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We are the Arcturian Group 6/30/19

We are the Arcturian Group 6/30/19

JUNE 30, 2019
Dear readers, welcome to another message from those who watch and love you dearly. Never believe that the other side is unaware of your struggles. Many of us have also experienced lives on earth and know what it is like to live in the energies of duality and separation.
We understand the hypnotism that permeates every aspect of living in third dimensional energy and therefore have a great deal of respect for the courage and strength you are demonstrating during these times of change and conflict between the Light and the dark, the truth and the false.
We send our love and encouragement along with the many other evolved beings from other planets and higher dimensions who are observing earth's ascension process. These beings are eager for the people of earth to evolve and energetically join them, finally free to visit and roam space as they do.
It may seem as if nothing is changing, but remember that consciousness is the substance of form. In the third dimension there exists the element of time that causes everything to work as a process. As more awaken out of third dimensional conditioning and begin integrate truth, the resulting higher states of consciousness can begin to manifest. Know that all is proceeding according to plan.
What you are witnessing is the surfacing and exposure of many warped and false concepts that remain alive and well within the third dimensional collective consciousness. Exposure is allowing the many who have been unaware of or in denial about such things to begin seeing clearly, rather than with eyes programmed to see what others want them to see.
The hypnotism of the third dimensional belief system causes many to fear deviating from what they have been taught regarding all aspects of life. Many continue to live unconsciously having surrendered their innate power of choice and decision making to others--"experts", organized religion, politicians, partners, friends, and family.
Fear of allowing empowerment can be the result of intense experiences from other lifetimes still active in cellular memory. (eg. slavery) and sometimes it is simply laziness because it is easier to let someone else make decisions. "Wake up calls" consisting of some intense event/experience are often necessary in order to shift certain individuals out of their comfortable sleep state. This is happening for many at this time.
You are becoming the sentinels, those who silently and secretly hold the Light in every situation. Be the Light in every conversation, carry the Light with you into places of darkness, hold the Light wherever you find yourselves, and allow the Light to be who you are even when you don't really feel like it.
More is required of those who have awakened. The "leash" becomes shorter and it quickly becomes evident that going back to some seemingly easier and un-awakened state is not possible. Many have tried, but once a state of consciousness has been outgrown it simply no longer exists. Life on earth is not for the faint-hearted. The third dimensional energy of earth makes it an extremely difficult but powerful place to evolve and you are doing it superbly and with gusto.
Peace is something that individuals, governments, and societies have sought for generations. There never yet has been real peace on earth because true Peace must first be present in consciousness before it can manifest. Peace is a state of consciousness.
Three dimensional concepts of peace will and can only ever reflect the duality/separation energy that constitutes their substance. The appearance of peace created from these concepts many look sweet and friendly to human eyes, but because of duality, will always contain opposites ready and able to manifest at any time.
True and lasting peace can only manifest where the substance of it is present--consciousness--whether it is peace among partners, family, and friends, or peace between groups, governments, countries, and world leaders. Regardless of how ingrained some societal beliefs may be, know that country of origin, skin color, gender, language, religious belief, or sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with the reality-- that every life is an expression of the ONE LIFE --period--and until this is accepted by a majority, there can be no true peace.
As more begin to realize and live from Oneness, a new and higher collective consciousness is being formed, one that can then manifest as experiences of true Peace rather than the false concepts of peace that have come to be accepted as normal. However, individuals do not have to wait for the collective in order to experience Peace in their personal lives because every person experiences their own attained state of consciousness.
Those who continue to promote war as being necessary for peace have no idea about, nor do most of them actually care about true Peace. There is a large element of un-awakened individuals and corporations that seek only to fortify their wallets and power through the promotion of war--arms manufacturing and sales (good for the economy), the promotion of aggression and killing as a means to be powerful and heroic. (games, military ads, media), as well as displaying tools of war as entertainment (parades, air shows promoting war planes ).
