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Global drought a 'new normal': report


by Staff Writers
New York (UPI) 

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Increasing drought conditions across the planet are part of a "new normal" which oddly presents new business opportunities, a new Bank of America Merrill Lynch report says.

The report comes just after insurer Munich Re's findings that North America has borne the brunt of weather-related natural catastrophes, with 30,000 deaths and insured losses of $510 billion in the 1980-2011 period.

The ongoing drought is the worst in the United States since at least 1956, with 63 percent of the lower 48 states suffering drought conditions in August, says the BofA Merrill Lynch report, "Global Drought -- Opportunities and Risks."

While conditions are far from those in the Dust Bowl years of the 1930s, drought conditions are the new normal, the report said.

Previous reports in a series focused on obesity, energy efficiency and safety and security.

"Food, water and energy security are increasingly bigger issues, and as governments, businesses and other players struggle to adapt to and mitigate drought conditions, there will be an evolving set of opportunities and risks for investors," the bankers said in their findings.

For investors interested in the fight against drought and in promoting food, water and energy security, the financial group has introduced a screen that identifies liquid stocks exposed to global drought-related themes under the Bloomberg ticker MLEIARID.

The stocks included in the screen are those that it considers to be long-term solution providers in such areas as water, fertilizers, crop science, energy efficiency, second-generation biofuels and renewables.

"The severity of the global drought underscores the long-term challenges for national and global economies," said Sarbjit Nahal, a co-author of the report.

"Food, water and energy security are increasingly bigger issues, and as governments, businesses and other players struggle to adapt to and mitigate drought conditions, there will be an evolving set of opportunities and risks for investors."

The Munich Re report also cited conditions in which North American stakeholders could benefit by learning about the weather risks.

The study was prepared in order to support underwriters and Munich Re clients in North America, the world's largest insurance and reinsurance market.

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This Is What We Are Facing   Wake up sheeple
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Video: This Is What We Are Facing

Your body is currently under direct assault. This is what we are facing, and it is up to you to make the difference. Please below for key sourcing: Full article with a number of links here:…
Added on 8/20/12
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Greetings from Galactic Heart...

Sheldan's Sunday webinar was well received indeed. If you missed Sunday's webinar, Spreading Love, you can join us on Thursday, April 26 at 6pm Pacific Time.

Here's what a couple of attendees reported:

Aloha Sheldan, Colleen, and team,

Apparently, the GF gave you some specifics to share at this time. What phenomenal information! You are such an outstanding ambassador for the GF. That is what Lynn called you this morning. You and your team and the info you bring to us are such a blessing! Our journey in this world is so enriched by what you do! Mahalo nui loa, ZaZuMa, Thank you sooooo much!!! We love you!

Aloha nui loa,

Lorie & Lynn,
Hawaii, USA

Your webinars just keep getting better and better. I look forward to them every month....they are my life-line to sanity. Thank you and Colleen too.
Ray R.


Food that Goes Straight to Your Brain

During Sheldan's webinar, he talked a lot about our brains....where fear is stored, how our brain's are transforming and more.

Today I received this article entitled, Food that Goes Straight to Your Brain. I thought it would be appropriate to share with you today.

Some foods (hello, potato chips!) seem to go straight to our bellies and butts, which is a bummer. But the good news is that others go straight to our brains and give us a cognitive boost.

A study published this past January in Neurology shows that people who eat certain foods are more likely to have larger and smarter brains. And the best part—this brain boost was found in older folks in their 70s, 80s and beyond. Good news for them…and good news for anyone who hopes to get that old one day!
Which are the foods and their associated nutrients that make our brains bigger and smarter as we age?


Instead of relying on study participants to self-report their food intake (which, of course, is not an exact measure), the researchers used a blood test that showed how much of certain foods each of the 104 healthy male and female study participants (average age 87) was eating. Diets can, of course, change over time, but the blood test gave researchers a ballpark idea of what each subject generally ate. They did not preselect the study participants based on their diets.

