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Notes From Sheldan Nidle Webinar June 28, 2012

The first part dealing with earth technology suppression went fast and there were lots of charts.  Scroll down and read about the new technologies that are coming.  It's pretty wild.

Technologies That Will Transform The World

The mass landings are the key to all that will follow.

Centaurian atmospheric mothership... (long, tube-like ship)

Pleiadian Scout Ship (Type 1) (showed image)

Suppression of Technologies

Talked about only primitive energy devices have been allowed by the ptb, so it could be controlled. 

Wireless Power

Nikola Tesla, the man who invented the 21st Century

Zero point energy age is the next age

Tesla created our present electrical age

Created anti-gravity saucers

Zero point energy systems

Searl Technology—powered antigravity craft—was seized.

Zero point energy creates consciousness.

Moving toward GF beam technology. Beam technology.

GF Andromedan Beam Ship (round base, bubble at top).

Overseeing a New Reality

Holographic Technology—divine light and divine love with space makes all things. We become true co-creators with all physicality.

Technology mirrors consciousness.

Technology resembles magic.

Any sufficient adv tech is indistinguishable from magic—Arthur C. Clarke. The types...

Organic …

Replicators can turn any form of energy into, clothing, furniture, housing, etc., come in all sizes and shapes.

Communicators... Universal Translator Buttons.

Healing... is the transfer of Love and Balance.

Nano devices … can produce actual seeds of any structure. Instead of building a giant replicator, you simply produce these special seeds and within three days.

Holographic devices... virtual people are very real, made out of divine light.

How New Technology Will Make Our Reality Better

Earth's Suppressed Technology

Over past century, inventions were suppressed...

Zero Point Healing Device.

Royal Raymond Rife... they stole his microscope.

Heal cancer to heart disease, etc. No matter how bad, it can heal it.

Dr. T. Henry Moray

Zero Point Transportation

Thomas Townsend Brown—US Gov't stole it and can make their own flying saucers.

Zero Point Medicine

Dr. Wilhelm Reich—Orgone (the basic aspect of life). Orgone generator.

Zero Point Weather Device

Cloudbusters, tech through orgone, can clean up our atmosphere and oceans.

Zero Point Genius – Tesla

Technology Timeline

Late Summer, 2012

free energy devices released

release healing devices

GF processors

Devices to clean Gaia released

By Fall, 2012

Distribution System Operational

Release of More Secret Technology

New Healing Centers in place

GF Spokespersons Explain New Technologies to be given to us

Timeline subject to change... this technology is key to everything... help us to become healthy, easy supply to food, clothing, housing. We now become people instanteously able to provide for our needs. Through the replicators is beautiful, fresh, clean, pure water. Three things we need... clean air to breathe, pure water to drink, we need good, nutritious food to eat. It also provides us with devices to heal us of any health problems.

Restoring Gaia

Huge replicators that can clean the air

The oceans need to be clean—similar devices will clean oceans

Clean up the land – plant nanotechnology seeds

Technology of Inner Earth

Ultimate goal is to move this society from being a limited conscious society that needs manufacturing and provides byproducts that are bad, etc. We don't need that any more. Where is the society that operates like that? Inner Earth—Agartha-5D realm-we are related to the Lemurians, great beings of light. The Annunaki's and Atlantans knocked us into limited consciousness. Fully conscious beings use telepathy. Live in crystal cities. Ag – inside, artha – earth. Their job is to help us move ourselves as best we can to become fully conscious beings. Crystal cities have many types and size. Telos under Mt. Shasta. Has atmosphere, not a cave. Beautiful meadows. Telos is main node. Agartha looks just like the outside. You don't feel like you are in the inside of Earth. You have mountains, streams, waterfalls, streams, rocks. It looks just like Earth. It is Earth. Inner Earth. It is not a giant cave. It's not a crazy place. It's part of our planet. One of the neat things about living quarters in Agartha is that they are like our places, only they tend to be rounded, to enhance energy fields. Want to take energy fields to enhance their own life. The furniture may be more rounded. And you can change your own furniture as much as you like. Sonic showers (no need for toilets). Takes 10-30 seconds. Body-adjusting bed. No dishwashing, just return to the replicator.

The Metamorphic Light Chamber

Epigenetics. We need help to achieve ascension in a small space of time (3 days), which took Ascended Masters generations. It's a living technology. It's organic. It will tie directly into your unique life energies. You are returned to full consciousness. Light chambers are controlled by your vast angelic councils and your personal mentor, specially trained to move you from being limited to fully conscious being of light.

