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Cosmic Paradigm message : Leadership 3



I am happy to rejoin you and share the approach to organization that we would hope to implement on your planet. Intuition is to be cultivated in both the leader and the participants of his team. The value of it in decision-making and action is to be recognized. The opinion of either the leader or a participant, based on one’s intuition, is to be honored. It is a matter of feeling comfortable with this way of decision-making, as opposed to analysis.

Meditation practice is an important part of the new leadership and participant mode. Meditation will serve to connect everyone to a higher way of being. When all members of a team are mediating they will more easily join together in proper decision-making and action. No formal way of achieving meditation is proscribed.

Meditation will lead to a direct connection with God. Only when that is firmly established will the true meaning of Oneness within the team become apparent. Functioning from a place of Oneness with all will create organizations like no other. Seeing projects in Oneness will make their accomplishment not only easier, but will facilitate the highest good for all involved. Training all members of a team in these practices will bear plentiful fruit.

One this is accomplished, the ability to communicate telepathically will follow quite naturally. If one’s conscious mind can be quieted through a meditative practice, then the door to telepathic communication opens. When a leader and his team members are all joined in this close association there is no room for private agendas, nor room for deceit or manipulation, and no room for maneuvering or game playing.

Since you have all be taught to compete with each other, to see each other as different, and to seek your own welfare, this type of functioning will be quite a new experience. Seek out those people who will join with you in this type of an organization. Let the natural leader emerge. Within a short time an experience will emerge in which everyone communicates openly, everyone recognizes the strengths of each person, and in which there is a free exchange of ideas.

There are many other aspects of leadership and organization, such as ethics and leadership training for children, which we will share with you. These will become known, Mark, as you build the leadership institute we have requested of you. By this message we are recruiting those who might join with Mark in building such a teaching institute for Leadership in Oneness. We see such an effort as essential to creating a new civilization for Earth, and have promised to assist in its success.

check-small.pngcheck-small.pngcheck-small.png check-small.png

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Cosmic Paradigm message: Leadership 2



It is my pleasure to share the following. A leader is to access those who are to participate with him. In them he must see their Oneness with him. He is no better than they; they are no different from him. His job is to inventory their talents and desires, and utilize them to best advantage.

In Oneness is the ability to truly see the other as a unique expression of God. In Oneness is the ability to see each other as brothers and sisters of the same or different oversouls. In any dimension, there is a unique physical expression of the underlying soul. The leader must see this in each participant and appreciate it.

Those who are attracted to the vision of the leader will comfortably express to him their talents and their desires. Those who would be a part of his team will show him how they will fit with him and others. It is the leader’s job to listen to each of his potential participants and to ascertain what they are saying about themselves. It will take wisdom and openness on the part of everyone involved for this process to work.

Inherent within this is a lack of structure, yet some form of structure will be achieved to move forward. A leader will make decisions for the team, the group, the community, or the state. The participants who are closest to him will absorb his vision and make it their own. They then can convey it to others. It is through this approach of mutual appreciation, shared vision, and Oneness that a new type structure will emerge.

If physical things or animals are to be utilized, they too will be appreciated for their Oneness with the members of the team. Rocks, plants, animals, birds, and fish are part of Oneness. Team members will come to see their Oneness and importance. If it is the task of the team to find, chop, and deliver wood, then the trees must become an integral part of the process as will the mode of chopping and delivery.

Recruiting members for his team is the job of the leader. Volunteering to be part of the team is the job of those who would participate with the leader. Members of any team have opportunities to join with various leaders. How they select whom they wish to follow is an individual decision. It should be carried out with both deliberation and purpose. The entire process must be transparent; there must be no hidden agendas on either the part of the leader or participants.

Note that I did not use the word, “follower,” when speaking about those who would be associated with a leader. Follower implies less than a fully conscious union. Only those who are aware can participate with a leader in Oneness.

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Cosmic Paradigm message : Leadership I



I am most pleased to be with you again. This will be a series of lessons about leadership in Oneness. This type of leadership is different than any other leadership, although it bears some of the same characteristics. Once you accept the Oneness of all people, plants and animals, and the Oneness with Earth and the universe, everything changes. So it is with leadership also; everything changes.

First a leader in Oneness will see that everyone and everything is conscious, and will treat everyone and everything in that way. Others are neither less nor more than the leader. The leader is not above others, is not better than others. The leader merely has the ability of leadership. It is talent, nothing more or less. It does not confer special privilege, rewards, or status. The leader is the leader simply because he or she possesses the talent to lead.

Leading is seeing what needs to be done and crafting a plan to do it. This vision comes from the ability to foresee. It is intuitive within the leader to be able to foresee a way in which events will play out, to take into consideration all factors that will come into play, and to see a path through the morass. Thus we see that one aspect of the talent of leadership is vision. Not everyone has this ability. Other people have different abilities for which they are to be honored, but a true leader will have vision.

In addition to foresight, a leader will put him- or herself in front of others in a public way. This is done by writing, speaking, counseling, and/or with energies. In doing this, a leader will be willing to risk criticism and revolt against what he or she is speaking about.

A true leader will have the ability to not only speak out, but to phrase things in such a way that other will relate to what he or she is saying. What is presented will be neither too complex nor too simple to appeal to the listener. In addition, he or she will have the ability to motivate others to act. In many cases this means changing the way in which others think and behave. So a leader will be able to inspire others to change.

Finally, a leader will be able to garner participants about him- or herself; for one cannot lead if others will not follow. The more revolutionary the path that the leader is treading will be the more difficult it will be to get others to follow him or her. So it behooves a leader to propose a path that is possible for those whom he would have follow him. It does no good to propose a seemingly impossible path for others, even if the leader sees it in this way, and may be prepared to follow that path himself.

Contrast this with the autocratic style of the so called, “leaders,” of your corporations and other institutions. They enrich themselves at the expense of their customers and employees, both of whom they consider to be their inferiors.

So the above are the characteristics of a leader in Oneness. It may seem rather basic, but on further reflection it will become more meaningful to consider someone who is leading participants who are all in Oneness with him and with each other.

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A message from Cosmic Paradigm



The transformation of Earth humans is underway. It is first and foremost an internal journey to discover our 5th Dimension power.

We are in the final days of 3rd Dimension control of this planet. Earth is shifting to the 4th Dimension, and then onto the 5th. We, the human inhabitants of Earth, are invited to journey with her into the 4th Dimension and higher. Because this unique event impacts the entirety of creation, we are the focal point of attention by celestials and our brothers and sisters from throughout this and all other universes.

The shift to a new reality will be more encompassing than anything that has ever happened before, and more dramatic than imaginable by most Earth humans. The shift has already begun with upward acceleration of the internal vibrations of millions of Earth humans. They in turn are manifesting new attitudes and behaviors as they walk within the 3rd Dimension without being a part of it. By choosing to intentionally increase our frequency, we bring our physical bodies into a higher vibration, thus becoming creators of all aspects of our lives.

Fear, enslavement, violence, self-centeredness, and environmental destruction are incompatible with Earth’s lighter density. 3rd Dimension structures and constraints that enslave humanity are crumbling. We are already experiencing the chaos as these give way to a 4th Dimension for Earth and her human inhabitants. Individuals are now choosing to embrace a higher way to live, or to cling to the old ways. In either case everyone will soon find themselves among those of a similar vibration, on Earth or elsewhere.

Under the direction of Creator, a cadre of angels is now directing humanity’s transformation from lower density to higher. This is a wondrous development that enables Earth Humans to merge a lighter density into their physical form. To ride the wave of this transformation, maintain a higher vibration so as to stand tall amidst the surrounding chaos.

Contact with our star sisters and brothers, with celestials, and with knowledge of the larger reality are but the starting points to understanding this pivotal juncture in human history. Our inner journey of discovering who we truly are is even more exciting and rewarding. We have before us the opportunity to achieve what none have before accomplished: Discovering our true potential as great beings of light and using this knowledge to create a new civilization on Earth based on the truth, love, and joy of the 5th Dimension.

The following was supplied by Taugth, a celestial of this universe. The original can be found at Athabantian: “Transforming Earth humans out of their fear-based paradigm is a goal set by Creator. It is to be implemented by celestials, your star brothers and sisters, and higher conscious Earth humans. There is no one path that will enable everyone to make this transition, so many are available. The goal is to raise Earth humans to the 5th Dimension so that they may:

  • Finally step away from the 3rd Dimension
  • Recognize that they are great beings of light in physical form
  • Interact with the vast majority of beings who have no physical form
  • Proceed on a path to reuniting with Creator.
  • Assist those in lower vibrations to ascend”
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A Message To Lothar


Greetings.  This message is to set the record straight on a number of erroneous postings on your (Lothar's) website at

Readers, in the first image below, please direct your attention to the right-hand column, where Lothar makes public his and Vickie's suspensions.  Now, what purpose does Lothar have to publicly proclaim his suspension from this group?  Presumably, to make me out to be some kind of bad guy.  I rarely suspend, and if I do, it is for cause well verified.  Those who have been around for a while know this.  I made no public mention of his suspension, but he has chosen to make it public.  Why?  Because he has an agenda, the same agenda with which he joined our group.  Suspension, in his mind, equates to insanity.  Of course, when he did it freely at poleshift.ning (and made many enemies in the process) it was perfectly reasonable.  

I'd also like to point out that his blog was not "suspended."  I usually leave content intact whenever I have to suspend someone, letting them decide whether they want to delete their content or not.  I did so in all the recent suspensions, pending final resolution.  Lothar made a free-will choice to delete his content after he was suspended.  It could have stayed as a testimony against Nancy's fraud, but he chose to remove it (notice he scrubbed the exact link to it) and, instead, use it as a weapon against me.  So, maybe he's not the outspoken critic of Nancy that he wants everyone to think he is. 

10958022861?profile=originalAlso note, in the left column above are SOHO images of the "winged globe" already debunked as Planet X (ever seen a planet shoot a beam before?), so he is still promoting Nancy's belief that the winged object, seen in many SOHO images of yesteryear, is Planet X, which has also been debunked as not being between the Earth and the Sun.  So, strike one, Lothar. 

In this next image, in the right column, you will see that Lothar now advertises that our group and Nancy's group are "highly dangerous" and "The two most dangerous sides (sites) on the web."  I personally think child porn rings on the web are more dangerous, along with financial scams, etc. 

10958023101?profile=originalI have to ask Lothar what his definition of "dangerous" is.  The only thing "dangerous" about our group is for Nancy's spies getting caught.  And, if we are so dangerous to the public, then Lothar needs to explain his multi-daily visits to our group.  Plus, we don't base our site on the questionable telepathic communications of one woman.  We look at many points of view. We tell people to do their own independent research and think for themselves.  And that's dangerous?  According to Nancy it is.  Strike Two.

Further, Lothar, you are ill-informed about my status with $cientology.  I haven't been a member of $cientology since 1991.  That's 21 years out, with a long period of inactivity before that.  Did you know, Lothar, that after I departed that group that I was an activist against Scientology and that I worked in litigation against the evil empire for a number of years?  Did you know I worked with an attorney who worked with Ursula Caberta (of your country) against $cientology in Germany, and I met her when she came to the states?  I know you use my former affiliation with $cientology, just like Nancy does (Strike Three), to make it appear that there is something wrong with me, I must be crazy because I "am in" $cientology.  But I'm not in $cientology.  You should do your homework before you defame people.  Oh, I'm sorry, but that was your intent, wasn't it?  You knew that, already.  Truth has nothing to do with it.

This next image has a number of points I will address.  The first one is directly beneath the Earthchanges logo, "Cheryl Nelson suffers from severe paranoia." 

Lothar, are you a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist legally authorized to render a diagnosis?  That's what you are doing.  I know I have played arm-chair psychologist with Nancy, but I will distinguish what I do with what you've done.  First, I've had 80-hours of classroom training in mental illness delivered by a multi-disciplinary psychiatric team at a mental hospital where I worked, plus experience working with geriatric patients.  I have also worked with Nancy.  That doesn't give me the authority to render an official diagnosis, of course; however I can state a well-informed opinion.  Further, I submit my opinion as opinion, based on personal experience, training, and experience. 

