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Where To Look For Elenin Right Now ...

It is below the constellation of Leo... around 1:00 or 2:00 a.m.

When Comet Elenin first was discovered in December last 2010 it was calculated to pass 8.8 Au (8.8 times the distance of the Sun form us) away. But now these calculations has once changed again. Today the orbital calculation is down to 0.24 Au with a minimum as low as 0.15. But these data is being recalculated all the time and it could get even closer but that depends what it encounters in the Oort belt. Just so you know the Moon is 0.00256 away from us to give you a comparison. We must be aware the this comet could bring enormous amount of debris with it and Earth will pass through the debris trail. This will probably take place around the 6th November 2011 or later. Could this new long period comet be the original story of Nibiru?"



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In a recent email, the current Hercolubus (PX) location was calculated from the Avebury Manor Crop Circle of UK.

Here are John's thoughts on the matter...
This information is incorrect.  I estimate, from several diverse fields of study, that Planet X is just below or in the Ecliptic plane right now, between Jupiter and the Asteroid Belt. The fields of study that seem to converge on this conclusion are: Sitchin's TWELFTH PLANET references (around p. 240) to R. Campbell Thompson's "The Reports of the Magicians and Astronomers of Nineveh and Babylon" (this title is from memory); another field of study is my seven-year study of the jetstream patterns.
In 2009, the jetstream patterns changed abruptly from five years of bizarre, but a consistently bizarre, pattern to a much different and much more worrisome pattern. The third field of study is from observations of comet crashes into the southern hemisphere of Jupiter on July 20, 2009, and a couple times later in 2010, I believe. So, here you have three different fields of study all suggesting that the current position of X is between Jupiter and the Asteroid Belt. A fourth field of study is the existence of the Asteroid Belt itself, which suggests that a planet once resided in the orbital path now occupied by the Asteroid Belt, and that planet was smashed by comets among X's accompanying swarm of celestial bodies which are always gravitationally dragged along with the Big Guy.  Also, Hercolubus is seriously mistaken when he says that it travels at 6.25 AU per year. Actually, by Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation, the gravitational force of attraction between two masses increases as the inverse of the distance between them, squared. This irrefutably means that X is constantly accelerating, and at a mind-boggling pace, at that. So, it's distance per year cannot remain constant.


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The current severe weather in the northern hemisphere provoked this question.

Where is a safe location if a significant portion of the northern hemisphere is buried under snow and ice?  Have we been misled that there is such an animal?  Have we ever been advised to prepare for heavy snow and ice in addition to a safe location (traditionally meaning safe from rising seas, large bodies of water, mountain building, extraordinary earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.)?  Did NZT miss some important factors to consider in determining a safe location?

Further, will a trench covered with a metal roof and sod keep us from drowning in heavy rains or keep us from freezing to death if a mini ice age does indeed blanket the northern hemisphere during the passage?

ZT hasn't talked about the Gulf Stream slowing/stopping, yet the phenomena has been known since at least 2005.  There was a recent mention that it wouldn't be a source of problems, yet look at the winter the UK/Europe is having...predicted to be the coldest in a 1,000 years, when another mini ice age occurred. 

And all the "lowlands" expected to flood?  How do they flood if they are frozen before the passage?  I understand that water could wash over them, but my point is that the data was presented as something people would have to plan for and evacuate from.  However, now it looks like they will need to evacuate because of the deep freeze.  In other words, NZT did not see climate change/freezing temperatures coming.  She didn't see the Gulf Stream slowing/stopping as significant and brushed it off.  And she was blindsided, proving again that she is not getting her information from intelligent extraterrestrials.

We need to rethink our safe locations and factor in protection from the elements as well.

And check out this link https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/is-a-several-hundred-foot to see if a several-hundred-feet-in-elevation is really high enough if you are anywhere near large bodies of water. 

UPDATE:  06/21/2011:  Terral Croft has a map in his latest video, 7-7-11 Warning, that shows areas, such as the Appalachians and East Coast, in extreme danger zones, contrary to the Safe Locations document published by ZetaTalk.  Please examine Terral's map and decide if you need to alter your plans.  I am in the Appalachians, touted by ZetaTalk as being a safe area.  I don't buy the Zeta "water will dilute radiation" theory and think Terral's map makes more sense.  Of course, that is just my opinion.  You need to see the map:  https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/terral-crofts-elenin-threat and decide for yourself.

