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"So I am telling you in advance. This is it my brothers, you need to be ready, you need to be prepared. And our love for you is immense, so this is an attempt to make you as protected as possible.

I AM THE ARCHANGEL MIGUEL! I am coordinating this whole process, together with Sananda. Don’t stop doing it. What will happen to those who don’t do it? Nothing. They just won’t have the protection, the isolation necessary for their minds and hearts to bear all that is to come."

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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - June 25, 2021

"You might well ask why action could not have been taken before this time but as we have often remarked, there has to be an ideal time when success can be assured. That time has arrived which is why we are absolutely certain of our total success in due course. The tasks ahead are still monumental but we know that success is within our grasp. We have prevented major happenings that could have led to the destruction of Earth and although you may feel that was most unlikely, we can assure you that the dark Ones would have carried out such an abomination rather than accept defeat. The danger is over but there is still much to do to contain their desire to cause havoc upon the Earth."

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From Teri Wade
Call of the Ancient...
We are changing on a molecular level. (Cellular transformation) Many of you are experiencing headaches, nausea, dizziness, feeling of spinning and loss of emotional centering. A fundamental change is taking place in your house meaning we are changing our DNA while living in it. We are genetic engineers of the New World species.
During cellular transformation repigmentation of our skin will begin to occur many will see unusual marks on the surface of their skin... brown, red, white etc. this can occur on young people as well as older bodies. This is a temporary repigmentation that will allow the skin to come into its true purpose. This is brought on by the blood cell membranes being enriched by oxygen and bringing them closer to the surface.
We're coming back to our original time sequence as we were in the past. Currently, the changes we are all feeling are happening internally in our infrastructure and we are feeling them physically. These changes are taking place in the following places: Cellular system in the blood, CNS (central nervous system), bone marrow, how the brain is firing and how it receives information from Source. These are the changes that are currently happening and it's causing massive confusion not to mention physical discomfort. Many can tell a change is occurring but we cannot see it in the mirror. But, this internal change will begin to bleed through to the external body. This is where the base must first be built.
Some people will experience weight gain or loss. The body knows how to readjust and reorganize because this process is quite natural. Meaning, this information has been coded within the cells of the body. The greater you are aware of this transformation the more you can assist.
Some are seeing a weakening of their immune system. This is brought on by the human body being recalibrated at a higher frequency while still being bombarded by the dense, heaviness of this 3D realm. We are experiencing an unbalance in our nervous system and some are dealing with this with explosions of anger, frustration etc. I call these people the resistors who choose to fight this transformation. We will see different kinds of nervous disorders during this rewiring process accommodating the increased and intensity of Light that is now able to enter our bodies. What's happening is there is a greater acceleration of energy being absorbed by the body and this acceleration of energy is being sent through the Central Nervous System. Some will deal with this well and some will not. As we take on this new body of Light most organs and glands will no longer be needed and eventually disappear.
As this acceleration of energy enters our physical body the CNS will immediately try and attempt to dissipate some of that energy by sending it out thru the spinal cord. This energy could fire out thru the muscular system which would cause tightness, soreness and cramping. If these energies fire out through the blood vessels restriction could occur. If they fire through the skin you could experience abnormally hot or cold prickling. Our bodies are constantly trying to remain in a stable state during this process. It's trying to catch up with the increased frequencies. Our bodies are literally washing away the old format. We are in the process of building something undescribable. I've said this many times the Central Nervous System is incredibly important to this process this is why the controllers are targeting it. ☠️
We are seeing humanity stray away from heavy dense foods such as meats and heavy proteins which stay in the body longer which creates the body to stay in heavy density longer. Many heavier grains will also be an issue for some. Remember, the goal of this process is returning us to Light. I know some of you are having issues with digestion of heavy, greasy dense foods because these foods don't vibrate with the higher body vibration. Your bodies needs and your appetite will change within this process. But, everyone is different so listen to your body. Meaning, one day you might need a heavier, denser protein and some days not. Your body is trying to keep up with this higher vibratory rate but the difficulty in this 3D realm is the lag we experience.
We all know and are experiencing incredibly crazy sleep patterns that's all I need to say about that. Also, our memory is also changing. We all think it's a bad thing to lose our memory but what is currently happening with many is that we're transitioning to depending on our intuitive knowing and less on our memory. We are experiencing intuitive insights and flashes of memory. I am notorious at being in mid sentence and completely forgetting about what I wanted to say next. Basically, as this cellular transformation takes place it will be harder to reference your past through your memory system. All useless data is disappearing from our memory files. Referencing past data was useful because acceptance of past reality based beliefs and prior experiences. Referencing data of the past is falling away.
We are also going through a process which we call the thinning of the veil. As this protective device thins we are finding out that there are no boundaries between our physical body and our higher self. Many people are not only experiencing contact with beings from other realms but are experiencing contact with your higher self. So, listen to your body, listen to that intuitive voice it'll get stronger and louder as the veil thins. We are experiencing something absolutely amazing and monumental on a scale most cannot believe with this process of DNA activation. This process of DNA activation is what I named "Call of the Ancient." Many are hearing and feeling that call which eventually will bring us back to balance. We are in the process of being downloaded and activated with incredible insight, wisdom and knowledge of our Ancient past and we have just begun.
- Teri Wade
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We are the Arcturian Group 6/20/21

