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More treachery coming to light

"Obama White House Sought Ukraine’s Help In Taking Down Trump: REPORT"

The Obama White House brought in Ukrainian authorities to help jumpstart the Russian collusion narrative and to help then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son out of a jam.

John Solomon, an opinion contributor to The Hill, lays out the results of a meeting between Obama White House officials and the Ukrainian authorities. Solomon spoke to multiple participants in the meeting and viewed memos from the time to bring us the story.


More treachery coming to light

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Morgan Le Fay

Saint Germain talking about “The Law of Forgiveness.”
The question has frequently been asked what is the proper attitude to take when one becomes aware of a projection charged with anger, hate or other evil intent against oneself or perhaps another person who might not be conscious of the attack.
In cases of this kind, I have always thought that the most merciful and divinely intelligent proceeding is to immediately seize that energy mentally, surround it completely with the Cosmic Fiery Consuming Flame and thus cleanse and purify it before it can take the form of some destructive manifestation and start on its return journey to its sender. I would then call to the Christ Self of the projector, asking It to illumine the consciousness so that it will see and revoke the errors of its ways.
It is the unconsumed evil creations on the earth that, when they meet, create those great rip tides that spew forth destruction in the shape of tornadoes, earthquakes and all the other frightful manifestations the human consciousness is pleased to label “accidents.”
It is an act of great merit to invoke the Fiery Consuming Flame to sweep into all vortices of evil and to seek out by means of Its Omniscient Consciousness the generators of that misqualified energy, consume all the motivating impulses back of them and transmute by the Power of Its Flame the evil appearances already created.
There is nothing gained by driving misqualified energy back into its creator, because by the very act of misqualification, the generator proves that he is ignorant of the Divine nature of all energy and is in dire need of the application of the Cosmic Fiery Flame of Love and Mercy rather than an intensification of the quality of evil which would be caused by the return of his own energy before the discord was consumed, with the added qualification, perhaps, of the witness’s disapproval or resentment.
Persistent and consistent use of the Purifying and Consuming Fiery Flame of Freedom’s Love will ultimately free the lifestream entirely from the accumulation of discord which makes the present Karma and limitation. It will also build an impregnable Wall of Light around the user, keeping out the discord that is continually floating in the atmosphere caused by the emanation of others. WHEN PERFECT HARMONY IS EVIDENT IN THE DAILY LIFE OF THE INDIVIDUAL, THEN IT MAY BE SAID THAT HE HAS USED THE MERCIFUL AND FORGIVING POWER OF GOD’S CLEASING FLAME ENOUGH.
Here, I would remind the students that the Creative Centers (thought and feeling) in the consciousness must be employed in moulding out of the Universal Light the manifestations and substance they require to replace the appearance to be dissolved.
There is no substitute for the visualization of dynamic, positive thought and feeling forms that will externalize as good of every description. Generalities are not specific. When we choose to precipitate a dinner, for instance, every loaf of brad, every piece of fruit is designed into the Light Substance to form the design and not until then is it lowered into form. So must it be with everyone who chooses to enjoy the beautiful manifestations of the third dimensional plane.
Experiment with your creative faculties. I did this myself for years before I attained my complete emancipation from the limitation of the human consciousness. Choose a simple design and mould it out of the Light Substance. Then when you hold its manifest form in your hands you will have more confidence in the power of your own life energy to create and sustain your heart’s desires within your own sphere of influence and in the attainment of your own individual governing power. Take the motto - “Know, dare, do and be silent.” This makes for success.
Book: The Seventh Ray, p. 92
The Bridge to Freedom, Copyright 1953
Ascended Master Teaching Foundation - AMTF

