nancy (9)

We'll never know for sure, but I'm expecting earth-directed solar flares from it, at the very least.  Could concurrent problems come from the BDS said to be following behind Elenin?  Of course, the potential is certainly there, but the debunkies steadfastly refuse to acknowledge there is something following Elenin.  That way if the situation goes south they can backpedal and say, but we said Elenin was nothing.  But just remember that, at this point, they haven't ever acknowledged a large object following Elenin, much less the artificial crafts seen by Chinese scientists in Elenin's tail.

Anyway, the recent debunking sessions are pushing the messages channeled from Nancy through her alleged Zetas that Elenin is nothing, that we should just ignore that comet. Their assertions that Elenin is nothing is rather amusing considering that Nancy proclaimed Hale Bopp didn't even exist and her later ZT stated it would fragment. Not only did Hale Bopp exist, it was huge, and billions of people saw it, naked eye. And it didn't fragment.  So, before you make any decision on what the anti-Elenin theorists claim, consider their source: (good page, 33 footnotes) (note:  known to edit her erroneous predictions)
(Jim McCanney interview, he is an astrophysicist, fascinating read...mentions Chuck Shramek also died of the same rapid onset, lower-back cancer Dr. Harrington died from, another PX cover-up, among many things.)

McCanney:  "The only non-NASA site that he lists is Zetatalk, which is, literally, a NASA site—the Nancy Lieder site, which was built by NASA to create more disinformation about the topic of Planet X."

(Digression, also search "plasma tubes" for some interesting information related to those filaments/tubes recently seen on the sun.) ....

"McCanney: It’s a whole consciousness thing. I keep saying, the idea of Planet X—and that’s why the government has created Nancy Lieder: because they want a date when it’s NOT going to happen. That’s why they created Enigma. They want a date, they want a time. They want to go in the newspapers and on the media and say: “Look at these crazy people. Look at all this stupid stuff that’s coming out of the Internet. Listen to us, because we’re the ones who will tell you the real story here.”

So, as you can see from the above links, there are many reasons to not believe anything Nancy Lieder says. Further, her statements to "not look at the sun" and saying that PX has been hanging out in Venus's orbit since last year can now be considered to be intentional distractions, deliberately pointing everyone in the wrong direction.  Does she work for NASA?  Her actions appear so.  And also consider that she was caught, red-handed, for having in her possession NASA images she shouldn't have had.  So, how would she come by those images if she wasn't part of the NASA team? 

Read more…




Hear the snarls and sneers, see the aging allegations being thrown around,

observe cult mentalities in action, and find out what really lies behind those happy-face masks.

And don't forget to check back when you need a good laugh, because the circus has come to town!


This blog documents attacks from  You will see recurring themes which are highly suggestive of coming from one source, that source being Nancy Lieder, owner of and de facto owner of  I will be posting the newest rants on the bottom (reverse order is too hard to follow).  I have provided dates and times since links seem to be quickly outdated as new articles are posted (i.e., they are pushed backwards to earlier page numbers since the newest additions are always on page 1 in blogs, so scroll if the links don't hit it just right, or use the dates and times as a guide).


On 6/19/2011, we were visited by Mark, acting in his official capacity as a poleshift.ning moderator, here to "set us right" and, failing that, try to discredit us and get some of our members to jump ship over to poleshift.ning.  Here's what he had to say...

"honestly Cheryl you have lost the plot girl - why on earth do you spend your days trying to debunk what is said on Zetatalk when the premise for your whole site is based on the information that they have provided?

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you - you wouldn't even know anything at all about the possibility of a poleshift if it wasn't for Zetatalk.  But you choose to take their words, twist them and then present what comes out as your own pronouncements as to what will happen regarding a potential poleshift.

A case in point is where you give your own guidelines as to safe heights to be inland and above sea level to survive the poleshift - different from the advice on the ZT site but still the same advice essentially - just the numbers altered to make it sound like you are the authority on the subject.

And also the amount of time you spend attacking ZT on your site (like in this post) when they are your bread and butter - you just can't admit that to yourself or to your small number of followers.

Then you make the situation worse for yourself by promoting establishment lies like comet Elenin, which makes you no better than a government shill. 

I mean, seriously, you've read something that provides you with some weak material that enables you to try and debunk a single ZT article from 5 years ago!!!  Your are obviously desperate!

When the earthchanges really pick up and the 7/10 events eventually hit the news, who do you think the public will turn to for information - your ning or Gerard's ning and Zetatalk?

You will very quickly become irrelevant but no doubt you will still be here spouting your crap, not realising that no-one is listening anymore.



"Larry" posted these comments on the Elenin/Dwarf Star JPL Event Timeline blog @

Comment by Larry on July 6, 2011 at 1:37pm

I have carefully looked into matters and reached a conclusion:  This is a ZetaTalk debunking site and not much more!  Cheryl Nelson left the Pole Shift Ning when she was involuntarily removed as a moderator (no matter what else she claims).  Until that happened she fullly accepted that something big is coming and no government is telling the common man what it is and that thing is PLANET X!

So Cheryl, being power mad and INSANELY jealous of the attention Nancy Lieder receives as the only true emissary of the Zetas, started her own ning where she could be in complete control.  ZetaTalk that Cheryl used to accept as true became NZL (Nancy ZetaTalk?) instead in a pathetic attempt to explain away Nancy, ZetaTalk and the Pole Shift Ning she used to support.

Sounds like sour grapes and a sore loser to me!

But guess what?  Although black ops agents early identified Cheryl as a possible way to bring down the Pole Shift Ning, the joke is on her!  This "ning" is crawling with professional debunkers who are pushing ANYTHING other than Planet X as the true cause of the now obvious, unexplained earth changes.

Furthermore, Cheryl is NOT what she claims to be:  An Old Soul with an important mission or role (ALL Old Souls on earth are Star Children and a Cheryl is an immature earth soul).  Please give me a major league break!  In communication with "good" Zetas?  CZL (Cheryl ZetaTalk, all made up to make herself look as important as Nancy because the evidence is going against Cheryl, her handlers, and the dupes on here).

Go ahead and suspend me.  Don't care!  I am wasting my time here as others have discovered for themselves.  But I will watch to see if all the Comet Elenin blogs disappear when a puny comet does NOT cause a pole shift in September or October 2011.  How do I know?  Becuase this site NEVER, EVER admits the HUGE number of past failed predictions on here.  That's how I know.

The sad part:  When all of you realized you have been duped by someone taking orders from agents who are trying to take down ZetaTalk and the Pole Shift Ning as soon as possible because they are the PRIMARY source for spreading the Truth, you will probably not remember who was telling the TRUTH all along because you will be too busy rushing to prepare for the pole shift and precursor disaters caused by PLANET X, that's why!  Good luck and please remember this lesson.  Just because syrup drips from someone's mouth does NOT mean they are service to other, not at all.


Here are my reponses on the ELEnin/Dwarf Star JPL Event Timeline blog ...

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on July 6, 2011 at 7:10pm

Oh, Larry, Larry, Larry.  You've been so programmed by Miss Lieder, you sound just like her.  How do you like sounding like a 70-year old woman suffering from senile dementia?  I pity you so.  Everything you say is not original, as she has said it first and the others she sends here sound just like her too. You are just a wind-up doll doing her dirty work and when the axe falls (and it's coming) you will fall with it and she'll just scurry away leaving others holding her bag of dirty tricks. 

If she really is with the Zs, how come this site continues to exist despite her venomous assaults?  Because it is her schoolhouse lesson in how to learn typical gov't disinfo tactics?  How come all she can throw at us is trolls from NY (not Plano, TX)?  Or how about poleshift.ning moderator Mark?  You types come in to do a quick shit and run, always.  Well, that's SOP.  Now that you've done your S&R, please wipe your butt on the way out. 