You, however, don't have any training or experience (from what I know of you), yet you have labeled me with a diagnosis and offered up a blog I wrote as "proof" of insanity.  Further, you have never worked with me or had any interactions more than passing comments on the forums, so you don't know me at all.  In saying what you say, you are just regurgitating Nancy, who has made that claim for years.  So, you still sound like Nancy.  Strike three.


Your next statement, "as is evident in her latest masterpiece" is offered as your "proof" of my "insanity."  First, you have violated copyright laws by copying my blog to your site without permission.  You come from a culture of thieves who take what they want at will ( and show blatant disrespect for the law.  I herewith demand it be removed immediately. 

Second, your attempt at using my blog as a diagnosis of paranoia is laughable.  I have abundant documentation that show solid reasons for taking the actions I took.  Since when does good management translate into insanity?  If so, then all management everywhere is insane.  Further, "the last message to her members" is erroneous, as well.  I have posted much since that blog.  What is the purpose of that statement?  To sway people to believe that I went paranoid and spun around in circles until I was put into a mental hospital?  Very reminiscent of Nancy's insane rantings about me.  Strike four.  Lothar, posting crap like that makes you look crazy.

You said, "Thanks for the suspension," and I say, "You're welcome.  You earned it."  You were trying to be a deep mole, pretending to be with us, yet working against us behind our backs, so you thought. 

And your sarcasm about your donation is unfounded as well.  First, I wasn't running a campaign for donations, thus I didn't know you had made a contribution, as I don't use PayPal much.  If I had seen it earlier, I would have immediately returned it since (a) I wasn't running a campaign and wasn't in need of funds, and (b) money coming from a psning mod, especially you with your reputation, would have been considered suspect.  You proved my suspicion correct.  It was a trap to somehow trip me up, make me think you were sincere, more "deep mole" covering.  Alas, we have sensitive people that knew from the get-go something was up with you, and I'm one of them. 

Oh, and by the way.  You were banned on August 23rd and the refund was made on August 25th when I happened to link to your site and discovered your "issue."  Rather than bleating sarcasm on your site that I may or may see, it would have been more efficient to have mentioned it in your email to me inquiring as to why you were suspended.  But you chose not to; rather you wanted to make an issue of it, to try to get people to think I'm a thief.  However, I'm not and here's the proof. 


10958023298?profile=originalSo, your donation has been refunded and you need to remove your erroneous sarcasm from your website, otherwise it will be construed as intentional defamation, just like Nancy.  Strike Five.

Another erroneous statement on your site is, "The reason for the demise of both Ladies and their web pages are the same.  Both, Nancy Lieder and Cheryl Nelson, are channeling the zeta reticulans."  As many times as you have visited this site and viewed just about every blog and discussion here, you know my group is not her group.  You know that, Lothar.  Many of the members of earthchanges.ning know that.  Your statement is simply not true.  And her site appears to be still up and running, and my site has been for two years without interruption, despite yours and your colleagues' efforts.

Before I close, I want to mention some things I noticed that are now gone from your website, since you've been outed as a Nancy spy and you no longer need to pretend.  This first image shows that you used to say:  "Cheryl Nelson's Page top content, well informed."  A bit of a discrepancy, wouldn't you say?  Ah, but I forget, the gig is up.  You don't have to lie to the world any more that my site has top content, well informed.  It was okay to deceive people back when you were trying to deceive me and the members here, right?  Or maybe that was the truth, and what you're saying now is the lie?  Which is it, Lothar?



This next and last image shows how gung-ho you were to distance yourself from Nancy and Gerard back then, but now that you don't have to pretend any longer, you removed this content about them...



Gerard is not STS.  Caring for one's ailing family is a very STO activity.  (BTW, I do the same for my family.)  And it is more demanding than working as a wage slave, wouldn't you agree, where you aren't on-call 24/7? 

So, Lothar, the motto below your picture should be changed to, "Keeping you misinformed," don't you think?  After all, you're just forwarding Nancy and her Zetatalk while saying you aren't.  Isn't that plagiarism?  Yes, but it doesn't matter as long as you're working for her, right?

One last question.  It makes no sense to do this heavy-duty NL/GZ/psning bashing if you're still with them.  Unless, of course, the Zetas will later say it was another white lie necessary to demise an enemy.  However, there is another possibility, if you really aren't with her any longer.  Maybe, Lothar, you are a government ops trying to demise both nings.  Hmm.  That's what you are saying.  No one in their right mind should trust your words on the PX/earthchanges subject.  And speaking of words, that's all you offer, Lothar.  Empty words.  No proof.  Just like Nancy.  Strike Six, and your outed.  However, I always offer proof to back up what I say.  Batting 1.0000. 

It will be interesting to see how this evolves. So, Earthchangers, now you see the reason for the lockdown and suspensions.  Lothar wasn't working alone.  If you didn't read all the parts of the Rebuttal Update, Nancy clearly states her plan for our ning... its demise.  Sneaking someone in here to try to become a mod.  Deleting this ning... Here, let me let her tell you herself...  Second paragraph starts:  "There are multiple prongs in the operation by which this ning will meet its demise."  She goes on to say that a group called "the new MJ12" (but in reality they are Puppet Master employees in the main) "... are likely to exacerbate any negative trend, creating uproar but in a factual way so that banning them is not done immediately."  Think of their people like "Larry" and "Paul Kelly," and Amrah, a sleeper cell who awakened when Lothar appeared. 


Next, Nancy, via her ZetaTalk, goes into more details, about the spies she's had here "not visible as obvious candidates" (hence the occasional cullings).  She goes on to say "But one of these individuals is not truly her friend, but a doubt (double) agent who will use his power to gut her ning of content when the time comes.  Deleted blogs and discussion cannot be recovered, it is known." 

Interestingly, the great 300-account-deletion event that Nancy labeled a CIA event turned out to be KH deleting the 300 accounts, according to Co S's document.  A karma boomerang.  Well, we (the original mods of psning) tried to tell her about KH, but she wasn't listening. 



So, there you have it folks. The reason Lothar & Company were here.  The reason for the cullings.  And the beat goes on. 

And, since Lothar, etc., are "puppet master employees" that must mean Nancy is the Puppet Master.

Note:  After publication, some revisions were made.

Bold is new text.

Italics are edited text.

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Gray State

I've said in the past that we would have man-made events before the earthchanges would take us down. The economy is one. With what we've been hearing in the news, this trailer may be a glimpse of the near future...

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NaturalNews Insider Alert ( ) email newsletter

MikeAdams.jpgDear NaturalNews readers,

Germany's highest financial court is scheduled to render a key decision today, and the decision could impact us all -- globally -- no matter where you live.

If the court votes NO, it may set off a rapid debt meltdown across several European nations: Italy, Greece and Spain to name just three.

If the court votes YES, it will prevent the immediate meltdown but result in runaway currency devaluation / price inflation as Germany cranks up the (virtual) printing presses to bail out European nations from their failing debts.

Why does this matter to you? Because either way, the crisis is going to eventually hit U.S. banking giants hard. We should all expect eventual "bank holidays" during which we won't be able to access our deposits, ATMs, checking accounts, and so on.

Get the details in my analysis:

Check out the video of the "Legged Drone Support System"!  OMG!  Am I glad I'm not in a city!!!!

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EXPLOSION ON JUPITER: Apparently, something hit Jupiter during the early hours of Sept. 10th (11:35 UT), igniting a ferocious fireball in the giant planet's cloudtops. Amateur astronomer Dan Peterson Racine, Wisconsin, saw it first through his Meade 12" LX200 telescope. "It was a bright white flash that lasted only 1.5 - 2 seconds," he reports. Another amateur astronomer, George Hall of Dallas, Texas, was video-recording Jupiter at the time, and he confirmed the fireball with this video screenshot:

Impact site coordinates: longitude 335o (system 1) and latitude +12o, inside the North Equatorial Belt's southern section.

The fireball was probably caused by a small asteroid or comet hitting Jupiter. Similar impacts were observed in June and August 2010. An analysis of those earlier events suggests that Jupiter is frequently struck by 10 meter-class asteroids--one of the hazards of orbiting near the asteroid belt and having such a strong gravitational pull.

Astronomers around the world will now begin monitoring the impact site for signs of debris--either the cindery remains of the impactor or material dredged up from beneath Jupiter's cloud tops. Some impacts do produce such debris, while others don't. Researchers aren't sure why; perhaps this event will provide some clues. Stay tuned for news about what happens next.

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Not easy to read, but here is an idea of what it's about:

1 °.-At the top, the linear time. To every countdown, 3-2-1, until the time of 0, the no-time. The time is not, does not refer to any physical catastrophe, we talk about opening a dimensional portal that is being generated in the bottom of the chart: "Quantum reality". Roughly speaking, linear reality we live is a hologram .

But we live in that reality, it is operating as a modification of our DNA, the DNA chains that explanatory, are contained in the ASCII code, when we interact with the Euler and segments. Specifically, the relationship is contained gamma rays, the hydrogen bonds and ATGC sequences of our DNA. (Relationship Ionogenomática). Also contained, the relationship between patterns of RF Harmonics and our Spread KG (Schumann Resonances packs). All these processes are taking place already in our DNA, and this cycle will last three years. (To be completed in this period). At this level, too, the Earth's atmosphere, it is ionizing. Is changing in order to reach the necessary resonance to the "0" which is in 13Hz, point convrgencia will occur for the opening hole Einstein-Rossen. Then fully open state of matter similar to the crystals (aether) in a consistent and harmonious with the changes that are taking place in our DNA.


We could never imagine that the data were so evident that for two years, it was known that the changes in the patterns of harmonic oscillators corresponding to solar activity take place in the next two years. Been almost two years since the release of these data and the funny thing is that in effect, changes are occurring.


Much, much more in this article.

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GoDaddy DNS Servers Down

Even if a site is hosted elsewhere, if the domain name was procured through, the site is down.;_ylt=AlD7VNrcKhzwDQ7jKqgcnwGiuYdG;_ylu=X3oDMTRwYmI1M2ttBG1pdANGaW5hbmNlIEZQIFRvcCBTdG9yaWVzIG1peGVkIGxpc3QEcGtnAzk4Nzk3ODZiLTZmZjUtMzI4Ny05OGQzLTUxYWNlMmM2MWViMQRwb3MDNgRzZWMDTWVkaWFCTGlzdE1peGVkTFBDQVRlbXAEdmVyAzQ0ODU1NjQwLWZiNzUtMTFlMS05OWU4LWYyYmM0ZGViYzU3Nw--;_ylg=X3oDMTFpNzk0NjhtBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdANob21lBHB0A3NlY3Rpb25z;_ylv=3

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DOUBLE ASTEROID FLYBY: A pair of big, near-Earth asteroids will fly by the Earth-Moon system on Sept. 14th. 2012 QG42 is a 300 meter space rock that comes from the vicinity of Mars; it will pass 2.8 million km (7.4 LD) from Earth. 2012 QC8 is even bigger, about 1.1 km in diameter, hailing from the orbit of Jupiter; it will pass about 8.7 million km (22.7 LD) from Earth. Astronomers monitoring the incoming space rocks say they are glowing like 14th-15th magnitude stars, which makes them good targets for advanced amateur telescopes. Ephemerides: 2012 QG42, 2012 QC8.

link to Tolec

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had just left the NYPD Rescue Team Captain. I told him he should be very proud of the professional and outstanding way the NYPD was responding to the crisis.

After a few minutes, Kerrick went on his way . I left Robb Verhauf to work with the NYFD. I went off to call Bill Reeves, contact Peter Donahue and continue searching for an entry hole to gain access to more underground voids as the heavy equipment continued to remove rubble and expose further access points.

**I quote Peter Donahue:  “Doug instructed me to meet up with Randy Haverd’s group and liaison with them for ARTI.  Meanwhile, Doug was going to a Command Center located at the site of   a local school in order to obtain credentials from the FBI ,  and return to Ground Zero to search for live survivors.  Doug called me later that night to inform me that he had received credentials and would be returning to work at Ground Zero.”

