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I find the strangelet bomb fascinating because it sounds like something I wrote about back in the '80s, a story called Wild Blue.  You can find it here, if you're interested:

Throughout my stories there are repeating things of otherworldly topics which, I think, speak to the complete Knowledge contained within ourselves (Dolores Cannon's subconscious or SC, which is more likely our Higher Self).  How else would I have come up with such ideas? 

Anyway, Wild Blue was a phenomenon involving blue ball lightning that grew on its own, creating more energy than it consumed, like a breeder reactor. 


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My Ascension Journey ... So Far ...

My first conscious contact, a lady with blue skin...


But before I get to that, let me back up.  Around 12/12/12, I suddenly came down with a bad case of energy for about three days, before it faded back to normal.  Then, in the days before 12/21/12, number synchronicities went through the roof.  I'm sharing this because I am a teacher and teach by showing, a kind of on-the-job training.  The next are entries from my journal showing some of the synchronicities that have occurred since just prior to 12/12/12...

Monday, December 10, 2012. Heard my name and woke up. Looked at the clock and it read 11:11 am. 

Later, I got a time synchronicity as I was reading this (from “31. Increased integrity: You realize that it is time for you to seek and speak your truth. It suddenly seems important for you to become more authentic, more yourself. You may have to say "no" to people whom you have tried to please in the past. You may find it intolerable to stay in a marriage or job or place that doesn't support who you are. You may also find there is nowhere to hide, no secrets to keep anymore. Honesty becomes important in all your relationships.” I happened to glance at the computer clock and it read 1:11 pm. 

Later, I was reading about twin flames, “It will drive your twin crazy to think that you are sharing your light, life, and energies with others and that he or she is missing out.” ( and happened to glance at the clock. It read 2:22.

Later still, I was reading “Crystal Children, twin flame relationships, and other deep soul connections are happening in greater numbers and faster than ever to help connect, unite, and empower light workers worldwide.” ( I glanced at the clock and it read 3:33.  (As an aside, I'm reading "The Light Shall Set You Free" by Dr. Norma Milanovich and she states that twin flames must reunite before ascension.)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012. I was focused on answering discussion questions in one of my classes when I heard rain beginning. I looked up at the first sound of rain pelting the window, then happened to glance at the computer clock, which read 1:11 pm. The pelting stopped a moment later. I wondered about the meaning, wondered what my purpose for being here was, resources, and so on.  Two hours later, I noticed another synchronicity 11:33:44 in the time stamp on my discussion board entry...


I did an internet search for those exact numbers. Beyond the individual meaning of each set of doubles, there is John 11:33-44, where Jesus calls Lazarus back from the dead. No, I don't think it means I'm Jesus.  However, could this number have to do with having a purpose of healing?  Or a resurrection of some sort... Atlantean abilities being resurrected? (Yes, I was in Atlantis when it went under... but that's another story.)  I'm not sure.  At first, I thought those numbers were just a coincidence, but then they reappear later, in three different locations within a three-hour time span.

Anyway, there were also a multitude of "double" numbers that basically said that I'm in a transition, I have help from above, to let go of some situations, that new doors are opening, and a big life change is imminent.  Sounds pretty generic, except that each one was a perfect answer to thoughts I was having at the moment. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012.  I went to pick someone up, who was delayed getting home.  As I was waiting, I checked the time on my car clock twice, once at 11:33 and then again at 11:44 (my car engine was off and I turned it on each time). Then, an hour later, as I was taking my son to an appointment, I noticed three street numbers I had never noticed (after living where I'm at for five years): 233, 244, and 444. Coming home, I noticed mile marker 113.3 on the freeway.  Hmm... there's those numbers again ... 11...33...44.

