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The outstanding article below and the knockout short video it contains speak for themselves!

#WalkAway: This Man Is Leaving The Democrat Party And He’s Not Looking Back

A YouTube channel called The Unsilent Minority has put out a powerful video in which one man speaks about walking away from the oppression of the democratic party. The video has a whopping 101,000 so far and once you see it, it’s easy to see why.

The man in the video, whose name is unknown, speaks with a passion.  It is undeniable that he’s experienced the horrific side effects of participating in the cult called “liberalism” for so long. But he’s breaking free, and walking away and he’s asking all other Democrats to do the same.


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Mighty Victory’s Discourse XII, p. 269 SGP#09

Intellectual Wisdom is of short duration, but the Wisdom of Life is Eternal. The Wisdom of Life is the Savior of mankind, and every man has got to be his own Savior, by calling to the “I AM” Presence of Life and undoing all the mistakes he has made! To have them dissolved and consumed is the only way he can be saved from his own creation. You have heard the old statement so long used: “Oh, save my soul” - which is your emotional body, your feeling world which has created all the discord that has ever beset you as an individual; and the word “soul” is not synonymous with God, as many have so interpreted it! Soul is the discordant creation of man! God is the “I AM” - your Mighty Presence of Life.

How do you suppose, Ladies and Gentlemen, that in Egypt and those ancient places, such distortion came about in the gods which were created? Because some of their priests had once seen this “I AM” Presence of Life – God Individualized; then, because of their lack of obedience, had lost the Vision of It. They returned into their own human creation, and when they were no longer able to find that “I AM Presence” or see It, they turned and created their own gods to deceive mankind – which they did! That was the downfall of Egypt and everyone else who attempts it. So I say to you, Beloved Students, never pretend to be what you are not!

Mighty Victory’s Discourse XII, p. 269
SGP#09 – I AM Discourses

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Decree to dissolve debts and karmic ties

Decree to dissolve debts and karmic ties

"Beloved I AM Presence in Me and throughout the Universe, beloved Saint Germain and the ruler of the Violet Planet, flow Thy Mighty Violet Flame through all the lines of forces attached to me, transmuting all the imperfect patterns within them, to their extreme.

Transmute all karmic ties into Light now. (3)
Transmute all energy of hate, fear, anger, resentment in Divine Love now. (3)
Transmute into Light every dark substance that connects me to discordant people and situations now. (3)

I AM just Divine Love flowing from me to everything and everyone connected to me!
I AM only Divine Love flowing to me from everything and everyone connected to me!
I AM Divine Love building my world, my life and experience in Its Perfection now and forever sustained!

At the speed of a Lightning and by the Light of the Great Central Sun, I AM the Almighty God, making this to me now real and done!

I AM immensely Grateful!
Note: Given by Saint Germain through Morgan Le Fay.
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Unfortunately, the candidate for "Worst President Ever" is the last great hope for lefty Dems.

Obama expected to hit the campaign trail for Democrats with help from Pelosi and Schumer

  • Obama is expected to hit the campaign trail to help the Democrats flip Congress and win governorships, according to sources with direct knowledge of the matter, and receive guidance from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.
  • The timeline is fluid but the former president is expected to start making an impact in September, according to two sources familiar with his team's plan.
  • One source close to Obama said his team has not decided when the former president will start campaigning or which districts he will focus on.


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...the sheer venom spewed by the left is becoming increasingly more virulent and dangerous. 

From the New York Post:

"Tragically, it is becoming normal, and so, in the words of the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, we see first-hand what it means when deviance is defined down.
Numbed by repetition, we gradually come to accept the unacceptable. Little by little, the barrier island is eroded, then we are shocked when there is nothing to stop the storm surge....
The rage over his election, instead of waning, continues to gather steam. The fervent desire to be rid of him and anyone who supports him is expanding into dangerous dimensions."

America is now in a new era of a divisiveness so deep that it may incur another Civil War. This time, it will not be between regions within the nation, but on the streets.
God help the United States Of America.
The following article is an excellent discussion regarding just how far the militant left has fallen into the abyss of brutishness bordering on savagery. 