**Peter Donahue, New York City ARTI team member and Copp came to the same conclusion that Mike Holley and Dr. Elliott Pierce were Lang’s gay lovers. Lang was seen on the rubble wearing tight jeans with his crotch basket stuffed out and tiptoeing around, swinging his ass in a sexual manner while wearing a woman’s rope belt to hold up his “gay” pants

** At night I had a meeting with Randy Haverd to take Peter as a liaison and the constant fights and interferences with my rescue efforts because peter couldn’t tolerate the bad behavior of Lang’s entourage anymore.

** I worked for a couple of hours searching for entry points.

**I worked thru the night.

Sept 15

** I think this is the day that I did an interview with Inside Edition as a public service message. At my insistence and with my recommendations, the program spent half of the air time explaining what actions people can take in an attack like 911 to protect themselves and their family.

** I worked for several hours searching for entry points.

** I first started showing effects of poisoning.

Sept 16

** I worked through the entire night and had not yet slept; since, September 12th. I searched the above ground surface area for an entry point Below the Rubble.

**John Grace approached me and told me that he couldn’t take any 911 footage because he was too afraid. I told him that he should not worry and to just take care of himself.

**finally got down to collapsed subway station for the first time.

** I found a hole in the bottom of a 30 ft deep pit, in the rubble. Broken concrete, rubble, broken furniture was everywhere. It was very tricky to walk without being tripped, falling and becoming injured. Above our heads, rubble was precariously piled up. I explained to Lentz how to walk and to follow my exact foot steps. He paid strict attention and followed my every step. I explained to him to repeatedly look upward so that he would avoid anything falling and crushing him. We crossed the bottom of the pit and carefully crawled inside of a 2ft X 2ft gap in the rubble. Immediately inside, was an obstacle course of dangling electrical cables, wires and water pipes. I explained to Lentz to absolutely NOT put any pressure or force on these dangling lines. I told him to regard himself ‘like a ballet dancer’ and to be extremely graceful and avoid placing any stress on this lines or the whole thing will come down and kill him and me.

There was a slab under part of this dangling lines but the rubble was headed downwards. Lentz never took any video of any of this because it was too dangerous and we might be killed if he was distracted. (He did take video of me crossing this area when we searched it again, the next day.) We maneuvered our way through this obstacle course and came to an escalator. The escalator was not crushed but rubble had fallen across part of it. We made our way down to the area where concrete slabs had fallen across the escalator. We crawled underneath and emerged on the other side. On our right was a sign which stated: World Trade Center. The escalator emptied out on a platform area about 10 ft by 10 ft which was not broken. It was the only flat area around. We looked up in front of us and saw that the area was blocked by what appeared to be the bottom of millions of tons of rubble. Lentz took out his camera and videotaped a hand painted sign. It said: “Do NOT ENTER! UNSTABLE!”

At his point I realized that we had come to the area where CNN had reported that the search below the rubble was stopped by FEMA because it was too dangerous. I had heard a FEMA Representative tell CNN that it was too dangerous to continue in the subterranean area.

Now, I knew that I could do some real good at 911. It was incredibly dangerous but I knew that my experience searching 892 previous collapsed buildings would allow me to have the best chance of crawling inside without being crushed to death. Nevertheless, although I appeared calm and collected on the outside (as I always do so that it would give confidence and security to others who would be with me.) I was really scared. I asked myself if it was worth dying for. I answered myself silently by saying: “Yes.” It has too be searched. I thought, to myself, that there would be huge underground voids near the perimeter of the subterranean area (just like there was at many collapsed skyscrapers I had searched before.). I thought of the possibly hundreds of people who could be trapped in there. I told Lentz that I would go and explore the area and would return for him if it was safe enough for him to enter without being killed.

I got down on my knees and then I lay down on my stomach. The floor was covered with concrete dust and I was getting covered with it. I slipped under the carrying beam (It was a tight fit. The beam was flat on the floor on one aide and rose to 18 inches high There was NOT enough room to put a piece of concrete or support under the beam (like I usually would do) and still have enough room to slip underneath. I thought to myself: “This is bad. If there is any movement at all I will be crushed to liquid. I thought of all the dead people I had seen under beams who had been liquefied. …not even a 1/10th of an inch thick. I saw an image of a pool of blood, flash into my mind’s eye, which had oozed out from a victim, crushed under a beam, inside of a collapsed building, in El Salvador. Minutes later the damaged building took the final fall and completely collapsed on top of me. All in an instant, I thought about how I had miraculously escaped death. Then I told myself to ‘get my ass going’ and ‘get the hell out’ from under the beam. )

It was really dark inside and the floor ended just 8 inches from the beam. I looked up and saw huge chunks of concrete dangling from rebar and stuck in place on top of pieces of rebar about 5 to 6 ft above my head. I thought: “Holy Shit!” I looked to my left and saw that there was no void at all. The rubble was completely collapsed. I looked to my right and saw a large open space about 15 ft away. I said: “That is where I need to go.” Then I said: “How in the hell am I going to do this. The ledge is only 8 inches wide for the whole 15 ft. I looked down and saw that there was a huge pit filled with rebar. It made a sudden drop. It would be like sliding along the ledge of a skyscraper without falling and being killed. I said: “I can do it. I really need to concentrate, pull my stomach in tight and stick myself to the wall.” I crawled out from under the beam, simultaneously lifting myself up without touching any of the dangling rebar and pulling to the right, sticking myself to a column and finally I was inside and upright. I slid along the wall and got to the open area. The ceiling was good. It wasn’t broken in that area. It was very dark but I could see with the flashlight strapped on my head. I took a deep breath, relieved some stress and then I looked around in all directions to make a general inspection. I realized that this vast area could hold huge numbers of trapped people. I shouted to see if anyone could hear me. Nobody replied. I shouted to Lentz and told him that there was a vast area inside. I told him that it had to be searched. I told him that he could be useful to help me search if he came inside but it was up to him if he wanted to come in or wait for me outside. I told him NOT to go back to the bottom of the outside pit because it was too dangerous for him to do without following me. I told him that he could come inside, that he could do it easier than me because he was thinner but he couldn’t make any mistake or he would be DEAD. I emphasized the word DEAD. He said that he wanted to come inside. I told him that he had ‘a lot of guts’ and that he could do it but he had to follow my precise instructions and concentrate like he had never done before in his life. He stuck his head underneath. I lit up the area with my flashlight. I told him NOT to touch the rebar or he would cause the whole damn thing to come down and he would be liquefied. He saw the ledge and almost choked. But he did it. He got up and slithered along the ledge and jumped off the end onto the slab where I was standing. I helped to catch him, grabbed him and pulled him over with me.

I said to Lentz: Now we are in but it is ‘going to be a bitch’ to ‘get the hell out of here’.” Lentz got out his camera and filmed me as I explained to him what we needed to do, what our search plan would be, how to do it safely, how NOT to be killed. I told him: “ Do not touch anything. I will do all the touching. You walk with me and follow my footsteps like you are walking through a minefield. You walk where I walk and you go where I go. Told him if we found people trapped that he could help me move the rubble to free them but NEVER, NEVER touch anything unless I tell you to. I told him ‘to be like a breath of air’ upon the rubble. I repeated myself many times so that there would be NO mistake, and no panic. I told him about Jose Ortega who panicked and didn’t follow my instructions and almost died because of it. I told Lentz that I would always insure that he would be safe, that I always anticipated and prepared ahead of time for collapse, that I was consistently inspecting the structure. I told him that he should stand still and not move if the place started to collapse because he would already be in the place he was supposed to be in, in case of a collapse. I told him the example of a guy at the Presidential Compound in El Salvador when an aftershock took place. I told him that everyone; including, ARTI member, Jose Ortega had panicked and were running, screaming and fleeing, in all directions, except for 1 person. He was 20 ft below me and 25 ft away from me. I stood next to a rail and never moved a muscle when the earthquake after shock hit. I looked down at him. He looked straight in my eyes and almost asking: “What do I do?” I looked back at him and smiled. He leaned on his shovel, stood upright and smiled back. He realized that I would shout instructions at him if he was supposed to do anything other than stay exactly where he was.

The moral of this story to Lentz was “pay attention and follow every instruction I give you as if your life depended on it because it does”.

Lentz and I went over to the area where there had been a news stand. We searched behind it to see if it went anywhere or if there was another entry point. There was none.

Next we started walking towards the stairs at the end of the Hallway. They were about 100 ft away. We casually looked at and searched the stores along the sides of us; however, this was only a cursory search because I was mostly pre-occupied with getting to an area that would have a better chance of having people trapped.

We got to the stairs, Lentz was following behind me. We went down to the level below. It was really black, dark and soot was on everything and in everything. It was very eerie. There was a large open area where we searched all the edges. After 20 minutes of being in this place which was the darkest, blackest, scariest and most ‘evil’ (I felt like this place was the home of the devil, himself. Maybe because it was a mass murder scene; rather than, a freak disaster of nature.) I told Lentz that we should go to the floor below. This place was very sinister, which was compounded by the fact that the air was so full of soot and particulate from the smoldering fire that our flashlights disappeared at a distance of 3 feet.  We were coughing and sweating.

The floor below felt like a relief. It was cooler, cleaner and had only dust and rubble like the first responders, above, had been exposed to.  I stopped coughing so much and was more comfortable. The light beams from our flashlights could travel and light up an area 50 ft away. It was a lot easier to search.

As we approached the center area of this open space the noise of water falling was too loud to speak without shouting. We had come about a hundred feet and effluent, sewage, chemicals from the cooling, air conditioning and heating systems: as well as, water from fire engines pouring water on the above ground smoldering fire was raining down on top of us. Lentz hid the camera under his clothing so it wouldn’t be destroyed. I found out later that the water was filled with all the chemicals and garbage which the water had picked up from the rubble as well as sewage. (For years, Dr Smith had played a game with the ‘soon to be retired’ old man at the laboratory where he had his patients tested for toxic exposure. The game was ‘guess the occupation of the patient’. The old man usually guessed the occupation correctly but in my case he told Dr Smith: “This man lives in a sewer. He is the most poisoned and toxic individual I have ever tested in 40 years. He has everything in him.”). I, now, know why.

The place was very foggy, the liquid was splashing and being atomized. We were ingesting it into our lungs (Lentz had a mask on. I didn’t because I had to tell him what to do and needed to be able to speak clearly.) (Dr Smith told me that this area was actually like a subterranean mushroom farm rather than a subway and that spores of fungi and yeast were being made airborne by these waterfalls and that is why my lungs became covered with 10 types of fungi and 2 types of yeast. This and the other 5 respiratory diseases I had developed caused me to walk only 3 ft without hyperventilating and requiring me to rest and recover my breath after every mouthful of food.)

I looked into the subway pit and saw that it was flooded with about 3 ft of liquid. The tunnel going to New Jersey was open. I told Lentz that it wasn’t necessary to search the subway pit now but we might need to get into it if the rest of the building collapses and we need to try to escape to New Jersey.

We traveled another 50 ft and we came to the crushed remains of the subway train. The last few cars were Ok except for broken windows and being dusty, dirty and full of a few pieces of concrete. The first car was different. It was smashed in half. The front part was less than an inch high. The weight of the rubble had crushed the train car to an inch thick! Moving back from the edge a huge piece of concrete was ‘impossibly’ resting upon a window frame. It was just above our heads. I told Lentz that we had better get out or we would be liquefied if it snapped the window frame. I had a funny feeling about this place which made me return to it several more times over the next few days. (As it turned out, I was informed by the videographer for the NYFD who was made an honorary Battalion Chief for taking video for the NYFD; when they came to this area, 2 months later, after the rubble had been removed to make it safe; a dead woman was found crushed under the middle section of the train car. I repeatedly had returned to within 3 ft of her corpse many times.)

Lentz and I were very tired, very thirsty, very hot, very uncomfortable and I thought that we should get out to recuperate and return later to make a more complete search.

