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Confirmation of Last Night's Recall

I posted some recall I had from last night earlier today at https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/all-contactees-take-note-some.  I'll post it again here:

[I seemed to be up in the air looking down.]  I saw flat land.  [I seemed to be down the coast (south) from the plant.] There was a watery bluish color to the air (meaning it was daylight).  The below image was taken before the explosion.  The explosion occurred in the afternoon, Japanese time.  [See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ3IgHQuCBM&feature=player_embedded starting around 0:23 for the bluish color]: 

10957964457?profile=originalOff in the distance I saw what looked like puffs of cloud or smoke that were increasing in size [ground based].  The distance was further away than the second picture below, kind of like being not far from the horizon, but the timing was more like the first image, which appeared to be the first fireball, with subsequent ones just beginning to rise, which expanded rapidly.  But the color of the first fireball was more like the second picture, but tinted blue. 



My attention was drawn to it.  It felt like a bad thing was happening at first but then something like relief suddenly flowed from those clouds.  My sense is that a disaster was allowed to start so that it could provide something necessary so that a worser disaster could be averted by unseen forces.

[In another scene] I continued seeing very flat land, the same watery blue color, the color and light were like being near water in the early morning.  From the middle of this land rose a very tall, flat building that looked like the UN, but the surrounding landscape was definitely not DC.  I gathered [the building] was symbolic rather than real.  I sensed that it wasn't just the nations of the Earth gathering there, but a gathering of galactic worlds as well.

[In another scene, I also had recall of an alien.  Loosely, he resembled General Akbar in Star Wars.  However, his head was taller (longer) and his eyes were higher and not so far to the sides (but larger than human eyes), there were three boney protuberances between his eyes, but his skin color was that bronze-ish/brownish color.  I suspect George Lucas had seen one of his kind when he casted Star Wars. "General Akbar" seemed to be a physician and was healing someone's hand aboard a spacecraft.  I felt a lot of affinity for this being.  He was old and very wise.]

I had asked for some confirmation (which usually doesn't happen) but this time, much to my amazement and delight, it did.  After posting the above, I found this article:  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/as_japan_earthquake, that said:

"Edano said an explosion caused by vented hydrogen gas destroyed the exterior walls of the building where the reactor is, but not the actual metal housing enveloping the reactor."  [The explosion allowed to happen to help mitigate worse affects?]

"Edano said the radiation around the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant had not risen after the blast, but had in fact decreased. He did not say why that was so. [This bolded line has been removed from some articles with no explanation, but was in the original Yahoo article.]  He added that pressure decreased after the blast.  [Again, an explosion allowed to happen (or caused?) to enable radiation and pressure to decrease?]

"The explosion was preceded by puff of white smoke that gathered intensity until it became a huge cloud enveloping the entire facility, located in Fukushima, 20 miles (30 kilometers) from Iwaki. After the explosion, the walls of the building crumbled, leaving only a skeletal metal frame."

The yahoo link is no longer good, but here are some others:  http://www.delcotimes.com/general-news/20110311/japan-quake-explosion-rocks-nuke-plant-meltdown-fears-ease and http://www.wbur.org/2011/03/12/japan and http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/03/12/shaking-smoke-seen-japanese-nuclear-plant-facing-possible-meltdown/.

In these next three links, the line "He did not say why that was so." was missing:  http://www.news-herald.com/general-news/20110311/updated-blast-at-japan-nuke-plant-thousands-missing, http://www.guelphmercury.com/news-story/2706786-explosion-at-japan-nuke-plant-disaster-toll-rises/, http://archive.rgj.com/article/20110312/news12/110312001/Explosion-Japan-nuke-plant-disaster-toll-rises-watch-video-reports-.  Lends weight that it was an unusual event that radiation decreased. 

FOLKS, I sense that our meditation (as well as many others around the world) played a part in averting what could have been a horrible catastrophe! 


UPDATE 03/13/011: 


This article says that the radiation peaked at the Fukushima No. 1 reactor at 13:52 p.m. on Saturday afternoon (which is 12:52 a.m. Saturday morning EST--Japan is 13 hours ahead of us) and started declining after that point.  Our meditation took place around 10:15 p.m. EST Friday evening.  So, within 2.5 hours of our meditation/intention (and other groups too) the radiation began to decline.  I'd say that is significant.

Update 06/11/2014:

The businessweek.com link is no longer good.  Here is another link:  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-03-12/tokyo-electric-tries-to-cool-unstable-reactors-avert-three-mile-island-.html.

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Giant Spaceships Heading Towards Earth

Yesterday, I posted in the UFO group about the UN appointing its first-ever ambassador to space aliens and news about the Vatican having its first ever conference on aliens and Vandenberg's three launches this past week. Now this....
http://www.bombshock.com/aliens-and-ufos/giant-spaceships-heading-towards-earth.html. It does seem disclosure is imminent. And perhaps they are getting positioned to rescue some from the earth changes that are rapidly escalating. If all true, we certainly live in exciting times, eh?
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