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Would it work for EMP/Solar shelter, as well?

10957978478?profile=originalRelatively cheap and easy...

This is the proven pre-built ready-to-bury completed Mini Blast & Fallout Shelter upgraded by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine and described in detail here. This shelter was originally designed by volunteers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, to where in a pending crisis many people could take the simple plans for the shelter (available free at the link above) to a local steel fabricator and have it quickly and cheaply built.

Also, fabricated and available here at KI4U, Inc., utilizing galvanized corrugated steel (14 gauge rated for under road use type) for 50 psi blast and well in excess of 1000 PF fallout protection. Double entry/exit risers with double welded (inside & outside) 10 gauge steel plate bulkheads and 1/4" steel blast doors. With this pre-built, pickup truck delivered, shelter and less than two hours of backhoe work later, it's in-place in (beneath) your backyard. $3,200.00 FOB Central Texas, call (830) 672-8734 for more information and availability. (9 remaining in stock to ship today; as of 4/1/11) Be sure to also see/read the Nuclear Blast & Fallout Shelters FAQ for lots of other DIY free plans, books & additional other 'ready made' shelter sources! You'll be amazed what you can do right now, cheaply & effectively, with or without a beneath grade basement!

Also read:  "Or, If No Basement" section at for additional information.


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More On The Japanese Nuclear Crisis

Japan Battles Nuclear Meltdown


Japan Races To Avert Multiple Nuclear Meltdowns


Japan Says Second Blast Possible At Plant; Radiation Falls


US West Coast In Path Of Fallout





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If you are caught with no electricity and no other way to heat, remember earth temperature is 50-ish.  That is well above freezing.  You need to dig down below the frost line in your area (here it's 24 inches).  The wind is a killer, so that's another reason to get underground.  You'll need sleeping bags, warm clothing and all that. 

If you can't dig down, maybe the ground is frozen or you don't have the tools or the strength, remember the Eskimos live on the surface in structures made of block of ice.  You might not have a way to get blocks of ice, but you can make snow igloos. (adds carving longitudinal lines to channel melt so it doesn't drip on you; has video which talks about the quality of the snow)

Print the instructions.  Make sure you have the necessary tools.  READ the instructions.  Make sure you understand them.  Practice, perhaps by making a styrofoam model.  Once you work through this, it will be easier to do it live, especially if doing it under stressful conditions.

Let's hear other ways to survive the cold if the electricity goes out.

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Caused by earth shifting?


"A massive oil pipeline explosion destroyed parts of a central Mexican city on Sunday, incinerating people, cars, houses and trees as gushing crude oil turned streets into flaming rivers. At least 28 people were killed, 13 of them children, in a disaster authorities blamed on oil thieves. The blast in San Martin Texmelucan, initially estimated to have affected 5-thousand residents in a three-mile (five-kilometre) radius, scorched homes and cars and left metal and pavement twisted and in some cases burned to ash in the intense heat. At least 52 people were hurt and 84 remained in a shelter late on Sunday after fleeing San Martin,about 55 miles (90 kilometres) east of Mexico City. More than 115 homes were scorched, 32 of them destroyed."

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Solar Scorching Of Earth Soon!

In light of the unprecedented activities on the sun, it's time to turn some serious attention to it. (John mentions the 1983 NY Times article frequently because his emails go far and wide, broadcasting Planet X to the uninformed. Go John!)

Emails Re Solar Scorching From John DiNardo

Sat, January 16, 2010 9:47:42 AMGov. Ventura is Right. Solar Scorching of Earth Soon
From: John Dinardo
To: *
~~ Gov. Jesse Ventura is RIGHT. Solar Scorching of Earth, Soon! ~~

You will not believe that the name "Planet X" is an official term originated by the world's community of astronomers ever since 1781 when they noticed that the outer planets were being tugged out from their smooth orbital paths by some too-distant-to-be-visible massive planet. You will falsely believe that "Planet X" is some hokey sci-fi concoction until you read the photocopy of the actual article from the New York Times which I sent to Marshall Masters, former science editor for CNN (Cable News Network). Please click on the link below. Then scroll down and read the actual photocopied New York Times article. Then continue reading my essay below, which verifies Gov. Jesse Ventura's research, showing that Planet Earth will soon be scorched by lethal solar blasting.
John DiNardo

