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Beryl Paffrath, left, handles a Akdal 1919, AR-15 style, 12 gauge shotgun, while Matthew T. Kitterman, of MTK Arms, looks on during the PrepperCon expo Friday, April 24, 2015, in Sandy, Utah. Hundreds of survivalists and "preppers" are gathering in the Salt Lake City suburb of Sandy for the first annual PrepperCon. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Beryl Paffrath, left, handles a Akdal 1919, AR-15 style, 12 gauge shotgun, while Matthew T. Kitterman, of MTK Arms, looks on during the PrepperCon expo Friday, April 24, 2015, in Sandy, Utah. Hundreds of survivalists and "preppers" are gathering in the Salt Lake City suburb of Sandy for the first annual PrepperCon. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

'Prepper' Obama: Says nation is on its own, preparing is your 'duty'

By Paul Bedard (@SecretsBedard) 8/31/16 8:11 PM

Add President Obama to the the "prepper movement."

In a statement announcing "National Preparedness Month," the president said that the nation is on its own to react quickly to terror and disaster and citizens should prepare accordingly.

"Although my administration continues doing everything we can to keep the American people safe, it is each citizen's responsibility to be as prepared as possible for emergencies," said Obama last Wednesday.

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Strategic Relocation Full-Length HD Film

Published on Nov 9, 2012 by AlexJonesComplete

Thursday November 8th 2012

Alex Jones, founder of alternative news networks Infowars and Prison Planet, presents a full-length documentary/presentation with Joel Skousen, author of Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places and The Secure Home, to discuss the long-term threats facing Americans and how to relocate for safety and security.

Joel and Alex examine the information within Strategic Relocation including the effects of natural disasters, nuclear war, long-term power failures, large-scale social unrest and police state tyranny, They also discusses strategies on how to prepare for and survive major disasters. They consider the pros and cons of countries around the world but give particular emphasis to the state and provinces in the US and Canada. Joel also describes cost-effective ways of securing a residence to protect yourself and your preparations.

Joel Skousen is a world renowned expert in designing secure homes, geo-political analysis, and strategic relocation. Preparing food, water, arms, medical supplies, and shelter may not be a good enough plan. Large population centers are the biggest threat to survival after any major disaster. Joel Skousen explains his strategy for survival, which includes acquiring all of the essentials, preparing in a safe location and methods on how to avoid a dangerous hungry population and safely arrive at your secure location.

Whether you are looking to expatriate off-shore or build a dream house away from the serious threats facing us, you'll find answers in this fact-filled interview and companion to the wide-selling book, Strategic Relocation.



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Family Survival Protocol

Disaster Preparation and Survival


by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of


(NaturalNews) In the wake of superstorm Sandy, preppers are the new prophets. Those who failed to prepare are the new homeless.

For as long as we can all remember, preppers and survivalists have been derided by the mainstream media, labeled “kooks” and “wing nuts” for stockpiling food, water, ammunition, medical supplies and emergency gear. Only paranoid conspiracy theorists engage in evil preparedness activities, we were told by the sellout mainstream media, and they’ve convinced many that preppers may even be terrorists.

The very word “stockpiling” has been used in a derogatory manner, as if it’s somehow bad for private citizens to stockpile food, medicine and emergency supplies that might save lives in a crisis. Never mind that the government stockpiles all these things for its own survival; citizens are routinely taught that stockpiling is bad!

Suddenly all that has changed. In the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, preppers are the ones who aren’t starving, freezing or begging the government to come save them with emergency supplies. Those who failed to prepare are now subjected to the chaotic, incompetent actions of the federal government which is, predictably, operating in a never-ending state of logistical failure.

An one example, in response to the ongoing scarcity of gasoline, New York announced that the Defense Department would be opening up free gas stations near areas hardest-hit, but that residents should stay away and let first responders fuel up ahead of them.

This, of course, set off a wave of confusion. It was then announced that those “civilians” (a derogatory term against citizens, used only in a police state) who were already in line could stay in line, but no “civilians” could join the line. Many people waited up to six hours for gasoline. Tempers flared, fist fights were commonplace, and state troopers had to be sent to gas stations to keep the peace.

Preppers, of course, already stored away spare fuel at home and therefore didn’t need to wait in line and subject themselves to the chaos and desperation.

FEMA runs out of water

This one was easy to see coming: FEMA has run out of water to distribute to Sandy victims and is now desperately trying to find a private contractor that will deliver millions of bottles of water to the region.

That this could happen in the aftermath of a storm that everybody saw coming at least a week ahead of time is nothing short of bewildering. How could FEMA, whose only job is to plan for crisis, not have stockpiled some supplies in advance of the storm?

The answer is that FEMA is just flat-out incompetent. As described in an article by Michael Patrick Leahy:

…the agency appears to have been completely unprepared to distribute bottled water to Hurricane Sandy victims when the storm hit this Monday. In contrast to its stated policy, FEMA failed to have any meaningful supplies of bottled water — or any other supplies, for that matter — stored in nearby facilities as it had proclaimed it would on its website. This was the case despite several days advance warning of the impending storm.

Once again, preppers who had stockpiled water in advance of all this were sitting pretty, living on stored water supplies. Those who invested in water filters were even able to use water that would not have been drinkable otherwise.

No electricity = no heat for cooking

Even today, the power grid is down in many areas, and for all those residents using electric stoves and toasters, that means no ability cook anything… not even to boil water!

Most people simply have no backup plan for when the power grid goes down. So they become yet another victim who needs to be rescued by a government that has a terrible track record on rescues.

Preppers, on the other hand, own non-electric cookstoves such as this Zoom Dura cookstove which can burn paper, wood, small branches and almost anything flammable. It boils water, cooks meals, and kills bacteria. No batteries required.

In the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, people who own emergency campstoves or cookstoves have been able to cook meals if they also stored some food. Something as simple as a few cans of chili can be priceless in the middle of a grid down scenario. Or some quinoa, oatmeal, rice or whatever.

I know for a fact that we shipped a large number of 40-day organic survival food pails to the Northeast in the days before the storm hit. Those people have no doubt been sitting pretty with plenty of food to eat, compared to their neighbors who didn’t prepare and are therefore starving or dumpster diving for food scraps.

Arming up with bows, machetes, firearms and baseball bats

Looting has been widespread in some areas, thanks mostly to the fact that police are spread too thin and can’t cover all the territory. At first, the looting targeted commercial buildings, where looters made off with TV projectors, flat panel displays and valuable electronics, but it soon shifted to the looting of private homes by criminals dressed as Con Edison workers.

Citizens quickly realized they would need to fend for themselves. As the NY Daily News reports:

Ever since Sandy strafed the Queens peninsula and tore up the boardwalk, it’s become an often lawless place where cops are even scarcer than electrical power and food. Locals say they are arming themselves with guns, baseball bats, booby traps — even a bow and arrow — to defend against looters.

