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An email from John DiNardo:

The recent resumption in solar hyperactivity is showing my past assumption to be correct: that is, Planet X was passing below the orbital path of Jupiter during 2008 - 2009.

In a visual representation, I can show you where Planet X is now and where it is going. Hold a quarter or any large coin horizontally between your index finger and your thumb, with the index finger nail facing upward. Now, take a rubber band, loop it over your index finger nail, and stretch the rubber band downward along the underside of your slanted forearm. The circular edge of the coin represents Jupiter's orbital path. The other outer planets are excluded from this representation. The rubber band represents Planet X's orbital path, with X nearing the underside of our Ecliptic (the invisible plane in space on which all the planets revolve around the Sun).

Your index finger nail represents the top of the Sun. Planet X's gravitationally attracting focus is the Sun. On its way over the top of the Sun, Planet X will have to pass over the orbital path of the Asteroid Belt, then over that of Mars, then over the orbital path of Earth, and so on.

NASA, pretending to be ignorant, has been forced by notoriety to publish photographs from an amateur astronomer in Australia, Anthony Wesley, whose 2009 photograph showed a great comet collision in the deep south of Jupiter's southern hemisphere. Now, in 2010, NASA has posted another Anthony Wesley photograph of another comet crashing into the upper southern hemisphere of Jupiter. These two photographs strongly suggest that these two comets belonged to Planet X's outlying gravitationally captured horde of comets.

And to strengthen my theory -- having already been strengthened by these two comet collisions into Jupiter, plus the Sun's awakening from its temporary slumber, as explained in my past essays below -- my theory is further strengthened by Zecharia Sitchin's revelation in his landmark book, "The Twelfth Planet," that the ancient Mesopotamian texts recorded that in previous flybys, Nibiru (Planet X) punches through the underside of our Ecliptic (our Solar System's orbital plane) just to the sunward side, the inner side, of Jupiter's orbital ring.

Further evidence that X is likely nearing the underside of the Ecliptic is seen in the drastic changes in Earth's jetstream patterns which have recently evolved, patterns which remained in the shape of a "W" across the United States (from 2004 to 2009) to suddenly erratic jetstream patterns, including huge letter "O"s the size of several large states, and now even larger elongated "O"s covering the entire southeastern United States at this moment.

So, there you have several diverse indications, all pointing to the likelihood that Planet X is about to punch through the underside of the Ecliptic, just to the inner side of Jupiter's orbital path. Please read my past essays below to understand the foundational evidence supporting my theory. All of this evidence, of course, shows the ZT theory, that Planet X is now near the Sun, to be erroneous.
John DiNardo

Subject: Planet X: Sun Inhaling for a Major Blow
From jadinardo
Date Sunday, January 3, 2010 10:14 am
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I posted this essay back in March of 2009, and it now appears that the reason why the extraordinary solar hyperactivity of the past decade had recently fizzled into a period of extraordinary quiescence is because inbound/sunbound Planet X was passing below Jupiter during 2008 to 2009, resulting in an electromagnetic and gravitational flirtation between the giant X and the gas giant, Jupiter, as evidenced perhaps by the great comet collision into Jupiter on July 20th of 2009, the comet presumably being just one member of the bee swarm of Planet X's gravitationally gripped horde of celestial bodies. ~~ John

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From jadinardo
Date Sun, 29 Mar 2009 14:26:00 GMT
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Subject Planet X: Sun Inhaling for a Major Blow

Public awareness of danger fosters thoughtful preparation, and thus prevents some loss of life. I have not yet contemplated protective measures against the solar scorching which appears to be on the horizon, because the immediate priority would be to elevate public awareness of this coming solar blasting – to show evidence that the Sun will become more like a blowtorch than a heat lamp. Scientists today appear to be strangely quiet and contented with the recent drop off in solar hyperactivity. Yet, (tell me if I have missed any explanatory reports from the science community) why don't I hear them explaining WHY our Sun -- which has been described, for years, by one conspicuous scientist as "behaving like a popcorn popper" -- has suddenly and markedly calmed down? No one is thinking of the "why," but rather, they are enjoying complacent relief from the past decade's threatening solar hyperactivity. Today's scientists are like the foolish children who ran to scoop up fish from the bared ocean floor as the tide dramatically drew back in preparation for a mountainous tsunami sucker punch? Because we live in the age of the approach of Planet X, solar hyperactivity is paradoxically the norm, while this current (and, I think,) transient state of solar quiescence is an aberration. Therefore, it is imperative that we strive to solve this solar mystery which would seem to portend the gravest imaginable threat to humankind: a scorching global annihilation.