You will be sent to a room, 3D reality temporarily. Then on to the metamorphosis chamber. Think of this chamber that cradles you while you sleep... you become younger, fully potentialized. You will be sleeping, lights and colors of heaven, angels, special guides, galactic mentor, full conscious being, your angels. This is not about separation... it transforms you like a butterfly into a fully conscious being. These special devices perfectly calibrate to your unique calibrations. Making sure your energies at certain levels, then replicated. All Galactic Federation devices are living organic beings of light. This is a heavenly fully conscious transformation of you into who you truly are. You are in this chamber, you become a fully conscious being who will last for thousands of years. When you are in that chamber, you are like being one with angels of heaven, your body angels, your body guardians, your regular life guardians. The colors of heaven will surround. The colors are part of a process to help transform, you are in a chrysalis. Once you finished emerge, transformed, you are to be greeted with joy and love as your mentor and angels embrace you. What you believe is possible, really is. We move into quantum consciousness, where technology is alive, a holographic universe that you become a co-creator of.

Summer 2012

Galatic Federation invited by secret sacred societies, to use its superior technology to force change. We'll see the beginning of this... mass public arrests, proclaim new banking system, new governance in power, UFO disclosure.

By late summer, trial dates set, the technology will start to come out, and after new technology is released, after prosperity, need lightworkers to come forth and (1) use vast monies given to you, your service to create new forms of business to distribute new devices and be part of the process of helping create this new society, and (2) and meetings with earth and space families... education. Society as we know it will be gone. Clean up air, water and soil. Ascended Masters manifest. Begin to educate all of us about the truths of the spirit. Educational knowledge and wisdom for all of us to become fully conscious. Abundance by then will be common. Make us fully conscious beings. The key is divine intervention. To fully transform Earth, as well as ourselves.


How are these technologies be distributed? How do I receive my replicator and when? When arrests happen, new gov't comes in, then announcements... then, distribute technologies. The 1st technology will be the replicator. We have to first of all be telepathic. Can do it in a couple of days. Need telepathy to operate the replicator. Another thing, as you begin to become telepathic, you are on the path to become fully conscious. Once that happens, the technician's job is after s/he teaches you to be fully telepathic, you have to learn how to work the device. Two to three weeks after initial disclosure, anticipate distributing the replicators. Essential, as we get ready to clean up Earth, that it becomes absolutely important that all manufacturing bases be put away. That means a new source has to be in place. Will be done relatively quickly. They (GF) have left timing to themselves. They look at it being months. They have enough people to do it relatively quickly and all over the planet.

Can the replicators make bank notes and coins? Yes, but you won't need money. Key point, prosperity and abundance. It's a transitional item, purpose to move from where we are now, we have scarcities, when economic system goes bye-bye. About a year. After that, you won't need it. The basic point is when you are moving down the road to becoming fully cons, all the basic aspects of this civilization goes away. There's no need for money, farming, manufacturing, the job you create is the joy you are about. A device gives you education you need and your mind will remember everything, and it will take you from kindergarten to Ph.D., depending on level you want, in no more than a month or two. You won't need schools. You won't forget, because your mind is always alive and in perfect balance, and always growing. It's like being a Chinese coolie in 13th Century rural China suddenly being transported to 21st Century America... it is so different.

No beer in 5D. Because when you get a 5D atmosphere, there's no fermentation. No wine, no beer, no hard liquor. But you won't miss it. You'll be so high from other things. You'll be in joy, the ultimate high.

The elementals are key to restoring a forest. The devices will then copy what they say and create pristine world again, recreating Gaia as it once looked.

How will our mentors and light chambers deal with people with mental and spiritual blockages?

All people have baggage. All people with mental illnesses (imbalances) can be rectified by the use of proper, positive energies. When you enter the chamber, you are being changed into your full potential self. All of us have an IAM presence. That being life transcends into your essence when you become fully conscious. So this is what's happening in the chamber. All of that will be integrated, a fully conscious being of light. The chamber is just an environment in which all these different energies, from Heaven, GF, highest levels of who you really are, come down and act as a giant council to work on your physical body, mental, emotional bodies, they look at all different aspects of who you are, integrate that, transform all negative to positive epigenetics, then you are transformed. All fragments will be re-knit. Your DNA and RNA will be reknit... you become a fully conscious being of light, you are fully reintegrated. The remnants are like a library, that is put back together to make the living library you truly are. It's an instrument of love … to recreate neural networks based on telepathy and our connections to each other... the grand unity, new epoch that allows each and every one of us …

Why do we need light chambers? Can't we just naturally transform? Under normal conditions ascending for most people needs the energies of a Buddha or Christ, what is required is something happens that break blockages in us be removed. What is needed to do this requires some device that can do that for us. So, what a light chamber is, is something that takes the focus of ascended masters and brings to us … allows us to fully understand how the universe works.

What's going on with the arrests? How close are we? What is happening is that the cabal said no on June 21st. Then what happened, they began final negotiations. The vast majority have given in. A general plan is ready to be implemented, will not be opposed in most countries. The major aspects of the cabal is beginning to start negotiations, takes a matter of days to a week or two. That process is now under way. The Galactic Federation is now allowed to do the pushes, final negotiations going on. The first major dominoes have fallen. Other major dominoes are being loosened. And it's almost done.

