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The Aliens Are Here, Again

As you may recall, I wrote a blog post earlier about the first time the aliens claiming to be the Zetas (of course there is no way for me to know what any of this really is!) came around to take over my life.  Now they've announced to me that they've come to put me through another round of them doing god even knows what kind of psycho things to me.

The first time they did this I didn't know what was going on and was just in full-blown panic mode the whole time.  This time I won't be rolling out the welcome mat for them or going along with any of their games or passing along any messages or anything.  They are mean to me, so I have to maintain this stance.

One thing I thought might be relevant to share however:  When they came the first time, they had me fixing up my house and taking care of various things in the months leading up to the corona pandemic and lockdowns.  Perhaps this time some event might be about to happen, too.  Power grid failure ?  New Madrid (if any of that narrative is real) ?  Chaos ensuing from some kind of reveal about the election and a transition back to a President Trump (hopefully that narrative is real!) ?

Or maybe nothing / more of the same ...

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The Aliens Are Here

I know there are a few people here who used to be involved with Nancy and maybe some others who follow her zetatalk stuff or are just generally interested in aliens, so might find my experiences interesting.  About a year and a half ago aliens injected themselves into my life in a huge way.  I also now realize it was these same ones who have been directly involved in my life from the beginning, but they now engage me directly.

These aliens claim to be the Zetas, though it is of course impossible to say with any certainty or authority exactly who or what something like this actually is, or to say what their agenda ultimately truly is.  So far they aren't very nice to me.  At first I thought maybe they were just kind of frustrated with me for having not done enough awesome things with my life, which I thought was fair enough.  They quickly went out of their way, however, to try to convince me that they weren't being justifiably-upset parent-like figures, but were in fact being deliberately mean to me, and that I shouldn't be okay with it.

This has gone on ever since, with them constantly trying to play weird mind games with me, saying and doing anything they can think of to try to get a rise out of me.  They have repeatedly attempted to goad me into "fighting" them, "busting" their abhorrent behavior by telling people how they treat me, that sort of thing.  For a while the whole thing felt like some weird sort of test, perhaps seeing if I would let anger and vindictiveness get the better of me and put personal bullshit ahead of the greater good or the greater "message" (of zetatalk for instance).  It's been going on for long enough that at this point I rather expect them to just keep trolling me indefinitely, without any kind of resolution or evolution of this experience.

Eventually I asked Nancy if these are really the Zetas and why they treat me the way they do.  She sent back a private zetatalk stating that I had asked to be mistreated in this life because I mistreated others in a past life.  That explanation perfectly fits (in a twisted backwards sort of way) with the completely backwards nature of this whole experience.  In fact, that's been a pervasive theme throughout all of this: a lot of stuff out of what I refer to as the hypothetical "Abuse 101 handbook" - all the weird mind games and backwards things an abuser says to you to try to justify their behavior and get you to continue to go along with it.

One such thing being to tell the abused that they brought this on themselves, the abuse is justified, and even that they in fact asked for it.  Other examples (that are also recurrent themes in my interactions with these aliens) include "I abuse you for your own good" and "I abuse you because I love you."  Going further down the list of favored tactics in the Abuse 101 handbook we also have gems like occasionally bestowing gifts upon you to keep you feeling conflicted and make you feel guilty about trying to stand up for yourself, along with pleas to just put up with the abuse a little while longer because it will all get better some day soon.  (Hopefully for anyone experiencing abuse of any kind, it goes without saying that "some day" never comes.)

At this point, the intense shock and awe of interacting with aliens on a daily basis has mostly worn off, and I'm simply left to smirk at their attempts to troll me or draw me back into silly mind games.  Beyond possibly being some strange test of character or fortitude, another aspect to that angle seems to be to test if I would blindly take them at their word that they are the Zetas, and then, when prompted to do so, run around trying to slander the Zetas as being psycho and abusive.  My primary instinct with this experience has been to do my best to just ignore it, and resist any urge to engage with it too much or allow it to influence my decision making.  Certainly I don't want to run around claiming to know stuff like a fool when I don't actually know what's really going on.

