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Comment: Many Americans have awakened to an apparent hidden agenda behind the control methods utilized against the covid virus.–the loss of our freedom. The Bill of Rights is being continually attacked, and totalitarian state governors have become drunk with their self perceived unlimited power, be it legitimate or not.

Fortunately, many citizens are rebelling against the tin cup dictators in their state capitols. Despite desperate moves by hardcore Leftists and Progressives, as of now, the citizenry will not roll over and allow the jackboot of tyranny to be placed upon its neck.

While the majority of the blue states continue to practice repressive measures under the guise of public safety, many other primarily Red states are encouraging opening up while taking sensible precautions. Such a move is a sine qua non for economic recovery, which apparently is not what the Left wants in this election year.

Will the American ethos survive this ironfisted war against the truth and freedom?

The article below discusses the battle between Germany’s scientists and its politicians. It is informative and well worth the read. America is in the same conundrum of confusion and conflict.

German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’

by Pozzati Daniele

Germany’s federal government and mainstream media are engaged in damage control after a report that challenges the established Corona narrative leaked from the interior ministry.

Some of the report key passages are:


Slowly but surely, the mask of deceit is being ripped off and exposing the truth.

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A Major Wake Up Call?

"This Should Be A Major Wake Up Call For Every Single Person Living On The Planet"

by Michael Snyder

Sometimes we need something to shake us in order to wake us from the fantasy that we have been living in. Hopefully, this COVID-19 pandemic will serve as a wake up call for people all over the globe, because it has given us a very clear preview of what we can expect during the years ahead.

This pandemic has shown us that our economic and financial systems are not nearly as stable as most people thought, many of our politicians have been quite eager to embrace socialism and tyranny during this pandemic, and acute shortages of basic essentials started to happen very rapidly once fear of COVID-19 began to sweep across the nation. If things degenerated this much during a relatively minor crisis like this COVID-19 pandemic, what in the world is our society going to look like once a major crisis hits us?


A Major Wake Up Call?

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Morgan Le Fay
The two Wings of the Soul

Saint Germain explained us:

It is said or conceded by those of orthodox opinion that Angels have wings. I shall explain to you why. DETERMINATION AND POWER ARE THE TWO WINGS OF THE SOUL, not necessarily visible even to the Inner Sight, but they are there just the same. And where you recognize determination as will with its accompanying power, the Soul may rise to any height of Mastery, and in that recognition draw the outer into Itself that there be only One - God in Action. The Supremacy of the Mighty Inner Master "Presence" must be acknowledged by the Students as Real and True, and the Students must acknowledge that they have the ability and power to practice that Mighty "Presence" in every act of Life. The more the Students practice the Presence of God within themselves, the easier it becomes and the more they want to practice it. However as I have mentioned many times before, the outer, in the beginning of the advancement, will find every excuse to try to get the attention on outer things or on the body, which in its ignorance it claims as its own.

The only sure release from bodily conditions is to take the mind off the body and keep it off. If there seems to be something that needs correction in the body, put your mind on God and hold it there until the condition that seems to need a remedial agent suddenly disappears. This is why there is now and then a Student who conceives the idea that there is nothing to heal – because anyone who will practice this the instant there seems an appearance in the body of anything discordant, and who will put the mind on God, knows that "Presence" is the most powerful remedial agent in the Universe.

Many, by the use of this Application, will find instant release from any bodily condition that seems inclined to hold the attention. This is, in reality, consciously taking the problem into the Great Silence where there is nothing to heal because all is Perfection. This is just as true of business conditions as for healing the body. In fact, anything that seems to express imperfection can be handled the same way. NO PERMANENT RELEASE FROM BODILY DISTURBANCE CAN BE HAD, SO LONG AS THE MIND OR ATTENTION IS ALLOWED TO BE DRAWN TO THE CONDITION FROM WHICH ONE WISHES TO BE RELEASED. With many natures the same thing is true of denials, because the more they deny a thing, the more they bind it to them; for in the denial they are letting their attention rest on the very thing from which they wish release.