We traced our steps back to the edge of the pit next to the wall ledge. This took about an hour or so.

Lentz filmed a few minutes of footage whenever I stopped to give him safety instructions.

I always lead the way so I slithered along the ledge and got under the dangling concrete above my head and my legs under the beam. Lentz said that he wanted to videotape me. I said: “OK. But hurry-up. I don’t want to be killed. If this beam falls down my legs will be smashed to nothing. He took the few seconds of video. He panned up to the pieces of concrete. He took the clip of my face looking like Al Jolson from all the grease on it.

I got out and Lentz came behind me. We got on the escalators, crawled under the fallen rubble and got to the place on the escalator near the entry point. I looked closely and Stepped onto the rubble.  A slab of concrete which was bigger than all the other rubble around me was underneath this area of the dangling wires and cables. It was about 5 ft by 5 ft, in size and was on an angle of about 45 degrees. I looked at it carefully and thought it was safe. There was no rubble on it. It looked clean. (What I didn’t realize is that it was blanketed with a fine, almost invisible concrete powder about ½ inch thick.)

I stepped on it. Instantly my feet went out from under me. I instantly thought: “Don’t grab the lines or the whole ceiling will come down and kill me”..then I thought: “ Oh my God. If I fall off the edge I will fall down on the pieces of a tiger trap..I’ll be killed..” then I thought: “ Do a judo fall…slap the concrete..and grab the edge with my hands..” All of this flashed through my mind in a micro-second. I twisted my spine, hit the edge of the slab with my spinal column, slapped the flat area of the concrete slab and caught the edge with my fingers. I pulled myself up and over the concrete slab until I was on the other side, under the dangling rebar. It wasn’t until later that I discovered that I had fragmented 3 discs of my spine. I required 3 surgical procedures and couldn’t walk without a cane for many months. The pain was so intense that Oxycotin didn’t have any effect. Several times I passed unconscious with pain. I remain partially paralyzed, to this day. My left foot and the back of my left leg remain numb.

I kept going and Lentz came out behind me. I crawled out through the tiny hole and found myself at the bottom of the pit. I don’t remember if it was day or night but I was thirsty. Lentz and I walked a mile through rubble and destruction, most of the way, until we got to the edge of the 911 security zone. I had several bottles of cold water, juice and soda; which was followed by a paper plate of food donated to the workers.

Hot Lips Hollihan from Mash and Tim Robbins were serving food. Robbins looked really traumatized. I thought I should go over and talk to him. I thought I could help him deal with his obvious suffering. I thought about an ambulance driver I had helped avoid suicide at the Swissair Crash and then I thought that I had better not go to Robbins. He might think that I was helping him because he was a movie star instead of just another victim. So I didn’t. I woofed my food off the plate and went with Lentz to the ARTI Emergency Van and saw our driver Steve.

He took us back to the Hotel Marriott. Miller was waiting outside. He was perfectly clean and dressed in ‘dressy’ clothes. I understood that Lang and the rest were inside the bar area drinking. Miller insisted on filming us.

Lentz very quickly washed himself and told me that he was going to return to 911, find Rob Verhauf and work with him, the NYFD and the Casualty Locator locating body parts.

** I am seen as filmed by Mike Miller giving an update on our Ground Zero work and searching under the rubble in the collapsed subway area. Lentz shook my hand, told me that it was a wonderful thing that we had done and that the people of New York could rest easy that nobody was buried alive, in that area. In fact, as stated, in the training film Lentz ‘shot under the rubble’ the people who were in that vast subterranean area were able to escape.

I continued to say that I was pleased with what we had accomplished and that I was finally going to be able to take the time from work to sleep. The camera was supposedly turned off; however, Miller had accidentally left the camera on record. I told Lentz that my skin was ‘crawling’ and that I was ‘itchy as hell’ that the black grease all over my face, hands, arms and chest was ‘driving me crazy and that I couldn’t wait to get a hot shower and clean all that ‘crap off me’.(I later found out that this black soot had come from the burning jet fuel, was impregnated with thousands of poisons and that these toxins were to enter my lungs, sinus, eyes and skin causing havoc on my health. My skin was to break out into thousands of blisters and I was to develop glaucoma and a litany of serious medical problems. Several weeks later when I spoke with Robb Verhauf  I was to find out that Lentz had not gone with him to Ground Zero. Lentz had washed up to go bar-hopping with free ‘hero’ drinks.)

** I went to the front desk. While waiting for the night manager I took my arms out from my jumpsuit and tied them around my waist. I spoke with the night manager, who was a Turkish Citizen, regarding his efforts, on behalf of myself and ARTI, to contact my Turkish team members with AKUT, in Istanbul. He told me that he had spoken with Nasuh Maruki and that Nasuh had told him that there was no way that any rescuers could get into 911, to help. He told me that FEMA had blocked their team from helping at 911. I checked to see if there were any messages. There were some messages. I called on a pay phone so that I wouldn’t accrue hotel surcharges.

After the calls I saw Lang and some of his entourage in the bar area of the lobby. I nodded my head to them and went to my room. Lang later published that he saw me as a “red suited buffoon flying around the Hotel Lobby waving my arms like superman” I had attracted everyone’s attention because (as the video shows) I was so incredibly dirty, toxic and poisoned; however, I was very quiet, I pressed the elevator button, took the elevator up to my floor area and  I went to my room , had a hot shower, inspected all the equipment, placed everything in a ‘readiness condition’ and then I went to sleep. I was exhausted.

**Eric Wade damaged the casualty Locator, got the NYFD and Peter Donahue very angry. Peter got in touch with me and I had to sort out the mess. I quote Peter Donahue: “Over the weekend, I was contacted by told by the NYFD officers who accompanied Eric Wade to Ground Zero and informed that he had misused and damaged the casualty locator and that when seeing body parts discovered by the device he “turned coward” and obstructed the recovery work.  The Fire Department was mad at me because of the irrational, unprofessional behavior of Eric Wade, and the fact that I had suggested him, but they still wanted the machine because they had seen it function initially. They wanted Doug to fix the machine and teach me how to use it effectively, so I could go with them.  The officers informed me that after mishandling the casualty locator Eric Wade attempted to test it by going inside a refrigerated van which had a corpse inside and testing the device on the corpse. The machine wouldn’t work because the body was refrigerated and the bacteria were dormant, but Wade later claimed the machine this proved the device was fallacious. Wade didn’t understand that the machine only works when the bacteria are active”..

** I was forced to take time away from my search for victims to repair the Casualty Locator (broken by Eric Wade) to keep Peter Donahue happy and to facilitate his work with the NYFD. The NYFD were very despondent and I knew that it would really cheer them up to have the Casualty Locator working for them to help them recover the remains of their brothers. Also, I had to repair the damage done to ARTI by being associated with the cowardly, unprofessional and perverted behavior of Eric Wade.

Sept 17

** First Inside Edition public service message program ‘White Light’

** I got very sick and as I was later informed by Dr Tim Smith and other Doctors I had already begun to exhibit the effects of being poisoned.

** I passed Linthicum, in the Hall. She acted very cold. I nodded my head to her and said: Hi. I don’t think she said anything. A couple of minutes later, I passed Lang’s other reporter, named Stewert, in the hallway. I asked him what was going on with Linthicum and things seemed strange. He said: Let’s step into the room and talk in private. He said that he was ordered by Lang, not to speak with me but he would talk with me in confidence. I asked him about Lang’s intentions and why Lang is so ‘screwed-up.’ He said: “Lang can be impossible to cope with but he writes my paycheck.” It was all very weird but it was obvious that Stewert could hardly stand Lang. Stewert was omitted from the AJ articles against me.

**I don’t know when I got out of bed. All I can say is that I would normally have gotten up after 4 hours of sleep, at this point in a disaster; however, since I was poisoned and sick I don’t remember.

**At one point, Peter Donahue came to my room. We spoke about Eric Wade’s disgusting behavior and his flight from New York to escape the NYFD. Peter told me that he had seen Wade shouting and screaming at the firefighter’s corpse in the refrigerated ambulance. I told him that Wade had actually punched the corpse while Peter had gone into the Fire Station. The tool salesman for Hurst tools had witnessed Wade screaming at the corpse and had gone into the station to tell the firefighters but he and Peter had missed the part where Wade actually punched the corpse. I deeply regretted having anything to do with Lang and his entourage and had wished I could have stepped back in time and actually drove to 911, in my car, rather than fly with Lang and such disgusting people.

** I had a hasty conversation with Eric Wade that he had better run before the NYFD kill him for punching the corpse of the NYFD firefighter.

**Lang and his entourage entered the room. A huge fight took place. Peter had a fistfight with Steve Lentz. Lentz had a drink in his hand and was drunk. Lentz was ‘sucking up to Lang.’

**I broke up the fight by getting between them and pushing them apart.

**Lang started with his 18th Century European Royalty behavior by demanding that I get him an Emergency Pass. He demanded again, that I get an Emergency Pass, for Holley, who I thought to be one of Lang’s lovers. (Holley had already asked me several times for me to get him an emergency pass. I had refused him because of 3 reasons: 1) he gave me the impression of being a slimey character, 2) he was thrown out of The Oklahoma City Crisis for bad behavior and he was self admitted to be hiding from ‘rescue people’, in New York and told me NOT to let anyone know that he was there and 3) he told me that he rubbed dirt on his face to sneak into the restricted are for Lang to take his picture.)

I completely lost my cool because I was sick and disgusted. I had put up with Lang’s foul, juvenile and condescending behavior for the sake of ARTI. On many occasions, following Lang’s outbursts, Miller had told ‘me to put up with’ Lang’s behavior because he would be able to provide transportation and funds to ARTI so that ARTI would never be prevented from saving lives due to lack of funds.

Peter Donahue reports:  “Over the weekend, I returned to the Marriott to speak with Doug about Wade’s misbehavior. While I was meeting with him, two very bad things happened. First, I witnessed a verbal argument between Doug Copp and Tom Lang. Lang said, to Doug:  “You promised me that you were going to give me a good story; so that I could look good. You said you were going to give me a badge.” Doug said: “No! It’s about time people knew who you are and what you want. Enough is enough! I cannot take anymore. You are all evil bastards. I won’t give you a badge.”   Tom Lang looked at me and said:  “Get the fuck out!”  I told Tom Lang: “Go fuck yourself!”  At that point, Doug said, to Tom Lang: “I’m not giving you a badge.” Tom Lang said: “We’re out of here!”  Mike Miller and Tom Lang left to return to New Mexico. Lang left the room. I understood they were all going to leave for New Mexico. Doug told me: “Peter, go with Randy Haverd while I recover from being sick.””

** Dr Pierce claims that he didn’t arrive in New York until Nov 18 but I remember correctly or incorrectly him examining me on Sept 17. This could be due to the fact that I was poisoned and sometimes delirious at this point. I don’t know. Dr Pierce entered the room after Lang left. He said that he was “the team Doctor” and that he was checking everybody. I was on the bathroom floor throwing up in the toilet. I had a fever and was drenched with sweat running down my forehead. I felt confused, dazed, disoriented and sick. I was coughing.  My nose was bleeding. I got up off the floor and came into the bedroom. Pierce said that he wanted to examine me. He looked into my eyes and mouth. He told me that I should give Lang an Emergency Badge. I told Pierce that I had enough of Lang and I would never give Lang a Badge, in a million years. I asked Pierce if it was serious. I asked him what I should do. I asked him if I should stop going into the rubble; whether I should take medicine. He told me not to worry about it and I would cough it all out in a couple of weeks.

