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FYI, a blog only holds about three pages of text, thus the reason for a Part 2.


Next is my in-depth response to Larry's July 7th, 12:41 p.m. response, in Part 1 @


Cheryl Nelson on July 7, 2011 at 3:21pm:

This is part 1 of my response to Larry's 7/7/11 comment posted below.  His assertions are italicized. My rebuttals follow:

"First of all you have ZERO evidence that I have anything to do with the Pole Shift Ning, Gerard Zwaan, or Nancyd Lieder.  But you went right ahead and ASSUMED there is a connection."

You deny that you have a connection with poleshift.ning, GZ or NL, yet you talk just like them, style, content and so on. 

In your 7/6/2011 comment, you mentioned "black ops."   Nancy started that vicious rumor.  Where did you get the idea I am "black ops" except from her? 

You also said that I was "involuntarily removed as a moderator."  Only moderators were aware of that fact.  How would someone who has no connection know that?  Further, and to correct the record, I was not involuntarily removed as a moderator.  Gerard asked me to resign and I voluntarily complied with his request.

"Then you made a blog based on my comment and the comment of another person (who I assume is a moderator at the Pole Shift Ning, but how does Cheryl know that, got a list of the moderators to peruse?)."

Your point is mooted since I based my assumption on good evidence.  Does anyone here disagree that he  sounds like Nancy and other disruptors that have visited here? 

Then after accusing me of the "crime" of assuming something, you turn around and do the same thing:  "who I assume is a moderator..."  As for how I get my information, that's none of your business, but Mark IS a moderator.  Absolutely, no doubt in my mind based on documentary evidence.

"And talk about PARANOID!  Double wow!  Cheryl Nelson is practically the definition of paranoid based on insisting on IP addresses for all members, preapproval of all memberships, and choosing to take legit concerns about this site to such a level IMMEDIATELY.  Scared, Cheryl, of the truth getting out about you and this site being a ZetaTalk debunking site?"

Only a qualified medical professional can diagnose.  Are you practicing medicine here without a license?  What is the definition of paranoia?  Have you ever, if you are a qualified medical practicioner, met with me in person for consultation.  What authority, then, do you diagnose me as anything?  Because I asked for IP addresses?  Again, we have heard that insanity from Nancy Lieder, to whom you have no connection.  And the only reason I had to ask was because poleshift.ning spies, including Nancy and Gerard, were constantly coming here, violating my members' privacy by trawling the members' lists.  It is amazing how she provokes a reaction so she can use the reaction as some kind of ammunition, which is nothing more than just her taking a molehill and spinning it into a mountain.  My "PARANOIA" was nothing more than due diligence on my part to try to protect my members' privacy.

Your comment, "choosing to take legit concerns about this site to such a level IMMEDIATELY" isn't clear.  Are you saying that requiring IP numbers is a legitimate concern?  If so, then why do you consider that I am PARANOID?  And, if it is a legitimate concern, it needs to be addressed immediately.  So, what is your point?

Scared?  Not at all.  This site is protected, as I have said before.  We are an open society here.  I have been ridiculed and defamed a few times here, and I have let the expressions stand as a testament to the free speech we practice here.  Many here know me and can see what malarkey disruptors are spewing. 

Cheryl Nelson on July 7, 2011 at 3:44pm:

"Cheryl has almost no idea how her OWN posts all over the internet actually make her look like a complete fool.  Cheryl apparently THINKS she is smarter than everyone else.  Most people can recognize when someone is simply DISGRUNTLED and not legit, not trying to help people, just trying to make her own points no matter how absurd (like Comet Elenin being anything more than a small comet), and that is Cheryl Nelson."

Why do you care so much, Larry?  Are you obsessed with me?  Are you stalking me too? 

Actually, my posts contain plenty of indications that I don't pretend to be smarter than everyone.  As far as what's on the internet, if people even notice at all, they will see an honest person who doesn't hide she doesn't know everything. 

No one made you start this "ning" did they Cheryl?  But you want to CONTROL everything and LIE in the process, whatever it takes!

Again, more Nancy Lieder.  She who must obsessively control everything and has been busted in enough lies.  Actually, now that you remind me, I was influenced to start this ning.  By Nancy Lieder, when she began stalking me on poleshift ning and discrediting my posts.  I saw the end coming and started my own ning, since I had come to poleshift ning after running my own website and yahoogroups since 2003 (which still exists).  It was only logical to continue on with all the data I had accumulated.  I told Gerard about my new ning when I was still a member of psning and he didn't seem to have a problem with it at that time. 

Please provide PROOF that I am connected to ZetaTalk or the Pole Shift Ning.  There will be no proof because you cannot prove it (even with my IP address and email address).

