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Hello. Couldn’t get to you before now, yet, very excited to continue on from the cliffhanger we were left dangling from last time we spoke. May we?

Dearest Souls, Dearest Blossom, we are very much looking forward to continuing on this topic for most of today. You have questions, we believe?

Yes. Thank you. People have asked about their Crystals. You spoke of six vast Crystals beneath the Earth that will be charged during this ‘Happening’. Will this be the same for ALL Crystals? Personal one’s etc?

Indeed, it will. It is important to keep one’s personal Crystals cleansed by ways already known to many. I.e. washing in the ocean, running underwater after rubbing in Earth, sageing, intentions via one’s own Energy from hands, etc. One will know that which suits. At the appointed time, ALL Crystals will resonate with the Vibrational Frequency of what is taking place. One may also find that in the weeks beforehand, their Crystals may take on a different appearance, perhaps have an unusual glow about them, and also, one would be very much aware of the pulsing Vibration … coming/being offered … from them.

What effect will this have? What is this purpose?

Energy! Not just personally, yet, for each Crystal to … play their part and to be part of … this Great Transformation … this Great Awakening.

It shall be, as we spoke of with the Monoliths. as if they are communicating with one another in order to ‘be in sync’ and have maximum effect.

Thank you. Another query! Will the dark one’s still be able to function after this has taken place?


Eh, can you elaborate on that?

That which is coming, Blossom, that which ‘This Event’ will bring with it, is of such Light. Such Energy change … for/of … ALL THAT IS. Both on and off Planet. This is why we have said ‘All eyes are on your Planet’ as it is part of the upliftment of everything … for everything is connected.

This LOVE LIGHT that is to sweep over, through and within, is of a magnitude that has not yet been experienced in such a way.

So, what will happen to the naughty folk?

Blossom, it is for one to understand that each and every one is playing a role … which we accept is hard to accept! The souls of many of such Beings will leave immediately via ‘disintegration’.

Excuse me?

Yes, Blossom, it shall be as if their physical Being literally crumbles and disintegrates.

Seriously? Truly? Really? For real?

Yes, for real Blossom. For the Energy that is carried within the entire body and soul of such ‘naughty folk’ is so ‘dis-eased’ that the Wave of Love … the Strength within it … will cause such Beings to crumble, for it cannot possibly survive within the Vibrational Frequency that the Wave brings.

Yet, to literally crumble? Oh, come now! Sounds more and more sci fi.

We understand that it all may sound farfetched … for your programming has been so ‘normalised’ and all thought of such happenings leads you to believe such things are only make-believe.

Ok. So, what happens to the soul when it leaves the body of a dark one?

That is a long and drawn-out tale. Such souls will be automatically whisked/directed to a place where there shall be atonement for their behaviour. It is law that what you do unto another you do unto yourself … and we ask that if you are able and advanced enough in thought and spirit, to send Love and Light to such souls. For although they have been a part of great darkness, at the same time, they chose to play that role … as LIFE in all its forms, twists and turns, continues on FOREVER.

Is this the case for all?

No. Many will ‘change’ and see the error of their ways and be ‘allowed’ to remain within their human physicality to ‘make good’ and repent of their ways.

Some may find that hard to accept.

Not once the Wave has Enlightened the souls upon Earth by many, many, Vibrational degrees.



We ask you to KNOW this in your Heart.

To KNOW that a New World is coming and all that one is having to endure, in ways of Living in darkness, shall be lifted.

Well, I hope so, because things are looking very bleak for our future unless something massive, such as this, takes place. If only we knew when. Yet, I know we can’t. So, I won’t ask.

We thank you for following through in discretion. We have come to understand much of your ways over this time, as you have indeed, come to understand much of ours.

OK … onwards, if I may? Let us not dilly dally! This may be a bit tricky for you to answer. Yet, from the start of ‘the Signal’ for the Monoliths … through to the opening of the seven Portals … are we talking in a flash? A few minutes? Days? Weeks?

This is unknown to us. For this is not ‘within time’. Each section, i.e., the Monoliths being activated and communicating with each other etc. must be completed before the trigger … so to speak … can be released for the next movement. In this case, the Main Centres, Grids, Ley Lines, to begin their correspondence and so on and so forth.

In my mind, I am seeing it happening quite quickly, like within 24 hours or something?

We cannot foretell this. If we were to ‘try’ we would say over a matter of a few days. Yet, it is a process, so one would feel and experience it throughout.