“We booby-trapped our door and keep a baseball bat beside our bed,” said Danielle Harris, 34, rummaging through donated supplies as children rode scooters along half-block chunk of the boardwalk that had marooned into the middle of Beach 91st St.

“We heard gunshots for three nights in a row,” said Harris, who believed they came from the nearby housing projects.

Preppers, of course, already have firearms and ammo. In fact, many preppers today are investing in firearms proficiency training in order to gain combat skills. I know several firearms instructors, and they tell me their classes are jam packed, with waiting lists increasingly common.

A typical prepper owns not only a handgun, but also a combat rifle (typically an AR or AK) and a shotgun for close quarters defense. In addition, preppers stockpile at least 1,000 rounds of ammo for each. It’s not uncommon to talk to preppers who have stored 10,000 rounds of ammo for each firearm they own.

These firearms, far from causing violence, are used in the defense of life and property in communities struck by disaster. People who legally own firearms are law-abiding citizens who typically work with local law enforcement to restore peace and security to local communities and help stop criminals and looters.

That states like New York restrict private citizens from owning firearms is, in a very real sense, denying them the ability to protect themselves during a crisis when the police can’t protect them, either. Using machetes and bows is no match for a Glock 17 or an AR-15. While anti-gun people like Bloomberg or Obama like to say that guns “have no place on the streets of America,” they are wrong. Firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens are an essential part of restoring peace and order following any crisis. In a disaster scenario, more guns in the hands of responsible citizens really does equal less crime.

It’s just common sense: When the cops are nowhere to be found, and the National Guard isn’t helping out, and FEMA’s lack of preparedness has made the local population desperate for supplies, a privately-owned firearm is the only remaining defense against criminal-minded looters and violent opportunities who try to prey on the weak. That’s why I even published a tactical home defense guide designed to stop looters and criminals from targeting innocent victims of superstorm Sandy.

The media owes preppers a massive apology

One of the realizations emerging from all this is that the media’s portrayal of preppers has been not just malicious and highly inaccurate. Preppers are not the “kooks” you see on TV shows (which the media admits are laced with pay-for-placement messages provided by the White House); they are intelligent, forward-thinking members of society who are truly a national treasure capable of saving lives in any disaster.

Preppers pick up where the police and the government drop the ball. Preppers provide food, water, emergency medicine and even local neighborhood security. They do it without being paid and without even being thanked for their contributions to society.

In the wake of superstorm Sandy, the national media — and especially the liberal media which expresses intense hatred for preppers — owes preppers a massive apology. Preppers create stability, safety and security in any crisis, and they deserve to be portrayed as the upstanding members of society they truly are.

The White House owes preppers a huge apology as well. Preppers and survivalists have, in the last few years, been characterized as “terrorists” by the Obama administration. The message is that anyone with a gun, some ammo and a stockpile of food is somehow “dangerous” or a threat to society. In reality, that person is the guy sharing food with neighbors and helping protect the neighborhood from violent criminal looters.

Famously, a prepper was recently put on a “no-fly list” and stranded in Hawaii because he was classified by the government as a “prepper.” So hold on: Stockpiling emergency supplies makes you synonymous with a terrorist now?

Preppers are actually on the target list of the U.S. government. As an active duty National Guard member named “Soldier X” has recently revealed, the Guard is being trained to “treat preppers as terrorists.”

According to Soldier X, the government is compiling lists of preppers and intends to confiscate their guns and treat them as enemy combatants in any crisis situation. So the very group the government should be thanking for providing local community stability and order is the group being targeted for arrest, detainment and possibly being sent to Obama’s secret military prisons under the provisions of the NDAA.

The federal government WANTS chaos and panic, get it?

The reality of all this is that the federal government is trying to eliminate preppers and survivalists precisely as a way to create more panic, fear and chaos. Why? Because it is from that scenario that the government can justify yet more funding for itself, more police state crackdowns and more dependency among the citizen slaves.

Remember: Every government wants to become like North Korea, where it dominates everything in society, controls all the resources and commands citizens as if they were slaves. The U.S. government is no different: Like every government, it thirsts for unlimited power.

Preppers and survivalists interfere with the growth of government power because they demonstrate the far greater power of individual preparedness. When preppers take care of themselves and don’t need to be rescued by the government, they send a “dangerous” message to the rest of society: Emergency preparedness is YOUR responsibility, not the government’s.

The White House doesn’t like people sending that message. Neither does the liberal media which persistently pushes citizen victimization and government dependence. The very idea of thinking for yourself, taking care of yourself and being self-reliant is alien to the liberal media. And that’s one reason why the liberal media is ultimately so dangerous: Many people who followed the advice of, say, the New York Times, are now DEAD in Jersey.

The bottom line: Preppers are the future of human civilization; deniers are dead

Hurricane Sandy was a walk in the park compared to what we’ll see in a national grid-down scenario. As I’ve explained many times here on Natural News, a single solar flare (or a high-altitude EMP burst weapon) could knock out most of the national power grid.

That would thrust virtually the entire nation into the scenario we’ve recently watched unfold on Staten Island and certain parts of NY. Imagine fuel scarcity, starvation, water scarcity and looting unleashed on a national scale. That’s what we will sooner or later face in America (and everywhere else, too).

When that scenario unfolds, it’s a simple matter of fact that we’re going to see the mass death of liberal media worshippers and Big Government worshippers who refused to prepare. The survivors will, by and large, be the preppers who planned ahead.

It’s Darwinism at work, backfiring on people who call themselves “Darwinists” (who almost universally do not believe in preparedness). It’s natural selection doing its thing. People who cannot adapt to survive do not tend to reproduce, while those who can adapt and survive are the ones left remaining to repopulate the planet.

In fact, the domination of the planet by the “prepping gene” is one of the most scientific ideas of our time. That’s because crisis strikes our planet on a regular basis: Solar flares, asteroids, the spread of infectious disease and even the threat of widespread nuclear war or nuclear facility failures.

Each “wave” of crisis weeds out the ignorant unprepared masses through mass death. While those people may be in a majority right now, they and their lineage have no real future.

Interestingly, modern humanity hasn’t faced a real crisis yet. By “modern,” I mean the version of civilization that has bet everything on complex electronics, food supply logistics and the continued restocking of the artificial living zones known as “cities.” This modern civilization has only existed for about seventy-five years — a blink of an eye in terms of the big picture. So it hasn’t been tested yet with a true global survival scenario. We are one solar flare away from being thrust back to the early 1900′s.

Another mass extinction event is inevitable

Sixty-five million years ago, a single rock from space wiped out the dinosaurs. It was the most violent mass-extinction event planet Earth had ever experienced. So far, there have been five mass extinction events in the known history of our planet.

Human beings are likely going to be the sixth, through the careless proliferation of nuclear power plants, the toying with GMOs and the genetic pollution of the planet, or even through the accidental release of a military bioweapon with a 98% fatality rate.