Then the researchers gave 42 of the participants brain scans and 12 cognitive tests to all of them to see whether certain diets were associated with improved mental performance. One test checked memory by asking people to recall a paragraph after a delay, and others measured executive function (decision-making, planning, flexibility) by having people connect numbers and letters in a certain sequence as quickly as possible. Researchers also collected brain scans to see whether the diet differences were associated with physical differences in the brain.

Here’s what the research revealed…

What helped the brain: A high concentration in the blood of vitamins B, C, D, and E and omega-3 fatty acids was associated with better executive function, attention and visual and spatial skills. And participants with the best memory skills were more likely to have higher levels of HDL “good” cholesterol…as well as higher levels of two antioxidants—lutein and zeaxanthin.

What hurt the brain: On the other hand, participants with the highest levels of trans fat in their blood had more “brain fog” and smaller brains than other participants.

How wonderful that simply changing your diet might buttress your brain power. To find out why these particular nutrients may have helped or hurt, I called study coauthor Gene Bowman, ND, MPH, an epidemiologist in the department of neurology at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.


In terms of what helped, some of the nutrients listed above may protect the outer walls of the brain’s cell membranes, he said, allowing the machinery in the cell to keep working properly. Meanwhile, one of the ways that trans fats harm us is that they take the place of the “good” fats in our cell membranes, and that change may lead to deterioration of the cells’ structure.

Of course, it isn’t news that our bodies need vitamins and antioxidants or that trans fats are bad for us. But when research is able to make such a direct link between what we eat and how well certain parts of our bodies function—well, that is the kind of information that makes it much easier for me to say “no thanks” to processed foods and “hello” to foods like three-pepper sauté, kiwi-berry fruit salsa, poached salmon and macadamia “crème fraiche.” I can now easily imagine the nutrients from these foods speeding to my brain cells and keeping them strong. You, too?

Source: Gene Bowman, ND, MPH, an epidemiologist and assistant professor of neurology at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.
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Daily Health News
Original publication date:
April 23, 2012



During PAO Webinars, Galactic Federation teams heighten the energy fields around our planet.

Galactic medical teams attend to each of us during our immersion in the Webinar's special energy field.

The Ascended Masters bring in Angelic joy.

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Welcome to Webinar 26 with Sheldan

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The power of LOVE will free us to prepare for the
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Sheldan discusses:

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• How our 3D system is built around fear
• The Galactics: benevolent beings of Love
• Waking up to Love: How our Love can overpower fear and move us toward 5D

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SaLuSa 04-April-2012

You wanted action, you wanted results, and you now have them if you follow certain people who have acquired a reputation for successfully discovering the truth. An enormous set up of hundreds of different personnel, are poised ready to apprehend the criminals who have been behind the most cynical and profitable crimes against you in recent times. The size of this project will ensure that it makes the media sit up and take notice, as it will be impossible to ignore it. That will be the start of more open reporting which shall be truthfully stated, and not dressed up purely for shock affects. At last the breakthrough will have been made, as it has long been overdue. It is important to keep calm and not allow the revelations to create a false impression of what is involved. Time will prove that those involved in bringing the culprits to justice, have acted on behalf of the people and that no ulterior motive is at the root of it.

The cleansing covers many different areas of life, and making way for the interim government is an essential number one requirement if the changes are to flow smoothly. Be assured we have a total understanding of the way you think and work, and it means that we can anticipate how things are going to proceed. Our allies are well rehearsed in their different responsibilities, and we do anticipate that these opening events will be successful. The most difficult challenge is the first one we are meeting, and it will be a real eye opener for everyone. Whatever you know now, will be far from the whole truth of what has been going on. There is hardly any part of your society or business that has not been tainted by the dealings of the dark Ones. Sometimes even honest people have been unwittingly caught up in their activities, but they shall not be a target for us.