You say that is when our ‘envelopes’ will be fully activated. So, a bit of confusion here. Does everyone have an envelope to be activated? As that wouldn’t make sense because, if that were the case, no one would need help from the Awakened Ones. Not sure if I am being clear here?

Yet, we understand. Each one has an envelope for there is no ‘bias’ as to any one being better than another. However … depending/according to … how much one has chosen to ‘Awaken to their Light’ and therefore, the situation before them, that which any one envelope ‘contains’ regarding information as to their role, will differ enormously.

For one who has been very much asleep, their envelope may allow their heart to feel and experience so much Love, yet, it does not necessarily make them aware of ‘What just happened’. This is where those who have been awake for a time/ a long time are able to take on their leadership roles and lead souls to the Bridge, which we have spoken of many times.

The Bridge being metaphorical, of course? I mean we are not all going to have maps in our envelopes with an arrow saying ‘To the Bridge’ are we!?

Naturally, not. Yet, THE BRIDGE is certainly the best way we can describe to you of imagining/visualizing that which is to take place. To assist one in coming to the edge of it and walking across.

Into a Higher Dimension?

Correct. We ask there to be no concern. For, as we say … everyone will know their position and follow it through.

It is hard to imagine exactly what will take place and what it will be like.

Yet, when it is upon you … it will be so familiar … for it is of you.

I really, really, really, really, really feel at odds in asking this, yet, feel it necessary. You said at the beginning of last year, that it wouldn’t come to the point of there being mandatory vaccinations. Yet, we are getting very, very, close to that and it would mean for many losing their livelihood if they do not ‘play along’. So, in a sense, unless something huge happens SOON … it will and is coming to that point. Assuming you are aware of all this?

Blossom, look at all that is taking place around you … around your Planet. Floods, fires, unrest. Great unrest. There is a build of Energies that are moving towards a climatic …

AARRRGGHH I thought you were to say Event, then at the last minute, I thought you were sending through the word ‘Announcement’ instead. Eh … another pot of Valium, please! I cannot keep up. Which is it?

Can we not say, both?

You can say what you like. For it is up to each soul to use their own discretion and feel into their Truth. Me? I am just the messenger doing the best I can to bring through the TRUTH.

It is nearing closing time with you for this session. Yet, we desire with all our Beingness that you KNOW that what is to take place shall do so in Divine Timing. What we ask of you … as we say … is to FEEL this KNOWING within your Beings and hold on to that TRUTH no matter what is ‘appearing to be before you’.

Continue on with the Mantra.


For it builds in Energy around, upon, and within your Planet … in order to play its part in what is to come.


I think I can speak for many when I say, ‘We LOVE you’. There we go then. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

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Beloved people,

with all difficulties and worries, with all processes which occupy you today and sometimes rob you of your sleep: Trust in God! God is the solution! God is always the solution – for everything!

We want to deepen this awareness now and we want to establish closeness to God.

It is the time of great change! The time that was announced to you has come.

Now you can show what you are made of and what quality your souls are. Now the time for miracles has come and miracles meet you at every turn. Being receptive to them, or becoming more receptive, is of great importance now.

For when God and miracles seem to be absent, it is usually only your perception that creates this illusion.

The new reality is also created by your perception and not by the very real backdrops of this matrix.


Logos from Logos, one with God, the creator of all life and the origin of all being.

The solution is God! The solution for everything is God! But how can you perceive God’s voice and how do you have certainty that it is God’s voice speaking to you?


With all the questions that occupy you and about which you rack your brains, the first thing is that you yourself become clear about whether what you want is also right?

Get to the bottom of this question. If you have recognized that what you want is right, then invest all your strength and your will in this matter. Projects can be realized only in such a way and also fears can be overcome only in such a way. In order to achieve your goals, it is necessary to direct all your willpower towards the specific goal. This is the first step, which is to make sure of yourself and take responsibility for yourself.

Now comes the essential and second step: while realizing your goals, focus all your attention inwardly on God.

If your mind is always focused on God in your daily activities and in your projects, then everything will come to you – your desires will be fulfilled and you will achieve your goals.

This is the mystery of success on the spiritual level. Once you have established this foundation, worldly success will be added to you.

In summary:

1.) Make sure that a goal is appropriate and right for you. Meditate on it and examine it inwardly until you have clarity, which means stepping into personal responsibility.