To truly practice the Presence of God, we must know that there is only One Intelligence which can act, One Power to use, and One Love with which to accomplish. You know by this that you have within, the Victorious, Conquering Activity every moment. Thus, whenever there is anything to be handled – it matters not what – the moment it seems to have an appearance, using your Wings of Determination and Power, say: "God, solve this problem and do it at once! I give You all the power where it belongs! I recognize You as the only Activity! Therefore, this appearance has no reality and dissolves instantly before Thy Mighty Presence!"

Vol. 4 – Ascended Master Instruction, XII:107-108, book:

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Comment: Like impeachment, the Wuhan virus and its fall out has held our attention to the point where we hear virtually nothing regarding the rest of the world.

China’s aggressiveness has reached the boiling point and can no longer be ignored. What is more disturbing is that the Chinese leadership appears to be utterly confident in making their moves. One wrong step can wreak Hell on Earth.


"Chinese Troops Cross Into India, Fortify Positions"

Indian media report Chinese military build-up along the Himalayan border
Posted by Vijeta Uniyal


China becoming ever more aggressive and dangerous

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Comment: The Left will do whatever it takes to win in the upcoming election. The only reason Trump won in 2016 was because NOBODY expected him to win and, the Hillary campaign was basically hoodwinked by false polling results.Rest assured, they will be fully prepared this time around! Hopefully, so will the supporters of freedom.

The covid virus has exposed the incompetence and outright tyranny of blue state governors as well as leftists pols in general. Their current actions are only a preview of what is to come should the Soros and billionaire elitist funded Left prevail.

"BOMBSHELL: Election Official Rigged Election Results For Democrats, Constituted ‘Significant Percentage Of The Total Votes,’ DOJ Says"

By Ryan Saavedra


One Fish caught out of a barrel of thousands. We have a long way to go.

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"Ukrainian Lawmaker Releases Recorded Phone Calls Of Biden, Poroshenko That Contain Eyebrow-Raising Remarks"

By Ryan Saavedra

Comment: My, my, lots of truth rearing its ugly head exposing Uncle Joe for what he really is. He is not only a groper, but a liar and conniver as well.


Recorded Phone Calls Of Biden, Poroshenko possibly incriminating?

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MSM experiences a great awakening!

Comment: Those of us who had the Schiffster pegged from the beginning are now fully vindicated. He cannot survive the attacks from the MSM, who are now in full jilted lover mode after seeing undeniable proof that they were being played for star struck lovers.

Of course, the left leaning MSM, being a de facto arm of the Dem party, did not exactly practice real journalism by digging for the facts,thereby allowed themselves to be the perfect giddy shills for any lie that came their way.

Sooner or later, the truth behind this travesty will emerge. When it does, there will be a well deserved world of hurt for all of the participating bad actors..


"WSJ, Other Media Outlets Rip Adam Schiff, Say His Lies ‘Damaged America"
May 17, 2020
by Carmine Sabia

The Democrats resident liar in chief, House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Adam Schiff has been exposed as a liar and it was the mainstream media that did it.


MSM experiences a great awakening!

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Astral Entities

Morgan Le Fay

Astral Entities

There are two types of categories of astral entities:

1) The first category, which we call DISCARNATE ENTITIES, was removed from the atmosphere in the three Americas and a little later from Switzerland, in late 1939, by the mighty Astrea, the Goddess of Light and other Ascended Masters. From that moment, when the lifestreams throw away the physical body, they are removed by the Hosts of Light and are directed to a sphere of light, still far below the Octave of the Ascended Masters, but above the realms that contain discordant vibrations, where they stay and receive instructions and training, until they can reincarnate again;

2) The second category, we call INCARNATED ENTITIES, created by discordant thoughts and feelings from the incarnated life stream. By the law of free will, Ascended Masters cannot prevent these entities from existing, as they are called to life by embodied lifestreams, and neither God nor any Being of Light intrude into a person's thoughts and feelings, unless they are first, warmly invited by that person to do so. Initially, these entities are only small thought forms, but as they are fed by groups of people, they become immensely powerful and end up becoming monstrous entities that take on various forms and take on a life of their own, a life given by those who feed them daily. Who, being potential gods, give through the power of their attention the substance of life from their own lifestreams to these entities. Therefore, it is perfectly correct to say that these people, through discord and fear, become parents of these astral entities that they fear so much and, therefore, being their creators, they are the most affected by their own destructive creations.

