserved. Nova Gaians will be renowned teachers for their role in the cosmic play.

I am Ter ‘Aka. This blue sphere that surrounds you is your personal energetic buffer. Fill it with the peace that you seek. We are sending peace into your bodies that they may upgrade peacefully. More upgrades are coming in quickly and day by day you must prepare and nurture yourselves so that all is well. Invite the Christed consciousness into every one of your cells. Invoke the peace of Mother Father into your chakras. Invite your future ascended self to guide and direct with great love. Allow yourself the inner joy of knowing your job has been well done.

I am Ter ‘Aka. When you sit in meditation you may expand your blue sphere from around your body to around Gaia’s beautiful blue body. We will merge our colors with hers. Peace. We depart now.

~ galaxygirl

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We are the Arcturian Group 2/9/20

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FEBRUARY 9, 2020

Dear ones, the world is increasingly moving toward more revelations with regard to negative actions and those involved in them. Be not afraid of what you may see and hear from commercial news sources or your technology for everything that resonates with old energy cannot help but change or actually disappear as new and higher frequencies integrate into the collective.

Many commonly accepted rules, beliefs, and concepts that over time have resulted in today's belief system, must be exposed for what they really represent before those who consider them acceptable will be able to see them for what they really are--programs based in false beliefs and the surrendering of personal power to those who seek it for themselves.

Appearances would testify that mankind is going backwards and reverting to an old state of consciousness. In reality, consciousness is going forward. Each day as higher frequencies of Light increase, more individuals become aware of what up to now has either been sanitized through false teachings or simply hidden behind closed doors.

Allow your light to shine in each now moment of the day for this is what adds to the incoming frequencies of Light flowing from higher dimensions. Accept that you are the one you have searched for over lifetimes. The high resonating energy of each awakened consciousness is what will bring change, expose shadows, and assist the un-awakened to wake up.

All is proceeding according to plan. Rejoice as you witness increasingly more people become aware of the need for change and better ways of living for all rather than a select few. Changes are coming, but don't spend your days waiting and looking for them while dwelling on and adding energy to negative appearances. Rather keep your focus in truth, in the higher frequencies of conscious Oneness with Source and what that means. Remember, you are creators.

Honestly examine how much time and energy you spend thinking about negative issues and learn to be very selective with regard to networking, websites, or groups that easily pull followers into dense energy under the guise of information. Many of you are beginning to recognize an energetic heaviness when visiting certain websites, news sources, or even entertainments.

Be intuitively selective with regard to what you accept into your consciousness. Many sites that began as light fun and interaction with others have become platforms for promoting fear and separation.

Understand that as your consciousness increasingly shifts to new levels, you automatically move out of alignment with some previous interests--online or in person. Attempting to make something from a previous state of consciousness work as it once did is futile and only serves to hold one in bondage to energy that is familiar but which has been outgrown.

Be very honest with regard to how some people, places, or things effect you and have the courage to withdraw from them if they no longer serve. Not only are you changing, but many things that began innocently enough also changed as they were recognized to be excellent platforms from which to to promote an agenda. Always listen to and trust your intuition in these things.

There is much to come dear ones, much that we cannot yet speak about for we do not wish to influence you or cause you to sit back awaiting the arrival of some concept of "savior".

Love yourselves, all of yourselves not just the "good" parts, and allow your inner process to unfold. A great deal of clearing-- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually is taking place at this time. Many of you are experiencing odd symptoms of one sort or another on one or all levels,

The clearing of old energy is individual because energies needing to be cleared result from individual experiences and different lifetimes. One person's process may be to actually re-experience something while another's will simply be to feel exhausted or sick. Allow you process without comparing it to another's.

Allowing indicates a consciousness able to trust that the God/I AM of your being knows how to express ITSELF as and through you without your need to tell it how. In every situation, simply say; "I allow..." rather than "Teach me how to allow" because if your intention is to be taught, opportunities for practice will indeed present themselves.

