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Ascension Time is NOW, Keys to Ascending,
Mastering the Ego, Allowing,  Joining with Others
to Achieve the Higher Realms



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By Sananda (Lord Jesus the Christ Ascended)
(channeled though the body of Debbie Wright of Sananda's Eagles)
(public channeling)

The energies, during this energetic shift, are marvelous to
‘watch’, but I am sure they are very crunching to endure,
especially when you do not breathe well enough, or drink enough
water, or pray enough, or meditate enough, or allow enough.  I do
wish to say that we are proud of each and every one of you, and I
am including even those that are not in this room.

However, we can tell you, it is time.  It is time to do what you
feel your Creator tells you to do, because the more you fight it
the harder it shall be for you to work and survive within these
energies.  These ARE the times that the prophets of old spoke of.
These ARE the times that all the dreamers have dreamed of.

All we can do is make suggestions to assist you in coping.  We
cannot do it for you, and we understand that for some it shall be
work.  But it is time to face fears, it is time to begin allowance,
it is time to ease control, and it is time to do what needs to be

Some of you...are strong enough to bear the burden.  You’re strong
enough to bear the burden for many, but what are they doing for
you?  For you see, if you feel in turmoil even when you are closest
to God, that turmoil is your soul speaking to you, telling you that
you cannot learn the lessons for all, no matter how badly you want
things to accelerate, no matter how much your heart cries out to go
Home... It is time to concentrate only on your Mission -- with others --
and then
YOU and the planet will Ascend together!




By Sananda (Lord Jesus the Christ Ascended)
(channeled though the body of Debbie Wright of Sananda's Eagles)

We will call this lesson "Ascension". I put a lot of thought into
it to get that. <grin> Ascension is nothing more than the state of
rising. Rising what, you may ask. [One primary way to **rise**in
Ascension is to do your Mission for the Creator.]

You can be climbing a ladder, you can be walking up stairs, you can
be raising your vibration, you can be raising your consciousness,
or you can be 'flying high'. They're all the same. We have given
you the lessons that explain intricacies that have never been
explained fully before.

When you say 'Sananda Teaches Ascension', we ask the question
"What is it that Sananda would really wish for us to truly
understand about Ascension?" I think I can answer that. <grin> So…
we shall make a list, not necessarily in the following order, for
each individual is different. But I will give you the list of the
items that I, personally, find it helpful and beneficial for each
and every one of you to know concerning Ascension.

Strive to master your ego, for it is your ego, in this reality,
that tends to muddle things for you. It is your ego, in this
reality, that tends to hold you back, that tends to make you wish
to 'mirror' all things that are sent to you, instead of allowing
you the opportunity to discern what can be mirrored and what can be
transmuted to be a different reflection of who you are. Egos are
wonderful things once they have been mastered.

Allow. Allow yourself the opportunity to be who you really are. And
at the same time, allow all others that you interact with to be
exactly who THEY truly are… without your interference, that is,
because you would not wish to have their interference for you. If
you allow yourself to be who you truly are, or at least begin that
journey, then it also assists you in seeing the best in others. And
once you can begin seeing the best in others, then naturally they
will begin seeing the best in you… or vice versa.

This, and mastering your ego, are the two truly solitary things for
you to do on the ascension path. All the rest have to do with
becoming one with each other again, assisting each other, and
loving each other. For if you can begin the two on your own, to
master your ego and to allow yourself and others, then your soul
puts out a call to all others. It puts out a call saying, "We have
begun the process… come to us, help us, then we shall help you. You
sing the chorus and I'll sing the melody, or vice versa, depending
on who you are and who I am with you."

One of the hardest lessons for those in this reality to learn is,
you spend most of your lives here striving to be looked at,
striving to be noticed, striving to become 'someone'. And what it's
truly all about is to do this exact same thing but to see who has
the biggest 'group', the biggest choir. We do not encourage anyone
to be the best teacher, to be the best student. We encourage
everyone to be the best at calling out to all the rest, for the
more that you can call into yourself, the quicker this job gets

The ASCENSION of mankind and the ascension of this planet are NOT
acquired by individual progress. That goal shall be accomplished
by… the "team" having the most players shall win. <grin> THAT is
what I wish for all that have learned my lessons to realize...

We love patting each and every one of you on the head… and that is
not meant in a condescending manner… for we love dearly each and
every one of you. We hug you all the time, however we cannot allow
you to feel that energy when we hug you. Some of you get glimpses
because, when we do hug you, it raises your vibration so high that
you just might 'tweak out'. So we can caress, and we can pat, and
we can hug 'unofficially', because we DO understand that this is
not an easy job.

We do understand that, as far as YOUR MISSIONS are concerned,
some of us probably have had a better go of it than some of you.
And for that we are truly thankful. Not because we're thankful it
was not us that had the hard job, it is because we are thankful
that the right person got the hard job. Because that hard job is to
be done by the best, and the best ones here have those jobs. And we
understand that, we acknowledge that. The only ones that do not
truly and fully understand that and acknowledge that are those that
have those jobs. And they pray, and they beg, and sometimes they
stand outside and yell, scream, and holler at us. <grin> But that's
OK… we have it all recorded for you for later. We honestly feel
you'll have a full appreciation of the entertainment value of that
once this mission is over with. <grin> And while we lounge around
on our ships, and we eat our chocolates, and drink our Arnk, <grin>
we have more compassion for you than you'll ever know.