Peter Donahue is quoted: “However, I continued to stay with Doug. We were alone. The door was left open. At this point, a Doctor entered the room, I didn’t know his name at the time, but I later learned that he was Dr. Elliot Pierce, a friend of Tom Lang’s who had come to join Lang from New Mexico.  He examined Doug. Doug’s nose was bleeding. He was throwing up in the toilet. He was coughing and he appeared to have a fever. Doug spoke with the Doctor. Doug asked him what to do, specifically whether he needed to take medicine or stay out of the rubble. The Doctor said: “Don’t worry; you’ll cough it all out soon.”  Later, Doug told me that Dr. Pierce threatened to sue Doug for claiming that this conversation had taken place if Doug did not admit it never had, whereupon I authorized Doug to inform Dr. Pierce that I was a witness to the occurrence, whereupon Dr. Pierce dropped his demand and disappeared.  Doug told me that Dr. Pierce had made his threats because he thought Doug had made reference to Dr. Pierce in connection with his application for 9/11 Commission compensation, which in fact Doug had not done.”

Sept 18

**I had a discussion with John Grace to take some of Copp’s surplus equipment back to NM with him. I can’t remember if he took any equipment with him or not. I can’t remember if he flew back with Lang or he went back on his own.

**Spend a great deal of time thoroughly searching under the rubble with Ron Hadani and Lentz

**In Lentz affidavit he states that himself and Hadani and I, along with 6 Chicago FD searched the underground area of Tower 2.

** I took 5 minutes of videotape of Lentz explaining how dirty and contaminated everything was and that black soot was in and on everything. Ron Hadani who had been an Israeli Fighter pilot stayed out of site of the camera and told us that he did not want to be in the video because he would be killed if Arabs discovered that he was an Israeli Fighter Pilot. This was the only time I took video. Linthicum lied about this.

** I explained to Hadani and Lentz that we would rendezvous at the bar if we became trapped underground because of the precarious entry beam which FEMA was afraid of collapsed, preventing our escape.

** I searched the bar area for water in case we became trapped. There was none in a sink, any water lines, the toilet had no tank and there was no water in the bowel. The only liquid was beer. It was very hot. My tongue was swollen from thirst, the black soot in the air that I had ingested and was inside of my mouth. My self and Lentz opened 2 beers. I had a mouthful and spit it out. It was about 120-130 degrees and tasted like hot syrup. Hadani was smart. He didn’t have any. I guess he knew it would be horrible.

** As Lentz and Copp came out of the hole a FEMA individual who by dress and appearance had never seen a collapsed building before, and whose uniform was as clean as if he had just came from the dry cleaners came over towards our group which included 8 Chicago Firefighters. Two of the Chicago Fire Dept crew who were working in the subterranean area, with us, had caught the FBI looting a jewelry store.

These firefighters excitedly explained to Copp there incredible experience: as they had entered the subterranean area where the underground mall was located they heard glass being smashed. As they turned the corner they saw two FBI agents stuffing their pockets with Rolex watches that they were taking from the jewelry cases (The smashed glass was from the jewelry glass cases being smashed.). The FBI grabbed them, threw them against the wall and stuck guns in there back. They asked: “Who are you.” They replied: “Chicago FD. “ One of the Chicago FD told the FBI agent that he wasn’t afraid of them…..that he had been in Vietnam and that they had caught the FBI red-handed looting.

The FBI threatened them to keep their mouth shut and let them go. The Chicago FD twosome came to the surface from their hole at the same time as Lentz and I emerged from our hole. They were extremely excited. They told me and the other 6 Chicago FD who had been working with us about catching the FBI looting. I immediately said: “I don’t give a shit who they are. I am going to file a Police report.”

**At this moment the immaculate and inexperienced FEMA individual came over wearing latex gloves. I didn’t pay much attention to him. I rallied all the ‘guys’ and headed directly to the security border. I spoke with the NYPD Lt., in charge. I told him that I wanted to make a formal police incident report (I had been a Police Officer for 5 years.) I told him that I didn’t want a cover-up or have this ‘looting’ swept under the rug.

**He told me that he would make the report and charges would be laid. We left, the area, because the Chicago FD were afraid that the FBI would harm them.

**The Chicago FD were driven back to their hotel by our driver, Steve.

**Lentz, Hadani and myself went to a rescue bar which was filled with NYPD and NYFD Officers who were ‘cooling off’ and taking a break from working, in order to calm themselves. A wealthy man from the Midwest was paying for all drinks for the entire bar. Three girls were stripping on top of the bar. They were dancing with their pants unzipped and in their bras. We had 2 beers each. Lentz had a whiskey too. Two of the dancing girls came over and told us that they lived at apartment number #### in the building they were pointing towards. They said that they would leave the door unlocked and that we could come over and get in bed with them. I went to the bathroom I came out quickly after 3 minutes and looked for Steve Lentz and Ron Hadani. I was certain that Steve Lentz had taken off with the strippers but I felt that Ron Hadani had probably taken off home rather than go with the strippers.

** I went to a makeshift NYPD Police Station. I told them that I was so exhausted that I would collapse on the floor if I didn’t get back to my hotel in 20 minutes. I asked them if I could sleep on the floor in a corner. The Officer took me to the Watch Commander. He talked to him and I told him that I was ready to fall down I was so tired. He told me not to worry and that he would get a patrol car to take me back to the hotel. I went back to my hotel room with a drive from 2 NYPD police. Along the way we talked. I told them about catching the FBI looting and other work we had done. I gave them some advice about emotionally coping with the tragedy. They said that it was an honor for them to meet me and thanked me for helping.

**I went back to my Hotel. I called Bill Reeves (ARTI Manager) and Rita Cosby, a friend with Fox News. I gave everybody the details concerning the FBI looting and the names and the contacts of the Chicago FD members.

**They got in their car and headed back to Chicago. Days later, I was informed that memories were suddenly frozen. I was told by the Chicago FD member who was the one the FBI had shoved a gun in his back that he couldn’t carry through with charges against them. He told me that he had been threatened by the FBI. The Chicago Firefighter told me that he had a wife and 2 children and that he was threatened with job loss as well as other threats.” Rob Verhauf went with them. He later sent me a picture and a thank you note for letting him work with me at 911.

**The Chicago Firefightertold the press that he could not remember anything. It was over.  Copp was the only person who had the guts to go after the FBI and Copp was not a direct witness.  The reader might remember a huge scandal when a whistleblower at the FBI reported the Deputy Director for having a $25,000 jeweled map globe from a jewelry store under the rubble. He had been keeping it in his office as a souvenir for two years.  She said that she could not stand seeing it anymore.  She reported it to the media because she was offended and considered it to be looting.  Consequently, the Deputy Director was reported in the newspapers as donating the globe to a museum.  Copp concluded that the looting agents (that Copp and his team had caught) had stolen the globe to give to the Deputy Director so as to cover up their looting the watches.  If it became publicly known, the Deputy Director would be implicated too.

Copp affirms that Leslie Linthicum knew all of this and, in fact, she knew that the FEMA official had not tried to “kick us out” (in fact he had NO authority to remove anyone who had the same level of emergency pass as himself). The truth is that the Chicago Fire Department were running as fast as possible to get away from the FBI looters and Copp was running to report to the NY Police Department before the FBI confronted any of Copp and his team or intimidated Copp’s witnesses to the looting.

Copp did file a police report.  It was all squashed when the Chicago Fire Department witnesses were intimidated against testifying.

Sept 19

**  I did the second interview with Inside Edition. Inside Edition announce the subterranean area is completely searched.  My voice had changed and was very hoarse from being sick and poisoned.

**Search Below the rubble with Ron Hadani and Lentz.

**Assist and instruct the Chicago FD members and Rob Verhauf to search the underground mall area.

**The Chicago FD catches the FBI in the act of looting a jewelry store.

**Doug reports to the NYPD to file a complaint against the FBI for looting.

**Doug contacts Rita Cosby, Larry Posner, Idi Callahan and ARTI Manager Bill Reeves about the FBI looting.

** Had breathing problems at 911. I went to Stuyvesant Command Center and saw Dr. This was followed by a massage from Church of Scientology group who were helping long line-ups of tired NYFD and NYPD.

**Not sure: I think this is when Lang and his entourage returned from New Mexico.

Sept 20

** Go under the rubble again, I think with Lentz.

**I think this is the day that I met with ARTI member, Dr Kraev, of New York State who examined me.

** I had numerous conversations with the national fire dept of Peru for their help at 911.

**I wrote a doc and sent a fax to the US Embassy, in Peru for Emergency Issuance of Visa.

Sept 21

**Doug returns to spot with crushed woman under the rubble. Doug Searches with a volunteer with light system.

Sept 22

**Doug searches the subterranean area with the crushed woman for the last time.

**Pancho arrives in New York City 3 to 4 days before I left for ABQ. This is approx when he arrived. There are pictures of him and myself at 911 but I am yet to recover my memories of my time spent with him.

Sept 23

**Doug searches the complete above ground 911 area for a worthwhile search entry point

**I met with the owner of the van and thanked him for helping our team.

Sept 24

**Doug explores the entire above ground area for any place that would be worthwhile to search

**Assisted the Spanish speaking community to cope.

**Started making pre arrangements for Pancho and ARTI members of the New York Spanish speaking community to help him.

Sept 25

**Met with Hotel Manager and thanked him for helping our team.

**I paid the liquor and room service bill left behind by Lentz.

**arrived back in New Mexico from 911 mission

Sept 26

** Mike Holley steals some of ARTI’s rescue Equipment

Sept 27

**Carlos and Efrain visit NM. I have my first respiratory attack and go to Emergency Room at Hospital. My lung capacity is down to 225 from 700.

** Arranged to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

**Arranged for support to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

Sept 28

** Arranged to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

**Arranged for support to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

Sept 29 to OCT 3

**Efrain Huamann returns to 911 from my home in NM

**I trained Pancho to repair, maintain and use the casualty locator and helped him make arrangements for community and police support at the Killer’s Field landfill.

**Arranged for support to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.


**Pancho returns to 911

**Daily reports from and communication with Pancho re searching for 911 victim’s remains in rubble.

** Arranged to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

**Arranged for support to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.


**Daily reports from and communication with Pancho re searching for 911 victim’s remains in rubble.

** Arranged to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

**Arranged for support to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.


**Daily reports from and communication with Pancho re searching for 911 victim’s remains in rubble.

** Arranged to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

**Arranged for support to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

OCT 7 to OCT 15

**Around this time I contact Rob Verhauf. I told him I knew about him and Lentz using the casualty locator to find a cluster of fully intact but gruesomely mutilated corpses and the arm of a well manicured lady sticking out of the rubble. He told me that he didn’t know what I was talking about. We left the conversation NOT knowing why Lentz had said these things.

** Around this time I was contacted by Miller, Grace and Wade. They arranged for a meeting and demanded that I sign away all rights to my casualty locator, to them, for 5% of the sale price they had arranged with a wealthy man. I refused. Pat Kelly was involved in discussions with and legal demands upon these individuals who told me that they would take it for nothing if I didn’t sign. Eric Wade threatened me. He said: “You don’t know who I am . I will destroy you.”

OCT 16

**Daily reports from and communication with Pancho re searching for 911 victim’s remains in rubble.

** Arranged to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

**Arranged for support to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

OCT 17 to OCT 24

OCT 25

** Around this time I go to Bernalillo FD Station looking for Holley to get my equipment back. I am told that he is a persona non grata and I can forget about ever getting my equipment back.

OCT 26 to OCT 29

**Daily reports from and communication with Pancho re searching for 911 victim’s remains in rubble.

** Arranged to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

**Arranged for support to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

OCT 30

**Daily reports from and communication with Pancho re searching for 911 victim’s remains in rubble.

** Arranged to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

**Arranged for support to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

OCT 31 to Nov 6

**I make preparations for my 2nd mission to 911.

**Doug goes to 911 to help Efrain recover body parts

**I had daily reports from and communication with Pancho re searching for 911 victim’s remains in rubble and daily discussions with Bill Reeves concerning these activities..

** Arranged to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

** I contacted Mayor Giuliani’s office many times and was stalled.

**I contacted NYPD Commissioner Kerrick’s Office many times and was stalled.

** I was told that a New Commissioner was being appointed and there was nobody who could decide anything because there was such chaos. I later discovered that there was a huge scandal brewing against Commissioner Kerrick and Giuliani and Kerrick were to form a company together called ‘Giuliani and Kerrick’. This company was to receive several multi-million dollar contracts in Iraq and Kerrick would be later charged with many different crimes while he was partner with Giuliani.