These things seem harmless on the surface. They are meant to look that way. Ponder this, for this is how concepts of war have easily and subtly come to be accepted and integrated into the collective by the general public.
There is a popular saying that says; 'Freedom is not free." This belief serves to lock many in the old and dense energies of the past. It is false, is propaganda, and is still being accepted "hook, line, and sinker." Freedom is the natural birthright of every person. As a God Beings, every person is and always has been free unless they continue to believe that they aren't. Like Peace, freedom is a state of consciousness able to express even in the worst of circumstances.
Like so many things, the essence and spirituality of true patriotism has been manipulated by those seeking to glorify, fortify, and personally gain from the promotion of the false sense patriotism.
The sending of younger generations to carry out atrocities in the name of peace and freedom are not the actions of an evolved planet which is why earth is still held in planetary isolation. Those observing from evolved planets question why humans allow their young to be killed in order to keep those manipulating behind the scenes, fat and happy. They tell you it is for your freedom and safety, but is it really??
The time has come to seriously and honestly question your beliefs with regard to commonly accepted concepts about security, freedom, and war. True patriotism is not; "My country right or wrong." as it is promoted to the public, but is rather having enough love for country and mankind to acknowledge and change what isn't working for the higher good of all.
False patriotism promotion has been an easy way to hide the true intentions of war promoters. Up to now most have not been aware of this because it is very easy to slip into this hypnotism if one doesn't stay alert, awake, and trusting intuition at all times. People are beginning to wake up and realize that the "Emperor has no clothes". Carefully examine your own personal belief systems for any subtle but false beliefs about war, peace, freedom, security, and the military industrial complex.
The promotion of military power as the being the best means to keep mankind safe is energetically old and dense, stretching back into eons of time. In earlier times, conflicts were simply the result of the evolutionary level of the collective, but that is no longer true.
World conflicts have devolved into being a secure means for lining the pockets of those who stand to gain from war and who constantly promote them through fear tactics. You are not yet aware of the behind the scenes maneuvering that goes on to keep war and conflict alive and well in the name of your security. However, know that there are many awake individuals choosing to quietly serve the Light from inside the military and other corporations.
War is the creation of the un-evolved state of consciousness fully conditioned by beliefs of duality and separation. Personally and collectively, many have evolved beyond believing war and violence to be essential to freedom, yet fail to recognize that many of these old concepts remain alive and well in their consciousness because of their false sense of patriotism.
The warrior role is one that every person chooses to play in one or more lifetimes on earth and constitutes an important facet of every person's evolutionary learning process. The world is now at a turning point, one in which violence as a viable solution to problems must cease and warriors become warriors for peace.
Many dear souls with pure intent and love chose in the past and still today choose to serve their country through the military. Many have sacrificed their own lives to keep loved ones back home safe and out of harms way. In the third dimension these choices have been viable solutions. We do not demean but rather honor the sacrifices made by these dear souls, for their intentions were pure in a world not yet evolved enough to lay down its weapons.
All at some point must be willing to leave behind the old state of consciousness that promotes war and conflict as being essential for safety. Safety is already fully present within the consciousness of every man, woman, and child if they could only realize it. Safety is a state of consciousness.
We realize that some of you may not agree with this message and that is fine, but if you are sincere in your spiritual growth, the energies of duality and separation as manifested through war and violence can no longer be a part of your consciousness. "My country right or wrong." does not represent the true spiritual essence of patriotism for any country.
You are spiritually ready to start walking the walk of truth instead of just talking the talk of truth.
Whether it be in family, with friends, or the whole world, never forget that Peace is fully present within you--a quality of the Omnipresent Divine Consciousness you are.
We are the Arcturian Group 6/30/19
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Twitter, Facebook, Google, You Tube admittedly are Leftist mouth pieces.