12/21/2012. Now, the explanation for the "blue lady" above.  I went to sleep around 3:30 a.m. this morning and got up in time to do the Cobra activation/contact exercise.  I was simply unable to visualize a white beam coming down from a spaceship (which is odd because I can visualize almost anything), so I visualized the white light of protection instead and asked for only positive communication. I asked for the ship directly above to come down and make contact, and I also asked for disclosure in general, and requested ET assistance in liberating Earth. After seven minutes, nothing seemed to be happening, so I went back to sleep. About 30 minutes later, I woke up feeling AND hearing some kind of music. It felt like it was flowing through my mind/soul. The words “What is it” or "What it is" kept recurring in the lyrics, which in and of themselves were lyrical and flowed like water, and the instrumental music was very pleasant. I now can't remember more of it than that, but I do wonder if she was sending music as a "universal language" kind of thing, and/or to make the contact less threatening.  Then, I briefly saw an image of a galactic human (ET) in my mind... a female with brunette hair styled in a short “bouffant bob” (puffy page boy). She had light blue skin, and was wearing a tight-fitting, shimmering, royal-blue jumpsuit with a multi-colored collar around her neck.  Each vertical line of the “collar” seemed tile-like, little squares in vertical lines that shimmered around her neck. I sensed it was like a badge of rank. Behind her were blinking lights and other objects reminiscent of being on the bridge of a ship. The image had the quality of something that did not originate from me. Like when you have a thought, and you know it's not yours, that it came from outside you. I don't think I would have imagined her hair style or the collar, those were surprises. While I was later drawing her, I happened to notice the pixel quantity (something I've never noticed before) and at that precise moment, it was at 111.

So, the rough sketch above is an idea of what she looked like. Much prettier, proportionate, intelligent and all that, but you get the general idea.  My first conscious contact.  Don't I feel like a cave-babe drawing on the wall?  Yep. 

Anyway, I'll update this blog if anything of significance occurs.

(Some info on blue-skinned ETs:  She had normal sized eyes, nothing extraordinary large or odd shaped.  I had encountered a "three-eyed blue guy" at an off-world meeting several years ago (if any of you remember).  I think it was Arcturian.  I also encountered a mammaloid from Tau Ceti.)

Alec Newald contacted a race of blue zeta-type humanoids (though not from Zeta Reticula), as told in his personal story Co-Evolution.

UPDATE 12/23/12:  I was listening to Henley's Sunset Grill and began considering the blue lady's hairstyle. It was bugging me for some reason. Do galactic human females actually wear their hair like that, just like … I … used … to …, wait a minute ... she was standing on the bridge of a very high-tech ship. Can't determine if she's bridge personnel or a visiting dignitary. In one of my readings, I was told I have a command and it would be there when I return, but I kinda blew that off. However, I digress. The hairstyle is one I wore when I worked in L.A. Law, back when I was in the top 1% of my game. No. Could it be? Could it be she is me? Me in another dimension? Existing simultaneously? I got tingles down my spine (which usually happen when I have a “truth moment”).  Then, I just happened to glance at the computer clock and, guess what, it read 3:33. I started laughing and was considering the possibilities and when I glanced at the clock again, guess what again, it read 3:44. Here we go again.  Suddenly, an image I had several years ago appeared. It was of a pretty Zeta female, sleeping. I misunderstood at the time, thought it was my next incarnation (didn't know anything about multi-dimensionality back then), but it makes sense it could be a current, simultaneous life. I'm starting to get the concept that we souls exist in different incarnations simultaneously. (Check out Dr. Suzann Carroll and Dr. Norma Milanovich's work on the subject of multi-dimensionality. Check out Number Sequences From The Angels by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D for info on the number sequences.)  I've known for several years now that I'm a starseed, not a young soul or earth human. And then it hit me... how perfect to make contact with ETs by first making contact with your ET self. That was the point of the hairstyle that just didn't fit a galactic human. Your guides do that, throw in odd things for you to figure out.  They want you to follow what's odd because there is more to discover.

Update 12/25/2012:  This was also a good example of "oneness."  How can people hate when I am you and you are me?  For example, let's say a person is prejudiced against blue people.  Then one day you realize you ARE a blue person.  Or, you think Zetas are horrible and evil, and one day you realize you ARE a Zeta.  (Both incarnations being in other dimensions, simultaneously.)  It changes one's perspective.

