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NaturalNews) Just as predicted, vaccine companies are soon planning to unveil an Ebola vaccine in response to the manufactured Ebola outbreak that's allegedly still spreading throughout West Africa. A genetically-modified (GM) Ebola vaccine that's currently undergoing human clinical trials will be a spray rather than an injection, and its administration, according to one virologist, "...will not require trained medical personnel."

Much like an inhaler, the novel GM Ebola vaccine will be delivered through a special "breathing device" that anyone can pick up and use without a doctor's help. It's made from a common respiratory virus known as human parainfluenza virus type 3, or HPIV3, that scientists artificially engineered to contain genes from the Ebola virus. These genes purportedly encode the proteins of Ebola virus on the outside of the HPIV3 virus, prompting an immune response.

Researchers publishing their work in the Journal of Clinical Investigation say the vaccine has already been tested on six rhesus macaques, whose respiratory tracts were deliberately infiltrated with the GM virus. One month later, these same monkeys were injected with a dose of Ebola virus that was 1,000 times higher than the level that would normally kill them, but they survived.

The GM virus in the vaccine apparently replicated in the monkeys' respiratory tracts upon inhalation, which in turn caused their cells to produce multiple copies of the Ebola virus's coat. Recognizing the resultant end product as a foreign invader, the monkeys' immune systems attacked it, which researchers say is an indicator of success.

They're now testing this experimental GM Ebola vaccine on a small group of humans in the next step towards eventual commercialization, with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) leading the Phase I trial. The goal is to confirm the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, which they expect to undergo another three years or more of safety testing.

Aerosolized GM Ebola vaccine provides airborne vector to unleash deadly disease outbreak

The researchers involved with the study claim the vaccine doesn't show any signs of harmful side effects, but time will tell whether or not this is actually the case. The unmitigated replication of a genetically engineered virus inside the body can't be a good thing, even if the body supposedly recognizes it as foreign and attacks it.

This particular vaccine also works differently from other vaccines in that it targets two types of immunity - "local" and system-wide. Local, in this case, refers to the immunity present in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, while system-wide immunity refers to the gamut of immune cells that normally circulate throughout the body.

How this alteration in immune stimulation will affect humans in the long term is currently unknown, though researchers don't seem all that concerned about the potential for major autoimmune effects. Their only focus, it seems, is to rush this GM Ebola vaccine to market as quickly as possible and to make it as easy as possible for people to receive it, particularly in poorer areas of West Africa.

As with any aerosol-based vaccine, there's also the potential for viral spread beyond the individual to whom it's being administered. Like with live-virus influenza vaccines, virus "shedding" is a serious concern, as is the threat of a GM virus spreading like wildfire throughout a population and potentially causing an outbreak of disease.

"In other words, creating the vector Ebola hasn't had yet - being airborne," wrote one Gizmodo commenter about the potential for a major catastrophe stemming from this novel vaccine. "Giving it to strains that will have developed a resistance to the vaccine and then disseminating it worldwide. What could possibly go wrong?"

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Money system and dharmic (akashic) system

Virtual money and virtual dharma

I have been long thinking about the duality aspects of materiality and spirituality in term of money and something. I guess that that something is termed nearest as “dharma”.

Honestly, if I have a choice, I wouldn’t use this term. Sadly I can’t find any better term. The meaning is something like your good doings will be archived (into spiritual or mental means), which will influence your mental and emotional state in reality. Another word “karma” which is closely related with this, represents the “bad doings”, and also the “akashic record”, a system about archiving everything in life. However, I do not try to relate myself here with Hinduism or heaven and hell, for I am just to use the words. However, considering that universal laws are not belonged to anything but everything, what am I presenting here has nothing to do with a specific religion.

So, try to think like this way, if money is printed virtual value, a profit or dept measured material property, then dharma is virtual record that measures a person’s (spiritual) doings, as right or wrong, life or death, light or darkness, spirituality and morality… which to me it is as chaotic as to measure the material property as in our physical world.

Is money a bad idea in human society? Yes and no.

Without money, human will still live in batter system as in stone age. Mathematically speaking, money is a result of standardizing the value of material property. Without money, higher logistical trading is impossible. Value like gold measure by weight is impractical since trading nowadays can vary from a million dollars to a mili-cent.

Bad side of money. Yes, when peoples are living in a materialistic world that is totally measured by money, they lost in materialistic possession. Peoples forget about what a real matter is, only be able to recognize money and to earn and buy a property with money. Peoples abuse money without thinking through how a physical world works, which in the end cause the relation between money and matter to break, something like inflation up to the point that money becomes no value at all, happens.