I also, however, have an incredibly strong affinity with openness, truth telling, honesty, being straightforward and forthcoming, standing up for what's right, standing up to what isn't right, and dealing with darkness by shining a light on it.  I also feel strongly that a person has a sort of scientific / sociological obligation to document an experience as mind-blowing as continued daily interactions with aliens.  Ultimately, I feel like perhaps the best way to approach my experience is to simply describe it as honestly, accurately, and objectively as possible, taking care to point out that it's impossible to really know anything with any certainty, especially when it comes to stuff like this.

For now, I just wanted to make a post confirming through my own experience that aliens are not only real, but they are here in a big way!  Perhaps someone might find that interesting or useful.

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Are we looking here at a potentially huge catastrophic false flag event?

Nuclear detonation

Did recent events off the east coast of the US show signs of a cover-up that would have caused the death of thousands if not millions of innocent US civilians?

Let’s take the clock back a short time ago to the 8th of October 2013 when an undersea earthquake was reported off the east coast of the USA. This quake was reported in all national newspapers and around the world:

Event 1

Magnitudemb 4.5
Date time2013-10-08 01:58:10.0 UTC
Location30.17 N ; 74.25 W
Depth10 km
Distances643 km NE of Nassau, Bahamas / pop: 227,940 / local time: 21:58:10.0 2013-10-07 594 km NE of Freeport, Bahamas / pop: 26,910 / local time: 21:58:10.0 2013-10-07 486 km NE of Cooper’s Town / pop: 8,413 / local time: 21:58:00.0 2013-10-07

 Here is that same quake in more detail in relation to the actual coastline:

Quake 2

It was also interesting to note the lack of data from the USGS when they displayed the following information on their webpage which I found to be rather very convenient!!

Quake 3

Wouldn’t you think that such emergencies that are paramount, in the safety of US citizens, would remain fully operational? However, all was not lost because a German webpage made the information available:

German quake data

The highlighted line is record of the US undersea quake 

However,  the real story reveals that this was no ordinary quake but was man-made and had it not been for a few very heroic senior military officer could have killed US citizens in mass…..take a look below as this incredible story unfolded:

First this report that came from Russia:

Obama Ousts Top Officers After Nuke Explodes In Ocean Instead Of Charleston

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A shocking new Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Barack Obama, while in a rage, ousted four of the United States top ranking military officers after they refused to detonate a nuclear device “in/near” Charleston, South Carolina this past week and, instead, exploded it off the Atlantic Coast.

According to this report, Strategic Missile Forces Command (SMF) notified both President Putin and the General Staff this past Tuesday (8 October) that at 01:58:11 GMT/UTC an atomic device was exploded in the seabed off the US Atlantic Ocean, barely 1,000 km (620 miles) from Charleston, causing a 4.5 magnitude earthquake measurement that SMF experts equate to being a 1-kiloton yield, which is equal to the power of 1,000 tons of TNT.

This report notes that SMF experts are able in differentiate an earthquake from an atomic blast in that in the former the ground starts shaking slowly as plates slide against each other, and then the seismic activity slow picks up as the ground really starts to move. In an atomic explosion scenario, however, the initial blast is extremely powerful, and the subsequent shaking of the ground grows progressively less severe as was the case with the 8 October blast.

The particular atomic device used, this report continues, was a B61-11 Nuclear Bomb Low-Yield Earth-Penetrating Nuclear Weapon, otherwise known as a “mini nuke” which was deployed by the Clinton administration in the post-Cold-War era, but had been rejected for deployment by Presidents Carter, Reagan, and Bush.

The B61-11 can penetrate and detonate below the earth’s surface, creating a massive shock wave capable of destroying underground targets. In tests the bomb penetrates only 20 feet into dry earth, even when dropped from altitudes above 40,000 feet. But even this shallow penetration before detonation allows a much higher proportion of the explosion to transfer into ground shock relative to a surface burst.

Critical to note, this report says, are that many warnings to this atomic blast were given prior it 8 October, including to the highly influential website who on 3 September reported:

“A high level source inside the military has now confirmed to us that Dyess Air Force base is actively moving nuclear warheads to the East Coast of the United States in a secret transfer that has no paper trail.

According to the high level military source, who has a strong record of continually being proven correct in deep military activity, the Dyess Air Force Commander authorized unknown parties to transfer the nuclear warheads to an unknown location that has been reported to be South Carolina, where the warheads will then be picked up and potentially utilized.”

