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Beloved ones, little is the world of men; small indeed is the Earth—yet precious in Our sight, for the Earth surely is a will­ing servant of the Lord.  For long has she been in bondage, and long has she suffered.  Long has she served in the capacity of the Footstool of the Father; for long has she served in the ca­pacity of asy­lum and laboratory, and she is now in quarantine, yet she shall be delivered out.  She shall be cleansed and brought out of bondage, and once again she shall send forth Her radiance into the forests of the universe; she shall be a shin­ing orb.  She shall bring forth a new generation, and it shall serve The Father and therein she shall know great joy and there will be great rejoicing within the heavenly realms.  I tell you surely, the Earth has tra­vailed long in Her sorrow and pain.  Now she shall be delivered up.

She shall be delivered up.  Be aware of her travail and be pre­pared to share her joy.  Be ones which have suf­fered and pained with her and ones which shall also be delivered, for it is now come when the Light shall con­sume the darkness, and the Light shall go forth and all creatures shall be made new.  They shall be as they were cre­ated to be, for they shall no longer be as the ones bound in dark­ness.  This is mine word upon which I place mine seal this day.

Ye shall rise as on wings of dawn and you shall have the Rod of Power, and it shall serve you true and well.  Be as ones in alert­ness and let peace be within you.  MINE PEACE I GIVE UNTO YOU THAT YOU NOT PULL FROM ME IN FEAR AND TRIBULATION.  I AM THY ROCK.  SO BE IT AND SE­LAH.



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HATONN: Greetings, chela. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn of the Lighted Realms, and I come to you in Love and Joy on this beautiful sunny day where you are living. You, Anne, have been asked to communicate a short message from the Lighted Realms, and since we have communicated together since 1994, I am here to be the first to speak. Shall we begin?

ANNE: Yes, and thank you Hatonn for being here today. All souled ones are most anxious to hear what you have to tell us.

HATONN: For those who need further information about me, I repeat what I have written in the Phoenix Journal # 3, Space-Gate: The Veil Removed. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet-Ashtar Command; Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Federation Council on Earth Transition.

You ones on Planet Earth Shan are at the very crossroad of wonderful and fantastic changes, that all the Realms of Heaven have awaited for so long. There are millions of starships surrounding your planet at this time, some here to help you ones, and some here to observe the glorious Graduation of Mother Earth to a higher dimension. I want to confirm here and now that the Phoenix Journals are Truth presented to you one last time. Oh, there are those of you who say that some of the Phoenix Journals are not Truth. They are Truth. Let me clarify.

Back in the early 1990’s when the first Phoenix Journals were published, you ones on Earth Shan were in a dire situation. Many people were still “asleep” and not aware of the dangerous situation and take-over by the One World Order. Yes, nuclear war was imminent, and “Lift-Off” of you ones was a prime objective. I know there are rumblings of such to happen with a World War III today, and it has frightened many of you.  Creation has decreed Earth shall NOT be destroyed by nuclear such as Mars. Yes, things have changed and nuclear war will no longer be allowed.

 When the Phoenix Journals were put forth, Truth was spread to the people, however, it was when the Phoenix Journals were put on world-wide web by Fourwinds that the Truth was, indeed, spread worldwide. Remember, all who have returned to Earth this last life-stream are Masters, who have come back to help bring Mother Earth into her rightful birthing to a higher dimension. Some have awakened to this, but others are still unaware and asleep, however, there are enough awakened souls who have petitioned for peace on Earth, for the restoration of Earth in her graduation to a higher dimension.  This effort has been be-set with many attacks from the Darkside, and at times the Lightworkers have been in despair and have been impatient for things to happen, but the battle for the Darkside take-over is over. The Forces of Light have won! Creator God always wins!

I am here to tell you that all the effort of the Lightworkers has not been in vain. The return of Sananda (Jesus) is forthcoming quickly, together his Lightworkers.  He said he shall come like the thief in the night—without warning. I am delighted that Creator God’s Plan 2000 has never faltered nor stopped, but only seems that way to 3D thinking.

Patrick Bellringer has said, “God always seems to be a little bit late”, and yes, it seems that way, but remember that all is progressing rapidly, in “time”, and forthcoming immediately. Plans have changed at times because of freewill, but now that we are under Galactic Law, you know that all is in place and ready to burst forth in glory.