2.) Turn everything over to God! Let your activities become one prayer and you will achieve great success and always choose the right way.

You can ask: “This is easy, but what do I do when I face great difficulties? For example, if my income and livelihood depend on the extent to which I come to terms with the system?”

Current developments push you to make a decision and require you to say a clear YES or a clear NO to the actions of governments.

You might ask, “What if myself and my children are threatened by the Corona vaccine and we have no way out?”

Then this method of decision making is even more significant and then God is all the more the ONLY SOLUTION!


That is, the order is always: First decide yourself, what you want, what you want and where your journey should go!

You are the center of your life. Life revolves around you – and not you revolving around life. This has nothing to do with an egoistic attitude, on the contrary, this is the attitude of a self-confident being who can and has recognized himself as a divine consciousness.

In order to prevent harm to you and your children, to the treasures of this and the future earth, it is necessary to attain clarity and certainty on all levels.

Ask yourself these two questions: What do I really want and how can I achieve it? And when it seems hopeless, God is at hand and God is the solution.

The real cause of the helplessness in which many people find themselves today is that many people have lost or never had the reference to God. God is simply no longer present and present in most people’s hearts. Many forget about God even in the greatest crises.


Therefore, enter into an intimate union with God! Enter into a covenant with God that will prove itself and be put to the test, especially in crisis situations!

Putting God to the test is not a sin! Don’t let anyone talk you into it. God loves to surprise you and serve you. God loves to satisfy your soul desires and your vital needs, and to give you help and inspiration in every conceivable situation. Once you empower God to do this, God will directly intervene in your life!

Don’t think of this as weakness, quite the opposite, because with every person there is a point where they get stuck or can’t get ahead. Every person, in his travels through time, comes into situations that make God’s intervention necessary. Because as long as you live in a body, you are vulnerable and impressionable.

What is no problem for your divine spirit is often the greatest challenge for your human existence. Just think of your body – the sacred vessel for your soul, which is exposed to these massive and often negative influences of this earth – to protect it alone requires your wisdom and divine help.

Be aware, beloved human, to accept the help of God is your natural right!

Self-confidence grows with trust in God and trust in God grows with self-confidence. God and you belong inseparably together!

In this unity you can cope with situations and meet the challenges of these days. God is always the solution and God always has a solution. Your distance or closeness to God alone determines how powerful or how small the work of God is in your life.

Make sure that what you want is right and then – let yourself fall – into God!


I, (state your name here),






With this, you have given everything to God and you are still the actor in the whole process.

This cooperation with God is foreign to many people. They are buffeted as if by the winds of time and the question of the meaning of life arises.

In this unity with God everything is possible! So also never have fruit from doing things you have never done before.

Go courageously new ways, strike new paths and pursue them with all your willpower!

After you have checked whether a goal is good for you, pursue it with full devotion and with God.

This symbiosis with God is the key to a successful life. Without God, you are like a fish without water or a bird without wings. Without God, you are caught up in the maelstrom of events and swallowed by time.

God is the solution and only because most people cannot see God, they negate HIS existence. But what, beloved, can you perceive with your eyes? And what will you perceive when you close your eyes forever?

The essential exists beyond the visible and what your eyes show you is only a part of reality.

Therefore, open your inner access, the inner seeing and your intuition! Trust your inner impulses more and more! Practice it! Because just as you are practiced in trusting your 5 senses, you need to practice trusting your inner senses.

To do this, resort to the most proven tool there is: meditation. The peace you feel in meditation makes itself felt through intuition in everyday life. That is to say, make sure that you integrate the peace you realize in meditation into your everyday life. In this way, you can perceive the voice of God in the greatest noise and experience the closeness of God in everyday life.

Train your intuition and trust your inner voice more and more. Train your intuition through two things:

1.) common sense and through

2.) meditation, until your heart opens and you can clearly perceive your inner voice.

Strengthen and sharpen your intuition and you will make right decisions with a clear mind.

The absence of God in people’s hearts is the cause of all suffering.

Ending this absence is the most important step a person can take before he can return to himself and to oneness. At the same time, it is also the guarantee of a happy life.

Many worries and anxieties can become so prevalent only because people have banished God from their lives. There is no more room for God in the heart and the souls are overlaid with strange opinions, wrong views and inapplicable beliefs of this matrix.

As long as there is no passage for God, as long as the heart cannot be touched by the divine spirit, so long man remains in darkness, in fear and worry.

