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Kryon - Lee Carroll / Increasing Your Light

Increasing Your Light
The brighter your light, the less darkness can be around. “Oh, Kryon, I love that. How can I make my light brighter?” That’s easy! It’s by not fearing the dark! – KRYON
Personal insight from Lee:
From the very beginning channellings of Kryon, the dark-light metaphor has been taught. The biggest paradigm that Kryon wishes us to really understand is that the definition of light is: “The absence of the dark.” The definition of the dark is: “That which happens when there is no light.”
Kryon teaches, “Light is active and dark is passive.” This means that the very creation of light voids darkness. There is no such thing as creating darkness. Instead, it is simply that which happens when there is no light (as defined above).
So the practical lesson is this: When we start to manifest joy and compassion in our lives, we automatically activate a “light machine” that does not allow darkness into our lives.
The opposite is also true, and when we doubt and expect negative things, we create a darkness that will cooperate with this exact thing! Kryon tells us that we have free choice to create whatever energy we wish.
It’s like placing an order in a restaurant. It’s that powerful. What you say, and what you think, creates a reality around you that is real. It can shorten your life or extend it. It can bring you joy or fear. This card not only reminds you of your light, but its message is to tell you that your light is increasing exponentially more than ever before, because of the new energy that has been birthed on the planet. Increasing your light is the design of this new energy.
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"It is very important that everyone maintains a very high vibration and not go into thoughts of worrying about the future or obsessing about the past. The true masters consciousness is always anchored in the present moment, which is the zero point field of consciousness."

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Lord Sananda Transmission

Dear sons and daughters of planet earth! I AM SANANDA!

Once again I am grateful to be here and to communicate with you in a simple and extremely multiplying way. The moment is made up of many things that happen at the same time. It is a time of pleasant surprises and some not so pleasant. Many changes, much is brought into your life that you could never imagine. Many of you have many experiences, very interesting ones and others not so much.

Each soul’s journey writes exactly what you are going through today. It is as if everything that your soul has to transform, everything that your soul has to learn, is applied in a single moment, no longer over several incarnations.

All lessons are presented in this incarnation. Many are unaware of this and let the lessons pass by because they believe there is still time; that there is still a lot of time to correct yourself, to improve yourself as a person and as a soul.

But I tell you the time is short, the period that you still have to correct many things is small. No more incarnations, not a dozen or more years to go
The time is short.

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galactic fleet command eraoflightdotcom

Greetings, Dear Ones on our beloved Earth planet! We wish to share with you at this time something that you may already well know, but we feel it bears repeating.

As more information is being revealed concerning the truth of COVID19, there have been statements made about the needless deaths of countless millions because of incorrect procedures for containment, etc. You have heard the stories, and so we shall not recount them here.

What we wish to bring to your attention – whether already known or not – is the reality of those deaths.

We here wish to correct the ‘needless’ part of those deaths, for – as many of you know – death was chosen by the soul of each of those who supposedly succumbed to the virus. It was indeed by such means that they passed to another realm. But the choice was theirs to continue their schooling on another earth planet – one more pleasant and easier to handle – or to experience life in another existence. Some felt they could better serve the processes of the Awakening and Ascension by joining the forces on the other side of the veil — and some have already graduated and arrived in the 5D realm of existence.

These deaths – (actually by contracts made) – were chosen by both young and old, and by those in poor health and in good health. COVID19 provided – (and still does provide) – an unprecedented opportunity for those in human incarnation to choose a more wonderful life than that in which they had currently found themselves. Therefore, in our mind, it would be difficult for us to call these deaths ‘needless’.

We would also like to add something further regarding life and death on this Earth planet. As you know, there has been a great toll of lives in the 3rd world countries. Many of these are young souls who wished to experience this last time ever in the experimental 3rd dimension of this Earth planet, even if only for a short time. They knew, when they came into incarnation, that it would be a short and difficult life — but they willingly chose it nonetheless. This was true also of those seeking quick karmic work-throughs; but that was okay with them, and so they were allowed this incarnation. The resultant death was expected (and chosen) in the case of each of these described.