Like many print magazines and newspapers, the social media has become divided between left and right. Conservatives need to check out alternate sources in order to get a balanced view and ,in many cases, the truth. Things are going to get really nasty regarding 2020.

Blatant Election Rigging: Twitter Wants To Make Sure We NEVER Have Another President Like Trump

by Michael Snyder

Just in time for the 2020 election, Twitter has come up with a new “policy” that is obviously intended to neuter the effectiveness of President Trump’s Twitter account...

Needless to say, the radical leftists that run Twitter were absolutely horrified by Trump’s upset victory, and they want to do whatever they can to make sure that such a thing never happens again. They started by deleting, shadowbanning and greatly suppressing the accounts of prominent conservatives...


Totalitarian social media bigwigs busy themselves for 2020

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International weapons trafficking bust

"Authorities seize thousands of weapons and explosives in international weapons trafficking bust"

Authorities have seized more than 5,300 firearms and explosives and arrested 25 suspects in connection with an international weapons trafficking ring.

Officials in the United States and Argentina executed the crackdown after discovering weapons and weapon parts being shipped from Florida to South America.


International weapons trafficking bust

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Once Upon a Q

Just to let every one know that the major updating and adding of new material is now complete.

The story is now evenly spread over 6 parts. 

About 110 brand new graphics that kick off the stargate disclosure were added today to the end section of part 5 and a further 230+ continue in part 6.

Part 1 has also had further updating, with minor updating in the other parts.

The good news is that Q posted yesterday for the first time in over a month and basically said: Be ready!

So hopefully we are nearly there for KICK OFF!

The stargate work in section 5 starts off with this graphic for those of you who wish to go straight to it:)

Thank you for your patience and kind comments.

I will remove this post in a few days.


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Yes, there are terrorists in the caravans.

ISIS Fighter Affirms Terrorists Are Entering U.S. Via Mexico
By Judicial Watch

Five years after a Judicial Watch investigation uncovered evidence of Islamic terrorists infiltrating the United States through Mexico, a captured ISIS fighter is providing details of a plot in which jihadists enter the country through the southern border to carry out an attack.


Yes, there are terrorists in the caravans.

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Once Upon A Q -The Greatest Story Ever Told- Part 6
























































































































I am also receiving silent phone calls from a number starting 0333 (x 2 =666). I'm now keeping a log of them.  One was just now as I complete this post.  When you call the number back it is a fake financial company that never answer. You just hear music.  The one before today's was on 15th July, which I can now see is the SAME day the package's journey ceased with the USPS. The call was made at exactly 1333. 13 is for MS 13 whilst 33 is the MASONIC 33 degrees, of which my Unckle is the Deputy Grand Master Mason of Prague (formally known as Bohemia.) 




























































































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Adam Keeps Shifting On


"Sunday Talks: Shifty Schiff Outlines Coordinated Plan With Mueller For “Testimony”…
Posted on June 23, 2019 by sundance

Shifty appears with for an interview with Furrowed Brow to push the impeachment narrative etc. Within the interview Shifty talks about lengthy coordination and careful planning with Robert Mueller for a scripted July appearance.


Adam Keeps Shifting On

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Prior Chief Exec: King of Fake News

"Barack Obama plunged America into darkness ...
Obama’s ‘wholesale destruction’ of tens of thousands of National Archive Records

He had plenty of experience. His birth certificate, student loan application, college records, passport to Pakistan etc. Criminals always try to cover up their crimes, especially experienced ones.

Why isn’t the American press covering this? This must read article is in a Canadian publication.


Prior Chief Exec: King of Fake News

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Morgan Le Fay shared a link to the group: Consciência Angélica.

The vast majority of diseases are bad emotions and dissenting discordant. The bad use of feelings in the sense of arrest, harm, block, make others suffer as well as the feeling of vitimismo, heartache and hard feelings of all types when they form a momentum of great bad energy, crash into the physical body as a disease Which is only a reflection of the person's accumulation.

Will need to translate!

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The Source of Our Economic Problems?

"Doug Casey: The Deep State Is the Source of Our Economic Problems"

by Doug Casey

I’d like to address some aspects of the Greater Depression in this essay.

I’m here to tell you that the inevitable became reality in 2008. We’ve had an interlude over the last few years financed by trillions of new currency units.

However, the economic clock on the wall is reading the same time as it was in 2007, and the Black Horsemen of your worst financial nightmares are about to again crash through the doors and end the party.

And this time, they won’t be riding children’s ponies, but armored Percherons.

To refresh your memory, let me recount what a depression is.


The Source of Our Economic Problems?