You think you've done your homework on me?  LOL, you and your comrades haven't said anything true about me yet; nothing but parroting the lies that is your daily food.  Aren't you getting sick of the rants?  Aren't you a bit off target trying to silence another voice warning people of potential disasters?  Do you really think seven billion people are going to come to poleshift.ning?  Most of the planet's people don't even have internet.  Even a billion people would crash the servers.  What an ass she is to hang on to a monopoly.  By doing her ego trip, she is denying so many people information.  We NEED more sites like this.  But Miss Lieder was soooo against that idea because of her ego tripping.  Get real, man.  Everyone can't possibly turn to zetatalk and psning during the 11th hour, it would be impossible.

So, good boy, Mr. Lap Dog, you did your duty/doodie, but you accomplished nothing except prove my point about what's going on over at psning and what a piece of work Miss Lieder truly is. 

But you certainly haven't done your homework on Miss Lieder, now have you?  I rebutted all her snarling, sneering allegations last year WITH PROOF.  Seen it yet?  If you haven't, well then you haven't done all your homework.  Bet she hasn't even told you it exists.  She, on the other hand, has proven nothing that I am what she claims I am.  She offers NOTHING except empty, unprovable words.  And yes, I have witnessed her using false ZT on me.  And yes, I have found holes in ZT science.  And I and others have witnessed her have a psychotic break.  THAT is why she's gunning for me.  To silence the truth. 

And, back then, she equated me with Mother Teresa.  And I still have the email.  Gasp!  Was Mother Nancy wrong?  Back then, no.  (Don't construe that to mean that I think I am anything like Mother Teresa, but I am STO, and just for the record, I've had readings from several channels who independently confirm that I am a star child, an old soul.)  So, what changed her mind?  Jealousy.  She's a stage hog.  No one but her is going to be the star.  The thing she totally missed is I have no desire for limelight or power or anything of that ilk.  I wasn't jealous of her at all.  In fact, I was rather fond of her until she had her psychotic break.  (Remember DR, Shadow & Karen Lee were all there and witnessed it too.) 

Anyway, jealousy, power and all that are low vibration third density traps which she has squarely fallen into.  Why would I take the abuse I get here, solely from her or her people, if I wasn't here on a mission to inform people of the coming danger?  I stay at my post despite all your fantasies. 

Actually, though, Nancy has proven one thing:  she has proven that she is a vile, slanderous STS has-been who has undue influence over the minds of vulnerable people.  Like yourself. 

You are here to do nothing but disrupt.  No one here buys your kind of talk because people have gotten to know me and I have long-ago proven Miss Lieder to be something less than a truthful, STO being.  So, you are talking to the air.  And your own vicious attack proves you aren't an STO being either.  Funny how like attracts like, isn't it?  Well, she and your type can say all you want.  My hands are clean. 

When you are inside a cult, you think you and your comrades are the only sane ones.  But everyone on the outside of the cult see an entirely different picture. You can't see how crazy you sound and how lame your arguments are and how all the sneering and snarling makes you look like an incredibly nasty person.  Everything you said about me is baseless.  Where's the proof?  Because Nancy said so?  Or Nancy said the Zetas said so?  That's not proof.  There is no documentary evidence.  There are no witnesses.  She can say anything she pleases and who can verify it?  That's dangerous.  Look at Harold Camping.  How is Nancy any different from him?

However, no matter how nasty your comment was, I will turn your pathetic attempt at "attack" into something good.

[This "discussion" continues onto the Classic Attacks blog.]



"Larry's next response appears on this, the Classic Attacks, blog @ 

Larry denies he has any connection with poleshift.ning, GZ or NL, yet he talks just like them.  If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck...well, then, it must be a duck! 

Comment by Larry on July 7, 2011 at 12:41pm:

Wow.  Thanks, Cheryl, for proving my points!

First of all you have ZERO evidence that I have anything to do with the Pole Shift Ning, Gerard Zwaan, or Nancyd Lieder.  But you went right ahead and ASSUMED there is a connection. 

Then you made a blog based on my comment and the comment of another person (who I assume is a moderator at the Pole Shift Ning, but how does Cheryl know that, got a list of the moderators to peruse?).

And talk about PARANOID!  Double wow!  Cheryl Nelson is practically the definition of paranoid based on insisting on IP addresses for all members, preapproval of all memberships, and choosing to take legit concerns about this site to such a level IMMEDIATELY.  Scared, Cheryl, of the truth getting out about you and this site being a ZetaTalk debunking site?

Cheryl has almost no idea how her OWN posts all over the internet actually make her look like a complete fool.  Cheryl apparently THINKS she is smarter than everyone else.  Most people can recognize when someone is simply DISGRUNTLED and not legit, not trying to help people, just trying to make her own points no matter how absurd (like Comet Elenin being anything more than a small comet), and that is Cheryl Nelson.

No one made you start this "ning" did they Cheryl?  But you want to CONTROL everything and LIE in the process, whatever it takes!

Please provide PROOF that I am connected to ZetaTalk or the Pole Shift Ning.  There will be no proof because you cannot prove it (even with my IP address and email address).

At least I have evidence for my statements.  Cheryl has ZERO evidence about me, simply jumped to CRAZY conclusions so she can leave my comment up and make a blog based on it (rather than delete it because that would expose Cheryl's LIE that she never suspends members or deletes anything because she does both).

So including my comment as coming from the Pole Shift Ning is a total falsehood based on nothing.

Thanks, again, Cheryl for proving me right about you.  You need professional help, the sooner the better.

I seriously doubt Nancy Lieder cares anything about your pathetic "ning."  You are grasping at straws to defend your obvious hatred of a woman who IS spreading the truth (unlike you, who allows anything on here, no matter how crazy, as long as it debunks ZetaTalk).

I will come back in the Fall when Comet Elenin passes without causing anything.  What will all you dupes say then?  How about when the earth changes continue to get worse AFTER Comet Elenin passes far from earth?  I guess whatever Cheryl's handlers decide is the next cover-up lie will be what this ning becomes.

p.s.  Count how many members actually post here, it is a tiny number.  Count how many people post on the Pole Shift Ning:  A HUGE number.  That should tell those with an open mind where the real action about earth changes, and it is NOT this "ning."  Good luck when you can all see Planet X with your own eyes and realize you have been duped!





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A Reminder About Procedures...

First, if you didn't come from the other ning, this doesn't concern you so you don't need to read this blog.  Because we believe in free thought and expression and sometimes discuss and analyze Zetatalk, that ning has spies here which shows how much they respect free speech and free thought.  It's not a problem for you unless you speak out about their infamous personality or criticize their beliefs.  So, just skip this blog and focus on earth changes and preparing for them.

For the rest of us, obviously we are being effective.  We've had our first negative posting and the mods and spies are out in force, and I've already banned one of them.

So, just remember the not respond to any negative posts.  Alert me and I'll handle it.  The pooper scooper is ready.

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The first time I met the Zetas, I was dying. I was 7 years old and lying face down on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean at Daytona Beach. Saltwater and sand roared in my ears and up my nose and down my throat, and my lungs were filling up fast.

Suddenly, a stern voice filled my head. Stand up! You're drowning! it said. I complied. I remember feeling no fear, just found it interesting and wondered about it for awhile. Then life intervened and it was forgotten.

Decades later I found where the voice came from. Simply said, the Zetas saved my life.

Last night, I was drowning again, this time my lungs were filled with fluid from pneumonia. I couldn't breathe. If lungs were a freeway system, mine were Los Angeles' during rush hour traffic. Snap, crackle, pop. I couldn't sleep from the noise and the compulsion to cough without ceasing. Death appeared knock-knock-knocking on Heaven's door (think Bob Dylan here).

I'm permanently disabled with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) and when my immune system "dysfuncts" I can get rip roaringly ill. Usually, not this bad though, but I am getting older.

So, I paid my doctor a visit a day earlier. He wanted me to go to the E.R. immediately, in an ambulance, directly from his office. I graciously refused such a kind offer and suggested a more cost-effective route by trying meds first. He reluctantly, and with an stern, disapproving scowl, waved the scripts he had just written under my nose and exhorted me in no uncertain terms ("Listen, young lady, I'm a hardened, 75-year-old physician that doesn't scare easily but you are scaring the bejeebers out of me, as usual.").

