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5G Seven Essentials on EM Proofing Your Home

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Hey Cheryl,

How are your holidays? As we transition into 2020, I want to send you this gift for your home. Originally produced for our 5G Summit, we're now making it permanently free & available only for our subscribers. (People have sent me a ton of requests for this!)

I've teamed up with co-author Oram Miller, BBEC, EMRS, and we've packed a lot of knowledge this one powerful 19-page Guide. These are the BEST TIPS and links to the exact solutions that are most recommended to cut your exposure to EMF radiation, and to boost the health and resilience of your body and mind.

Download the Guide

Even though this Guide includes 7 different solution areas, there are over 30 individual tips & links... with many links to the specific products recommended by the Building Biology Institute and myself. It is *super handy*, but also could be overwhelming to try to do it all.

So, I'd recommend to implement 1 or 2 of the tips each week. Do the easiest "low hanging fruit" first, then progressively implement more tips. Every step will reduce your EMF exposure. I'd encourage you to print it out and check off each one as you go.

May this resource be useful for you, and may it benefit the quality of life of you and your loved ones in 2020 and beyond.

Josh del Sol

This Just In! A development in the USA...
I just received this update from Paul M and Susan Clarke, who have been creating a community strategy to leverage the NEPA ruling in August (DC Circuit Court):

From: Paul M [of]
Subject: Ask and Ye Shall Receive... NEPA review is required, spread the word.

Great work, Susan.

Ask and ye shall receive . . .

This just came in from Western Springs, IL. The application was deemed incomplete, while awaiting a "NEPA Review", among other information requirements.

You can download the letter here -->

- - -

Reply from: Susan Clarke

Yes, this one was a huge victory, in part because the community people were actually resistant to trying it!

Once they got over that hurdle, they were still nervous; but look how it turned out!

Happy New Year, All!

Noteworthy Videos
Telecom worker
Telecom worker destroy cell towers [YouTube]

Remember the Australian telecom whistleblower who toppled a cell tower with a tank? He's back....
Watch now

Ripon update
The tower at Weston has been removed! [Facebook]

A group of fierce moms and advocates in Ripon, CA have successfully had the tower at Weston Elementary removed. While this is an excellent achievement, until they HARDWIRE the school and remove any Wi-Fi routers that may be on their buses, there will be continuing incidents of cancer and other chronic conditions / diseases and those already challenged will be unable to heal in this manmade environmentally toxic environment.
Watch now

Childhood illness series
"How Tech is Affecting Mental/Physical Health of Our Youth" - Carla Atherton - 1 of 9 [YouTube]

FREE SERIES: Childhood Conditions: Causation & Solutions

Childhood illness series
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Morgan Le Fay, Happy New Year! Saint Germain

Morgan Le Fay

December 29, 2019

My beloved students,

I wish you to know that the Threefold Flame in your heart is a sacred seal, which carries all the characteristics of your I AM Presence in your Electronic Body, which is performing cosmic service to the I AM Presence of the Great Central Sun, right now, in this same moment you are reading this message, in these bodies of flesh, walking on Earth, and maybe, feeling helpless before your daily obstacles.

This sacred seal is engraved with all your once-expressed talents, abilities and characteristics, those which are expressed today, and those which will still be expressed at any time in your timeline.

This seal is initially dormant within the permanent atom at a central point in your heart. This atom, is the only atom in your physical body that has come into the world with you and always remains there, intact, while all other atoms and cells completely renew themselves in a period of few years.

As a lifestream expands its outer consciousness, consciously manifesting its divine qualities, more and more light is focused on that imperishable atom, and when there is sufficient light that sacred seal within it, begins to vibrate and then a small flame arises on its surface. This moment is a major milestone in the evolutionary line of this lifestream, and as once this tiny flame comes out and wells up, even if it faces storms, challenges and any form of pressure from the sinister force of this planet, it can never be more bound by the dark side of men.

For this tiny flame is the Golden Man or Pure Christ who, like a seed, germinates and dawns in the external world. Firstly, this tiny flame still remains occult within the Earth, or body of flesh, but as it is fed by the external activity of the mind, it rises and grows like a beautiful tree or shrub, with 3 activities or flames, governing and illuminating the entire circle of external influence of this being.

