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Mike Quinsey: I would imagine that many of you already keep in touch with David Wilcock’s latest video talks, as they are usually very informative and cover information useful to anyone on the path to Ascension. In a recent one titled “End Times” he referred to the present period, giving information as to precise nature of the “Event” that brings it about. I feel it is very important for people to be aware of it and know precisely what it entails. I am therefore giving you an slightly edited extract of the most relevant information that refers to the very nature of it as given, from the “End Times” through David Wilcock.

“The present period will be the last time our civilisation will be in the third dimension. The World will go through a holographic transformation caused by a Wave of Light. A city will materialise above Earth that has already been seen by Man many times in the sky and it is on a different level of vibration. There will also be a 21 degree pole shift and it is also at the times end, and there will be a spiritual transformation as predicted in the Bible – see Matthew 13, 12.43. It will be the day of enlightenment and you will have a luminous body and experience the Resurrection. You will find that it is predicted exactly the same in the Muslim Book”.

Those who have already seen the City in the Sky tell us that it has what clearly look like tall buildings similar to skyscrapers. It seems likely that it may be the same one as visited by Genii Townsend in recent times that is also in the higher vibrations. If that is new to you, she has a website: that is well worth visiting.

The powerful Wave of Light emanates from the Sun as Flash of Light, and it has been speculated that it may even flash three times. As far as I am aware no one knows exactly in which year it will take place, and already almost every year from 2020 up to 2030 has been put forward as being the most likely one. On a personal note I feel that David Wilcock is going to be the most accurate one by giving 2029/2030 as his prediction.

I will now continue with the usual weekly message through my Higher Self:

Mother Earth is in the course of cleansing it and cannot wait any longer for Man to grasp the truth of what is coming. Man’s ways are destroying the Earth and it must now be stopped before it is too late. However, there is no judgement involved as Man has been given freewill but has repeatedly ignored helpful warnings as to the result of his activities. Whilst it is true that some positive changes have taken place it is as you might say “touch and go” as to whether they will be sufficient to avoid a series of dramatic changes that are now needed. Certainly in one way or another Mother Earth has no option but to take whatever measures are necessary, as the situation is becoming urgent. Certainly enough warnings have been given as to the possible outcome, and strong actions have to be taken to keep you on track for the beneficial changes that are soon to take place.

The days of the Illuminati and their followers are numbered and already their power is diminishing. They can no longer control events on Earth to achieve their aims to reduce the population to a manageable number. It means that those of the Light can go about their business with full confidence knowing that the power of the cabal has been greatly curtailed, and in fact the arrests of their followers has weakened their plans. Their chance of success has come and gone and they can look forward to having to answer for their acts against Humanity and slowly but surely that day is approaching. The road to success has been cleared for the Light and preparations can commence to set the scene for a successful conclusion.

Meantime keep your eye on the goal that has been set for which your present actions are intended to lead you ever onwards. Know that events are “organised” so that your progress can continue and fully prepare you for your growth in consciousness. You are great beings that are beginning to wake up to your full potential, having come this far with a lower level of consciousness. You knew intuitively that having passed the marker success was to be yours. It may be hard to visualise with all of the difficulties you are facing but know that the Forces of Light are helping to pave the way for you so that you are assured of success.

Try not to look back and know that the changes are taking place to bring the new into being as the old ways are no longer appropriate. So keep an open mind and give your whole hearted support to those who lead the way, and we give our assurance that we have always been with you since you passed 2012 are allowed to ensure you achieve total success. The fact that you have done so is a remarkable achievement and at times it did not look as though you would succeed. Credit can go to the Lightworkers who with confidence did achieve success, and are set upon ascending to the higher vibrations.

Once things settle down you will find that a new way of progressing will be adopted, ensuring that all of your efforts are put into the right channels that should hasten the coming of the changes that are really overdue. From our side of the veil you may be assured that we are already setting up a plan that will put you on the right path. You are coming out of the lower vibrations and rightly so, as it is your time to leave them behind and concentrate on all that is destined to take you all the way to Ascension. It will be a well-deserved achievement and we congratulate all concerned.

By focussing on it you will help bring about a speedy path to completion. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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Your Right to Refuse 5G — Ashtar Sheran

I am Ashtar Sheran with a Message for those on Planet Earth.

As you are aware, there is a Battle going on between The Light and The Dark on the Surface of your Planet now! Your Alliance members are making inroads, using the Corona Virus as a cover for implementing their project Liberation Earth, St Germaine Funds.