Many other reports of an impending “event” engineered by the Obama regime to cause chaos in the United States we had, likewise, reported on in our reports Pentagon Warns To Expect “Radical” Change In US Government Soon and Obama Retreats To Secret Bunker As “Big Event” Draws Near.

In the aftermath of the Obama regimes failed false flag nuclear attack on Charleston, GRU analysts in this report say, was the Presidents unprecedented ousting of Americans top two military nuclear commanders, US Navy Vice Admiral Tim Giardina and US Air Force Major General Michael Carey, and two of the US Marines top officers, Major General Charles M. Gurganus and Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant.

Admiral Giardina and General Carey, this report says, were ousted by Obama due to their being the officers responsible for leaking the information about this impending nuclear attack on Charleston to Generals Gurganus and Sturdevant, who in turn began leaking this information to various global intelligence sources, including and France’s highly respected

While Admiral Giardina and General Carey were the first to note Obama’s transferring of nuclear weapons to Charleston outside of the normal chain of command, GRU experts say in this report, Generals Gurganus and Sturdevant were tasked with leading US Marine troops from Camp Lejeune in North Carolina to begin the implementation of martial law after this false flag attack had taken place.

Equally important to note, this report continues, is that a further warning of this Obama regime false flag attack on Charleston was given this past August by South Dakota Senator Sheldon R. Songstad who warned of the unprecedented actions being taken in FEMA Region III (which includes Washington D.C.) in preparation for it, and included:

“Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning 4th week of July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st;

$11 million in antibiotics to be delivered to FEMA region III by October 1st ordered by CDC;

FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Region III by October 1st;

FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water to be delivered to region III by October 1st;

FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Austin by October 1st;

2800 MRAPs must be delivered to DHS by October 1st

US Senator Lindsay Graham further warned South Carolinians about the threat of a “terrorist nuclear attack” on the same day that warned that high level military intel revealed to them that nuclear warheads were being shipped to South Carolina from a major Texas air force base under an “off the record” black ops transfer.

While the predictable US propaganda media organs loyal to Obama have reported that these military officers firings were due to incompetence, gambling issues, and (maybe) alcoholism, this GRU report notes that these “pathetic excuses” are to beyond belief to give credence to as these four distinguished officers were “beyond reproach” and held the highest security clearances anyone could hold in the United States.

Even though this report doesn’t speculate on what Obama’s next move will be after his failure to nuke Charleston, it does grimly note that the former Presidential candidate and US Congressman Ron Paul has added his voice this week to those warning the American people of an impending state of martial law and economic collapse being engineered around them.

October 12, 2013 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.


I guess by now many of you are saying this is could never happen in the United States but for those that have a short memory it was not too long ago that a B52 moved what should have been conventional weapons from one military base to another but on this occasion the conventional weapons were accidently switched with nuclear weapons and had it not been for the vigilant ground crews at the destination airfield we could have well seen many nuclear weapons disappear and used in such a manner all compliments of Dick Cheney!!

One cannot make such a mistake with nuclear weapons as they are very closely guarded and documented so it became clear that the cabal had something else in mind that could have bordered along the same lines as the story above ie multiple false flags!!


It became clear that the US Government had to move swiftly if the above was correct and so this misinformation press release by the Herald Sun that was repeated by many of the Zionist controlled world media revealed a totally different story:

US nuclear forces admiral Tim Giardina sacked over allegations he used counterfeit chips in a casino.


An admiral ranked as second-in-command of the United States’ nuclear forces has been stood down after he was caught with fake gambling chips at a casino.

The US Navy says a three-star admiral was notified yesterday that he has been relieved of duty and is is under investigation.


Then this report on another of the four – Michael Carey, US General in charge of nuclear missiles, sacked amid misbehavior allegations

Updated Sun 13 Oct 2013, 12:11am AEDT


Photo: US Air Force Major General Michael Carey has been under investigation for months. (Reuters: US Air Force)

The Pentagon has sacked a high-ranking US general in charge of hundreds of the country’s nuclear weapons, citing a “loss of trust and confidence” in his leadership and judgement.

Major General Michael Carey was serving as the commander of the 20th Air Force, and has been under investigation for several months over allegations of personal misbehaviour.


