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Miss Lieder Sightings

Miss Lieder and her mods were snooping around here again today.  With every visit here, she admits how much the Zetas are no longer with her because if they were they could just tell her what's going on, and if this site was really "evil" and a threat to ps ning, the Zs could just shut us down. 

She tells her members they can't come here, but she does whenever she feels like it.  How as I say but don't do as I do. 

She snoops in the members' list here and if you say something about her here and you are a member there, you will be banned.  Again, the Zs aren't giving her alerts.  She has to sneak around to get her information.  How STO!  And, they haven't even told her about the leak she has amongst her own mods! 

I wonder if the woman is even an American because her obsession with sneaking and snooping has a chilling effect on free speech.  Well, we will continue to speak freely here whether she comes to snoop or not.  If you are still a member there and get banned, just know that you have done nothing wrong but exercise your constitutional right and anyone who says you don't have that right is anti-American.




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Pretty cool interacive map that lists the most current UFO activity. (good updates here too!)

NOVEMBER 19- Alien Armada over Poland

Major Cities: Poland

Also inclued are: VIDEOS from OCTOBER 13, 2010 News Media Coverage!

Check out this too!:

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