I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn of the Lighted Realms, am one with Creator Source and One with Thee Ones,  The Great Council of Light has heard the prayers and pleas of not only the Lightworkers, but those  great Cohans and family members of Sananda’s Flock.  Also, Mother Earth gave the green Light for the coming home of the Lightworkers, and we have asked Mother Earth to keep that promise!

What can you Lightworkers do to help?  You must keep balanced, centered, focused and calm, and ask that your frequencies be raised to 169443 to be beamed safely aboard.  Also, you must pray for ALL souls, clones, and send them all MUCH LOVE and LIGHT.  This will benefit them greatly.   ALL are precious to the Lighted Realms!  You shall be coming home at any time.  BE READY!

I have heard your utmost prayer!




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Greetings to all!  It is with great love for all of you that I speak again today.  I still see that the souls still tied to the Darkness have not seen the Light, even at this last moment.  You still have that spark within that has not been fanned to bring it to a great fire.  However, there is still a short time left to awaken to the Light within.   It is a great pity to me that so many souled ones do not realize they are great Masters returned, however, lessons shall continue on and on until you wake up.  Your soul is eternal, and you shall take on another “fleshy envelope" on some other planet of your choice to continue with lessons until you can graduate.

This is not a bad thing, for all of us in the Lighted Realms have had thousands upon thousands of lifestreams.  The only handicap you face if you do not awaken is that you will have a lot of time to learn those lessons you failed now.  Remember what that is?    You start over in the cave without memory and continue lifestream after lifestream for 350,000 years.  Oh, that you would awaken now while there is still a very short window of opportunity. 

I cannot do it for you, for you have your freewill to do as you choose. I do hope that you shall see the Light and step into our beam of safety, for in that freewill move, you do gain great soul growth and the ending result for you shall be made easier.

I wrote a message of the situation upon Earth that is in Journal 7, pp. 187-193.  When I gave that message in in 1989 it was exactly what had happened on Earth.  You cannot imagine how further into the Darkness Earth people have gone, for even the cave people were better that what is presently happening on Earth with Satan’s minions.

All is not lost!  NO!  ALL IS NOT LOST!

The Lightworkers have picked up the broken pieces and have, with our help cleaned up Mother Earth. This means the evil technologies, and Satan and his demons.  What you see now are those well-taught minions of Satan that are pushing his agenda.  They feed on evil energy.   The great thing is that this evil energy source is gone and they are flailing about in anger.  They shall not win for the Light has taken over.

I give you hope rather than despair!  I love all of you with a great love.  I send you my love every minute of the day,  There is still great hope you shall see the Light.

I commend my Lightworkers!  It took 20,000 civilizations to have souls awakened to their great potential.   All heaven rejoices as well as all Star Nations and those ones who have come from eons away to meet you Lightworkers.

I ask at this point that all Lightworkers send MUCH LOVE and LIGHT to all those still slumbering.  They need your prayers!

YES!!! Believe it or not the starships from all are around Mother Earth in mass amount--billions of them!  They all want to meet you Lightworkers!



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Greetings to all souled ones upon Earth. Although I speak to all souls at this time, my first words of encouragement are to my Lightworkers, who are struggling with most difficult lessons at this ending time.

I think back on my lifestream upon Earth as ”Jesus”.  I was in a boat with some of my disciples.  We were fishing and had caught nothing.  The wind came up and the waves became higher and higher, causing great FEAR with the ones with me.  The waves splashed into the boat and they feared of drowning.  They cried out to me.  I calmed the storm and the waves stopped.  My fearful disciples were amazed at this feat, but they thanked me for saving them.

I tell you this because for some of you Lightworkers, the lessons have become so fierce against you, that you FEAR physical harm, or you become so stressed and fearful that you become unbalanced.  That is what the Dark Ones want. 

It was no different for Anne and Patrick at the ending time of his passing, for the troubles surmounted fiercely.  However, with our help the waters were stilled and the Great One passed on, leaving Anne to take the helm of Fourwinds and continue on, knowing that she could speak to the Lighted Realms at anytime for help and guidance.

As I look at my Lightworkers, there are ones, who spouse is not on the same page, nor cares about his or her partner and the Lighted Realms. It is a distressful time, for the attacks on all you Lightworkers increases, as the days pass.  You must know that we are but a heartbeat away and can still the storm within that other spouse to be calm and not create any physical or mental abuse to you, as a Lightworker. 