Physical world as measured by money is incomplete. In situation such as certain knowledge and skill can bring a lot profits but the quality of knowledge and skill is not. Job like gold mining is incomparable with farming, the first uses less physicality but earn more than the later, yet without farming the gold miners end up starving. Things get more complicated with physical technology, where technology can be used as improvement onto these skills yet abuses environment.

Just everything has its double edges, as I am trying to make this topic simple here.

Moves on next, it is interesting to apply this money concept to spirituality.

With our archives or (akashic) records of our good and bad doings, which we wishfully believe so that our fortune comes by our good doings, and suffering faces us when we do bad. Yet the question remains since we have really hard time to judge what is right and wrong. This can be reflected to our money system where how are we going to measure a value of a property, as if if gold mining is always better than farming. Usually, the more rare of a certain property is, the higher the value of it as money. So then, we turn around and see our spirituality, something like working with a certain connection with something or someone, has greater “value” of good doing where peoples are respecting more with it. To say, there will be a greater dharma on a certain doings and lesser dharma on the other, yet, it is hard to measure if it is really the case.

Not sure how exactly I come up with this but it is just hard to understand in spiritual way. Not that I am sure of it, but the idea is there. You should knew it, sometimes I am just giving opinion more than to claim.

However, knowing that in money system, we can have debt and loan, so spiritually speaking, it will be karma and wrong doing.

Ok, karma or wrong doing as debt, that is understandable, but wait, karma and wrong doing as loan?

How is it possible for spiritualist “restating historical debt” and “borrow future money”? Why not? People can try to promote him/herself with something like create promise to attract others, whatever the reason he/she is up to, later, either he/she will break his/her promise or fulfils others’s need as promised. So it is possible to have debt or loan, if we try to look at that way.

This makes some sense to me on how I have observed in some spiritual personal or group, where there are people being fortunate in the beginning but suffer later, or in opposite. In ideal situation, of course nobody want to have a debt or loan, and everyone is wishfully working on a life that has only good fortune. Just like trying to work and be rich and live a good life. If karma is similar to a loan, then it is a loan from a person or group whom have loaned dharma to help to solve a problem but has to pay back to the person or group as his/her or theirs dharma. It is like trading a dharma but in deficit.

If so, then the karma isn’t really about sin, it is more like to pay back to where is borrow from. People often refers karma as a bad doing that returns to the doer, like if somebody is in bad luck, it must be from something he/she been doing wrong. Karma, under dharma, becomes a lack of good doing that needs to return, thus there is no such thing as sin. A lack of dharma due to loan from others just has to pay the dharma back to loaner; a lack of dharma due to self, as borrowed from self, or “God”, has to give back to self. With that, sin is not a suffering, wrong doing has nothing to do with right doing, right and wrong are two different manners. Suffering has nothing to do with wrong doing, it is just suffering that has to work out, to gain and repay dharma fill in the lacking, Sin and wrong doing happen when one starts to distort somebody’s right doing, which is blame, and blame is not really suffering but inflict pain on others, where sinner enjoy blaming people around them and enjoy living is his/her own illusion of falsely victorious of finding faults on others, which in turn turn him/herself into an idiot.

How about a person that has not borrow any dharma thus has no karma? If he/she always been working by him/herself without the need of dharma, he should be having no suffering, right? It is possible, if only he/she never interacts with anyone beside him/herself. No good nor bad, it just stop develops.

Yet, a big question here is, what if spirituality is similarly been abused like money? Where good and bad are measured by virtual dharma, instead of the quality of good and bad itself? Yes, just because of you doing a lot of certain good deeds don’t mean you can use that to solve other problem, you are merely trading a spiritual service, dharma, but you are not to promote a spiritual path that claims to be able to overcome everything. Gold miners are incomparable to farmers, the only true path is mutual relationship.

Thus, virtual dharmic system cannot cover all of the morality here. Similar to virtual money system, it cannot cover every material quality on earth, golds cannot replace vegetables.

Morality occurs because of the deficiency of dharmic system. Dharmic system is a standard for measuring good and bad doings, also with the karma or spiritual loan and debt. That system creates and forms rules, but in such a way that human manages rules, not rules manage human, human has morality to justify rules.

Science aligns the money system back to nature, to measure the quality and quantity of material properties by natural constants, not by human desires.

There should be another topic about morality and dharmic system, but right now it is enough.

~dark messenger~

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Excess dietary sugar and lack of exercise are not the only factors influencing your weight. Research shows environmental and dietary toxins also play a role—and perhaps a significant one. As recently reported by Scientific American:13

"A new study14 suggests the long-held industry assumption that bisphenol-A breaks down safely in the human body is incorrect. Instead, researchers say, the body transforms the ubiquitous chemical additive into a compound that might spur obesity.

