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Norwegian Hurricane...Cat 4

From an email from Sheldon Day...

"Dagmar," a storm that "hit the coast of Norway with hurricane strength on Dec. 25th and 26th," says Hagen. "Record breaking winds up to 145 mph were recorded.


Jim Mccanney calls these Land Hurricanes as 'Himmicanes'..

These will become MUCH MORE COMMON as Nibiru zeros in on Earth....

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The most credible theory so far seems to be the missile/dead-ship-in-the-water-because-of-a-small-nuclear-detonation/EMP was a warning to Obama just prior to the G-20 summit. However, this author makes an interesting point about the Norwegian Spiral (which we've been told was caused by PX's influence) which happened just prior to Obama visiting Norway. This begs the question: "Was the Norwegian Spiral caused by PX or was it caused by geo-political hijinks? Seems like a pattern is developing.

At, ZT states, regarding the Norwegian Spiral: "What has occurred over Norway is a neon cloud, a grease cloud, lit by the electrical charge from the tail of Planet X." (Written December 2009.)

So, the tail of PX is implicated. Isn't that the same tail that's supposed to be, at most, 5 million miles wide? Wouldn't that mean that PX would have to practically be on top of us (astronomically speaking) for the tail to be interacting that intimately with Earth's atmosphere?

Further, haven't we already discounted the "winged" object bouncing around out by the sun as the Planet X object, though we were told that it was?

If Planet X were truly between Venus and Earth, wouldn't we be almost at the point of passage and would have been feeling its effects much more violently than we have been feeling them (yes, earth changes are escalating but not to the point of what one would expect if PX were within 46 million miles or so of Earth). That's nearly the point where PX is supposed to latch onto the Atlantic Rift and pull Earth about 30 million miles to within 14 million miles of itself and Earth's rotation would start slowing, going into the final weeks. And, further, if PX isn't in the orbit of Venus then Earth and the Dark Twin are not in the cup at this time (and ZT has stated PX "was not quite at Venus' orbit, midway, or not quite between us and the sun" in 2005, and was "out near" the orbit of Venus in 2007, and is there now in 2010)....and on and on and on it goes. The ball of yarn is starting to unravel.

So, given all that, I'm inclined to believe there is another cause of the Norwegian Spiral, something other than Planet X.

Now, also consider this. Evidence shows the winged thingie that we were told was Planet X is actually a UFO. That being the first domino, the rest are starting to fall, as mentioned in other blogs in the ZT Analysis Series. To quickly recap those, since the winged thingie isn't Planet X, then PX isn't in the orbit of Venus. Then the explanation of "bobbling cameras" to explain the fake PX (which is really a UFO) being all over the camera field (esp. above the ecliptic where PX wasn't supposed to be) is complete and utter crap! So, the sun's quiescent period is likely caused by other-than-PX factors since PX isn't as close as we thought (and this has been going on for the past year or two).
If the 7 of 10 prediction is supposed to happen by the end of 2010 (just 6-1/2 weeks away) why do you suppose we are being focused on that? I think it is a red herring. And it is hard to believe that one would expect their operation to continue if it doesn't happen, as credibility is already damaged from the July 20th non-event. So, could something really bad (solar flare? G1.9 event?) be heading towards us by the end of this year and someone will be heading to the hills, not expecting the operation to continue?

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