I was reading this article and as I read, “When you choose to direct your energy toward the opportunities that are best for you, the universe supports you,” I happened to glance at the computer clock and it read 12:12.

Update 11/27/15 CONFIRMATIONS:  It's been almost three years since I posted this blog.  I had forgotten about the 11:33-44 numbers and my speculation.  But, upon re-reading this blog, I got sudden clarity because what has occurred over the past three years.  I was led to a small, esoteric Christian seminary school.  And that led to my finding in the Gospel of Thomas (another of my past lives) Jesus saying he was "the All."  And then, the SC identifying itself in my first qhht session as "the All."   In one of the initiations, I had a very compelling vision.  It was of a very large wooden cross rising from a lily.  Of course, the lily is a common symbol of the resurrection.  After pondering upon the significance, it seemed to me that the message intended by Jesus was going to be (is being) resurrected from the dead.  (It wasn't called Christianity while Jesus was incarnated.  That came later.)  What the apostle Paul did, and was carried forward by the Roman Catholic Church, basically served to cohese Christianity and help it survive for two thousand years.  But the original intent on how to ascend from the physical plane (3D) was lost to the majority. 

However, Esoteric groups kept the information hidden and safe.  So, no, I'm not involved in starting a new religion.  I'm involved in the resurrection of what was intended two thousand years ago.  The world just wasn't ready for it then.  It's what mankind needs to climb out of the negativity of 3D. 

As to the short little three-eyed blue guy, I now wonder if the eyes on him had been "blurred" so it wouldn't trigger a conscious memory.  According to Alec Newald's account, the Blue Elders were about four-feet tall and blue.  From my Confessions of a Contactee blog*, "And they are definitely different looking in appearance...but they are intelligent...they are kind...they have senses of what if they aren't all humanoid, and some are three-feet tall and have three eyes and are blue?"  Hmm.  *

As to the blue lady being another incarnation of me, the answer is yes.  There were some differences in my art, which I questioned in the 12/23/12 update above, and started putting it together.  They have now confirmed that it is me, a future fifth dimensional incarnation, and I do command a spacecraft.  And that resonates with recently being told my command is being reactivated and I'm being prepared for when the earthchanges start rocking.  All hands are now on alert.

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I am sorry to say my dear friends  that we may  have more than just the radioacative fallout to worry about............Will  these demented fiends never get their fill of this deadly game they are playing?  Be careful about what you think you see in the skies folks!


I started this thread on another blog and Cheryl has asked me to give it it's own blog due to the importance of this information.  It was originally posted here:



Fukushima fallout decays into BARIUM and STRONTIUM = Blue beam = 3D IMAGING by military



*********************************************************************************************************************************the The amazing thing and  what  concerns me  most is the fact that the  very  same elements that  have  been  collected to  study the contents of  Chemtrails are the ones the fallout decay demonstrates with one added element.  The Chemtrails contain aluminum as well as .barium and strontium.  I find that very interesting indeed..  Makes me wonder  if  perhaps the  purpose  of the  Chemtrails were to further  the effects of the  Blue Beam  Project.


Strontium Barium Niobate 3D Holographic Images by The  Army  Research  Laboratory



For those not  sure  what  the  Blue Beam Project  is  here  are  some videos  that  will help  you  to  understand  just  what  it's purpose  may  be.


ILLUMINATI The Blue Beam Project Top Secret 1


ILLUMINATI The Blue Beam Project Top Secret 2.


DECEPTION PROJECT pt42 - NASA project blue beam (new world religion lie) & nazi alien technologies.


Project Blue Beam Staged Alien Invasion NWO Part 1/7



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Burnham-On-Sea, Somerset

Burnham-On-Sea History > 1607 Flood

1607 Flood in the Bristol Channel - Was it a UK tsunami?


Research into the devastating 1607 flood that affected Burnham-On-Sea and the Bristol Channel in January 1607 has, since 2002, been the subject of a study between Dr Simon Haslett, Head of Geography at Bath Spa University College, author of Coastal Systems and Dr Ted Bryant, School of Geosciences at the University of Wollongong, Australia, author of Tsunami: the Underrated Hazard.

