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We are the Arcturian Group 3/26/23

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MARCH 26, 2023

Welcome dear readers.

The world seems to have become increasingly polarized with duality seeming to affect every aspect of daily living. Some live in great wealth while others live in fear and poverty struggling simply to survive. Women are treated as non-people in some countries while in others they hold positions of authority and are respected. Manifestations of duality, separation, and two powers seem to be increasing rather than diminishing.

Many of these issues are not new but seem new to many because they have always been ignored, hidden, or simply considered normal. Now for the first time increasingly more of these manifestations are being recognized and questioned. The high resonating energies flowing to earth at this time as well as the presence of many evolved states of consciousness are acting to open minds and hearts allowing people to see the world in ways they were previously ignorant of or simply without thought, accepted.

When an individual reaches a place of spiritual receptivity, their consciousness begins opening to truth. Just the tiniest bit of spiritual insight often indicates spiritual awakening. This is happening for many at this time and can be observed as increasingly more individuals begin recognizing that most of the world's problems are a result of laws, beliefs, concepts, traditions, and religious rules that have been accepted and even embraced by the majority simply because they were promoted by those in positions of authority.

Throughout time "leaders" in every field have forced or bought their way into positions of power. Even today there are those in government, finance, business, organized religion, education, and health who promote agendas disguised as being "for the good of the people" but which are primarily meant to serve themselves and their cronies. The three dimensional world has simply accepted this because the collective belief in separation has programmed the majority to believe that others (those in power, experts, religious leaders etc.) know better than they do what is best for them. As eyes begin to open many are going to discover that the 'emperor has no clothes '.

Portals of high resonating energy are now open and flowing. Even though you may not yet be seeing the changes you have hoped for or expected, most of you are experiencing these energies physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Meditation is getting easier. You may find that you have become more discerning and are now questioning what you are told. Things you previously gave importance to have begun to feel unimportant and irrelevant. You begin to recognize the debris in your personal belief system and discover that many of the things you have always considered as being necessary for happiness (foods, entertainments, relationships, religious beliefs) simply aren't.

On the other hand, the presence of high resonating Light is also serving to expose pockets of obsolete energy needing to be recognized, acknowledged, and released--presently being experienced by many as physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual discords that seem to come from nowhere. Trust and allow the process dear ones, always remembering that your Higher Self is always running the show, not three dimensional concepts and beliefs.

Trust that there is a Divine plan and allow it to unfold without resistance. Resistance is a natural human response to anything unwanted, but resistance is a form of energy that simply feeds and gives power to the appearance being resisted. Non-resistance does not mean ignoring an issue, or saying; "God is all, this isn't real" all the while struggling with some physical or emotional issue.

Spiritual non-resistance is doing what you are guided to do but doing it without giving the situation power or reality through the realization that although everything in the third dimension has an underlying reality, three dimensional creations have no law to maintain or sustain them, are not God ordained, and simply manifest three dimensional beliefs which is why they are always temporary.

It is difficult to trust that there is a Divine Plan when you witness the suffering of so many or when everything that seems to hold your life in order begins to crumble. However, anyone honestly seeking truth must trust the reality of who and what they are. Those who live three dimensional lives in the belief that they are just a physical body subject to all the diseases, accidents, lacks and limitations of the third dimensional belief system, will simply continue to create and suffer from the creations of their consciousness.

It is time to really, truly, and honestly accept that a consciousness of oneness with God automatically constitutes your oneness with all that God is and therefore there is no need to continue constantly seeking good from the outer world. As this becomes your state of consciousness, the abundance, harmony, creativity, completeness, intelligence etc. etc. already fully present in your individualized Divine Consciousness will begin to manifest in seemingly ordinary ways and without effort.

You who read these messages are spiritually prepared to live from a consciousness of trust, in the realization that whatever is taking place in your life at this time is part of an unstoppable evolutionary process that is lovingly guiding you out of a conditioned consciousness of duality, separation, and two powers and into the reality of Divine Consciousness already fully present within you.

You must be willing to surrender concepts and beliefs based in duality, separation, and two powers even if doing this separates you from the beliefs of some close to you. There is no need to broadcast the changes you make within or attempt to "save" others through them. Make these choices silently and secretly, living them to the best of your ability. Your trust in the truth rather than in world concepts about truth will allow you to recognize and release anything still holding you in bondage to the false.

