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10 Future Predictions by Diane Tessman

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10 Future Predictions by Diane Tessman

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During my eleven years of public school teaching, I also pursued field investigation with MUFON and the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization (APRO). I was meticulously scientific in my investigations; however like so many investigators, I was also driven to look into the UFO phenomenon for some hidden personal reason which I did not understand at that time. After undergoing hypnosis with Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, I remembered a UFO encounter when I was a child in North Iowa. I realized consciously that I "shared consciousness" with a UFO being who calls himself Tibus. This line of communication had always been there but I had not dared to recognize it.   For 30 years now, Tibus and I have warned of climate change which brings torrential rains and  super-storms; these events are just now becoming painfully apparent. Another example: Tibus has been adamant about not using nuclear power, "because accidents will happen." Now we have Fukashima. 

    I have written 5 books as well as writing 2 monthly publications, with predictions and insights into Earth's upheavals and changes. As you can see from the Ten Predictions below, Tibus' messages involve logical outcomes rather than conventional psychic information which is not, by definition, based in logic. If you continue to mistreat your environment, this will happen."  This is the crux of Tibus and many other alien beings' warnings and messages. Perhaps receiving a message from a UFO being is not always flakey or crazy, although the media tends to portray it this way. Perhaps it is a method, an attempt, to open humankind's eyes to the plight of its planet which is a crisis almost entirely caused by humankind.  