The flood occurred around 9am on the '20th January 1606', although in the modern calendar this is the 30th January 1607. The event is recorded on plaques in a number of churches, including those at Kingston Seymour in Somerset, and in Monmouthshire at Goldcliff, St. Brides, Redwick and Peterstone.

1607 Flood Casualties:

1607 Flood shown in a wood carving

blob.gif The breaking of the sea bank at Burnham-On-Sea led to some 30 villages being utterly inundated, and their cattle destroyed, and men, women and children besides. The accounts state that 28 people were drowned at Huntspill and 26 at Brean, a death toll that was repeated in many other villages.
blob.gif At Appledore, Devon, a 60 tonne ship was well-laden and ready to sail and was driven by the wave onto marshy ground well above high tide, likely never to be recovered.
blob.gif In Barnstaple, Devon, the wave burst open doors that were locked and bolted and knocked down many walls and houses, one of which was the house of a James Frost in that the roof and walls collapsed and killed both him and two of his children.
blob.gif Near Newport, Gwent, a wealthy women, Mistress Van, lived four miles from the sea and although she saw the wave approaching from her house she could not get upstairs before it rushed through and drowned her.
blob.gif In Monmouthshire, "a maide child, not passing the age of foure years: it is reported that the mother thereof, perceiving the waters to breake so fast into her house, and not being able to escape with it, and having no clothes on, set it upon a beame in the house, to save it from being drowned. And the waters rushing in a pace, a little chicken as it seemeth, flew up unto it [the child], (it being found in the bosome of it, when helpe came to take it [the child] downe) and by the heate thereof, as it is thought, preserved the childe's life".
blob.gif In Monmouthshire, "Another little childe is affirmed to have been cast uppon land in a cradle, in which was nothing but a catte [cat], the which was discerned as it came floating to the shoare, to leape still from one side of the cradle unto the other, even as if she had been appointed steresman to preserve the small barke from the waves furie".
blob.gif In Monmouthshire, "A certain man and woman having taken a tree for their succour, espying nothing but death before their eyes, at last among other things which were carried along, they perceived a certain tubbe of great bignesse to come nearer and nearer unto them, until it rested upon that tree wherein they were, committed themselves, and were carried safe until they were cast upon the drie shore".
blob.gif In Monmouthshire, "more than did, had perished for want of food, and extreme cold, had not the Rt. Honble. Lord Herbert .... sent out boats to relieve the distresse .... himself goping to such houses as he could minister to their provision of meate and other necessaries".

The Kingston Seymour plaque reads: "An inundation of the sea water by overflowing and breaking down the Sea banks; happened in this Parish of Kingstone-Seamore, and many others adjoining; by reason whereof many Persons were drown'd and much Cattle and Goods, were lost: the water in the Church was five feet high and the greatest part lay on the ground about ten days. WILLIAM BOWER"

The idea that the 1607 flood was due to a tsunami was first put forward by Haslett and Bryant in a scientific paper published in 2002 in the journal Archaeology in the Severn Estuary.

A number of historical documents exist that describe the event and its aftermath. An area from Barnstaple in north Devon, up the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary to Gloucester, then along the South Wales coast around to Cardigan was affected, some 570 km of coastline.

The coastal population was devastated with at least 2,000 fatalities according to one of the contemporary sources.

In some parts of the coast the population never recovered from the social and economic disaster.