**Met with powerful people in the Latino Community to get political support for locating body parts.

**Pancho continued to work at the Killer’s landfill while I was sick from 911 poisoning.

** I was approached by Church of Scientology Group re their work at 911.

**I met with Chicago FD Capt. and discussed their role working with ARTI during  911.

**I had daily reports from and communication with Pancho re searching for 911 victim’s remains in rubble and daily discussions with Bill Reeves concerning these activities..

** Arranged to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

**I make preparations for my 2nd mission to 911.

** I contacted Mayor Giuliani’s office many times and was stalled.

**I contacted NYPD Commissioner Kerrick’s Office many times and was stalled.

** I was told that a New Commissioner was being appointed and there was nobody who could decide anything because there was such chaos. I later discovered that there was a huge scandal brewing against Commissioner Kerrick and Giuliani and Kerrick were to form a company together called ‘Giuliani and Kerrick’. This company was to receive several multi-million dollar contracts in Iraq and Kerrick would be later charged with many different crimes while he was partner with Giuliani.

**Met with powerful people in the Latino Community to get political support for locating body parts.

**Pancho continued to work at the Killer’s landfill while I was sick from 911 poisoning.


**I had daily reports from and communication with Pancho re searching for 911 victim’s remains in rubble and daily discussions with Bill Reeves concerning these activities..

** Arranged to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

**I make preparations for my 2nd mission to 911.

** I contacted Mayor Giuliani’s office many times and was stalled.

**I contacted NYPD Commissioner Kerrick’s Office many times and was stalled.

** I was told that a New Commissioner was being appointed and there was nobody who could decide anything because there was such chaos. I later discovered that there was a huge scandal brewing against Commissioner Kerrick and Giuliani and Kerrick were to form a company together called ‘Giuliani and Kerrick’. This company was to receive several multi-million dollar contracts in Iraq and Kerrick would be later charged with many different crimes while he was partner with Giuliani.

**Met with powerful people in the Latino Community to get political support for locating body parts.

**Pancho continued to work at the Killer’s landfill while I was sick from 911 poisoning.
NOV 10

**I had daily reports from and communication with Pancho re searching for 911 victim’s remains in rubble and daily discussions with Bill Reeves concerning these activities..

** Arranged to locate body parts before the 911 rubble was permanently plowed under in the garbage dump.

** I contacted Mayor Giuliani’s office many times and was stalled.

**I contacted NYPD Commissioner Kerrick’s Office many times and was stalled.

** I was told that a New Commissioner was being appointed and there was nobody who could decide anything because there was such chaos. I later discovered that there was a huge scandal brewing against Commissioner Kerrick and Giuliani and Kerrick were to form a company together called ‘Giuliani and Kerrick’. This company was to receive several multi-million dollar contracts in Iraq and Kerrick would be later charged with many different crimes while he was partner with Giuliani.

**Met with powerful people in the Latino Community to get political support for locating body parts.

**Pancho continued to work at the Killer’s landfill while I was sick from 911 poisoning.
NOV 11

**Doug returned from 911 to NM
NOV 12 to DEC 16

**I had daily reports from and communication with Pancho re searching for 911 victim’s remains in rubble and daily discussions with Bill Reeves concerning these activities..

**Pancho continued to work at the Killer’s landfill while I was sick from 911 poisoning.
DEC 17

**Efrain Huamann and ARTI end search for 911 victims

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About amerrescue

prior to 911, I was the most experienced rescue person, in the world. Permanently disabled from 911, I have changed my life-focus towards preventing bureaucracy and vested financial interests from causing the deaths of 200,000 children per year. I am promoting the belief that the lives of children are more important than American Insurance Company Shareholder profits.

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One Response to ARTI and Doug Copp*** Minute by Minute*** Timeline at 911

all true


Read more…


1 mile under the 911 rubble . NYC 2001.

When the Saudi Arabian terrorists smashed the 747′s into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. They started a ‘chain of events’ which has dominated; almost every second, of my life.

On September 12 th, 2001, I ‘sucked in my breath’ and crawled into a pile of rubble  which already contained the corpses of 340 rescuers . I found a little hole and crawled for 1 1/2 miles, most of the time, on my hands and knees. I went 6 levels deep. I went past the area that FEMA refused to enter. They painted a sign on a collapsed beam. “Do not enter unstable” I crawled under that beam into an area of Hell. The air was black from burned jet fuel and the particulate of computers, furniture, carpets, walls, people..everything had been turned into ‘particles in the air.

On September 12th. I was kneeling over the toilet, convulsing, vomiting. I was coughing up blood. My nose was bleeding. I was soaked with fever. Peter Donahue, was with me when a Doctor/ intimate friend of Thompson Lang ( one of the most evil people, in America) told me don’t worry about it.

I got up off the floor and went back to work, as a volunteer. I went back down into the rubble 3 more times. This was the beginning of a battle to survive which continues, to this day. I became poisoned. My skin, eyes, lungs and sinus soaked poison, into my body. The descriptive list of poisons, that the Laboratories have found in my body is 35 pages long. Many of the poisons are at astronomical levels. I have enough lead, in my body, for 492 people to legally qualify for ‘lead poisoning’ compensation, according to the Laws of New York.

Many things happened at 911 which were NOT made public. David Letterman, Jay Leno and many others made much about the American Red Cross stealing the 6 billion dollars that they were supposed to give to victims. They kept they always do.

Few people know about the billions of dollars in ‘things’ ARC kept. BMW SUV’s, computers..many things..but most importantly the 750,000 dollars in respirators that they kept in their New Jersey Whorehouse, for later sale. 3MCorporation donated them, to ARC, for the rescuers.


I was  personally told this, 2 years, later, by the President of 3M.

I became deathly ill. More dead than alive. 47 simultaneous medical diseases and symptoms simultaneously. My IQ went from 164 to less than 70 ( They can’t measure an IQ any lower than 70.) I couldn’t speak; didn’t know my own name; didn’t know how to take a shower etc etc etc..

My enemies, primarily Thompson Lang ( who I had refused to provide a Rescue Badge; so that his newspaper could have exclusive media access to the 911 restricted area; consequently, expanding his $140 million inherited fortune and become the ’cause celebre of the media world’) and the bureaucrats, and insurance companies who opposed ‘the triangle of life’ because it was cheaper, less trouble and more profitable (for shareholder return) to let the school children die ( duck and cover) ; rather than, survive (triangle of life).
I was literally beaten and pulverized into the dirt. My illness made me helpless. Thompson Lang published 702..yes, Seven Hundred and two Documented lies. The analysis and ‘proof’ of these lies exceeded 1,000 pages.

My attorneys,  spent 3 years trying to get Lang to be cross-examined. Lang brags that he ‘controls’ every elected official, in the State of New Mexico. That he (thru his Newspaper and fortune) dominates, bullies, threatens and bribes every elected official. He spent more than 1 million in legal fees; however, he escaped from our $131,000,000.00 lawsuit; never was questioned; never was exposed; never ‘came to justice’. He remains a virtual Dictator of New Mexico. Now, I know that Lang was telling the truth when he bragged about being the ‘most powerful man, in New Mexico.


Nevertheless, Thompson Lang and the Presidents of the Insurance Companies who endanger the lives of schoolchildren and cause their deaths; to increase and maximize profit will burn in Hell. I believe that the truth always comes out, justice is always done, in the afterlife if not on earth.

Anyway, I am sick every day. I struggle, to stay alive. My IQ has risen to 144 and I am blessed to have wonderful people, in my life; including, my incredible wife who took care of me when I couldn’t take care of myself.

By the way, I got compensation from becoming permanently disabled at 911. I got an average of $1.40 per hour for lost income and I got enough money to pay for 1/100th of my actual medical expenses. I moved to Canada to ‘save my life’. Health Care is a basic human right, in Canada. Nobody is allowed to die form lack of medical care. In Canada it is considered murder to allow 911 rescuers to die from lack of medical care or money to pay for it.
and some other UNKNOWN facts.

The Victim’s Compensation Fund (Special Mater Feinberg) gave the least money to the widow of a Mexican cook, killed in the rubble. His widow got $500, to compensate for her husband’s death.

Feinberg gave the most money to a young woman who was also a member of his Long Island Jewish Community. She was a passerby who had a temporary injury to her leg. She got $6.4 million.

Below is a reprint of a previous post, to my BLOG. It contains many more UNKNOWN 911 FACTS.

Sept 10,2012.

Doug Copp


1 mile under the 911 rubble . NYC 2001.

ARTI and Doug Copp*** Minute by Minute*** Timeline at 911

You will read some amazing things:

1) You will find evidence concerning Eric Wade, one of Thompson Lang’s gang who had already been sanctioned by the New York Stock Exchange, go berserk by screaming at and then repeatedly punching the corpse of a New York City Firefighter ; as he lay, in an ambulance outside of the Roosevelt Island Fire Station, NYC.

2) Members of the Chicago Fire Dept, who Doug Copp took in his van and used Copp’s credentials to allow entry into the 911 security zone; actually caught members of the FBI..RED HANDED..smashing glass jewelry cases, in the underground shopping mall, and stuffing their pockets with gold Rolex watches. Guns were pulled. Lives and jobs were threatened. A  world globe encrusted with jewels was taken and later showed up at FBI Headquarters, in Washington, DC. This became a big news an honest FBI Agent exposed the theft to the media. The Globe was given to a museum. The gold watches stolen by the FBI Agents disappeared.

3) Read about the disgusting behavior of Thompson Lang, owner of the Albuquerque Journal, his unscrupulous assistant Leslie Linthicum and his gang of cutthroats, thieves and liars.

Here it is, Minute by minute:

A Timeline of Doug Copp’s Activities relating to 911 During the fall of 2001. The Timeline starts on Sept 11; continues thru, the second mission to 911, during November and ends when The ARTI search ends in December 2001.

The following are some of the activities of my everyday routine, during September 2001. (It is followed by a specific bullet list of additional activities I undertook on a specific basis for each specific day I worked at 911):

Basic Functions: at 911, time allocated; typically, a total of 5 -6 hours per day:

**Ate food and insured that active ARTI members had food. I never spent more than a total of 20 minutes per day eating food. Always stood up while eating and carried on active work and project evaluation, mitigation and future schedule activities and problem solving while eating.

** I went to use the toilet no more than 5 minutes per day.

** I had a shower every 2nd or third day except when I was very greasy from toxins. This lasted for 10-15 minutes.

** I went to a restaurant only once in 12 days; although, it was free.

** I didn’t sleep for first few days. I slept 3-4 hours per day for a total of 23 hours during my entire NYC Time.

** Transportation: 1-2 hours per day ( Lang had our hotel farther away from the rubble than Peter Donohue (ARTI-NYC) had arranged. This was a big fight but my volunteer driver was getting very upset so I caved-in to Lang and Linthicum’s demand.)

My everyday routine other than basic functions took up to 5-7 hours per 24 hour period.

**Coordinated, arranged driving and operational transportation schedule for all ARTI personnel with ARTI Police Driver to and from Ground Zero on a repetitive basis and any other isolated trip to places; such as, Roosevelt Island NYFD Headquarters or etc.

**Communicated with Bill Reeves, ARTI Manager Daily Report on activities of all ARTI members. Problems, obstacles, goals, achievements, projections, schedules and efforts to get experienced personnel into 911.

**Sent update to Vince, ARTI webmaster to be disseminated to all ARTI members who were anxiously waiting for updates.

**Communicated with ARTI New York City Personnel and supporters.

**Communicated with members of NYFD, NYPD and other relevant organizations who were actually involved in a positive way to mitigate 911

** I kept all equipment serviced, charged, repaired and maintained. My room was completely filled with equipment.

**Contacted Hotel desk for messages left for ARTI Command Center.

** Received and acted upon all messages, dealings, concerns and activities of ARTI and all ARTI members while at 911.

** Trained ARTI personnel and others; such as, NYPD, Chicago FD with relevant information so that they would not be killed, injured or harmed while at 911.