My marching orders were that if, in the next 24 hours, I became worse or did not improve I was to go to the E.R. immediately by ambulance. I was percolating like a Maxwell House coffee pot. I thanked him for his concern, but I wasn't scared...much.

Anyway, at 24 hours, there was a change and it seemed for the better. Enter a bit of smug self-satisfaction, See, I was right.

At 30 hours, I couldn't breathe. Damn-it-to-hell, he was right. Now I have to eat his smug self-satisfaction. Not hesitating to throw in the towel though, since it was my life at stake after all, I immediately headed out for the E.R. 25 miles away (well, I did take time to grab a handful of cookies).

When I reached the first of many pitch-black intersections (there are no street lights where I live), I casually pulled a California roll in my little deuce coupe while seriously considering if I should have taken that ambulance. It could have given me oxygen and kept heading to the hospital if I became unconscious. I mean, wouldn't that be the normal, sane thing to do?

Well, sanity is always an option but the inevitable all-powerful Accounting Warning flashed before my eyes and my overly analytical side starting punching numbers into my insanely accurate mental calculator: $500 for the ambulance ride, a thousand-plus-dollar E.R. visit, the unknown but astronomical price of a possible hospital admission for how many days? weeks? And what if they had to use the dreaded ventilation machine. {Shudder, the ventilator.}

Oh, eff it, I said. If this is it, I'm going to enjoy my last moments on Gaia and go for the gold. So, the decision was made. NFWIH would I go out in an ambulance. I was driving myself. Independent to the end. The Call of the Wild. Going where no man has never gone before. Damning the torpedoes. Living La Vida Loca.

[Turning off the satire for a moment: This is totally irresponsible and was done by a professional stunt person. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.]

God knows, though, I'm as stubborn as I am persistent, having persisted for 19 years until Scientology returned my donation which they fraudulently acquired.

On that last one, God help anyone who effs me like that; but no, I'm not a vengeful, mean person...we're talking about gross injustice and fraud, another point for my funeral eulogy...she extracted money out of $cientology....unheard of...forcing the religious mafia pay her back, then writing a book and exposing them, while geting their chief outhouse counsel fired and causing another one to reassess her position and leave said outhouse counsel's firm. Bow down! She can finally say all that in her eulogy. Oh, and don't forget to mention what happens to anyone who dares hijack any of her blogs. Right, Nancy? Didn't matter you got Gerard in trouble, did it Nancy? Or that you put an innocent in jeopardy of legal liability, right Nancy?

Back to the medical money crisis saga...


Okay, now I've done it. I've pissed her off.

You're just plain nuts, ya know, she says.

No, I say in a quick, hot retort. I'm a soldier making do with scarce resources. I know how to improvise.

Semantics, she shoots back.

Yeah, maybe, I quasi-concede to shut her up. Depends on your reality.

Oh, you're not getting off that easy, she warns. You were in a medical crisis.

Yeah, and you're point is? I cattily reply, knowing full well what her point is.

You coulda D-I-E-D, you idiot!

Oh, how effen lame you are, pushing the attack back in her direction. You operate at such a low level. You ought to try an exercise where you stare down Death and keep your focus. I'd like to point out that you blinked and I didn't. Now wouldja STFU? You annoy me.

(BTW, this conversation occurred between my mind and my soul and, yes, they are different entities; and yes, Gerard, the battles rage merrily along, but I'm getting better at cutting her some slack. She hasn't returned to visit, has she?)

Anyway, cutting off that conversation so I wouldn't miss my turn, I took the short cut to the hospital, what is locally known as the pig path, and took further short cuts by taking 25 mph curves at 45 all the way, nearly running off the road only once. As I flew around those unlit curves on Thanksgiving evening, g-forces making my stomach try to exit my body horizontally, I saw Daytona Beach flash before my eyes and the connection was instantly made. I wondered, in a detached kind of way, if tonight was going to be the night. Het is een Nacht.

They saved me then. Would they save me now? Or was it just time to move on to my next assignment? Interesting questions, I thought, speculating how it might turn out.

Just like Daytona Beach, I felt no fear, just a kind of mild interest in how it would all evolve. Just like the first time I had an optical migraine, wondering if I was having a stroke and making peace with God, and wondering if I would crash my car, and if so, would I die instantly of brain decompression when I was thrown through the windshield and cracked my skull or if I would simply be crushed to death. And then what? Ah, the possibilities were endless.

Maybe it was this experience by itself, or maybe it is the accumulation of experiences of a lifetime, that's made me want to share more of "my story." Maybe it's my long-winded way of writing my own eulogy. As a writer, I should be entitled to write my own funeral oration and since I am a writer I'll darn tootin' write it and on my tombstone it will say, She died with her boots on! She wouldn't write it any other way.

So, continuing on why I'm writing this here and now, maybe it's the last opportunity to say things, you know, those things we always wished we had said before it was too late. And maybe I'll regret posting such personal information tomorrow and be kicking myself in the ass for a long-time to come. But tonight, I'm in the frame of mind to get it off my chest and tonight I'm not afraid to open myself up if people can learn from my experiences, my stupidity, my insanity, whatever you want to call it. I say, go with the flow; ride the high tide; dare to share, and love and care before the dark night sets in. Tonight is the night. Except it's morning now after writing all night long. All night long, oh yeah, all night long....

Oh, crap, stop with the drama, already. {Soul eyes rolling}

Soul, did you have a Jewish past life? Oy Gott! Such a kvetcher.

Moving on, because of what I experienced tonight, it reopened my eyes to the fact that the survival of this ning is in the hands of one very fallible person. Since I'm committed to the survival of this ning and because of these recent events, I have decided that I need to make an "advanced directive" of sorts to ensure continuity in case something happens to me (and this could easily be earthchanges knocking out my local internet rather than my early demise). But first, in the "say-what-you-wished-you-would-have-said-before-it-was-too-late category," a little history.

Prior to May 24, 2010, when I was still at poleshift ning and this ning wasn't even a twinkle in my eye, Gerard made me co-owner of his ning because he was anticipating the Atlantic tsunami to happen first. He gave me his password to poleshift ning and his personal PayPal account (where ning contributions were accumulated to fund the site). In the event anything happened to him, he knew I would ensure poleshift ning continued on.

That was his level of trust in me. And he knew I cared about poleshift ning as much as he did and he knew I would keep it going. Gerard is a gifted intuitive and he trusted me, and his trust was not misplaced for I never betrayed it, and never would have.

Why? I felt deeply that we were long-lost soulmates, and I have never felt that way about anyone before. I respect the fact that he said he wasn't as sure and state that for the record on his behalf. But I still feel certain, and I still grieve over the loss of his friendship. The details of how that loss came to be are shown in my blog, A Modest Rebuttal, if you are interested. If you didn't come from poleshift.ning, then don't waste your time.

If you have, however, already read that blog, then you know that Nancy destroyed Gerard's trust in me, in addition to imploding our entire relationship. So you know my feelings about her will never change. (And I would ask Gerard directly, here and now, if for no other reason but to restore your own certainty in your gifts, to reject any notion that your feelings were in any way wrong about me. They weren't wrong and I think you know it. There are other things you predicted that have, and are in the process of, coming to pass, too. And I think we've had a few telepathic communications, too. Details upon request.)

There was a strong bond of affection between us then, and I think it still exists, damaged for sure, but not hopeless. All he has to do is reach out and restore it. Will he? Can he? Does he even want to? I don't dare hope but the Zetas keep indicating otherwise. So we shall see, I suppose.

At the time that we were discussing continuity plans, I recall Nancy loudly disclaiming that she had no time to run poleshift ning, so bowed out from consideration. Not long after, by virtue of her nightmare performance and its radioactive afterglow, she effectively gelded Gerard's continuity plans for poleshift.ning. So, I have to ask Gerard, did you ever put in place another plan? If Nancy is it, then we truly see who pulled the "palace coup," because Nancy is still there even though Gerard had made me co-owner with him of poleshift ning.

