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UFOs Over Cities Today

Kim posted the first link in chat to a number of videos of what appears to be UFO's in the skies of cities. I've added to the list as I find them...

NYC (NYC airports closed today...)



LA Times Article:,0,2283967.story

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Magnitude 4.5 earthquake shook Oklahoma this morning

An earthquake has been felt from southern Oklahoma to Tulsa.

FROM STAFF REPORTS Comment on this article 61
Published: October 13, 2010

A magnitude 4.5 earthquake shook central Oklahoma at 9:06 a.m. today

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Hungarian Sludge May Become Toxic Cancer Cloud
"Thousands of Hungarian residents battling to contain the flood of poisonous red sludge have been warned to wear face masks because as the slurry dries it will turn into a toxic dust cloud.

"The damage so far has come from the mud but with dry, hot weather and strong winds forecast over the next few days, the environmental disaster is expected to spread.

"Environmentalists said high levels of arsenic and mercury, which can cause cancer, had been found in water polluted by the ooze and that, if airborne, this could enter the human respiratory system."

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More signs of ancient Civ high in the mountains

Traces of a previously unknown Bronze Age civilisation have been discovered in the peaks of Russia's Caucasus Mountains thanks to aerial photographs taken 40 years ago, researchers said Monday.

"We have discovered a civilisation dating from the 16th to the 14th centuries BC, high in the mountains south of Kislovodsk," in Russia's North Caucasus region, Andrei Belinsky, the head of a joint Russian-German expedition that has been investigating the region for five years, told AFP.
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Found this on the Fourwinds site... Interesting article!!


Let me see, if we are to have pole shift, and I do NOT mean magnetic reversal of the poles, but actual separation andreattachment of the crust to the core of Earth, we must have increasingmagnitude earthquakes. Looking at just that, without discussing whatis causing it, such as the approach or proximity of 'Planet X', majorearthquakes of 7 or greater are up 190% in the first six months of 2010compared to the average over the last 10 years.

YOU can attribute this to whatever random event YOU want. I attribute it to the regular 3,657 year cycle of Planet Xentering the solar system and causing polar shift. At this rate,separation of the crust from the core becomes possible within one year.

From Pakistan, through India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia, to eastern Australia, is all onetectonic plate. If, as predicted, the Pacific Ocean narrows, and raisesup eastern Australia and New Zealand, the entire western side of thatplate will submerge. Remember the monsoon rains that flooded Pakistanlast month? They have not drained away. Why? The plate is sinking. Itis not so much that rain fell, but that the land, already close to sealevel, is going down. Volcanoes are coming awake in Indonesia. Theseare things that are signs of the coming of pole shift.

Here look at the earthquake data. It is not just an increase of 7+ earthquakes, but all earthquakes from Richter 5 up.Ifyou take Planet X out of the equation, what possible other reason isthere for the sudden rise of major extreme earthquakes? NONE. You don'tremember the USGS telling you ten years ago that 2010 would be the'year of the big quakes', do you? Why? They never said that. In factthis is such a surprise to them, they regularly downgrade the size andnumber of earthquakes 'so you don't worry'. Another case of not wantingthe public to ask the big NO-NO question: "What does it mean?",because then they would have to tell the public to move from thecoasts, fast. Where do you propose putting just the 1.2 billion peoplein India, before it slides under the Himalayas? Are you just asexpendable as they are? I guess so.

Note: Someone send me this, below, without any credits. I tried to do a search for the wording but came up withnothing so that implies that it was written as an email rather thanposted on the internet. Please if you send me something, try to includethe links as sources. Nevertheless, I have been following thisincrease in frequency and intensity of earthquakes for some time as itis directly related to my interest in evidence of the coming poleshift. Therefore, as far as I know, this is well written, accurate, andinformative, so I present it without any credit. If you know thesource of this article, I would appreciate having it. Thank you.


-------- Original Message --------

Subject:Mag 7 Earthquakes Are Up 90 Percent
Date:Wed, 06 Oct 2010 18:52:37 -0500

Mag 7 Earthquakes Are Up 90 Percent

The graphic image is stunning. Earthquakes of magnitude 7 – 7.99 are up 90 percent comparedwith the average number of earthquakes that have occurred during thelast 10 years over the same time period, that is, from 1-Jan to 6-Oct,day number 279.

We are 76% of the way through 2010. If the earth does not shake with a single additionalmagnitude 7 – 7.9 earthquake, we will still finish thee year 46% higherthan the annual average during the last 10 years. We are only threemagnitude 7 earthquakes away from double the average (10 yr.) number,and there are still 86 days to go!

I am just a casual observer with an interest in geophysical activities of the Earth, andwhile I have been tracking worldwide earthquakes and looking at newcumulative data each month with respect to 10 year and 100 yearaverages, earthquakes are occurring consistently more frequently thisyear.

Interestingly, we are not hearing any mention of increased earthquake activity in the main streammedia, or even in the main stream science circles. In fact, what littlemention at all, has been downplayed or shrugged off. It will be curiousto see if organizations like the USGS will downplay the earthquakestatistics of magnitude 7 that are unfolding in front of our eyes.

(data gathered from the USGS and then averaged over time)

At the current rate, we will likely reach double or twice the number of average earthquakes inthis magnitude range by the end of the year. In fact, all of theearthquake magnitude ranges that I track from 5 on up, are well aboveaverages (except 8 – 9.9 where we are right at average at this time).

As a survival preparedness minded person, seeing statistics like these reaffirm mymindset that while we make our way through our day to day modern lives,we should regularly set aside some time and resources to prepare foruncertainty or disaster. The Earth is giving us warnings right under ourfeet that cannot be ignored. Take heed. Take first steps. Store someextra food and water. What could it hurt… You will eat and drink iteventually anyway.

Eric J


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