** Attempted to enforce good conduct by reporting on malfeasance of FEMA and others; such as, filing a NYC Police report after we caught the FBI looting watches and jewelry from a damaged jewelry store under the rubble.

** When relevant and necessary: Located and informed ARTI members of logistics, support, caches of food and water, and escape route should we be trapped under the rubble.

** As required, on a daily basis: Met with members of NYFD.

** As required, on a daily basis:  Met with members of NYPD.

** Either met personally with relevant political 911 participants; such as, New York City Police Commissioner Kerrick or arranged for ARTI personnel to meet with them to acquire their assistance with ARTI work; such as, Efrain Huamann meeting with Governor Pataki.

** Attempted to enlist the maximum possible ARTI participation in 911 by either arranging for ARTI members like Efrain Huamann to come to NYC or unsuccessfully attempting to get other members; such as, The National Fire Dept of Peru to participate.

**Worked to stop FEMA from self glorification and preventing rescue, recovery by real rescue and disaster mitigation personnel

**Warned members of NYPD, NYFD and many other organizations that FEMA would try to exclude, prevent or otherwise destroy their efforts to save lives, recover victims and help people.

**Insured that ARTI members were not showing signs of ptsd and if so had proper care given or rest.

**Took active steps to calm or assist the General Population with coping with tragedy.

**Met with ARTI members and supporters who would assist in 2 nd phase of general population ability to cope.

**Assisted the Spanish speaking community to cope.

**Assisted the Chicago FD to help with 911 efforts.

** Planning 911 rescue activities.

** arranging for the casualty locator to be used to locate dead victims, whenever, time permitted from busy schedule of locating survivors and helping the survivors cope.

** I met with Politicians, Police and Fire Chiefs, Community Leaders and media on a constant basis; as required, to gain support to achieve the ARTI mission.

Searching for live or dead victims at 911, took 8 to 12 hours per day.

**Searched the outside of rubble for a possible subterranean entrance where victims may be located.

** Searched inside the rubble when it was warranted to do so.

The Problems created by Lang and his entourage typically wasted 2-3 hours per day:

**** Insured that supporters of ARTI work at 911 were content, problems were mitigated and ARTI ‘s Reputation was not tarnished because of : 1)  Steve Lentz drinking bouts and fights, 2) Miller’s nervous dilemma by having Vietnam flashbacks and his preoccupation with pleasing Lang and getting some of his money, 3) John Grace’s cowardice, 4) Eric Wade’s cowardice and flight from NYC due to malfeasance, 5) Mike Holley’s attempt to sneak into 911, his demands that I help him so that his lover ( we presumed) , T. Lang could paint him as a hero, 6) Thompson Lang’s outrageous and public outbursts and insults against myself, ARTI,  NYFD, NYPD and any and all victims who were witnesses to his contempt, disrespect and lack of empathy for everyone involved with the 911 tragedy. This was an enormous burden to carry on a daily basis and took time away from my efforts to satisfy my duty to my conscience and my responsibilities to ARTI and the 911 victims. This burden started before the plane left New Mexico and never ended until I was finally rid of them after throwing Lang and his gang out of my room and I had incorrectly thought ‘out of my life’. I have come to realize that Lang created a problem, outburst, or a demand every single time I met him.

Sept 11

**The attack on America begins.

**Contacted by Idi Callahan of Fox news and asked when I would be arriving and what I would be doing at 911. I started to prepare for a tidal wave of activity. As Miller described in the video, usually 2 calls simultaneously but at one point I had 3 simultaneous phone calls. I placed the phones in front of me and spoke to everyone at the same time.

** started to pack 3 expedition bags of equipment ( weighing 200 lb.) and the O3 Emergency DeTox System which was composed of 3 trunks of equipment and weighed 150 lbs. a total of 450 lb.

** I made arrangements and detailed my drive to 911 if I had NOT received approval to fly by tomorrow, at the latest.

** Contacted by Miller re traveling to 911 and that he would take care of all arrangements; since, I was newly arrived to area and he claimed to ‘know everyone’. I had many calls from Miller who was arranging for Political support from Congresswoman Heather Wilson, The Director of the FAA, a US Air Force General at the Air Base in ABQ. He told me that he knew the owner of the Albuquerque journal who should be willing to fly me to 911.

**Contacted by Peter Donahue. Gave instructions to peter to arrange for logistics –material support. I gave specific instructions regarding a Van and an Official Driver; who would be at our complete disposal during 911…24 hours per day. Also, I told Peter to get a Hotel donated to the team that would be close to 911, a place to put our gear and setup my room or a room as a Command Center and equipment storage and treatment Center.

**Steve Lentz came to my home.

** Miller faxed or emailed me a doc, for me to sign, which would help him use my ARTI documents to obtain co-operation from Governmental Officials.

** Arranged for liaison with ARTI-Member Rob Verhauf to drive from Wisconsin FD to 911..

**As Mike Miller stated in his video I was receiving phone calls from ARTI members and other rescuers from around the USA and the world who wanted to join with me at 911.

** I spoke with Randy Haverd who was driving with his team from Texas. We arranged to rendezvous at 911. I asked him to contact his friend Dr DuPuy to arrange White House assistance if any only if it was necessary (which I told him I did Not think it would be necessary.) I reminded Randy that FEMA would try to prevent rescue but it would be very difficult for them; since, 911 was a much more difficult area for FEMA to control the media, the local authorities and to squash rescue than OK City was. I told him that NYFD and NYPD would NOT let their friends die. He agreed. (NB.Chief Norman who Linthicum portrays as a NYFD Fire Chief and falsely claimed that he was in charge of ALL 911 rescue and recovery operations actually writes in a FEMA magazine that the NYFD and NYPD Officers nearly rioted when he exercised his authority as a FEMA Officer in excluding the NYFD and NYPD from working at 911 and making it a FEMA only event. ( I have a copy of this article.)

**I packed all the major pieces of equipment need for a 15 member rescue team which I had expected to join me. This included equipment for processing hundreds of Urban Heavy Rescuer Personnel per day with one of my inventions the O3 Emergency DeTox Unit. The fact that I had equipment for 15 personnel and FEMA prevented them from working at 911 created a great problem for me, logistically, to transport the equipment back to ABQ.

** I am NOT sure if Lang called me or whether it was Miller. I do NOT think Lang called; however, I have a vague recollection of speaking with someone concerning the flight.

Sept 12

**Went to local TV Station to talk about NM participation at 911 and to put pressure on Government Officials to arrange for clearance for flight. Mike Miller arranged for this interview.

**** Continued to pack 3 expedition bags of equipment (weighing 200 lb.) and the O3 Emergency DeTox System which was composed of 3 trunks of equipment and weighed 150 lbs. a total of 450 lb.

** I continued to make arrangements and detailed my drive to 911 if I had NOT received approval to fly by tonight. Had made arrangements to pick up Rob Verhauf enroute to 911 if I was driving by car.

** Communicated with Miller re traveling to 911 and that he would take care of all arrangements; since, I was newly arrived to area and he claimed to ‘know everyone’. I had many calls from Miller who was arranging for Political support from Congresswoman Heather Wilson, The Director of the FAA, a US Air Force General at the Air Base in ABQ. He told me that he knew the owner of the Albuquerque journal who should be willing to fly me to 911.

**More pre arrival work with Peter Donahue. Gave instructions to Peter to arrange for logistics –material support. I gave specific instructions regarding a Van and an Official Driver; who would be at our complete disposal during 911…24 hours per day. Also, I told Peter to get a Hotel donated to the team that would be close to 911, a place to put our gear and setup my room or a room as a Command Center and equipment storage and treatment Center.

**Steve Lentz came to my home to go to the airport.

**As Mike Miller stated in his video I was receiving phone calls from ARTI members and other rescuers from around the USA and the world who wanted to join with me at 911.

** I continued to communicate with Randy Haverd who was driving with his team from Texas. We arranged to rendezvous at 911. I asked him to contact his friend Dr DuPuy to arrange White House assistance if any only if it was necessary (which I told him I did Not think it would be necessary.) I reminded Randy that FEMA would try to prevent rescue but it would be very difficult for them; since, 911 was a much more difficult area for FEMA to control the media, the local authorities and to squash rescue than OK City was.

** Mike Holley came to my home.

Sept 13

** Paulina drove me to airport in the middle of the night.

** arrived at NM Airport

** I stopped at a mailbox and mailed a postcard to myself. This was a tradition with me. The postcard said: “Dear Doug: Congratulations. You made it back alive.” I got into a habit of doing this because I would come back from disasters, broke, sick and traumatized. It helped to cheer me up and overcome my own ptsd.

**Lang gave me dirty looks and sneers because I was driving an old car and he didn’t like my shorts.

**The plane wasn’t ready to leave. It was necessary to wait for an hour. I waited, on the tarmac outside of the plane with my wife, Paulina Copp. Lang started an argument on the tarmac because he wanted exclusive media control of 911. he refused to permit the TV crew which Miller had arranged on the plane. I was forced to allow Lang to prevent an objective media presence at 911 or walk to NYC.

** Miller informed me that Lang would not speak with me directly because Lang was too important. If I wanted to communicate with Lang then I had to do it through Miller who had taken on the role of working for Lang. He asserts his authority in the video provided by Lang’s attorneys. Miller, also, declares, in the video that Lang was in absolute charge of the flight.

** Miller, also, states that he was going to be in charge of all political matters and that he had made arrangements to go with the New York Police Dept at the Javitz Center. After we arrived he actually went, against my strongest objections, to see FEMA NOT the NYPD.

** I told everyone that someone was working thru the night to get the support of Gov Pataki and the White House, if necessary. This was TRUE. Dr Du Puy, a high ranking member of the Republican Party who had asked me to provide a situation report on the 2001 earthquake in El Salvador for Andrew Card Jr and for Bush was working on these efforts on behalf of myself and ‘HIS GLORY’, for Randy Haverd.

**I used the time in the aircraft to brief everyone on safety and security issues which would be required for their personal protection while at 911. This briefing was interrupted and stopped by Lang’s demands that he be the center of attention and be in charge. I was told by Mike Miller that Lang had told him that Lang didn’t want me to speak to anyone on the plane. I thought this to be very weird and not understandable.

**Lang prohibited ‘fair media’ from observing his misbehavior at 911 by prohibiting them from aircraft. In the video, the film crew had arrived with and were filming Miller and Wade before I ever got to the ABQ Airport.

**arrived at Teaneneck Airport for 911

** Quoting Peter Donahue: “Doug spent time overcoming Lang’s demands that he would not use the donated van which was arranged by ARTI-NYC Liaison Officer Peter Donahue. Lang insisted that someone of his eminence required a limousine and a mere van was not good enough for him. I overcame his objections and delays; in order, to get to work. Now, that I was in NYC and could go to work it was not necessary to cow tail to Lang’s offensive demands.”

** Conflict with Lang and Linthicum in ARTI Van re Lang changing Hotel to 5 star. This was to cost me 15 hours of time in which I could have either slept or did ‘rescue work.’

I quote Peter Donahue’s affidavit: “Originally I had arranged for the team to stay for free in donated rooms at an inexpensive motel in Long Island City. I chose this motel because it was the closest and most convenient for ARTI to have as a command center, located near the Brooklyn Queens Expressway with ready access to Manhattan. The choice of this place would make ARTI’s contribution to the WTC rescue most effective. Doug said: “Let’s get to the motel. Drop off our equipment and get to work.” Upon finding out that the motel was not first class, and was not located near the tourist sites and entertainment center of Manhattan, both Lithicum and Lang said: “Let’s go to the Marriot Marquis.”  At this time, Mike Miller, who I understood to be working with Lang as liaison with ARTI but later found out he was actually working for Lang, agreed with Lang. I responded to Lang, Lithicum and Miller by asking them: “Does it really matter where we stay?” They continued to insist that they wanted to stay in Manhattan. Steve, the volunteer driver, pulled over to the side of the road and said: “Make your minds up!”  Doug was irritated and wanted to get to work.  Doug said: “Fuck it, Let them have what they want, I just want to get to work.”  I agreed with Doug and wanted the same. We drove to the Marriot Marquis. Miller went into the Marriot and arranged for the rooms to be donated while we waited outside. I felt and still feel that Lang’s behavior was inappropriate. I understood that Miller arranged for Lang and his reporters to get their rooms for free too, because they were pretending to be “rescue specialists” so they could gain site access.  The only true “rescue specialist” there was Doug Copp.”