When the flame is within the permanent atom, we call it the Unfed Flame - Virgin Flame, when this flame arises, although it is not visible to eyes and the most developed human measuring instruments, it has a very distinct triune activity and, therefore, we call it the Threefold Flame, and when it grows, bringing the activity of thought and feeling - mind and heart, in perfect balance and harmony, working as one, it shines like a radiant sun, and we call it the Master Presence, the Externalized Master or Christ Presence governing the outward activity of human consciousness.

Therefore, my beloved ones, every effort you make in the activity of the I AM Presence is collected and stored by your own Higher Mental Body, and as a certain amount of light is generated, this Holy Presence that hangs between you and your Electronic Bodies, and is your best friend, descends a certain amount of light into the permanent atom within your heart. This light gradually activates this tiny Golden Man, who is nothing but Himself – your Christ Self, embodied within your heart.

This process of descending from light to the permanent atom until it fills all the outer consciousness of a human being is called the Descent of the Christ into the Earth, and each stream of life, which through its individual effort, allows this Christ to become an integral part of this human octave, it is part of the Collective Christ Consciousness of the planet.

Therefore, children of life, the Coming of the Christ in this cosmic moment is already taking place and you, as you expand your consciousness and break free from lower patterns of thoughts and feelings, contribute to this Christ Presence to descend more and more and becoming stronger in the outer activity of this planet.

Concluding for this moment, I humbly wish to remind you to direct your consciousness to the Royal Teton at this time and ask the grace to bathe in the life-giving waters of the violet fire cauldron so that you may begin a 2020, feeling lighter and being more willing to bring this Christ Consciousness visibly in your external worlds.

All of us of the Ascended Host wish you a happy new year and may the Luminous Presence of the Cosmic Angel touch your hearts at the midnight chimes that close this twelve-month cycle and herald a new annual cycle on your journey!

May in this touch you receive unlimited blessings for the new year and if you turn your thoughts to me, no matter where I will be, I will toast with you, with great joy, descending in that moment a special blessing to give you the encouragement and determination to do the necessary efforts for a victorious 2020.

My dear students, enjoy these moments of celebration and fellowship among men, but do not forget to send love and gratitude to the I AM Presence in your hearts, this Pure Christ who is always there, silently awaiting your attention and love, to surface, to rule and to shape your lives and worlds in God's Supremacy. This is the Magic Presence. The Source of Life, Perfection, Balance and unlimited blessings and victories for each of you.

Happy New Year!

Saint Germain

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We are the Arcturian Group 12/29/19

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DECEMBER 29,2019

Dear Readers, greetings to all at this time of celebration and festivity.

You are entering into a new year and not just in the calendar sense. Change is going to manifest in many areas of living that will be resisted by those who fear change and those who financially gain from keeping "business as usual". As increasingly more individuals awaken and spiritual consciousness expands, many commonly accepted social rules, words, actions, religious beliefs, laws etc. are being questioned.

Do not despair as you witness the creations of dense energy manifesting. Pockets of long dormant energy formed through ignorance, war, and suffering are surfacing and clearing through the presence of high resonating energy now flowing from Higher dimensions as well as from spiritually evolved states of consciousness. You chose to be here during this powerful time of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual change.

The New Year is a time during which many make resolutions for some change in their lives but this year is going to be more expansive than ordinary New Year resolutions. Each day more people are realizing that some perfectly acceptable actions, thoughts, words, concepts and beliefs simply no longer resonate with them in the same way.

New Year resolutions are usually intellectually based in three dimensional concepts of how to be a good or healthy human. These things continue to play a part while on earth in human form, but for those living from a deeper level of truth and awareness, change will flow from within rather than from popular concepts. A person may be guided to eat lighter or exercise more, but the choice to do this will flow from intuitive guidance regarding what is appropriate for him/her personally rather than from blindly following some "expert".