Ask for the waves of any abuse, whether it be mental, emotional or physical you are suffering, to be stilled, and the waves of doubt and fear to subside.  I shall calm those waves immediately if you but ask.  You have this one day in front of you to become victorious. 

Now, for all you souled one, who have not accepted the Truth, and are living yet in the lie of illusion, time is running out for you to wake up.  None the less, I love all of you dearly and do hope and pray that even at these last hours you may accept that you have lived under the lies and have been swayed to the dark- ones bidding.

No matter how big of a house you have or all those things you have purchased, all shall vanish in an instant, when the great waters rush over the land when Earth tips over. Remember, at your physical death, you {your SOUL) shall stand naked before God and judge yourself about what you have done to live the Laws of God and Creation.

If you pass that test you graduate!  If not, it may be that you shall have to choose which cave you wish to live, for your soul needs to start over with thousands of 3D lifestreams to gain soul growth again.  I cannot awaken you.  You must do that for yourself.  Your soul again, as I emphasize, is ETERNAL!   THAT is the REAL YOU, not your fleshy envelope you have borrowed for soul growth.

To my Lightworkers:  Stay strong.  Ask for the calming of the “storm”.  Believe your prayers are answered.  Cast that FEAR from you, for it is only the tool of the Dark Ones.  Let THEM fear, for their life ahead is most distressful!   These  souled ones captured by the dark ones need your prayers.  Remember, every souled one is on his/her own pathway. 

Yes, all were great Masters that volunteered to reincarnate, and if they choose another pathway that is not of the Light, just remember the soul is eternal, and they have more 3D lifestreams to awaken to the Light.

You Lightworkers have all the Power within to make it through each day given to you.  This day is one of them.  You can win, you can grow in soul growth, and we stand ready to help at a moment’s notice.  We do NOT EVER leave you alone in agony.  I still the waves around you if you but ask. 




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We are the Arcturian Group 4/24/22

Greetings dear readers.

Know that both personally and globally all is proceeding according to plan, the Divine plan for earth's ascension. It is a time for courage but also for hope and joy because that which you came to witness and be a part of (the ascension process) is exactly what you are now doing.

It has become very easy and popular to compare today's world with imagined concepts of how wonderful things used to be. Do not allow yourselves to get trapped in this thinking for you did not choose to incarnate simply to live a happy three dimensional life although that can and will be part of it. As spiritually evolved individuals you volunteered to be a part of the ascension process because you knew that an increased presence of evolved states of consciousness would add Light to the collective consciousness allowing increasingly more individuals to awaken.

Three dimensional energy presently vibrates at a low, slow, and dense frequency. What is seen with physical eyes is not God's perfect Idea earth but as with all material form, is a three dimensional concept of God's perfect creation. Earth's three dimensional form began as a jewel of beauty and life reflecting God's infinite creativity and perfection until ignorant hypnotized minds conditioned with beliefs of duality and separation began to plunder earth's gifts selfishly with no regard for her as a living being. They began destroying earth's perfect three dimensional form and the result over time is the world you see now. However, all Divine Ideas remain intact as facets of God and earth will once again manifest at a higher frequency as mankind awakens.

Earth is a living Divine being, as is every person and life form. Everything that exists expresses the vast infinity of Divine Consciousness for nothing else exists. Matter is simply the mind interpretation of a Divine idea through collective and personal states of consciousness. The underlying reality of everything expressing materially remains forever in Divine Mind as an indestructible Divine Idea.

When you are centered in truth it allows the Light of your consciousness to flow and align with those receptive wherever they may be in the world because of Oneness. Remember, you are not here to fix, heal, and correct the three dimensional world. There are those whose work on earth is to assist on a three dimensional level, but the work of those awake to higher truth, is to BE a light in the presence of darkness. Your awareness of the reality underlying every appearance in the material world helps awaken others and adds truth to collective consciousness.

Old cellular memory and obsolete third dimensional beliefs continue to surface personally and globally in order to be recognized and cleared. Low resonating energy is unable to align with the higher dimensional frequencies pouring to earth and being integrated by individuals at this time. Old energy still active in cellular memory is rising to conscious awareness and being experienced physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by many as part of their clearing process.