Rest and pamper yourself when you feel the need but don't endow your clearing symptoms with power. Love and support your physical body as it clears old cellular memory and integrates new frequencies of Light . Speak to your cells telling them to release low resonating energies acquired through inheritance and experience, and allow frequencies of Light to replace them. Visualize bright golden Light moving into each cell and pushing out any shadow as it does so.

Everyone at some point reaches a level of awareness in which they must cease looking to others for love, cooperation, gratitude, appreciation, friendship, support, etc. even from those where it is most expected.

These things are God qualities, facets of Oneness, that human beings in and of themselves do not have to give. Looking to some person for what God alone possesses can only result in disappointment because individuals are only able to express God qualities at the level of their attained state of consciousness.

Every person eventually evolves to a place where they must begin to acknowledge their Oneness with Source and seek only from IT. This then allows whatever is needed, be it the solution to a problem or the receiving of appreciation, to manifest outwardly though the avenue best qualified.

Solutions often appear through a person from whom it is least expected or even a stranger. Never doubt that what you need will appear, often before you know there is a need if you rest always in a consciousness of Divine completeness.

Third dimensional energy is and always has been about looking outside of self for everything. This is because third dimensional energy can only express as duality and separation. Enlightenment means realizing that harmony, wholeness, completeness, abundance, love, acceptance, appreciation, safety, security, and infinite supply are already fully present within never dependent upon outer appearances but rather upon a conscious realization of SELF versus self.

God qualities express and flow through humans, but can never flow from them, simply because human beings in and of themselves do not have these qualities to give. Once you understand this, you stop being disappointed by another's lack of empathy, appreciation, friendship, love, support, or gratitude because you understand that every person is only capable expressing God at their level of consciousness. Everyone is expressing their highest level of awareness.

By not expecting another to give what only God has to give you are loving and allowing them to be who they are at this particular point in their evolutionary journey. At the same time you are allowing yourself to trust that what you may seem to need at any given time already exists within and so you allow the God qualities of your own Divine Consciousness to flow wherever and through whomever is the best vehicle.

In these times of change you are witnessing the disappearance of much that has always been held as being "tried and true"-- facts about successful living that you could rely on. Fear often arises for even the spiritually evolved when suddenly they discover certain solutions no longer work or carefully laid plans fall apart.

You have all lived lifetimes based in mind alone, where plotting and planning was the only acceptable way to resolve issues of any kind. Shifting away from mind alone and into truth and intuition is difficult at first when things begin to no longer work the way they are "supposed" to.

Because almost everyone still carries frequencies reflective of familiar and commonly accepted ways of doing things, panic, confusion, and fear will often manifest as an individual moves to a level of consciousness that requires trust and allowing.

Begin to put everything you have learned about truth throughout this and your many other lifetimes into practice and begin to totally embrace the fact that you are a Divine Being having third dimensional experiences through your own choice.

Spirituality was all well and good and even quite comfortable when it was something discussed in classes, listened to in lectures, read in metaphysical books, given through a psychic, or by meditating now and then. It was something you enjoyed with like minded people and left you feeling "holy" and perhaps even a little "better" than those who didn't know what you did.

That work is complete. You are ready to leave behind spiritual tools based in a sense of separation that promoted struggle in a vain attempts to contact some far away God or become enlightened. You came to believe that spirituality could only be attained through effort, ceremony, right practices, and a whole lot of work. You now know that everything you sought through these practices is within.

You may still be guided to seek help from a certain teacher, book, or class to help you move through a "stuck" place, but spiritual tools are never intended to become one's lifeline. A continuing reliance on anything outside of SELF simply prevents one from realizing that everything they need is fully present within. The books, classes, crystals, mantras, and gurus necessary to one's earlier steps are meant to be bridges leading within.

Example; Crystals carry unique and often very powerful energy, but are meant to align with and strengthen this same energy within the individual, rather than give them something they don't already posses.

Those of you who are spiritual teachers in some capacity must keep in mind that it is vitally important that you never allow human ego to keep your student coming after they are ready to go "solo". A spiritual teacher's job to give wings to each student as they lovingly guide them toward realizing their Oneness with Source.