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We are the Arcturian Group 6/16/19

10958211083?profile=originalJUNE 16, 2019
It is with Love and Light that we greet you dear readers, you who are paving the way for the those prepared to awaken. You are guide posts for the many now questioning the status quo and searching for answers. However, most are seeking these answers from the old belief system that holds nothing new or higher.
Opportunities for love and service are increasing as many suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The collective consciousness has begun to shift beyond beliefs that are rapidly becoming obsolete. Because the majority as of yet does not understand what is taking place, they can only interpret current events in terms of good and bad (duality), often viewing change and the disintegration of what is familiar as being bad.
Accept that it is a time in which every one (if they choose) can evolve to a higher level of awareness. Many still consider the idea of ascension to be an interesting topic for discussion, not to be actually taken seriously. In many ways the world may look the same, but it is not. The old is completing its usefulness and as more awaken they contribute to the higher resonance that will replace it. Stand back and observe rather than fretting and worrying over appearances. Know that the "train has left the station".
All there is is God. Ask yourselves; "Do I really believe this or is it just a comforting concept in my mind?" All life, substance, and idea is in and of Divine Consciousness for nothing else exists. Human eyes interpret Reality through the level of their attained state of consciousness which for the vast majority still consists of low resonating and false third dimensional concepts and beliefs. There is nothing but God--Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient Divine Consciousness.
Your very bodies are made of Light. What the human eye sees is a material physical sense of the Divine qualities embodied within the Light body. As you attain the realization that there is absolutely nothing outside of Divine Consciousness, the illusory creations formed of duality and separation consciousness begin to fade out of your experience for you will no longer be creating them.
You are ready and must begin to accept and identify yourselves as a Divine beings rather than as Mary, Joe, or Bill. As long as a person continues to identify with a concept of themselves and all the problems that go with being physical, they will continue to experience that belief.
There comes a time in which one can no longer continue to live with one foot in both worlds if they are serious about their spiritual evolution. The choice must be made--"Do I really believe the truth I have learned or do I want to continue thinking of truth as being a nice concept that is too impractical for actual living?"
You all chose to be on earth at this time, well aware before coming of how energetically powerful these times would be. You brought with you your whole list of things needing completion and release rather than just the one or two issues usually brought into a lifetime. You wanted to be able to ascend with Gaia into the higher dimensional frequencies and knew you would not be unable to carry any still active old energy with you.
In order to integrate the Light frequencies of higher consciousness, dense energies still active in cellular memory or in the present must be cleared. This is why many of you have had many intense experiences in this lifetime and wondered why. You are doing a lot of inner work at night as well as throughout daily living and are doing it more quickly than ever before.
Not all were allowed to be on earth at this time, for it was known that it would be a powerful time of change and spiritual evolutionary experiences for Gaia and those upon her. You wanted to be a part of it and knew you had already attained a consciousness level that would be able to assist the process.
Learn to live in the now moment, rather than in the human state of continuously plotting and planning for the future or regretting the past. When you dwell upon the past or the future, you are in the illusion for the only time that exists is now. As you do your best, living up to your highest sense of truth in each now moment, that moment becomes the now and you begin live the awakened life.
We are not saying to ignore events of the past that need to be healed or addressed in some way, nor are we saying that the ordinary planning required in three dimensional living is not necessary. What we are saying is that spiritual living is doing what you are guided to in each now moment which very well could be making plans of some sort but doing it without attaching power for good or bad to the outcome.
You are in charge of you. In your quiet time state your intentions (In the presence of my Higher Self and my guides, I choose...) but never make intentions for a particular person or experience to be your concept of how it should be. Rather let your intentions be for the highest good of self and all involved. Example;" I choose to find employment that most closely resonates with my energy and where I can serve on a high level..." Then let it go. Intentions are always heard for they are self speaking to SELF.
The concept that love is always accompanied by emotion is the three dimensional concept of love. All love is in and of God. It is the energy that flows between the many within the ONE. Human beings in and of themselves do not have love to give. Only in the degree that a person allows God's love to flow through them can he/she love. As a person evolves and their consciousness fills with Light and truth, the person automatically becomes more loving because Consciousness is always expressing, there is no unexpressed consciousness.
Give up expecting and looking to others for love or appreciation and seek it from the only place it exists--your own Divine Self--allowing it will then flow to you from where you may least expect it.
In difficult situations where you are simply unable to love some person or persons who have deeply hurt you, don't try. Don't struggle and attempt to personally feel love in the belief (three dimensional concept) that in and of yourself you have love and forgiveness to give. Simply stand back from the situation, let go, and allow God to love through you.