Dear Ones, the battle royal has begun but since we are in the ascendancy, we have every reason to anticipate a great victory. You too may take your share of the plaudits as without you and your determination to bring the necessary changes in, we would not be where we are today. The number of Lightworkers is at a new high and paving the way towards Ascension. Levels of consciousness continue to rise, and that is also another sign of how well you have taken to the task of preparing for Ascension. In the little time that remains before the end of the year closes in on you, you will find it to be action filled and much given in the way of guidance.

Already the different countries and their governments have been made to understand that aggression must stop, and that we are authorized to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure there is peace. Hitherto, our intervention on your behalf was curtailed for karmic reasons, but now by Divine decree we are able to enforce the plan for your spiritual evolution. You will find that suddenly progress has leapt forward, and that has taken the dark Ones by surprise who never allowed for such a turn around. We are pressing ahead and know that it is now the turn of the Light to take charge, and commence to set up a society that can express its freedom to create a new peaceful way forward. Naturally, not all laws need to be reviewed but many are illegal or have been framed in false circumstances. Events such a 9/11 resulted in many unfair and unjust changes, directed at alleged terrorists that were not the ones responsible. Similar incidents have also taken place, and each time used to tighten the controls over you.

From this time onwards, you will become more aware of what is happening and kept informed through various sources of information, until we can provide you with a regular and reliable one. We intend to open our own channel, and thus be sure that you are provided with all that is needed to have a wonderful remainder to your year. Do not worry about any small confrontations as they will not escalate to anything more dangerous. So after looking for some signs that things were moving forward, there is an abundance of evidence to show it is. There are still some sources that are set up to give out disinformation, so use your discretion and intuition to determine which of them are reliable.

You will ask "what should we do whilst the changes are taking place", and we suggest as far as possible live your lives as before. However be aware that if as expected there will be a short spell very soon where your lives are disrupted, cover yourself by ensuring you have food and other necessities for just a few days. Whatever happens we along with our allies will make certain that operations are efficiently completed, with as little inconvenience to you as possible. As you would expect, we have everything in hand and that includes your safety. The dark Ones will fight until the last and even now plan atrocities, but since we are aware of them we shall prevent them from happening.

You are entering the final phases of Ascension, and it should not be forgotten that the changes are part of the preparations that have been going on for a very long time. As always it is important that until we can open up a free media, that you do not fall for false reports that will be expected to create fear. Some chaos is inevitable, but at the same time will not be lasting. Know that military activity will not be directed at the people, but in support of them. Our operations are being carried out to propel you as fast as possible towards Ascension. As we often tell you, we of the Galactic Federation are of the Light, and carrying out the orders of the Higher Beings that carve out your destiny.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased that matters can now be placed into public view. Information can now be released knowing that it will reach you, and in future there will be a direct line to you. We have nothing to hide but for obvious reasons do not reveal our hand to the dark Ones. Whatever information they are able to pick up, they will be unable to hack our systems as they are technically beyond them. It is in fact quite the opposite, as we have access to their communications and nothing is kept secret or beyond our reach. We are normally a step ahead of them, which is why we are confident of the outcome of our activities. Victory is ours, and we share the joy with you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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I received  this in my  email this morning  .  I thought it was important to share



(Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III ;U.S. Army, Retired)


"The new White House Executive Order of March 16, 2012, the so-called 'National Defense Resources Preparedness Order' is a clear blueprint for total government control over the civilian economy, under the guise of 'national defense.' This latest outrage against the Constitution reminds me of the totalitarian world of Orwell's 1984, where a few Ministries controlled everything. Below is our Counsel Ralph Fucetola JD's analysis of this Executive Order."