Familiar lifelong activities, friends, foods, relationships, music and entertainment, hobbies etc. are no longer resonating in the same way they did which can be disconcerting for those unaware of the energetic ascension process taking place. Many seek to reclaim what was, struggling in futile attempts to resurrect some familiar activity or relationship that is finished.

Never attempt to hold on to some past state of consciousness that you consider to be happier or better. Rather view its passing as a graduation. Many loved and familiar activities or relationships are in fact not disappearing but are simply in the process of manifesting on a new and higher level. A job lost may well be the necessary precursor to a new and better one unfolding, one that resonates more closely with your energy.

Those who persist in trying to recreate some facet of life after it is obviously finished will only experience frustration and suffering because if the energy that formed it in the first place is no longer present, there is nothing from which it can form. As one's personal energy becomes lighter and brighter much that may of served well in a previous state of consciousness is no longer in alignment with the new and higher state of consciousness. When something feels right, works right, and flows right, there is always energetic alignment with the individual's energy field-consciousness.

Everyone is evolving whether they know it or not. Spiritual evolution can be delayed but never eliminated because the real SELF is and forever will be the reality just awaiting recognition. It is much easier to begin aligning with the reality once you awaken to it rather than trying to continue recreating the good and bad of the past.

The human mind without access to Divine Consciousness (represented in the bible as the branch of the tree that is cut off and withers) is limited to what it already knows or whatever is floating about in the collective. As you allow yourselves to expand and open to new and higher ways of interpreting life in every situation, you are seeding the collective consciousness with truth. Because there is only one consciousness, this then allows the human mind access to it.

Seeding the collective is powerful and extremely important Lightwork. You who read, understand, and live the deeper truths are on the cutting edge of the ascension process, paving the way for those following even if it seems to you as if you are doing nothing. Generations that follow will not have it as difficult as you have had it because there will be greater access to and acceptance of the truth that you placed in the collective.

Things can only become more harmonious as collective and personal states of consciousness open to higher dimensional energy because consciousness is the substance from which all things are formed. Always remember that consciousness is the substance of form and will express whatever conditioning is present in it.

There is no unexpressed consciousness

It is time to fully embrace the reality of your true nature dear ones, otherwise truths that are trying to unfold in your awareness simply remain intellectual knowledge. It is often much easier to continue living with what is familiar, to keep thinking of yourself as just a human being subject to all the problems and solutions available in the third dimensional belief system. Intellectual knowledge alone cannot manifest for it does not hold the substance of manifestation--consciousness.

Beginning students of truth often become discouraged when the spiritual realities they read about, study, or see others experiencing do not happen for them. They believe they are doing something wrong or are not worthy. They do not yet understand that the intellectual knowledge of some truth is simply a first step toward attaining the consciousness of it where it can then manifest outwardly. Consciousness is the substance of all form

Many today find themselves at a cross road--"Should I actually trust what I have learned, and attempt to live the truth I know or should I keep doing what seems to work and is perfectly acceptable to my friends and family even if sometimes painful?"

Living life as an awakened individual does not mean you never utilize available human resources or enjoy ordinary activities, hobbies, and friendships etc. but does mean that a silent secret awareness of oneness with Source is ever present as you do them. Life on earth was never intended to be one of suffering, pain, and struggle. Those things were created as the consciousness of mankind sunk ever more deeply into beliefs of duality and separation.

Family discord often comes into play when one member of a family evolves and begins to think and believe differently than the rest. There is a sense of security and belonging that comes from being part of a group belief system such as religious, military, etc. A common myth about family is that all are or must be of the same state of consciousness in order to be a "good" family.

Many still believe that blood ties override all else and that if one member believes differently from the rest they are wrong. Others in the family begin to lovingly or not so lovingly consider him/her as the "black sheep"of the family. The myth of a blood tie being the overriding bond between people remains prominent in many cultural and religious groups.

Energetic resonance establishes the connection between people. Never forget that you are consciousness utilizing a physical body, not a body with a little box of consciousness hovering close by. Those who resonate at a similar frequency feel familiar to you even if you have just met them. Energetic alignment builds one's true family in which there is connection, peace, and freedom.