The study is the first to find that people's bodies metabolize bisphenol-A (BPA) — a chemical found in most people and used in polycarbonate plastic, food cans and paper receipts — into something that impacts our cells and may make us fat."

When you're exposed to BPA, it takes about six hours for your liver to metabolize approximately half of the concentration. Up to 90 percent of what your liver metabolizes is eventually excreted, but the fact that it's metabolized and excreted doesn't mean it's harmless. By treating mouse and human cells with the BPA metabolite, called BPA-Glucuronide, the researchers showed the cells had a "significant increase in lipid accumulation," which is an indication that the cells are turning into fat cells.

What this means is that the BPA metabolite is not inactive, as was previously assumed. It's actually quite biologically active, so we cannot make blanket statements (assumptions, really) saying that since it's a metabolite, it's inactive and therefore has no health effects. As noted by one of the study's authors: "Hopefully this [study] stops us from making assumptions about endocrine disrupting chemicals in general."

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Let The Emergence of a New Humanity Begin!

Let The Emergence of a New Humanity Begin

27th July 2015

By Paul Lenda

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Reality is a consciousness hologram with the ability for us to move through time, to experience the full range of emotions we feel as humans. This vast (even infinite) quantum reality is filled with metaphors to help us understand and bridge the gap between physical reality and the nonphysical subtle reality of consciousness. The rainbow bridge is the ultimate metaphor in shifting our awareness towards a place where we are consciously evolving and becoming intentional evolutionaries. By crossing this bridge, we are able to become self-realized and self-realization is then just one step away from full enlightenment and liberation.

Even legendary physicists Einstein and Planck have said that matter doesn’t exist. By finally realizing that we are not what we think we are – this solid body that our basic senses perceive is the real ‘us’ – we can experience self-realization on the highest level where we realize that we are multidimensional consciousness simultaneously experiencing a wider horizon of Reality than we had ever previously thought was possible; even if we come from a religious background since this realization transcends all human concepts.

The purpose of life is to gain experience. What else is life but a continuous stream of experiences? Of continuous being and becoming? The only constant in existence is change. There are enormous transitional and transformational shifts and changes occurring right now, the end result of which is still too hazy to see clearly. What we can all do to help ensure that the future is a bright one – one that fully empowers and liberates humans wherever and whoever they may be – is to shift our minds towards unity and away from all the divisiveness that plagues human society.

We are all interconnected… it’s time we start living life reflecting this reality.

The concept of Oneness and being One with everyone and everything is not a new concept at all. It is probably actually the underlying concept of all major belief systems that has survived to this day. This concept is something that has in recent times been dubbed The Golden Rule which expresses that we are to treat others as we would like them to treat us because we are all part of the same Whole and any one thing we do to someone else, we are doing to ourselves. This is where global consciousness becomes a relevant topic, which is the idea that each one of the 7 billion individual brains that have consciousness are in fact, One collective consciousness.

How Do We Change the World? We Change the Story

Human beings are a storytelling species. As much as we would like to believe that we are rational, scientific people who consider all the “facts” before acting, the truth is that our stories and the roles we play in them have a far greater impact on our behavior. Your family, past experience, and even your name are all part of the story of who you are (or at least who you tell yourself you are). We play many roles in different stories – husband, wife, co-worker, business partner, sibling, employee, boss, waiter, customer, father, mother, friend – and it is each of these roles that has a far greater impact on our behavior.

We also have another kind of story, a collective story that answers the question of who we are as a people. The current story of the people descends from the Newtonian, mechanistic worldview. It says that we are each separate beings – separate from each other and from Nature -interacting through market transactions to maximize economic and reproductive self-interest. In this story, dolphins suffocated by oil spills, starving children, and ostracized homeless people does not affect us. How can it if we are truly separate from one another?

This belief that we are separate from one another is being challenged both by quantum science and our own intuition. We know in our hearts that the world is supposed to be much more beautiful than what has been offered to us as normal. As the old story of separation falls apart, a new story based on the interconnected web of life is being born.

The Creation of a Consciousness Shift

A book by author Paul Lenda…

creation of a consciousness shift 194x300 Becoming an Intentional EvolutionaryThrough the power of consciousness we are choosing our own reality, and with that, we have the opportunity to affect a global and transpersonal shift in consciousness that will elevate the human collective to a much higher level of being.

Through The Creation of a Consciousness Shift, Paul shows that such a massive shift is possible.