Integrate each truth as it reveals itself to you and live from your highest attained level of awareness. At some point IT begins living ITSELF as you without effort or study on your part. Most of you are either already there, or close to it or you would not be drawn to or even understand these messages.

Let go dear ones. Let go and jump off that spiritual cliff you have teetered on for so long. Allow your Divine self to be your sword and shield. Accept that you really are a Divine expression of God in material form and never have been a powerless human subject to all the manifestations of duality and separation.

I AM everything I have sought for lifetimes...there is no longer any need to keep seeking.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/9/20

Donations are welcomed

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Hi Guys. Making this time to hang out with you, so very much hoping you are home and ready for a chat?

Welcome to you and welcome to All. Even those who know nothing of us, we still send out welcoming Loving thoughts to them, for that which we say, that which we intend to assist … goes ‘out there’ anyway and reaches their Energy whether they are aware of it or not, or whether they want it to or not. This is not interfering with free will. This is producing opportunities at their door step should they choose to open the door.

Keep that it mind, Dearest One’s, if you will. ALL good thoughts, ALL kind intentions, ALL that is for the Highest Good of ALL, sent out to ALL … is never in vain. Sometimes, it may feel that very little of these ‘Goodness thoughts’ reach their destination. This is not so. Always the destination is reached, yet, the fact remains that there is always choice as to whether or not these Energies of Love are absorbed at the time, or simply left ‘dangling’ until such time when the receiver is ready to accept and indeed, receive.

That’s interesting because I thought that if one sent out Loving thoughts to someone in need, that no matter what, they would make a difference.

They do. Even when they are ‘just hanging around waiting’ to be received, they engage in a dance with the … would we say … ‘outer energies’ of that soul or circumstance and nudge away little by little to penetrate through. It is rather like knocking down a brick wall … after much hammering away … it weakens the structure and suddenly, just when one feels it is a pointless exercise, the wall comes crumbling down.

Dearest Ones. Never feel that your thoughts to another or The Whole (for they are One and the same) fall on stoney ground. Have you not witnessed flowers growing up through concrete?

Every Good thought, every Good intention is NEVER wasted. For within these ‘prayer formations’ are again, ‘codes’ that heal on other levels.

We would put it in a childlike way such as this. If you were to be sending out thoughts through the ether’s to someone far away … and to get there, these thoughts had to travel over land and sea … imagine how many souls, birds, flowers, tress, blades of grass, droplets of rain and full oceans they have to ‘pass through’ to get there. So what you may imagine to be a kind gesture of Loving thought to someone far away, actually turns out to be a massive healing project as your Love passes through all these Living Energies on its way to the recipient.

Do not underestimate every move you make. Do not undervalue every thought process that is for the Highest Good of ALL. The POWER within your thoughts of Good intent is way, way, way beyond your imaginings. Because your imaginings have been hindered and curtailed over time, to leave you ‘believing’ that your ‘healing skills’ are very limited … or only fully comprehended by Gurus sitting on top of a mountain.

Stretch your minds, Dearest Souls.

Stretch your limitations. Do not believe ANYMORE that when you get to be a really, really, really Good person, that maybe then, you can heal a sore finger and feel Blessed for doing so and having such a gift.


Stop the dilly dallying. Recognise the TRUTH … RIGHT NOW!


They are part of your make up. They are not to be earned through merit of being a Good Human Being.

All of you are Good Human Beings. Each and every one … at heart … are Goodness. For each and everyone come from the Godself.

You are aware and sickened by the acts of those who believe they are ruling your Planet.

Believe? Are they not actually ruling it then?

No. They only ‘think’ they are …

Yet, what you think you are., you become.

Exactly. So, if you think and believe that your Planet s being run by those of Lesser Light, then so be it.

Yet it is, isn’t it?

Because you believe this to be so. Change your beliefs!

You see, this is where I get confused. It is more than obvious to us that those of lesser Light are running the show … have you not said this yourself?

Yes we have. Yet, they are running the show because it is embedded within the belief system that they are.

Because it’s true???!

Because one has believed it is so.