Human families are formed pre-birth for many reasons. Often there is a need to resolve some old karmic issue between one or more of the members. Sometimes a family is simply a group that over lifetimes has become familiar and comfortable with each other. Some choose to be a family in order to learn from other members who are more evolved. There are family groups that have over many lifetimes worked as a team in law, medicine, education, music etc. and wish to continue working as a group.

Frequently a person will choose to incarnate into a family that carries some particular negative energy (abuse, overly strict religious beliefs, alcoholism, criminal behavior) that they themselves still carry and feel spiritually ready to clear in this lifetime. They incarnate into this family dynamic which re-activates the old the energy they hope to clear. A difficult and often long period usually follows, but eventually he/she is able to rise above the issue and once and for all clear the old programming. Many at this point choose to assist others who are struggling with this same issue.

Being a good family member never means you must always agree with another member's belief system but rather means remembering that you chose your family for a reason, believing that it would provide what you needed to learn and evolve in some way. Always be true to yourself for that is empowerment. Speak truth to those who have ears to hear, but without judgement keep silent around those who would ridicule and attack.

In the early stages of spiritual growth there is always the temptation toward guilt and depression when one finds themselves out of sync with the opinions of those around them. Rather than doubting yourself, remember that everyone is at a different place in their spiritual journey, you included. Never allow someone else's beliefs to cause you fear and doubt simply because they may be an authority figure or "expert".

Many believe that they are being tested when things get difficult, but know that at no time is any person pushed beyond their capacity to learn and grow from experiences. Allow the process, trusting that there is a Higher Self lovingly drawing to you what you need in order to grow into your next level of awareness.,

Trust in the reality of your own Divine SELF to know what you need, where you need to be, when, and how to bring it about. Once the choice has been made to awaken and evolve, you are no longer running the show.

Let go of the plotting, planning, scheming you have learned and are accustomed to. Stop struggling to make things turn out the way you think they must be according to the world's standards.

Trust that you are Source, God, Divine Consciousness in expression and therefore embody all that IT is.

Allow REALITY to live IT's life as you.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/29/19

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UN kowtowing to China

Comment: Step by step, it appears to be not if, but when will all individual rights and freedom exit no longer. The United States under Trump is fighting for liberty’s life.

Some EU nations are also voicing rebellion, but who is holding the power in some of those nations. With the some exceptions, the majority of the ‘leaders” are clueless lapdogs or in collusion with tyranny. Will Freedom prevail in the end?

"U.N. Approves China-Backed Internet Convention, Alarming Rights Advocates"
Breitbart News

(AFP) — The United Nations on Friday approved a Russian-led bid that aims to create a new convention on cybercrime, alarming rights groups and Western powers that fear a bid to restrict online freedom.


UN kowtowing to China

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The Seven Sacred Weeks


Day 28/49
Beloved Master Jesus’ Day

Today we have the Radiation of the beloved master Jesus. After his ascension, He became the Chohan of the Sixth Ray. On January 1, 1956, Jesus, together with Kuthumi, became World Teachers, and Lady Nada became the Chohan of the Sixth Ray.

In the book “Ascended Masters and Their Retreats” from AMTF - Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, we can read more about beloved Jesus:

“Jesus was born at a time when the collective constructively-qualified energy of the Earth was at its lowest level since the days of Atlantis. His coming and successful mission turned the tide.

Jesus was born without karma. According to a dictation given by Jesus, in 1953, in previous embodiments he was Appollonius from Tyana, Zoroaster in Persia, and Joshua, of Biblical account.

Jesus’ mission had to comply with the laws, as they applied to the Earth at that time. He did not receive special privileges, such as the gift of consecutive consciousness. He was bound by the “bands of forgetfulness,” like any other lifestream seeking his evolution upon the planet Earth. Therefore, when he awoke as a beautiful baby, in Mother Mary’s arms, or later, when he grew older, he did not remember any former embodiments.”