10 Future Predictions by Diane Tessman:

     How can anyone predict the future when quantum physics confirms for us that there are an infinite number of alternate realities? Tibus has taught me that there are certain over-riding events which happen in almost every branch reality. These events are the movers and shakers of Earth's history in every time line. In my precognitive work, it is these over-riding ("umbrella") events on which I place the most emphasis.
    You will not see a prediction here about the success a Hollywood starlet's rehab or a British royal's choice of tiara. The Change Point is approaching for the Planet Earth, an intersecting moment in space/time in which every one of us will be deeply involved and affected. Each planet which has a dominant, sentient species like Homo sapiens, reaches a pivotal moment in its history when this species threatens to destroy the higher life forms on the planet through its own greed, and selfishness. Today, we see higher life forms such as lions, tigers, whales, sharks, elephants, and an endless list of others, in danger of untimely extinction because of humankind's cruelty and lack of empathy.
    Yes, Planet Earth is in the throes of her Change Times; in this violent process, Homo sapiens may even extinguish its own life spark along with that of the planet herself. Is a species really so intelligent which destroys the world on which it stands? 
    Perhaps Gaia, the living spirit of Mother Earth, will manage to keep a few life forms such as cockroaches and microbial life after humankind has done its damage and is long gone. However, Gaia is a middle aged planetary spirit; her world was in relative balance before Homo sapiens began his march of progress. She had created and was nurturing tens of millions of species. It is not yet her time to be a dying world. It is not yet time for the wondrous diversity of Earth's higher life forms to be extinguished
    Here, then, are my 12 Future Predictions in these crazy, often dangerous, Change Times, which lead to a dimensional Change Point. Many of these predictions are alarming but the positive predictions, which are the last three, are our future hope; they are Our Future. .
    Beyond chaos and change of the old world, is a new world which sings in a higher octave. Those humans who can survive in this higher electromagnetic frequency of consciousness, will perceive the new dawn of a healed and balanced planet.
    Prediction One:. Fracking, is the new "advanced"  technique of horizontal drilling for gas, which in fact, fractures the earth causing thousands of earthquakes, releases huge amounts of methane which kills fish, birds, and more, and destroys the water table, private wells and entire aquifers across the nation. All profits from fracking go to the giant natural gas industry.
    Fracking will cause a terrible shortage pure, clean water. The shortage of consumable water is a major prediction regardless of the fracking process but with fracking covering some states already like cancer, the drinking water crisis grows much more critical and pressing.
    Fracking is beyond government rules and regulations because former Vice President Cheney saw to it that this toxic, destructive method of drilling, is exempt from all oversight and regulation.
    And so, for the United States in particular, the future lack of drinking water and fresh water for other aspects of civilization, will become a devasting crisis earlier than it would have without the upgrade in fracking practices.
    Prediction Two: MRSA and CRKP infections will spread like wildfire, turning what is already a global threat into a global panic. Over-use of antibiotics is the reason for the rise of these superbugs. MRSA attacks people in hospitals but also in communal areas now such as schools and gyms. CRKP is a new superbug which causes mostly respiratory infections which are almost totally resistant to antibiotics. Together, these killed over 25,000 people in Europe last year but that number will seem small as these and other brand new superbugs defy antibiotics entirely.
    Prediction Three: Contamination through radioactivity and the otherwise rapidly dwindling fish populations across the planet, will make many kinds of fish such as cod, which we take for granted as always there  for us, rare and almost impossible to find.  Also rapidly shrinking in availability due to pollution, radioactivity, and the huge human demand, will be oysters, scallops, lobsters,  and similar seafood. The Gulf of Mexico is more damaged already than we are told.
    Prediction Four: The Pacific Ring of Fire will continue to go through a violently active period when both earthquakes and volcanoes continue to  cause enormous and frequent catastrophes which in the past, had been rare events. Of course devastating walls of water called tsunamis will also occur because these go hand in hand with severe earthquakes. 
    Prediction Five: The Arctic Ocean will soon be open water all winter long. In many areas of the planet, the last traces of formerly mighty glaciers will trickle their last drop, into the sea. The lack of glaciers also exacerbates the coming fresh water crisis. In the Antarctic, large chunks of the ice shelves will continue to break up; when the main Antarctic ice sheet is exposed to the Antarctic Ocean without the protection of the ice shelves, a huge meltdown may occur very quickly, raising ocean levels by many feet.
    Prediction Six: There will be more nuclear accidents and/or serious damage to nuclear installations due to huge catastrophes. It is strange, but once a thought enters the mass human consciousness, we know more such events will come. We do create our own reality. One month after the Japanese Fukashima meltdowns, 3 workers in Nebraska were exposed to radioactivity at Cooper Nuclear Station.
    Prediction Seven: Of course the radioactivity from Fukashima is greater and more damaging than governments will admit. Which brings us to our 7th prediction: The powers-that-be on Earth will continue trying to control the population of humans through disinformation and misinformation. To keep their power, they must keep the general population like a herd of sheep, wrapped up in materialism and the endless quest for "enough money."
    Do not be mislead by readings of radioactivity from Fukashima which try to sound as though it is not a high reading; we must remember that nuclear meltdown and near-meltdown is a 24/7 process, and continues for thousands of years.
    Prediction Eight:  In the near future, more humans will break from the control mechanism of mass consumerism and gluttonous materialism, finally perceiving that this is the road to doomsday. This revolution will occur partially because of desperation over growing levels of radioactivity and what they mean to us and our posterity.    
    This huge change in human consciousness will also occur as resources such as food, water, and fuel become scarce when they were once so abundant.     
    Also contributing to this critical mass of enlightenment will be growing desperation regarding the extremes of the climate. There will be endless super-storms and super-torrents of rain and snow, and society will no longer be able to deal effectively with them. Other areas will undergo severe, long-lasting drought or what seems like permanent flooding. Water levels planetwide will continue rising.
    Prediction Nine: There will be intentional Internet leaks of top secret government documents which prove conclusively that extraterrestrials and other-dimensionals have been flying in Earth skies and landing on Earth soil, for many years now. 1947 marks the beginning of a full scale mission on the part of these beings, to visit Earth and observe or help, during the Change Times.
    The absolute proof that UFOs exist and that they are not from the Earth we know, begins to pave the way for actual face to face contact with humans by these aliens. In all likelihood, these events will not span a number of years, but only a few months as they play out against the backdrop of Earth's catastrophes. We could wake up tomorrow with the certain knowledge that UFO aliens landed in London yesterday and will be landing in our area today.
    Prediction Ten: Landings by UFO occupants. Careful friendship will be extended to the mass of humanity. This will happen right as a dimensional shift occurs which we call the Change Point. From then on, there will be a different electromagnetic frequency for the human mind, due to a large fluctuation in Earth's geomagnetic field which is already beginning.
    This change in the human EM frequency, will lead to the perception of a better world. Perception is reality, and those who perceive a better world, will find themselves on a healed, balanced planet - a new dawn for Earth. 
    Those who can adapt, will. Those who cannot achieve this enlightened state of mind, will continue in the old human frequency, a dimension which is slowly coming unraveled. Essentially, they will continue, on a world which is full of catastrophes and which will become not the hospitable world we have known.    
    Enlightenment is up to each individual; no one chooses you - you choose yourself.
    The Change Point could occur in 11 but of course we all think of 12 and those Mayan predictions. The Change Point could even come in 13 or 14, but we all feel its approach and know it is near.
Diane Tessman's website  earthchangepredictions.com
and  Earth Changes Bible by Diane Tessman, the book that explains Earth's Reality Continuum

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"7 of 10" Will NOT Happen Before The End Of 2010

I have talked to the Zs about this off and on over the past few months. You have seen me express my personal skepticism about the 7 of 10 event happening before the end of 2010. Well, I'm now issuing an "official" opinion.

