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The Year Without A Winter In Midwest, East?


Low Snow Could Foreshadow Spring Drought -- The Biggest Impact On Food Prices

Unusual Jet Stream Patterns Blocking Snow

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"The tragedy is that our Government is not giving us the full information of risks to low level radiation, which may be equal to or even to levels less than to those commonly referred to as "normal background radiation levels." This false sense of security given to us by government spokespersons (usually with an entire alphabet following their name) is the hallmark of unscientific constructs. For example, nowhere in the mass media or from our government officials is there open and honest discussions with the American public regarding the phenomenon of the Petkau Effect, which applies strictly to low levels of radiation. 87

For scientists, the Petkau Effect may be illustrated as follows:18, 22,
A long term exposure of extremely low radiation (i.e., one-ten millionth of a rad) was found to be 100 BILLION times MORE lethal than a short term exposure to exceedingly high level radiation (i.e., 10,000 rads per minute). As it turns out, Petkau discovered that at exceedingly high radiation levels, the abundant free radicals generated in tissues tended to cancel each other out before they could do cellular damage. But at extremely low levels of radiation, these same free radicals - produced in minuscule quantities - remain unchecked. And any steady stream of unchecked free-radicals will efficiently and lethally cleave lipid cellular membranes like a hot knife slicing through butter once they overwhelm and exhaust cellular antioxidant defenses. This dramatically illustrates the non-linear aspects of dose (rads) to lethality. Most scientists specializing in the field of nuclear medicine are unaware of this fact. And most think strictly in terms of genetic damage, while the above presents its lethal affects upon cell membranes and only secondarily to the genetic core."

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