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From an email from John DiNardo. CN comment: If PX is half billion miles from Earth and still below the ecliptic, it certainly can't be between the Earth and Sun. Also note, many river towns will be destroyed. This is not exclusive to large rivers like the Mississippi, it is many river towns so play it safe and don't be near any river town.

According to John, Al Sutton is reputed to be a good source of information on earth changes.


From Al Sutton's Book, "Plagues of the Revelation," page 6:

So ... where is the Destroyer {a.k.a. Planet X, Red Comet, etc.} now (8/23/10)? The Destroyer is still south of the plane of the planets at 10h 27.6' RA; 42° 53.1' declination; 5.73 AU {over a half billion miles} distant, running weeks ahead of its Herald which is the object actually sighted as the Sign on June 21, 2011 (Model Time), see Figure 2.

3. The Coming War: Nuclear Weapons and Invasions ... There are some effects which either St. John did not observe or didn't write down, but which we still must assume will happen. The most important loss to our current civilization will be the complete destruction of any spacecraft in Earth orbit. Even the smallest pieces of sand and gravel will cause major damage at 42 km/sec relative speeds, and the closing speeds could be higher for an orbiting satellite. [Perhaps the reason why the Envisat orbit was recently lowered, under the pretext of saving fuel and extending the life of its mission?--CN] There's risk of EMP {electromagnetic pulse} from the large impactors {JD: meteors, asteroids} like Wormwood and the unnamed impactor of The Book of Revelation, Chapter 9, and EMP will destroy satellites and ground stations. For those satellites that may be lucky enough to survive physical impact, they will find themselves in a dark envelope of interplanetary dust with their solar electric panels hidden from the sun and therefore dysfunctional.

page 7:
The tidal waves from cosmic impacts and tidal forces around perigee {JD: the comet's closest flyby position from Earth} are going to destroy the entire world's navies, all its coastal cities, all its port facilities, and many of its river towns. If ambitious politicians and militaries are planning intercontinental adventures, say if Russia or China wanted to invade the United States, then they must attempt it well before Destroyer reaches perigee.

{JD: from The Book of Revelation, Chapter 6: "12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was
a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;
13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.
14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.
15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;
16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:
17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? "}
See Figure 1 again. As the Destroyer slides down its orbit from perihelion {JD: Planet X's closest loop-over point above the Sun's north pole} (Pt. C) toward perigee {JD: Planet X's second close pass by Earth as it exits our Solar System} (Pt. D), the first thing that will happen is that dust, lots of dust, will come between the Earth and the Sun. It may appear a bit like the Sun having a shade pulled across its face or the onset of a solar eclipse. On the night side of earth, the stars will still be bright, and the moon will still be high in the sky, a nearly full moon on 13 Sept 2011, but now it will not be lit by the direct light of the sun, but by the scattered red light that "leaks through" the dust cloud just like the dust of autumn harvesting or the dust of an exploding volcano will cause a red sky at morning or evening, or even like the blood red moon of a lunar eclipse. Then, as earth actually reaches the edge of the envelope itself, the sky will be filled with a meteor storm as the first fine grains of dust come streaking into our atmosphere at 42 km/sec.
About that same time, 1/8 AU {JD: 11.6 million miles; that's really close for an object about a thousand times the mass of Earth} out from perigee, Destroyer's gravitational forces on the Earth will have risen to 4.6% of the Earth-Moon magnitude, and that Force is acting at an angle between 30° and 45° to the ecliptic plane. The tidal force appears too small to be responsible at this point for the great earthquake or major geological or geographical changes of Revelation 6:12-14. However, it is possible that St. John is recording the first major cosmic impact as a large asteroid or moon in the Destroyer's outer shell slams into Earth. And although St. John didn't mention it, modern prophets from Haniel to Apache Grandfather, and ancient sources like the Kolbrin say it ... red dust and red rain fall. Red dust and/or red rain have been reported in connection to meteor falls throughout history, with the most recent, best documented falls in India in 2001 {see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red rain in Kerala}.
Footnotes: 15 Book of HanieI 9-13-04 plus additional undocumented visions provided in private conversation ... Asian troops launch an amphibious invasion of the United States, including incursions across the Mexican border.
Equipment suggests a Chinese force, but that's certainly arguable. ICBM missiles were seen flying "among the stones", and the resulting explosions in the United States were documented separately.
16 Revelation 6:12-14, KJV