The next mass extinction event will quickly eliminate from the planet all organisms poorly adapted to survive, which includes most New York Times subscribers. It will leave behind only those humans, plants and animals with remarkable survival adaptation skills.

The most likely survivors, it turns out, are going to be well-stocked preppers who have practiced the skills of self-reliance and sustainable living.

Survival resources

If you’re serious about survival, here are some resources I recommend:

James Wesley Rawles’ Survival Blog:

I also recommend books by Rawles on

Joe Nobody:
Author page on

Lehman’s Non-Electric Store:

Article: How to “Bug In” for survival.

Health Ranger course on self defense and preparedness.

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I Hate to Say It- PERMANENT Climate Destruction Has Started.

Update with Hurricane- Super Storm -Perfect Storm Sandy

Follow the youtube link below to watch the BBC TV Prime Time Special, featuring Doug Copp predicting these (now common) unprecedented weather events (10 years ago).

Watch this Video and understand the floods ravaging the USA and Canada, were predicted. Doug Copp, in this Award Winning BBC Special, is featured along with 3 of the world’s leading scientists explaining your present and YOUR FUTURE with these ‘soon to be’ normal events. Get used to destructive weather.

This video is a mock-up of the evening news, from 2050. It is a 2050 Evening TV NEWS special/ documentary explaining what happened in the world from 2000 to 2050. This BBC program was the ‘biggest budget special’ when it was produced. In spite of money invested, Political Pressure ‘squashed the program’ for fear of people rioting for reform.

Hurricane Sandy, type of events, will be occurring on a routine basis; as part of, nature’s rebellion to man’s unquenchable greed.

Title Posted on another Doug Copp Blog during September, 2012

I hate to say it but ‘all the doom and gloom’ folks are right.

Latest Fact:

Last night, on Canadian TV they showed a map of the Arctic Ice disappearing. The ice cap shrank 50% this year and is projected to be entirely disappeared in 2 YEARS.

Personally, I went sailing, with a friend,  last week. It was too hot. It felt like the Caribbean. I wore a short sleeve t shirt.


We are experiencing a massively life threatening..permanent heat wave.

The famous ..but historically non existent northwest passage, searched for, by the world’s explorers, as a route to China, for hundreds of NOW OPEN!

Canada is rushing to build naval ships to protect it’s sovereignty . The Prime Minister is going there create Inuit ( old name Eskimo)  police Forces…and much more…like planned ports and cities.

Not only is there NO ICE across the top of the world, from the Atlantic to the Pacific; but Cruise Liners are going thru. Even private sailboats are going thru. It is now a sailing destination.

Cities are planned on the new beaches.

Can you believe that the SAME  Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) who is preparing to protect this OIL RICH AREA ; who comes from a dried up, drought ridden, crop destroyed part of the NEW DESERT Central North America.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mitt Romney are STILL DENYING CLIMATE CHANGE!

 Harper IS A CONSERVATIVE OIL MAN (just like George Bush. OIL COMPANIES  hired HIM, AS THEIR MAN, 15 YEARS AGO when they started paying him as their lobbyist.).. Greed for OIL $$$ at the point of destroying all forms of life, on this planet.


Where do these greedy bastards plan to live? What are they going to drink? What are they going to eat? What are they going to breathe? Where are they going to get their servants?

They might have fortunes but they are among the stupidest, greediest bastards, who ever terrorized the earth,

Palm trees in the ARTIC? Massive and total migration of people’s from most of the USA?

Interdependent species (like us all) are going extinct and have gone extinct..disease from insects is spreading to warmer areas to kill plants, trees and people (West Nile). I have documented hundreds of cases of supporting evidence; since, I was featured in the BBC Network, Prime Time, feature TV program. ( see the previous blog on Hurricane Isaac being predicted 10 years ago, by myself.)

Last week, on local TV, a shocked and stunned tidal fisherman asked: “What will the fishermen do, for lobster bait. ” He was standing in front of his exposed (low tide) 300 ft long net fence. He said that he normally had thousands of herring. Now, he has NONE. NOT A SINGLE FISH! (His herring are sold to Lobstermen, for trap bait).

What he didn’t comprehend is the big picture:

“Lobsters feed on dead fish. They are the vultures of the oceans. They have been thriving.

Now, with no more herring or other fish to die, for their food, then they will die too.”

We are at the point that the vultures are about to starve to death..

I never thought I would think this; but, as I come to an end of my struggling to stay alive with my 911 injuries:

I remember a childhood Quote from Long John Silver, the pirate:

“Them that dies are the lucky ones!”.

All attacks should be directed at: Doug Copp, personally

563 Charlotte St, Sydney, Nova Scotia,Canada (H)

1-902-567-1227 (H) (H)

The stupidity is utterly amazing. It is ONLY surpassed by the level of greed required by someone who would  destroy their own planet, for profit.

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Hurricane Isaac ..lots more to come…BBC TV Special with Doug Copp and 3 scientists predicted the current ‘giant’ floods and what will come next.

Hurricane Isaac flattened this 7 month old building. Doug Copp had visited this building prior to destruction. Picture provided by Doug Copp’s friend Pam H. of Madisonville.

Below is a reprint of an earlier posting. It has been updated to allow people to understand flooding events in Louisiana; including, the social cost and psychological effect of repetitive disasters.  At the time,  this TV program, produced by the BBC was the ‘costliest, biggest budget, program ever made by the BBC. It was buried, after the initial broadcast; because the BBC Executives considered it to be too frightening, for the public. The Corporate World wanted to keep people in a  ‘low information’  state of mind; so that, profits/shareholder returns would not be jeopardized. The truth is the truth. It is frightening; however, ‘life before profit’ has always been my moto. If you are interested in knowing that the ‘train is coming, down the track..before it runs over you then watch this high quality BBC production. It takes place on the nightly news broadcast in 2050. The anniversary of the beginning of the end.

On a personal note, to the people of Madisonville LA and the rest of the north shore:

The Army Corps of Engineers ,of the USA, have publicly claimed that the New Orleans levee system are NOT causing flooding to occur, on the North Shore.
I think that is a False Conclusion.
My argument is:
Given: 1) Water flows downward because of gravity, 2) Water levels to the same level above sea level on both sides of Lake Pontchartrain, 3) If you stop the normal flow of water then it will back up or rise to a higher level till it can escape to a lower elevation. 4) The levees were built to stop New Orleans from naturally flooding.and allowed water to back-up or rise on the Lake side of the levees.
1) The elevation of New Orleans, on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain is an average of -6 (6 ft below sea level Lake side elevation is -18 ft). minus elevation
2) The elevations of Madisonville and Mandeville , on the other side of Lake Pontchartrain are both 7 ft.. (Wikipedia) positive elevation
3) Flooding didn’t occur in New Orleans.
4) Flooding did occur on the North Shore.
Conclusion: The levees protected the city of New Orleans from flooding, caused the water level of Lake Pontchartrain to rise, and therefore,contributing to the North Shore Cities flooding.