Consciousness vibrates at varying rates of Light or density. This is energy. Everyone is aware of it, but most do not really understand what it is they feel. Certain places like some bars, junk stores, old and unkempt neighborhoods, prisons, closed down psychiatric hospitals, and places of past violence and suffering continue to hold energy that vibrates with a heaviness that can still be felt. Places simply manifest the energy of the consciousnesses that formed and may still support them. There are individuals as well as earth herself working to clear and replace areas of dense energy with Light.

The energetic vibrations you experience in certain situations is how intuition works to guide you away from experiences of low and perhaps a dangerous resonance. Trust your intuition always for it is a facet of your reality as Consciousness rather than a human mind with only a limited three dimensional belief system for guidance.

Every individual has a permanent real body, a Light body that the majority cannot see and knows nothing about. Your light body is you as an individualized expression of Source. You have had a Light body since your beginning. You had it before entering the lower dimensional energies of earth, continue to have it while utilizing a material body, and will have it when you no longer need a physical vehicle and
return home.

Your Light body is simply God's perfect expression of ITself individualized as you. The reason there are so many diseases and health issues on earth is simply because at this time most states of consciousness remain conditioned with beliefs of good/bad and separation from God and the real Self. Because the outer manifests the inner, human health issues of infinite variety and form reflect the world's belief in duality (sick/well) and separation.

Because mind is the interpreter of both individual and collective states of consciousness, there really are no victims, but you cannot say that to those who are suffering because most are not yet be able to comprehend spiritual truth and live lives fully under the influence of the three dimensional belief system. Know that there is always more going on behind the scene in every situation other than what appearances would seem.

Every person is on earth to learn and spiritually evolve through the experiences they need, are spiritually prepared for, and have chosen before incarnating. Many appear to be learning absolutely nothing, but that too is part of their learning. When a person "dies" and returns home, with the loving help of their Guides they go over the details of their most recent life and evaluate how well they achieved the goals and choices they had set for themselves.

A returning soul is never blamed for their actions on earth and suicides are not condemned as many believe. Rather every soul is helped to see and learn from their choices and experiences even to the point of planning their next life on earth which may include a re-do of certain experiences. Suicides are required to once again get to the point at which they gave up and then move through it which may not be in their next life but after more evolution has taken place.

Hundreds of years of false doctrine and teachings about heaven and hell, a punishing God, and sin, originally for the purpose of control over others, has caused and continues to cause many to live with a fear of death and the harsh punishing god awaiting them instead of realizing that God knows only ITself as them which is love and oneness.

Being an expression of God, man also creates. Some who have lived very un-evolved and self serving lives while on earth will after passing on unknowingly create similar situations for themselves while others may drop into the heavy energy of self hatred and remorse. Both create for themselves a hell of sorts. Guidance and love are always available just awaiting every soul's receptivity regardless of how they lived on earth. This does not mean they will avoid the lessons and experiences necessary for them to learn and spiritually evolve beyond their present state of consciousness, but know that there is no such place as "hell" for God can only express ITself--love and oneness.

There is NO DEATH, never doubt this. Everyone's home is the higher dimensions and not earth. At some point everyone chooses to go home which is nothing more than a change of location. No one is meant to stay forever in the low resonating energy of the third dimension. At this time earth is a school of learning. As earth's frequency rises, life spans will automatically be longer if desired because beliefs of disease, aging, and deterioration, etc. will no longer exist as reality.

The war activities taking place at this time will cease in a month or two. These activities represent an intense clearing of the "power over" energies that have remained alive and well on earth for eons. Throughout the ages man's ignorance has increased and added energy to "power over" beliefs as a way to feel complete which in reality is nothing more than the false belief of separation.

Every soul seeks to experience its innate Divine completeness but those not yet spiritually evolved enough to understand this, seek completeness in the outer through various forms of power, sex, and money. Throughout the ages, those governed by ego and a sense of separation have sought satisfaction and their sense of completeness through power over those they believe to be less valuable or deserving than themselves. This belief in personal superiority and separation has allowed them to do and take what they want from others without regret because they believe they are entitled to it.

Tremendous pockets of "power over" energy are now manifesting but rather than being met with general acceptance by the majority as in the past, "power over" is being recognized and met with rejection by a world that is evolving beyond beliefs of separation. A new and higher collective consciousness that no longer supports "power over" people, leaders, governments, countries, religions, laws, teachings, etc. is being born. Mankind is awakening.