In the same book, we can read the reflections of Jesus, regarding his last embodiment:

“My ministry was one of action. Every day, before I left the house, great numbers of people had gathered, primarily to receive relief from all manner of discomfort and disease of mind and body. Very few came to learn the application by which I had achieved such prayers, to give surcease from distress. I had learned never, under any circumstances, to go forth to serve until I had first anchored my consciousness, feelings and self in the Presence of God. Only when I was firmly established in that unshakable faith, that indestructible fortress of His power and presence, would I endeavor to convey that consciousness of his goodness, through word and works, to my fellowman. Earnest men and women, filled with zeal and enthusiasm, often rush forth without such personal contemplation and communion with the God-Self.

When the fishermen in the boat were sore distressed because of the raging sea, where did I receive the power which stilled the waters? I had, through the assistance of both my mother and father, and Lord Maitreya, been taught from childhood to magnetize peace. That peace became a great reservoir, and so I said to the waters, ‘Peace, be still.’ And naturally they responded, because there was more energy already drawn around me qualified with God-Peace than all of the turbulence of the sea of Galilee.

Before I came into the world of form, I was ‘charged’ with a mission, to manifest unto all mankind the full perfection of our Father who is in heave. You were also so ‘charged’ when you were created. Now, your mission is similar to my own!”
Therefore, my dear friends, remember that the beloved Jesus told us that what he accomplished, we can do today and even more than he did in the past. He is a symbol of the Christ in our hearts, who is sleeping, like the Sleeping Beauty, until the day, that we through a kiss of true love, which means, our love and devotion to this Divine Presence within us, we wake up this Inner God and call Him to fully govern our lives and experiences. Then we will again be the Christ in action on Earth. No longer the baby Christ, but the Full Master, the Christ in full stature, God in action in this human octave. Let us invoke today the awakening of the Christ in our hearts and in the hearts of all human beings on this planet, so that we may live again in an era of love, opulence, peace, purity and perfection.

Beloved Master Jesus’ Decree

We call the Beloved Jesus to come forth and fill the earth, its atmosphere and all Life Streams within, with His Cosmic Sacred Fire of Immortal Love of the Cosmic Christ during the Seven Sacred Weeks and forever!

Beloved Jesus Christ, flood us and mankind with your Light, touch our hearts and expand our Pink Flame of Love, illumine our minds and help us to see the Truth of the “I AM” Presence. Lead us on this Path of Ascension, let us know the right thing to do and give us courage to fulfill it day by day. We thank you! We bless you! We love you forever!

Fill the Feeling World of Mankind with your Flaming Presence! (3x)

Come forth in your Visible and Tangible Body! (3x)

Show us the Way, the Light and Truth! (3x)

We are ready! We are willing to give the necessary obedience! (3x)

By the Power of the Great Central Sun! By the Light of God That Never Fails! I command! I demand! And it’s done!

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The following is an excerpt from the full article which is detailed, informative, and well worth the read.

"Why America’s Founders Didn’t Want a Democracy"

In his book “Liberty in Peril,” Randall Holcombe challenges the presumption that liberty and democracy are complementary.

Book Review by Gary M. Galles

Foundation for Economic Education

When I took history and government in school, many critical issues were misrepresented, given short shrift, or even ignored entirely. And those lacunae undermined my ability to adequately understand many things.

Randall Holcombe’s new book, Liberty in Peril: Democracy and Power in American History, fills in some very substantial gaps, particularly with regard to American constitutionalism and how it has morphed from protecting liberty to advancing democracy at the expense of liberty.

It does so with a host of novel and important insights rather than the disinterest generated by the books I suffered through in school.

The Role of Government


Why America’s Founders Didn’t Want a Democracy

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And now uploaded only today: 22 DEC 2019- the Q Image in question. The others in the sequence are not yet uploaded. I also have THREE Orange salt lamps in my study.......note the THREE on the NSA card.

Also the actual Sather Q drop is from Feb 2019 almost 11 months ago, so certainly not a new drop for him to be doing a video about.  His videos are normally based on the newest and latest Q drops.




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Morgan Le Fay is celebrating Christmas.

Morgan Le Fay is celebrating Christmas.

December 22, 2019

My beloved ones, we are approaching Christmas Day and our hearts are filled with joy, hope and gratitude to Life, for all that Life gives us, for all that Life is!