If each and every one that is aware of this, changed their attitude … changed their knowing … changed their belief system to a different one … say one turned their thoughts around and BELIEVED that your Planet was run by Golden Angels of Light for the Highest Good of all … if everyone did that … then the Energy flow from doing so, would make that become your Truth.

What ever you choose to think … when you think about it and focus upon it for long enough shall become your reality … This is so.

Would you say though, that it would have to be a certain percentage of the population that had to do this, in order for it to happen?

We answer to that both yes and no.

For you see, Blossom … and please do not take offence … each one of you … each soul is residing within their own world.

Exit stage left! … and … falling straight down the rabbit hole! Please continue and I will try to keep up. I just don’t understand how that can be because everyone else I know, is also in my world.

And you are in theirs! Yet … you run the show ultimately. You conduct the orchestra. You pull the strings. You write the script, design the costumes and decide what role you are going to play and what role those who act along side you will play also. Your own little masterpiece … on display …

For whom to see?

Yourself. Just yourself. Because everyone else is conducting their own show.

Yet, surely I am in their show and how can that be when I am already appearing in my own? I can’t be in all these dramas at the same time … if I am busy producing my own.

Yes, you can and you are. For you are a reflection of that which they need you to be … in their show.

A reflection of what? Myself?

Yes. If you were to look in to a hall of mirrors you would see many visions of yourself. Many ‘productions’ of you and yet, there you are standing looking into just one mirror.

Your losing me … you know you’re losing me, don’t you?

Remain with us and allow us to flow …

Keeping in mind I am in my human mind/brain and this is doing my head in, for I cannot follow where it is leading.

Dearest Blossom. Here comes ‘the Biggie’ as you would say. You are playing out a role of yourself and who that person is … is who you are choosing to be in any one given moment of experience/experimentation. All that you see and project is your own movie theatre, as we have said. The souls that you cast to play their roles in your movie are there to serve you, in order for you to know yourself.

Yet, what are they doing in my movie when they should be in their own?

They are assisting you. They are in your movie as well as their own … for each ‘movie’ is a movie within a movie, within a movie, within a movie.

One moment please whilst I sweep my brains up off the floor! This really is another of those chats that get us going nowhere fast and one wonders why we even began. I seriously don’t know if there is any point in continuing for once again, I am deeply lost in the warren and not a carrot in sight!

Yet, Dearest Blossom … seeds have been planted …

Yet, with respect … why confuse us even more?

Because you are ready.

Yet, what’s the point? I am confused enough just trying to get through every day, without all this entering into my awareness … and I am pretty sure I am not going to be able to lecture on it even when I am two hundred and ten … for I STILL won’t understand it.

Yet, Blossom … You know it all. You cannot understand it … from the perspective of life that you are living in.

Then have we not just wasted an hour?

Knowledge is never wasted. Nothing is ever wasted.

Surely, if it makes no sense to you, it’s wasted. I spent 4 hours on a car journey once trying to really understand what political parties stood for what, just because I felt so ignorant. Next day we may just as well have spent those four hours talking about the adventures of Noddy and Big Ears, for not one thing had sunk in … wasted time.

No … just another experience that makes up who you are. Perhaps we should bring this to a close …

Leaving the door wide open?

Of course … and yet, if we had been given the opportunity to finish that sentence …


We would say to EACH AND EVERY ONE coming from the deepest place of Love … that our main point of this conversation is to reiterate that YOU RUN YOUR OWN SHOW! Whether you think you do or not … whether you like it or not … whether you agree or not … best get into your most splendid attire for not only must the show go on … yet THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH is about to Blossom forth FROM EACH AND EVERY ONE!

Curtain up … Light the Lights … we’ve got nothing to hit but the heights! (as the song goes). Not sure what this was all about today or indeed, how useful it may be … it is as it is. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

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.....“People ought to go to jail,” the Louisiana Republican said to Sean Hannity after explaining there are still “dirty cops” in Washington undermining the president’s agenda.


Scalise: I’ve seen classified information showing ‘people ought to go to jail’ over Durham investigation by Andrew Mark Miller

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