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Fallen Angels

The Seven Sacred Weeks Community

The Seven Sacred Weeks

Fallen Angels
Dear hearts, a student asked a question yesterday in a memory that I shared and as I think that this issue is important and necessary to be understood perfectly by many students of light, I decided to write a public post with the answer.
You agree with me, that man, at some point, has descended to lower levels of consciousness. This fall of man did not happen in one day, but it happened gradually. This was because mankind gradually drew their attention from Christ Perfection and Purity to imperfection and discord.
So, beloved, the fall of men happened because mankind began to accept as truth in their world of thoughts and feelings distorted ideas and patterns of discord as well as gradually opening their world to lower sensations, using vital energy to selfish purposes, or wasting that energy through passions, sensuality, and inferior relationships.
Well, man had his fall and built a world of limitations around him, full of problems, ups and downs, physical and mental illnesses, financial problems, relationship problems, difficulty to connect again with his true Inner God. By divine mercy and love of humanity, divine beings and ascended masters are working for centuries to re-erect humanity from this condition of limitation.
All of us, more or less, have densified our garments, falling into an inferior condition, otherwise our bodies and worlds would be present today in this moment, manifesting a pattern of beauty, purity and perfection visible to all! If you still have basic challenges like imperfections in your body, limitations in your world, it is a sign that you are still affected by imperfect conditions that you have created in the past.
The law is perfect! If one purifies one's karma one hundred percent, his physical body necessarily needs, as a consequence, to present a pattern of increasing beauty, perfection, and youth, otherwise one can say that it makes no sense to make any effort to purify oneself if even after we are completely purified, we still have to suffer with diseases and limitations equal to that of a being who has not done this work of purification yet.
Well, going back to the key subject of this message, if man has fallen and needs to rise again in the condition of original perfection and beauty, I ask a question in the love and wisdom of my Inner Christ: "If there be fallen angels, like many believe, please tell me, why do not they also have the same right to be redeemed as you and I of the human race? "
You see, I do not believe in the theory of fallen angels, at least in the sense that many of my friends here believe, but I think that, discussing this, only causes revolt, controversy and generates feelings of opposition and dislike between us and when we are instruments which cause these negative emotions in others, we are also responsible for this psychic filth that is generated in the atmosphere of the planet and therefore we are influenced by these destructive creations. And I do not want to stay connect in this human creation!
Therefore, my question here is not to discuss whether fallen angels exist or not, but rather to convey to you as meekly as possible what I have learned directly from an Ascended Master on the subject.
Think well, dear hearts, whether or not there are fallen angels, the atmosphere of this planet is full of entities with that name, for they are living things created and nurtured by thousands of people, most of whom are students of light, who have eyes sealed to the truth of the higher spheres, and are unable to realize that because they think, believe and struggle against these human qualifications every day, they end up, consciously or not, only giving more power to monsters such as these, living thoughtforms, to exist and expand ever more in this human octave.
Therefore, my beloved friends, think with your hearts, even if there were fallen angels, it would not be a more constructive attitude of the students of the light, to make daily decrees and prayers, so that these beings may, as we ask for humanity, be resurrected again in beauty , purity and divine perfection?
Why we think that the man who one day also fell is worthy to receive forgiveness and divine mercy and be re-raised to its perfect pattern and the fallen angels not deserve the same blessing? Are angels less worthy than men? Should the law work differently for the angels? Oh please, think about, look into your hearts and ask your Christ Self the truth!
I tell you, if you think that the law that should be applied to fallen angels is different from the law that should be applied to fallen men, then you are being unjust to life! You are privileging one part of life and keeping another part imprisoned! And if you are unjust and unable to forgive, tell me then, how can you expect to receive forgiveness and mercy for the mistakes you have also made in the past? If you want forgiveness, you must learn to forgive life, no matter how it expresses itself, first!
What Master Saint Germain said in the memory that I shared yesterday is valid for all the life of this planet, whether of the hierarchy of men, angels, or elementals. Redirecting a negative energy into discordant elements, which generated it because of ignorance, does not diminish the black clouds that hover in the atmosphere of the planet! What diminishes and consumes these negative creations is the use of forgiveness, of divine mercy, in the use of the Violet Fire for the requalification of that disqualified creation in the perfection of Christ again! Thus bringing the vital substance to its original balance and purity. This is really a good thing to do and the best way we can help the Ascended Host to rebuild the Golden Age on Earth!
Know that each time you feed feelings of hatred and anger against fallen angels or any form of life, and redirect negative energy to them, you are only feeding creations like these, giving them more energy and openness, and through it, they become stronger and enter into your worlds and lives, generating problems and limitations of all kinds! By doing so, you are only harming yourselves!
In so doing, dear hearts, you daily only further pollute the atmosphere of this planet and the atmosphere of your own individual worlds. If you do not accept what Master Saint Germain told you, and I am here, humbly trying to explain it from a different angle, then continue with your destructive habits, but please do not complain to me, to the Ascended Masters and to God about the problems and limitations that you consciously call in your own worlds, for you are responsible for what you create!
And if you do not change your thinking about it, you will live in the ups and downs of your own human creation until the day comes that you can perceive the truth, accept it, and apply it correctly. Only depends on you!
Please learn through love and in love to free life! For only love can redeem all imprisoned life on earth!