**I checked into the Marriott Hotel at approx 1 pm.

**I set up the command center, checked into the hotel and gave the hotel my credit card as a deposit.

** Notified Hotel of Command Center status

**Contacted ARTI Manager and informed him of location of Command Center

**Set up equipment at Command Center

**Started Charging Batteries at Command Center

** I went down to the Van to leave.

**Lang wasted more of my time by going off and site seeing while I was waiting for everyone to return to the Van and go to Ground Zero. I got very angry and expressed my anger over his wasting my time getting to rescue .


**I quote Peter Donahue: “We drove the van to ground Zero. Lang wasted more of my rescue time by exerting his ‘control’ over everyone present and ordered Miller to go into FEMA headquarters. This was done against my demands and was “another power play by Lang.”. I was ready to go to work inside of ground Zero and I was stopped because I was required to go get Miller out of FEMA Headquarters. I quote peter Donahue’s affidavit: “Once we checked in at the Marriott, around 3 pm, we made our way to the Javitz Convention Center to seek official permission to enter the Ground Zero area and perform rescue and recovery work.  The Javitz Command Center was controlled by officers from the Federal Emergency Management Authority (“FEMA”).  Doug advised us to avoid these people, because they have a personal dislike for him due to his many public criticisms of the agency, criticisms which have proved remarkably prescient in light of FEMA’s disastrous performance at the Katrina disaster in New Orleans.  However, several of the members of Doug’s entourage insisted on seeking FEMA authority because it would benefit them personally in terms of their desire for news coverage and publicity.  Doug never entered the Javitz Center and did not seek FEMA authority; when the others did so, they were rejected.”

**I went to the NYPD Command Center and got immediate entrance and assistance from Officer Kevin Masi. He took me to his Captain and within 5 minutes I was given a police escort, for our van and equipment into Ground Zero. Somebody took video from our van of the Police Car with Lights flashing giving us an escort into ground Zero.

** I quote Peter Donahue’s affidavit: “Doug then resolved to seek credentials from the New York City police, and visited their nearby Command Center.  Almost instantly, the officers recognized Doug because of the news coverage on his rescue work in Turkey where he pulled a young girl from the rubble, and authorized him to enter Ground Zero.  They provided him with a police escort (two officers and their patrol car from the Town of Ossining) for our van and we proceeded immediately to the site.  At the final checkpoint, manned by 94th Precinct officers of my acquaintance, I left the van with my wife and child and returned in the company of the escorting officers to the Javitz Center.”

**I arrived inside of the final 911 checkpoint and at Ground Zero. I told everyone to sit down and wait while I went and spoke with a Chief of the NYFD. He was in charge of a on-site command center composed of a tarp-tent covering a couple of desks. Radios were on the desk and back-up equipment were stored here.

The NYFD Chief who was dispatching ‘teams’ into the rubble was speaking on the FD radio. I introduced myself and said that it would be a pleasure to work with him. He told me that the ‘teams’ were being rotated; since, this immediate search area was ‘confined’. He told me to put my name down on the rotation list and he would send me in on the next rotation. I wrote down my name and ARTI on the rotation list. I told him that I really didn’t want to wait. He suggested that I go to the other side of the rubble which was much more expansive. I thanked him and went on my way. I thought I would return and ‘rotate in’ should the other side of the rubble prove to be not a worthwhile search area. I left for the other side of the rubble after returning to see Lang’s group and tell them that I was going to the other side. I told them that they could follow if they wanted.

**Lang started to complain again. This is when he arranged to have a picture taken of my crotch.

** I rapidly traveled to the other side of the rubble. I never paid much attention to Lang or any of his gang because I was now ‘like a dog on a hot scent’ and thought of nothing except getting to work and finding an entry point under the rubble. I thought to myself that I was glad to be rid of Lang, his gang and the problems and delays they were causing me.

**I approached a NYPD Officer. He was very polite, helpful and he took me to an area where there was the possibility of crawling into the rubble. Without my knowing Grace filmed video this.

** Found subterranean entry point to ramp area. Lentz took a camera with him and came with me. This was filmed and later broadcast on Inside Edition.

**Searched with 2 Police Officers for victims

**Heard noises of rhythmic pattern underground searched to see if noises were human.

**The noises turned out to be heavy equipment working dangerously just above our heads.

** worked through the night. I think that I made contact with Rob Verhauf, at this time.

**I think this is the time that I went to Peter’s home for him to get equipment and we met Ron Hadani enroute. Hadani told me his background as an Israeli Fighter Pilot and an Engineer and asked if I would let him help. I told him that he could.

Sept 14

** Steve (our volunteer driver) got an emergency police pass for our rescue van

** continued to work at 911 from night before

** I telephoned Peter Donahue, briefed him to report ARTI activities to all interested NYC Mitigation participants. I quote peter Donahue’s affidavit: “The next day, Friday September 14th, Doug telephoned me and told me about his initial work at Ground Zero. Doug had told me that he had found a hole in the rubble which allowed him to crawl inside far enough to gain access to the collapsed and flooded Path Station, at the very bottom of the WTC rubble.”

**I started to get sick from my exposure to 911 poisons. I quote Peter Donahue’s affidavit:” The next day, Friday September 14th,  ….. Doug summoned me to meet him at the Marriott and I arrived there in late afternoon.  Doug was already coughing and slightly disoriented. I did not know what to make of it the, but I later came to understand that Doug was having reactions to being poisoned by hazardous material found under the Ground Zero site.”

**After meeting with Peter Donahue at ARTI’s Command Center we went to Roosevelt Island to co-ordinate with, offer assistance to and provide technology to members of Chief Ray Downey’s Special team who had NOT been killed, with Ray during the Tower Collapse. At Roosevelt Island Lang again started interfering with my co-ordination with the NYFD. Lang’s bad behavior was escalating and getting out of control.  Miller and Grace, also, started displaying their greed, selfishness and lack of empathy for the victims of 911.  I quote Peter Donahue’s affidavit: “At my suggestion, we went to Roosevelt Island, Special Operations Command so that we could let them know about the availability of the device.  We traveled in the ARTI van in the company of most of the members of the New Mexico group. I went inside and saw some of the firefighters who I knew personally, including especially Dave Dangerfield from Rescue Company #3. I told them about the casualty locator. They wanted to see it. I went back to the van. I told Doug to bring the casualty locator inside to show to retired Captain James Ellis, who was a colleague friend of mine and wanted to see it. Doug agreed.  Lang wanted to go inside too, but I refused to allow this. I was fed up with his attitude which looked like obsessive-compulsive disorder because he wanted to be in control of everything and have his own way. He treated everybody in a very verbally abusive manner. He was condescending. I tried to explain to him that the people inside were looking for their brothers whom they loved and did not want to deal with anyone with an attitude. He said:  “Fuck that! I wasted my time here. I’m going to leave.” At this point, he turned to Doug and said: “Are you going to get me my ID to get me in or not?”  Doug saw the firefighters waiting for him and me and said to Tom Lang: “I’ll be right back, we’ll discuss this when I get back.” Doug was trying to keep things together and stay calm.

Doug and I met with the firefighters. Doug took the lid off of a jar with rotten meat inside that he uses to calibrate the casualty locator. The casualty locator started beeping and flashing. The Captain and three firefighters from Rescue 3 were extremely impressed and they wanted to get the machine inside Ground Zero ASAP. Eric Wade, who was going to be involved in the manufacturing of the casualty locator, was appointed to lead the group of firefighters and train them in the use of the casualty locator.  He was invited inside and made arrangements to meet up with the group at Ground Zero.

We returned to the van.  At the van, Lang still whined like a baby, having a temper tantrum and insisted that he wanted Doug to get a badge for him. Then, Mike Miller said that if we could get video of the casualty locator working at Ground Zero, we’d make millions. I don’t remember his exact words, because I was arguing with Tom Lang. Doug never said anything about money or making money. At this point, Mike Miller offered me 10% of all sales of the casualty locator if I worked to facilitate Doug’s cooperation. Like me, Doug got very angry and starting yelling at both Mike Miller and Tom Lang. I left in disgust. All I cared about was finding my friends and colleagues who were missing at this time.  It seemed to me that the others couldn’t have cared less about that. As a result of the disgusting behavior of Lang and his group, I left the van as soon as it reached Manhattan.”

** After Peter left I was very angry with Lang, Miller and Grace. I believe I had our ARTI driver Steve take me to Ground Zero so that I could get away from these people; especially, Lang.

** I went to Ground Zero and started searching for another entry point to the subterranean area.

** During my searching for an entry point under the rubble I met with the NYPD Special UHR Rescue Team. I offered my hand to the Captain, in charge, and was in mid-sentence of introducing myself when the Captain said: “ I know who you are. Thank God, you are here!” I saw you on TV saving the little Turkish girl. He turned to his second in command, a NYPD lt. and he told him to take myself and Rob Verhauf over to Stuyvesant Temporary Command Center to have my Official ID issued. The Captain told the Lt to stay with me, not to come back without me and to make sure that I didn’t wait in line. He told him to tell the Officials there that everyone was waiting for me so please hurry-up and expedite my approval by placing me at the head of the lines. Myself, the Lt and Rob Verhauf went to Stuyvesant School with the Lt. It normally would take 6-8 hours to process. We were done in an hour. We went into the FBI Headquarters. I showed my passport. The FBI did a NPSIC check on me. I passed the test. Then we went to the Head of the Military Line. I was fingerprinted, computer checked, provided a copy of my signature which was entered into the computer laptop which was set-up at the processing table in the middle of the formerly busy main street. After all of this processing by a US Soldier I was issued Emergency badge number 3119.

**We returned to the Captain. I was given some NYPD elbow and knee pads to protect myself while searching. They were an excellent design and very functional. I included them as part of my regular uniform.  The entire NYPD Team which now included myself and Rob Verhauf ( I am NOT sure if Steve Lentz was with us.) loaded into an open NYPD Police truck and we left to go into our deployment area. Once we got to the deployment area we searched open rubble for victim’s remains and an entry point under the rubble. After a while I told the captain that I wanted to go over to another area which was close by. It had many open entry points which where located above ground level. I told him that I would return to get him and the rest of the team if we were lucky to find a good entry area. We made the arrangement that he would do the same. We decided to broaden our joint search area with the understanding that we would join forces if an appropriate entry point was found. I went to this part of the rubble. Rob Verhauf and myself were talking with some NYFD Officers. I thought it would be good for ARTI and the NYFD if Rob was to spend time working with them. This was agreed upon.

I wanted to be able to spread myself around, as I usually do to multi-task as much as possible and to give the maximize the most benefit I could give to the entire 911 effort by providing my experience and expertise to as many people and tasks as possible.

At this point I was approached by Police Commissioner Kerrick. He was wearing a very expensive civilian suit and tie and he was accompanied by the Police Dept Professional Cameraman with a Sony TV Camera which cost in excess of $120,000.00

Kerrick extended his hand to me, introduced himself as NYPD Commissioner Kerrick. He asked me who I was. I told him that my name was Doug Copp, that I was the rescue Chief of the world’s most experienced rescue team and that I had the personal experience of crawling inside of 894 collapsed buildings and having worked at more than 100 major disaster events.

All on film, Kerrick pulled me closer to himself, lifted up his other hand which was free and grabbed my hand with both of his hands. He vigorously shook my hand and said: “Thank you! Thank you very much for coming to help us!”

I thanked him for his kindness in his response and informed him that I was very pleased to be able to help and that I



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