It will not happen. As the Zetas have said time and again, they DO NOT give out timeframes or deadlines. As they have said in previous ZT, the calculations are complex and change from minute to minute. Their viewpoint is that giving out a date would do more harm than good because it would most likely create useless panic and damage the credibility of the data intended to help people with.

Their mission is to try to keep the panic down and help people survive. Those that give out false timeframes have done so without permission and the Zetas explicitly deny having ever given out a date. They are forbidden, as you know.

Nancy is no longer "in the loop" and hasn't been for quite a while. They also say to beware the "wriggle room" Nancy builds into her purported ZT. Legitimate Zeta messages do not engage in such tactics.

Nancy's time is over. The Ambassador has landed. Things are going to be different.


UPDATE 12/13/10: The earlier ZT does not say anything about "the 7 will begin by the end of 2010." The language is clear. The 7 of 10 would happen by the end of 2010. "Beginning to happen" is new, to make excuses for a failed prediction. Of course, the Zetas didn't make the prediction in the first place so don't blame them.


UPDATE 12/17/10:  Well, the backpedaling has begun.  The latest holey writ (and the writ keeps getting holey-er, indeed) states:  "The 7 of 10 will unfold but not as expected by many. It will not be a dramatic announcement on the news, as the establishment is ready for this, due to the extensive discussions."  (Personally, I think it should read "as Nancy is ready for this, due to the heavy skeptical discussions on earthchanges ning and GLP, which she and her followers frequently monitor."  But Nancy is never going to be ready for this one...too much history of failed predictions....)

Now, let's look at some fair usage quotes from ZetaTalk, for the purpose of discussion, critique, and education:



"This ZetaTalk [referring to the Christmas Hammer], written in late December, 2007 indeed describes what the holographic presentation that Nancy attended in November, 2009 was intending to relay. We have confirmed that some of these incidents will be part of a movement to the 7 of 10 stage, and by the end of 2010."


http://zetatalk.com/index/zeta571.htm (04/03/2010)

Q:  What will be the biggest event of the year 2010 A.D?

ZT: One of the events that was presented in the holographic presentation that Nancy attended last November will surely occur. Just what else might occur, or which of these events we are referring to, we cannot say."



ZetaTalk Response 3/27/2010: The holographic presentation that Nancy attended last November included a rolling of the S American Plate with mountain building in the Andes and crushing of a part of the Caribbean Plate during this roll. We are not allowed to state when such a process might start, though there is much speculation because of the Chile quake and subsequent quakes that are running up and down the Andes, and restlessness in the Caribbean. Beyond the fact that we have confirmed this holographic presentation to be valid, in the steps it relayed, and beyond stating that to move to a 7 of 10 one or more of these described catastrophe's must happen, we can say no more.



ZetaTalk Comment 2/27/2010: As we mentioned during past chats, there will be no question when the Earth has arrived at a 7. This will not be a single quake or a series of quakes, it will be plate movements that are strong enough, significant enough, that shock would be the word to use in describing the reaction of the populace.


Can everyone see the obvious contradiction between current Nancy/ZT and prior ZetaTalk?  Let me lay it all out on the table so no one misunderstands or deludes themself, because memory can be hazy:


The movement to a "7" of 10 on the Nancy/ZT scale involves the movement of tectonic plates.  For a tectonic plate to move, believe me the news outlets won't be needed.  Cities and coastlines will disappear, oceans will roll over islands, land masses will rise, others will sink, families, friends, and businesses will be burning the phone lines and the internet with the news, you get the idea.  There is no way an event of this magnitude could be covered up.  And if, for the sake of argument, the PTB were able to hide the fact a tectonic plate moved, how then would the world be "shocked"? 


This is backpedaling in the extreme, playing on hazy memories and/or laziness in verifying prior ZT.  The language in prior Zetatalk is abundantly clear.  There were no wriggle words like "around" the end of 2010 or that "the PTB wlll hide the fact of a tectonic plate shifting," as you can see for yourself above.   