What chutpah you have.  Libel me on my own ning without a shred of evidence then demand proof connecting you to ZT/NL/psning.  Your posts are my proof.  Does anyone here disagree that he is spewing Nancy Lieder/ Zetatalk/the poleshift ning agenda, and that there is no way he doesn't have a connection?  (BTW, Larry, I know this question is a fishing expedition to try to find out how I know things, like that Mark is a psning moderator.)

At least I have evidence for my statements.  Cheryl has ZERO evidence about me, simply jumped to CRAZY conclusions so she can leave my comment up and make a blog based on it (rather than delete it because that would expose Cheryl's LIE that she never suspends members or deletes anything because she does both).

Evidence does no good if it is never presented, Larry.  And libel, or less than personal knowledge does not constitute evidence.  And, as I just said, you are my star witness.  My conclusions aren't crazy when compared to your libelous, unsubstantiated accusations.  My conclusions would pass a reasonable person test. 

So including my comment as coming from the Pole Shift Ning is a total falsehood based on nothing.

Au contraire, Larry.  You, yourself, have proved it abundantly.

Thanks, again, Cheryl for proving me right about you.  You need professional help, the sooner the better.

As I showed above, unless you can prove you are a qualified medical professional and have examined me in depth, your diagnosis and suggestion to seek professional help are meaningless libel. 

I seriously doubt Nancy Lieder cares anything about your pathetic "ning."  You are grasping at straws to defend your obvious hatred of a woman who IS spreading the truth (unlike you, who allows anything on here, no matter how crazy, as long as it debunks ZetaTalk).

You are entitled to your opinion.  I have documentary evidence to the contrary.  And I don't "hate" anyone.  I do dislike her unconscionable behavior. 

Cheryl Nelson on July 7, 2011 at 3:46pm:

I will come back in the Fall when Comet Elenin passes without causing anything.  What will all you dupes say then?  How about when the earth changes continue to get worse AFTER Comet Elenin passes far from earth?  I guess whatever Cheryl's handlers decide is the next cover-up lie will be what this ning becomes.

You are welcome to return, if we are still here after Elenin and that which is following it have passed.  We all hope we will still be here. And if we are, all the Elenin blogs will be here too.  You seem to have a problem differentiating between posting something and embracing its content.  You see, we EXAMINE and DISCUSS things here.  That's why you see so much variety.  Everyone here is free and encouraged to draw their own conclusions.  But no matter what we decided, we respect each other.

p.s.  Count how many members actually post here, it is a tiny number.  Count how many people post on the Pole Shift Ning:  A HUGE number.  That should tell those with an open mind where the real action about earth changes, and it is NOT this "ning."  Good luck when you can all see Planet X with your own eyes and realize you have been duped!

Again, Larry, you are forwarding yet another Nancy Lieder obsession (documented evidence).  We are a family here.  I believe people who belong here will be guided here.   I post stats to show progress.  Some of our members get discouraged when they don't see much discussion on their blogs, but their blogs are widely read.  It is an encouragement, not the silly contest Nancy Lieder has tried to turn this into.  By the way, from what I've heard, psning doesn't have that many posters, compared to the large amount of members they have.  Who knows, maybe our percentage is not as "pathetic" as Nancy thinks. 

My advice is to make sure your own preps are complete before August, just in case.  Maybe Elenin & friend will take us down, maybe not.  But it certainly could precipitate a panic if there are bumps in the road.


Guess my rebuttal left "Larry" speechless.  So, he went for what he thought were easier pickin's when he went after newly departed poleshift.ning member, Tammy Fielder, now on the New Madrid Simularities blog...

Comment by Larry on Monday (July 18, 2011)...

Here you go, the reason why "Tammy Fielder" and so many others on here are in such incredible denial about the truth about Planet X.  And the highly iconic thing:  The Pole Shift Ning member who asked the question is being defamed on here.  What IRONY!

We shall see in September, October or November 2011 when Comet Elenin passes and NOTHING happens as a result, shan't we?  What will Cheryl say then about the earth changes that will not only continue but will get worse?  Some other comet maybe?  Just as long as Planet X as described and accurately predicted by the Zetas is NOT mentioned!

Is there something peculiar about human beings or human nature that causes so many to accept the most absurd theories and cover-up excuses for what is causing earth changes? (It appears anything is better than the truth for many, just as long as Planet X is not mentioned.) The Comet Elenin hoax/scare is a good example of an Establishment Lie designed to get people to believe an icy comet could cause a pole shift or other catastrophic events in 2011, but nearby Planet X which can sometimes be seen is almost constantly debunked. Can the Zetas comment or expand on this mystery of human psychology?