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Planet X Is Now Located

An email from John DiNardo:

The recent resumption in solar hyperactivity is showing my past assumption to be correct: that is, Planet X was passing below the orbital path of Jupiter during 2008 - 2009.

In a visual representation, I can show you where Planet X is now and where it is going. Hold a quarter or any large coin horizontally between your index finger and your thumb, with the index finger nail facing upward. Now, take a rubber band, loop it over your index finger nail, and stretch the rubber band downward along the underside of your slanted forearm. The circular edge of the coin represents Jupiter's orbital path. The other outer planets are excluded from this representation. The rubber band represents Planet X's orbital path, with X nearing the underside of our Ecliptic (the invisible plane in space on which all the planets revolve around the Sun).

Your index finger nail represents the top of the Sun. Planet X's gravitationally attracting focus is the Sun. On its way over the top of the Sun, Planet X will have to pass over the orbital path of the Asteroid Belt, then over that of Mars, then over the orbital path of Earth, and so on.

NASA, pretending to be ignorant, has been forced by notoriety to publish photographs from an amateur astronomer in Australia, Anthony Wesley, whose 2009 photograph showed a great comet collision in the deep south of Jupiter's southern hemisphere. Now, in 2010, NASA has posted another Anthony Wesley photograph of another comet crashing into the upper southern hemisphere of Jupiter. These two photographs strongly suggest that these two comets belonged to Planet X's outlying gravitationally captured horde of comets.

And to strengthen my theory -- having already been strengthened by these two comet collisions into Jupiter, plus the Sun's awakening from its temporary slumber, as explained in my past essays below -- my theory is further strengthened by Zecharia Sitchin's revelation in his landmark book, "The Twelfth Planet," that the ancient Mesopotamian texts recorded that in previous flybys, Nibiru (Planet X) punches through the underside of our Ecliptic (our Solar System's orbital plane) just to the sunward side, the inner side, of Jupiter's orbital ring.

Further evidence that X is likely nearing the underside of the Ecliptic is seen in the drastic changes in Earth's jetstream patterns which have recently evolved, patterns which remained in the shape of a "W" across the United States (from 2004 to 2009) to suddenly erratic jetstream patterns, including huge letter "O"s the size of several large states, and now even larger elongated "O"s covering the entire southeastern United States at this moment.

So, there you have several diverse indications, all pointing to the likelihood that Planet X is about to punch through the underside of the Ecliptic, just to the inner side of Jupiter's orbital path. Please read my past essays below to understand the foundational evidence supporting my theory. All of this evidence, of course, shows the ZT theory, that Planet X is now near the Sun, to be erroneous.
John DiNardo

Subject: Planet X: Sun Inhaling for a Major Blow
From jadinardo
Date Sunday, January 3, 2010 10:14 am
To *

I posted this essay back in March of 2009, and it now appears that the reason why the extraordinary solar hyperactivity of the past decade had recently fizzled into a period of extraordinary quiescence is because inbound/sunbound Planet X was passing below Jupiter during 2008 to 2009, resulting in an electromagnetic and gravitational flirtation between the giant X and the gas giant, Jupiter, as evidenced perhaps by the great comet collision into Jupiter on July 20th of 2009, the comet presumably being just one member of the bee swarm of Planet X's gravitationally gripped horde of celestial bodies. ~~ John

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From jadinardo
Date Sun, 29 Mar 2009 14:26:00 GMT
To *
Subject Planet X: Sun Inhaling for a Major Blow