Let’s look at this issue logically. We have a vast cluster of celestial objects being drawn into our Solar System, and, over the past decade or so, extraordinary earthly events have consistently resulted from this celestial shotgun blast into the belly of our Solar System: events geological, meteorological, geomagnetic, seismic, volcanic, biological, and solar, all extraordinary in magnitude, and all in the glare of a Sun so hyperactive that new and greater classes of flares had to be appended to the charts, just to describe and document these unprecedented flares. Then, suddenly, the Sun dies down. And everyone says, “hooray,” or “no need for concern anymore,” or “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Yet, Planet X and its massive field of gravitationally gripped comets, meteors, and asteroids has not turned around and headed back out into deep space. No, the X-gang is still being gravitationally drawn toward our Sun, and is, in fact, approaching at an ever-increasing velocity, as basic Newtonian physics principles would confirm.

There is a reason for everything that happens. I surmise that Planet X is in a fleeting interlude in its incoming travel, wherein it is gravitationally, electrically, and electromagnetically interacting with Jupiter, Saturn, or Uranus, thus diverting its previous fire away from the Sun, but only temporarily. Remember, the late Dr. Robert S. Harrington, chief astronomer of the United States Naval Observatory, determined that Planet X is coming at us from beneath our table, so to speak, and off to the side of our Solar System’s ecliptic plane (our revolving table), at an angle of about 40 degrees to the ecliptic. This means that, each and every day, that bullet is traveling closer to the underside of our table, and therefore, its flirtation with the Sun ought to be growing ever more torrid. Where are the astronomers and celestial physicists out there who will address the issue of this mysterious aberration of solar quiescence, and offer information as to a current positional interaction between Planet X and our Solar System’s outer planets, an interaction based upon the assumption that X is coming in from the direction of the constellation Scorpius, as Dr. Harrington had calculated.

John DiNardo

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  • With this dwarf star, or Nibiru, planet x what ever you want to call it. If you want to really know ask James Gilliland he will tell you excactly what it is. He is a prophet which lives in the back woods of Trout Lake, WA. If you have any questions about any alarming planets, or red circles in the universe. You can contact him on the web. Or what the future lies ahead for us. Or view his video on YouTube "Contact Has Begun", or look at Gerogia Guidestones on YouTube. By the way theire is another person, to listen too. His name is Alex Collier, with all the abduction he has had. What he has learn about the many planets. Which are with life, and the many aliens that are out there. Or even living here on earth. What the govenment does not want you to know. Keep a open mine people. Are you really ready to ascend into the fifth dimensional shift? With ascension work, you can go on to learn more about the ascending into dimensions. To become a light body with the Pleindians. Learn on what is coming in the future, and beyond. By the way do not get in the first ship, which lands. They are not the Pleindians, they are the evil  ones. Enough said here, look and learn.      Peace, Love,, Joy, Harmony & Light
  • I have thought about this anomaly; is it a gaseous body, planet, sun etc?  See what I consider is strange is that the Ort cloud has not been greatly disturbed---why not?  I am trying to picture our complete system, our heliopause, in a Z pinch, so there is no underside of the table....the Ort cloud is where it is, circling because of the Z pinch.  So what is happening is that the exploded nova gas cloud nicknamed Fluff (blame NASA) is picking up charge from this anomaly?  And who can tell if the charge will encroach upon the heliopause or be diverted into the galactic energy current our system is currently in, albeit at an odd angle.
  • It is not bogus, it is true. Follow up on it, on the net if you do not believe. Saw a article on it last year. Everyone is right to their opinion, I guess. Some people are little more harsh to their opinion then others I guess.
    You have a good day now.
  • I understand it is a space ship, which comes around every 3,600 years. Then wipes out everything, in its wake. Which the whole universe will change. With the alignment in Dec. 2012, centering with the milky way. Some planets will have great change, happening to them. But being a lightworker by then,is a big change if not for yourself. But it will help in the you move into the fifth dimension, if not further. It is called a Crystal Triangle activation, it is so wonderful to have done. Take Care Everyone.......  God Bless     

    Peace, Love, Harmony & Light

  • Sorry, Amy I'm a bit late on responding to your comment below, this is curious to me, hmmmm :-)
    Nibiru an Artificial??? I've never heard of this before. Yikes. I'll go back over everything you've posted here and see how I missed this. Enlightening, given the current buzz on incoming visitors....
  • Agree Edina ... Nemesis is the Brown Dwarf Star System, and Nibiru-Planet-X is something different, it is not a Planet, and it is not a Comet ... and it is far to dence/heavy for something of its size (Bout the size of Pluto) so SVT is calling it an Artificial ... which normally means created/built/made
  • To me, Nemesis is the star, and Nibiru is a particular planetary associated with the star. True Teresa, on the code words, there is much we still do no know ....
  • Cindi, Paris, these are both interesting, I love words, I think the way some people love food... of course, I enjoy food, too. : )

    Amy I'm glad you posted that graphic here in this discussion, too. It's helpful.
  • Very interesting, Paris, more help put the pieces of the puzzle together. It seems many original meanings of words have become obsolete, (or maybe just hidden from us) I found that the original meaning of the word "consider" is - observing the stars..
  • I was just reading the over the link I put on and its interesting that the word disaster comes from the Latin ‘dis’ and ‘astrum’ which means ‘EVIL STAR.’
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