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Jon David Miller

There are at least eight disasters that may soon change life as we know it, and seven of them are already underway. Most of these could cause an early death for millions.

Unfortunately, far too many people are unaware of how serious the situation is. They have the “normalcy bias,” the faulty assumption that normal will continue because it seems to have done so in the past. In actuality, “normal” has been changing throughout the entire life of each of us.

8 Life Changing Disasters

Sophisticated economic, political and social manipulation, the increased damage capabilities of war, widespread pollution and technologies from nukes to nanobots to death ray frequencies that raise the possibility for the end of all life on Earth. It all has made life very fragile and challenging in this era of humanity.

Beyond that, we must understand that there are elitist powers that control the finances, resources and technologies, and run the world’s institutions, that want the vast majority of us to be dead and gone. They think they don’t need us anymore. So they are not trying to prevent these disasters; they are causing or facilitating them.

There is little time to awaken as many people as possible to reality, so they can first protect themselves and their loved ones as much as possible, then work to prevent the worsening of these disasters that could yet unfold, and reverse the aspects in progress.

1 – The Economic Disaster

The international banksters intended from the start of the United States of America to control the finances. It took them about a century to get their agents strategically planted. By fostering the Civil War and manipulating key officials in the aftermath, they got a strong foothold in Washington, D.C. that culminated in the implementation of the Federal Reserve as a privately controlled central bank in 1913.

By allowing the bankers to freely issue our currency then lend it to the government at interest, as well as to businesses and individuals, coupled with the debasement of the dollar by divorcing it from gold and silver backing during the 20th Century, the “fiat” dollar has been reduced in value by 98% in 100 years.

The nation is so deep in debt that we are essentially owned by China, Japan and primarily the international banksters, headquartered in the City of London, Wall Street/D.C., The Vatican and Switzerland.

The mortgage fraud, the shaky derivatives market and the lessening status of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and “petrodollar”, have the financial markets, big banks and even governments on the verge of collapse. If nothing worse, excessive inflation in the U.S. is likely to ramp up very soon.

Warnings are being issued by a number of honest financial experts to minimize exposure in dollar-related assets, such as bank accounts, insurance, annuities, bonds and stocks. There could be a “haircut” tax in the U.S. on assets, as already done in some parts of Europe. In addition, pension funds of all types are vulnerable, including 401(k)s. Most recommend durable assets such as precious metals or land, or asset-backed foreign currencies.

The Great Recession of the last five years could become what trends researcher and forecaster, Gerald Celente, calls “the Greatest Depression”. Economic disaster is a major tool for the roll out of The New World Order Empire.

2 – The Food Disaster

The health of a population is tied to the quality of their food and the richness of their agricultural soil. The Standard American Diet (SAD) has worsened even as understanding of natural health and nutrition has grown over the last century.

Giant agribusiness and food product manufacturers control most of the food supply, with motives of high profit and poor health. The corporate interests guide the consumer to the medical establishment and early death with deteriorating health.

The introduction of heavy reliance on chemical farming methods after World War II, has caused further erosion of the mineral values of our soils and thus the quality of our crops. Weaker plants are more susceptible, so there has been increased use of toxic herbicides and pesticides, and more recently Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), all of which are unhealthy for consumption by people and animals.

Further, the expansion of fast food and junk food as a share of the dietary intake, with all the chemical additives for flavor, color and preservation, has the public consuming a lot of chemicals with not enough good nutrients. The bogus replacement of natural nutritional elements with synthetic lab substitutes is also not good for health.

Meanwhile through techniques of weather control, extremes of drought and flooding, and through manipulation by officials around the world, food supplies are little available to many. Starvation and severe malnourishment diseases, combined with chemicals are being used in the Third World as a faster method of population reduction, than the more subtle method of shortening life with just poor nutrition and chemical toxins that has been employed by the power controllers in modern techno-industrial societies. They now seem to be getting ready to try increasing the death levels with a combination of disasters, including an expanded food availability crisis.

3 – The Health Disaster

The SAD diet in conjunction with purposeful public poisons, including all the chemicals in foods, the chlorine and fluoride in water and the routine spraying of chemicals in the air as part of atmospheric aerosol geoengineering (“chemtrails”), all this has undermined good health for many people. Degenerative diseases that few should have if educated, are very common.

The solutions offered by the pharmaceutically controlled medical establishment have made health much worse. From vaccinations to daily drugs, the health of most of the population has been compromised by this industry.

As a result, people’s immune strength is weakened and far too many are susceptible to whatever pandemic might make the rounds. There are severe viruses and bacteria that have been developed as bio-weapons, and some of these may be used as another tool of massive population eradication by pandemic.

4 – The Mental Disaster

Ignorance, distraction, mass hypnosis, misinformation and staged events such as war, were the primary mind control tools of the powers that be until technologies made it so much easier for them.

Several of the widespread chemical poisons, including fluoride, aluminum, mercury and psychotropic medicines, facilitate reduced intelligence, mass apathy and mind control.

Movies, radio and television have allowed the controllers to reach the masses with powerful manipulative messages, both apparent and hidden. Television itself is a means of hypnotic entrainment.