What is the current word on banking, stock markets, banks can stay open, how will accounts at BofA and Chase? These banks will be taken over. They are all bankrupt. The debt mountain they created was so huge it would make Mt. Everest look like a hill. The amount of debt is astronomical. Will they stay open? They will close but open in a few days. There will be new banking rules. Most fees will be gone. The nature how banks handle things will change. All tellers, workers, loans, etc., will discover it will be entirely different. A massive change. Initially, credit cards for 90 days, not work; ATM cards may not work. Within a few weeks, the abundance will spread and people can write checks, transfer monies from old system to new system. To keep it basic, that's what I can tell you, keep it basic.

Could you talk about merging timelines? Because right now we are entering an era where energies around galaxy, it has sped time up. Hard to keep up. As this time began collapsing, it began collapsing possibilities around us. These parallel time lines in process of collapsing, by Fall all the timelines will collapse into one timeline, a new reality, in this new epoch we will become fully conscious beings. All timelines lead to full consciousness, first contact, so that by the time we reach December, when the shift actually happens, we are going to be ready, fully conscious beings living in new reality living with space and earth families.

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Comment by Rosemary S on June 30, 2012 at 5:13pm

I agree with you Byron. It is strange that member of the Galactic Federation would not communicate with one another. And there is a lot of variation on the same theme. Yet it is fascinating to anticipate what our new world would be.

Comment by Byron wilkins on June 30, 2012 at 11:35am

You know the old saying, if it sounds to good to be true it probably ------. This message is the cake with five layers of frosting on it. Like Lothar said the time lines are variable with occurences on earth. The real problem I see with Sheldons message is the the don't worry we will take care of everything for you, attitude. I do not like the idea of stepping into a light machine kind of reminds me of the Jews in world war 11 stepping into the shower that turned out to be gas. Tolec is still a mystery to me his message does not match Sheldons very well so who do you believe, Are all these alien races acting on their own with diffirent technology and do not communicate with each other?  

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 30, 2012 at 10:33am

It's okay, Lothar.  A critical mind is what's needed to separate the truth from the untruth.  The timelines in this webinar are the same ones he provided in a webinar several months ago.

Keith, I'll check out whether Sheldan channels SaLuSa or has a direct link.  I know he says he's been on the Sirian motherships.  This last webinar he did specifically say it was a direct link, not a channel. 

Okay, check this out:  He's telepathic.

Comment by Rosemary S on June 30, 2012 at 12:43am

I thought that Mythi said that replicator foods taste bland. I think that gardens will still be a better choice for food. Maybe thinks will grow faster like a fast speed movie.

Comment by Keith H on June 29, 2012 at 11:59pm
I thought he channeled everything, he channels SaLusa, I believe. So I was under the impression that his other communication was channeled also.
We all know about date curse.
Think the download will provide us worth real truth, with so many factions communicating different things. Our discerning minds pick up the differences.
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 29, 2012 at 10:00pm

Keith, Sheldan claims to talk directly, his messages are not channeled.  He also claims that he's been aboard spacecraft, like a Sirian mothership, and been in contact since childhood.  He's different in those regards. 

At best, we have nothing but words on the internet as proof of anything.  In the end, we're going to have to meet these people and trust our intuition.

Comment by Byron wilkins on June 29, 2012 at 9:18pm

If ever there was a dream come true scenario here it is and hope it's all real.

Comment by Keith H on June 29, 2012 at 8:50pm

Yes, I remember that also, that the chambers were a trap. Kettler and I think Tolec also, claim that GFI is still regurgitated artificial intelligence; hence the feel good tone of the messages.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 29, 2012 at 8:39pm

He probably means GFL, Keith.  One piece of unclear innuendo from Tolec doesn't make a solid case that the GFL is bad.  In fact, he never said that, just said that GF and GFL are two separate outfits.  And the point of what sounded like annoyance could be people shorten GFL to GF, and the two groups become confused.

If that statement was meant as innuendo that GFL is somehow bad, I find that curious since benevolent higher dimensional beings don't engage in negative 3D attributes like gossiping and innuendos.  I went back to to revisit what exactly was said and couldn't find anything.

Now, from that revisit I see that Tolec is saying (on the FAQ page) that "ascension chambers" are not necessary, will not be needed, could be  a trap.  Sheldan says they are good, needed, safe, etc.  This is a major difference between these two schools of thought and need to be investigated more thoroughly (but how?).  Unfortunately,  the concept reminds me of the Ga'ould sarcophogi from Stargate SG-1.

Chrys, yes, it does sound cool.  I hope it happens but I'm not ready to sell my sovereignty for some trinkets.  This is such a minefield trying to figure out what's true and what's not.  But I keep hoping good is at the end of the road.

Comment by Keith H on June 29, 2012 at 7:14pm

I could be wrong, but wasn't Sheldon affiliated with GFL before?  If so now all these references are from GF.


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