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Wormwood 2028


Here is the image as captured from the SOHO LASCO C2 camera, which NASA cameras captured on 07/05/20...

10958334654?profile=originalPX is passing behind the sun on this leg of its 3,600-year orbit.  The next image, below, is the same image with arrows added, the top one showing the larger orb, the bottom one showing the shadow of a smaller orb...

10958335255?profile=originalThe next image shows a remarkably clear image of a rock (asteroid?) just outside of the shield, at the ~2:45 position.  I used the plaster filter in Photoshop to capture this otherwise indistinguishable object...

10958336452?profile=originalWow!  What a close-up of that PX object, isn't it? 

Okay, the next image used the film grain filter.  What became obvious is the amount of smaller objects on the left, as compared to the right of the shield.  Since PX is moving left to right on a northerly incline, this may be a way to track it's progress, as smaller objects become visible on the right side of the shield, climbing toward and above the north pole of the sun....10958336869?profile=originalSo, there you have it.  PX is real.  And it's inbound.  What's next?  From what little information there is (provided the information is good) PX will continue to head up and over the north pole of the sun for a relatively short distance, to the endpoint of its orbit, and then gravitational forces will pull it back to begin its 3,600-year journey back to the other end of its orbit.  The difference is that its homeward-bound journey will be traveling between the sun and the earth.  This means it will be much closer to earth.  Since a member of this complex is said to be a brown dwarf, highly magnetic, and earth has an iron core, we are in for a bumpy ride.  The brown dwarf, being a dead star, has no light of its own and only shows up when it is caught in our sun's light, such as this solar flare.

Well, euphemisms are fine, but it is thought it will be an extinction-level event (at least for those who do not prepare).  As for Marshall Masters' prediction for 2028, I can't judge his intuition.  PX's return voyage will be much faster, possibly due to a slingshot effect, though I think he accounted for that.  But the point being, don't wait until the last minute to prepare.  You should already be preparing for all the other things happening in our world.  Do what you can and don't worry it's not enough.  It won't be.  But the galactics help those who do all they can.  Ask and ye shall receive.  (Ref,, Chapter 5, starting on p.36.)

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Ole George threatening Trump?

"Flashback: Back In 2018, George Soros Declared: ‘Trump Will Disappear In 2020 Or Sooner’"

July 27, 2020
Martin Walsh

Liberal billionaire George Soros has been anti-Trump for many years.

And with November’s election being arguably one of the most important in modern American history, we are reminded of what Soros said back in 2018 when discussing President Donald Trump in office.

While speaking at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Soros made what many perceived to be a threatening comment towards the president.


Ole George threatening Trump?

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People in multiple states have gotten unsolicited packages of seeds in the mail in recent days, prompting various agriculture departments to advise recipients not to plant them.

The seeds appear to be from China, according to several of the agriculture departments. It’s unclear what type of seeds are inside the packages.


Mysterious seeds are being sent to Americans, possibly from China

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People in multiple states have gotten unsolicited packages of seeds in the mail in recent days, prompting various agriculture departments to advise recipients not to plant them.

The seeds appear to be from China, according to several of the agriculture departments. It’s unclear what type of seeds are inside the packages.


Mysterious seeds are being sent to Americans, possibly from China

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THE COSMIC MYSTERY Message from Sanat Kumara

The true meaning of all human life lies in the realization that you are caught in an illusion.

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Look at this time as the great illusion. Expand far beyond space and time, because that is where life begins.

Beloved humans,

This message intends to expand your consciousness and to convey to you a slight idea of the here and now. What you are experiencing here on earth, all that you experience in the course of a lifetime, is barely more than the blink of an eye of the Creator – and yet, you give it such importance.

The true meaning of all human life lies in the realization that you are caught in an illusion.

So proceed, look deep and reveal your own eternal secret. Past and future only exist in the illusion of time.

Once you have opened the door of awareness and passed through, everything that limited your spirit in this world will fall off.

I therefore invite you to extract the actual value from all that is earthly.

Here you experience yourself as limited, here you experience yourself as egoistic, and here you experience yourself as mortal. This cosmic mystery regarding mankind is calling for a solution.

You will find this solution inside of you – within yourself, the awareness of your own infinitude is awakened, and within yourself lies the gift of perceiving the limitless light on all levels of creation:

• The descent into the dense third dimension has made you believe that solid matter represents reality.

• Your ascension into the fifth dimension and beyond will open your eyes. The big game comes to an end, and you return to your own beginning.

I am the life and the love.


