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Harvard Cracks DNA Storage

Not sure if this is good or just plain scary!


"A bioengineer and geneticist at Harvard’s Wyss Institute have successfully stored 5.5 petabits of data — around 700 terabytes — in a single gram of DNA, smashing the previous DNA data density record by a thousand times....."

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Dave Hodges from joins me to discuss 
the very real possibility of a US military 
coup, and the signs which Dave says 
point to it. 

Dave reminds us that Dr. Jim Garrow told 
him on his show that "a coup is in process." 

We also discuss EU plans to confiscate the 
savings accounts of its citizens, Obama's 
MyRA, which is the US government's attempt 
to seize OUR savings, and we discuss the 
lengthening list of dead Banksters about 
which Dave says:

"This is a criminal mafia organization that's 
trying to run the planet and key witnesses 
who might speak out are disappearing... 
I believe this is evidence tampering through 
(Video: About 29 mins): 
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Just to let you know...

After nearly four years of running this ning seven days a week, I am going on a four-month sabbatical effective March 1st.  Keith will be in charge, so give him your love and support.  Since I post over half of the blogs, you all can help out by posting and keeping discussions going.  If Keith has any problems, I'm just an email away.  If the economy melts or any other disaster occurs, I'll be back.  Other than that, I expect to return on July 1st, just in time for the start of our fifth year.

My session is scheduled for Friday, March 7th.  It will be an all-day trip for me, so I'll be posting about that as soon as I can.  Other than that, carry on! 

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Received in email...


I know I’m preaching to the choir because my mailing list is pretty conservative, but it you all send it to your lists, it will get around.  God Bless our Troops.


A movement has been started by our armed forces, to get out the vote in 2014..
They are organizing themselves, but this can be done by all of us. The President, the Commander in Chief, has made the Rules of Engagement (ROE) so difficult, that our troops are often killed before they can even get permission to fight. Nothing has been done to stop our troops from being murdered by Afghanis they are training, either. Now, the President wants the US to sign on to the UNs International Criminal Court (ICC), which would allow the UNs ICC to arrest and try US troops for War Crimes, without the legal protections guaranteed under US Law, and from which there is no appeal. The President, with his Democratic control of the Senate, has nearly all the power. If the Non-Establishment can take back the Senate in 2014, our troops can once again be protected from unnecessary danger. Please consider this, and send it on to your mailing lists. Thank You and Semper Fi, Interestingly enough, when GWB was president you heard about the the military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan almost daily. With Obama in the White House, the mainstream media has been strangely quiet. ---More than 1,000 American soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan in the last 27 months. This is more than the combined total of the nine years before. Thirty have died in August. During the last month, over 50 additional NATO and US servicemen have been murdered, inside jobs by those who are hired to be a force for good in Afghanistan.

The commander in chief is AWOL. Not a peep, although he ordered the White House flag flown at half-staff for the Sikhs that were killed. There is a deep disgust, a fury, growing in the ranks of the military against the indifferent incompetence of this president.

It has taken on a dangerous tone. No one knows what to do about him, but the anger runs deep as the deaths continue with no strategic end in sight to the idiocy of this war. Obama has had 4 years to end this futile insanity, during which time he has vacationed, golfed, campaigned, and generally ignored the plight of our men and women in uniform.
But, there is now a movement afoot in the armed services to launch a massive get out the vote drive against this president. Not just current active duty types, but the National Guard, Reserves, the retired, and all other prior service members. This is no small special interest group, but many millions of veterans who can have an enormous impact on the outcome of the November election if they all respond.

The million military retirees in Florida alone could mean an overwhelming victory in that state if they all show up at the polls. It might not keep another one hundred U.S. troops from dying between now and November, but a turn out to vote by the military against this heart breaking lack of leadership can make a powerful statement that hastens a change to the indifference of this shallow little man who just lets our soldiers die.

This doesn’t mention the purging of the military leadership that does not worship Obama.

Veterans: Please forward to your lists.
High Priority!

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Reval, Republic Updates

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Good Stuff:

They are still saying announcements in a few days giving Americans a chance to return from the Olympics first.

Said that they are taking down Bank of America which will become Washington Federal.

Said that the FRN will devalue by 50%, so like a loaf of bread will go to $11 for a short while and then drop to prices in the 1950s.

Money in the bank will be exchanged 1 for 1.

If you need money for food, the banks will make you a loan until things change.

The most important thing said was "O" is on the run. He went from South America, to Australia, to Mexico, and now believe he went to Canada. They said he never thought this day would come. Remember that Zap just said about shutting down HAARP, "Maybe the next president will do it."

BofA was involved in a lot of criminal activity on behalf of the Cabal. They were one of the places that they kept the Freedom packages which were by protocol to be the first Prosperity Program delivered as arranged by Bush 41 and they kept them on the road between BOA, Treasury, White House, ect., so they could not be delivered nor could any other of the programs that were to follow. They even had Homeland Security remove them fro UPS planes on the tarmac when they were to be delivered and put them on the road again. When the money was traunched in to Leo Wanta's account at BOA for the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds, BOA sent them on to either JP Morgan or Chase where they were hidden in a secret account. When the Chinese were traunching in money for the RV, and sent money to BOA of which part was to be sent on to other banks, they refused and placed the funds in the "roll" program to make money for themselves. They were involved in the fraud of the purchase of AIG. When they got the bailout moneys from the government, rather than move it to the economy making loans to businesses, they kept it for themselves. They had some honest bankers who were ready to do the right thing and had come to a meeting in New York. They were on Sully Sulenberger's plane that ditched in the river because it was hit with a missile that was meant to kill them. They have been involved in so much of the cabal's crimes that they deserve to be taken down. The Chinese even bought controlling interest in BOA before traunching in the RV moneys. It is now to be Washington Federal.