church-820339 1280

JUNE 20, 2021

Dear readers, welcome to our message which is intended to assist you in your journey toward more deeply understanding who you really are.

Over the course of the many lifetimes you have all had intense experiences of both good and evil and the energy created by them has been carried from lifetime to lifetime in cellular memory. Until cleared, these pockets of old energy continue to function if or when activated by some outer person or experience.

The escalating violence you are seeing is the result of increasingly more high resonating energy flowing to earth which in turn is acting to bring dormant dense energies stored in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies of all to individual awareness. Some unenlightened few are choosing to act out these old energies rather than allowing them to clear.

A great deal of clearing takes place as you sleep or simply automatically as your Light expands but cellular remembrance of intense and traumatic experiences must come to conscious awareness in order to be acknowledged and then cleared. For example those who have an inordinate fear of something like heights, dogs, water, etc. have at some time in the past or present had a negative experience or even suffered death through these things. The cells remember and in coordination with mind are trying to protect the person from doing it again.

This does not mean that a person with a fear of heights must go to a high cliff and look over, it means that a person with some level of spiritual awareness can clear these old fears firstly by ceasing to identify with and claim the fear to be personal and secondly through understanding that fear does not exist in the reality of their being. Fear is old programming put in place for protection but old programming can be dissolved because it has no law to support or maintain it.

We are not saying that deeply held fears release easily, especially for those not yet awake to the deeper truths. Fears that have been carried through lifetimes often become a person's identity but at a certain point in everyone's evolutionary journey all remaining deeply ingrained fears must be acknowledged and cleared. For some this may require the help of a professional, but the main thing is to know and fully accept that fear never was or can become the person. Fear is always impersonal.

There are some who find satisfaction in maintaining their particular fear because it gets them attention and can be an excuse for doing or not doing certain things, however if you are reading these messages you are ready to or have already moved beyond that state of consciousness. Strive to be totally honest with yourselves because continuing to hold on to some fear or negative quality (even age) because it makes you special in some way will block further spiritual advancement. It represents separation.

​Remember, if you identify with any negative issues that come up for you it simply aligns you with that particular energy and then does indeed make it yours. Stand firm in knowing that all discord is the manifestation of the belief in two powers and separation and rejoice in knowing that you are spiritually prepared to move through the appearances. Never forget or doubt that the only qualities that are personal to you are those of Divine Consciousness.

There are many in the world at this time whose soul purpose was to be on earth as a catalyst causing confusion and disarray that would in turn force those happy to continue living comfortable lives based in duality and separation toward actually thinking about and examining the status quo.

Trust. Trust. Trust. It is very important that all who have awakened, cease doubting and trust.