Paul’s words will stir up a spirit of action and change, make you question the way you think, and challenge your perception of reality. In “The Creation…” Paul offers scientific evidence in support of his message transcendental self-growth, as well as several tools and methods you can use to help facilitate the biggest, most positive change humanity has ever seen – a global shift in consciousness.

“The Creation of a Consciousness Shift” is available on Amazon and

Previous articles by Paul Lenda:

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7 Gateways to Heaven on Earth Channeler: Thoth

The 7 Gateways to "Heaven on Earth":

Would you believe me,
If I told you,
I am speaking to you now,
From Heaven,
And I can get you there,
In 7 steps?
let us journey together, through the 7 gateways...

Gate 1) love of self

Ah, the first gate way, some of you may already be past this point, but everyone has to start somewhere. Until you can love yourself, there is no way you can love anyone else, your perspective of yourself, sets the standard for your view, and treatment of others, until you can perceive yourself, even with your faults, as deserving of love, you will not be able to love anyone else with their faults. Until you come to terms with this, you still need to over-come the first gate.

You have passed this gate when:
-you believe your life has value
-you believe you are lovable and worth love
-your worth does not depend on anything or anyone
-you perceive yourself in a positive light
-you believe you deserve respect and you treat yourself respectfully
-you accept your "faults" and have come to terms with them, you understand their value, and do not see them as bad
-you are content with who you are, and do not compare yourself to others

Read the next six here:
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The colonial practice of taking without asking must come to an end. Together we must end the conquest of nature or nature will end humanity. Each of us have an important choice to make as we stand at the crossroads, we can be part of the healing, the solution, or part of the destruction of everything sacred. This choice is made every day in the way you live, the things you choose to buy, the food you put in your body, the way you treat people around you, the news you share on social networks, your participation (or lack of) in your local community, the way you vote. The choice is ours to make, this life is a blessing but it comes with great responsibility.”

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The Split in Reality is Now

Living in Parallel Reality Now



Dear Friends,


Laarkmaa has long spoken about the coming shift where Light Movers move into a new reality and Earth ascends to become the New Earth. They tell us today that time is here and already happening and explain how what we see around us can be interpreted as the split between realities.



As part of your ascension process, consider scheduling a personal synchronization with Laarkmaa to assist you in your evolution. Laarkmaa is always happy to assist us with their perspective.




With Love and Light

Pia and Cullen

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From "THE NEW EARTH TIMES July 22, 2015"