The levies have successfully protected New Orleans, by ‘backing up’ and diverting water. Understand that water needs to flow down with gravity..Just like ‘down the sink’. if you stop it from flowing into it’s natural route (New Orleans) (or ‘down the drain’ then it goes somewhere else (or overflows the sink).

Don’t believe any agency that tells you any different. It just can’t get any simpler; but they deny any and all responsibility/legal liability, for your loses…anyway. Such is the way of our world. The truth is hard to find in a flood of lies.

Let it be clearly understood that I believe it makes absolute sense to protect the city of New Orleans and sacrifice other less strategic areas..IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY..; however, I don’t believe in standing by and letting people be victims. I am sick and tired of lies. The truth should be told and ‘the right thing’ should be done. The Army Corps of Engineers did the ‘right thing’ to protect New Orleans but they shouldn’t have lied or covered up. They should always do ‘the right thing’.

I have along history of being ‘crucified’, ‘whipped’, lied about, shot at, receiving death threats and much more because of a similar battle against money, greed, power, insurance company shareholder return being more important than school children surviving earthquakes via the  ‘triangle of life’. ( see this blog)

Just trying to do ‘the right thing’.

doug copp Sept 3, 2012.

BBC TV Special with Doug Copp and  3 scientists predicted the current ‘giant’ floods and what will come next.

The Current Giant floods were predicted. This ‘big budget TV Production’ video is a mock-up of the evening news, from 2050.

Doug Copp, in this Award Winning BBC Special, is featured, along with 3 of the world’s leading scientists, explaining your present and YOUR FUTURE……………… with these ‘soon to be’ normal events.

Understand why these events are happening and how your life is going to be impacted today, tomorrow and for the next 40 years. Get used to destructive weather. This is a high production but very scary movie.

It alerts our world in a way like George Orwell’s Book :1984′.

The setting is the 2050 Evening TV NEWS special/ documentary explaining what happened in the world from 2000 to 2050. This BBC program was the ‘biggest budget special’ when it was produced. In spite of money invested, Political Pressure ‘squashed the program’ for fear of people rioting for reform.

The Video still contains the original ‘black-out sections-to insert Commercials. You will need to speed ahead or wait for the period to end. The entire video is 53 minutes long.

Doug Copp predicted floods”>Watch the video at Doug Copp’s Youtube Channels amerrescue and amerrescuegmail

or This will open your eyes like George Orwell did with ’1984′”>click here and go directly to Doug Copp’s other blog and watch the video.

3 Responses to BBC TV Special with Doug Copp and 3 scientists predicted the current ‘giant’ floods and what will come next.

  1. Craig B. Mana says:

    From the triangle of life to information on current world events the Dough’s block had given me some insights into my understanding of the world and also it had enthrensed my belief in the Holy Bible of prophesies there since I signed into it. Thank you as these information gives me the hedge to better prepare myself physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you very much.

  2. Craig B. Mana says:

    From the triangle of life to information on current world events the Dough’s block had given me some insights into my understanding of the world and also it had enthrensed my belief in the Holy Bible of prophesies there since I signed into it. Thank you as these information gives me the hedge to better prepare myself physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you very much

  3. I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

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There was a time when everyone was expected to be a “survivalist.” If there was a disaster or a long-term crisis, people were expected to take care of themselves and each other. Why are survivalists now portrayed as paranoid conspiracy theorists?


Disaster Preparation and Survival

Why The World Needs Survivalists

Urban Survival Site

How to Survive in the City When Disaster Strikes
| Author: Urban Alan

Although survivalists are usually Why The World Needs Survivalists portrayed as paranoid conspiracy theorists by the main stream media, during a crisis they are heroes.

Take a look at this poster. The U.S. Department of Agriculture printed and distributed it during the Great Depression. At that time the country was suffering terribly and soup kitchens were being stretched to the limit. There was a desperate need for regular people to pick up the slack, so the government actually encouraged them to raise chickens, grow gardens, and can food. Nowadays, local governments are actually trying to stop people from growing gardens on their own property or arresting them for harvesting rainwater from their own roofs.

There was a time when everyone was expected to be a “survivalist.” If there was a disaster or a long-term crisis, people were expected to take care of themselves and each other because it wasn’t possible for the government to take care of everyone. But now that we have things like welfare and Medicaid, few people bother to be self-reliant because they think if something terrible happens, someone else will help them. The problem with this attitude is that one day the government won’t be able to take care of everyone, and communities may rely on those “crazy preppers” for survival. The more preppers there are, the easier it will be on everyone.

Consider FEMA’s pathetic response after hurricane Katrina. Governments tend to be slow and inefficient, particularly in situations like that. But if average citizens all had a 72-hour kits with food and water purifiers, there wouldn’t have been near as much suffering. For every survivalist, there is one less person waiting in line for food or water, which makes life easier for everyone.

Consider a couple other areas of survivalism where everyone benefits. When more people have first aid kits and know how to use them, less people die because the hospitals aren’t as overwhelmed. Or when people have guns to defend their homes, looters and rapists are less of a problem because they fear for their lives.

The point of all this is to say that the world needs survivalists. There are certain to be more disasters, and I’m positive another economic crisis is coming. But if you’re able to take care of yourself, you won’t be a drain on others and society will recover more quickly. You might even say it’s your civic duty to be more self-reliant, as the Department of Agriculture once believed.

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I received  this in my  email this morning  .  I thought it was important to share



(Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III ;U.S. Army, Retired)


"The new White House Executive Order of March 16, 2012, the so-called 'National Defense Resources Preparedness Order' is a clear blueprint for total government control over the civilian economy, under the guise of 'national defense.' This latest outrage against the Constitution reminds me of the totalitarian world of Orwell's 1984, where a few Ministries controlled everything. Below is our Counsel Ralph Fucetola JD's analysis of this Executive Order."

Push Back here:

From Counsel Ralph:  The White House has set in motion the regulatory basis for an American version of Lenin's "War Communism" whereby the entire civilian economy is militarized and marshaled as the Leader directs through five specific Federal Departments. Notice which Department now has control over which aspects of your lives.
This section quoted below provides for the take over of the means of production. It says that the Five Department heads can override private contracts and commandeer all the resources of all the people. This Executive Order, if allowed to stand, sets the legal basis for total government control over, as it says below, "food... energy... health... civil transportation... water... and all other materials, services and facilities..."

Read the entire Order here:

Sec. 201Priorities and Allocations Authorities.  (a)  The authority of the President conferred by section 101 of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2071, to require acceptance and priority performance of contracts or orders (other than contracts of employment) to promote the national defense over performance of any other contracts or orders, and to allocate materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense, is delegated to the following agency heads:

(1)  the Secretary of Agriculture with respect to food resources, food resource facilities, livestock resources, veterinary resources, plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer;

(2)  the Secretary of Energy with respect to all forms of energy;

(3)  the Secretary of Health and Human Services with respect to health resources;

(4)  the Secretary of Transportation with respect to all forms of civil transportation;

(5)  the Secretary of Defense with respect to water resources; and

(6)  the Secretary of Commerce with respect to all other materials, services, and facilities, including construction materials.