Humbly, in the love of my Presence,
Morgan Le Fay

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If you are like me, you are asking, how is this even legal and how did they acquire the information they are going to be teaching?  Yet, the University of North Texas is actually teaching a lesson on "sexual pleasure and response in infants."

The report comes by way of Big League Politics' Patrick Howley, who reports that the lesson was taught by Terry E. Davis.

The syllabus is titled "PSYCHOLOGY AND SEXUAL BEHAVIOR."

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During the course, students will be immersed in such topics as, "gender issues," "sexual arousal and response," "sexual behaviors," "sexual orientations," and three presentations on "sexuality during childhood and adolescence."  Oh, and just before finals, it's three lessons on "sex for sale."

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Does anyone see the sexualizing of your kids and young people going on here?  I certainly do.

Howley provided a photograph from a "campus tipster."


The obvious question is where the information being presented was obtained.  We already know that beyond an opioid epidemic, America's children are far more susceptible to sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, and sex abuse.  It is a great evil in our nation that we seem to be drowning in.  Yet, the University of North Texas is conducting sexuality courses that include talk about infants and sexual pleasure and response.

How can this be when so many are being carted off to jail only to be housed, clothed and fed by the American people for however many years they are incarcerated for looking at child porn.  Is the information being disseminated at the University of North Texas derived from some of the same pedophiles that are producing child porn or are we to actually be stupid enough to think that this is merely "scientific" and "educational" theory?

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Hacked Docs Expose Soros-Obama-UN Refugee Invasion Network

Secret internal reports and memos by one of George Soros’s left-wing front groups reveals the socialist billionaire’s subversive reach within the Obama administration, the United Nations, and the governing structures European Union, especially as it relates to the manufactured refugee/migration crisis.

Among the many noteworthy points made by Soros activists in one report is the assertion that the migrant/refugee tsunami that has already swamped Europe with 1-2 million Muslim migrants should be accepted as “the new normal.” This is not surprising, but it is alarming. It is not surprising because for many years Soros and his minions have been in the vanguard of the Open Borders/Migration Lobby. It is alarming because the radical “migration rights” agenda of the Soros network is being translated into official policy, nationally and globally.

A May 12, 2016 report of the International Migration Institute (IMI), an official project of Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF), provides an important window to view the working relationships among the IMI refugee activists and their allies inside the Obama administration and the United Nations. The nine-page report, by top IMI staffers Anna Crowley and Kate Rosin, entitled “Migration Governance and Enforcement Portfolio Review,” is one of many Soros/OSF documents released this week by, which describes itself as a project “launched by the American hacktivists” who “believe U.S. citizens have the right to know how domestic and foreign policies of the United States are shaped and who the real policy maker is.”

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Quite clearly, when it comes to migrant/refugee policy, Soros and his fellow globalists are the real policy makers. Soros staffers Crowley and Rosin call for “accepting the current crisis as the new normal and moving beyond the need to react.”

Their report also provides revealing details on the Soros/IMI/OSF relationship to Goldman Sachs titan Peter Sutherland, the UN’s top globalist agent in charge of designing and implementing the UN’s chaos-producing migration programs.

“The Columbia Global Policy Initiative (CGPI), which hosts the secretariat for Peter Sutherland, the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative on International Migration, has been able to take advantage of momentum created by the current crisis to shape conversations about rethinking migration governance,” write Crowley and Rosin in the leaked report. The Soros staffers continue, noting the key role played by their IMI “think tank”: “IMI provided project support for the drafting of The Sutherland Report, which aims to set the stage for institutional reforms to global migration governance, and to break new ground on protections for migrants outside the asylum system.”