Wednesday, July 22, 2015                                                                   

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Today's Headlines

Ashtar Gives Update as Cabal Grasps at Straws
Community Corner:  Sheldan Nidle                                                                                                                   Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy    
Ashtar Gives Update as Cabal Grasps at Straws         
By Ashtar, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation Fleet
Greetings, Beloved Ones, it is my pleasure to bring you this message to be included in THE NEW EARTH TIMES.  We are excited to see your interest and participation in the new projects and networks that are forming now on Earth.  We want to encourage you to do this in your own lives - reach out to others in a way that brings people together, encourages sharing knowledge and information, and lifts everyone's spirits.  In other words, send this on to your friends.
I will tell you a bit about the changing conditions you are experiencing now on the Earth plane, and how you can use your growing strength and Light to manage them and raise yourself even as you work through challenging times. 
For the past 24 hours, the dark hats have been generating and broadcasting high-pitched frequencies across the entire globe from a few remaining underground hiding places.  We are working systematically to eliminate these strongholds of the cabal, and you may notice there are considerably fewer attacks of this kind in recent weeks, but this recent one will present a challenge for some, so we want to arm you with the information you need to rise above it with grace and confidence.
The original plan the cabal created as a last-ditch attempt to take over the planet included a two-phase attack.  First, they blanketed the Earth with specially programmed nano-particles, which were designed to enter all human bodies through the food, water, clothing and contact with the soil and plants.  Many manufactured foods were laced with these tiny particles, and of course you are aware of the chemtrails which filled the skies with various chemical and biological weapons.  I assure you, these programs have been curtailed and are nearly gone now, but the residue of their dastardly actions remainNo one on Earth is without traces of these technological "implants." 
The second phase of the attack is these high-frequency sound waves which are tuned specifically to transmit commands to the "nanos" to create thoughts and emotional responses in the host.  It is something like the way your TV remote can program and operate your TV from a distance with the touch of a button. This was supposed to be their "ace in the hole," their final best attempt to at last turn Earth into the slave planet they wanted to control completely.
The thought/feeling tone of this latest attack is intended to create feelings of defeat, helplessness and malaise, to prepare you for defeat and surrender to the next "false flag" attempt to draw everyone into World War III.  Depending upon the state of the host's mental and emotional bodies, the response can range from despair to depletion, from paranoia to uneasiness to thoughts of aggression or suicide. 
We tell you this to arm you against "falling" for the trap of believing that the uncomfortable feelings and headaches the frequencies may cause are originating in your own bodies and minds, or that there is something wrong with you.  Holding strong against these final thrashings of the cabal is your individual contribution to the conclusive defeat of their devious programs.  When you refuse to be tricked into feeling something that is not in alignment with your own integrity and convictions, you are creating a mirror which reflects the frequencies back to the sender, nullifying their effects on you.
I will give you a brief exercise to help remain steady as you ride out these final moments of willful arrogance and malevolence on the part of the dying monster that has been the cabal.  You are familiar with the Pillar of Light.  Let us adapt this powerful protection to the current incoming sound waves, to provide you with an effective technique for not just riding out, but riding above the frequencies.
Begin by lighting up the diamonds in the center of your brain, your heart and your solar plexus (your will).  Feel the border of your Light Pillar, just beyond your outstretched arms.  Inside the warmth and protection of Light, reach up to make contact with Mother and Father God, and allow their Love to flow down and around you, swirling and surrounding you in their HoneyLove, as we like to call it.  Now, reach downward into the center of Terra and anchor yourself solidly in her core, and feel her loving embrace as you do so.  Now, within the swirling energies of Love and Light within your Pillar, feel yourself float upward lightly, as Mother and Father's Love draws you toward them.
Within your gently uplifting energies of Light, observe the sound frequencies coming across the ground and bouncing off the walls of your Pillar, just below where you float gently, observing and hearing them from a distance, but not participating with them.  Allow the frequencies to flow around or bounce off your Pillar without touching you with their message.  You are of a different vibration, on a different plane of existence - in a different dimension, you might observe, from these low-level frequencies.  You are free.
As you do this, raising yourself closer to Mother and Father and to us.  You are ascending, raising your vibration in preparation for your final Ascension to come.  Rejoice in your triumphant actions, and let your light heart fill with joy.  You are reclaiming your Divinity and staking your claim to an honored place among us.  As a bonus, invite your Twin Flame to dance the dance of Love with you as you float gently upward, basking in our adoration of both of you.
Do this often throughout the day, Dear Ones.  You will become used to the feeling of freedom and close companionship that is your birthright.  We join with you in celebration and joy as you traverse this last part of the journey, held closely in our embrace.
Salut, Beloved Ones, I am your brother, Ashtar


Channeled by Kathryn, New York, 22 July 2015


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On the 8th day of the 8th month at the 8th hour, there will be a specific spiritual dimensional shift in energies, to bring in important changes, to ensure the Divine plan, for the continuance of the human race, is upheld.

It is important that you are open to receiving these new energies that will ricochet around the globe. Why are these key activations important to you?

These new key activations will open up humanity to the realm of greater soul understanding. This particular phase will take you into lessons of self-sufficiency, and understanding that, to rely on others, will not help you evolve. This is necessary in order for you to understand how to manifest your own experiences.

For too long, humanity has relied on being led. Throughout history, this has resulted in poverty, suffering and great disappointment for the entire human race. These new energies will herald the deactivation of the need to control, through governments and material corruption.


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(Note:  The introductory song which Mother Gaia chose is John Denver's Rhymes and Reasons.  If you're not familiar with it, you might like to listen to it now, to further understand and enjoy her message: )


"Greetings, my most Beloved Children!  I chose that song* for you because I see you all as bright as the flowers, as innocent as the children, holding hands and with Hearts joined on this miraculous journey to Freedom!!!  I see you all as my Beloved Children - all of you, with such beautiful intentions in your Hearts.  And even though the World has been a difficult place for you at times, you still have that wondrous innocence of the children.  And it is that you have a Spirit alive in you that says, "There is a better way!"

"And yes, there is a lot of tumbling and crumbling going on in your World:  Institutions which were so self-serving, even though they have said they were here to serve you; people, humans - and those who appear to be human from some other places - with agendas hidden up until the most recent of times.

"There are even those who use children and flowers as cover, so to speak, for whatever purposes they might have, including some so evil and heinous - yes, that is judgmental, but that is what they have been.  I will not mention them here.  I choose instead for you to see the rainbows, see the sun shining through the clouds, see how crystal clear the air is at the mountain tops and in the meadows filled with the flowers in bloom, the beautiful colors, and the songs, the music that you hear. For this, my children, is your Heritage, your Divine Heritage, and this is what you are leading the way to!!!

"I shall only begin to describe the beauty of Higher Dimensional Planet Earth.  Imagine vast meadows full of flowers blooming, where the lion truly lies down with the lamb, where the children are everywhere.  And it is sometimes difficult to distinguish you from the children, for you are all laughing and dancing and singing and in so much Joy that I, as a Mother, feel my Heart so full that it is literally overflowing with the Love I hold for all of my children in all of my Kingdoms!!!