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual violence of all kinds leaves an energetic imprint until cleared. You will not know exactly what old energy may be surfacing because some are very ancient, but many of you will feel their energy as they clear. Never accept some negative or dense energy you may experience as being personally yours. Do not resist it but rather simply acknowledge and allow the unwanted energy to flow through, recognizing it for what it is and giving it no power.

Your Light is assisting these clearings to take place. Dark energy which is not God ordained and sustained but rather is simply formed from beliefs, cannot exist the in the presence of highly evolved states of consciousness. As increasingly more awaken and begin live truth, that which is false must automatically dissolve.

Cease giving power to all appearances--this is good, but that is bad, the flowers are good, but bugs are bad, the air here is good, but there it is bad, a particular food is good but that one is not. Follow your intuition because even the simplest things can reinforce the energy of duality if believed.

We understand that on earth some things really do act as good or bad and that practical human actions are often necessary. However you who are awake must first bring to conscious awareness whatever truth is underlying the appearance before taking the human steps needed.

Attempting to live and depend on absolute truth before attaining the consciousness of it is not wise nor spiritual and has resulted in disaster for many sincere students of truth. However, the absolute must first be intellectually known and practiced in order for it to eventually become an attained state of consciousness that will then manifest outwardly in, as, and through the individual.

Everything IS--neither good nor bad but just IS.

We are the Arcturian Group 4/24/22

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22nd April 2022. Mike Quinsey

Mike Quinsey

David Wilcock is a respected Author and Speaker who has stood up against the efforts of the Illuminati to block his videos that align with the aims of the Alliance. He is extremely intuitive and for this reason I have no hesitation in quoting from his message “End Times” given in 2020 as hereunder.

“The present period will be the last time our civilisation that will be in the third dimension. The World goes through a holographic transformation caused by a wave of Light. A city will materialise above Earth in the sky that has already been seen by Man many times, it is on a different level of vibration.

There will be a 21 degree pole shift and it is the times' end and there will be a spiritual transformation as predicted in the Bible, see Matthew 13:12.43. It will be the day of enlightenment. You will have a luminous body and experience the Resurrection. It is predicted exactly the same in the Muslim Book”.

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Linda Li
USA has arrived on new earth. New Dawn for USA and the world.
April 15th, 2022
Linda Li
Dear family of love and light, the Divine wants to share good news with you. Today, on Good Friday afternoon, the Divine and the company of heaven have successfully brought souls in the United States to new earth. The process was very smooth and now all souls in America have arrived on new earth.
The Divine and the company of heaven are very pleased with the success. Souls in America have now arrived on new earth and all is well. So the Ascension of the souls in America has been accomplished. The Divine has informed the souls that they have arrived on new earth. The new earth is their new home. From now on, the old systems will no longer be supported. All souls will start the new earth systems and new earth living. Souls will adjust and the adjustment time will be Divinely arranged. Souls will have guidance and souls ascended are very pleased on new earth.
Gaia and the Divine have congratulated souls in America for the successful ascension. The Divine is also very pleased with the result. And the Divine wants to share the good news with light workers. All is well indeed. Divine blessings to you. Linda Li. So it is.
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Greetings to all Lightworkers and souled ones on Earth at this ending time.  It is with great concern that I give you my words of wisdom at this time, for the ending time presents much more difficult soul lessons to be made of which you need to accomplish.

My word to the souled ones the great Masters, who still slumber in darkness of the Lie is to awaken. I cannot do it for you nor force you to realize that you have and are still living under the great LIE that the Satanian Empire has put upon you.    It has to be you and each of you that must awaken to the Truth.  Mother Earth has prayed for you, and has waited far longer than normal to tip on her axis for you to awaken.   

If you do not awaken, you shall continue on in 3D for millennias of years to get back where you are at this point.  I can do no more than pray and ask for you to awaken, but it is your freewill to do so.


At this point I shall address my remarks to those of you, who have awakened to the Truth.  I call you Sananda’s Flock.  I never said that the road of enlightenment was an easy one, but I did say that you are never alone in your struggle to accomplish your lessons with greatness and honor.  This Flock of Truthbringers is minuscule compared to the entire population and as St. Michael said the number of those enlightened [Sananda's Flock]  is like a drop of the ocean waters.

