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Saint Germain - Ascended Master Discourses

I want you to all feel Our Indomitable Courage within you which just sends you forward like a rocket in all achievement, even in the small details of your outer life. Oh, just feel the Glorious Joy from the Presence surging forth to do things, and when you get there, all is right! Just feel It in the morning when you get up. Hold your arms to the "Presence" and say:

"Mighty I AM Presence, I feel the Glory of Your Energy, Health, and Strength today. Charge them forth into my world; send them everywhere; harmonize and bring everything into Perfect Condition, and when I physically arrive see that all is prepared. See that there is only joy, harmony, and successful achievement when I arrive in physical form."

Oh, Precious Ones, if you would only do that, there would not be a single thing touch you during the day.

⚜️ Saint Germain - Ascended Master Discourses

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Heartflame: Republic Activation, Ascension Waves

Heartflame: Republic Activation, Ascension Waves        NESARA or GESARA is going to be Announced!

"Prior to continuing with this message, let us clarify that by saying the Ascension process will continue to unfold for another thirty to forty years, we are NOT saying that it will take Earth that amount of time to Ascend. Ascension is on schedule to occur in three waves. One being the Event(wave) within the year of 2018. Two, another wave of greater light in 2024. The third and final wave being in 2030. This is based on the energy we receive now, this is the highest probability"

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"This dysfunction affects the brain, the spinal cord, the pancreas, which is why there are so many different manifestations of the illness - sometimes patients will suffer from cardiac symptoms, sometimes it will be symptoms in the gut."

It's something that's confused doctors for decades, and has lead to much of the misdiagnosis of the condition - but the new research suggests that all of the common CFS/ME symptoms can be explained by these faulty calcium ion channels.

"We now know that this is a dysfunction of a very critical receptor and the critical role that this has, which causes severe problems to cells in the body," said Staines.

To be clear, the research was - and still remains - in its early phases; all we know is that these dysfunctional TRMP3 receptors are involved in the disease, and there's a lot more work to be done.

But Staines suggested that the involvement of TRPM3 receptors could explain why so many patients appear to experience CFS/ME following a traumatic event or serious infection.

The class of receptors TRPM3 belongs to are also known as 'threat receptors', because they're upregulated when the body is under any kind of threat, such as infection, trauma, or even childbirth.  {Let's see, the year I came down with the beginnings of CFIDS, my mother was dying, my husband was straying, I was full-time staff at Co$ and undergoing plenty of physical/mental abuse (including copious amounts of lack of sleep), in a smoke-filled environment with an allergy to tobacco smoke, and finally ended up with mononucleosis, which became chronic mono, which became chronic Epstein Barr virus (CEBV), later renamed CFS and then CFIDS.  Hmm.}

Staines and his colleagues have predicted that it's this upregulation that causes the faulty genetic receptors to get over-expressed and then take over, messing up the calcium transfer in a range of cells.

For now, that's just a hypothesis. But it's a much-needed starting point for researchers to look into further.

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