Push Back here:

From Counsel Ralph:  The White House has set in motion the regulatory basis for an American version of Lenin's "War Communism" whereby the entire civilian economy is militarized and marshaled as the Leader directs through five specific Federal Departments. Notice which Department now has control over which aspects of your lives.
This section quoted below provides for the take over of the means of production. It says that the Five Department heads can override private contracts and commandeer all the resources of all the people. This Executive Order, if allowed to stand, sets the legal basis for total government control over, as it says below, "food... energy... health... civil transportation... water... and all other materials, services and facilities..."

Read the entire Order here:

Sec. 201Priorities and Allocations Authorities.  (a)  The authority of the President conferred by section 101 of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2071, to require acceptance and priority performance of contracts or orders (other than contracts of employment) to promote the national defense over performance of any other contracts or orders, and to allocate materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense, is delegated to the following agency heads:

(1)  the Secretary of Agriculture with respect to food resources, food resource facilities, livestock resources, veterinary resources, plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer;

(2)  the Secretary of Energy with respect to all forms of energy;

(3)  the Secretary of Health and Human Services with respect to health resources;

(4)  the Secretary of Transportation with respect to all forms of civil transportation;

(5)  the Secretary of Defense with respect to water resources; and

(6)  the Secretary of Commerce with respect to all other materials, services, and facilities, including construction materials.

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Something Very Fishy is going on!

I  received  this advertisement from Costco  today.  I  find it  very  strange  thatthey   should  send  a  sole  advertisement for  Emergency Preparations.  Usually these items  are  located  at the  very bottom of their advertisement flyer. Today  it is at the  very  top of  their  flyer.  A clue  or  just   coincidence???


Get Your Home And Garden Stocked For An Emergency And Save!

costco-em-8px.gif Emergency Preparedness Chef's Banquet Ark 1-Month Supply $84.99 Delivered After $15 OFF Food For Health Emergency Garden Seeds $42.99 Delivered After $7 OFF Also Available: Shelf Reliance THRIVE Premium Chicken and Ground Beef Pack and Premium Cheese Pack Valid Through 3/18/12 Click Here For All Offers

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The Year Without A Winter In Midwest, East?

Low Snow Could Foreshadow Spring Drought -- The Biggest Impact On Food Prices

Unusual Jet Stream Patterns Blocking Snow

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Trust Is Breaking Down, Hoarding Has Begun,_hoarding_has_begun.html

Check out this linked article too: :

'The American attitude is very different and the government there encourages people to be prepared,’ he says. ‘They see that civil unrest could follow a major disaster. If they encourage people to have food and water it will stave off that civil unrest while they put the infrastructure back on line.’

Let's see...Patriot Act I limited food storage quantities to six months, now the new bill that limits it to seven days.  Based on this statement, then our government is encouraging, not staving off, civil unrest.
Another quote:

‘The general attitude in the country is: “Oh my goodness, this is not about others, it is about us, too.” People are feeling agitated and threatened and nervous.

‘There is a mass psychology of insecurity at the moment and I think that is worrying. Quietly,  but inexorably, the problem of food security has entered into the mass consciousness.’

Got food and water?
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Got Supplements In Your Food Storage?

The best vitamins/minerals/enzymes are sprouts.  Make sure you have lots of seeds.  Vitamins and mineral supplements are essential in a food storage program. 

You should also have a good basic one-daily vitamin/mineral supplement.  The best deal I have found is here:

Right now they are selling 60-capsule bottles for $19.99, with a buy-one get-one-free deal going.  So, if you buy 6 bottles, you get 6 bottles free.  Twelve bottles is equivalent to a 2-year supply, since you only need one tablet a day.  So that works out to $5 per month.

Check the labels (the Supplement Facts link) to see the amounts per serving.  These are minimum RDA, though the Vitamin D3 is a good amount to keep your immune system in shape during the low-light environment we may be encountering.  Anything you consider too low, you should get extra of.

This brand does not put expiration dates on its labels. Instead, it puts the manufacture date.  Mine are dated 03/11/2011, so these are newly manufactured.