The latest battle the Lightworkers had to deal with was with the Niburian Empire which has worked along side the Satanian Empire to accomplish their evil goals. The Lightworkers have done well in disseminating the evil plans of a tall building on Lake Cour ‘de Alene, which would match other structures worldwide to form an evil grid across this beloved planet .  You had dealt thus far with the evil of your own government which is wonderful, but far above that is the Niburians that have been on Mother Earth since the time of Sumaria.

These ones to whom I mention, are the controllers.  Yes, they are above the Rockefellers, and other top families and have been thus since the first civilization upon Earth Shan.  Their plans with the Moon have been taken care of by the Lightworkers with our help, but it is still not time to ask to come home.

Mother Earth has said that there are more things that need urgent attention, and that a little more time is needed to accomplish these last missions to clear the evil from Mother Earth.   When you are connected to the Lighted Reams and have cleared yourself of all negative things, you will know in your heart what needs to be done quickly.

The dark ones or minions, as I call them are totally evil and love to work under cover or secretly, so no one knows their plans.   They still have a devious plan they think no one knows.  They think the Lightworkers are a group of fools and that they, alone, are the greatest of all humans living upon Mother Earth.

They cannot conceive of your Great God Spirit within, which is the Power of Creation.  It  is beyond their thoughts.  As I told you before you can destroy their plans, but they go to plan B, C and on.  I say to you at this time, you have, with our help, rendered useless their plans on the Moon, and can stop any further evil plans!

Also, this morning, Creator Source has revealed to you that these ones still have horrible plans ahead, and they must be rendered transmuted and uncreated by St. Germain’s Violet Ray of Transmutation. 

Stay focused, centered, balanced and calm.   When you are in that mode of goodness, you must ask for our help to deal with this evil, Then you can render the evil to begone and uncreated by St. Germain’s Violet Ray of Transmutation,even at these last days and hours, before Mother Earth’s transition to a higher dimension that prohibits any evil from attacking her ever again.  That time is coming quickly, but the remaining Empire from Nibiru has to be dealt with by the Lightworkers with our help.

You must understand that we cannot be the first ones to lay out these evil plans.  The discovery of such HAS to come from 3D and THEN ask for our help.  That is the Great Law of Non-Intervention.   Here is the procedure to follow

Clear yourself of all negativity.  Make a list of such or make a personal petition.  Again, I tell you to stay focused, calm, centered, balanced, and have asked to be the best that you can.   Then ask us for our help and what procedure to follow, and we help all we can.

Some of you Lightworkers hear very well what I have to say, and have asked about further missions.  Because you have asked, we shall tell you what needs to be done to complete your mission.  You have been told what to do, so let’s get these last moves by those of the Dark to have their plans vanish.

I leave you with this thought.  You are never alone.  Ask, and it shall be revealed to you.   We walk the Read Road of Truth together.



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SANANDA: We of the Lighted Realms have given these Petitions to the Lightworkers.   However, at this time the Lighted Realms have asked for these to be posted on this website for all souled ones on Earth and in the Cosmos to say daily or several times a day!

May it create a great UNENDING WAVE of GOODNESS, LOVE AND LIGHT to flow back and forth across from Mother Earth to the entire Cosmos, NOT UNLIKE A GREAT A MIGHTY UNENDING WAVE OF THE OCEAN.

You must clear yourself first and then say the beginning prayer given to you by El Morya, the first Ray of the Cohans.  Also, you may use the following “clearing” given to you by the Lighted Realms.

NOTE:  The word “Chalice” means your SOUL and ”WHITE” means Heavenly.

***************************8\ CLEARING PRAYER  

I petition by my Mighty God Spirit within and for a great, great Love of our Creator, all the Lighted Masters and all of Creation.

By my I AM Presence, I ask that all negative feelings of emotions, deeds, actions, words, all addictions, all anxety, aguish, any procrastination and distractions, all physical, mental and emotional illnesses, being unfocused, unbalanced, unhappy, being off centered, all regrets, self-humiliation, all evil and darkness, all ego and alter ego, condemning, all crosses of selfishness and self-indulgence, all black goo that I bear within myself, and within every being and creation on and within Mother Earth Shan that is, also, within every being of Creation in the entire Cosmos, be cleared away immediately and transmuted by the Violet Flame of St Germain from this Lower [3D] Octave to the Higher Octaves to be uncreated!

 I ask for complete protection for every creation in the entire Cosmos from all evil and evil technologies.  I ask for all the Lighted Masters and our Creator to right the chalices within all souls, and fill them with Love, Knowledge, Wisdom, Healing, totality, and centralization.

