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If you are familiar with the ZetaTalk trench shelter, please read this first blog as it talks about the deficiencies inherent in that design.


These next blogs are culminations of group efforts and cover as many scenarios as we could think of and modifications that could make the shallow trench shelter a more secure shelter. 

A Plastic Tunnel -- A Way To Avoid Electrocution by Ground Electricity

Another Idea For A Trench Shelter


The issue of radiation (solar or nuclear) was raised and this blog talks about it and how to protect yourself:

Yet More About The Inadequacies Of Shallow Trench Shelters


This was my original version of a enhanced shallow trench shelter, with a ferro-cement dome:
My Idea Of A Trench Shelter 
(Sorry, the link to the sunlife site still works but the information is no longer available.  You can look around for another site with plans to build a ROUND dome--don't go geodesic, it is reported there are high divorce rates associated with it, thus it seems to amplify bad vibes.)


Other options:

Mini blast & fallout shelter-good for tornadoes, storage, etc.

Earthbag Structures

Resistant to earthquakes, flooding, severe weather

Ferro-Cement Structures

Extremely strong.

DuPont's Kevlar Bunkers

Tornado Safe Room

Pet Shelters

Mini Noah's Ark Shelters


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Comment by Jacks on October 2, 2012 at 12:37am

Chris Burying the steel culvert in the soil will cause condensation to the point of ugly black mildew, if you can insulate the culvert from the soil then you may stop it before it starts.

Comment by Chris on September 14, 2011 at 5:39pm
Buy 50ft of 14ft tall steel culvert. Bury under 8ft of soil. The culvert is designed to hold that much soil on top without crushing. You can then frame in everything else, running pipe/wire under the floor.
Comment by Buckworth Jackson on July 11, 2011 at 11:14pm

Right now, my plans are really simple.

I plan on cutting a 15 to 20 foot trench into the side of a hill, then backing in a travel trailer.

I'll then place logs over the opening and a layer of corrigated iron sheeting then a couple of feet of dirt.

The front opening will be logs and rocks.


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