And the bald-faced spin she's putting on it now.  How, pray tell, would the movement to a "7" not be as "expected by many" when it was clearly stated, in no uncertain terms, that this event would be:

by the end of 2010 (a firm date that means "no later than the end of 2010."  It does not include time in 2011 otherwise the phrase would have been "around the end of 2010" and/or "early 2011).

one or more (you can't hide one plate shifting, imagine trying to hide 2 or more, but at least one would happen, not "start to happen")

of the events depicted in the [holographic] presentation (which was all about tectonic plates shifting...major, major events)

SHOCKING the world (meaning the world "WILL BE SHOCKED"...not "NOT SHOCKED because the PTB-controlled news media is gagged from talking about it" (while Nancy rides in the ticker-tape parade in her mind for her grand non-performance, smiling serenely and waving to her international fans, receiving heads of states who travel the world to congratulate her for predicting nothing).  


You can see what Nancy's ZT said THEN and what she is saying NOW are clearly contradictory.  Past ZT did not say it was subject to change.  The language was an emphatic, focused, statement with no modifiers that would have changed the meaning from certainty to maybe.  The words were plain, common, English words that did not leave anything open to doubt or other interpretation.  No double entendres.  No guessing at what the language might be saying.  It was plain and clear.  And that is how we ALL interpreted the plain, common meaning of the words.  Did anyone here who read it back then interpret it any differently or have any doubts as to what was being said? 

Now, to state the obvious...if Nancy/ZT says black is black and later she does an about-face and claims that we all misunderstood and that black is really white, how can anyone ever again believe anything that comes out of her mouth?  If you do, you are a fool.  If she is allowed to get away with this, she can say whatever she wishes and then erase the blackboard and rewrite it. 

For example, "It's going to rain tomorrow, no doubt about it."  Tomorrow comes.  You wear your raincoat and take your umbrella.  The sun is out all day long.  No rain.  So then you question the weatherman, who says, "You, the audience, misunderstood.  What was meant was that tomorrow would begin a period of time in which rain could start developing." 

How could anyone have gotten the revised meaning from the first statement?  You couldn't because it didn't say that.  And how long would people listen to a weather forecaster like that?  Not long because the incorrect information caused you to act inappropriately (in this case by dressing for rain when there was no rain after being told that it would rain for sure).  Bottom line, this means that her utterances are absolutely worthless and a waste of precious time. 

But, let's give credit where credit is due.  She's a showman, akin to the traveling shows of the '20s and '30s...smoke and mirrors and pony shows.  All show, no substance.  However, her fantasy did its intended job of creating fear and interest.  It scared people.  It fascinated people.  It drew people in to hang on her coattails for more words of wisdom from the Great Oracle.  She had an audience, at least for a little while longer.

But now it's time to pay the piper for another Great White Lie.  This is why the benevolent Zs are no longer with her.  They are horrified at her fairy tales in their name.  And ticked off, I sense.  They don't zap her because they are benevolent and also because they cannot interfere.  However, they have withdrawn their healing mercies.  She's on her own, as far as they are concerned.

This backpedaling means she already knows 7 ain't gonna happen by the end of 2010 and she is trying to save her sorry a...reputation.   If she truly cared about her followers, she could at least have the decency to tell them the truth.  But the show is not about decency, the show is about her and her ego.  Madame Emissary has been fired.  She no longer represents the benevolent Zetas. 


UPDATE 12/19/2010:

Responding to questions/comments:


What made the zeta's not respond to her?  Fame went to her head and she wasn't getting enough information to keep her weekly newsletter going so she started inventing things to keep it alive.

When did they stop contacting her?  I'm not certain, but sense in the last year or two.

And how much of ZT is really ZT and not NT?  That is a good question.  The only way we can tell is to see what earlier ZT said and compare it with what is being said now.  For instance, the Zetas are forbidden to give timelines.  This is well-known and was stated over and over again.  Suddenly, this year, she has given several.  The Zetas did not give her these dates and, thus, her predictions have failed.


...[t]rust your own beliefs as to what is true or not.  There is no requirement to believe anything I say.  What I say is my reality.  You should know by now that I expect everyone here to challenge and inquire and not accept information without proof.  Sometimes you do have to go with your gut feeling when proof is impossible to get (like with me and the Zetas, as they keep a strict element of doubt in place and keep me wondering and questioning), but that should be a personal decision that only you can make.  Never let someone else make it for you. 