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Yesterday, I got an email from Katlyn, in California. She sent me the results of her science project proving that the Triangle of Life saves more lives than ‘duck and Cover’.

Katlyn’s Private School has been using the ‘Triangle of Life’ as their Official Policy; since, 2009. They have shunned ‘duck and cover’.

Katlyn used a Wylie Shake Table and classroom desks to conduct her scientific test. Of course, as in reality; the Triangle of life was vastly more effective.

Many countries, that are not negatively impacted by the excessive greed of the Insurance Companies, support the ‘triangle of life’, as public policy.


Many private schools have been using the triangle of life, for years. Many USA and Canadian Public School Teachers, of conscience, have been teaching the ‘triangle of life, for years.

The noteworthy aspect of Katlyn’s Science project is that she was NOT doing the test to convince her school to adopt the triangle of life.

The purpose of her test was to create more proof so that more public schools who are forced to follow ‘duck and cover’ will change their policy to ‘the triangle of life’. (The insurance companies have actuarial determined that it is more profitable if the children die from ‘duck and cover; rather than, survive and seek compensation for injury or trauma.)

Katlyn felt sorry for the children whose lives are endangered because of greedy insurance companies; Public School Boards that consider it cheaper and less trouble if children die immediately because of duck and cover (school boards who have been told that their insurance policy will be dropped or premium increased if they adopt the triangle of life because more survivors mean more expense and less profit).

I applaud Katlyn for her efforts to help USA public children survive earthquakes; just like the children, in her school will.

Isn’t it always true that the wealthy survive; always get the best, and American Public Schools languish. It is truly sad that humanity and decency have been so diminished that school children’s lives are no more than an item on a risk manager’s actuarial table and their life means nothing compared to maximizing shareholder return.

As the German Philosopher Schopenhauer said, about the path of ALL Truth:” First it is ridiculed, secondly it is violently opposed and thirdly it is accepted as self evident.”

Now, that the elite, rich and well educated are using the ‘triangle of life’; How long will it be before the children of the middle class and poor will be allowed to be safe, protected and survive, too?

Go to other blog articles for a mountain of videos, documents and read about other countries having saved thousands of lives via ‘ the triangle of life’.


Within minutes of posting this article George Quakenbush, an American Engineer living in Chile wrote to me. He said:”
I was in Concepcion, Chile last night and had several good tremors. That, of course, was the topic of conversion at breakfast and a young lady gave me the entire discourse on the triangle of life.

Congratulations, your info is finally getting out to the populaces of the many countries.

Hope this finds you in better health.”

Quake Alarm has been saving lives around the world, for 10 years. It has saved an entire school full of children, in Mexico, for less than $50. Only a few thousand, have been sold in the USA. Why are Americans so backward when it comes to earthquake safety? The School Boards are laying off teachers, risking childrenb’s lives to avoid higher earthquake premium’s for survivors, cutting down in every way. They won’t even spend $50 to give an entire school an advance warning of an earthquake wave approaching.

Click here to read about Quake Alarm receiving the ARTI Life Saving Achievement Award.

I was in Mexico, last month. The school playgrounds still have swings, tetter totters, and merry-go-rounds. USA Insurance Companies have forced School Boards to take children’s playgrounds away.

It is not good enough to take away children’s fun; they endanger children’s lives for ‘shareholder’ return, too. It takes a cruel and cold heart like a NAZI Death Camp guard to work for an American Insurance Company. The VP of Underwriting at Muchener-Re told us the same excuse that the death camp guards used:”My job is not to save lives. My job is to maximize shareholder return. If I was to change policy, to allow the ‘triangle of life’ to save children’s lives; then the Board would fire me and replace me with someone else. It would serve no purpose. I would only be replaced.”

Read more…

One of the Worst of the 1%, Occupy Decency

A True Story about ! of the worst of the 1%10958007286?profile=original

Read about this NYFD Fire Chief whose dead body, at 911 was attacked, degraded and beaten..and the perpetrators got PRAISE because they worked for the owner of the newspaper !

They were never punished.

Thompson Lang was a disturbed student when he inherited $110 million dollars and a newspaper, the Albuquerque Journal.

Lang, described as a ‘power hungry bully’, by world famous attorney, F. Lee Bailey was quoted in Crosswinds Magazine as boasting that he ‘controls’ the election of every public official, in his state, of New Mexico.

This article will be part of a series outlining some of the excessive and outrageous things that Thompson Lang has done to decent people, as part of his, out-of-control lifestyle of excess, power, greed and hatefulness.

Lang fraudulently misrepresented himself as a ‘humanitarian’ and thereby was able to ‘trick’ the American Rescue Team International, Rescue Chief; into gaining permission to fly his private jet into New York City, during 911. As events, soon disclosed, Lang had no intentions of anything ‘humanitarian’.

Here is one example of many, to follow, concerning Thompson Lang’s ‘explosion’ of outrageous behavior, at 911 and as a lifestyle. It includes details concerning Lang’s entourage of ‘hanger’s on’, body guards, sexual companions and minions; in other words: Lang’s Gang:

(NB. This is an excerpt from a book, to be published, by Doug Copp. Everything , in this book is true, factual, accurate and was prepared to be submitted, to court, under penalty of perjury. Several sworn affidavits give evidence of it’s veracity.)

“Unknown to Copp were Lang’s nefarious and satanic intentions. of abuse, scandal, greed, and disgusting behavior; almost beyond anyone’s imagination.

Among many disgusting acts: LANG’S GANG repeatedly punched, kicked, abused and hurled profanity at the corpse of a dead NYFD officer; believed to be, Chief Ray Downey, of NYFD. This ‘dead hero’ was laying in rest, in a refrigerated ambulance outside of the NYFD Roosevelt Island, NYFD Fire Station. He was resting there; so that, his fellow firefighters could pay their respects, to him. Two members of Lang’s entourage entered the ambulance and attacked the dead hero.

Ironically, Copp had collaborated with Chief Ray Downey to help promote the’ triangle of lif’e, via a ‘test’ in a NYC demolished building, due to take place in October of 2001. Peter Donahue of NYPD had helped to arrange this.

After being witnessed, by Copp, Peter Donahue and the distributor for Hurst Rescue Tools, Eric Wade, who had previously been sanctioned by the NY Stock Exchange, for his part, in a $10 million dollar stock swindle..fled the scene.( Lang had written about Wade’s scandal, with the stock swindle, at the time. But Lang later came to publish adoration and praise about him.)

Wade ran to the freeway, to escape from members of NYFD, stopped a taxi , raced to the airport and hurriedly took the next flight.