The Soros/IMI report continues: 

When we made the CGPI grant, even we were somewhat skeptical about the appetite for reform of the institutions that govern elements of migration at the international level, and the pace at which it might proceed. Nonetheless, we recognized the importance of starting this discussion, and the political capital Sutherland could leverage to bring high-level attention to the issue. This gamble has arguably paid off: as the September UN and President Obama’s summits on migrants and refugees have taken shape, Sutherland’s team has effectively drawn on work and thinking it had already done to influence the scope and deliverables of these two meetings. 

How effective has the Soros-Sutherland tag team been? Crowley and Rosin say: 

IMI’s access to the Sutherland team’s discussions has allowed us to keep civil society partners up-to-date on the latest developments, in order to inform advocacy and campaigning strategies prior to the events and to plan follow up actions. 

CGPI’s elite-level behind the scenes advocacy through Peter Sutherland, has positioned its team of experts to influence policy and practical follow-up to global events. This has been complemented by MPI’s [Migration Policy Institute’s] neutral voice and ability to generate the policy-relevant research and evidence base needed to shape migration debates. This pairing has worked well and there is a natural collaboration between the experts that both centers engage. 

First, a few important notes about the above-mentioned Peter Sutherland. While not a household name, he is very well known in the corridors of power, and he is having an impact on almost every household on the planet. As we reported here last October (Insider Peter Sutherland: EU-U.S. Must Take More Refugees, Get Rid of Sovereignty), Peter Sutherland is an insider’s insider; he epitomizes the uber-rich, globalist-corporatist elite. Here is a partial listing of his internationalist credentials: 

• Until this past June, Sutherland was chairman of Goldman Sachs International, the global banking behemoth known to critics as the “vampire squid” for its predatory, corrupt practices;

• he is a regular attendee and former Steering Committee member of the ultra-secretive, ultra-elite Bilderberg Group;

• he was European chairman of the Trilateral Commission;

• he is past chairman of British Petroleum (BP);

• he is honorary president of the Transatlantic Policy Network (TPN), one of the principal corporatist insider organizations promoting EU-U.S. merger through the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP);

• as a principal architect of the WTO, he has been hailed as “the father of globalization”; and

• as a top Eurocrat, he played a lead role in destroying national sovereignty by replacing national currencies (and national monetary control) with the euro, as well as engineering the “borderless Europe,” which the current migrant crisis is now proving to have been so destructive. 

In addition, Sutherland and Soros both sit on the Advisory Board of the Global Policy Institute (GPI), a leading think tank promoting world government under the guise of “global governance.” Sutherland forecast much of his current UN refugee agenda in an essay for the GPI journal, Global Policy, in February 2010, entitled, “The Age of Mobility: Can we make migration work for all?”

It is worth noting that the Columbia Global Policy Initiative (CGPI), which the Soros report mentions funding and collaborating with, refers to the organization established at Columbia University that has become a leading force for the radical migration agenda. The CGPI is run by Professor Michael Doyle, who, naturally, is a member of the world-government promoting Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Other prominent CFR members on the CGPI directory include Jeffrey Sachs, Joseph Stiglitz, Carol Gluck, and Lee Bollinger.

Stay tuned for more revelations from the leaked Soros documents.

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The Seven Sacred Weeks

The Fours Elements of Nature
An Introduction to the Addresses of the Four Directors of the Nature Element
By Ascended Master El Morya
The knowledge and control of the four elements and their inhabitants is an essential part of the training of the chela. He should know the good uses to which these elements and their inhabitants (elementals) can be put to, and also the distortion of their expression through the wrong qualification of mankind. The fire element is the most important of the four as it is an expression of the Sacred Fire, from which the Violet Flame and all other flames proceed. One of its constructive activities in the physical plane is that of purification through the incineration of rubbish and human bodies, which allows the elements to return to the sun for repolarization. Its destructive activity is shows in the burning of human bodies, building and woods, also in thunderstorms and in the use of firearms, bombs, etc.
The air element is also very important for the maintenance of life in the physical plane, as without air, people cannot live for any length of time. By the conscious control of the breath, you can not only harmonize your bodies, making them better temples of the living God, “I AM,” but you can purify your surroundings, as well. It’s beneficent activity is seen in the warm and cool breezes, wherever they are required. They are also the means of propelling boats and ships on oceans and rivers, as well as airplanes. We see its destructive activity in cyclones and thunderstorms.
The water element is related to the emotional body and the purification of it results in the purification of this body. In the physical plane it is a great cleansing agent and one of the factors for the balancing of the weather conditions and the production of harvests. Its destructive activity is shown in floods, droughts and wrecks at sea in which men and animals perish. That this element like all other can be controlled was manifested by the Ascended Master Jesus when he stilled the waters in the turbulent waters in the Sea of Galilee.
The earth element is vital for the production of food so important to mankind to build perfect bodies. We see its beneficent action in the beautiful landscapes, in flowers, in beautiful minerals and of course, in the production of harvests. Its destructive action is shown in the landslides, volcanoes and earthquakes.
The daily purification of the elements and the cultivation of the friendship of the elementals, as a prerequisite for their control and conscious cooperation, is a daily requirement of the chela, hence the importance of the wise selection of the words of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, and the corresponding decrees contained in these pages, meant for daily reading and application.