I would like to also point out, as if it isn't already obvious, that if I were anything Nancy has claimed me to be, I could have so easily destroyed poleshift ning. But I didn't. Why? Poleshift ning is Gerard's mission, his desire and his passion, and I shared it with him. I loved that ning and I loved him too. Weird but true. I told him back before Nancy's shat pants hit the fan, that we had one of the weirdest, greatest love stories ever and I remember we laughed. We were two peas in a pod.

I have held my peace out of respect for Gerard and so that both our nings could quickly move forward from the mess Nancy made. Thus, you rarely see me making public comments. But tonight something changed. If I could be a thorn in Scientology's side for 19 years while raising a family and working full time, what can't I do in my spare time?

So, these are some intimate details. Why have I revealed this information? Because I wanted the truth to be known and for Gerard to hear these things and who knows if I'll wake up tomorrow morning because I'm not out of the woods yet, and, amazingly, because it does have some bearing on what I am about to say next.

I want this ning to continue as much as I wanted poleshift ning to continue. Over time, I believe a high level of trust has developed among Shadow, DesertRose, KarenLee, and me. I find them to be honorable and sensitive people, who care deeply about their fellow man and who have the sensibilities and abilities that will serve this ning well. KarenLee, unfortunately, has too many commitments at present. However, DesertRose, has graciously accepted my offer to become co-owner of this ning. Shadow is considering it, depending on some things. As for me, I will continue here in the same capacity as always, as long as the internet is up and I am able. I ask that you respect them as you would me and show them the same courtesy.

My hope is that we can take this ning to higher levels and be a beacon, a light in dark places where few other lights will shine.

Does this blog finally prove that I'm insane? Not at all. I'm as lucid as ever. I'm finishing my B.A. in Creative Writing & English at a Tier 1 university with straight A's. So, no, I'm not insane, incensed yes, but not insane. I have further plans for this work, in a modified form, in another forum. So much for any potential insane label. Though written in a satirical style, the facts are true. As opposed to untrue facts. You know the difference. Anyway, I need to do a bio for my program and I'm considering an unauthorized biography of you know who. Are you interested? Preliminary research is turning up some interesting stuff.

In closing, because of the nature of this post and to whom it is directed, i.e., friends and family here at earthchanges.ning, not the entire world, GLP or Zetasquawk for their amusement, or the Admin ning for pissing purposes or fodder for another psychotic wave of defamation, permission is expressly NOT GRANTED to repost or copy this blog or use it in any way, shape, form, by electronic or any other means, in part or in its entirety, for better or for worse, until death do us part. Copyright (c) 2010 Cheryl Nelson.

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America's Best Kept Secret

I was doing a little digging on Nancy Lieder and in my searches I found her name connected to Tavistock, a secret institute that supports the CIA and does not answer to any governments.
Interestingly, the Brookings Institute, which created the Brookings Report for NASA, is a branch of Tavistock. For those that don't know, the Brookings Report was a study done for NASA, telling them that when they discovered alien ruins in our solar system, they should keep it from us.
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"7 of 10" Will NOT Happen Before The End Of 2010

I have talked to the Zs about this off and on over the past few months. You have seen me express my personal skepticism about the 7 of 10 event happening before the end of 2010. Well, I'm now issuing an "official" opinion.

It will not happen. As the Zetas have said time and again, they DO NOT give out timeframes or deadlines. As they have said in previous ZT, the calculations are complex and change from minute to minute. Their viewpoint is that giving out a date would do more harm than good because it would most likely create useless panic and damage the credibility of the data intended to help people with.

Their mission is to try to keep the panic down and help people survive. Those that give out false timeframes have done so without permission and the Zetas explicitly deny having ever given out a date. They are forbidden, as you know.

Nancy is no longer "in the loop" and hasn't been for quite a while. They also say to beware the "wriggle room" Nancy builds into her purported ZT. Legitimate Zeta messages do not engage in such tactics.

Nancy's time is over. The Ambassador has landed. Things are going to be different.


UPDATE 12/13/10: The earlier ZT does not say anything about "the 7 will begin by the end of 2010." The language is clear. The 7 of 10 would happen by the end of 2010. "Beginning to happen" is new, to make excuses for a failed prediction. Of course, the Zetas didn't make the prediction in the first place so don't blame them.


UPDATE 12/17/10:  Well, the backpedaling has begun.  The latest holey writ (and the writ keeps getting holey-er, indeed) states:  "The 7 of 10 will unfold but not as expected by many. It will not be a dramatic announcement on the news, as the establishment is ready for this, due to the extensive discussions."  (Personally, I think it should read "as Nancy is ready for this, due to the heavy skeptical discussions on earthchanges ning and GLP, which she and her followers frequently monitor."  But Nancy is never going to be ready for this one...too much history of failed predictions....)

Now, let's look at some fair usage quotes from ZetaTalk, for the purpose of discussion, critique, and education:

"This ZetaTalk [referring to the Christmas Hammer], written in late December, 2007 indeed describes what the holographic presentation that Nancy attended in November, 2009 was intending to relay. We have confirmed that some of these incidents will be part of a movement to the 7 of 10 stage, and by the end of 2010." (04/03/2010)

Q:  What will be the biggest event of the year 2010 A.D?

ZT: One of the events that was presented in the holographic presentation that Nancy attended last November will surely occur. Just what else might occur, or which of these events we are referring to, we cannot say."

ZetaTalk Response 3/27/2010: The holographic presentation that Nancy attended last November included a rolling of the S American Plate with mountain building in the Andes and crushing of a part of the Caribbean Plate during this roll. We are not allowed to state when such a process might start, though there is much speculation because of the Chile quake and subsequent quakes that are running up and down the Andes, and restlessness in the Caribbean. Beyond the fact that we have confirmed this holographic presentation to be valid, in the steps it relayed, and beyond stating that to move to a 7 of 10 one or more of these described catastrophe's must happen, we can say no more.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/27/2010: As we mentioned during past chats, there will be no question when the Earth has arrived at a 7. This will not be a single quake or a series of quakes, it will be plate movements that are strong enough, significant enough, that shock would be the word to use in describing the reaction of the populace.


Can everyone see the obvious contradiction between current Nancy/ZT and prior ZetaTalk?  Let me lay it all out on the table so no one misunderstands or deludes themself, because memory can be hazy:


The movement to a "7" of 10 on the Nancy/ZT scale involves the movement of tectonic plates.  For a tectonic plate to move, believe me the news outlets won't be needed.  Cities and coastlines will disappear, oceans will roll over islands, land masses will rise, others will sink, families, friends, and businesses will be burning the phone lines and the internet with the news, you get the idea.  There is no way an event of this magnitude could be covered up.  And if, for the sake of argument, the PTB were able to hide the fact a tectonic plate moved, how then would the world be "shocked"? 


This is backpedaling in the extreme, playing on hazy memories and/or laziness in verifying prior ZT.  The language in prior Zetatalk is abundantly clear.  There were no wriggle words like "around" the end of 2010 or that "the PTB wlll hide the fact of a tectonic plate shifting," as you can see for yourself above.   


And the bald-faced spin she's putting on it now.  How, pray tell, would the movement to a "7" not be as "expected by many" when it was clearly stated, in no uncertain terms, that this event would be:

by the end of 2010 (a firm date that means "no later than the end of 2010."  It does not include time in 2011 otherwise the phrase would have been "around the end of 2010" and/or "early 2011).

one or more (you can't hide one plate shifting, imagine trying to hide 2 or more, but at least one would happen, not "start to happen")

of the events depicted in the [holographic] presentation (which was all about tectonic plates shifting...major, major events)

SHOCKING the world (meaning the world "WILL BE SHOCKED"...not "NOT SHOCKED because the PTB-controlled news media is gagged from talking about it" (while Nancy rides in the ticker-tape parade in her mind for her grand non-performance, smiling serenely and waving to her international fans, receiving heads of states who travel the world to congratulate her for predicting nothing).  