Remember, as the Zetas have indicated to me, the point of ZT was to make people aware of the problem and how to prepare for it.  The science was interesting and it attracted people, but the science became "god" and spun out of control.  The Zetas simply want people to understand a problem exists and that they need to prepare for it, if after reviewing the information that is what they decide to do.  To attract people is good but they need to move on to the preparation phase.  Instead, too many people are getting stuck living on the website for the glory of one.  Why?  To keep an ego pampered and to provide fodder to keep ZetaTalk alive.  Without the audience, there is no "ZetaTalk."  [Not that it's their communications anymore, anyway.]

They also are shaking their heads at the repressiveness and shudder because people think that is how they are.  Not true.  Not the healing Zetas.  They want people to learn, and they know people learn best in an atmosphere of love and caring.  Again, that is part of the problem...their advice is not being followed.  They understand the concept of "guilt by association," thus they have cut ties with her.

Is she working for the STS?  I don't know.  All they will say on that question is to observe her actions and behavior and judge for ourselves.  I have noted that she uses the ZT "distracted STO can be gruff" as a justifier for her behavior.  However, from personal observation, it goes beyond being a merely "distracted, gruff STO."  STOs are STO because they love, so here is a good basis of comparison:  Love is patient and kind, love is not envious, not proud, but gentle and meek, seeks not its own way... and where love lives THERE IS NO FEAR! 


UPDATE 12/20/2010:

Responding to an earlier comment about the "white lie":


The healing Zetas state that there is no such thing as a "white lie" in their culture.  They are all telepathic and the very concept of a white lie is so alien to them they could have never suggested such a thing.  In 4D honesty is a way of life.  You depend on the guy next to you.  Someone's in trouble, they all know it...instantly.  Who can lie in an evironment such as that? 


So, they knew then what they were dealing with but chose to let it continue because their bottom line was still being met...the message was getting out.  However, the tide has turned.  Her lies are hurting the message now.  A lie is a lie is a lie is a lie, no matter how you try to whitewash it. 


And to let you all know, they intervened when her lies were going to harm someone.  They wouldn't let that happen because they felt responsible for allowing her to continue.  It was a compromise, they know.  They did the best the could with a bad situation.  They also want you to know that they are constantly working behind the scenes, walking a very fine line all the time to make many, many things work.   


They gave permission to share this with you all: 


You know how she has said they put images in her head and she was expected to put words to them?  Well, news break...while I have question and answer periods with them, in English in my head, they also "autotransfer" (for lack of a better word) what they want me to know (and sometimes publish).  Remember, about 9 months ago I talked about undergoing "surgery" in the True Confessions blog where they were bequeathing Zeta DNA to me and inserting it into my brain?    Well, that was the "hard wiring."  They intentionally built in a firewall so I don't tap into the overall "network" (which includes a certain Dutchman, since he got the same hard wiring, whether he wants to believe it any longer or not).


I don't get images for which I must guess the verbal significances so I can describe something.  I get completely formed thoughts that come from "out of the blue."  There is total certainty attached to these thoughts, just like they were my own thoughts.  I've learned to distinguish these thoughts from my own stream of consciousness.  The word is claircognizance, I believe.   


I've said all I can say for now; however, in closing I got a rather amused smile when they primly pointed out that their technology hasn't changed in 15 years.  If you know what they mean. 


UPDATE 12/20/2010 #2

More on comparing pre-2003 ZT with current ZT and practices....


I found this article interesting, http://zetatalk.com/transfor/t131.htm, on Repressive Control.  In it, the Zetas are frowning upon the practice of spying.  That was in 2002.  Over the past week or so, we had no less than 16 PS ning mods/spies (and Gerard and Nancy) on this site crawling all over this blog and Alesiah's Red Flag blog and Sonny's Two Suns blog, as well as our profiles. 

Those of us from their ning know that they aren't here for friendly visits.  They engage in plain, old Earth disinfo and spy crap to try to learn what we are saying, and who is saying what and most likely spin it or use it to discredit us.  Their very presence here is highly suggestive that the Zetas are not helping them in these endeavors.  And we have heard that the environment over there is getting more repressive with the institution of two-mod approvals on all blogs.  What are they afraid of?  Us?  We simply don't care what goes on over there. 