Haslett and Bryant were led to think that the 1607 flood was caused by a tsunami, rather than a storm, for a number of reasons:

1. Some historical accounts indicate that the weather was fine e.g. "for about nine of the morning, the same being most fayrely and brightly spred, many of the inhabitants of these countreys prepared themselves to their affayres" and the ship at Appldedore (see above) is unlikely to be ready to sail in stormy weather.
2. The sea appears to have been "driven back" i.e. retreated out to sea, before the wave struck, a classic tsunami herald.
3. The wave appeared as "mighty hilles of water tombling over one another in such sort as if the greatest mountains in the world had overwhelmed the lowe villages or marshy grounds. Sometimes it dazzled many of the spectators that they imagined it had bin some fogge or mist coming with great swiftness towards them and with such a smoke as if mountains were all on fire, and to the view of some it seemed as if myriads of thousands of arrows had been shot forth all at one time.
" This is very similar to descriptions of more recent tsunami, such as the tsunami associated with the eruption of Krakatau in 1883, where accounts refer to the sea as being 'hilly', and the reference to dazzling, fiery mountains, and myriads of arrows, is reminiscent of accounts of tsunami on the Burin Peninsula (Newfoundland) in 1929, where the wave crest was shining like car headlights, and in Papua New Guinea in 1998 where the wave was frothing and sparkling.

4. The speed of the wave appears to have been faster than a storm flood as the wave is 'affirmed to have runne …. with a swiftness so incredible, as that no gray-hounde could have escaped by running before them'.

In the summer of 2004, Haslett and Bryant embarked on field work in the area to record any physical impacts of the proposed 1607 tsunami that might still be left in the landscape. They found:
blob.gif Erosion of rock at the coast that is characteristic of erosion caused by high velocity water flow. This includes two large chunks of farmland on the Severn Estuary north of Bristol that were simply washed away, one where the foundation of the Second Severn Crossing is, and the other is now the reservoir for the Oldbury Nuclear Power Station;
blob.gif The deposition of layers of sand over wide areas at the time, discovered in boreholes in the ground from north Devon to Gloucestershire to the Gower;
blob.gif Large boulders that are only easily moved by tsunami waves have been found stacked like dominoes at and above the high tide limits all along the coast.

These signatures of tsunami enable Haslett and Bryant to estimate the scale of the proposed tsunami wave and its affects.

Tsunami height - In the open sea area between north Devon and Pembrokeshire, the wave was just under 4m (13ft) high, but as it entered the constricting funnel-shaped Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary, the wave increased in height to 5m (16ft) along the Glamorgan coast, 5.5m (18ft) along the Somerset coast, and over 7.5m (25ft) high, by the time it reached the Monmouthshire coast. This increase in wave height due to the funnel-shape of the estuary is exactly the same as the process that creates the famous Severn Bore.

Tsunami speed - The speed (velocity) of a tsunami is related to its height, so as it moved up estuary and got squeezed between the opposing shores of England and Wales, it got faster, striking the coast at just over 12 m/sec (27mph) in north Devon and southwest Wales, to just under 14 m/sec (31mph) along the Glamorgan coast, to 14.5 m/sec (32mph) in Somerset, and over 17 m/sec (38mph) in Monmouthshire. This agrees well with the contemporary observations regarding the speed of the wave.

Tsunami inundation - On the flat coastal areas the tsunami was able to penetrate a considerable distance inland. The maximum inland penetration possible of a moving tsunami wave in north Devon and southwest Wales would have been just under 2.5 km (1.55 miles), in Glamorgan just over 3 km (1.86 miles), in Somerset just under 4 km (2.5 miles), and in Monmouthshire just under 6 km (3.7 miles). This agrees well with the accounts of the wave reaching up to 4 miles inland at Cardiff and in Monmouthshire. The fact that the floodwaters reached further inland in places, such as to the foot of Glastonbury Tor (14 miles inland) is due to the fact that the landsurface actually slopes landward in many of the coastal wetland areas, such as the Somerset Levels, so once the wave collapsed the water flowed landward under gravity rather than back to the sea.

A possible cause of the proposed tsunami is not yet known, but the possibilities include a landslide off the continental shelf between Ireland and Cornwall, or an earthquake along an active fault system in the sea south of Ireland. This fault system has apparently experienced an earthquake greater than magnitude 4 on the Richter scale within the last 20 years, so the chance of a bigger tsunami earthquake is a possibility. It may also have been a combination, in that an earthquake might have triggered a submarine slide.

This article was adapted from the findings of a Bath Spa University College study issued by Dr Simon Haslett FGS, FRGS.

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