"And yes, we are joined by some of the most magical of my Kingdom members - magical because you think they’re not here, but they are!  They’re just in a Higher Dimension, and some of you are starting to see them, are you not?!  The beautiful unicorns, the ones who fly – Pegasus kinds of beings, and the winged dragons, the little ones, somewhat like fairies with wings that actually keep them in the air for great lengths of time.  And, oh, the colors are so beautiful, so beautiful!!!  The flowers that sing a symphony - you have only to listen - and all of the wondrous creatures of the animal Kingdoms who are friendly and loving!

"Now there is a transition to make, that is true.  There are waters to clean up.  And the very earth itself which has been, I will simply say, poisoned.  But all of this can clear.  You already have some knowledge on this, and our Galactic brothers and sisters shall bring technologies which are absolutely wondrous, indeed.  You know they have seeds that can regrow an old growth forest in as little as a month?!

"And there shall be replicators so that you can nourish yourselves, if you so choose, without having to kill any animal or plant, because the plants have a consciousness, too.  And it is their life force energy that you access, but you can access Love energy, highest energy in the Universe, life force energy - prana, chi, qi, whatever you choose to call it - through that which comes from the marvelous technologies.  And it is imbued with the life force energies so as to sustain you for as long as you choose to partake.

"There will be great forests for you to walk in and commune.  You will be able to hear the wisdom there and to share your wisdoms with all who dwell there and with all who come there, just as in the meadows and the gardens!  Rivers clean and full of life to refresh you, to walk beside, and to feel, to feel the energies there.  Oceans also clean and clear.  No more toxins, no more acres of plastic.  And as on land so also in the sea - there shall be Peace in the Kingdom of the seas as well.

"And cool and pristine lakes - water in plentiful supply, pure, everywhere pure.  This is the Earth as it began in Lemuria and this is how it was and this is what - together with the Love in your Hearts and, yes, expressions coming from that Love - Planet Earth shall bloom again!!! And it shall be so blessed and bountiful with beauty, wondrous fragrances, and most of all, refreshing, energizing and yet calming Peace and Love for all of Humanity!

"The entire Planet shall be a garden!  Deserts shall bloom in places where there is no water now.  No one will have to stay crammed into overcrowded cities.  It will be a choice. Governments will be for the people - of the people and by the people - FOR THE PEOPLE!!! Everyone shall have abundance! And this will give everyone their own Sovereign Freedom to ENJOY the World around them, and to travel to other places that they may wish to see, and to join in wherever they are drawn to be - to express in so many ways!  This will not happen overnight, as you say, but it will seem almost as such.  When the Announcements are made, there will still be plenty to do, but the guidelines are already in place.  The blueprints are posted everywhere!

"And it is only to continue to energize all of these changes -  free, or shall I say, innocent of anything except Love-based thoughts, words and deeds!  For the World will not get where it’s going with retribution or vengeance or any old three dimensional concepts or programs.  We have gotten this far together energized by Love, only Love!!!  And that, Beloved Ones, is our fuel, our energy and our source for all that we do in this moment, and all to come!

"So focus upon these visions and create your own.  You might like to draw pictures or do some writings of what you see in the Higher Dimensional World, where - the Truth is - we already are!  And yet it is still a bit difficult to imagine, or to see, or to visualize or to place yourselves into at all times, because we still have some third dimensional programs to deal with.  But it is only to do so from the Higher Dimensional Perspectives of Love.

"And with these visions and these images, look out your window and see how beautiful Planet Earth is - no matter what it looks like in 3D - and you will be assisting greatly in the transitions, the transformations and the very transmutations - up, full time, out of 3D and into the Higher Dimensions so as to be fully connected, because you’re already there in part.  I am already there.  My Kingdoms are already there, and they await your full time residence!

"Bless you, my Beloved Children.  You are so bright, you are so beautiful.  And I love you and I rejoice from my Heart to yours that we are together in this journey.  So let us hold hands and continue up the mountains, for we are already part way there. And in loving service, I join with you in the Oneness of Our Love. And so it is.  Namaste!"

* Rhymes and Reasons, composed and sung by John Denver

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, July 14, 2015.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2015. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.
© Ashtar on the Road Publications 2004-2015.  All rights reserved. 
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We are the Arcturian Group 7/19/15


JULY 19, 2015

Greetings from the Arcturian Group. Know that everything is proceeding according to plan, and be not afraid dear ones, for the many changes and upheavals happening on earth at this time are all proof of the shifting energy of evolution. Remember as you observe chaos taking place in the world, that what has become old, more often than not, only leaves after a great deal of resistance.