Your Higher Self is you, not some far off entity hovering around and looking in on you occasionally. The Higher Self is that fragment of your Soul that has never forgotten conscious oneness. It knows you inside and out because it is YOU. Trust that it is always working to bring you experiences that will best serve your evolutionary process. Talk to your Higher Self.

Long ago, souls chose to experience separation and proceeded to get stuck in the resulting dense energies creating a collective consciousness based in two powers and separation which constitutes the third dimensional illusion. You chose to be on earth at this time in order to assist with the shifting of the collective out of this established density and into Light. You were spiritually awake before coming and knew you would be capable of assisting others out of the illusion. You also knew that these times would offer you a perfect opportunity to clear all remaining stored old energy.

Never doubt that your true essence (not a human concept of you) is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Divine Consciousness. You are not one with IT, you are IT.

Some believe that because God is omniscient God knows all about their problems and so they pray to this concept of God. If Divine Consciousness held within it problems, disease, lack, or limitation of any sort, these things would be permanent, held in place by Divine Law and no one would ever be able to heal or correct them. Divine Consciousness is infinitely aware only of ITself because IT is all that exists.

If God is Omnipotent and omnipresent, where would any other power come from? Does it not then make intelligent sense to make one's goal the attaining of a consciousness of oneness rather than continuing to seek solutions from within the illusion?

Many are awakening--some with tiny steps that just question and others with giant leaps of consciousness. Much will begin to unfold as increasingly more awaken out the desire to hold onto beliefs that are quickly becoming obsolete. This is the grand shift that has been predicted for eons. You are in it because you chose to be in it.

Present times offer a grand opportunity to once and for all clear and be free of old energies that may still hold you in bondage to some person, place, concept, or thing. Rejoice dear ones even as you witness a world that seems to be collapsing from the weight of its own density. These things must surface in order to be seen by the majority, otherwise they would just continue to remain out of sight where they could fester and explode into issues of pain and suffering.

We would speak of happiness, that state of being that everyone seeks and which most believe exists in the outer scene from where it must somehow be attained. Finding the perfect partner, accumulating wealth, getting the perfect job, being physically beautiful or handsome are just a few of the numerous three dimensional concepts regarding what will bring happiness.

Know that permanent happiness can never be found through attaining something in the outer scene because real happiness is already fully present within you waiting to be discovered. Happiness is the result of attaining a consciousness of oneness with Source which automatically constitutes oneness with all that Source is--wholeness, completeness, harmony, abundance etc,.

There will always be pairs of opposites in the the outer scene simply because third dimensional creations are formed from the energy of duality and separation.

Source/God is complete and whole, always has been and always will be and that is all that the human mind is able to comprehend. It is only through attaining a state of consciousness in alignment with Divine Consciousness that a person is finally able to experience true happiness and cease the constant seeking. Many things can and do bring temporary happiness, but eventually their glamour fades for they are concepts of some deeper spiritual reality.

Until spiritual realization, the Real Self of every individual continues to yearn for recognition which is interpreted by the human mind as that search for happiness that everyone experiences. You are spiritually ready to stop seeking your happiness from the outer world dear ones. Enjoy your lives, friends, activities and whatever resonates with you. Laugh, have fun, dance, read good books, have a glass of wine with friends, and enjoy your life but do not expect these things to bring you the fullness of happiness or sense of completeness that is only found within.

Release everything you may still believe to be necessary for your happiness. You may find that some of these things do appear after having attained a consciousness of oneness with Divine completeness. If that happens. those things you originally thought you had to have will be of a higher resonance, quality, and form because they will be formed of consciousness and not illusion.

Release all doubt and trust that your Higher Self knows what you need, when , and how to get it to you.

With much love, respect, and appreciation,

We are the Arcturian Group 6/20/21

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Serendipity Cream

Serendipity Cream

$10.00  $152.00

Premium Grade Ingredients:

Coconut Oil, Bees Wax, Kukum Butter, Mango Butter, Shae Butter Tamanu Butter, Monoi Butter, Emu Oil, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Argan Oil; Essential Oils:  Lavender, Chamomile, Vanilla and Star Anise.