Book: Electrons – The Building Blocks of the Universe and the The Elemental Kingdom, Ascended Master Teaching Foundation – AMTF.

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The Purification of the Etheric Body Archangel Michael

Image may contain: 1 person, cloud and sky

The Seven Sacred Weeks Community

The Purification of the Etheric Body
Archangel Michael
The etheric body, beloved ones, is like a mirror. It records instantly the thoughts and feelings, the actions of the spoken words into its very self. It imitates that which you do, what your attention rests upon, and mirrors that as well.
The etheric bodies of mankind have been so scarred, so mutilated, so deeply marred by the experiences of life, that they look for the most part a sorry sight. They are what you would call in earth-life seemingly "pock-marked." These garments carry the scars of all the disappointments, the disillusionments, the hurts, all of the experiences wherein mankind has destroyed faith and trust and confidence.
Your etheric garment is so much a part of your flesh form, that when it is purified, it will form for you a much better instrument for drawing back into the brain structure and outer consciousness, the memory of your inner experiences.
These experiences, imbedded in the etheric body, seemingly lie quiescent. Even as your flesh mends a cut or a wound, so does the intelligence and light within the etheric body weave over the scars and wounds a similar semblance of repaired tissues. But under tension of stress and strain, those inner experiences and weaknesses are very likely to burst forth again in renewed hatreds and renewed antagonisms. It is my counsel to you to set about in earnest to purify these etheric garments and make them shine as they once were, pure white and exquisite, when you first began to record, through cause and effect, the experiences of life into them.
Book: The Angelic Kingdom, Ascended Master Teaching Foundation – AMTF
Picture: Archangel Michael on Google

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  Let me show you, the mind through concentration drives a great deal of the energy in the feeling world. Through the attention, it drives the energy into the thing you are doing. Well, that is quite all right, provided you realize that the "Presence" is the Doer and Its Light Rays or the Light Substance from the "Presence" is the actual motion within what you do. But what if you do not hold the mental picture within yourselves, before you know it you have accepted the feeling in the atmosphere about you that is the radiation of exhaustion from the rest of mankind, that has rushed in upon you and qualified your own energy with tire and exhaustion before you know it. It is this I seek to avoid in your experience any longer.
   My Dear Ones, long before people's Ascension, they have been able--Students on the Path--have been trained by their own application to do service and perform phenomena and Miracles at which the other world gasps; yet it is all by the direction of this energy. But your very first thing to do in this is to definitely, several times a day, make that sign of the Cross of Blue Flame and say: "In the Name of my "Mighty I AM Presence," and if you like, "In the Name of the Great Divine Director's Authority of Life, His Authority over all energy, I forbid anything of human creation in the outer to draw upon my energy!" Oh, you will feel as if tons of weight had been taken off you. Don't forget your daily charge of your Electronic Circle, as well as your Tube of Light-- and you qualify that with the Love and the Blue Flame from the Great Central Sun which keeps you cut free forever from the incessant sapping of your energy by the human demands of the outer world.

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The opening of the Resurrection Temple!

Dear hearts of Light, an activity similar to this happens on every Easter Season. Look what a beautiful thing:

Maha Chohan said:

The opening of the Resurrection Temple, which has been guarded and sustained by the Ascended Masters Jesus and Mary for centuries of time, was accompanied by a tremendous spiritual acceleration of the souls of incarnate lifestreams, as well as those who wait at the door of birth.

