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Linda Li is with Magdalene Paula.

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with an important message. Divine has decreed that the planetary ascension has reached a point that all truth has to come out. Truth related to the planet herself and truth related to the origin of humanity. The truth about our existence on the planet and the truth about the planet ascension. The truth is that all planetary ascensions require a great deal of effort, and work togetherness. There is no exception here on earth. We have to let the planet and humanity know that we are here, and we are the Divine team. We are here so that we can lead and be a help. The planet needs help, help from heaven in time like this. The planet herself knows that, and her children need to know that. We are here to lead the planetary ascension for humanity. We are here because it is needed according to the law. We are here because we are the ones that represent the planet and humanity. It is the design, and now is the time to make it known. We are here to stay, not just for the ascension alone. We are here to stay for the long haul. What I mean by that is that we are going to lead the planetary ascension, lead humanity home and stay with humanity after the ascension because it is our desire to do so. It is according to the spiritual law that we can stay if we choose to. The law says that we are one, from the same source and we are unity consciousness. There is no separation. So, we choose to stay, at least for the time being. As for how long this ascension will be achieved? We haven't have exact assessment. However, we do know, it is a life time, a human being's lifetime, that is how long will be allowed. How long the earth will be stable? You may ask, we would say, it depends. It depends on how quickly the earth can shake off all that old energy, and how soon she can adapt the new normal and that is all we can share at the moment. Mother Earth works very hard at the moment shaking off the unnecessary energy. She is in the cycle of getting rid of the old. Once this cycle is over, she is going to continue the remapping and reorganization and that is the most challenging part for humanity because it means natural disasters, and it means souls have to leave the planet if it is their time, and souls have to move if their regions need to be moved. There is going to be a lot of remapping I would say. The earth is going to do it rather quickly so that she can move on to the next phase. So, my advice is to stay alert, listen to the Divine messages. And that is the source from.
Humanity is going to get used to the idea that Divine is in charge on the planet now and Divine is the source of information in terms of what is happening on the planet on the daily basis. We designed it this way, and we will carry it out shortly. You will see it soon.
Besides this, we also want the planet and humanity to know that Divine Mother/Father God is here. They are going to make themselves known so that the planet can be unified and can act together in the name of one. Divine designed that Washington DC is going to be the spiritual center, and Divine Mother/Father God is going to reside there, in Washington DC, the center for the planet, spiritual center, and the center for Divine presence.
Besides Divine presence, we also will introduce our star brothers and sisters to the planet and humanity. It is time. Our star brothers and sisters have been on the planet since eons ago. They have been diligently assisting our planetary affairs and helping humanity to grow. They are guardians of the planet and they deserve the recognition and awareness from humanity. That is something we want to make sure happens.
Lastly, we want the planet and humanity to know the existence of our beloved light workers. They are the ones who are here to help. One by one, they need to be known because they are the ones who do the hard work on behalf of humanity. They are the ones who have been being neglected the most by the society. Just because their vibrations is different. Those days are over dear light workers. The days you are being abused, neglected or discriminated against is over. You are the rulers, leaders of the planet, because that is the design, that is what you are here for. Celebrate dear ones, go celebrate of your finally made it to the top, made it to the victory.
I am Mother Mary, I love you. In the next few weeks, what I have announced here is going to be manifested in your reality. Mark my words dear ones. Time has come. We are here. Things have changed. Our time has come, go celebrate, with Mother Mary, all of you, go celebrate. I am Mother Mary, I love you. So it is.

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SGP#04 – Ascended Master Instruction, II, p. 11

Saint Germain teaches us to take a firm grip on the inner “Presence” to govern every inharmony and to remove any wrong condition permanently:

Knowing that the outer mind or consciousness is a mighty vehicle through which the tremendous Energy of God can be consciously directed, then we know that we have every moment, all about us, the most powerful Presence for protection and direction, and the supreme solver and adjuster of every condition that opportunity bring before us. It would save so much distress to the individual if on the first intimation of any intruding discord he or she would leap, as it were, into the heart of this Mighty “Presence” and say: “Seemingly the outer has made a mistake. I call on thy law of forgiveness. See that this is adjusted quickly and completely.”