Unconditional love is the realization everything exists within the ONE and therefore every person is a Divine Being in spite of appearances to the contrary. The recognition of another's Divinity can lift them out of their personal illusion if they are receptive. This is true healing and is how Jesus did his healing work.
When you attempt to "heal, change, or fix" someone, you are coming from the belief of separation, that they are not Divine beings-- the myth of "original sin".
Let your first step when interacting with others always be a silent recognition of their divinity, then proceed to take whatever human footsteps you may be guided to take in accord with the situation and the consciousness level of the person you are trying to assist. There may be times when you must use harsh words for a person only able to hear in that form. However, if the words are prefaced by your silent recognition of the other's Divine nature, they will flow on a higher level than if they came from separation.
Teachings of Oneness are often misunderstood to mean that all human beings are equal. In Divine Reality they are, but in the third dimension they are not. Many states of consciousness exist and continue to express within the belief system of duality and separation that exists on earth. Oneness must be understood as being a spiritual reality--the Oneness of the many ( all life forms) within the ONE Divine Consciousness called God which is all there is.
Much of what we give you is absolute truth. The absolute is first understood on an intellectual level and then with practice gradually becomes one's state of consciousness. Because consciousness is the substance of form, nothing can permanently manifest outwardly just from the intellectual knowledge of it. Rather, it must become one's state of consciousness. People often say; " I have been stating the truth about --- for years and nothing happens." Truth must be embodied in consciousness before it is able to express as form.
Each truth realized and lived automatically becomes your state of consciousness. Many of you are beginning to notice a synchronicity and harmony in daily living that was not previously there and which you did not consciously plan. Your years of spiritual study and practice are quickly becoming your attained state of consciousness.
For those of you who do energy work, always remember that you are a tool, the gentle breeze that is helping to clear the energetic residue of present and past lives in order to expose an already present reality. "Healers" who hope to work on a high level must attain a state of consciousness that knows without doubt that their "patient" is already complete, perfect, and whole, that they are simply brushing away the fogs of illusion that the person in ignorance allowed to settle over his reality.
Today's powerful energies are dissolving fear, becoming the impetus for many to complete, act, or do something that they have been afraid to do. Accepting and embracing one's personal power means no longer being afraid to love, to do, or to be, and allowing intuition to guide in spite of the opinions of those around you.
It may manifest as having the courage to start the business you have dreamed of having, going back to school, or quitting the secure job you hate and replacing it with one that may seem less secure but you love. It means speaking up for yourself and no longer being a doormat for the expectations, rules, and concepts of others.
Empowerment does not mean that you disregard all common sense or refuse to take the human footsteps that may be important in some particular circumstance but rather it means that you allow your intuition and inner "knowing" to lead the way rather than putting your trust in the concepts and beliefs of persons and the three dimensional collective.
The high frequency energies now pouring onto earth are pushing everyone to look within. Most of you are now at a level where seemingly innocent beliefs hiding in the corners of your consciousness are being revealed. You are "fine tuning" the state of your consciousness as you begin to understand what many seemingly innocent beliefs actually represent.
As an example, in our last message we spoke of revenge. Revenge is often thought of as killing another or as intense actions of retaliation. However, the energy of revenge can be very subtle with tentacles that reach into all facets of ordinary life such as being happy when another falls flat on their face--physically, emotionally, mentally, or even spiritually because you believe that they deserve it.
We are not saying that you can no longer engage in a bit of fun with others, laughing with them rather than at them when they or yourself fall flat on your face, but we do say that at this point in your journey you must become very clear and honest regarding the intentions behind your actions.
You are to enjoy life, living spiritually does not and never has meant that one must suffer. God is not and never has been glorified through anyone's suffering in spite of what some organized religions still teach.
Allow the process, go with the flow, and trust that all is proceeding according to plan.
We are the Arcturian Group 6/16/19
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:FITTON: OUTRAGEOUS: Recall John McCain staffer Henry Kerner urged Obama IRS (Lois Lerner) to “audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous.” Kerner nows runs anti-Trump Office of Special Counsel that abused power today to lawlessly attack KellyAnne Conway"

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released newly obtained internal IRS documents, including material revealing that Sen. John McCain’s former staff director and chief counsel on the Senate Homeland Security Permanent Subcommittee, Henry Kerner, urged top IRS officials, including then-director of exempt organizations Lois Lerner, to “audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous.” Kerner was appointed by President Trump as Special Counsel for the United States Office of Special Counsel.


Just when we thought that we have heard everything….

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