Liberals’ Hatred Will Inevitably Turn Into Violence
by  Kurt Schlichter


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Morgan Le Fay

Beloved Presence of God I AM, Beloved Pelleur and Virgo, we love bless and thank you and the beings of the earth. We bless every atom of the earth and all beings who work with it, the gnomes and spirits of nature, asking that all destructive activities of the earth element be transmuted by the Violet Fire and that never again will the earth element participate in earthquakes or any destructive activity. We thank you and consciously accept this done right now, eternally sustained, ever-expanding and world encompassing, until all are wholly ascended and free.

I AM! (3) the Ascended Masters’ Law of Forgiveness and Transmuting Flame of all misuse of the Earth’s gifts, all the tortures, consciously or unconsciously, inflicted upon the gnomes and spirits of nature by myself and all mankind.
Decree for the four elements, Earth, AMTF Songs and Decrees

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The real war on women is here!

Where are the Feminazis and so-called women's groups. Can they not see the absurdity and downright deviance of this development!
To question the allowing of biological males transiting into women to compete in women's sports is not about discrimination. It is about common sense.

Soon, there will be no girls competing at all in girls’ sports: Trans boys will displace all biological females while libtards CHEER

With unlimited genders to choose from these days, the institutions that form the bedrock of society are being ripped to shreds, especially on the sports field. Boys pretending to be girls, and girls pretending to be boys, are making it difficult, and borderline impossible, for actual boys and girls to fairly compete against other actual boys and girls. It’s a huge mess that, if left to run its course, stands to completely unravel competitive sports as we currently know it.


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Compassionate Heart by Mary Magdalene

Compassionate Heart by Mary Magdalene

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Mary MagdaleneBeloved bright light beings on the Earth, I am Mary Magdalene; I am here to support you, to hold you in the energy of ascension, enlightenment and the blissful peace of the Creator at this very moment. I am here to love you, to be present with you, for we are old friends. I have connected with each of you before either on the Earth or the inner planes. There is a love between us that is so pure and truthful for we have opened our hearts to each other sharing the blissful grace of our hearts which is the very essence of the Creator. You are all divinely connected with the energy of Master Jesus and have worked alongside both of us at some time because we are all one. It is appropriate that you may have been taught by both of us, either on the Earth or the inner planes while you or an aspect of your soul group may have been a disciple, one of the 144 disciples that supported our mission on the earth. Master Jesus and I have worked extensively with many souls to aid and support the ascension process that is occurring at this very moment.

Do not wait my dear ones, for ascension, it is already here. We are present with you now to assist you in feeling, sensing and acknowledging your connection with the ascension process that is occurring on the Earth. Now is the time to truly link into the energies that are being anchored onto the Earth but more importantly the energies which are flowing from the Creator into your soul and through your heart chakra. The energies that are pouring from your heart now are truly blissful because they are present to support your own transformation and to support the growth and awakening of all on the earth. You are each bringing forward bliss from your heart to collect on the Earth enthusing the Earth with a higher vibration and perspective than has previously been experienced. Your heart chakra is the gateway through which the divine can enter and embody or be within your being. It is because of this that each person needs to focus upon awakening, healing, expanding and strengthening the heart chakra.

I am aware that many of you have been focusing upon your heart chakras for many years of dedication and devotion to the expression of love, but at this moment it has never been more important because your focus combined with the energies being anchored onto the Earth and through your soul will allow for a profound love activation within your being, awakening love in all its essence and strength within your being. The Era of Love is upon us and it can be manifested through your compassionate heart as a gateway for the divine to enter through, supporting your transition and the ascension of the entire planet. The compassionate heart that I speak of is only a tool, an existence or focus of your heart; it is the wealth of love which exists within your being that is of immense importance. Many masters and myself have spoken about radiating your love but now is the time to devote yourself to this practice for you will see the expansion and divinity within you come the time of climaxing and intense ascension energies anchoring upon the Earth.

Allow yourself to view your compassionate heart as a gateway to the divinity within your being, let the love that is already in abundance within your being swell and radiate expansively, drawing the energies of love of the Creator into your being and through your compassionate heart with greater intensity.