Thompson Lang emptied Wade’s Hotel Room and returned Wade’s luggage to Albuquerque. Leslie Linthicum, continued to write a series of articles; describing Lang, as a ‘heroic humanitarian’ and Eric Wade as a “shining example for young business executives”.

When Lithicum was, later, asked how she could write such words about Eric Wade. She replied: “I can write anything I want to write and I will praise anyone; who will help, to destroy, Copp”.

Previously, Copp had told Lang to “behave himself”; because, first responders were emotionally vulnerable and in a state of shock. Lang had been admonished by Copp because he was using the 911 rubble for sexual overtures/games. We were told of Lang’s San Francisco sexual escapades via a confidant of one of Lang’s former bodyguards. Lang’s response was to tell Copp that He (Lang) “could care less, about them (the first responders) . I just want my fucking badge.” Copp bit his tongue. He didn’t want to walk home.

This brutal attack on a dead firefighter, was the ‘last straw for Copp”, who promptly told Lang ‘to go to Hell’. When Lang pushed Copp to provide him with a NYC Emergency Pass; which would provide Lang with unfettered access to media-restricted, areas’; Copp called Lang “an evil bastard” and told Lang that he didn’t care if Lang “was the richest man in the world”. Copp wanted nothing to do with him and Lang should go “fuck himself”. This last confrontation between Copp and Lang was the result of a ‘litany’ of evil and disgusting acts; that Lang had committed, at 911. Copp could stand no more.

Lang’s face grew red with rage; as he took off, swearing revenge against Copp, for depriving Lang of his ‘fun’ at 911. Lang was deprived of his ‘glory’, his newspaper publishing awards and the wealth/money from a ‘world wide media exclusive’ and the ‘scoop’, of all time.

Lang went back to Albuquerque and published many front page articles about Lang’s heroism and humanity, never mentioning Copp’s name till Lang discovered that Copp was sick and near death, from his 911 injuries, till 3 years later, in 2004.

Little did Copp know of the life changing events to follow.”

Thompson Lang and his gang of villains are prominent in Copp’s Book; which includes, the intimate details of 25 years of the hard-core reality of more than 100 major disaster events, around the world.

Read more…
Please forward to everyone you care about. So they can be safe.
The Blog Article This article will take a minute to load; since, it has complete and convincing material to save your life. If you study this page then you and your family will survive building collapse…even if everyone else dies…you will survive. Just as the Turks have survived.
"As CNN Reports; according to the Ministry of Civil Defense of Turkey, an unprecedented LARGE number of victims have survived the collapsed buildings and an unprecedented LOW percentage of deaths have occurred.

The Triangle of Life was taught to these victims and is responsible for their survival. Thank God almighty that USA Insurers and the bureaucrats who are insured by them have been unable to stop us from saving these lives. Instead of the usual 2 percent survival rate from ‘duck and cover. The survival rates has been increased to 80 percent ( statistics at 2nd day of earthquake ).


Watch MSNBC TV Coverage of AKUT as they rescue victims who survived in the rubble, using the triangle of life. Look closely and you will notice that these victims are NOT under desks or any other objects. The ceiling came down and rested on big objects on either side of the victim. The victim survived uncrushed. This is the only way to survive building collapse. Notice triangular shapes everywhere, in the rubble. These ‘safe areas’, triangles of life are as natural to building collapse as gravity."

"The “Life goes on, Turkey” (Hayata Devam Türkiye) campaign is hitting the road to raise awareness about the risks of earthquakes, fires and floods through the use of a quake simulator and interactive theatrical skits. It is a partnership between the Search and Rescue Association of Turkey, or AKUT, and Aksigorta, an insurance company.

Standing beside the campaign’s two bright red trailer trucks, Namık Arıkol, the project’s general coordinator, with long hair and dressed in a black t-shirt and leather vest, looks like he could be preparing for an upcoming rock concert. Arıkol, however, is interested in preparing Turkey for something more dangerous.


“Ninety-five percent of Turkey lies in an earthquake region,” Arıkol told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review. “Turks wrongly think earthquakes result from only God’s work or fate, and structurally weak buildings remain in place to kill people.

“The project aims to continue for five years and eventually reach a total of 5 million people in 50 cities and 250 districts in Turkey, according to Burçak Seyis, the representative of Aksigorta for the project.” By Following the links,""

Below is the Triangle of Life Brochure given to 1 million people, in Turkey, to date. It has pictures, images and text instructing people..NOT to get under a desk, It Shows you to Get Next to Your Desk; NOT to get under furniture, Get Next to furniture; and Showing you Triangles of Life, in Rubble, to survive. DO NOT DUCK AND COVER. YOU WILL BE CRUSHED TO DEATH!




Doug Copp was asked by a mother, of an American Student /hiker, to go, to Turkey and locate her son; who had been missing, in a wilderness area of Turkey, for 8 months. The US Military, US Embassy, Turkish Mountain Climbers and locals had searched for him without success. Doug went there planning to spend a couple of weeks searching. Doug found his remains, the first day.

This gave Doug extra free time to spend, in Turkey. Doug asked AKUT. the local mountain club: ” What happens when people are trapped in collapsed buildings? Who rescues them? ( Doug has trained hundreds of rescue teams and had planned to train a Turkish team.)”

The reply was: “Nobody. Nothing happens. People arn’t rescued.”
Doug said: ” No, let me explain. I mean…the people are alive and need to be rescued..’
The response was: “Nothing is done. It is the will of Allah.”
Doug said:” ” I mean..the people are screaming for help..they are alive..and trapped”
The answer was harsh;” Nothing is done..the rubble is taken to the ‘dump’……the people believe it is the will of Allah….they are left to die.”

Doug said to AKUT:” You guys are well educated, athletic, cultured, sophisticated..why don’t you let me train you to rescue people??”

The members of AKUT huddled together, spoke together and then turned to me, saying:” Sure. We can do that.”

Doug trained the mountain club to rescue people..and returned to Turkey many times, to train, lecture to the government and to help AKUT get funding and official recognition from the Turkish Government. The scientific triangle of Life test took place with the Federal Government, City of Istanbul, University of Istanbul and others involved. Movie Stars took part and it was broadcast on National Turkish TV and throughout the world, on Real TV.

AKUT has logged almost 2,000 rescues; since, Doug started the rescue team. The first thing that Doug teaches any rescuer is how to save their life and how to ensure that their family survives. ” A dead rescuer saves..nobody.”