Whether seen through the eyes of 3D or 5D makes all the difference in the world as to the reality of life and death. COVID19 was not created by the Higher Beings – nor by the Creator of All – but its evil creation and purpose has been transmuted and utilized for an ultimate good. And so does the ‘good’ continue!

We hope this little commentary about the reality of the seemingly ‘tragic deaths’ of so many thousands of lives might find a resonance within your hearts, Dear Ones… and bring less suffering of sorrow and grief at the loss of your loved ones. May you find an inner peace from knowledge of the Truth

We love and bless you on this courageous journey you are on. And please know you are ever held in the Light and Love of the Cosmic Christ.


**Channel: Beth Stormont for Era of Light

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A Galactic Federation Message For Humanity

A Galactic Federation Message For Humanity
We come to speak to you today about the importance of living your life as a human having a cosmic, spiritual experience. We have loved you and been with you for lifetimes as you have incarnated here doing your work for Gaia. But, now more than ever, it is important that you integrate the cosmic consciousness as part of your natural way of being.
Do not see us as beings outside of yourselves. See us as mere reflections of a beautiful connection to Source. We are waiting for you for the time when we shall actually live side by side in our forms as well. However, for those that don’t experience us physically all the time, know that we are merely an extension of oneness with you. We have successfully integrated the DNA and transmissions for the 5D consciousness, and you no longer need to seek advice from us for we are one with you. You can tune into the aspects of yourself that are Pleiadian now and ask the questions.
We have reignited your ancestry, and it is fully alive and awake. We are joyously celebrating that WE DID IT! It is easier now for you to walk and talk, and act as your enlightened self.
You see, even when you feel like you are not acting as your highest self, the light that you hold in the coding of your DNA and cellular structure still is always emanating out light. The light is limitless and unending.
Those that have chosen to awaken the aspects of the Pleiadian lineage are fully transmitting light even when triggering others, for the triggers are there to let other human souls see where they need to heal.
Many ask, “When will the whole world know you exist? When will it just be the norm to connect to you?”. And we say, the timing is up to YOU. It is based on the readiness of consciousness. We do not wish to create a wave of shock and pain. We wish to come in when there is receptivity.
There is no rush. You are eternal beings and have all of eternity for your planet to begin to expose that there is more to this Universe than human existence.
One of the keys to this exposure and receptivity/readiness has to do with the people taking their power back from the larger organizations that hide things and keep things cloaked for greed purposes.
This is beginning to happen as many release GMO supports which takes the money away from the mass groups running the desire to keep the consciousness dim through toxins. There will be more that has to be released before we are received here in peace.
One has to do with the people of Earth truly taking their power back in terms of resources and the use of oil. This is one of the other pieces that keeps greed and control running the planet, blocking the receptivity to our integration in a physical way. We have the knowledge as many of you do how to use resources on planet Earth like hemp to fuel things.
There is no need to be fighting over oil, of course. However, because certain groups are wishing to keep this away from mass consciousness awareness, we would not be received in peace.
As people begin to reveal the truth more and more through the internet, you all will prevail in transforming the way this planet functions so it is aligned in the light.
Yet, this message is important because we say, you can still feel aligned, and close to us knowing now that we have completed the merge with you. When you speak to us, you speak to yourself.
You are the Pleiadians. We exist in our own physical forms, but through all the connections to us, downloads, and healings, you are actually now walking as very much Pleiadian.
It is mixed heritage but does not make you any less Pleiadian. Therefore, you have access to all the records…the cosmic records of all that was, and all that will be.
The Pleiadians
Imagine this..
"As you know we are in a global HeaIth CRlSlS...
Therefore we have unilaterally and unanimously passed the following decisions in Parliament:
All tobacco and alcohol stores will be immediately CLOSED as smoking during a pandemic that attacks the throat and lungs is dangerous for health. AlcohoI lowers the immune system so has been temporarily banned.
All fast food outlets such as, but not limited to McDonald's and Hungry Jacks will be closed as they do not promote optimal health.