And the other two senior officers:

Two Marine generals fired in wake of brazen Taliban attack on Camp Bastion

US Marine Senior Officers

WASHINGTON — Citing a failure to adequately protect their troops from Taliban attackers who penetrated Camp Bastion in Afghanistan last year, Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. James Amos on Monday took the highly unusual step of firing a pair of two-star generals.

The forced retirement of Maj. Gen. Charles M. Gurganus and Maj. Gen. Gregg A. Sturdevant comes more than a year after the attack that killed two Marines, Sgt. Bradley Atwell and Lt. Col. Christopher Raible. The attackers also wounded eight and destroyed six Harrier jets during the assault on Sept. 14-15, 2012.

You will note this event occurred in 2012 and only now have these two senior officers been dismissed……..wonder why and what is the truth behind their dismissal?


I am sure by now you are all deeply suspicious about what Obama and your government had in mind for you all and obviously I can only feed you the information that is currently available.

I am sure the truth will eventually come out but for the time being we can only ponder.

Peter Eyre – 20/10/2013

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster

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SaLuSa 28-May-2012

For some souls who have only just awakened, their reality has been shattered and for a while they will cling to what they believed to be the truth. It is important that they realize that the coming changes are not to be feared. Also that it is not too late to alter their pattern of thinking to allow their consciousness levels to be lifted, and place themselves on the path to Ascension. It is not necessarily a matter of how much you know, as your understanding that progress will be made by living from the heart and not through the ego. Be humble and see yourself in every other soul, and treat them as you would yourself be treated. One of the main frailties that humans have is being judgmental and if you can work towards being non-judgmental, you will have traveled a long way towards lifting yourself up.

God has provided for every soul but left the choice up to you, as to whether you wish to ascend or continue your third dimensional experiences. It may not seem so, but you have all had the same opportunities to change the course of your life. It comes down to wanting to change, and taking the responsibility for your own spiritual evolution. Once you make that decision you will never travel alone, but that help is lost unless you put the effort in to setting yourself a goal. Time is short and very soon there will be great revelations about the true purpose of life, and most importantly, establishing the truth about The One God of your Universe. God is not the sole property of any religion, but God to every single soul and each one is a godspark in its own rights. The whole purpose of your many lives is to experience and take it back to the Godhead. Since you have been granted freewill to do so, God does not chastise or punish you, and allows the Laws of the Universe to apply the necessary teachings that will help you over any mistakes you have made.

Dear Ones, your wait is nearly over as the final arrangements are made to go ahead with the arrests of the Illuminati. It is something of a military operation, but their presence will only be to help our allies if they are violently opposed. As far as we are concerned, the activities are planned to be non-violent and legally supported and enforced by Law Marshals. That much many of you are aware of through keeping up to date with the news coming out from many reliable sources. However, as always discretion is called for as the truth will often be countered by disinformation, or denial by those who have different beliefs. Once we can speak openly to you, you will soon accept our messages as you will intuitively know that they are true. Since we have been in contact since the mid 1900's it is not as though we have suddenly come into your lives. Through us and various spiritual societies we have as it were, been breaking the ice that has concealed the truth.

It is our wish that extra effort is put in by those who are in the forefront of the spiritual vanguard, to do all possible to get the news out of the pending changes. People will hear of some aspects without being sufficiently informed to avoid becoming fearful. Naturally they will have many questions, and this is where you can come in and be of great help. Physical changes are necessary but will not be as catastrophic as the original prophecies suggested. They were given in accordance with the probabilities that existed at that time. We are pleased to inform you that consciousness levels have lifted up so much in recent times that physical changes will be much less volatile. As we have often advised you and will repeat that if you are concerned about where you are, sit quietly for a while and intuitively check it out with you Higher Self.

Until the governmental changes you will be unable to trust official reports, as they are still influenced by those who want you to remain in the dark. A perfect illustration of this is the US Government's recent denial* of us and our craft, notwithstanding the fact that we have met with them on many occasions. However, it makes little difference in the long run as when the timing is appropriate, we shall ensure that the official announcement acknowledging our presence goes ahead. That will signal the beginning of a close association between us and you that will carry on through Ascension and into the next cycle of your evolution. With our allies' help we are laying down the foundations for your elevation into the higher dimensions. You already have one foot in them and as you raise your vibrations, will readily take to the changes. In effect, you will have nothing taken away from you that is not replaced by something better. Bear in mind that the ultimate goal is to turn you into Galactic Beings.  *Does this refer to Will Smith's son, Jaden, recently asking Pres. Obama about the aliens?