The only reason for your unhappiness is your distance from God. The only reason for your happiness is your closeness to God. Happiness can only be defined in connection with God, all other states of happiness are imperfect and do not last.


God is neither distant nor unreachable. God waits for you, looks at you everywhere, and God carries you when you can’t go any further. God builds you the bridges over the abyss and gives you the strength to go your way.

Life by life you become more familiar with yourself and you come closer and closer to God – at a certain point your longing awakens and your life changes.

NOW you drop the cup of sorrow and you draw from the well of life.

NOW your heart overflows with longing for God.

NOW you have arrived and you are no longer afraid.

You were never of this world and yet the illusion held you captive. Now your heart opens and you breathe your life into God. Everything is perfect!

In infinite love I remain with you.


**Translation from German by

**Channel: Jahn Kassl


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We are the Arcturian Group 7/18/21


JULY 18, 2021

​Dear readers, welcome. Our messages are intended to bring you hope, encouragement, and information during these times of earth's evolving energy.

Many who remain unaware of the changes taking place in earth's energy at this time are experiencing fear and despair. It is a powerful time to be on earth, a time that has been predicted in the sacred writings of all spiritual paths for eons but it is also a difficult and frightening time for those who do not know what is happening as they witness much that has always been a certain way, change or disappear.

Earth is lifting out of the low resonating energy of a three dimensional collective consciousness and into one awake in the realization that all are connected within the One. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual facets of many three dimensional beliefs, are or soon will collapse under the weight of their own nothingness. Much is yet to be revealed.

People, plants, animals, and all lifeforms are in and of the ONE. It could be no other way for nothing exists outside of the ONE. Much remains hidden from mankind's general awareness including the presence of many other worlds because third dimensional knowledge is severely limited by the presence of false beliefs accepted as reality. The opportunity for mankind to leave behind the false and move into an awareness of immortality, individual value, and oneness with God and all life is present now if they choose.

Be not afraid dear ones as you witness the chaos that seems to be accompanying the ascension process on all levels--personal and global. Everything at this point is a necessary facet of earth's collective shift beyond the creations of duality and separation that have held it in bondage for eons and which no longer serve.

The physical issues that many of you are presently experiencing are for the most part, clearings--the releasing of long held frequencies from old injuries, diseases, and experiences in past lives as well as this one. These clearings often choose the path of least resistance, a weak area of the physical body through which to flow. Allow the process, clearings are necessary but temporary.

You may find yourself experiencing emotional and/or mental issues that seem to arise out of nowhere. Allow them to flow through and out without resisting or giving them power by claiming them to be personally yours and then trying to "fix" them. Acknowledge them (" Oh you again...") and allow them to move through and out for they are, never have been, and never could be personally yours.

Not all clearings are of negative experiences. Oaths, promises, and vows, are also clearing. Something as simple as sincerely promising another in a past life that you will love them forever can serve to bind you to them in some form in each succeeding lifetime. This can be a problem if their evolutionary goals for this lifetime do not include that person.

All that is not in alignment with the higher frequencies now flowing to earth as a part of her dimensional evolution are automatically dissolving, clearing, or being exposed in order to be recognized. This is the process. You may find that you have become increasingly bored, irritated, and even occasionally angry at the three dimensional nonsense you see taking place around you because you have shifted out of alignment with much that the world still considers important or newsworthy.

Denser energies cannot align with the new and higher frequencies and must be left behind by those actively choosing to spiritually evolve. A great deal of clearing happens during sleep. Many of you may be having vivid and unusual dreams often involving people you are close to. Some things must be consciously recognized in order to be cleared and so will manifest physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually often causing a person to believe that they have somehow failed or are doing something wrong when in fact they are doing something right.

Those who refuse or are unable to move beyond the old and false will not be able to survive in the higher frequencies. Many are choosing to leave at this time in order to return to a higher vibrating, more evolved earth at some point. Death is never an accident but is always a free will choice that is made on the deeper levels of consciousness and not from ordinary human awareness. It may actually represent a soul's choice to experience some event or catastrophe.

Because there is only ONE, all energy is in and of that ONE. In the third dimension the ONE perfect energetic vibration expressing ITself in and as individuals manifests in/as forms of duality and separation ( lack, disease, pain, suffering etc.) because the belief in two powers, duality, and separation have been accepted as reality in the consciousness of the majority. This in turn has formed the collective consciousness based in error that has governed earth for ages. You are creators, consciousness is the substance of form.