I posted this essay back in March of 2009, and it now appears that the reason why the extraordinary solar hyperactivity of the past decade had recently fizzled into a period of extraordinary quiescence is because inbound/sunbound Planet X was passing below Jupiter during 2008 to 2009, resulting in an electromagnetic and gravitational flirtation between the giant X and the gas giant, Jupiter, as evidenced perhaps by the great comet collision into Jupiter on July 20th of 2009, the comet presumably being just one member of the bee swarm of Planet X's gravitationally gripped horde of celestial bodies. ~~ John

----- Original Message -----
From John DiNardo
Date Sun, 29 Mar 2009 14:26:00 GMT
To *
Subject Planet X: Sun Inhaling for a Major Blast

Public awareness of danger fosters thoughtful preparation, and thus prevents some loss of life. I have not yet contemplated protective measures against the solar scorching which appears to be on the horizon, because the immediate priority would be to elevate public awareness of this coming solar blasting – to show evidence that the Sun will become more like a blowtorch than a heat lamp. Scientists today appear to be strangely quiet and contented with the recent drop off in solar hyperactivity.

Yet, (tell me if I have missed any explanatory reports from the science community) why don't I hear them explaining WHY our Sun -- which has been described, for years, by one conspicuous scientist as "behaving like a popcorn popper" -- has suddenly and markedly calmed down? No one is thinking of the "why," but rather, they are enjoying complacent relief from the past decade's threatening solar hyperactivity. Today's scientists are like the foolish children who ran to scoop up fish from the bared ocean floor as the tide dramatically drew back in preparation for a mountainous tsunami sucker punch? Because we live in the age of the approach of Planet X, solar hyperactivity is paradoxically the norm, while this current (and, I think,) transient state of solar quiescence is an aberration. Therefore, it is imperative that we strive to solve this solar mystery which would seem to portend the gravest imaginable threat to humankind: a scorching global annihilation. Let’s look at this issue logically. We have a vast cluster of celestial objects being drawn into our Solar System, and, over the past decade or so, extraordinary earthly events have consistently resulted from this celestial shotgun blast into the belly of our Solar System: events geological, meteorological, geomagnetic, seismic, volcanic, biological, and solar, all extraordinary in magnitude, and all in the glare of a Sun so hyperactive that new and greater classes of flares had to be appended to the charts, just to describe and document these unprecedented flares. Then, suddenly, the Sun dies down. And everyone says, “hooray,” or “no need for concern anymore,” or “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Yet, Planet X and its massive field of gravitationally gripped comets, meteors, and asteroids has not turned around and headed back out into deep space. No, the X-gang is still being gravitationally drawn toward our Sun, and is, in fact, approaching at an ever-increasing velocity, as basic Newtonian physics principles would confirm. There is a reason for everything that happens. I surmise that Planet X is in a fleeting interlude in its incoming travel, wherein it is gravitationally, electrically, and electromagnetically interacting with Jupiter, Saturn, or Uranus, thus diverting its previous fire away from the Sun, but only temporarily. Remember, the late Dr. Robert S. Harrington, chief astronomer of the United States Naval Observatory, determined that Planet X is coming at us from beneath our table, so to speak, and off to the side of our Solar System’s ecliptic plane (our revolving table), at an angle of about 40 degrees to the ecliptic. This means that, each and every day, that bullet is traveling closer to the underside of our table, and therefore, its flirtation with the Sun ought to be growing ever more torrid. Where are the astronomers and celestial physicists out there who will address the issue of this mysterious aberration of solar quiescence, and offer information as to a current positional interaction between Planet X and our Solar System’s outer planets, an interaction based upon the assumption that X is coming in from the direction of the constellation Scorpius, as Dr. Harrington had calculated.
~ John DiNardo

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Summer 2010 – Boy That Was Short! Snow Forecast For Alps Under 2000 Meters ^ | August 29, 2010 | P Gosselin

Posted on Monday, August 30, 2010 4:31:29 PM by Ernest_at_the_Beach

Snow already!

A cold blast of polar air has moved over central Europe, pushíng temperatures far below normal. Snow is forecast in the Alps at elevations as low as 1400 meters.

The following chart shows the forecast for the next 2 weeks. It shows that summer is finished for much of Europe. In fact, as mentioned above, the lower Alps are expected to get snowfall in the couple of days ahead. Continue reading below.

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