At this time when many people may be experiencing challenges or are being guided to release all that is no longer needed from their realities, minds, emotions and entire being it is the compassionate heart that will offer you a space of centring, balance and strength because there is a need to share your compassionate heart and every flowing love with yourself.

Mother Mary is here also, she wishes to work with you, cradling you, loving you, healing you, at this very moment, for her energy, her motherly compassionate energy, is here for you. You may or may not feel as if you are experiencing Mother Mary’s energy or her presence, but trust with certainty that she is with you. Mother Mary wishes to place her hands onto your back to support you throughout each and every day as we ride together the wave of ascension.
Mother Mary wishes to work with you now because she loves you unconditionally, but there is a greater purpose, it is due to your light being so bright, she wishes to enhance your light so that you may radiate your light with expansive bliss in order to support others. Mother Mary sees the magnificence of your being and so wishes to give to you her energy of compassion which she channels from the divine mother and divine father energies of the Creator. Mother Mary understands that it is the quality and energy of compassion that is needed at this time of ascension.

It is appropriate for you and extremely important that you bring and give to yourself compassion, allow yourself to be compassionate to yourself in all your actions, your thoughts, your experiences because you are achieving so much at this time and so there is a need to honour yourself with compassion. It is important to realise that every person on the Earth is experiencing the shifts and challenges of ascension so there is a need for you to be compassionate to every person on the earth. This isn’t to give your power away, but it is to give your love, to be in the divine flow of love where you have and receive an abundance of love for yourself. Allow this love to flow through you, to flow in all directions, because you know that there is an ever-flowing vibration of love, and so there is no need for you to hold onto this love that is given to you because you know that you will always receive more. The moment you allow this love to flow from your being as compassion is the moment you receive a higher, more intense vibration of love for yourself.

So please be aware that Mother Mary is working with you. This may trigger some emotions within you throughout the day or the coming days, because, in order for you to be compassionate to yourself, you have to love yourself. In order for you to love yourself, you have to see yourself as your truth, and this means that boundaries, blockages, walls that you have put up against love, need to come tumbling down more than ever. And as these walls you have put up against love come tumbling down, you will feel more exposed than you have ever felt in your life or your reality. It is from this feeling of being exposed, which you may interpret as being weak or vulnerability, that your strength will rise, a strength of pure Creator energies. It is from this feeling of being unprotected by illusions, boundaries, limitations or fears that you will see your truth. With the acknowledgement of your truth, you will allow yourself to simply exist as your truth. You simply be.

Even sometimes when you meditate, release energies or cleanse your being, you are still protecting yourself, guarding yourself, controlling the energies, not allowing yourself to acknowledge the very essence of your being, how you are feeling on all levels of your being but also what your essence is speaking to you. If you allow yourself to give compassion to yourself, if you allow yourself to be exposed and free from boundaries or limitations then there is nothing to distract you from the beautiful essence within your being. You know at that moment that there is nothing that is hindering you, because you are simply being. Then there is simply a need for you to merge your energies with the Creator, and you will be like a flame that rises high, shines brightly and glows even in the darkest of corners. Through your focus upon your compassionate heart and the expression of compassion it is your strength that is being activated, as a lightworker there is a need for you to be strong. To be strong is to be centred. You do not always have to be strong. But you will find that even at a sad moment, even when you feel exposed there is core strength within your being which holds you up, carries you forward and maintains the energy of peace, it is this which is being built right now.

Mother Mary asks you to simply let go of all unneeded energies, thoughts, worries and doubts, for she is a heavenly mother who will support and cradle you, activating the energy of compassion from within your being, steering and guiding you forward so that you may adopt this tool, this ability, this existence, in order to be a divine light being and of service on the earth. This is something that Mother Mary guided me in experiencing as well, as Mary Magdalene on the earth, to be compassionate to myself and to give compassion. To exist in the flow of love. To realise that it is abundant, it is always present. It was because of my own personal experience with Mother Mary that I wished to bring forward this communication to you, sharing with you the powers and abilities of Mother Mary and how they can be of service to you at this most special and sacred time on the Earth.