Once again, dear friends, this subject that we are dealing with is very serious and very important, so that students become masters of energy, vibration and substance, and are no longer manipulated by thought forms and etheric records of addictions and destruction in the external world in which they move. To this end, the Ascended Masters have given and continue to give constant instructions to draw students' attention to their power to qualify the energy of life and the urgent need to exercise mastery of their thoughts and feelings.

It’s still important to remember that discarnate entities have been removed and can no longer remain in the atmosphere of the Americas and Switzerland, but unfortunately, due to the students’ lack of commitment to making enough decrees for discarnate entities to be removed from the atmosphere elsewhere, they may still sometimes remain in the atmosphere, for some period, in other parts of the planet. And this allows that, as incarnate entities (pure human accumulation) that gain immense power and become gigantic, acting globally, they attract these disincarnated entities, allocated elsewhere, to join sinister purposes.

Dear hearts, unfortunately we cannot force anyone to believe in us, because each one, until he realizes how much he is manipulated by these discordant astral entities and etheric records, and therefore feels a great need to know the truth and through exercise that truth, make the necessary effort for his freedom, the only thing we can do is pour out the truth tirelessly and hope that each one will mature internally and be able to recognize the greater truth in their hearts.

When Saint Germain showed me how everything works and I started to understand the subject clearly, I realized how I was manipulated in the past, in different situations by these entities and how much pain, suffering and discordant situations I created for myself, without being aware that it was me who opened the door, through my thought and feeling, for these forces to work in my life.

I can tell you, if I could show you what I was allowed to see, you would not get out of bed one day without forgetting to call the magical circle of protection of the I AM Presence around you and your outer activity of consciousness.

Morgan Le Fay

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Dear hearts, some decrees for protection

Dear hearts, as some people asked me if I could indicate some decrees for protection, I made a small selection of the statements and decrees that I use most in my daily life. I usually make longer decrees in the morning, but during the day, I like to have simple statements, which I memorize and go on decreeing as I go about my daily tasks or between breaks. So, I keep the energy I created in the morning and I don't allow anything to take me by surprise during the day. Feel free to use them or not.

(Vol. 3 – I AM Discourses, X:116)

The Presence that I AM, I now remain, untouched by disturbing outer conditions. Serene, I fold my wings and abide the Perfect Action of the Divine Law and Justice of my Being, commanding all things within my Circle to appear in Perfect Divine Order.

(Vol. 3 – I AM Discourses, IV:44-45)

‘I AM’ the Mighty, Magic Circle of Protection about me that is Invincible and repels from me every discordant thought and element which seeks to find entrance or intrude itself. ‘I AM’ the Perfection of my world, and it is Self-sustained.

(Vol. 3 – I AM Discourses, V:57)

‘I AM’ the Protective Electronic Belt around… (I personally include also after it: ‘and I know, it is forever sustained!’)

(Vol. 3 – I AM Discourses, IX:111)

‘I AM’ the Mighty Law of Divine Justice and Protection acting in the minds and hearts of individuals everywhere.

(I know it's from the ‘IAM Discourses’ too, but I don’t remember the book! This statement is undoubtedly the one I use the most for many years!)

'I AM' the Invincible Power of my Magic Electronic Circle of Protection, in, through and around me now established and forever sustained!

(Vol. 3 – I AM Discourses, VI:62)

Thou Mighty, Infinite Presence! Creator of all that is, always majestic in Thy Conquering Presence, we give Power only to Thee. We forever withdraw all power we have ever given to outer things and stand serene in Thy Majestic Presence, Love, Wisdom and Power. Knowing that, ‘I AM’ here and ‘I AM’ there and ‘I AM’ everywhere, then ‘I AM’ serene in Thy Majestic Presence, manifesting Thy Love, Wisdom, Power and Judgment – that I have Thy foresight and see far beyond human possibilities. I give praise and thanks that I, now and forever, acknowledge and accept only Thy Mighty, Victorious Presence in all things, in my Life, my world, my mind, and my body.

I give praise that I have placed about each form Thy Magic Circle, Invincible, Impenetrable to anything unlike Thee. I stand guard over my Life, body, mind, world and affairs, that nothing manifest unlike Thee. We thank Thee.