In some ways it is as well you do not have instant recall of previous lives, as it would probably pre-occupy you when you should be concentrating on your future. Furthermore, you would not necessarily recognize yourself as the same person you are now, as you will have evolved and become more of the Light. Just imagine how much experience you have gained, and how it has molded you into the person you are today. Do not worry if you still have baggage to release, and use your self control to overcome it. If you aspire to lift yourself up you will never be without help, even if you are unaware of it. Angels and Guides accompany you through the physical world, and are doing all they can to make sure you fulfill your life plan. You can help yourself by acknowledging their presence and call upon them if you need their help, as they cannot "interfere" unless you do so. There are exceptions as for instance if you are in danger, they are allowed to help you through such difficulties. That absolutely applies if your life is threatened, and it is not your time to leave the Earth. It is almost certain that many of you have escaped some danger without even realizing how you did so, and probably put it down to luck or sheer coincidence.

I am SaLuSa form Sirius, and can you see now how important you are to us, and how you are being safely guided to completion of this cycle. It may sound odd given that you exist in the lower dimensions, but the Universe depends on you to reach the end time through Ascension. It awaits Man's great fulfillment and ascendancy to the higher dimensions, the place that is your real home. Speaking for the Galactic Federation, I can tell you that we love you all, and see you as your Higher Selves without a blemish, standing in the pure Light of Love.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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Nuclear Physicist Describes Vast UFO Cover-Up

Nuclear Physicist Describes Vast UFO Cover-Up

Updated: 58 days 8 hours ago

Lee Speigel

Lee Speigel

(June 7) -- "Some UFOs are intelligently controlled extraterrestrial
spacecraft, and this is the biggest story of the millennium."

These words are not the rantings of a deranged individual looking for attention or a comfortable straitjacket. Stanton Friedman is a maverick of sorts.

Employed for 14 years as a nuclear physicist for companies like General
Electric, General Motors, Westinghouse and Aerojet General Nucleonics,
he worked on highly classified programs involving nuclear aircraft,
fission and fusion rockets.

In 1958, UFOs caught his attention, and Friedman has since lectured about this
subject at more than 700 colleges and professional groups in all 50
states and around the world.
Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman's UFO quest
Courtesy of Stanton Friedman
Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman has devoted more than 50 years to pursuing
the scientific truth of UFOs, and was the original civilian
investigator of the legendary 1947 Roswell, N.M., incident.

"After 53 years of investigation, I'm convinced we're dealing here with a
cosmic Watergate," he told AOL News. "That means a few people within
major governments have known since at least 1947 that some UFOs are
alien spacecraft."

In Friedman's new book, "Science Was Wrong," co-authored with Kathleen Marden, he wrote, "There's been no shortage
of strong, negative proclamations from debunking groups and individuals
who refuse to examine the evidence ... to support the notion that some
UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin."

Friedman cites many cases of UFO encounters experienced by competent, reliable eyewitnesses,
including one involving Japan Airlines.
Saturn-shaped UFO
Courtesy of Stanton Friedman
One of the most credible sightings of a UFO in history is from a series of
images taken aboard the Brazilian ship Almirante Saldanha on Jan. 16,
1958. The Saturn-shaped object was witnessed by the ship's crew and
several scientists. The UFO approached the island, making a steep turn
before flying away quickly. Juscelino Kubitschek, then president of
Brazil, confirmed the authenticity of the photos.

"A 747 over Alaska encountered something that was twice the size of an
aircraft carrier, that flew circles around the jet. They reported it to
the ground, where both the UFO and the 747 were picked up on radar.

"The explanation from debunkers was that it was Jupiter! Boy, airplane radar
can pick up Jupiter? It was totally ludicrous. You're fighting the
forces of 'evil,' one might say -- arrogance and ignorance."

While some scientists through the years have quietly suggested Earth has been
visited by ETs, Friedman is the most outspoken. He's especially irked
by the attitude of scientists who use radio and optical telescopes in
the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, such as the SETI Institute in California.