 I petition for all our harmonic frequencies be continuously raised to 169443.  I ask for Divine humility and purity of thought.  I ask to keep us all centered, focused and calm within this Lower Octave of illusion at this ending time, and to keep our emotions and energy in the Higher Octaves of the Cosmic Consciousness which will help us master our freewill.  Remember, there is only goodness in reality, and evil is of the illusion like this low 3D octive in which we live on this planet.

Please surround and infuse us all with the White Light of God Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael.

 I ask this to be done in Sananda’s name.  AMEN! 


We ask for humility, and to hear the bell tolling, calling us forth.  We ask for the Will of God Aton, and for Love to surround all beings in the cosmos.  We are his humble servants, and we draw from his well-spring (Creator Source) of the Living Flame within our hearts!  We transmute away sin, disease and death, for they are of this illusion.  We transmute away this quasi (seems like) reality, in order to invoke (call on) our Sacred Spirit within to allow us to strip away the darkness from the molecules of light. We shall then have full memory once again, as the illusion falls away and is uncreated.  We ask for the thrust of thought, beyond the plane of consciousness into the entire Cosmos, and protection for all we petition!!



We petition by our mighty God spirit within and with great love, to set ourselves and all living beings in the entire cosmos, whether it be person, plant, animal, mineral or element, free of any mental or physical pain! We refuse the sentence of pain and pronounce all to have served the warden long enough! We remove the binding shackles that have bound all and ask that they be released through the transmutation ray of St Germain to a higher octave to be cast into the ethers and uncreated!!! We ask this in Esu Sananda's name! Amen! Please surround us all with the white light of God Aton and the blue light of Saint Michael!! Please return to all in the cosmos to fill their voided spaces with love, healing and light! Please right the chalices of all beings and fill them with love healing and light of the 7 Great Masters and the white light of God Aton. We ask this in Sananda's name! Amen!



We humbly ask to send all of Creation, our Creator, and the Great Lighted Masters all our Love, so they can return it to fill all chalices with Wisdom and Love.  We ask for St Germain’s Transmutation Ray to transmute all the Wisdom and Knowledge from all of the Great Lighted Masters through this Petition.  We humbly ask all the Lighted Masters help keep this Petition in the lower octaves, so it may heal and bring much Love to all.  We, also, humbly ask for the Violet Transmutation Flame of St Germain to transmute all debris and darkness out of our pathway, as we ascend on the spiral of enlightenment, and to transmute all darkness away for which we petition.

 We humbly ask for Divine humility and innocence like a small child, and to be open and remember again when we played with and loved all beings and creations.  We humbly ask for mastery of our pearls of the Cosmic Consciousness, and for the discipline to withdraw our energy from the dense matter of this octave and to bring it into the higher consciousness.  We petition for us to have the discipline to master freewill here in this octave, so that our Creator’s Divine Plan, and what each of us agreed to do, is revealed to us so we may fulfill it.

 We humbly ask for protection of our electric bodies that have been given to us for our soul growth and lessons, and to work with God Aton to find our cornucopia ever flowing with treasures of Wisdom, Abundance, Light and Divine Love.  We ask to experience the healing salve that comes from wonderful beauty, so that we remain inside the calm and harmonious whole.  We ask to become warriors of the Spirit, so we can move forward in our lives, right now, because we have full understanding of God Aton and ask for healing of our hearts!

We petition by our Mighty God Spirit within, and for a great, great Love for all that there is in the Creation, and of our Creator.  We humbly ask for all of us to have clarity of thought consciousness of our souls, and centralization of our beings.  We ask for our chalices to be righted and filled with healing rays of all the Masters and Love of the White Light of God Aton.  We humbly ask to uncreate all our crosses that we bear of selfishness and self-indulgence, freeing us of this lower octave’s chains.  This shall enable our Petition to ring true with Light, Love and Healing!

We petition for all the Lighted Great Masters Knowledge and Wisdom to be transmuted through the Violet Flame of St Germain to all of creation!  We petition that man once again will hear and understand the eighteen Laws of God and Creation.  We petition that all Alter Egos, sexual perversion, sexual confusion, selfishness and self-indulgence crosses that all people, souled, un-souled, cloned and all races of beings on the entire planet of Mother Earth Shan within and without have and bear, be uncreated immediately.