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The Globalists’ New World Order train has long-tried to leave the station, but The People of the United States just stubbornly refuse to get on board.  And now the Globalists are preparing to punish the People of The United States through the fire sale and liquidation of her territories, assets, property and rights, as well as the significant and imminent devaluation of the US dollar, hatched at the February G20 meeting in Australia of corporate criminals masquerading as heads of state.

The Globalists are on their heels, cornered and scared, losing control – and that’s a dangerous position for these misanthropic animals.  Our property, assets and human rights are not the only thing they are moving to liquidate!


You will not hear a peep about it in on the Globalists’ multinational corporate controlled mass media. State legislatures are boiling with laws rejecting and reversing the Federal tyranny within their territories.  Currently the States having  passed or are in the process of passing legislation are:

  • Cutting-off critical supplies to (like water and electricity), and refuse to aid and abet the FED’s NSA (Nazi Spy Agency) under the States’ Constitutional right to refuse Federal mandates within their borders: (pending in legislature: Utah – home to NSA data center, Maryland – NSA headquarters, Tennessee, Oklahoma (passed House Committee), New Hampshire (passed House Committee) (;
  • Making it illegal to enforce, aid and abet, or permit the FEDs to imprison and torture citizens under NDAA anytime the FEDS point the finger and claim “terrorist” (which they are doing to gun right activists, anti-FED protestors, 9-11 truth seekers, and veterans):  signed into law: Alaska, California; pending in legislature:  Georgia, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania (;
  • Nullifying  all Federal laws infringing on the 2nd Amendment right of the American people to bear arms in constant preparation for revolution when the FEDs morph into a tyrannical power as our forefathers feared: Idaho (passed State Senate 34-0), Missouri (overrode Governor’s veto), Oklahoma, Arizona, Florida;
  • Ban on enforcement of United Nations Agenda 21:  signed into law:  Alabama; legislation pending: Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma;
  • Nullifying FED drone and other NSA-style spying, and making warrantless drone spying a felony: Kansas, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Oklahoma, California, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, Arizona;
  • Nullify FED hemp ban (Tennessee); and the FED ban on marijuana for medical purposes (Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the District of Columbia); or the FED ban for its recreational use: Colorado, Washington State.

The Globalists have hit the American people with a constant barrage of false flag mass shootings by mind controlled freaks, and have run a false flag hoax of an elementary school mass shooting, expecting that the American people would surrender their arms and just roll over in the face of THE GREAT FED GUN GRAB.  The strategy worked for them in the UK and Australia.  It backfired in the US, where our founding fathers instilled into the American psyche the value of a loaded gun in one hand, and the throat of an out of control FED in the other.  When the FEDs thought they had the American people softened up with their false flag blood and violence, they started passing their laws to disarm the American people.  But the American people started arming themselves to the teeth, by historical and record numbers, in advance of every attempt to disarm them, intuiting the out-of-control FED threat.  (See here, here, and here.)

The Globalists have a battle to the death on their hands.  And they made their move at the Australian G20 meeting in February.  They are attempting to fire sale the territories, property rights, and assets of the American People to satisfy the massive incompetence of the private banking cartel of The Federal Reserve Bank and their multinational corporate co-conspirators.

They have a problem.  The wealth and treasure of the American people do not belong to them, and they cannot liquidate it to save their ass.  Any attempt to wholesale American wealth, property and treasure is a scam which will have no force, and WILL NOT STAND.

We’re fighting back.  They’re playing dirty.

Below is a Cease and Desist Demand.  We’re putting the Globalists on notice that their farce is known; and the whole world now knows, and is watching.

Join the fight.  Find out what your state is doing to resist Federal tyranny.  If out-of-control FED legislation is pending in your state, aggressively support it.  If it’s not, demand it.  The Tenth Amendment Center is a good resource of these efforts in the States.

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REPUBLIC UPDATE ------ At 4:30 pm EST on 2/26/14, the lights were turned off briefly on the Wash DC White House. At the same time, the lights were turned on in the REPUBLIC White House in Denver, Colorado. We are proud to say we [are] now living under the Republic. Thank You ‘Good Military’ and GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN!

Now we need to go to work cleaning up the mess left by the dead corrupt Federal Corporation.

The REPUBLIC has already been recognized by the world and has the full financial support of China.
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Sheldon Nidle Feb 25 2014

zon.jpg Sheldan Nidle - February 25, 2014

3 Batz, 14 Zac, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We return! Much is happening across your globe. The dark cabal struggles to maintain its power and sees that these efforts are in vain. The Light, now represented by ancient families and numerous sacred secret societies, has come and laid successful claims to the wealth and power of the dark. This legal assault is aided and abetted by us. We come to end this unholy debauchery of the dark and to bring in a new time, filled with prosperity and your liberation from the odious enslavements perpetrated on you by the dark. The Ascended Masters, acting under the divine decrees of Heaven, have established the means by which the dark is to surrender to the Light. This process is underway and is reaching its first major milestones. The prime instrument of your enslavement is wealth, and especially that most hideous invention of theirs, "fiat money." This insidious invention has created unnecessary inflations and manipulated panics or "crashes" for centuries. Each time, these vile maneuvers greatly enrich the core of the dark cabal while creating events that have further cemented their rising power.

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