The seed of the “Triangle of Life’ was planted.


doug copp

founder of ARTI ( the world's most experienced rescue and disaster mitigation/management organization) and the Discoverer of the 'triangle of life' to take building collapse survivability from 2% using 'duck and cover' to 90% using the 'triangle of life'
ARTI is composed of All Unpaid Volunteers

prior to 911, I was the most experienced rescue person, in the world. Permanently disabled from 911, I have changed my life-focus towards preventing bureaucracy and vested financial interests from causing the deaths of 200,000 children per year. I am promoting the belief that the lives of children are more important than American Insurance Company Shareholder profits.
see for hundreds of pages of testimonials, videos, docs. Complete information to survive major disaster, learned from doug's searching 896 collapsed buildings and witnessing 1+ million collapsed buildings, at more than 100 major disaster events; throughout the entire
or our eye opening/controversial and mega informative blogs at

Go to youtube and watch MORE THAN 100 youtube videos at amerrescue and amerrescuegmail youtube channels

1-902-567-1227 home

" There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the real labor of thinking." Above all .......overcome this.
Read more…


This is compiled by doctors not in the employ of gov't and who stand against abuse.  It seems balanced and gives more information about taking potassium iodide.  Repost granted by Steve Quayle @




Currently, the Pacific jet stream is flowing due east directly toward the United States. In the event of a major meltdown and continuous large-volume radioactive release, airborne cesium-and iodine will be carried across the ocean and will probably cross over Oregon, Montana and Idaho, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, the Dakotas, northern Nebraska and Iowa and ending in Wisconsin and Illinois, with possible further eastward drift depending on surface wind direction. 

Most of the particles can be expected to travel high in the atmosphere (especially if lifted by Japanese volcanic activity), with fallout dependent on low pressure zones, rainfall and temperatures over the US. If a meltdown can be contained in Fukushima, a small amount of particles would be dispersed in the atmosphere with little immediate effect on human and animal health.

Another climate factor to be taken into account is the potential for an El Nino Variable pushing the jet stream further northward, causing fallout over western Canada and a larger number of American states. 

Seasonal rainfall over Japan does not normally begin until mid-April and does not become significant until early June. Currently there is no appreciable rainfall occurring on the Pacific between Japan and the US mainland. This means the fallout could easily remain fully lofted all the way to the US.



Several Japanese practitioners used the well known radioprotective effects of a special subtype of the nutritional algae Chlorella pyrenoidosa to save thousands of lives in the nuclear aftermath of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. D.Klinghardt MD, PhD recommends at least 5-7 grams of a selected chlorella to be taken 3 times a day 30 minutes before a meal, depending on the quantity of exposure even more. Chlorella has been shown to bind and aid the excretion of uranium, cesium, methyl mercury and lead – all metals which are - or can become - radioactive after an exposure. In recent years an extract of the kitchen herb cilantro has been studied by the nuclear industry for its phenomenal ability to help the excretion of radioactive metals. 15 drops 3 times a day 30 min before meals do the job! Both available in the correct form from:



Bathing & Washing

Rinse but do not scrub when washing yourself. Scrubbing can force radioactive particles into the skin. Showering is recommended when radioactive dust is visible on a person’s skin or hair. Otherwise, it is not as effective as bathing. For bathing after overt exposure add one pound of baking soda and one pound of sea salt to a hot bath and soak for 20 minutes then shower with cool water. Including one pound of bentonite clay in the bath increases its effectiveness considerably.




Soak all greens and vegetables or fruit that cannot be peeled in a mixture of 4 ounces of baking soda per gallon for at least 20 minutes. You can also scrub foods with baking soda and a damp sponge (use rubber gloves if your food is dusty from fallout and avoid breathing the dust). Baking soda absorbs uranium and some other radioactive particles very well.



Read more…

This is old news but makes a good point about the expenditures...

"But here's what we do know. This kind of spending by a minor government agency in this economy just doesn't make sense ... unless there are extraordinary circumstances behind it, circumstances we aren't privy to. Because Congress has failed to pass a budget, the government is now operating under what's called a continuing resolution. The practical effect of this continuing resolution is that the government stays in business, but all extras are curtailed. Agencies spend far less on travel and training expenses, for instance. And they certainly don't start stockpiling supplies.

In this economic climate, you would expect FEMA also to be minimizing expenses. But clearly, they're not. If you do the math, the approximate tab for 420 million meals comes to about a billion dollars.

What is so urgent that FEMA is spending a billion dollars on survival food?

Could officials be worried about extensive power grid damage from solar flares? (A big one hit last week and took out communications in China.) Are they worried about riots and demonstrations causing gridlock in communities? (The demonstrations in Wisconsin and Ohio have been peaceful so far ... but look what happened in Egypt.) Are they worried about terrorist attacks? (Some reports say that there's been more "chatter" lately on terrorist communication networks.)

[And don't forget the New Madrid.]

Read more…

I would like to point you in the direction of a directive that was executed without the knowledge of the American people. This directive will affect our survival in the future. One could venture that it's main purpose is to enslave t he people of this country and leave them beholden and defenseless to the whims of the government. Take a look at the videos and tell me what you think people will do without rights to body of water within American territory including private land..........


The Great Water Heist Part 1

The Great Water Heist- Part 2

Read more…

BP Oil Spill Stalls
Gulf Loop Current
— Update #1

New Analysis Shows Stall on June 12, 2010

Original Article: BP Oil Spill Stalls
Gulf Loop Current
, 01-August-2010

YOWUSA.COM, 05-August-10

Marshall Masters - BP Oil Spill Stalls Gulf Loop CurrentIn this first update in this series, Dr. Gianluigi Zangari, an Italian
theoretical physicist and major complex and chaotic systems analyst
at the Frascati National Laboratories in Italy, believes that a
cover-up is in progress.
In what he refers to as "taroccare" (to falsify), Zangari maintains that that tampering of Colorado Center for
Astrodynamics Research (CCAR) oceanographic imagery for June 12, 2010
represents an attempt to cover up the Loop Current stall event on
that day. Thanks to the US Navy, he has smoking gun proof.
Dr. Gianluigi ZangariWhat brought Dr. Zangari to these conclusions is the result of the natural
scientific process of mining his existing database for new
information. His data spans over a decade and he's searching for a
sign, that natural processes are
re-establishing the stalled Loop Current. If not, we could begin to
see global crop failures as early as 2011.
Alarmed by the CCAR tampering, Zangari transmitted his findings in a series of
three e-mails to Marshall Masters of on August 4, 2010.
To help readers follow this new development, a series of composite
images prepared from Zangari's e-mails will be presented in
chronological order. Following which, a possible theory as to who
may have corrupted the CCAR database and how, will be presented.

Zangari's Original Paper — 21-June-2010

Dr. Zangari's original paper published on 21-June-2010 was first brought
to our attention by subscriber Amy Evans on July 22,
2010. While the original paper is not dated, the document time
stamp shows that it was created on 21-June-2010.
Zangari's Original Paper — 21-June-2010
Please note: The modified date was updated when the file was save to a
different location on my own hard drive.
What drew my attention to the paper was the amount of disinformation attacks
waged against it, so when Dr. Bill Deagle asked me to appear on his radio show with Dr. Zangari, I accepted. I
was sufficiently impressed by Dr. Zangari's integrity and
professionalism to proceed with this series of articles. In this
update, I am presenting the comments and images he sent us via e-mail
on August 4, 2010.