(Almighty I AM! 3x)
***The next three decrees give you wonderful Protection and I would indicated to be done daily, in the morning:


‘Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,’ enfold me now in my Mighty Magic Electronic Tube of Ascended Masters’ Light Substance! Make it so powerful no human creation can pass through! See that it keeps me invisible, invincible, and invulnerable to everything but Thy Almighty Perfection; infinitely and divinely sensitive to Thee and Thy Divine Perfection, ‘Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,’ and eternally non-recordant to human creation!


‘Beloved Mighty I AM Presence’ and Great Sanat Kumara! Keep me and every person, place, condition, and thing under the Radiation of the Ascended Master Saint Germain, surrounded with the Invincible Wall of Blue Flame, outside the Tube of Light, as added Protection, until all are Free in the Ascension. We thank Thee Thou dost always answer our every Call.


Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,’ blaze up through me now, Your Mighty Violet Consuming Flame, the Purifying Power of Divine Love, in Its most Powerful, Dynamic Activity! Consume cause, effect, record, and memory forever, of all human concepts, desires, and feelings in my being and world, and every mistake for which my outer self is responsible! Replace it with the Ascended Masters’ Electronic Substance of Light, Love, Purity, and Perfection; and hold Your Dominion within me forever!
My note: The statements, decrees and the picture are from books of:
God Bless You!

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We are the Arcturian Group 5/17/20


MAY 17, 2020

Welcome dear readers to the Arcturian Group message.

You are entering a new phase of the evolutionary process. Present "down times" are allowing a quietness during which many for the first time are pondering, questioning, evaluating their lives, and the right way of doing things. Every day more are allowing themselves to honestly examine aspects of their personal life as well as the world in general such as business, farming, religion, health, education, environment, and politics etc.

Much that has always been considered correct and appropriate is being recognized as inefficient, obsolete, and unfair to many and based in convenience and a resistance to change by those who benefit from the status quo. This period of quiet is also allowing nature a respite from the ongoing barrage of pollution and degradation she suffers.

All is proceeding according to plan. You have been hoping, praying, and waiting for a world that more closely resonated with truth and it is coming but will be an unfolding process over the next few years because the third dimension functions in time and space.

Know that things will never go back to exactly as they were because consciousness is changing, and as we have said many times, the substance of the outer is the inner (consciousness). Do not put effort and energy toward attempting to return everything to exactly as it was but rather be open to new and higher expressions of these same things.

Be prepared for change but also be prepared to hear things that will upset you. Much is going to surface regarding the long standing negative activities of some individuals. The denser energies must be exposed for what they are in order to be recognized and acknowledged. There is an element that feeds from energies of fear, pain, suffering, and discord and in order to keep feeding, they promote words, activities, and false information that will serve to keep fear and discord alive.

When you become aware of these types of issues, send these individuals Light while recognizing that they too are Divine Beings who have lost their way. They have chosen to close their hearts to Love energy and have no interest in or awareness of the fact that everything they sought is already fully present within them.

It is easy to get caught up in this type of information and spend a great deal of time and energy studying and researching negative activities. You have all experienced the heaviness of dense energy that comes from getting too involved in these types of issues. As awakened individuals you are ready to move beyond duality and separation and live from the higher levels of consciousness you have attained. Be aware of and informed about negative beliefs and actions, but then release them and align with Reality.

Activities of love are beginning to take place in the outer scene. Although these activities flow from spiritual oneness they are generally understood as activities of kindness, a looking out for neighbors, and the lending of a helping hand where needed. These seemingly ordinary activities are three dimensional interpretations of spiritual Oneness, evolutionary steps that eventually lead to a state of consciousness that understand service to be service to SELF--Universal Oneness.

A sense of camaraderie not possible in the old energy is developing among people simply because all are experiencing the same issues (oneness). Even the small sense of camaraderie you may feel towards a stranger as you walk by is in reality Oneness expressing through you. However, not all are ready or willing to understand this and the loss of what is familiar is causing them to act out with fear and violence as they seek to protect and perpetuate everything that has supported their false sense of empowerment.

Selflessness is beginning to penetrate collective consciousness on a deeper level but selflessness has been misunderstood and falsely taught to mean that the sacrificing of ones's self for some "grander" purpose is spiritual . Sublimating and denying one's self/SELF by believing it to be of less value than another's self represents separation at its finest.