Life is the Holy Spirit itself, also known as the White Fire that gushes through the breath of God, and fills his entire kingdom. This Blazing White Fire is the Electronic Flow, charged with elementals, which through the attention and qualifying power of Divinity itself, shapes and sustains all that exists in the universe.

Life! What a magical thing, my beloved ones! What a beautiful and amazing thing! Life! Life! Eternal, pulsating and uplifting! Waves of light that expand and retract, and in this movement the whole universe and its forms are created and sustained!

Have you ever stopped to reflect that the air you expel from your lungs and then again inspire to once again feed and quicken your cells is the same air or breath that emanates from the Heart of the Great Central Sun? Your breathing is a movement similar to God's breathing! Oh, children of life! Gods embodied in these vehicles of flesh! You are individualized gods! Immerse yourself in your hearts and recover the memory of when you came out, like a small particle or ray, from that Primordial Heart, where the Permanent Atom of this System of Worlds lives forever!

Remember the joy you felt as you became individualized and thinking beings! Remember the joy of receiving the privilege of a divine form and plan, so that you can walk through the spheres as an individuality, performing a special service in the Name and Honor of the Creator!

A sacred melody has been blown into your hearts that no one but your twin flames possesses! This tune is your real name! Through this tune you are recognized anywhere in the universe as a special, unique and irreplaceable being!

Immerse yourself in your hearts, at this time, where the Christmas Spirit, a Conscious Cosmic Being of Pure Blazing Light, shines in the Earth's atmosphere, making everything on this planet lighter and enlightened, greatly favoring your contact with the Source of Light, which lives in the center of your heart, and then, try to remember this tune! Wake up! Wake up, children of life! Remember your divine origin! Remember your Creator! Call him back to rule your outward activity and rebuild in this octave in which you are aware, once again the paradise you have lived in bygone golden ages! This paradise is not a place to go! This paradise does not live in the future or in the past! This paradise lives in the present and can be manifested in your lives and worlds here and now! Just wish it, with all the love of your heart, and make the conscious effort necessary to maintain harmony in your feelings, and so, this oasis will be reshaped and will become a visible and tangible reality on your worlds!

Always repeat, “I AM the Paradise that I wish to live here and now manifested! I live, think, speak, move and relate in this Paradise of Love and Light! And nothing and no one can interfere with it! And I know this is forever sustained!”

May the Light of the Christmas Spirit fill your hearts and homes with the joy and blessings of the Cosmic Christ! May your world be a true paradise here and now manifest!

Saint Germain

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"With crop shortages, it may very well come to this."

Comment:Interesting, informative, and well worth the read with a 10 minute video at the end worth viewing.

"Next Gen Farming Without Soil and 90% Less Water ( You can grow a Variety of Plants Without ANY Soil and 90% LESS Water )"
by Amy S.

Vertical farming with Tower Gardens is on the ‘rise’ and rightfully so. You can grow a variety of plants without ANY soil and 90% LESS water.

It also requires 10x less space so you can do a lot more in a smaller area. That means easily growing fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers both indoors and out. And because everything is grown and picked fresh, the flavor is unbelievable!

What Is Vertical Farming?


With crop shortages, it may very well come to this.

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We are the Arcturian Group 12/15/19


DECEMBER 15.2019

Dear readers, welcome to our message in this seasonal time in which much of the world is celebrating according to their beliefs and traditions. It is a time during which many who have chosen to live closed off from others inadvertently for the first time experience a sense of oneness.

Love and giving even at their most primitive and unaware levels are facets oneness. The spiritual evolutionary journey begins at a level of unawareness. Younger souls are unable to love at the same level as those who have learned and evolved though the experiences of many, many lifetimes. Their Divine nature is fully present within, but they are not yet prepared to understand and embrace it.

Young children love easily because they have not yet been conditioned by beliefs of separation and duality

Love is only able to flow with the same resonance as the consciousness of the person from which it is flowing. Because Divine Consciousness is all that exists, all things are created and flow from this One Consciousness. However, when Divine Consciousness individualized becomes conditioned with false beliefs and concepts, its expressions will reflect that.

