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The Health RangerDear NaturalNews readers,

This is the most pressing urgent report I've published in at least a year.

The battle for humanity is nearly lost. Food is now deliberately engineered to promote death, not nourishment.

Food contamination is often not an accident, and even children's vitamins are designed to cause long-term neurological damage in children.

This is the conclusion from extensive laboratory testing and food investigations we have conducted here at Natural News. My article explains all this in considerable (shocking) detail:


As part of the overall campaign to poison children, the American Dental Association (which pushes mercury in the form of fillings) now recommends that infants be fed toxic fluoride chemicals:

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This was sent via email to all members.  I am posting it as a blog for the benefit of our non-member readers...

Catch Amy Evans' latest blog and discussion at  There isn't just one, but two, celestial objects out there. There is Nibiru (Planet X) and there is a brown dwarf G1.9.

Also, keep abreast of the continuing disaster in Japan. Dr. Michio Kaku says there are three meltdowns going on currently there and the cover-up is becoming almost comical if it was so life-threatening. NO ONE in Tokyo can drink the tap water now. That caution isn't just for babies one year and under anymore. And plutonium has been found outside the reactors. One MICROgram of plute ingested can cause cancer in the human body. Dutchsinse (our youtube friend in St. Louis, MO) is tracking the plumes worldwide and he has already attracted detractors. Four out of eleven EPA radiation monitors were down this past week but it is said that they had portable ones in place. Who can you believe any longer?

If you have any interests (family, friends, business) in Japan, you need to get out NOW!

You also need to build your own radiation dose meter. Commercial meters are expensive and need to be calibrated and are in short supply. Cresson Kearney of Oak Ridge Laboratories has provided field-tested instructions in his book Nuclear War Survival Skills (free online, link in Important Notices link on how to build a meter), cost you about six hours of your time and common, everyday materials, most of which you have in your home. Plus, you can fix it yourself if you need to.

Don't just rely on the closest meter the government might broadcast readings from. Even relatively close-by meters cannot give precise conditions at your locale. This can be a matter of life and death. You cannot feel, hear, smell, touch, or taste radiation. It is invisible. And too much radiation too fast is fatal. Even different parts of a basement shelter could have various radiation doses, so you need to even check for that and move to a different part of your shelter that has the lowest readings.

You also need to stock the materials that will help you detox (French green clay, chlorella, chelation) and learn how to handel hygiene related to fallout exposure. Check out the links at the top of the main page (Important Notices).

DO NOT PANIC, okay? Radiation IS SURVIVABLE if you know the enemy and the rules of the game. Our government, whether by incompetence, uncaringness, or outright treason, cannot be relied upon. The best offense is a good defense: SURVIVE!

Don't become apathetic about this. Become proactive. Two able-bodied girls were able to follow the instructions and dig a shelter in two days. You MUST download for free (or buy a hardcopy--the better choice if you can) "Nuclear War Survival Skills" by Cresson Kearney NOW before the rest of the world wakes up and bandwidth crashes.

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO TIME LEFT TO LOSE. Even if Japan gains control of its reactors, this exercise is not wasted. These shelters will help with the expected solar flares and incoming debris (bolides) and high winds. Let's hope this is just a fire drill, but don't take any chance that it is. Treat it as serious as it can be. Your life could depend on it.

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