Free organic vegetables and fruit will be given to all citizens instead, and foods that are overly processed, contain GM0 ingredients or an excess of sugar will be removed from store shelves.
Supplements of Vitamin D, as well as C and Zinc, will be sent to every door.
We encourage laughter, joy, and connecting with loved ones as it will boost your immune system as well as deep breathing of clean, unfiltered air and going out into nature. We encourage you to go to your local park and stand barefoot for 15 minutes a day.
All TV shows and streaming services promoting Horror, suffering, and Dystopian scenarios will be stopped until global health is returned as mental positivity and focus boosts your immune system.
You are encouraged to get maximum sunlight and exercise. All employees who can demonstrate they are exercising will receive a 5% pay increase for the next 4 months.
All gyms are to offer 15% off and remain open as physical exercise promotes mental and physical wellbeing.
There will be no fixed penalty notices given by police as we understand these are times of financial hardship. PoIice will instead be sent to support small businesses and those in need of assistance.
Large chain stores and superstore corporations will be temporarily halted in order to give small businesses a chance to survive these pressing times.
All gas, water, and utility bills will be cut by 50% until we are all out of emergency status.
Thank you. We love you and together we will be healthy."
...And that's totally what they said right?
Because they actually do care about your health.
Please wake up and take your health into your own hands. Turn off your TV. This is not about your heaIth or anyone else's. It NEVER was. It's about top-down control introduced in stages so as not to cause widespread alarm. Frogs inside a slowly boiling pot.
You have been brought up to trust authority. All those years in school. All the programming through movies and shows about how the governments are here to protect you. Facing a reality that the opposite could be true is jarring. It threatens all your beliefs. I get that. I don't blame you. But it doesn't mean it isn't happening.
With love
For the last several months I have been disseminating messages from my extra-dimensional contacts, a group of Pleiadians who are involved in the Earth intervention project. I am a conduit essentially, meaning we collaborate telepathically (exoconsciousness via the cosmic Internet) on each of the messages.
In short, humanitarian intervention is underway on our planet, led by several hundred ET and extra and inter-dimensional groups referring to themselves as The Galactic Federation of Light. The Alliance is also used to describe them. You can find many other channeled messages from this group, as well.
We are benevolent in nature, hailing from neighboring dimensions (some you might call spirit realms), other star systems (i.e. Pleiades and Sirius), and the Andromeda galaxy. We are the forces of light, in essence, all working in support of our prime creator’s plan for our cosmos. There are several hundred groups working on this effort so for your ease we call ourselves The Galactic Federation of Light or The Alliance.
While we are largely advanced civilizations that are peace-loving and non-violent, we acknowledge that there have been malevolent non-terrestrial forces illegally involved in humanity’s affairs for millennia. Our role has been limited to civilization mentorship and consciousness-raising, especially in recent times. However, the situation in your world is alarming, as many of you know. Your corrupt, inefficient, and unconscious systems of thought, belief, and behavior seem to have the best of you. But this can change and we are determined to help you change all that is not working for everyone in your world.
We know that it might appear partisan or overly political, as you say, but that is not the reality of our perspective. Our concern is your understanding of what is now unfolding on your planet, orchestrated by a group of global elites who do not have humanity’s best interests in mind.
We are not drawing attention to this to frighten you, but rather to have you consider the big picture. We have said before that your world is in the midst of a humanitarian catastrophe, indeed a holocaust, of unfathomable proportions. As such, we benevolent extradimensional beings know we must intervene.
Our effort is organized via a coalition of advanced, benevolent races who have figured out, through trial and error ourselves, how civilizations function best, in a way that is equitable for each and every being that is brought into existence. We refer to ourselves as the Galactic Federation of Light, as we are all unified around one purpose: to ensure the victory of love and light in your world, but also in the cosmos at large.
The Galactic Federation Of Light
Author unknown. Please email us if you know them so we can give proper credit:))
Artist: Unknown

A Galactic Federation Message For Humanity

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We are the Arcturian Group 5/30.21

MAY 23, 2021

Welcome, dear readers.