This is an example of what I am talking about ...the difference between old ZT and new.  The Zetas in 2002 were frowning on the Bush administration spying, yet here is Nancy & Co. spying on this ning.  Why do they need to spy?  Why aren't the Zetas helping them if we are the enemy? 

I hope they don't say these are schoolhouse lessons.  That's too lame.  Schoolhouse lessons are spiritual lessons designed to get us out of 3rd density, not learn how to act like big government and keep us stuck here. 

As usual, it's a big "whatever" because this ning is protected. 


UPDATE 12/20/2010 #3

More thoughts...


Another tell-tale article at http://zetatalk.com/index/zeta262.htm, is When Lies Fail.  There's no denying the earth changes.  That's not the focus.  The focus is on some of the comments made about the government's attempts at cover-up and disinformation.  These are equally applicable to what's been going on with "Zetatalk" of late:


"When the cover-ups on the alien presence and the approach of Planet X first started, back in the days of Roswell, this was to be primarily supression of information, along with some fear inducing disinformation to keep people from pursuing the matter.

[People are banned for being here and our existence is totally repressed on the other ning.]


"Lies come with many faces.  Some are lies of omission, where the truth is simply avoided, not discussed, omitted from reports or TV documentaries, with the expectation that the public, deemed to be sheep, will not notice. They did not expect the Atlantic Rift to be grabbed, regularly, by Planet X, on a daily basis. Thus we have a complete avoidance of the periodic global shuddering, evident on the live seismographs, worldwide, at regular and predictable times during the daily rotation of the globe. Since there is no explanation possible, outside of the presence of a rogue planet in the inner solar system, parked near the Sun, the issue is avoided, utterly.

[Saw this frequently on GLP and have heard it happens on the other ning as well.]


"The public, when asking why __________, is told they are in error.

 "To belittle the questioner is a common technique, when the question cannot be answered. 

[Sound familiar?  I've seen it enough.]


"If what is to be hidden is too obvious, then a lie of commission occurs, where it is called something other than what it is. 

[Like the UFOs out by the sun...one in particular was called "Planet X."  Reflections off of them are called "Second Sun Sightings."]


"When you simply can't hide the evidence, or explain it with scientific mumbo jumbo, what to do?  What tacks might the establishment take, to blunt the truth from the public's eye? If the excuses they have proffered are wearing thin, they can hope to supplant the truth with new Pied Pipers. Someone with alternative theories, along the lines of the many made-for-TV movies produced lately, to catch the imagination of the public and lead them anywhere but to the presence of Planet X." 

 [According to recent ZT, when a tectonic plate or two move the PTB just won't let the news media announce it, as if that would "hide the evidence"?  No, they "simply can't hide the evidence" as ZT stated back in 2006. And they certainly can't call it something other than it is...what, the UFO's beamed South America aboard?  Further, by calling the UFO's something other than they are, "ZT" is leading the public to anywhere but to the presence of UFOs and the imminent alien discloure.]


Think of these quotes in terms of the "ZT" (instead of the government).  Do some of these things sound familiar?  More evidence that ZT is acting more like the government than benign aliens here to help.  And if they are acting suspiciously like our government, then they must be working for our government.  If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it must be....


UPDATE 12/20/2010 #4 

More changing ZT...


Even ZT states that the future isn't written in stone.  http://www.zetatalk.com/transfor/t19.htm (09/15/1999).


"We will reiterate here that the future is not written, and such visions are always just possible scenarios."


[Remember I mentioned that the holographic presentation was one of several scenarios?  Well, I just found this ZT confirming that statement.  Also, it is known in quantum physics that thought precedes matter.  Think about it...God said, "Let there be light" and there was light.  Consciousness effects change.  The Zetas are quite aware of these principles.  They, too, know that the future is not written in stone and that there are positive forces that can alter the future.  That's why they are here!]


Now, fast forward to 2003 and contrast 1999 Zetatalk with this:  http://www.zetatalk.com/poleshft/p174.htm (Wishful Thinking, 02/15/2003):

"Thus, New Age talk about the world evading the pole shift if all hold hands and fervently wish it to be so, or if all change their ways and become Service-to-Others overnight, are popular with these folks....  Of course, none of this will work, as we have explained.

"Of course, loving one another, and increasing this tendency, should be encouraged, but frankly most who are not spiritually mature and firmly in this orientation will find it hard to move in that direction under trying times."

