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Bobbling NASA Cameras

Over the past year, we have seen what we thought was the Planet X object both above and below the ecliptic on NASA's images. When asked how it could be above the ecliptic (since it hasn't pierced the ecliptic and supposedly won't pierce the ecliptic until the last weeks), the ZT answer was that the cameras and PX were "bobbling."

From ZetaTalk Newsletter No. 164

ZetaTalk Comment 12/12/2009: But in 2009 these accidents kept coming, with increasing frequency, starting on March 27, 2009 with the dramatic appearance of the Winged Globe. Then the Stereo Ahead showed Planet X as the Red Cross of yor on December 4-5, 2009. ... another example of how their airbrush programs are failing to keep pace with the bobbling about that the satellites, the Earth, and Planet X are doing these days.
An airbrush program requires that Planet X show up in a predictable spot, and not move around as it is. To program for any bright spot, at any location, interferes with the appearance of planets such as Venus and Mercury or the passage of comets. These too are not always appearing in predictable spots, due to the bobbling about of the satellites in the turmoil of the eddy flow cup that Earth and its satellites find themselves in at present.

So, if that is true, then why does the Planet X object move all over the place in these images but the planet doesn't? And the occulter stays dead center too.

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What is it?

On enlargement, you can see shadowy orbs surrounding the main picture. These look similar to what we think is the trail of moons behind PX, however these objects are in Earth's atmosphere.

It also looks like a "V" shaped string of pearls, but if it is and it is in Earth's atmosphere, wouldn't they be crashing and burning?
From the email I received:
VIRGINIA BEACH -- I took these shots on September 5, 2010, and I know they may look like birds, but they were not, and while i was taking these there was a lot of spraying going on as to cover them. What do you think? Thanks to Dean.

Duane: took it to 400 and tho blurry sure looked like round objects an not birdies,interesting he says there was alot of spraying going on, you can see the white line in the corner..

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