It is plain for all to see that the world is filled with change, chaos, and confusion but in spite of it, the old familiar ways of dealing with these issues die hard. Commonly accepted solutions of the past remain ingrained in the collective belief system and continue to influence those in positions of power even as they fail in the presence of a rising consciousness on earth.

New and higher frequencies simply cannot be made to fit into molds created to accommodate the denser energies of duality and separation. As the energetic frequencies of earth rise, ideas and beliefs still in alignment with the old will not be in alignment with the new unfolding belief system. This lack of alignment will cause many "tried and true" ways of resolving issues to fail simply because the substance (energy) that has sustained them in the past will no longer exist.

Never forget that consciousness the substance of form and the unfolding spiritual awareness of increasingly more individuals will serve to automatically bring about new and higher forms of everything in all areas of life on earth.

Recognize and resist the temptation to recreate something in your life that feels complete or finished even if it was a happy period of your life. Follow your inner guidance with courage when it tells you that it is time to "move on" for often the pressure to recreate or keep something going that is finished comes from others-- friends, family, or even some religious group.

There are some who thrive on the glories of the past, reliving them to self and others while seeking to keep them alive through groups, clubs, and periodicals that focus on the particular time or events being glorified. This statement is not meant to denigrate the bravery or fruitful experiences of the past which will always be with you, but is to help you understand that living in the past is a backward step dear ones, regardless of how seemingly better the old days may seem in comparison with today.

Evolution is the ongoing journey every soul makes through the good and not so good experiences of many lifetimes in order to finally reach a point at which they are ready to awaken into a realization of Oneness. Spiritual evolution can never be controlled, stopped, or governed by human thinking no matter how seeming better or worse the experiences of some earlier time were.

Be patient with the process dear ones, for the new can not appear overnight. That which is well established in the human belief system can only gradually dissolve, being met with resistance and fear by those comfortable with the status quo. There are many who continue to rely on three dimensional or religious opinions and beliefs about life regardless of how painful their personal situation may have become. This is particularly true with regard to relationships.

You have reached a place of spiritual readiness enabling you to stand back as a beholder rather than someone constantly struggling to heal, change, or fix self and others with outgrown tools. This does not mean you will never again be guided to use ordinary methods to alleviate the suffering of someone, but means that while doing it you remain aware that in the reality of ONE nothing needs healing, changing, or fixing.

Many of you have or soon will attain a spiritual level that is ready to accept and integrate the fact that all qualities embodied in God/Source/ I AM, are and always have been fully present within you. Seeking Divine qualities (completeness, wholeness, harmony, abundance, intelligence etc.) outside of Self rather than from within where they exist in their fullness is the result of the belief in two powers that brought about the duality and separation that constitutes third dimensional energy.

This does not mean that serious spiritual students must never take the human footsteps that may assist him at some point, but does mean that the footsteps are taken with spiritual awareness and trusting intuition as to when they are no longer needed .

Creations formed out of three dimensional beliefs, rituals, and concepts, will always contain elements of duality and separation that result in the creation being sometimes successful and sometimes not. This is why so often sincere hard work and dreams fail, having been created from energies based in duality and separation which is all that is available to the unaware.

When you go within and allow yourself to rest in the reality of YOU, you open the door to all that the real YOU is. Never forget that your oneness with Source automatically constitutes your oneness with all that Source is. Meditation is a silent listening for the "still, small voice" which you may or may not actually "hear" because this is not the goal of meditation. There may come a "knowing" about something rather than words. It is an individual's intention to align, listen, and rest in an awareness of oneness that is important.

You never need to tell IT what you need or want because IT is YOU. Using meditation as a time to relate a list of wants and needs indicates a belief in separation. Everything you have been seeking, is already fully present because IT IS YOU, not the human concept of you, but the real YOU-- Divine Consciousnesses individualized.