You can see what Nancy's ZT said THEN and what she is saying NOW are clearly contradictory.  Past ZT did not say it was subject to change.  The language was an emphatic, focused, statement with no modifiers that would have changed the meaning from certainty to maybe.  The words were plain, common, English words that did not leave anything open to doubt or other interpretation.  No double entendres.  No guessing at what the language might be saying.  It was plain and clear.  And that is how we ALL interpreted the plain, common meaning of the words.  Did anyone here who read it back then interpret it any differently or have any doubts as to what was being said? 

Now, to state the obvious...if Nancy/ZT says black is black and later she does an about-face and claims that we all misunderstood and that black is really white, how can anyone ever again believe anything that comes out of her mouth?  If you do, you are a fool.  If she is allowed to get away with this, she can say whatever she wishes and then erase the blackboard and rewrite it. 

For example, "It's going to rain tomorrow, no doubt about it."  Tomorrow comes.  You wear your raincoat and take your umbrella.  The sun is out all day long.  No rain.  So then you question the weatherman, who says, "You, the audience, misunderstood.  What was meant was that tomorrow would begin a period of time in which rain could start developing." 

How could anyone have gotten the revised meaning from the first statement?  You couldn't because it didn't say that.  And how long would people listen to a weather forecaster like that?  Not long because the incorrect information caused you to act inappropriately (in this case by dressing for rain when there was no rain after being told that it would rain for sure).  Bottom line, this means that her utterances are absolutely worthless and a waste of precious time. 

But, let's give credit where credit is due.  She's a showman, akin to the traveling shows of the '20s and '30s...smoke and mirrors and pony shows.  All show, no substance.  However, her fantasy did its intended job of creating fear and interest.  It scared people.  It fascinated people.  It drew people in to hang on her coattails for more words of wisdom from the Great Oracle.  She had an audience, at least for a little while longer.

But now it's time to pay the piper for another Great White Lie.  This is why the benevolent Zs are no longer with her.  They are horrified at her fairy tales in their name.  And ticked off, I sense.  They don't zap her because they are benevolent and also because they cannot interfere.  However, they have withdrawn their healing mercies.  She's on her own, as far as they are concerned.

This backpedaling means she already knows 7 ain't gonna happen by the end of 2010 and she is trying to save her sorry a...reputation.   If she truly cared about her followers, she could at least have the decency to tell them the truth.  But the show is not about decency, the show is about her and her ego.  Madame Emissary has been fired.  She no longer represents the benevolent Zetas. 


UPDATE 12/19/2010:

Responding to questions/comments:


What made the zeta's not respond to her?  Fame went to her head and she wasn't getting enough information to keep her weekly newsletter going so she started inventing things to keep it alive.

When did they stop contacting her?  I'm not certain, but sense in the last year or two.

And how much of ZT is really ZT and not NT?  That is a good question.  The only way we can tell is to see what earlier ZT said and compare it with what is being said now.  For instance, the Zetas are forbidden to give timelines.  This is well-known and was stated over and over again.  Suddenly, this year, she has given several.  The Zetas did not give her these dates and, thus, her predictions have failed.


...[t]rust your own beliefs as to what is true or not.  There is no requirement to believe anything I say.  What I say is my reality.  You should know by now that I expect everyone here to challenge and inquire and not accept information without proof.  Sometimes you do have to go with your gut feeling when proof is impossible to get (like with me and the Zetas, as they keep a strict element of doubt in place and keep me wondering and questioning), but that should be a personal decision that only you can make.  Never let someone else make it for you. 

Remember, as the Zetas have indicated to me, the point of ZT was to make people aware of the problem and how to prepare for it.  The science was interesting and it attracted people, but the science became "god" and spun out of control.  The Zetas simply want people to understand a problem exists and that they need to prepare for it, if after reviewing the information that is what they decide to do.  To attract people is good but they need to move on to the preparation phase.  Instead, too many people are getting stuck living on the website for the glory of one.  Why?  To keep an ego pampered and to provide fodder to keep ZetaTalk alive.  Without the audience, there is no "ZetaTalk."  [Not that it's their communications anymore, anyway.]

They also are shaking their heads at the repressiveness and shudder because people think that is how they are.  Not true.  Not the healing Zetas.  They want people to learn, and they know people learn best in an atmosphere of love and caring.  Again, that is part of the problem...their advice is not being followed.  They understand the concept of "guilt by association," thus they have cut ties with her.

Is she working for the STS?  I don't know.  All they will say on that question is to observe her actions and behavior and judge for ourselves.  I have noted that she uses the ZT "distracted STO can be gruff" as a justifier for her behavior.  However, from personal observation, it goes beyond being a merely "distracted, gruff STO."  STOs are STO because they love, so here is a good basis of comparison:  Love is patient and kind, love is not envious, not proud, but gentle and meek, seeks not its own way... and where love lives THERE IS NO FEAR! 


UPDATE 12/20/2010:

Responding to an earlier comment about the "white lie":


The healing Zetas state that there is no such thing as a "white lie" in their culture.  They are all telepathic and the very concept of a white lie is so alien to them they could have never suggested such a thing.  In 4D honesty is a way of life.  You depend on the guy next to you.  Someone's in trouble, they all know it...instantly.  Who can lie in an evironment such as that? 


So, they knew then what they were dealing with but chose to let it continue because their bottom line was still being met...the message was getting out.  However, the tide has turned.  Her lies are hurting the message now.  A lie is a lie is a lie is a lie, no matter how you try to whitewash it. 


And to let you all know, they intervened when her lies were going to harm someone.  They wouldn't let that happen because they felt responsible for allowing her to continue.  It was a compromise, they know.  They did the best the could with a bad situation.  They also want you to know that they are constantly working behind the scenes, walking a very fine line all the time to make many, many things work.   


They gave permission to share this with you all: 


You know how she has said they put images in her head and she was expected to put words to them?  Well, news break...while I have question and answer periods with them, in English in my head, they also "autotransfer" (for lack of a better word) what they want me to know (and sometimes publish).  Remember, about 9 months ago I talked about undergoing "surgery" in the True Confessions blog where they were bequeathing Zeta DNA to me and inserting it into my brain?    Well, that was the "hard wiring."  They intentionally built in a firewall so I don't tap into the overall "network" (which includes a certain Dutchman, since he got the same hard wiring, whether he wants to believe it any longer or not).


I don't get images for which I must guess the verbal significances so I can describe something.  I get completely formed thoughts that come from "out of the blue."  There is total certainty attached to these thoughts, just like they were my own thoughts.  I've learned to distinguish these thoughts from my own stream of consciousness.  The word is claircognizance, I believe.   


I've said all I can say for now; however, in closing I got a rather amused smile when they primly pointed out that their technology hasn't changed in 15 years.  If you know what they mean. 


UPDATE 12/20/2010 #2

More on comparing pre-2003 ZT with current ZT and practices....


I found this article interesting,, on Repressive Control.  In it, the Zetas are frowning upon the practice of spying.  That was in 2002.  Over the past week or so, we had no less than 16 PS ning mods/spies (and Gerard and Nancy) on this site crawling all over this blog and Alesiah's Red Flag blog and Sonny's Two Suns blog, as well as our profiles. 

Those of us from their ning know that they aren't here for friendly visits.  They engage in plain, old Earth disinfo and spy crap to try to learn what we are saying, and who is saying what and most likely spin it or use it to discredit us.  Their very presence here is highly suggestive that the Zetas are not helping them in these endeavors.  And we have heard that the environment over there is getting more repressive with the institution of two-mod approvals on all blogs.  What are they afraid of?  Us?  We simply don't care what goes on over there. 

This is an example of what I am talking about ...the difference between old ZT and new.  The Zetas in 2002 were frowning on the Bush administration spying, yet here is Nancy & Co. spying on this ning.  Why do they need to spy?  Why aren't the Zetas helping them if we are the enemy? 

I hope they don't say these are schoolhouse lessons.  That's too lame.  Schoolhouse lessons are spiritual lessons designed to get us out of 3rd density, not learn how to act like big government and keep us stuck here. 

As usual, it's a big "whatever" because this ning is protected. 


UPDATE 12/20/2010 #3

More thoughts...