This is a type of denial. Denial takes many forms and can exist in degrees, and even reside side-by-side with acceptance of reality. People who are distressed by reality will grasp at anything that removes the discomfort and returns them to their former comfort level. They may dither, and vacillate between denial and acceptance, and this is quite common. Someone on the verge of accepting the reality of Planet X nearby, the logic of the ZetaTalk message explaining the Earth changes and the signs in the skies, can flip in and out of acceptance even during a single conversation. One minute they are saying yes, it must be true and the next repeating some disinformation line, clinging to this in fact. So much better for all the rumors about a coming cataclysm to be related to a mere dirty snowball, a common comet! All this hype about looking at the sky, anticipation of doom, and the suspicion that myths about past cataclysms were connected to something passing in the sky is merely confusion about comets. Ah, one can go back to live as normal again. That is, until reality starts to intrude.  (Emphasis added by poster.)



Comment by Larry on Monday (July 18, 2011)

Oh, and please add this to your highly LYING and defamatory blog about alleged moderators or flunkies of the Pole Shift Ning. I noticed on Google that doing that has only made many more people read the truth, which reveals Cheryl Nelson is not only in extreme denial she is also not nearly as bright as she wants us to believe.  Does anyone REALLY think that the ONLY people who accept ZetaTalk MUST be moderators of the Pole Shift Ning?



Larry continued to violate the Golden Rule.  All the Elenin blogs were here, as promised, when he returned but his rants didn't change.  He was finally suspended.  Eventually, he send an email accusing us of censorship, which we do not practice here.  When Larry joined, he agreed to abide by our rules and he continually and flagrantly violated them.  His purpose was to provoke a suspension just so he had "evidence" that we practice censorship.  So, I posted this message for him:

01/28/12 Message to former member "Larry":  Your threat to "expose" us as practitioners of censorship is just more of your twisting the truth and bullying.  Anywhere our members see any of your defamation will be countered with a link to and a note that you couldn't even follow the one rule we have here, the Golden Rule.  It's clear you acted like a jerk just so you could provoke a suspension so you could feel somehow justified in doing just what you've threatened.  This was no surprise. It was obvious what you were angling for.

Your pointing the finger on other sites at us just proves what a sad person you are.  "Those guys over there practice censorship!!!!!!!" you howl.  That's pretty funny, coming from a guy connected to the repressive poleshift.ning.  They always like to transfer their sins over here and then point fingers.  I guess times are desperate over there.

Be advised, Larry, the more you libel us, the closer you get to a defamation lawsuit, not to mention a criminal complaint for cyberbullying, which I believe is now considered terrorism.  BTW, thank you for putting into writing your intent to defame and bully us.  I'll add it to the growing pile of evidence I have of conspiracy amongst you and the poleshift.ningsters against this site and me personally. 



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Comment by desertrose on August 15, 2011 at 12:09pm

You are  absolutely  right  and   I have  here  a link  to  a  documentary  by the  Power  Hour  that  is incredible in it's meticulous gathering  of information and  video  proof  of all the  lies  about  what  truly happened  on  9/11


911 In Plane Site


Uploaded by on May 25, 2011

In Plane Site, the Power Hour documentary, Complete in it's Entirety, that was on the air in Canada in 2004!
When most of the world knows the truth about 911 it's a shame that American citizens are left in the dark. The military-industrial coalition has a vested interested in promoting discontent and war around the world. It's done at your expense and at the cost of your sons and daughters.

Comment by desertrose on August 15, 2011 at 12:03pm

Larry  Says:

I will be back to bust the Comet Elenin hoax wide open. In the meantime I have better things to do that read or post on a tiny, puny, nothing site like this that is spreading every lie and hoax out there...........



Hmmmmm,   methinks the  debunker   doth  protest  too much.


Strange that  you  would be too  busy  to  bother  yourself  about  a puny nothing  site  like  this .  Yet you are  here  everyday  as  you  very  well know.. Your  actions belie  your  words.  Since  you are  too ignorant  to  know the  difference  between   discussion of  possibilities and  findings.  Let  me  do  you and  your  weakened   gray matter a  favor  and  break it  down  for  you.  Last  time  I  checked to present  all the   evidence  available about  a  topic   does  not make  the topic   truth  nor  can one  verify  without  hard  facts.  What  is presented  here  are theories and  information   brought  forth  by  individuals  much  better   equipped  and  much  more   intelligent   than either  you   or  I.  Could they   be   wrong?  Absolutely,  Such  is  the possible  outcome of  any  hypothesis.  Therefore the need  to  research and  debate as  well as quantify  what  facts  are provable.  You  come   here  and   spew  your accusations.  You read what you  want  to  read  and  address  the  rest  with  your feverish ignorance.  The  truth  Larry  is that  Nancy  and  Gerard  would have  banned  you  by  now  for  your idiocy.  We   however  keep  you  around  because  you amuse  us.  We  invite you and  anyone else  to  come  back  and  discuss  the  fallacy  of a  failed warning.  However, remember  this  and  remember  it  clearly.  The theories  and  information  brought  forth  here  come from many  different sources  the main  one  I believe  being  the  Star Viewer Team  in Spain.  I  find it  hard  to believe  that  one  who would stoop so low  as you have  done  here could have credentials  to match that  of any of  the  teams   members.  So   forgive me  if I  take  exception and  discount  your  ranting  as  just  that   the  ranting and  ramblings of a lonely misguided  soul who has  absolutely  nothing  better to   do  with his  time than haunt the  pages of this puny , nothing Ning  to  make  himself  feel  superior.  Another  quality I  might  add, that   you  share  with  Leider; " Delusions  of  Grandeur".