CCAR Sea Surface Height Database Tampering for June 12, 2010

In this first of his three e-mails, Zangari has just discovered tampering in
the CCAR database with regards to the sea surface height imagery for
June 12, 2010. Using his own extensive library of captures, which he
refers to as the “OLD”, he compares it with the “NEW”
(tampered) imagery, which is substantially different.
CCAR Sea Surface Height Database Tampering for June 12, 2010

Gianluigi Zangari
To Marshall Masters
Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 06:02

Dear Marshall, it has happened a very strange thing. Check these two maps
by CCAR of the same day. The first one (old) is the map I used for my
paper. Now the same map (new) of the same day published by CCAR is
completely different!!!

Why?? What does it mean? It's very strange. May be it would be better to not
use anymore those data....


CCAR Sea Surface Velocity Database
Tampering for
June 12, 2010

As with the “OLD”, the “NEW” comparison of the sea
surface height noted above, the sea surface velocity imagery for the
same dates is substantially different as well.
CCAR Sea Surface Velocity Database Tampering for June 12, 2010

Gianluigi Zangari
To Marshall Masters
Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 06:30

Also the velocity maps of the same day (June 12) are now different (see
attached). Check the first (old) is that I used for my paper, while
the second (new) is that which is on-line now.

In Italy we use to say "taroccare" (to falsify).

Regards, GLZ

NRLSSC Wave Height Comparison for
June 12, 2009
and June 12, 2010

With a decade of experience in this line of research, Dr. Zangari knew where
to look reliable data and found it on the Naval Research Laboratory
Real-Time Global Ocean Analysis and Modeling
web site.
NRLSSC Wave Height Comparison

Gianluigi Zangari
To Marshall Masters
Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 08:12

The correct maps (which show the same results I have published on last 12
june) are collected by the Naval Research Laboratory Real-Time Global

Ocean Analysis and Modeling. As you can see, they show clearly the breaking
of the loop on june 12.

US Navy v. CCAR - for June 12, 2010

When the US Navy imagery is compared with CCAR for the same date, the
differences defy dismissive claims of mere coincidence. What more can
we say but “Go Navy!”
US Navy v. CCAR - for June 12, 2010
On the other hand, who could have tampered with the CCAR imagery and why?
Or as Dr. Zangari aptly put it, "taroccare" (to falsify).

CCAR Tampering Scenario

No doubt this evidence of tampering with the CCAR data will raise a host of
theories and denials. However, the one possible theory this article
will address shall be that of corporate espionage, given that the US
Navy, maintained the integrity of their data for the date in question.
In this regard, I will briefly explain my technical background as it
applies to this scenario.
Prior to starting Your Own World Books in 2002, I worked in the computer
industry for over two decades and in a various roles. In the last
five, I specialized in Internet and Storage Area Network (SAN)
technologies and my client list included AT&T, Hewlett Packard,
Oracle, SUN Microsystems and Lockheed Martin.
9-11 Lookdown on Ground ZeroDuring that time, my most interesting assignment was on documenting the
command and control communication system for the civilian imaging
satellite that took those stunning look down photos of ground zero,
shortly after 9-11.
Since then, I have developed and maintained all of my our web sites,
message boards, etc. and have had ongoing battle with web site
attacks. Where cranks, kids and nutters like to mess up a site with
defacements and so forth, professionals make very precise, surgical
hits. Hits so clean that it can days or weeks to find them.
For general disruptions, the pros target like to vulnerable areas such as
database linkages and they are very good at what they do. Over the
years, I've studied their tactics and this corruption, or tampering
if you will, is a pro hit. No two ways about it. Clean. Precise.
Will CCAR ever admit to it? Heaven's no! That would make as much sense to them
(or anyone else running a data center) as strolling into a single bar
with the words “I have an STD” tattooed on your forehead.
It's just not going to happen.
So how do the pros do it? For that, a very simplistic view of what happens in
a data center is helpful.
Very Simple Example
In the illustration above, the security we typically encounter as users is
through the Internet, which can only be regarded as an “untrusted”
The firewall is the part of the system that prevents hackers from
breaking in through the “front door.” This is an
ever-evolving game of cat and mouse between security administrators,
and in a world full of nasty nutters, the pros prefer a different way
into the data center.
Inside the data center, security is another matter, because servers and
databases are “behind the firewall” and therefore
“trusted.” In other words, the barn doors are always open
if you can find your way onto the master communication backbone that
connects servers, databases, etc. within the confines of the data
Obviously, a phone call that scares someone into a job security panic is the
most effective and expedient way to go, but there are less obtrusive
ways. Or more importantly, ways with perfect deniability.
Namely, the security sniffers used by Intelligence agencies to monitor
traffic for terrorists, etc. Years ago they were known as the FBI
Carnivore system and as the NSA Echelon system and then everyone
learned the hard way to write about it. ('nuff said.)
Although government operate these sniffers, they rely on defense contractors
to build, program and support them. That's a lot of people with
access. Ergo, abuse of these sniffers is genuine concern.
The reason why this is is relevant to this news story is that this surgical hit
on the CCAR data center was carefully aimed at the database, within
the data center's storage area network (SAN). In other words, this
was not a case of breaking down the front door with sledgehammer, but
a clean surgical hit deep inside the CCAR data center itself.
Whoever did this can afford it. You the reader can fill in the blanks
as you wish, as this is all past tense.

The Real Issue at Hand

Doing a “who shot John” on the CCAR tampering is pointless. Or
as Dr. Zangari so aptly states it, 'Why?? What does it mean? It's
very strange. May be it would be better to not use anymore those
Beyond politics, intrigues and speculation, the larger question still looms
over us all. Can the Loop Current re-organize itself? Let us pray
that it does. will report new developments in Dr. Zangari's research as they
become available.

Disclaimer Requested by Dr. Zangari
After Original Posting of Article
Recieved Aug 5, 2010 at 03:37

Dear Marshall Masters, please publish immediately the following disclaimer on the same page and/or where everyone
can read it


The letters, images, analysis and statements attributed to me and
published today without my permission and appointment by Marshall Masters
at the web page
were totally distorted and misunderstood. I never talked of falsification,
or accused or intended to accuse anyone of any falsification and/or
tampering and/or other, not even the Colorado Center CCAR or others, which
I believe and trust to be Research Centers and Universities of the utmost
honesty, seriousness and professionalism. And to which I am very grateful
for the cooperation. Note that in Italian, "taroccare" means "play the
tarot" or "be angry or grumbling. " I just merely observed that the maps
that have been published about the SSH and velocity data of the same day
(June 12 2010)
were different and that I'm now using data of the Naval Research Center
and NOAA. And that's all. I context therefore fully the statements and
declarations that I have been involuntarily assigned and from which I
totally disagree.

Gianluigi Zangari

Read more…

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