The Cabal, although being arrested, are fighting back. You must understand that you must take what they print in the news, put on social media, put on the television for all to see, with a grain of salt! When they say they are going to implement forced vaccinations, do you think that they will be able to do this? They can only do what they do with your permission. You hold the power over them, always!

that Humanity is in control!

It always was. When you say "no" to forced vaccinations, you empower that response globally and the dark will not be able to carry out this evil agenda. Do not fear being vaccinated against any virus.

You must look at everything they have done to date. Look back through your History. They have deceived you into agreeing with all their plans by lying and by putting your back up against a wall. When you see through this deception, again, and say no to it, they will not be able to implement it. Understand they cannot do anything without your agreement. They have scared people into agreeing to many of their agendas before, but do you think that people will allow forcible vaccination, or jail time for refusing?

The people will be outraged. When your People react with refusal, they cannot continue because you are not consenting.

️ Understand YOU hold the power- not them!

When they fought with natives over the drinking water issue at the Dakotas, they discontinued their agenda eventually because attention had been dropped from the matter. They are only able to install their agenda when you are paying attention to it and agreeing, albeit reluctantly. That's why you have your media, so they can continue to run their agendas by you for you to empower them. That's why you have your news. Under the disguise of informing you, they are in fact receiving your consent.

Why do you think they continue to show you
- day after day - scenes from the war in the Middle East? Because they have not achieved their goal of total domination and overtake of the Portals there. They require your consent to continue this Battle. Do not give it to them. Stop watching the news!

 They say, "What you focus on grows."
When you focus on the news
- you empower their agenda!

As children, many of you were taught to fear the word "no". The ability to say "no" is the hallmark of someone who is not controlled by others and who has found their personal freedom. You were taught to fear the word "no" so that you could only be given two options, that being "yes" or "I can't refuse". This was by design. All of it is by design. The only way they can behave as an authority to you as outsiders in your world, is to take away your right to refuse them or to say "no" to them.

We of the Light are aware of the 5G issue. It would help if you would in fact, discontinue your use of it!

There are so many posts and memes about destroying the towers. What if you simply stopped using it? Sharon has wifi but it is not 5D. It is cheaper and works as well as her previous 5G did. She is looking for an ethernet cable to connect to her computer to dispense with wifi altogether. It is where you put your consent that is the problem.

 You must be willing to do
without some of your conveniences!

In the times of change in the coming years, your conveniences will become a feature of your past. Your internet will go down soon most likely temporarily, the cabal may institute gas shortages to punish you by not being able to drive your cars, they will take your jobs away to punish you with poverty. Understand that you are in the middle of a Battle where the losers still hold some aces.

People are attempting to wake up others to the 5G issue. Yes, 5G works with chemtrailing and GMO'd foods to create vulnerability to many viral attacks they have planned for you. Eliminate one of the factors and you have less vulnerability.

  Eliminate them all and your immune system will gain
strength again!

You are playing into their hands by doing as they ask. How many of the truthers subscribe to 5G wifi now? This is not acceptable. You must switch if you wish to be true to your word. It is easy to insist that everyone else change but yourself, but if you do this, you get nowhere because change starts with you.

 Walk your talk please!
The world needs you to right now.

Circulating messages that you yourself do not subscribe to amounts to lying.

I am Ashtar and I remain at your Service,



~ Sharon Stewart

YouTube: SharonandIvoofVega

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Arcturian Group Message 3/22/2020

"Old energies long stored in cellular memory and carried from lifetime to lifetime were originally created through vows taken in other lifetimes, guilt, obligation-- lives of non-power lived through duty rather than free will choice."

I have not researched "cellular memory" and this line brought to light a confusion.  I think of "cellular memory" as something to do with they physical body that perhaps transfers in the DNA, which is also something I think is a "body thing."  The soul or spirit is separate.  I don't think of it as being composed of "cells" or that it has "cellular memory."  The spirit/soul inhabits different bodies that are not in a genetic line of bodies.  Can spirit/souls actually pick up memories from the cells of physical bodies?  These would be different from memories a soul has retained throughout its many lifetimes.  Can "meat body" cellular memories affect a spirit/soul?  Anyone have any insights on this or can point me to good source(s)?

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Comment: Pelosi acting like a (mob) boss. Her latest action is nothing short of extortion.

"Pelosi’s So-Called Coronavirus Bill Filled With Pork, Over-Reaching Government"
Posted by Mary Chastain

What do a bailout for the post office and a diverse corporate board have to do with the coronavirus pandemic?

Never let a crisis go to waste!


“God Mother” Pelosi cracks the whip over her minions again.

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