What can one possibly have to give another if they eliminate themselves from the equation? It is only an empowered person, one who knows and accepts themselves to be a spiritual being, that is able to truly serve. Sacrificing one's identity, needs, and dreams in the belief that it is spiritual is a denial of God for is not God every person's true identity?

Never allow yourselves to be guilted, threatened, pushed, taught, or used by others into doing something. When you do this you are automatically surrendering your power. Service must be a free will choice that flows from a place of love rather than an unwanted activity forced onto a someone for the benefit of another or others who appear more powerful and demanding, or are needy, disabled, and dependant.

We recognize that many are presently locked into some service that they did not consciously choose or want. As a result they may feel angry, depleted, unhappy, and trapped seeing no way out. To these dear ones we say; there are no accidents. Every life is planned before incarnation with the help of Guides, to include those experiences deemed necessary for spiritual evolution.

These types of situations are usually karmic in nature and represent a person's spiritual readiness to address some old energy imbalance that may go back lifetimes but which can be balanced and completed through service in this lifetime. The one needing service may have chosen to learn about patience, humility, and helplessness in this life having never expressed it to others in previously. Frequently the server is a dear friend who volunteered to assist with this lesson.

Sometimes it is because the one needing service did the same for the server in a previous life allowing them both the experiences of giving and allowing. Service can be the push a spiritually prepared person needs in order to move more deeply into the empowerment, love, patience, and awareness that they are ready for.

Do not let obsolete concepts of spiritual duty, and self- sacrifice to enter into your activities of love and service. As universal consciousness shifts to new levels of awareness, service to others on all levels of need will become common, ordinary, backed by law, and simply the way life is lived because there will be a sense of oneness that was not present in third dimensional energy.

Realize that in and of yourself you have nothing to give another. God alone is love, energy, appreciation, gratitude, service, cooperation etc. and God alone has these things to give. To believe that self or some other person has spiritual qualities in and of themselves is the belief in a self separate and apart from God. Only God is good, patient, loving, friendly, honest, cooperative, etc. etc.

Both human good and human bad are impersonal, never becoming or belonging to the person. All there is, is God, Source, -- perfect, whole, complete, harmonious, abundance, intelligent, Self sustained and Self maintained Consciousness.

This is why looking or expecting acceptance, companionship, friendship, forgiveness, cooperation etc. from a person is to look where these things do not exist unless they flow through the person. Always seek these things from God, from within, allowing them to manifest as they will which can and often is where least expected.

True selflessness intuitively guides a person to acknowledge and honor their own needs. It will also guide them as to whether their service is actually needed or simply wanted. It is understanding that what one does for another never comes from a personal supply of love, energy, abundance, and ideas, but rather flows through them from an Infinite Source within--from a well that never runs dry.

Present times are calling for more awareness, deeper understanding, and a serious contemplation of how one will continue living their life. "Will I grudgingly go back to the same old, same old that I have outgrown or will I have the courage to pursue something that makes my heart sing?"

This is where fear will jump in and say that you must go back to what you know or you will suffer lack and limitation, your family with starve, and you will be homeless. It is fine to return to what you are used to, but never forget that you are creators. Regardless of what others may tell you, do not allow your dreams to pass into oblivion in the belief that they are hopeless and could never happen.

Allow your dreams to grow and mature silently and secretly within your heart until they ready to be birthed as your new world and identity.

You are creators, creating your world from the contents of your consciousness.

What do I hold as truth in my consciousness???

We are the Arcturian Group 5/17/20

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A harbinger of things to come?

Comment: Let us hope that the leftist Dems, like sheep, continue to follow their leadership’s obstructionist policies which lead right into the abyss. They have been warned by the more sane members of their own party of the possible consequences of their irresponsible behavior.
"Trump beats Pelosi and Democrats in first two COVID-era U.S. House races"
The president scores in Wisconsin and California.

President Donald Trump scored two proxy victories in Wisconsin and California on Tuesday as the mainstream media, with the noted exception of Fox News, ignored the wins to keep their base in the dark regarding the GOP and Trump victories.

These triumphs, in the middle of the virus crisis, show the still strong pull of the president and his policies.


A harbinger of things to come?

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