After doing a lot of research and reading patents, we were informed this cream is very good for protection from people who have the shot or Morgellons.  If you have Morgellons, you will want to use on the small of your back and your bikini line.  It does pinch as it kills the nano bot and its net.  Only use a small amount and have activated charcoal and regular aspirin to help.  After your morning constitution, you will feel a lot better or should.  If you have a large infection, then this will take time.  Go slow and know it is in your lymph system and stomach region.  There are no exacts because everyone is different and the toxin acts differently.  It is said, this recipe is good for protection from the jabbers so is the George’s Salve and Pure Gum.  The last two have pine oil which kills the jab proteins.  This recipe kills the nano.  Using both will allow you to get complete protection.  Pure Gum cream has the most pine oil therefore extra strength protection. 

The new added ingredients is the Gua Lou, Wild Lettuce and immune support tinctures. 

It is heavenly!

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THE Ascended Masters, through Saint Germain’s Instruction concerning the "Mighty I AM Presence,” are establishing Great Pillars of Their Light at various points in America to illumine, protect and supply, during the time of cataclysmic activity, those who serve the Light.
These Pillars of Light are Sanctuaries or Altars of Light direct from the Ascended Masters, for all who come into Them with full acceptance of their own "Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters. The Light which forms these Pillars is a Mighty Stream of Electronic Force from the Great Central Sun, qualified with whatever the people need most for illumination, protection and freedom.
However, the people themselves must come into these Pillars of Light of their own volition, if they are to have Blessing and Protection, for the Light does not seek out the individual. Human beings, Having turned from the Light of their own free will, must return to It of their own free will, for their return to the Light must come about because they love the Light more than anything else in the Universe. Otherwise, it would not be permanent.
If human beings think they can use the Ascended Masters’ Gift of Light and Freedom to bolster up some old method of teaching that is falling to pieces, because the Light which it had in the beginning has gone out, they had better never been born in this embodiment. They fail before they begin, if they attempt it.
We issue a definite warning to all who attempt to commercialize this teaching or prey upon students, who sincerely seek the Light, for the hour of reaction has already struck and only that which is True, Pure, Perfect and of the Light, "The Light of God that never fails,” the Light of the Ascended Masters—can have protection, guidance and supply over the period of change.
The Ascended Masters are offering Their Light, Their Victory and Their Freedom—without limit —to assist every individual, who will sincerely turn his attention to his own "Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters, and make definite determined effort to reach up and receive the help They offer.
The Great Ascended Masters plead with individuals everywhere, to harmonize their feelings and make the call to flood the earth with the Victorious Light of the "Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters, but the people themselves MUST reach up and make the call, if they are to receive the answer.
We are entering the hour, the day, the age of the "Mighty I AM Presence,” which is the Perfection of the Limitless Shadowless Light. That Light SHALL flood the earth with Its Dazzling Radiance and Perfection and whatever cannot stand That Light is consumed thereby.
The Light of the "Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters is increasing hourly, for It will soon take possession of the whole earth. The Light knows Its Own and releases unto Its Devotees, the Fulness of Its Gifts—the Perfection of Itself.
Every instant of Eternity, all activity of every individual depends on Light—Spiritual, mental and physical Light. Therefore, we ask every student of Saint Germain to call constantly to the "Mighty I AM Presence” and Ascended Masters to release greater, greater, and greater Light! Light! Light! NOW, NOW, NOW throughout the earth, in such a Mighty Onrush of Its Irresistible Perfection, that nothing else can stand before Its Mighty Presence and POWER, controlling forever man: kind, the earth and all that is therein.
The Ascended Masters are the channels through which comes all Light, whether it be for the individual, state, nation or the earth. Only enough Light can help humanity and the world, in this the eleventh hour of its greatest struggle.
Oh, "Mighty I AM Presence,” Great Ascended Masters! Oh, Mighty Legion of Light and Great Angelic Host! we call unto Thee as never before, to flood the earth with that Light as of a thousand Suns and release—everywhere—Its Glory and Perfection, for the Eternal Blessing of the Children of Light, the earth and all that is therein forever.

The Voice of the I AM, June 1936. Saint Germain Press.

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