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Hi, Cheryl, and all members (and non-members), 

I've been thinking about another group meditation, and this is what I have come up with.  How about we set aside the summer solstice day of, June 21st, as an all day event, with no particular person being in charge.

On that day, then, when ever you happen to think of our dear Planet and the wonderful people thereon, all day long, project positive energy into the vortex not allowing anything negative to enter.. to each his own words and thoughts... That way we would not have to worry about time zones, and a person could 'tune in' even more than at any one particular time, lending even more energy where it is needed. 

In this way, we would have a 24-hour period of positive energy circling the globe, swirling, protecting, combating and defying the negative, may I say demonic, forces trying to take over our World.

What do you think about this?   ~ Dianna

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Summer 2010 – Boy That Was Short! Snow Forecast For Alps Under 2000 Meters ^ | August 29, 2010 | P Gosselin

Posted on Monday, August 30, 2010 4:31:29 PM by Ernest_at_the_Beach

Snow already!

A cold blast of polar air has moved over central Europe, pushíng temperatures far below normal. Snow is forecast in the Alps at elevations as low as 1400 meters.

The following chart shows the forecast for the next 2 weeks. It shows that summer is finished for much of Europe. In fact, as mentioned above, the lower Alps are expected to get snowfall in the couple of days ahead. Continue reading below.

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