We wish to speak today of change, a topic we have spoken of before. There are many who as of yet do not associate needed change with personal change. These dear ones see and work toward change in politics, religion, and government, but do not realize that they themselves are the politics, religion, and government. Outer change can only manifest from the substance from which it is formed--consciousness.

You as creators, have over time created many different three dimensional worlds, each manifesting the belief system and consensus consciousness of the times. When enough people awaken, the enlightened world consciousness will once again shift the dynamic of the whole, for consciousness and its manifestation are one and the same. Notice that as concepts and beliefs change (states of consciousness) laws and acceptable ways of living also change.

Change is extremely difficult for those who find security and comfort in sameness. It is very easy to rest back in ways that up to now have worked to bring a level of harmony and peace regardless of how it was accomplished. These dear ones struggle and resist, and often without thought automatically bring judgement and criticism to any suggestions of change in their personal world or the world in general. This is an expression of fear.

Those accustomed to believe without question what authority figures tell them, respond with; "We have always done it this way and it has worked. The government, priest, expert has said...". However this mind set is no longer working because the energy manifesting and supporting it is dissolving. These ways were perfect and necessary for their time, but it is a NEW TIME, and if you look closely, you will discover cracks beginning to appear in the foundation of long held world concepts.

Many commonplace ideas, beliefs, and world solutions no longer resonate with an awakening mankind and because they no longer hold the belief energy necessary to keep them in place, are crumbling. This appears as chaos and brings about all varieties of fear for those of a superstitious and un-awakened states of consciousness.

In your personal lives many of you are discovering that long standing relationships with certain friends or members of your family seem to be weakening--you are no longer on the same page so to speak. This is because resonance attracts like resonance. If you have made a shift in consciousness, you no longer resonate with those who remain in the previous energy. This can be very confusing and even hurtful for those who do not understand and interpret the situation on a three dimensional level.

It is not that you are better than them, it is simply a matter of being in a new place energetically--like energy attracts like energy. Often there comes a point in the spiritual journey at which the student finds they have no friends at all. This is the point at which you must trust this part of the journey, not trying to fix or make things work again according to popular thinking. Very quickly the student will find that those of a similar resonance are attracted into their sphere, and become the new friends. Know that you are being guided every step of the way and cannot be other than on your chosen path.

Fear governs the actions of many large corporations and individuals as they observe their business models no longer resonating with the majority. This is happening in the medical/pharmaceutical fields as well as with organized religions and world governments. Frequently no holds are barred financially or dishonestly in the effort to bring customers back.

Without evolving change in the consciousness of a business and individuals involved, heavy promotion tactics simply will not work because as with individuals, the energy no longer resonates--they are not speaking to the new consciousness and people are not so easily fooled as they once were. You will begin to observe this frantic struggle to make the old work as it once did, more and more in all sorts of situations.

Change is often difficult for spiritual leaders and light workers if their focus and teachings have been locked into specific practices and teachings. They will find that what once worked , no longer works. This is because any spiritual practice or beliefs rigidly not allowed to evolve, will not resonate with the evolving consciousness of serious seekers. As students move on and fewer are attracted, many a sincere spiritual teacher is left to wonder why and this question will become the teachers lesson.

Dogma, rigidity, and righteousness have no place in true spirituality for they represent stagnation--impossible within an omnipresent and infinitely unfolding Divine Consciousness. Duality and separation beliefs cannot be carried into the new energy.

Work, play, beliefs, practices, and every spark of daily living is moving into new and higher expression. Your job is stand back and allow, letting go of any attempts to figure it all out with the mind according outdated and often incorrect world beliefs. A mind conditioned through many lifetimes with third dimensional beliefs needs time to reprogram. This means allowing new awareness's to integrate and become one's state of consciousness while at the same time releasing everything recognized as old and finished.

The minute there is resistance to anything, an energy block is created. We are not saying you must embrace every new idea of truth that presents itself, for always there must be discernment ( a facet of personal power). Be alert to ideas and beliefs being hyped as "new" that are simply repackaged "old". It is imperative that without pre-judgment, you honestly examine in the light of your unfolding evolution, every concept and belief you hold as true or become newly aware of even if just to say; "Interesting".

Non resistance is much easier than fighting every idea that may be different from what you have always believed. It is ego (the sense of separation from the whole), that does not want to admit it may of been incorrect about something. Let that false sense of self dissolve into the nothingness that it is dear ones, for it is simply the belief you are a human being who must struggle for every bit of recognition or value.

