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Would it work for EMP/Solar shelter, as well?

10957978478?profile=originalRelatively cheap and easy...

This is the proven pre-built ready-to-bury completed Mini Blast & Fallout Shelter upgraded by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine and described in detail here. This shelter was originally designed by volunteers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, to where in a pending crisis many people could take the simple plans for the shelter (available free at the link above) to a local steel fabricator and have it quickly and cheaply built.

Also, fabricated and available here at KI4U, Inc., utilizing galvanized corrugated steel (14 gauge rated for under road use type) for 50 psi blast and well in excess of 1000 PF fallout protection. Double entry/exit risers with double welded (inside & outside) 10 gauge steel plate bulkheads and 1/4" steel blast doors. With this pre-built, pickup truck delivered, shelter and less than two hours of backhoe work later, it's in-place in (beneath) your backyard. $3,200.00 FOB Central Texas, call (830) 672-8734 for more information and availability. (9 remaining in stock to ship today; as of 4/1/11) Be sure to also see/read the Nuclear Blast & Fallout Shelters FAQ for lots of other DIY free plans, books & additional other 'ready made' shelter sources! You'll be amazed what you can do right now, cheaply & effectively, with or without a beneath grade basement!

Also read:  "Or, If No Basement" section at for additional information.


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The current severe weather in the northern hemisphere provoked this question.

Where is a safe location if a significant portion of the northern hemisphere is buried under snow and ice?  Have we been misled that there is such an animal?  Have we ever been advised to prepare for heavy snow and ice in addition to a safe location (traditionally meaning safe from rising seas, large bodies of water, mountain building, extraordinary earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.)?  Did NZT miss some important factors to consider in determining a safe location?

Further, will a trench covered with a metal roof and sod keep us from drowning in heavy rains or keep us from freezing to death if a mini ice age does indeed blanket the northern hemisphere during the passage?

ZT hasn't talked about the Gulf Stream slowing/stopping, yet the phenomena has been known since at least 2005.  There was a recent mention that it wouldn't be a source of problems, yet look at the winter the UK/Europe is having...predicted to be the coldest in a 1,000 years, when another mini ice age occurred. 

And all the "lowlands" expected to flood?  How do they flood if they are frozen before the passage?  I understand that water could wash over them, but my point is that the data was presented as something people would have to plan for and evacuate from.  However, now it looks like they will need to evacuate because of the deep freeze.  In other words, NZT did not see climate change/freezing temperatures coming.  She didn't see the Gulf Stream slowing/stopping as significant and brushed it off.  And she was blindsided, proving again that she is not getting her information from intelligent extraterrestrials.

We need to rethink our safe locations and factor in protection from the elements as well.

And check out this link to see if a several-hundred-feet-in-elevation is really high enough if you are anywhere near large bodies of water. 

UPDATE:  06/21/2011:  Terral Croft has a map in his latest video, 7-7-11 Warning, that shows areas, such as the Appalachians and East Coast, in extreme danger zones, contrary to the Safe Locations document published by ZetaTalk.  Please examine Terral's map and decide if you need to alter your plans.  I am in the Appalachians, touted by ZetaTalk as being a safe area.  I don't buy the Zeta "water will dilute radiation" theory and think Terral's map makes more sense.  Of course, that is just my opinion.  You need to see the map: and decide for yourself.

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Mini-Solar System Clues?

From an email from Sheldon Day:

Remember Jim McCanney stating back in '04 or '05 that the Project Wormwood installation in Australia were buzzing with Professional Astronomers & military types & monitoring a 'mini Solar System' coming into ours ???? I HIGHLY suspect that Planet-X has planets or moons surrounding it...

Well, look at all of Mccanney's clues here-

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