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Medicinal Wild Herbs of the Pacific Northwest

I've been educating myself for the past several years with regard to some of the medicinal wild herbs that are found in my region of the Northern Hemisphere. There are a vast multitude of such medicinal herbs and edible wild plants. Some of them have very strong medicinal properties, so great care must be made when gathering and preparing these plants. Some of these plant species are also quite rare, so one must also be cognizant with regard to the practice of sustainable harvest, while some species collection are discouraged due to such issues as loss of habitat or habitat destruction. Regardless, I believe that a natural balance can be maintained as the potential value to society of these plants are tremendous.


As to my latest personal discoveries in natural medicine, I have been experimenting with the production of alcohol tinctures. The properties of Oregon Grape root, for instance, are highly beneficial for healthy digestive tract function and ridding the body of intestinal parasites.


I am always interested in new information with regard to herbal medicines, so if anyone would like to comment, I would welcome the dialogue.

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Ra-El Addresses The World

Don't know who he is or what to make of this...Lord Ra-El Addresses the World on May 21st. 

He claims to be Christ Returned. 

What I know is the return of Christ would be seen in the skies by all nations, not by a limited audience of people who hear a speech on the internet following on the heels of another guy saying the rapture was to happen on May 21st.  I wondered about his use of American vernacular, "I think not!" Just seemed odd, not something I'd expect the KoK and LoL to say.

Wasn't there also a biblical warning that there would be many false Christs coming in his name, and don't be fooled? 

Christ Returned?  I think not.  At least, not on May 21st, 2011.

Just my opinion, but what do I know?

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Volcano erupts in Iceland, spurs 50 quakes news services
REYKJAVIK, Iceland — Iceland's most active volcano erupted Saturday, with a white plume shooting 18,000 feet into the air, scientists said.

The eruption was followed by around 50 small earthquakes, the largest of which measured 3.7 on the Richter Scale, according to Iceland's meteorological office.

There was a similar eruption at the same volcano in 2004.

Scientists don't believe this eruption will lead to air travel chaos like that caused by ash from the Eyjafjallajokul volcano in April 2010.

The Grimsvotn volcano is located underneath the Vatnajokull glacier in southeast Iceland.

Sparsely populated Iceland is one of the world's most volcanically active countries and eruptions are frequent.

They often cause local flooding from melting glacier ice, but rarely cause deaths.

Last year's Eyjafjallajokul eruption left millions of air travelers stranded after winds pushed the ash cloud toward some of the world's busiest airspace and led most northern European countries to ground all planes for five days.

In November, melted glacial ice began pouring from Grimsvotn, signaling a possible eruption. That was a false alarm but scientists have been monitoring the volcano closely ever since.

This is a breaking news story. Please check back for updates.
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This is where we were watching for the first of the activity if any for May 21st Judgment Day.

Moving from the East to the West per the claim.. It didn't happen at 6 pm, but they did get something today, May 21st..


Take a look at these earthquakes today:

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This hypothetical is courtesy of Sizzle:

The best shelter is to have a least a dozen different strategies in your head that you have actually practiced, on how to make a makeshift shelter out of nothing, on the fly.  Because the most likely scenario is that your current shelter will be wiped out or you will have to move somewhere else to safety.  You have only to look at any of the natural disasters that have taken place to see that this is so.  Everyone likes to think that they can't stay in their familiar surroundings and comfort zone and just batten down the hatches with all their carefully stored supplies, but it doesn't usually happen like that.  This is a good time for a "hypothetical" on what you could use for a shelter if your existing or hoped-for shelter was destroyed or didn't pan out.

*someone's else's abandoned home

*a public building

* an abandoned vehicle

*a dumpster or trash container

* cave or large burrow

*scrap metal or salvaged metal debris

*large plastic containers or plastic sheeting

*tree boughs, leaf shelters, thatch, palm fronds

*culverts, drainpipes, other large diameter tubing not in danger of flooding

*underpasses and bridges

The list goes on and on....there are many possibilities....the point is to look around now with imagination and notice what could be used for immediate shelter and improved upon if possible later.  Think it through now, before TSHTF.  This is not to say that one shouldn't choose and prepare a great shelter full of supplies now, but that's only just Plan A.

WHAT'S YOUR PLAN B (and C and D and E ....)?

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Pope Benedict XVI talked to astronauts in space via a video call as shown below, which is a first time in history for a pope to communicate with someone in space.

As reported at on Saturday, May 21, 2011, Pope Benedict XVI made a video call to the astronauts at the International Space Station that day, at 7:11 a.m. EDT.

The pope’s video call came from the Foconi Room of the Vatican Library in Rome, Italy and was organized by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Apparently, Pope Benedict XVI talked to the 12 astronauts which consists of the crew of Endeavor STS-134 and Expedition 27, including two Italian astronauts Paolo Nespoli and Roberto Vittori.

Watch video here:

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Ferro-Cement Shelters & Boats

Ferro-Cement, also known as ferro-concrete is a method of building very strong structures.  It is made from plaster (sand and concrete, usually) and layers of chicken wire.

This first link is a first person account of the author's experience with ferro-cement.  He was cash-flow poor, so this is doable.

Ferro-Concrete Structures


Ferro-Cement Boats




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Superstorm on Saturn


Email from John DiNardo...

Could this be a part of (or, coming from) the unusual events in and around our Sun?
Or, perhaps a result of the recent interlopers in our Solar System ?
Also, possibly the real reasons for the Endeavor Mission?
Are our scientists studying all this to learn more of what is coming here on Earth?
Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2011 2:28 PM
Subject: Super Storm on Saturn
NASA Science News for May 19, 2011

A storm of rare power has formed in Saturn's northern hemisphere. Wreaking havoc for months, it now stretches around the entire planet and can be seen through backyard telescopes.


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