Please call upon Mother Mary to be with you, to place your hands on the front and the back of your heart chakra, embracing and surrounding you deeply in compassionate love as a supreme healing for your heart. Mother Mary’s compassionate energy will allow for all fears, pain and suffering to be dissolved and for your heart to be free to exist as a compassionate heart and gateway to the divine essence of the Creator. Offer space and time to Mother Mary to work with you for as long as needs be as you sit in meditation or relax deeply. You may notice especially if your focus is upon your heart chakra that it begins to open more expansively, breathing love generously with immense freedom. Your experience with Mother Mary only needs to be simple as you just allow her the space to work with your energy as you exist in full acceptance of your presence with you.

At the time of activating my compassionate heart, Mother Mary gave to me an affirmation which I will share with you now. You may use it whenever you wish or during your healing with Mother Mary.
‘Compassionate heart, I am,’
You may find that you only need to call upon Mother Mary to work with you once or you may wish her to work with you on a continuous basis, it is important for you to follow the intuition within you at this time. Please know that I am here for you always and love you unconditionally, thank you for allowing me to bring forward to you an experience which has always been treasured by my heart.
From my compassionate heart, I love you unconditionally,

I am Mary Magdalene

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...As I was shown these tremendous activities, I wondered why a civilization could be brought forth so wonderful, beautiful, and perfect in every way, and then go down— through the terrible destructive activities of a cataclysm. Saint Germain saw the question in my mind and volunteered the following explanation: "You see," he said, "when a group of mankind is fortunate enough to come under the instruction and Radiation of—a Great Master of Light—such as this Great Cosmic Being is—they are given an opportunity of seeing—what the Plan of Life is for humanity, and the Perfection they are intended to bring forth and live in—by their own conscious effort. However, unfortunately, and it has been so many times down the centuries—the people will not try to understand—Life—but let themselves drop into a state of lethargy. They do not exert the necessary effort required to accomplish these things— by the power of God—within the individual. They begin to lean—on the One giving the Radiation. The sustaining power is only withdrawn, when the individual ceases to make conscious effort to understand—Life—and willingly work in harmonious co-operation with it. "They rarely realize—most of their blessings are the result of the sustaining power— from the One giving the Radiation. If a certain group of souls have been taught the— Way of Mastery—and reminded lifetime after lifetime of their Divine Birthright—the hour arrives—when no more assistance is permitted. It is then—the Radiation of the Ascended Masters is withdrawn—and those souls are compelled to come face to face with the fact—the sustaining and accomplishing power was not due—to their own effort. "These must understand—they can only receive that—for which an effort is made. In such activity, the experiences passed through—compel them to make the necessary self-conscious application—and when that is accomplished—expansion and God-Dominion begin to express. "There is no failure for anyone—who continues to make self-conscious effort to express Dominion of the Divine over the human—because failure only comes—when self-conscious effort ceases. All experience—through which the individual passes—exists for one purpose
only, and that is to make him—aware of his 'Source.' He—must learn— who he is, recognize himself as a Creator and—as such—Master of what he creates. "Everywhere throughout the Universe—whenever the power to create is given to a Being—the responsibility of creating is always co-existent—with the power. All creation is by Self-conscious effort, and if the individual upon whom this—Great Gift of Life—has been bestowed refuses to take his responsibility—and do his duty, his experiences in Life will prod him with misery—until he does, for mankind never was created in a condition of limitation and it can have—no rest—until the Perfection—with which it was endowed in the beginning—is Fully expressed. Perfection—Dominion— Harmonious use—and Control of All Substance and Force is the 'Way of Life,'—the Original Divine Blue Print for humanity. "God Within the individual—is—that Perfection and Dominion. It is that 'Presence' within the heart of everyone which is the—Source of Life—the Giver of every good and perfect thing. When the individual looks to and recognizes his—Source—as the Outpouring of All Good, he that moment automatically starts the flow of All Good things unto him and his world because—his attention—to his 'Source' is the—Golden Key— that opens every good thing unto him. "The Life in every person is—God—and only by the Self-conscious effort to understand Life, and express the Fullness of good through himself—can the discord in the outer experience cease. Life—the Individual—and The Law—are 'One' and so it is—unto Eternity. *

* From "Unveiled Mysteries", By Godfré Ray King. Saint Germain Press.

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Perhaps the action undertaken by the agent referenced in the article below will accomplish what the feckless DOJ cannot seem to do.