Public awareness of danger fosters thoughtful preparation, and thus prevents some loss of life. I have not yet contemplated protective measures against the solar scorching which appears to be on the horizon, because the immediate priority would be to elevate public awareness of this coming solar blasting – to show evidence that the Sun will become more like a blowtorch than a heat lamp. Scientists today appear to be strangely quiet and contented with the recent drop off in solar hyperactivity. Yet, (tell me if I have missed any explanatory reports from the science community) why don't I hear them explaining WHY our Sun -- which has been described, for years, by one conspicuous scientist as "behaving like a popcorn popper" -- has suddenly and markedly calmed down? No one is thinking of the "why," but rather, they are enjoying complacent relief from the past decade's threatening solar hyperactivity. Today's scientists are like the foolish children who ran to scoop up fish from the bared ocean floor as the tide dramatically drew back in preparation for a mountainous tsunami sucker punch? Because we live in the age of the approach of Planet X, solar hyperactivity is paradoxically the norm, while this current (and, I think,) transient state of solar quiescence is an aberration. Therefore, it is imperative that we strive to solve this solar mystery which would seem to portend the gravest imaginable threat to humankind: a scorching global annihilation.

Let’s look at this issue logically. We have a vast cluster of celestial objects being drawn into our Solar System, and, over the past decade or so, extraordinary earthly events have consistently resulted from this celestial shotgun blast into the belly of our Solar System: events geological, meteorological, geomagnetic, seismic, volcanic, biological, and solar, all extraordinary in magnitude, and all in the glare of a Sun so hyperactive that new and greater classes of flares had to be appended to the charts, just to describe and document these unprecedented flares. Then, suddenly, the Sun dies down. And everyone says, “hooray,” or “no need for concern anymore,” or “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Yet, Planet X and its massive field of gravitationally gripped comets, meteors, and asteroids has not turned around and headed back out into deep space. No, the X-gang is still being gravitationally drawn toward our Sun, and is, in fact, approaching at an ever-increasing velocity, as basic Newtonian physics principles would confirm.

There is a reason for everything that happens. I surmise that Planet X is in a fleeting interlude in its incoming travel, wherein it is gravitationally, electrically, and electromagnetically interacting with Jupiter, Saturn, or Uranus, thus diverting its previous fire away from the Sun, but only temporarily. Remember, the late Dr. Robert S. Harrington, chief astronomer of the United States Naval Observatory, determined that Planet X is coming at us from beneath our table, so to speak, and off to the side of our Solar System’s ecliptic plane (our revolving table), at an angle of about 40 degrees to the ecliptic. This means that, each and every day, that bullet is traveling closer to the underside of our table, and therefore, its flirtation with the Sun ought to be growing ever more torrid. Where are the astronomers and celestial physicists out there who will address the issue of this mysterious aberration of solar quiescence, and offer information as to a current positional interaction between Planet X and our Solar System’s outer planets, an interaction based upon the assumption that X is coming in from the direction of the constellation Scorpius, as Dr. Harrington had calculated.


John DiNardo

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Planet X's Location And Size

Planet X Washington Post p.1.pdf

From today's emails from John DiNardo:
First let's look at the evidence indicating that Planet X is a brown dwarf star, then we will be able to see why it cannot be located between Earth and the Sun. Rather, it must be nearing the Ecliptic at around "the station {orbital path} of Jupiter," as the ancient Mesopotamian records state, according to Zecharia Sitchin in his landmark book, THE TWELFTH PLANET. Planet X, being very large, and on a cometary orbit, always traces the same orbital path every 3,600 years or so. So, if it came into our Ecliptic between Jupiter and the Asteroid Belt in ancient times, then that's where it will come in again. It could not have traveled above Earth's orbital path yet, along its course across the top of the Sun, otherwise we would have seen it in the northern skies, and felt much more powerful effects here on Earth (even if we would have been so fortunate as to be furthest from it in our orbit, as it passed over Earth's orbital path). The reason why we would have seen it and felt such powerful effects is because Planet X is probably at least one thousand Earth masses. Here is some strong, though inconclusive evidence of its mass, from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration back in January of 1983 and then again in December of 1983. First, read NASA's report in the New York Times: that it is likely a brown dwarf star,