I  look  forward  to  the  non  responses  that  you  post on this  non  page that  you  are  so  obviously  not reading , lol  you  are a  riot .  Thank  you  for the  laugh  ;)

Comment by Kim B on August 15, 2011 at 11:28am
Well if we still have electricity and internet by then!!
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on August 15, 2011 at 10:45am

I don't want to suspend you, Larry.  Keep coming back and reading, and if Elenin turns out to be more than NASA's "wimpy comet" then maybe your programming will short circuit and you can learn to think for yourself. 

I hope you will at least use this opportunity as a fire drill to get ready, just in case.  You know the saying, once a disaster hits, it's too late to prepare.

Comment by Larry on August 15, 2011 at 10:39am

I will be back to bust the Comet Elenin hoax wide open. In the meantime I have better things to do that read or post on a tiny, puny, nothing site like this that is spreading every lie and hoax out there.

Guess what, Cheryl?  I am not going to read one word of what you posted about me or anything else about ZetaTalk and the Pole Shift Ning.  What would be the point of reading pure lies?

I am not Nancy Lieder and Cheryl knows it. Unlike the Pole Shift Ning members here are REQUIRED to provide an IP address in order to join (which is an improvement over requiring an IP address just to read as was the case for this so-called ning before).

Cheryl knows that the IP address I provided is in Texas.  So unless Nancy Lieder has access to the software that the professional debunkers who plague this ning use to disguise they are not real people, then clearly I am NOT Nancy Lieder as I am posting from the State of Texas.  Last time I heard, Nancy lives far away from Texas.  So much for that theory, eh?

I will be back when Comet Elenin passes by and no pole shift happens.  And you can forget all about trying to weasel out of the huge number of soon-to-be failed predictions and lies about Comet Elenin on here.  Comet Elenin is a hoax designed to cover up the truth about Planet X!  But apparently anything is better than the truth on here, no matter how absurd.

I am American and speak/write English as my first language.  Nancy and I do have that in common, but to claim that just because I can put a sentence together in English and so can Nancy Lieder therefore than means we are one of the same person is also beyond ridiculous.  But logical, rational thinking are certainly not what this ning is about it:  Spreading lies is what it is about.  Go ahead and suspend me; you know you want to.

Comment by Buckworth Jackson on July 25, 2011 at 2:13pm

I'm starting to believe that Zeta is a CIA/NWO disinformation source.

They are still putting out that it was a 'loaded airliner' that hit the Pentagon.

Just looking at the hole it 'supposedly' made is enough to show no aircraft of that size hit anything.

Also, looking at the metal light poles that were knocked down by this aircraft?

No way!

The Aircraft would have lost a wing and or cart wheeled into the ground. 

Nope, I think the guy from Andromeda got it right.

Comment by Kim B on July 23, 2011 at 3:45pm
I was there for a few months and left after what I witnessed.  I saw what happened over there so I believe no one coming here calling Cheryl a liar. 
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on July 23, 2011 at 3:09pm
They limit themselves just like stepping into a box and pulling the top down over it, or an ostrich with its head in the sand.  If they choose to come here and tell us how superior they are, we will continue posting their "superiority" for the world to see.  They need all the help they can get.
Comment by pat staley on July 23, 2011 at 3:04pm
LOL   I'm glad they kicked me out.


Always demand proof, proof is the elementary courtesy that is anyone’s due.  —Paul Valéry, "Monsieur Teste"

Is That Winged Object Really Planet X? Maybe Not!

Here's a NASA deconstruction image showing the central personnel area and three force shields:

See for the video it came from (40:23 etc).

Indonesia Plate NOT Collapsing -- The TruEarth Images offered by ZT as "proof" are 11 years old! 

Oh, Buoy! (Misinterpreted buoy charts)

Deconstructing Nancy Lieder and her Zetatalk



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