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Discordant and dominant personalities. by Kuthumi

Morgan Le Fay

Discordant and dominant personalities

DISCORDANT PERSONALITIES are those who live complaining about life all the time. No matter what happens to them, they will always find something to complain about. They are unsatisfied by nature! They can not be quiet for long, they are always looking for an excuse not to be happy. They live in ups and downs, between euphoria and depression and therefore lose tons of energy daily, so usually they will always look for good and compassionate people, where they can lean and start complaining about life, and thus suck the energy of others. They are energetic vampires. Usually, when we give them openings, they cling, whether they are near or at a distance, in our auras, and then, they suck our energy completely. Sometimes, we feel immensely without energy, without a real reason, and that means, that there are these incarnated parasites, true embodied entities, sucking our precious energy, even though most of the time, they do it in an unconscious way. Also, they instill in our aura their depressive and discordant thought forms and often, even if we do not have states with them physically, only through the thought, we receive those discordant vibrations and if we are not protected and alert, we begin to respond to them and act in the same destructive pattern.

DOMINANT PERSONALITIES are those people who are always telling us what is best for us. They are always sure that their ways of life and habits are the best in the world and that the whole world needs to do the same thing. Usually they are immensely friendly, while we accept their domains and agree with them, the first time we say something different, they get angry and either go away carrying hate and criticism towards us, or they stay, but they start to do emotional blackmail, saying it's not fair, the way we stand in relation to them or their way of life. And then, soon after, they begin to play the same game with us, re-imposing their wills. They only feel good when they have people where they can exercise dominion. They are also vampires, for they feed on those lifestreams they manipulate.

There are personalities that at certain moments are both dominant and discordant. Surely these are the worst, for they become immensely destructive, though, they camouflage it, as I said, with blackmail, crises, and sermons of help.

Both personalities become more or less astral entities, that is, incarnate entities that live creating pollution in the planet's atmosphere. For the most part, they refuse to admit that they are destructive and end up blaming the world, life, and everyone around them for their destructive, dominant or discordant behavior.

Much of our life energy, which is to be used in the accomplishment of our daily tasks and in the service of the Light, is sometimes vampirized by these incarnated entities, who may either be someone unknown or known to, and even very dear ones. Sometimes we can not accumulate an adequate momentum of energy to take a decisive step in our lives, or to start a new project, for we allow these personalities to suck our life energy. Therefore, we need to do a daily work of protection around our auras to block these entities from entering our inner circles and absorbing our life energy.

Master El Morya has taught me something very simple to affirm every day, which is very effective against this, and certainly, if done sincerely and constantly, creates an invincible protection around us. He said to me, always repeat the statement, visualizing this sphere around you: "I AM the Almighty God and the Radiant Blue Flame of El Morya, sealing my aura in a Radiant Sphere of Light that protects me completely against all harmful influences of discordant and dominant personalities."

The geometrical shape of the sphere is the easiest shape to be held mentally, so if we imagine ourselves within a sphere of light, it will always be simpler to mentally visualize and sustain this thought form and thus create it powerfully around us. Of course, that after this radiant sphere is created, it is still necessary to be kept daily, if not, the energy disintegrates and returns to the universal after some time. But if you do this, and daily sustain this spherical thought form, imagining yourself always standing or moving within this sphere, you will after a few weeks be well protected and realize how you will have more energy, to fulfill your daily tasks, in constructive realizations that bless you and all in your worlds.

Morgan Le Fay

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Ascended Masters' Terminology “Love Life Free!”

Ascended Masters' Terminology
“Love Life Free!”

There are many expressions that were born with the dictations of the Ascended Masters, they were given in English and some are difficult for foreigners to understand, and even, for native people who do not have much experience with the Ascended Masters’ Teachings. The Ascended Masters brought with their dictations a new terminology, much simpler and more direct than the terminology of previous spiritual teachings, but somehow, deeper. In each Master's talking, there is a tangible information contained in the words we read, and an intangible information behind the text, which only becomes tangible, if we open the portals contained in certain expressions of the texts. Therefore, the importance of understanding and reflecting on what we are reading! Otherwise, we absorb only the superficial part of the instructions.

“Love Life Free!” was one expression created by Saint Germain, surely, also used by others Masters. When the Master says "Love Life Free!", he is asking us to love all particle of life, where we meet it, be it in a human being, animal, plant or mineral, be it in an Ascended Master, Angel, Elemental or Cosmic Being. He reminds us of to love, to always love, regardless of whether people are worthy of that love or not. He tells us to love, even objects, clothes or machines that serves us daily. Because only our love can set life in freedom!

The Ascended Masters ask us to gush oceans of love even for individuals who are temporarily lost in the darkness of human creation. For love is light, so when we pour love on destructive beings, we are contributing to the enlightenment of their lifestreams, even though this is a slow process. Our love acts as an astringent on the dark substances around these individuals and in this way, little by little, our love helps to transmute these misqualified substances and relieves the negative pressure on these lifestreams, in such a way, that they also become able to see the light, recognize their own mistakes, what is good and what is evil, and so, they also begin to make conscious efforts to set life free within themselves and in others.