Ex-Clinton Secret Service Agent Files Conspiracy Charges Against Hillary, Bill, Podesta…

By Cillian Zeal
In an action that’s gaining a lot of attention from deep state theorists everywhere, a former Secret Service agent under the Clinton administration has filed a RICO lawsuit against Bill and Hillary Clinton and a number of their associates, Zero Hedge reported.

Gary Byrne is probably best known as the author of a tell-all book about the Clintons, “Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate.”

According to Fox News, the book described a volatile relationship between Bill and Hillary, which wasn’t exactly news. Also not news was that Hillary had an “appalling leadership style” and was “volcanic, impulsive, enabled by sycophants, and disdainful of the rules set for everyone else.”


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Persons who engage in behavior that endangers the lives of those who are either innocent or just doing their jobs, are either intellectually challenged or intrinsically perverse in nature.
The person pictured above is apparently just such an example. People such as he feel compelled to destroy anyone who does not agree with them and will do so by any means neccessary. They slavishly and cluelessy adhere to the Marxist dogma "The end justifies the means." They do not understand that sooner or later they themselves may very well be on the receiving end of their own totalitarian ideology.

The following post discusses but one of the many callous actions by such wretches.

Guy  who compiled and released private info of over 1,500 ICE employees revealed as NYU prof

By Kyle Perisec, DCNF
A New York University professor is the person responsible for creating a database of over 1,500 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees’ personal information and spreading it to Antifa.


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HAPPY SOLSTICE dear Light Tribe of Gaia!

HAPPY SOLSTICE dear Light Tribe of Gaia!

Source: Solara An-Ra


Solstice greetings of love, dear people of Terra. We remind you in this now-moment to pay attention to where your awareness is fixated. You are aware that where ‘attention goes, energy flows’ – and yet many of you continue to focus on illness, pain, lack of abundance, problems in relationships and ecological crisis. When you focus on that which you don’t want, these things increase or amplify.

If you are in physical discomfort of some nature, look beyond that state and visualise yourself totally healed. Take steps that instigate a feeling of TRUST that your body can and will heal itself – for trust dissolves anxiety and fear. Fear-based thoughts and feelings attract more of what you don’t want into your reality - which means that it will be difficult for your body to heal.

Miracles happen every day. Miracle healings, miracle manifestations of abundance; miracles of relationship-healing. It is only necessary to open your consciousness wide enough to BELIEVE that these things are possible, and that you are assisted at all times – if you are open to receiving assistance. Miracles are possible in every now-moment, and there is assistance available at all times. Believe it to be so.

As this Solstice Sun-Earth alignment moves into place, you are immersed in a portal of immense power! This potent portal enables you to manifest miracles. Look away from material gain as a primary motive for any of your actions, and focus within to enquire “How may I be of service in this moment?” As your hearts open to being of service in the co-creation of the New Earth based of love, kindness and cooperation, miracles manifest spontaneously. A new friend is made; collaboration is offered; your body is healed.


This is not to say that you should not desire a life of abundance – not at all dear ones! Abundance is your birthright! But true abundance manifests in the flow of a life lived in service to your tribe. As you move towards embodying love, kindness and cooperation, all your desires will be fulfilled and your life will be filled with friends, love and support. It is the law of LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

The Piscean Age with its emphasis on competition, individual success and material gain without conscience, in over. As this 7-day Solstice portal opens, truly embrace the tenets of the Aquarian Age in whose energies you are now immersed. The Time Is Now for your freedom; your emancipation from fear, inhibition and insecurity.

You are re-membering the ways of your ancestors, who lived in cooperation with all living things, mineral, plant, animal and human – where spirit guides and Star-people were accepted and loved – where the human position in relation to the Earth Mother, Sun-Father and the stars was understood as a natural part of life in this galaxy.

From this day, whichever day you read these words, we suggest that you commit to a 7-day period in which you practise the Meditation of the 7 Sacred Directions.
This will realign you with the energies of your planet and redefine your position within the greater whole. When you are able to feel yourself in direct relationship with the directions, you reconnect with a primal inner knowing that you are here to serve Gaia and her people. And So It Is. Namaste.

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