Many ready to move into a deeper state of consciousness say; "I have been unloving and unkind. I have hurt others. I am not worthy, I am not ready. I have been a bad person and must atone for my sins before I am ready." HEAR THIS--Human beings never have been and never can be worthy. You are not a human being but are a Divine Being living in dense energy and having three dimensional experiences. It is impossible for anyone to be unworthy whether they believe it or not. Concepts and beliefs of "unworthiness" represent nothing more than spiritual ignorance taught and promoted by those as of yet unaware of truth.

Do you really believe in one omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent God? If so, then where could a person filled with sin and error possibly come from? What would they be made of? Where would this sin and error come from if God is omnipresent? You are ready to lift the foot that remains planted in the third dimension up and out, placing it fully alongside the other in the world of God's creating. No one can move into alignment with the high resonating energies of a new earth while continuing to grasp tightly to familiar but low resonating energies they have outgrown.

Spiritual trust is not a blind faith in some nebulous giving and withholding God. Rather it is accepting that because you are the manifestation/expression of one omnipresent Divine Consciousness, you embody all that God is, making everything unlike God, illusion.

Do what you are guided to do when three dimensional experiences demand practical three dimensional actions but always remain centered in the knowledge and trust that your Higher Self is guiding you through every experience toward full remembrance of who you already are but have forgotten.

Trust that you are being guided in every moment regardless of how difficult your human world may seem because ONEness is the reality.

Trust and allow.

We are the Arcturian Group 3/26/23

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Archangel Metatron: The Big Game Ends Now

Uma Kumari
Archangel Metatron: The Big Game Ends Now
See the light in the dark!
Nurture your hope, build confidence, and believe that good, beautiful, and true will eventually prevail. The light will triumph and love will reign among men.
Begin to see the light in the darkness, see beyond the veil and fear not the truth that lies beyond the obvious, waiting for you to see.
The great game ends and it ends now! The great shadow players are placed in the light. Whether they want it or not, what IS is revealed and the illusion of the make-believe world can no longer be maintained.
LOVE flows to you in an endless stream – and LIGHT that nourishes you. Your bodies will become finer and more permeable, your spirit will become lighter and more sublime.
Connected to the sky and grounded at the same time, you encounter the phenomena of the discharges that are now showing up everywhere.
A big fire
Never before in human history have there been so many unredeemed energies at play and never before have you had to deal with such encroachment, destructiveness and baseness on the part of those from whom everything is now being taken away.
The cloak of deception will be spread over you to the end, the meaning of lies and truth will be reversed, so that many people will lose their bearings. This is happening now and is happening for a short time. These are the signs of the approaching end and the change that is taking place, in which everything inhuman finally dissolves in GOD.
A great fire is kindled within those creatures who want to enrich themselves and keep themselves harmless from humanity to the end – an inner burning and burning of those who have kindled the world conflagration. Because karma responds through destiny – positively as well as negatively.
Already the pillars of the old world are falling and the pillars upon which the inhuman New World Order is to be erected cannot support either humanity or the world.
The awakening has begun! Every day the powers of individuals grow as the powers of the old rulers dwindle.
A revolution of the spirit has begun and this revolution is contagious. More and more people are being reached and they look up – and take their destiny into their own hands.
Now it is important that you remain calm, that you let time work for you, that you strengthen your trust in God and reaffirm it again and again.
This is your purpose NOW!
The game is over when it’s over. Even though it may seem that the light was the worst hand and the dark would prevail in the end, that’s the part of the illusion that needs to be seen through by you NOW! To break out of this cage, out of this prison of consciousness, that is your purpose and your task NOW. More and more people are awakening this power and stepping out of appearances into being.
The old no longer returns – no matter what the masquerade, because it is recognized in every disguise – it is no longer sustainable and is rejected by people.
The signs of time are already multiplying, the divine light is already penetrating all areas of life and living together. To perceive this, to pay more attention to the light in the darkness than to the darkness itself, that is your task NOW.
Keeping perspective in the midst of planetary fear propaganda is the art.
This mastery is now required of you who are following these lines. You have matured to master this lesson, you are blessed and you are accompanied – you go through ups and downs with GOD.
WELL happens to you in LIFE! GOD guards your way, GOD speaks with your tongue and GOD acts through YOU.
Deep in your heart lies the knowledge of things as they are – from there you draw strength and courage, hope and confidence, certainty and trust.
In the grace of God
**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

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