Examine honestly and often what you may still be holding as truth in consciousness for you are creators by virtue of being who and what you are for there is no unexpressed consciousness.

The highest expression of love for those living fully enmeshed in the third dimensional belief system may simply be giving old clothes or goods to another or a thrift shop, dropping a coin into the red bucket, or simply greeting a homeless person--simple actions, but actions that hold a potential for opening tightly closed doors to deeper awareness.

It is very important to honestly examine the intention behind every action, dear ones. "Am I doing this charitable action or loving act to be seen by others, to feel good about my value, or am I sharing from the realization that what I give physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually never comes from me personally where it can be depleted, but rather through me from that Infinite Source within that never runs dry?"

What matters is the intent behind every action. A treasured dime donated from a heart filled with love and oneness is much more powerful for the giver and the receiver than hundreds of dollars given with no thought or love other than to get a tax write off.

It is imperative to be open and honest with regard the intentions that underlie ordinary words and actions. You are quickly moving beyond a great deal of old programing at this time and a personal fine tuning is taking place. Many ordinary but low resonating habits considered to be nothing actually have the ability to hold a person in some facet of outgrown old energy.

During these celebratory times ask yourself what exactly is it that you are celebrating--the birth of a Christed individual 2000 years ago, the miracles of Hanukkah, or just because it is the season for parties and gifts ? You who read these messages are ready to take your awareness of the season to a deeper level through understanding that the Christmas story is your story--that the miracles and birth represent the birth of your own Christhood.

We have stated in previous Christmas messages but will reiterate that the Christmas story represents the birth of the Christ consciousness that takes place at some point for every person. All must eventually wake up. A conscious choice to evolve allows the reality of Oneness with Source to awaken and eventually express as one's personal Christmas--the culmination of outer and inner experiences through hundreds of lifetimes that finally birth the fully realized state of consciousness.

One's personal Christmas can only be born in the state of consciousness that is represented by the lowly stable. One that over lifetimes has been stripped free of beliefs in, yearning for, and seeking from three dimensional concepts of good. A consciousness aware that all that is needed is already present within and thus good or what is needed will express ITself without seeking. (Gifts of the Magi)

A fragile new born Christ consciousness must be protected and held close until it becomes strong enough to endure the slings and arrows of those who fear and hate the Christ consciousness.
(King Herod) but eventually, perhaps over lifetimes, the Christ consciousness is no longer fragile or in need of protection for it has matured into its innate wholeness where the nonsense of the three dimensional belief system can no longer effect or hold power over it.

The Christ Consciousness is ITs own protection by virtue of being fully realized as the one and only power.

Each now moment is the right time to begin journeying toward the stable. In particular, the energies of celebration and giving make it easier to love and experience oneness. Every loving gesture no matter how seemingly small to material sense adds Light and lifts the energy of the collective. The energies that flow from loving celebration between people overrides the energy of chaos and destruction for the energies of love are real, whereas chaos and destruction have no reality or law to maintain or sustain them.

Become Christmas by allowing acceptance and recognition to your Divinity, allowing it to flow out to a hurting world through every word and action regardless of how it may be accepted. Be who you are never fearing to love through whatever forms resonate with you for there is no lesser or greater love unless it is personalized.

Love is the energetic glue connecting all things within the ONE. This reality has been ignored and disregarded through ignorance forming the basis of all beliefs in separation. Many, through fear of being "different" continue to live concepts of separation long after attaining knowledge that only one "Something" exists.

This "Something" can be called God, Consciousness, Power, Reality, or even fiddlesticks for IT is un-namable and can never be understood with the limited human mind. Truth cannot be avoided forever because it is the reality just awaiting full realization--Christmas.

Let your Christmas, Hanukah, or other celebrations blossom into loving fruitage that does not cease at the end of December. Give, serve, and love in whatever ways seem appropriate as you view the world from a level of spiritual empowerment.

You are ready. You have done the work. Now accept who you are and live it through the celebration and joy that comes of of understanding the real meaning of Christmas.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/15/19

Donations are welcomed

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