There have been times that some of us have crossed the line
occasionally to make things just a little bit easier for you,
however, we cannot do that without permission. And that permission
is usually given unless there's some sort of contractual snafu in
there that keeps it from being taken care of. But we do wish for
you to understand that for every prayer, or 'beg', or sometimes
vile words that get thrown our way, it is OK because we are doing
the exact same thing for you and with you. However, what gets the
job done is 'perseverance'. And if you can master your ego, and
allow yourself and others, it DOES make it less of a struggle.

Now, I'm going to ask a couple of questions. And I wish for these
questions to be pondered before answering. So it, technically, is
not possible to have you answer these in your classroom unless you
do what we've always encouraged you to do, and that is to read the
lessons beforehand. So I guess we'll know then, won't we? <grin>

a) I have, or have not, begun mastering my ego. Yes or No?
b) I allow myself to begin to see who I truly am. Yes or No?
c) I allow others the opportunity to see and be who they truly are
without interference from me. Yes or No?




If you are ready, and SERIOUS, about 'walking the talk' and working
your Mission by being of service to our Creator, the Earth, and
mankind, and would like to participate in ***Project: Eagle
Triad*** please email janisel(at)sanandaseagles.com

Learn More about details and History of ***Project Eagle Triad***
here: http://ashtarstrinity.sanandaseagles.com/





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In another blog, @ https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/50-answers-of-an-alien-from, there is an interesting discussion about Nancy and the "Zetas."  For the past few days, I had been considering posting the opinion of an ET about Zetatalk that was channeled for me in a "reading" that I received a month or so ago, but felt constrained.  However, the Andromedan message that was posted here earlier was the "green light" to post mine, so here it is, and it is more specific.

I have no history of being into "channeled" anything, but I was curious.  So, I've had two now.  The first one was not believable as there was nothing specific, nothing that couldn't fit most people, so I discounted it.  The second one was a real channel, I believe.  I was careful not to give much information (but still get my questions answered).  There were many things the channel mentioned that could not have been known because I didn't mention them.  (BTW, this reading also relates to the fear "exercise" I talked about in Hypothetical #4, as it was mentioned that it was an area to work on.)  I actually knew from experience about the squabbling, ego-tripping, and lack of integrity, but all I asked was what the ET thought about ZT. 

For those who don't know, I nearly drowned when I was 7 when a wave knocked me down under the water.  I was saved by a voice in my head telling me to get up, as it snapped me out of a daze.  Last year, that voice returned when I was reading ZT and asked me if I wanted a "lift" (the ZT term for lifting service-to-other people off the planet when the worst of the earthchanges are occurring, to save them).  See, https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/true-confessions-of-a for these and other details.

I shall not name the channel or the ET, to prevent unwarranted harassment like I have received for simply disagreeing with ZT.  Here is a portion of that reading:

"...there is so much contradiction, ego-tripping, and, yes, petty squabbling "out there" in Zeta Land.... [referring to "channels" on Earth.]

"Yes, you heard the same voice as you did at 7, but this has nothing REALLY to do with Zetatalk.  We do have members from the Zeta Reticuli area of space, they were among the first to explore Earth thousands of years ago.  Our Zeta friends are wonderful beings.  But this does not mean that the human receptors, or who claim to be the receptors of Zeta messages, who run Zetatalk, really have a connection to the Zetas.  Actually, [the good ET's don't refer to their individual races, but to their combined group, which is made up of a variety of ET's and beings from other times/dimensions], we are a group who does not stress this race or that race, and we are the "good guys" involved in these changing times and UFO sightings, etc.  There is not a separate "good guy" group, so to speak..

"That you heard your [ET "guardian angel's"] voice again after all these many years is a tribute to you and him, and regardless of how this event seemed to be involved with the Zetas, it was not involved with them in reality. 

[This did not surprise me because six months or so ago, that knowledge suddenly was in my brain.  (I don't usually hear voices in my head, what I get is a "silent knowing.")  It was like hitting a brick wall.  WTF?!?!? was my reaction.  I had been confused over that thought since then, because it certainly seemed like I was involved with the Zs.  And then, suddenly, out of the blue, the channel confirms it without me ever mentioning it.  So, was my earlier recalls erroneous?  No, because Zetas, as the channel/ET said, are part of the "good guy" group and they were in charge of my "fixes" as recounted in the True Confessions blog linked above.  Anyway, back to the reading.....]

"We do not feel Zetatalk is legitimately on your star path.  Listen most of all to the voice within, listen to your own heart and soul.  If something does not ring true such as their predictions which fail to come true time and again, questionable science, disinformation--then there is something wrong.  [I did not mention any of these things to them.]  Often what is wrong is that there is an individual or individuals who are following their own need for ego-boost.

"For what it is worth...Zeta channels have acted poorly in some instances--a lack of integrity."

And what they said about Gerard was the conclusion I had already formed.  (To protect his privacy, I won't disclose what was said.) 

Wow!  This channel was spot on.


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Another thought, could it be related to the October 13th UFO disclosure?

Yet another thought, if the disclosure actually happens on October 13th, would this throw the world into panic? It is said that the ships will hover over cities but they won't make actual contact. I would think just the presence of ships hovering over cities would cause everyone to think "INDEPENDENCE DAY" (the movie) and freak out. Who are they kidding?

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