Another tell-tale article at, is When Lies Fail.  There's no denying the earth changes.  That's not the focus.  The focus is on some of the comments made about the government's attempts at cover-up and disinformation.  These are equally applicable to what's been going on with "Zetatalk" of late:


"When the cover-ups on the alien presence and the approach of Planet X first started, back in the days of Roswell, this was to be primarily supression of information, along with some fear inducing disinformation to keep people from pursuing the matter.

[People are banned for being here and our existence is totally repressed on the other ning.]


"Lies come with many faces.  Some are lies of omission, where the truth is simply avoided, not discussed, omitted from reports or TV documentaries, with the expectation that the public, deemed to be sheep, will not notice. They did not expect the Atlantic Rift to be grabbed, regularly, by Planet X, on a daily basis. Thus we have a complete avoidance of the periodic global shuddering, evident on the live seismographs, worldwide, at regular and predictable times during the daily rotation of the globe. Since there is no explanation possible, outside of the presence of a rogue planet in the inner solar system, parked near the Sun, the issue is avoided, utterly.

[Saw this frequently on GLP and have heard it happens on the other ning as well.]


"The public, when asking why __________, is told they are in error.

 "To belittle the questioner is a common technique, when the question cannot be answered. 

[Sound familiar?  I've seen it enough.]


"If what is to be hidden is too obvious, then a lie of commission occurs, where it is called something other than what it is. 

[Like the UFOs out by the in particular was called "Planet X."  Reflections off of them are called "Second Sun Sightings."]


"When you simply can't hide the evidence, or explain it with scientific mumbo jumbo, what to do?  What tacks might the establishment take, to blunt the truth from the public's eye? If the excuses they have proffered are wearing thin, they can hope to supplant the truth with new Pied Pipers. Someone with alternative theories, along the lines of the many made-for-TV movies produced lately, to catch the imagination of the public and lead them anywhere but to the presence of Planet X." 

 [According to recent ZT, when a tectonic plate or two move the PTB just won't let the news media announce it, as if that would "hide the evidence"?  No, they "simply can't hide the evidence" as ZT stated back in 2006. And they certainly can't call it something other than it is...what, the UFO's beamed South America aboard?  Further, by calling the UFO's something other than they are, "ZT" is leading the public to anywhere but to the presence of UFOs and the imminent alien discloure.]


Think of these quotes in terms of the "ZT" (instead of the government).  Do some of these things sound familiar?  More evidence that ZT is acting more like the government than benign aliens here to help.  And if they are acting suspiciously like our government, then they must be working for our government.  If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it must be....


UPDATE 12/20/2010 #4 

More changing ZT...


Even ZT states that the future isn't written in stone. (09/15/1999).


"We will reiterate here that the future is not written, and such visions are always just possible scenarios."


[Remember I mentioned that the holographic presentation was one of several scenarios?  Well, I just found this ZT confirming that statement.  Also, it is known in quantum physics that thought precedes matter.  Think about it...God said, "Let there be light" and there was light.  Consciousness effects change.  The Zetas are quite aware of these principles.  They, too, know that the future is not written in stone and that there are positive forces that can alter the future.  That's why they are here!]


Now, fast forward to 2003 and contrast 1999 Zetatalk with this: (Wishful Thinking, 02/15/2003):

"Thus, New Age talk about the world evading the pole shift if all hold hands and fervently wish it to be so, or if all change their ways and become Service-to-Others overnight, are popular with these folks....  Of course, none of this will work, as we have explained.

"Of course, loving one another, and increasing this tendency, should be encouraged, but frankly most who are not spiritually mature and firmly in this orientation will find it hard to move in that direction under trying times."

[Thus, no one should try since many won't?  You have heard the expression, it only takes a few to change the world.  This ZT exhorts everyone to abandon spiritual and just work on physical preparations.  Whoever is behind ZT is obviously anti-spiritual.]


The Zetas themselves have a religion and believe in God as expressed in Got Religion.

"We have a religion.... We are within the One....  Each soul is in the hand of God, within God....  The pure adage to Love thy Neighbor as Thyself stands as the rule by which we guide ourselves....  Jesus was relaying a true Service-to-Other philosophy of faith, as we believe that each of us, the least included, represents a part of God, is included in God's plan, and is God's handiwork."


UPDATE 12/27/2010:

The Zetas would like to direct your attention to their communication called Independent Thinking @, written January 15, 1997.  With that said, they wish to point out that Nancy has become the "parent figure" they have spoken of, warned about, and chided over the past 15 years.  To think for ourselves is what they have encouraged from the start, which is one of the reasons for this ning.  Those of us who were ready to graduate have done so.  They want to reassure you that you are on the right track.  Consider this ning "graduate school" and carry on!  Keep thinking and questioning and seeking the truth, for as the Zetas say, "This can never be wrong...."  They go on to state, "In truth, the more bright student, the thinking type, leave school than stay in...."  Are you wrong for being here?  Not at all, they say.  Only "angry professors" feel that way because it threatens the status quo.  


UPDATE 12/31/2010:

"Each scenario included in the holographic presentation was the final outcome of a plate movement, not every minor quake or adjustment in sea level elevation along the way!"

"Earthquakes will, as we have predicted from the start of ZetaTalk, get more violent and frequent and occur in places not expecting them. Outside of the warnings that man has learned to utilize, such as screech on the radio or pets running away from home or the physical signs that those who are earthquake sensitives get, there will be no warning. This also applies to those major plate movements which we have described, and which were included in the holographic presentation given to Nancy last November, 2009. All these regions will have increasingly violent and frequent quakes, and then one day blam the plate movement we have described will occur. There may be precursor movements, slight, warning that the plate is getting ready to move. But other than that, no warning." 

[So flooding, then, is not a warning sign?] 

"Throughout 2009 and into 2010 we have remained at a 6, but what will constitute a 7 of 10 has been well laid out within ZetaTalk. The Zetas have stated that a 7 would be reached when something happened that would "shock the world", and confirmed that the geological changes described in the holographic presentation which Nancy attended in November (described also in Issue 178) would be "closely associated" with a move to a 7. The world has not yet been shocked, but those who follow ZetaTalk know that it will involve "one or more" of the following [tectonic events described in the holographic presentation] by the end of 2010, when arrival at a 7 has been predicted by the Zetas."



Read more…

Important Notice Re ZetaTalk Copyright

Someone posted a ZetaTalk article on the survivepx group. I noticed a new copyright notice at the bottom. Ms. Lieder / is now expressing, for the first time, a more restrictive distribution policy of ZetaTalk. The following language was appended at the end of the Safe Locations text that was copied and reposted:




Copyright Nancy Lieder
All rights reserved to ZetaTalk.
This document may be printed and used by individuals
for their own use, to be shared with friends and family and associates,
but not reproduced for sale or distribution under the banner of any group.
ZetaTalk@ZetaTalk.COM 2010

I read this to mean that posting Zetatalk on earthchanges.ning or any other group is now prohibited, a strange change over her past 15 years of laissez faire "openness" and a mission to inform the masses (especially now that earth changes are escalating) but her prerogative nevertheless.

However, there is a Fair Use provision in the law which provides for limited usage for certain purposes such as discussion, education, and parody, among other reasons, which you can review here: Read it and act accordingly.

So, please refrain from reposting ZetaTalk here on Thanks for your cooperation.

Read more…

The following is a comment made to the "A Modest Rebuttal" blog made by a recently departed moderator at poleshift ning, Cindi C, also known as Kai, or Cindi or Cin. It is worthwhile to read, so I made it a blog. I applaud you Cindi for coming forward with your story. I think better of you now. May you too be at peace.




Comment by Blinders Off 3 hours ago


She's [Nancy] a fraud. While I have no longer have access to tangible proof that she has lost it like you all do, at least not since I quit that ning, what I have are the tests that were presented to her that she latched on to like a snapping turtle. She said that the "zetas" said things that could not possibly be true - because what the "zetas" said were someone / something else, were actually done / said by me posing as someone else. I have so much to tell you all I really don't know where to begin.