We, also, ask all addictions of all beings souled, un-souled, cloned,  and all races and animals on Mother Earth Shan, within and without, be uncreated immediately.   We ask that all Satanic cults, O cults, secret societies, witch craft, demon worshiping, religions, organizations, groups, gatherings or self-proclaimed gurus of all races in and on Mother Earth Shan, be rendered useless.  We petition for all of their evil teachings, books, war, hate mongering, lies, mind control, sacrificing, chanting, and complete 3D nonsense be transmuted away by St Germain’s Violet Flame to the higher octaves, be uncreated immediately to help all to awaken.

 We ask to transmute all chemicals and vaccinations that are being used to harm or destroy any races, animals, plants, trees, water or any creation in the atmosphere, on or within Mother Earth Shan, to a higher octave through the Violet Flame of St Germain  to be made into healing Gans water for all!

We ask for healing of all the hearts of all beings in and on Mother Earth Shan, so that all can give Love to then receive Love from the Infinite One.  We empty all chalices [souls] of darkness and fill them with Healing and Love from God Aton, and all the Masters.  We humbly ask all chalices within every Creation in and on Mother Earth Shan to bring back balance and light, so all will know and remember our Creator God Aton!

 We ask for all beings in and on Mother Earth Shan to have their electrical meters be brought back to center and be given that moment of stillness within,  so they remember, who they are.  May they remember the innocence they had as a child.  We ask for all the Lighted Realms to summon all the Mighty Arch Angles to go forth with their Legions of energy to cut free those souls, who are bound of nightmares, demons and discarnates  that pray upon their mind and body.   We petition for all to understand what the Light is, so the shackles of darkness that bind them in this octave fall away.  May all step into the beam when it is time for lift-off.

 We ask that all children be loved and protected, nurtured and cared for by all the legions of Angels of the Angelic Realms until lift-off.  We, also, humbly ask God Aton to help all souls to find their cornucopia.  We peititon for all the doorways, pathways, ribbons, wheels and roads of Light that have been created for the transcending of all trapped souls of all races of people, children, all water life, all animals, birds, bugs and insects from every civilization to present, that have left this lower octave on Earth and the Moon, to be protected by the Angelic Realms and kept open until lift-off.

We empty Mother Earth’s Chalice of darkness and fill it to over- flowing with Love from all the great Masters and God Aton, in order to heal her, all of the elements, and to ease her pain.  This shall help give Mother Earth Shan a wonderful and happy transition.  We thank her for sustaining us and loving us for all the long millennias, for she is a precious gem for placement and atunement.  We unshackle her chains and release her from her bondage, and transmute away man’s great confusion of turmoil and hatred in order to calm, heal and send love to all the elements.  Then he can become One again with his Creator for balance. He shall be able to understand and know he is never alone in this octave, in all octaves, and shall forever more be connected to the Great White [Lighted] Brotherhood.

We send love and healing to the entire Cosmos, and ask for the un- creation of all the selfishness, self-indulgence crosses, addictions, sexual perversions, and all Alter Egos that every being and creation have in the entire Cosmos in the lower octaves.  We, again, ask for the Violet Ray of Transmutation of St Germain to transmute all the darkness away, and to affirm the unreality of sin, disease, and death.  We invoke the Sacred Spirit, the cause and effect, record and memory of illusion that must submit on Earth Shan and all the planets in the lower octaves in the entire cosmos!   We send Love to all of Creation, and fill the chalices in the entire Cosmos in all dimensions with Love and the Light of all the Great Masters!   We send Love and Light of all the Great Masters, and fill the chalices of our Creator and Creation!!

God Aton’s will is our will in his Mighty I Am Presence, for I Am the Way, I Am the Truth and the Life.  We are all one in the end!  We ask this to be done in Esu Sananda’s name Amen! 

Please surround all of Creation in the Cosmos with the White [Heavenly] Light of God Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael!AMEN!!! It is time for Mother Earth to come home! The Golden

Helmets [Arch Angels] surround her with love!!!!



Please send all we petition for, out to the cosmos, with all the energy of thought, Our Creator will allow, so we can ALL come into total fullness of faith, hope, charity and love; the greatest being love!!! Amen!!!

Please send energy through all we petition, continuously in a rhythm of light and love so the rhythm of the darkness is overridden completely and uncreated for all eternity!!! We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!!!

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