"Their livelihood depends on the assumption that there's nobody coming here,
and if we just wait long enough, we're going to pick up the signal and
it'll be the greatest discovery in man's history, and it will help
solve all our problems.

"What really bothers me is that the SETI people will tell you there is no evidence for UFOs. Well, they
certainly don't reference any, so there must not be, right? Wrong!"

If so, why would reputable scientists refuse to consider that Earth may be a vacation spot for otherworldly travelers?

"Because they'd have to admit that they'd ignored such a big story for so long
and that they were wrong," Friedman said. "Being wrong is something
that scientists don't like to admit at all."

Over the past 50 years, numerous surveys and public opinion polls have indicated that
people are very interested in and, even, concerned about UFOs.
UFO photographed at close range
Courtesy of Stanton Friedman
One of the best UFO pictures ever taken, this object was photographed by
Paul Trent over his McMinnville, Ore., farm in May 1950. A subsequent
Air Force investigation determined that "an extraordinary flying
object, silvery, metallic, disk-shaped, tens of meters in diameter and
evidently artificial, flew within sight of two eyewitnesses."

A 2002 Roper poll, commissioned by the Sci-Fi Channel, noted that 72
percent of Americans believed the U.S. government isn't telling all it
knows about UFOs, and 68 percent thought the government knows more
about extraterrestrial life than it cares to disclose.

But why would the government -- any government -- cover up UFO information? To Friedman, the answer is more down to earth.

"I don't know of any government on this planet that wants its citizens to
owe their primary allegiance to the planet. Nationalism is the only
game in town."

Also, Friedman says, there's the military point of view. "From a national security angle, everybody would like to grab
a flying saucer and figure out how it works and use it to deliver
weapons on the other guy, and there's always another guy."

How exactly would one go about obtaining a flying saucer? One way is to
just wait until an otherworldly vehicle develops some mechanical
problem and simply crashes to the ground.

Roswell, N.M., comes to mind.

In July 1947, something crashed outside the small town that, according to
the initial official report, was a flying saucer. Authorities quickly
changed that story, claiming it was merely a weather balloon that had
fallen from the sky.

Thirty years after the Roswell event, Friedman met military personnel who were involved with the events of
1947 and he says they eventually stepped forward to advance the account
of a crashed spacecraft and dead alien bodies.

Because of Friedman's dogged determination, the Roswell UFO legend was born.

"I followed up enough to find a number of key people, and with no Internet available, it took a lot of work," he said.

But Friedman is keenly aware of the abundant skepticism that swirls around the Roswell UFO controversy.

"Naturally, the resistance to acceptance of this case is going to be stronger than
any other case," he said. "Because if it's true, it's everything --
bodies, wreckage, cover-up, threats -- what more do you need?"

Friedman says he's only had 11 hecklers in more than 700 lectures on UFOs.

"I'm still optimistic that, within my lifespan -- and I'm 75 -- we'll get at
least a part of the story, that we're not alone in the universe."

With the discovery in recent years of hundreds of planets circling other
suns, scientists continue to speculate that life is plentiful in the

Plus, in 2008, the pope's chief astronomer, the Rev. Gabriel Funes, proclaimed that intelligent beings created by God might
actually exist in outer space, and that it wouldn't contradict a belief
in God.

All of that gives Friedman hope.

"Now is probably the time to say, yes, we're part of a galactic neighborhood;
unfortunately, we're not the big shots in the neighborhood."
Filed under: Weird News

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Interesting snippet from Russia.....

Mystery code in the solar wind

Published 02 July, 2010, 08:08

Edited 05 July, 2010, 14:56

When astronomers discovered a pulsar for the first time, they thought the regular signal coming from the star was a call from aliens. A similar
story happened in Russia, although it is far less-known to the public.

It started in 1938, when famous polar explorer Ivan Papanin and his team returned from the world’s first-ever drifting ice station expedition.
Among the numerous meteorological, oceanographical, hydrobiological and
other materials, the brave explorers brought with them films with photos
of a rare kind of aurora borealis.

The films had been shelved for several years and narrowly escaped a fire, when an incendiary bomb hit the Institute of Oceanography during a Nazi German bombing raid on

In 1949, the photos were shown by a fellow scientist to Igor Tamm, a famous physicist and future Nobel Prize winner. Tamm, who was researching high energy particles at the time, was greatly agitated,
after noticing that patterns in the luminosity of the aurora were
similar to those he had seen in his lab.