[Thus, no one should try since many won't?  You have heard the expression, it only takes a few to change the world.  This ZT exhorts everyone to abandon spiritual and just work on physical preparations.  Whoever is behind ZT is obviously anti-spiritual.]


The Zetas themselves have a religion and believe in God as expressed in http://www.zetatalk.com/worlds/w22.htm Got Religion.

"We have a religion.... We are within the One....  Each soul is in the hand of God, within God....  The pure adage to Love thy Neighbor as Thyself stands as the rule by which we guide ourselves....  Jesus was relaying a true Service-to-Other philosophy of faith, as we believe that each of us, the least included, represents a part of God, is included in God's plan, and is God's handiwork."


UPDATE 12/27/2010:

The Zetas would like to direct your attention to their communication called Independent Thinking @  http://www.zetatalk.com/beinghum/b68.htm, written January 15, 1997.  With that said, they wish to point out that Nancy has become the "parent figure" they have spoken of, warned about, and chided over the past 15 years.  To think for ourselves is what they have encouraged from the start, which is one of the reasons for this ning.  Those of us who were ready to graduate have done so.  They want to reassure you that you are on the right track.  Consider this ning "graduate school" and carry on!  Keep thinking and questioning and seeking the truth, for as the Zetas say, "This can never be wrong...."  They go on to state, "In truth, the more bright student, the thinking type, leave school than stay in...."  Are you wrong for being here?  Not at all, they say.  Only "angry professors" feel that way because it threatens the status quo.  


UPDATE 12/31/2010:


"Each scenario included in the holographic presentation was the final outcome of a plate movement, not every minor quake or adjustment in sea level elevation along the way!"



"Earthquakes will, as we have predicted from the start of ZetaTalk, get more violent and frequent and occur in places not expecting them. Outside of the warnings that man has learned to utilize, such as screech on the radio or pets running away from home or the physical signs that those who are earthquake sensitives get, there will be no warning. This also applies to those major plate movements which we have described, and which were included in the holographic presentation given to Nancy last November, 2009. All these regions will have increasingly violent and frequent quakes, and then one day blam the plate movement we have described will occur. There may be precursor movements, slight, warning that the plate is getting ready to move. But other than that, no warning." 

[So flooding, then, is not a warning sign?]



"Throughout 2009 and into 2010 we have remained at a 6, but what will constitute a 7 of 10 has been well laid out within ZetaTalk. The Zetas have stated that a 7 would be reached when something happened that would "shock the world", and confirmed that the geological changes described in the holographic presentation which Nancy attended in November (described also in Issue 178) would be "closely associated" with a move to a 7. The world has not yet been shocked, but those who follow ZetaTalk know that it will involve "one or more" of the following [tectonic events described in the holographic presentation] by the end of 2010, when arrival at a 7 has been predicted by the Zetas."



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Could 7 of 10 be Climate?

I have posted this as a blog on the Earth Changes and the Pole Shift site as well. I thought that as a good STO this was worth getting to as many people as possible. Hopefully that is not at odds with any rules on either site! LOL

I was just curious whether or not anybody on this site has considered
that the 7 of 10 could be climate related? It is now a fact being
reported on the news that 2010 is the hottest year on record for the northern hemisphere.
Add to that the horrendous and numerous floods that have been occurring
worldwide and we have fairly widespread devastation and the year is
still young. At the current moment we, here in Iowa, have a dam on a
fairly major lake that is crumbling. There is one small town and a
small city in the flood plain that the authorities are trying to get
evacuated. This is a major disaster unfolding in front of my eyes! The flash flood warnings are being broadcast about every 5 minutes on our major networks! Iowa has been having terrible monsoon
like rainstorms dumping as much as 8-10 inches of rain in just a couple
of hours for the past several weeks! These storms have been happening
over and over again. There has been maybe 1 day in the last 2 weeks
where there hasn't been a storm someplace in my state. Our soil is
saturated and there is just no place left for the water to go. This
disaster is young but I am guessing we will all be hearing a great deal
more about it in the very near future.

Earlier today I saw thatthere is major flooding in Chicago from the same storm systems that have
been assaulting Iowa. A day or so ago it was in Michigan. When will
people start connecting the dots?

Record temperatures on the east coast, record cold in the Southern Hemisphereand world wide flooding. Taken as individual events these are tragic
but not alarming. Taken as a whole it smacks of 7 of 10!
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