When we pour out divine love, we seal everything and everyone in the light and in this way, we contribute to raise the vibratory pattern of the planet and all living beings within. Remember dear hearts, all beings and forms are built by electronic substance. And the electronic substance is the mother of all creation.

Soon, as we love life free, where we meet life, and life is here, there and everywhere, we are illuminating this electronic substance, we are rescuing the purity and beauty of electrons and the four elements again. We are cleaning the garments of our Cosmic Mother! We are transmuting all the crimes which we have done against the Holy Spirit!

If we love life free, constantly and unconditionally, little by little, we will recover the original transparency and brightness of the electrons, until one day we will see our bodies and the whole nature become luminous again. Imagine what a beautiful thing we will be! Imagine what a beautiful thing the whole nature around us will be!

See, dear hearts, even in a horrible being, if he has a form, there is a substance of life there, and any substance, regardless of where it manifests and appears, it can only come from one place! From the Heart of the Great Central Sun! From the heart of our God-Parents. Every one of us is an individualized stream of life (lifestream) from the Heart of the Great Central Sun! Even when someone is using it wrong, within themselves there is and always will be some light. And despite that light might be in this moment so covered by dark clouds, within that clouds are still light, otherwise, that form would disappear as an individualized being!

Every time we hate, criticize, point out defects in others, we are just soiling this electronic substance, the body of the Mother of the Universe. We are soiling the Holy Spirit! Because the Holy Spirit is Life itself!

When we love life here, there and everywhere, through our love, we free the electronic substance, the elementals that compose it, from mankind’s discordant thoughts and feelings, giving them back the original beauty and splendor! As we do it, we are cooperating with the Maha Chohan and his work in this planet. As we do it, we are cooperating with the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, the Elohim and all Hierarchy of Light on Earth!

It is very important to learn to love life, because only love can restore its freedom, and restore it to its original perfection! This is so important that we must remember it every day, every hour and every moment of our day. For loving what seems right and good to us is easy! But loving something we don't like is very difficult! However, we only exercise true unconditional love when we learn to pour love for our friends as well as for our enemies!

Therefore, dear hearts, always “Love Life Free!”, that means, free life everywhere through the outpouring of your love! Learn to love, to love all the particles of life within you and in the world around you, to love not out of an obligation to love, but simply by loving to love. When we pour great love, the Intelligence of Love, in addition of releasing life and rescuing its perfection in the beings and things we love, it adjusts our entire internal and external world in the same perfection!

If you could just for a few seconds see the happiness of the God of Nature and the Gods of the Elements, the gratitude of these Great Beings to those who pour love for everything and everyone in this planet! Dear hearts, when they meet someone who does so, their joy is immense and they simply pour oceans of multiplied blessings back to this great heart of love!

I hope I added a little more light to your consciousness, just as I added light to myself in writing it! Let's free up life through our love and together, rebuild the Golden Age on Earth again!

Be Victorious!

Morgan Le Fay

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Comment: The more time goes by, the more Kafkaesque the Left becomes. Do they truly believe the venom and lies they spew?


"New York Times Announces Podcast Blaming 'Nice White Parents' for Downfall of Public Schools"
By Jack Davis

White parents matter, or so The New York Times proclaims as it announces a new series of podcasts critically examining the role of white parents in the widespread failure of public education.

The podcasts are titled “Nice White Parents” and are the work of Serial Productions. Serial recently was bought by the Times, according to Deadline.


No, the following post is not from "The Onion"

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Something about Judge Sullivan is not quite right.

Posted By: Elefteria [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 22-Jul-2020 20:57:04

Comment: Precisely what is Sullivan after in his relentless persecution of Flynn, and yes persecution seems to be the only word to describe his actions. Legally, he appears to have no leg to stand on but continues to forge ahead with his apparent “crusade”.

The only logical explanation is a hidden agenda. Sullivan needs to give it up. He cannot continue to serve his hidden masters and give the appearance of an impartial jurist, which he lost with his initial refusal to dismiss the case against Flynn. It will be interesting to see the fallout when entire truth emerges, and eventually, it will.

"Game Over’: Flynn’s Defense Sends Forceful Message To Judge Sullivan"
by Sara Carter

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s defense team slammed U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan’s request Monday asking the federal appeals court to reevaluate whether his court will be forced to drop the case against Flynn.

It has been a months long battle for Flynn’s defense team against Sullivan, who has refused to drop charges against the three star general, even after the Justice Department made the request and mounting evidence has revealed Flynn’s innocence.


Something about Judge Sullivan is not quite right.

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