Vitacost also has extended free shipping through the end of May. 

Another item you might be interested in is whey protein powder.  I've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.  Here's the link:

It is vanilla and sweetened with xylitol and stevia, no artificial sweeteners, good for those with blood sugar issues (but check with your doctor first to be safe).  It has no lactose or fat.  It provides 22 grams of protein per serving and there are 68 servings (2 months easily) per container, for $34.29.  So, that's $17.15 per month, or 57 cents a day for a high quality protein.

It's also available in chocolate:

In the fine print it states the company tests for heavy metals.  I am not sure if that means they are testing for radiation as well.  I think radiation encompasses heavy metals and thus would be removed, but if this is something you want to be sure of, then contact the company.


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if might be prudent to stock up on powdered milk, butter, sour cream powder, and eggs NOW while non-contaminated supplies are still available, as well as lay in as much water as you can store.  You can use tap water.  If your city has already been hit, check out how to clean it of radiation:

Remember, it takes 20-something gallons of milk to make a pound of butter, thus butter will have a higher concentration of radiation.  You can buy it powdered (still in stock at or you can buy it fresh in the store and can it yourself.  Recipe is at  In the alternative, if you don't use butter, stock up on extra virgin olive oil.  It has a very long shelf life.

Note: is currently backordered on both milk and eggs.  However, if they are backordering it, they expect to get more in.  Get in line NOW, because as Fukushima continues to spew the line is going to get longer and eventually the new supplies will be contaminated.

I have used for over seven years.  They consistently have the best overall price, ship quickly (except for backlogs, but those do come once they get the products), are very quick to follow up on problems (they once misdelivered my order to someone else and they quickly replaced it), and I think they are a good, ethical outfit.

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"Japan faces a further crisis with concern escalating about radioactive contamination of its food and water, even as the fight to stabilise the earthquake-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant appears to be making progress.

"Tests found levels of radioactive iodine up to seven times the legal limit in samples of raw milk, spinach and two leaf vegetables as far away from the nuclear plant as Chiba prefecture, to the east of TokyoThe results mean Japan faces a food safety scare on top of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis.

"Meanwhile the IAEA, the UN atomic watchdog, said on Sunday that there had been some positive developments at the Fukushima plant in the past 24 hours, though the overall situation remained “very serious”.

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How To Start A Food Storage Program

Storage food is food that has a longer-than-normal shelf life.  It is usually grains still in their original shells/hulls (like Hard Red Winter Wheat or oat groats) and dehydrated or freeze dried.  Olive oil and honey have natural long shelf lives.  Does that mean you have to invest big bucks into Mountain House or other long-term-survival-food products?  No.  There is plenty you can get at your local supermarket and lengthen its shelf life yourself (such as placing in plastic buckets with oxygen absorbers).

There are other foods that you can get your local markets to order if they don't stock it or order from Walton Feed or or other suppliers:  large bags or pails of wheat (hard red winter and spring), honey (super-long shelf life), and other grains. 

Here is a list of long-shelf-life food items available at places such as Wal-Mart or your local supermarket:

Milk, powdered

Potato, flakes

Pasta, all (including Ramen noodles)

Macaroni & Cheese (contains powdered cheese)

Rice, white


Corn meal



Sugar, white

Oil, olive

Peanut butter

Jellies, Jams, Preserves

Beans, dry, various

Vegetables, canned

Meats & fish, canned

Meats, jerky (you can also make your own)

Fruits, canned



Baking items:  baking soda, baking powder


Boullion cubes

Gravy mixes

Cake mixes


Hot chocolate, tea, coffee

Drink mixes (Tang, Lemonade, Powdered Tea)

Popcorn (cheap filler / bulk)

Note:  You can get larger sacks of things like flour, sugar, popcorn, etc. at "big box" stores like Sam's, Costco, etc.  Many grocery stores that cater to a Hispanic population usually carries 50-lb. sacks of pinto beans.