My suspicion that she was other than she let on began with her going nuts on the admin ning against the mods. Prior to that, I was an absolute believer. Starting with that moment... the one where you read about the 'trials' dialog where you can picture a spitting, huffing, red faced Nancy Leider, I decided to "test the spirits" I think is the way the Bible puts it. And without letting ANYONE know what I was doing, which may have made me a few enemies in the process. So at the cost of truth and absolute honesty, what I have painfully discovered in an indirect way was the same as what the 4 mods discovered in an abrupt and direct way just with different methods behind it. I felt they were owed that.

Let me back up a bit first. I never asked to be a moderator. I joined that ning expecting to learn a lot about the Zetas and the Earth changes and it so happened that a member joined that I knew from a previous list (two, actually) who was only up to no good. He was into recruiting for his "cult" and is wanted in the disappearances of 3 people as well as himself - but it's an unnessary and long story at this stage. I warned Gerard about him and was doing some research in the USA to try and help locate the missing adults and child - and for that reason alone was deemed worthy to be a moderator. Silly. I knew very little about Planet X and was certainly no expert in any area of survival. Maybe some of you might remember my warning to the female members of the list? It was part him and part some people who joined saying their goal was to 'meet women'. I need to apologize to a few of the male members who tried to defend their species, but I was playing the Nancy game and couldn't give myself away. I'm NOT that vapid, critical person in reality. It took a lot out of me to play the charade and there were some very sad times when it was all I could do to stop myself from writing to a few of you to tell you what was going on. But I had no proof, just suspicions and couldn't risk Nancy finding out yet. It was particularly hard not to tell Cheryl, but I knew she and Gerard were still close, and if she had told him, the gig would be up.

I want to humbly apologize to all those that were summarily and rudely dispatched by the mods for no "good" reason. There were many a time it felt so wrong and unjust, but to continue my subversive search for the truth it was necessary to fit in and blend well. I ousted as few as possible to keep the game going. For what it's worth, I think the idea of a quorum decision about a suspension was a good one. That way, if someone has a doubt, it can be aired and the person in question gets a second chance if agreed upon. With a large group you HAVE to have some type of agreement process. I was also a paralegal, so I understand where Cheryl is coming from with much of what she says. Most of the suspensions were baseless and she was out to squash the debunkers before they caused trouble. Everyone with a mind of their own is considered a debunker.

Nancy is cut throat. If anyone even comes close to disputing her or the "zeta" message, she suspends or encourages other mods to do it and when a new mod suspends for the first time, she calls it "first blood". Where is the love in that? Where is the Service to Others? It's cruel and unfair to punish people for asking a genuine question or for having a doubt or concerns. I can understand the spammers being suspended without question, there was a good bit of that, and of marketers wanting to tout their products, too.

Gerard is her minion. He sides with anybody that has an opinion. I wonder if he actually has any thoughts of his own sometimes. I think he genuinely likes Cheryl (who Nancy insists is having a mental affair with Gerard and thinks (cheryl) they have several hybrid children together and a love nest in the zeta community). Gerard will do whatever Nancy encourages him to do and that way she can say "It's Gerards ning, he hires, fires, etc.) SHE runs the ning by planting manipulative ideas into her "subjects" and therefore keeps her hands clean and keeps denyability on her side. But in re-reading Cheryl's blog, you can see that Gerard also agrees with Cheryl all the time as well.

I'm a long time student of Coersion and so-called ninja mind games because I don't like people that are manipulative for personal gain (i.e. pushy salesmen, etc) so I usually beat them at their own game by KNOWING their game. She's a near master at it. But she's getting old and her mind is slipping and she's showing her hand far too often. But then I'm older, studied, and know what to look for. Not a young, impressionable person she can play mind games with. Since she says she doesn't take money for what she does, I can only assume the payoff for her is simply Power. She continuously said that Cheryl is jealous of Nancy's international fame and celebrity and that Cheryl wanted to run Gerards ning herself and was after the POWER. Seems like she was holding a mirror up to herself and calling it Cheryl or something.

So... I summarily quit both nings the other day with the excuse that it had become "the Cheryl show". Honestly, I just couldn't take it a moment longer. Here's what was going on. The order may not be quite right and I'm a little scattered with timing, but the facts are true. I have absolutely nothing to lose in telling this and seriously debated whether or not to do it. However, I think that the way Nancy treated Cheryl was voraciously uncalled for and the right thing to do is come out with this. Originally it was for my own personal edification and to grant me some clarity of mind so I had no intention of telling anybody what I found out. I'm not generally into drama, so I'm a bit out of my league here. This whole thing has gone beyond drama into meladrama and the truth on BOTH sides needs to be known.

Up to the end of Cheryl's post, she had most everything extremely accurate. I also saved all the emails - except there were quite a few I wasn't included in because they didn't trust me, but I believe they were also accurate. Although in the spirit of honesty here, she didn't mention desertrose and Karen's threats of blackmail if they weren't allowed back in. Nancy had a field day with that one, ohmygod. Had I been them, screw the threats and just DO it. This would have been over much sooner. I kept thinking to myself, "You go ahead, Nancy... I know that they have copies of those emails... keep on... you'll see...) I'm SO glad they finally saw the light of day.

Anyway, Nancy has become fixated on Cheryl to the exclusion of moderating anything for the most part. There are incessant "zeta" comments that are so blatently obviously Nancy's own deluded thoughts it is ridiculous. Even to the using SOZT prior to the comment. She has a few undercover accounts here that she uses to infiltrate with and her and Gerard BOTH copy and paste insane amounts of spy posts to the admin ning. To Gerards credit, he did post Cheryl's Blog and included not only the word document - but for our reading pleasure, also made it into a pdf file just in case we couldn't see the .doc file. I was truly impressed that he could be so passive aggressive.

I had made an account here using the name Peter Martinez. Didn't use it but a couple of times myself, but apparently Nancy did. One day about the time I was getting really sick of playing the charade and was ready to call it a day, I personally deleted the Peter account without telling anybody. Nancy soon reported back that Cheryl was on to us and suspended Peter. Can't remember if it was a "zeta"report or not, honestly, but I'm thinking it was.

As an aside, I changed my name several times. It was damn hard to be me and I just wanted to wash it off from time to time and be another me. So apologies too, if that was annoying to some of you.

However, at some point weeks ago, I also made a GLP account named Harry Heiny NOT because of Hairy Derrier, but because it was a mans name and I just couldn't think of anything else at the time. I posted a debunker type thing on there to see if it would find it's way back to her and what she would say about it. Lo and behold, the "zetas" decreed that Hairy Derrier (I may have misspelled it) and Harry Heiny were one in the same and that he was a -gasp- triple agent for GLP, Earth Changes and Pole Shift. UNbelieveable. She latched on to that for a while and I never said that it was me. Can't imagine what she would have said about that little piece of information had I fessed up. But then she would have made something up, I'm sure. It was then that I was starting to see daylight and knew my days there were numbered. I took a break from the ning when I started harvesting and canning my garden, but at the same time, it was a chance for some soul searching and decision making.

She swears that once Cheryl's ning reaches 100 people, that it will implode because of all the service to self people in there that do a lot of in-fighting and have such strong personalities that Cheryl won't be able to control it. All of the "troubIemakers" left Poleshift and went to Earth Changes. PS had been really peaceful for a while, too, and I have to say... a bit boring. I really think that all she's waiting for is the chance to say "I told you so".

Nancy, by way of the "zetas" is saying that Cheryl is having a nervous breakdown, pacing and acting strangely and that her husband is about to have her committed. I think maybe it's Nancy that's about to have that breakdown and she's trying to mirror that on to Cheryl. Cheryl, only you know the truth of that statement. But from the sound of your Defense blog, you seem perfectly sane to me.

They have 11 moderators now. Most of them are in "stealth" mode and several were recipients of all the private messages that were going around. Those messages made it to the moderator ning and were dissected as well. 12 before I quit. Except that it's really 10. Ken is gone. He moved away to his safe place and has no internet. There were a string of people brought in that I didn't know, but seem to be really nice, really decent people. At least one was from the old TT days, I think. I like them all. But I doubt they realize what they're dealing with. Maybe they have, because most of them went quiet when "the Cheryl Show" came on so loudly.