then read the pdf attachment above from The Washington Post, wherein NASA again says that it is likely a "protostar" -- a forming star or a brown dwarf. In 1991, Dr. Harrington said that it is about five times the size of Earth. I guess he meant "diameter," by which estimation, it would have been 125 times the volume of Earth, since volume is: (4/3 times pi) times [(diameter divided by 2) cubed]. Yet, the volume still does not factor in its mass. Brown dwarf stars are very dense -- much more dense than Earth, so X's mass would have been, by Dr. Harrington's estimation, many times more massive than 125 times that of Earth. That oft-quoted figure from Dr. Harrington -- "125 times Earth's mass" -- somehow got mixed up by the people who first quoted him, because it is X's volume (assuming that Harrington said its diameter is 5 times that of Earth) . . . it is X's volume that is 125 times that of Earth, not its mass.
Dr. Harrington could well have been thereby estimating X's mass to be one thousand Earth masses, if, quite conceivably, X's density is eight times greater than that of Earth: V=125 times greater; D=~8 times greater. 125 times 8 is a thousand.
Now, if you look up the broad estimated mass range of a brown dwarf star, you'll find that even a puny brown dwarf star is about 3 Jupiter masses or nearly one thousand Earth masses.
John DiNardo

From: gil

To: jadinardo
Subject: RE: Planet X is Now Located . . .
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 16:45:53 -0700


The alignment for Jupiter would work at the beginning of 2008 but not for the end of 2009. Observe: 2008-01-01 with Jupiter just a tick past RA 18.


So when you are using a planet as a position indicator you have to specify a date so that the ephemeris for that date can be determined. Jupiter doesn’t move very fast compared to Earth or Mercury but it does keep moving.

The other problem is that if Wormwood was underneath Jupiter last year (2009) or in 2008 then it would probably already have moved past Earth in its inbound perihelion maneuver. But that hasn’t happened. Another image you might want to consider is attached… just for fun. Compare that with the orbital trace on the website… http://www.millenniumprophecy.com/gallery.html .

As for the Anthony Wesley images of the Jupiter impact, Wormwood could do that from a much greater distance south of the ecliptic plane since it probably has a node ring set that reaches out similar to the Sun... but not quite as far… since it has less mass and EM power. So it can be striking all the planets from quite a distance away. It doesn’t have to get very close to send space junk crashing through to one of the planets in the ecliptic. And it doesn’t have to be sitting underneath Jupiter to slam space junk into Jupiter either. But it helps if Jupiter is close to RA 18 because then it would be in the Solstice Danger zone… like all the other planets.

The comet that hit Jupiter last year probably came from another source since Jupiter had moved away from the RA 18 vicinity. It is possible that Wormwood added some “gravitational influence” to the inbound path of the comet (since WW is an “equal opportunity perturber orbiting bodies in our solar system) but NASA probably would not want to admit that in any public forum. Too bad we can’t be privy to some of the “private memos” inside NASA. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

From: jadinardo

To: gill
Subject: RE: Planet X is Now Located . . .
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2010 07:38:33 P.M.

My estimation of Planet X's position below the Ecliptic and relative to Jupiter is inexact, and based upon the comet collisions into Jupiter. I had gone to the Astroviewer last year and had picked up the basics on how to use it. From what I saw, it appeared that, in July 2009, Jupiter was in line with the constellation Scorpius, Scorpius being one point on the straight line and thED Sun as the other point establishing that line. This suggests that Jupiter was passing somewhere over X's field of objects at that time. This does not tell me how far below Jupiter it was. As you know, comet collisions into Jupiter had never been observed until the observation of the collision into Jupiter by comet Shoemaker-Levy, back in the 1990s. My point is that here you have two comets, the first crashing into Jupiter's deep southern hemisphere, and then the second crashing into the upper southern hemisphere, both less than a year apart. So, this rare event now occurs twice in less than a year. Anyway, let us both go to the Astroviewer and try to see if Jupiter was somewhat above X's path in July 2009. Just plug in the date July 20, 2009, and plug in some southern city on Earth at the right time of day that will show the Sun, Jupiter, and the constellation Scorpius or whatever point on the celestial sphere Jupiter and the Sun together form a straight line with that point. Just go to astroviewer.com, click on MORE INFORMATION below Astroviewer 3.1.2, and test it online.

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