Never become spiritual door mats, living in fear of expressing personal choices because of rigidly binding man made rules that define spirituality.

It is time for all choosing to proceed on a spiritual evolutionary journey to trust that there is a bigger picture unfolding and that you need not know everything about it. Be open, allow, and let go without fear for you can only expand more and more--life is unending.

Trust that if you have chosen to evolve, you are doing it. The "train leaves the station" with your intent. You will be on your chosen path and always guided even when it seems as if nothing is happening. The do-ing part is complete for many of you. It is time now for the Be-ing part which may seem right now to be a doing nothing.

Throughout time, you have been programmed to believe that spiritual progress could only happen with spiritual "do-ing--reading, writing, healing, studying, taking classes, having energy sessions. This has always been the way for spiritual growth and learning and you did all these things sincerely and well.

We do not say you will never again be guided to some teacher, book or class. However, know that it is now a NEW TIME--a time for greater selectivity, trust, and allowing. A time now to listen, rest in, live, and practice the truths you learned allowing yourselves to birth a new state of consciousness.

There is nothing to become, you already are.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/19/15

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Wake up Call: St. Germain, July 16, 2015

Today I would like to bring you an update on what is taking place in the money field. There is much distribution being set into place that will swim around the world and disrupt many trials of error that have been taking place. When I speak of trials of error I am addressing the means by which the moneys have been distributed and shared over the years. This has been a game that many of the underground workers have been playing. Now they are finding that there are no longer any funds coming their way. Those funds are now taking a secret passageway that will come into the open for all the world to see and experience.

As this takes place it will be obvious to those who are in the know about the situation and how it has been being addressed. They are the ones who have been staying informed as to the upheavals taking place in the money system, and how it is all turning around. Those who have not been informed will very soon know what has been taking place around the world. They will be informed as to the truth not only of the money issues, but also of the various other issues that have kept humanity in bondage for so long.

You will all see the changes take place in front of your eyes and all around the world. You all will see that there is a new world governance, religion, educational system, etc, as all of the aspects of human life take on their new changes. Some will even say goodbye to those who thought that they represented the best that could be in the energy of what they were told. They will realize that they have been kept in the dark about the truth of the lies that they have been conditioned to believe and support.

My dear ones, this is all going to enlighten the world. As it comes to the reality that is actually now in the works, it will answer many questions, and even raise a few more, as to what has been going on in this world. Many people will have questions that will be answered not only by those bringing the changes, but by being able to look around and see the truth unfold in front of them.

I am St. Germain, my dear ones, and I have come this day to bring you up to date on the changes that are about to become evident to all of you. They will resound through many of you, and even some of you will realize it is time to take your places in the wheel of distribution and use of the funds that have been promised. You will see that even though it has seemed a long time for them to come forward, when you look at how long this has been taking place to inspire the changes. Then you will realize that it is but a breath of truth that is being sent forth by those who are behind the scenes in action to come forth and be seen in what they are doing for mankind and all of life on this wondrous planet.

I am walking with you and lending my energy in ways that I will be able to bring forth to you as I walk with you on the land and in the various places where I have been taking trips incognito for some time. I will be able to come forth and share with you what has been taking place behind the trees, bushes, and mountains that have been set into place for so long. They will all be as they were meant to be and will have a new way of expression that will raise your awareness in ways that will bring a new sense of peaceful purpose to your hearts and lives.

I go now and set my pace in a dance mode, for I love you all and I look forward to the day when I can come forth and dance with you all in this new land of peace, joy and love. It is you and all of us who have been looking forward to that day of freedom and bliss that is right there now on the horizon. Love to you all, in Peace and Joy!

Thank you so much dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


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Montague Keen - July 12, 2015

zon.jpgThere is much confusion in your world and it is all designed to hold you hostage to the forces which are now pushing for complete control. They realise that their only hope of success is to strike now, while many of you are still asleep. You MUST reclaim your free will. Do the Soul Contract Revocations; these will ensure that you free yourselves.
[Andrew Bartzis and Bradley Love have made them available to you on their web sites.]

Soul Contracts were used to trap you in the digital sacred geometry system, as well as the physical sacred geometry system which OVERLAYS THE NATURAL EARTH LEY LINES.

I HAVE ASKED MANY TIMES THAT YOU WORK ON FREEING THIS SACRED ENERGY FOR HUMANITY. There are 32 obelisks, plus sacred geometry buildings, where this energy is stored. It is in the bricks of government buildings. Go to these places and reclaim your free will. This is the only way that you can rescue humanity from this system of domination and control. You can do this. All it takes is the will to do it. You have everything to gain if you take these steps to unlock their control grid.

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