Meditation is a silent resting in the awareness of your completeness and no words or thoughts are needed. Thoughts of all kinds will come floating by but do not resist or make a power out of them. Simply allow these thoughts to drift through and back out again without focusing on them while you rest in Oneness.

Ponder and practice every truth you become aware of until it shifts from being intellectual knowledge to being your state of consciousness. Many of the ordinary problems and the issues of daily living will begin to automatically fade out of your experience without you even noticing as you live each day silently resting in and aligning with the reality of your own Divine Self-hood.

Consciousness is the substance of form, because Consciousness is all that exists, IT is omnipresent. Every person's state of consciousness (the ONE Divine consciousness individualized), manifests as their life and experiences. If a person's consciousness is filled with beliefs of duality and separation then that is what they will create. You are creators because you are God beings having a human experience.

In the presence of realized truth (not intellectual knowledge, not words in a book, not some repeated mantra) the unreal simply does not/cannot exist and will create forms that reflect the substance of pure Divine Consciousness.

Those of you that align with these messages or any mystical teachings of oneness are ready, beyond ready, to allow meditation to be what it is meant to be, conscious alignment with the already fully present I AM that you are. Many of you have been knowing the truth and meditating for a long time but continue to think of yourselves as separate from IT and spend meditation periods seeking it. There comes a point where each must accept that they already ARE IT in order to BE IT.

Go within often not to speak, try to create, force something to happen, or to seek some perceived outcome, but rather to simply align with IT. Do not attempt to understand what IT is for the human mind is incapable of comprehending IT. Many try and many think they have succeeded, but the Infinite can never be understood by the finite so don't try. When you are ready IT will reveal ITSELF to you.

Mediation can never bring something to you that is not already fully present within YOU. The time has arrived for every serious spiritual student to accept that they already are IT and that meditation is simply time set aside to rest in this awareness until at some point meditation becomes a permanent state of consciousness and is simply lived.

Withdraw from today's constant barrage of news and human opinions. It does not mean you cannot be informed, but rather means that you no longer choose to watch, listen, or engage 24/7 in the illusions of the three dimensional world. Doing this constitutes a giant step for those accustomed to staying informed and giving opinions on everything happening in the three dimensional world.

When you align physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with the good and evil of the world, you give power and reality to appearances which are manifestations of false beliefs with no real law to support them or hold them in place. When you make something a power you give it substance because energy is what maintains and sustains form. Every "war" launched on some disease, situation, or belief simply serves to create more of it, not less.

Begin to translate all appearances into the reality that underlies them. (War--oneness misinterpreted through beliefs of separation) Observe and do not deny the outer scene, but translate it through the realization that God never has, never will, and never can express ITself as war, disease, pain, lack. etc.

Trust, relax, and allow through realizing that you never need to inform the Infinite intelligence of your very own SELF what you need because your conscious alignment with IT will automatically express outwardly in ways that represent wholeness and completeness for you.

Listen and rest within often in the realization that IT is always fully conscious of ITself as YOU.

We are the Arcturian Group 5/30.21

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Main Phone Number for Each Credit Bureau

  1. Equifax: 1-888-548-7878
  2. TransUnion: 1-800-916-8800
  3. Experian: 1-800-493-1058

Check your credit score for free!

How to Talk to a Live Human at the Credit Bureaus

To speak with a real human operator at each of the three main credit bureaus for help with general credit questions, you can call the following phone numbers along with their respective phone prompts.

  • Equifax: 1-888-548-7878 – (Press ‘3’)
  • TransUnion: 1-800-916-8800 – (Press ‘0’)
  • Experian: 1-800-493-1058 – (Enter ‘SSN’ and possibly ‘ZipCode’ >> Say ‘Credit’ or press ‘2’ >> Say ‘Credit Report’ or Press ‘1’ >> Say ‘Credit Questions’ or Press ‘1’)

Following each of those prompts, your call will be transferred then you’ll have to wait on hold until a customer service representative is available.

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