I know that this will get back to her, because someone will post it on the admin ning. I don't care at this point. I'm so disillusioned it's just beyond anything I ever expected to run into there. I'm NOT a debunker, and that makes it even worse. I saw her true self and it isn't pretty. All I was looking for were some answers to the earth changes and was genuinely thrilled to be able to talk personally with Nancy. �I was AS shocked at her tirade against the moderators as they themselves were. We were literally all dumbfounded. If we had been people in a group, we would have all been looking around at each other, blinking, with our mouths hanging open saying, "what just happened here?" It was truly disturbing...

And in the spirit of honesty, I have to say that I now have major MAJOR doubts about the zetas in general. I've been reading a lot about what others have to say about them and none of it is positive. Nancy is the ONLY source that I found that spins the zetas in a positive light. She may well be one of them that has shapeshifted for all I know. I think if they do exist, that they show their contactees a fake side of themselves. Their agenda is questionable. They want to ELIMINATE the human race and replace it with hybrids that have no soul and no real emotions. A race of potential psychopaths is all this planet needs. Humans don't need eliminating, they need education and experience. Who died and made them GOD that they can determine the fate of an entire species? As my momma used to say, "I brought you into this world, I can by God take you back OUT of this world" (usually she was mad at me for something). But my point is, they aren't our creators and they have NO right to do what they are doing.

And on top of all that I found in my researching the zetas, I found Nancy Leider to be a fraudulent, manipulative, angry and delusional old woman. The zetas would use HER as their emissary? Speaks volumes, doesn't it? And from what I've researched about HER, unbeknownst to me, she's pretty much always been this nasty person. I've read transcripts from the old TT days. Do the research for yourself and decide for yourself. These are just my own researched opinions and truly aren't good for anybody but me.

I've also researched the Sun. The thing that Nancy is most vehement about denying will have anything to do with the earth changes. The earth changes will happen, but how they will happen are still and always will be up for debate. All the so-called pictures I've seen of PX pretty much seem to be lense flare. I even took a few myself that were SO real looking, but were only lense flare. We want it to be there so badly we will fool ourselves into thinking a speck of dust is a planet. Prepare for it, but wait for the real thing. Don't believe Nancy Leider just because she "says" so... please. We mock the sheeple here, but we have become sheeple in our own right, and Nancy was the Shepherd. Leidering us all over a cliff?

The best thing Gerard can do for himself is to distance himself from Nancy and loosen her grip on him. I think a suspension might be in order as that would be the ultimate justice for the Red Queen.

But... I apologize for intruding into this list, as Gerard told us that Nancy and I, in particular, were not welcome here. That means my charade worked, and I understand how Cheryl and the others feel. I will go away on my own soon after posting this unless the mods suspend me before I can do it myself. If so, you dont' have to worry about me coming back as someone else. I do hope if no one else gets to read it that Karen, Rose, Shadow and Cheryl at least do.

Shadow, from the moment you asked me if I had "blown this joint" that's pretty much when I made the decision to get to the bottom of things. Just so you know. I almost did leave, and it was hard - HARD - for me to tell them I was wrong to jump ship and wanted to stay. By then though, the die was cast and it was "find out the truth come hell or high water".

So I did. Make of it what you will, and please forgive me for appearing to be a critical and vengeful bitch. Someone that Nancy could feel a kinship with. Ouch. I need a green and blue shower now to wash away the ick.

Cheryl, be at peace. Just my opinion but for what it's worth, I think you did the right thing.

Oh, one more thing... I really did like Ken. He was who he was and that's just who he was. The Cowboy handle suited him. He jumped in the fray and started shooting from the hip. Sometimes he hit high, sometimes low, but he was just being himself. A lot of what he said made a lot of sense, it's just his delivery was kind of crooked. And for the record, Karen never did produce the emails where Ken said the F word to her so much. She got pretty bent at me about that, but the air was full of argument and it was easy to get swept up in it. I figured since everybody was producing evidence against Ken, then Karen (being the one who started it all) should have at least coughed up her own evidence.




My responses to some of Cindi's comments:


"Nancy, by way of the "zetas" is saying that Cheryl is having a nervous breakdown, pacing and acting strangely and that her husband is about to have her committed."

Nope, more fiction.




"...Cheryl (who Nancy insists is having a mental affair with Gerard and thinks (cheryl) they have several hybrid children together and a love nest in the zeta community)."


Hey! The first positive thing I've heard her say! ;D

(Both Gerard and I did talk about the hybrid children on the True Confessions blog.)



"Gerard is her minion. He sides with anybody that has an opinion. I wonder if he actually has any thoughts of his own sometimes."

He does. He's just careful with whom he shares them.


"But in re-reading Cheryl's blog, you can see that Gerard also agrees with Cheryl all the time as well."

He doesn't agree with me all the time.


"Although in the spirit of honesty here, she didn't mention desertrose and Karen's threats of blackmail if they weren't allowed back in."

It wasn't something I was involved in. I was basically focusing on her allegations toward me. I did read something about it when I was going through the scans. Nancy/Gerard called DR's bluff and that was the end of it as far as I know.


About the Zetas, that could be the STS Zetas. My experience has never been bad with the group I know. Further, there is ZT that says the hybrids have been developed to house human souls when the PS happens, and that they are a blend of the best of both races. Can we trust ZT? I, like you, don't know anymore what's ZT and what's NancyTalk. What I do know is I saw fake ZT on Brian, the mod, while I was still there, and recently I've seen some fake ZT on me. However, LOL, none of it came true. Final volley? I hadn't even started! If those mods can't see the falsity in that ZT then maybe they deserve Nancy.


"The best thing Gerard can do for himself is to distance himself from Nancy and loosen her grip on him. I think a suspension might be in order as that would be the ultimate justice for the Red Queen."

I absolutely agree with this. Her presence on his ning neuters its effectiveness, as well as the moderators who are probably just chasing their tails to "get Cheryl."

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A Modest Rebuttal






I guess my turn-the-other-cheek philosophy was frustrating her plan to be "brutually honest" about me if I spoke out. (She did threaten me with this.) Her trigger finger has been itching maniacally since May and, seeing that I wasn't going to give her any reason to shoot, she took matters into her own hands. A huge mistake on her part.

I don’t know why she is so threatened by me, after all when I was there all I did was do my job. Maybe she’s having issues with not being the only contactee on Earth who gets invited to holographic presentations or communicates with the Zetas. Big whatever.

However, I do have the right to defend my reputation, especially since she has waxed so prolix and venomous. Parts 1 and 2 of my rebuttal will review some pertinent history with supporting documentation. Part 3 will directly rebut her allegations and summarize my rebuttal.

Now, a message to her spies...why not read it for yourself before deciding to turn it over to her? You just might decide you don't want to be used to do her dirty work any longer.

I do want to clarify that this is not about the Zetas in any way. This is solely about the Red Queen and her atrocious behavior. I am still a Zeta fan, though I suspect some ZetaTalk may be NancyTalk.

[UPDATE 07/13/17: After the revelation that was disclosed in the update to this Rebuttal in 2012, my suspicion that NancyTalk was being promoted as ZetaTalk was proven.  I no longer am a fan of what she considers the Zetas to be, and haven't been for years, as I think whatever benevolent group she may have possibly been in contact with departed and she's been winging it on her own since.  There may be some truth in the pre-2003 Zetatalk, but Nancy has muddied the water so effectively with her alter-ego Zetatalk that it is hard to know what that truth might be.  I continue to believe Nancy and Zetatalk are a government psyops operation.  Professor James McCanney opined years ago that he thought she worked for NASA.]

There is so much complexity to this matter that even focusing on just the more substantive issues has turned this rebuttal into a massive, time-consuming project. Thus, it was released in parts. However, today, July 29, 2010, it is complete. She has only herself to blame.








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