Prepare menus for one week. Make your menus from long-term-storage food.  Look at every ingredient you will need to make those meals.  Prepare a list from the ingredients.  That's what you should have on hand for one week.  Now, start collecting those ingredients until you have a week's worth.  (Take into account some things like boullion, salt, sugar, oil, etc. will last longer than a week, so your first week will be higher in cost.)  Now, work on your second week's worth of food. Keep doing this until you have as much as you decide you need.

You can also grow or buy fruits and vegetables in season and dehydrate them inexpensively then vacuum ziploc them for long-term-storage.  You can "can" your own butter, cakes, jello, hamburger easily.  See (Manna Meals). 

Also consider inexpensive barter items such as salt, tea, coffee, ramen, hygiene items, tobacco, etc.  Use these to exchange for other things that you need. 

Add to this list in the comments below.  And check out for more information about shelf life, preservation methods, recipes from storage food, and more.  And check out this link for more basic information; contains a wealth of information on self-sufficiency so bookmark it.

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This is old news but makes a good point about the expenditures...

"But here's what we do know. This kind of spending by a minor government agency in this economy just doesn't make sense ... unless there are extraordinary circumstances behind it, circumstances we aren't privy to. Because Congress has failed to pass a budget, the government is now operating under what's called a continuing resolution. The practical effect of this continuing resolution is that the government stays in business, but all extras are curtailed. Agencies spend far less on travel and training expenses, for instance. And they certainly don't start stockpiling supplies.

In this economic climate, you would expect FEMA also to be minimizing expenses. But clearly, they're not. If you do the math, the approximate tab for 420 million meals comes to about a billion dollars.

What is so urgent that FEMA is spending a billion dollars on survival food?

Could officials be worried about extensive power grid damage from solar flares? (A big one hit last week and took out communications in China.) Are they worried about riots and demonstrations causing gridlock in communities? (The demonstrations in Wisconsin and Ohio have been peaceful so far ... but look what happened in Egypt.) Are they worried about terrorist attacks? (Some reports say that there's been more "chatter" lately on terrorist communication networks.)

[And don't forget the New Madrid.]

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Part 1:

"Point blank: We are in for some serious trouble with our food supply and consequently our ability to afford it on what we’re presently earning.  This trouble isn’t going to manifest itself in a year or two. Nope. We don’t have that much time in this particular area. Rather, it’s headed into our homes no longer than 6 months from now, and more likely to be obvious 6 weeks from now. Unless you’re enjoying an income that can take a 40-50% increase hit in your essential expenses, then I’m certain you will not be spared the impact of this snowball that’s rolling down hill, gaining in momentum and size; and it’s coming right to our front doors."


Part 2:

"Many of the stores I’ve spoken to all over the U.S. have shared with me that it’s not even a matter of how much an item is. They expect to have NONE of these items until the next crop, specifically your vegetables. Several local chains said that prices have increased 50-300% just in the last 72 hours. (I strongly suggest you stock up on frozen vegetables and make sure that you’ve got sprouting seeds to replace some of your vegetable nutrients that will be glaringly missing from your plates as soon as this weekend.)"



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Mike Ruppert: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

In case you don't read the economy news, I wanted to bring this video to your attention.  It is a very dire warning ....

Mike Ruppert:  The Beginning Of Systemic Failure
Some notes:
Criminals feeding on the energy of collapse.....
11 policemen shot in 24 hours...police guns
Food riots because food too expensive to buy; eventually none to buy
Fall of Egypt huge monkey wrench in world balance of power.  If Egypt falls, there goes the Suez Canal.   (We should all be scared sh*tless about what is going on in Egypt)
Gamal Mubarek, Hosni's son, left with 100 pieces of luggage...Tunisian gold?  If so, when the people find out it's all over for Egypt... looting the country = sign of them leaving
Now is the time to focus on preparing and local community...forget activism... it's too late
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