Tamm consulted Ernst Krenkel, Papanin’s radioman, and came up with the theory that aurora borealis could be used as a communication medium if a
powerful electromagnetic radiation is applied to the solar wind, which
causes the northern lights. He called the phenomenon “chromatically
modulated transmission” and submitted a secret memorandum directly to
Joseph Stalin, requesting finances and access to top secret equipment to
put the theory to the test.

The letter was reviewed by the Kremlin’s inner circle and the result was unlike anything Tamm expected. He was accused of being an American spy, and it took seven months and a
lot of political maneuvering from his influential colleagues to get his
name cleared. Tamm’s idea was buried for two decades.

It was in 1986, when the research of the strange aurora was actually carried out on the direct order of Mikhail Gorbachev. It is not clear how he ever
got the information on Tamm’s theory in the first place, but some
researchers suggest a link through physicist and human rights activist
Andrey Sakharov, who used to work with Tamm on a project of
thermonuclear power plant.

A small and top-secret research institution was opened in the northern port city of Murmansk, which closely monitored auroras. In August 1991, a breakthrough happened –
cryptologists working on three records of suspected communication
signals finally came up with proof that the northern lights really
contained information embedded it their colors.

A report was sent to Gorbachev, but on the next day, several officials and generals launched a coup d’etat. On that same day, a stolen fighter jet of the
Finnish Air Force crossed the border and crashed into the research
facility in Murmansk, killing 16 people and destroying most of their

Three days later, chief of the aliens, who secretly rule the world, ordered the replacement of the transmitter on the dark side of the moon, which caused interference with aurora borealis.

Click to enlarge
Of course, the whole story has nothing to do with reality.
Skeptically-minded readers probably have felt it from the very
beginning, while those with a taste for mystery may have made it almost
to the end without feeling that it is bogus. The point is that, to a
certain point, people will not doubt what they are told, as long as it
is in tune with their gut feeling of how the world works.

It is not that bad actually. Our imagination, curiosity and desire for a miracle distinguish us from machines and animals. Somehow we need to believe in
UFOs, or in the “love conquers all” motto, or in special value of Apple
products. It probably helps us believe in other stupid illusions like
fairness, family values and the importance of human life.

And happy World UFO Day to those celebrating it!

Alexandre Antonov, RT

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LOL! The visitors are here...we see them on NASA images...the awakening is in progress.


STEPHEN HAWKING is worried about aliens. The famous physicist recently suggested that we should be wary of contact with extraterrestrials, citing what happened to Native Americans when Europeans landed on their shores. Since any species that could visit us would be far beyond our own technological level, meeting them could be bad news.

Hawking was extrapolating the possible consequences of my day job: a small but durable exercise known as SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Although we have yet to detect an alien ping, improvements in technology have encouraged us to think that, if transmitting extraterrestrials are but there, we might soon find them. That would be revolutionary. But some people, Hawking included, sense a catastrophe.

Consider what happens if we succeed. Should we respond? Any broadcast could blow Earth's cover, inviting the possibility of attack by a society advanced enough to pick up our signals.

On the face of it, that sounds like a scenario straight out of cheap science fiction. But even if the odds of calamity are small, why gamble?

For three years, this issue has been exercising a group of SETI scientists in the International Academy of Astronautics. The crux of the dispute was an initiative by a few members to proscribe any broadcasts to aliens, whether or not we receive a signal first.

In truth, banning broadcasts would be impractical - and manifestly too late. We have been inadvertently betraying our presence for 60 years with our television, radio and radar transmissions. The earliest episodes of I Love Lucy have washed over 6000 or so star systems, and are reaching new audiences at the rate of one solar system a day. If there are sentient beings out there, the signals will reach them.

Detecting this leakage radiation won't be that difficult. Its intensity decreases with the square of the distance, but even if the nearest aliens were 1000 light years away, they would still be able to detect it as long as their antenna technology was a century or two ahead of ours.

This makes it specious to suggest that we should ban deliberate messages on the grounds that they would be more powerful than our leaked signals. Only a society close to our level of development would be able to pick up an intentional broadcast while failing to notice TV and radar. And a society at our level is no threat.

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