Divine Consciousness is infinitely complete, but in the human sense of separateness this wholeness manifests as a law of attraction--energy always seeking to align with like energy in order to be whole and complete. Because the reality of every person is Divine Consciousness, every person automatically draws to themselves those energies that are in alignment with the energy of their state of consciousness.

The majority as of yet does not realize this and considers themselves to be victims when something unwanted enters their experience. The person who becomes ill does not always consciously align with the disease, but his/her belief in disease (separation) simply may or may not show up at some point. It often happens that a person who has spent their entire career researching a particular disease or condition finds that very disease occurring in self or someone close.

This happens because there is only ONE. On the three dimensional level, the energy of ONE Divine Consciousness becomes a law of attraction. The energetic frequency of a person's consciousness will always seek to align with same or similar frequencies as it attempts to be what it is--whole/one.

It is a new time dear ones, a time in which the old ways of thinking and doing will simply no longer work as they once did for the beliefs that held them in place are dissolving. Many continue working very hard to keep obsolete beliefs in place, but this will become increasingly difficult as more individuals awaken and move into higher states of consciousness.

Be patient, for all is proceeding according to plan. All is as it needs to be at this time. Live each now moment from your highest level of awareness which will allow more to unfold. Living in the past or the future does not allow you to receive what you are ready for or need. Living each now moment makes life simpler and easier.

If you find yourself worrying about something in the past or future, bring your awareness to the realization the you are Divine Consciousness having a human experience and that harmony, completeness, and wholeness are the reality. Take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take while at the same time always remembering that the sky will not fall down if you make a mistake.

As you spiritually evolve you find yourself with less and less in common with those around you who have chosen to remain in the old energy. Be true to yourself, trusting that you are right where you are supposed to be learning what you need to learn even if your life does not seem to fit in with three dimensional concepts of how you "should" or "need" to be.

Be what you know you are . Let go and BE.
​ ​
We are the Arcturian Group 7/18/21

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How does Cheese impact memory loss?

Vitality Now

“Lately it feels like my brain is failing me...I walk into rooms and forget why I’m there. This never used to happen to me...what should I do?”

Many people over 50 are told that forgetfulness and “brain fog” is just part of getting old.
But what if that’s NOT the whole story…?
After all, plenty of folks live well into their 60s, 70s and 80s with their mind (and memory) sharp as a tack.
How is this possible?
As a former NASA scientist and a practicing doctor, I’ve spent the past 51 years trying to understand why memory loss and forgetfulness only happens to some people.
What I’ve discovered is shocking…
Because it’s possible that age and genetics play less of a role in forgetfulness than I once believed…
In fact, research indicates that certain types of food appear to affect memory, and could be the real culprit behind memory problems…
These “toxic brain foods” are common and found in most folks pantries (like coffee and popcorn).
Consuming these invidious toxins may lead to a build up of issues, and a heavy sense of forgetfulness.
Like trying to remember something, but it just won’t come to mind.
My name is Dr. Sam Walters, and I’ve just put together a short documentary on the 5 foods to avoid that may trigger toxic memory loss.
These 5 common foods should be avoided at all costs, especially for folks over 50.
Tap below to watch this important health update now:
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The Pleiadians - We'll Welcome You With A Party

Dear brothers and sisters of Earth! I AM KALIGHAL!

I'm bringing you one more report, and I can tell you, I haven't had such a wonderful report for a long time. All of the dark underground bases have already been completely taken over. There is no longer any kind of risk for you. The destruction of these bases, yes, has to be done very carefully, with a lot of planning. For they created a net of mass destruction, where if just one dot were detonated, a back-and-forth reaction would take place. So everything has to be done very carefully and very precisely, but there is no longer any danger in them detonating everything they created. This is over.

The moment is now on the surface. The time now is one of arrests and bringing out the truth for all of you. But this mission is not ours, this mission belongs to those who lead this process. Let's say that we will be eagerly awaiting the revelation of our existence, the revelation of why we have been here on your planet for some time now. This yes, it will be a reason of great joy for us. We can effectively display our ships, it will be a moment, as Sananda would say, of pure ego, but we don't have that feeling. The moment of our exhibition would be just to confirm for those who already believe in us, the truth, our existence. Show you our beautiful ships, show you what you can build in the near future; and being able to walk through the Universe, exactly as we do, with great joy and with great ownership in what we do.

more @link

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