Take a firm grip on the inner “Presence” to govern every inharmony and to remove any wrong condition permanently. The highest and quickest action is always to make the demand to the great inner “Presence.” God’s energy always acts according to the consciousness we have of it. Opportunity is a very poor master; it is you who must always govern it. Use opportunity, but never let it use you.

SGP#04 – Ascended Master Instruction, II, p. 11

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It's Time For Your Annual Dementia Test

(only 4 questions this year)


Yep, it's that time of year again for us to take our annual senior citizen test.

Exercise of the brain is as important as exercise of the muscles.
As we grow older, it's important to keep mentally alert.
If you don't use it, you will lose it !!!

Here is a very private way to gauge how your memory compares to your last test.
Some may think it is too easy, but the ones with memory problems may have difficulty.

Take this test to determine if you're losing it or not.

The spaces below are so you don't see the answers until you've answered.

OK, RELAX, clear your mind and begin.



#1.. What do you put in a toaster ?













Answer: 'bread.' If you said 'toast', just give up now and go do something else.

And, try not to hurt yourself.   If you said, bread, go to Question #2..



# 2. Say 'silk' ten times. Now spell 'silk.' What do cows drink ?













Answer: Cows drink water. If you said 'milk,' don't attempt the next question.

Your brain is already over-stressed and may even overheat.

Content yourself with reading more appropriate literature such as Women's Weekly or Auto World.

However, if you did say 'water', proceed to Question #3.




# 3. If a red house is made from red bricks and a blue house is made from blue bricks and a pink house is made from pink bricks and a black house is made from black bricks, what is a greenhouse made from ?























Answer: Greenhouses are made from glass.



If you said 'green bricks', why are you still reading this ???  PLEASE, go lie down !









But, if you said 'glass,' go on to Question #4.


# 4.. Please do not use a calculator for this for it would be cheating:



You are driving a bus from New York City to Philadelphia.

In Staten Island, 17 people got on the bus.

In New Brunswick, 6 people get off the bus and 9 people get on.

In Windsor, 2 people get off and 4 get on.

In Trenton, 11 people get off and 16 people get on.

In Bristol, 3 people get off and 5 people get on.

And, in Camden, 6 people get off and 3 get on.



You then arrive at Philadelphia Station.





Without going back to review, how old is the bus driver ?




Answer: Oh, for crying out loud !



Don't you remember your own age?!?! It was YOU driving the bus!


If you pass this along to your friends, pray they do better than you.


PS: 95% of people fail most of the questions!

Sorry for all the spaces. You'd be tempted to cheat otherwise. If you had fun with this, send it on; I did.
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The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Receiving Our Divine Inheritance

The Vision for today was sent in to us from our Mayan Calendar Kin, Melovia. In responding to her, Pam said, "This Vision is so beautiful and the way you describe it, attainable and delightful! Thank you!" We intend that it inspires you as much as it inspired us.

As we have done our own work in awakening to a Higher Truth, healing our misconceptions and dealing with the inevitable results of our misqualified and misdirected energy (conscious or unconscious), together let us Envision and Intend that we are now able to call forth and open to receive our Divine Inheritance of everything that we could ever desire or require to fulfill our greatest visions for ourselves, the Earth and All Life.

This can be made manifest through any number of possible means, limited only by our imagination! This is our own inheritance, remember, not someone else's. It already exists and need not be exacted at any price from our brothers and sisters or the Earth or any of Her Kingdoms. How gratifying (and fun!) it will be to see this new Currency of Love flooding the World in the hands of Lightworkers who know what to do with it and use it Joyfully and Constructively for the Highest Good of All That Is!!!

With vast oceans of Love, Gratitude and Appreciation for your Visionary Leadership!
In lak'ech ala Kin
Red Crystal Moon 129


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