The great Archangel Gabriel, who is the Angel of the Resurrection, accelerated the power of the beautiful Resurrection Flame in the circular flame room, itself, which forms the heart of the retreat. The seven great Archangels stood, all in snow-white garments, drawing the flame into their bodies and breathing it outward through each of the circular corridors which form the graded order of chambers in which initiates gather, according to their light and capacity to stand the pressure of the flame.

The beloved Mother Mary chose to welcome each guest herself, standing at the great open doors at the extreme outer circle of rooms, so that the first contact the beloved aspirants might have, would be her warm and gentle presence. It was my pleasure, as director of the great powers of nature, to anchor a ray from the nature temples through the Resurrection Flame, and then expand it to bless all the forces of nature, the beings who direct them, and the elemental substance that makes up the physical and inner bodies of mankind.

The beloved Master Jesus, who manifested the power of the Resurrection Flame through a flesh form, revivified the records of the first Easter Morning through the lower atmosphere of Earth, and through the etheric bodies of all who had witnessed that event, as well as all the Christians who had accepted that event as not only a possible accomplishment, but an actual fact.

The beloved El Morya, as hierarch of the Brothers of the Diamond Heart, directed the assembly in the creating of diamond hearts out of the sparkling atmosphere of the retreat, and millions of these throughtforms were literally catapulted into the atmosphere, with every outbreath of the august company which participates in the transmission of the flame around the world. As the flame was released by the assembly, beloved Morya, and his assisting Brothers and Sisters of the Diamond Heart, began creating a diamond heart around each sanctuary, home, worker, and student, made up of the qualified energies drawn from the Resurrection Temple. These hearts are a practical, tangible, and positive protection against the invisible, as well as visible, forces that flow through the psychic and astral realms, and act as a further insulation around the Tube of Light of each individual and group activity. DAILY RECOGNITION OF THIS SERVICE WILL GREATLY STRENGTHEN AND INTENSIFY THIS BLESSING AND THIS GIFT GIVEN.

May I congratulate each sanctuary and group, as well as each individual student, for their ability to control the breath and hold the visualization, and also to contemplate the activity of the evening with such clarity through the mental body as well.
Book: Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin, Book1, Ascended Master Teaching Foundation – AMTF
Picture: Caduceu de Hermes, on Google

No photo description available.
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The Elixir of Life!

Beloved Mother Mary, in an article published in the Bridge to Freedom Bulletin, recommends an exercise to use the power of this (resurrection) flame to full advantage. She states:

"Today, sometime when you are quiet, take a glass of water and then call the power of the resurrection flame to charge through it, raising its vibratory action to that of the elixir of life. Do that three time today. Drink it as that elixir. It is a practical, workable activity, which will give to you a greater uplift of a sustained nature, than any amount of stimulus that can be given to you by the outer world. This is just a simple example, but I would like you to feel it; I would like you to see and to know the power that is in you, in everyone, to create and charge the water element into a substance which is truly the elixir of life.

The Resurrection Temple, Book: The Ascended Masters and Their Retreats, Ascended Master Teaching Foundation - AMTF
Picture: Grail of Light, Morgan Le Fay

No photo description available.
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Which way do Q’s COOKIES crumble?

There is way more to this than meets the EYE...


The CERN Shiva Monument at the CERN HQ in Switzerland is identical to the one depicted in the Stargate episode Metamorphosis, whilst the London Eye Ferris wheel is also depicting a stargate AND appears on Qs COOKIES! 

Furthermore my 6 digit former employee staff number is almost identical to that of the lead character Colonel Jack O'Neill in the Stargate series (Q's @jack) AND my own GODFATHER/older cousin (one of Q's GODFATHER) worked on the stargate program at CERN...Coincidence?  And I was allocated my staff number in 1986, 8 years BEFORE the first stargate movie which aired in 1994. 

I was taken to CERN as a child to have a tour of the facility but was too young to remember anything.






Whole Q story found here including over 150+ NEW STARGATE decodes that translate and reveal real life corresponding events, leading to FULL DISCLOSURE of the Secret Space Program (SSP):

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