The educational system was taken over long ago. Public schools were set up for training compliant corporate workers. Only the basics of a few subjects are offered, with much disinformation. Simultaneously, the institutions of higher learning were reorganized influenced by outside funding to center research and emphases around global corporate interests.

After years of development stemming from Nikola Tesla’s insights, Nazi experiments and further secret research programs, psychotronic frequencies are now employed to manipulate minds. RFID chips, cell phone towers, HAARP, nanobots, ELF waves, psychotronic weapons, “silent sound”, “voice to skull”, etc., these terms are the vocabulary of not only today’s surveillance technologies, but also of controlling thoughts, feelings and behavior with electromagnetic methods.

5 – The Social Disaster

Another of the “Secret Weapons For Quiet Wars” planned by the power elite has been the deterioration of the cities in Western societies. Trapping much of the poor and less educated in urban centers, then removing the job base to foreign lands, has created a vast dependency on government programs.

Distraction of the masses with fashion, celebrities, sports, personal technologies, mind warping games, drugs, crime, police actions, etc., keep people from paying much attention to the larger picture.

Big news false flag events are used to justify gradually increasing security measures, which many accept as necessary. Those who recognize and point out the hidden protocols such as Agenda 21 and other steps toward an emerging restrictive social system under global control, are marginalized.

It appears that the illegitimate fraudsters running the show have prepared the agencies they run for imposition of martial law, as the resistance they have fostered among those who are awakening has grown. Being restricted to your residence with limited if any travel, and possibly rationed food and water, would be very different from the accustomed lifestyle. Even worse would be everyone being transported to barracks at a camp.

6 – The Nuclear Disaster

The Fukushima nuclear catastrophe is the worst one yet. Radioactivity continues to spill into the ocean and travel around the globe through the air. The Northern Hemisphere is being increasingly contaminated, especially the north Pacific and the west coast of North America.

Over 1,300 used fuel rods are stored at Fukushima in a facility that is breaking down. Shortly, they plan to start moving these rods one at a time. If one rod drops, breaks or touches another, a nuclear fire or explosion could be generated that could start a chain reaction through all of these rods, even possibly effecting the rest of the reported 11,000 total rods located at this multiple reactor site.

If the Fukushima disaster is multiplied, life in the Northern Hemisphere may not be possible any longer. There are leaking nuclear plants in the U.S., too. These aging facilities are also vulnerable to natural disaster or to various types of attack.

We all know that nuclear weapons are in the hands of those who would like to harm the United States. A disaster could come by missiles from without, set explosions from within, or by cyber-attack.

We are already being radiated from Fukushima. An additional nuclear event could make that much worse. It is wise to learn to protect yourself by building up the iodine in the thyroid gland and the quality of calcium in the bones, while also detoxifying and strengthening the immune system.

7 – The Earth Changes Disaster

You may not know that the levels of earthquakes, volcanic activities, sinkholes and fire balls are raising concerns among many observers. Some these have caused serious disruption of lives, but there has not been much news coverage since the earthquake and tsunami destroyed much of northern Japan in 2011.

A major volcanic eruption could affect most of the world with ash dust emissions. Protecting one’s respiratory system would be essential. It is possible for a global dust cloud to cause a year or more of winter, interrupting crop production and forcing starvation for many.

Many other natural disasters, including storms, high winds, tornadoes, floods, drought, wild fires, extreme temperatures, deep snow and ice have damaged crops and homes and caused people great difficulties.

The Earth’s poles have been moving in recent years. Some think that we are near a major polar shift. Several prognosticators warn of major geographic changes.

At the same time, the sun’s activity has been abnormal. This is supposed to be a solar maximum period, but the sun has been less active than expected, yet once in a while it generates a massive coronal mass ejection (CME). If one of these comes right at Earth, we could have a major problem.

Meanwhile, Comet Ison approaches, which may have significant electromagnetic effects on the sun and/or Earth as it travels near over the next couple of months and goes around the sun in January. Some are concerned about meteors falling from a debris field trailing the Comet, as Earth moves through its path in January.

Whatever the cause, a powerful geophysical event could suddenly make life very different on this planet.

8 – The Power Outage Disaster

A solar coronal mass ejection is one way an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) could be generated that affects the power grid and communications on Earth. A nuclear explosion high in the atmosphere, or the use of a high tech weapon that can generate an EMP, are other ways the power could be shut down. It is known that enemies of the U.S. have developed such capabilities.

It is expected that an EMP would fry the power grid’s transformers as well as communications satellites. The power grid is so interconnected that an EMP could wipe out power for much or all of the continent. Another threat to this vulnerable system is a cyber-attack.

For some reason, legislation passed in the U.S. House of Representatives to strengthen our power grid was shelved in the Senate. Several government officials have warned that it is just a matter of time before a power shutdown occurs. Multiple agencies and companies across North America are planning a drill around a major power outage scenario for November 13-14.

When the power is out, your lights and heating system are not the only things that will not be working; there will be no water or fuel being pumped, refrigerators and freezers will not work, ATMs will be off, and stores and restaurants will probably be closed. It is anticipated that the digital devices in modern vehicles might be wiped out by an EMP, such that cars would stop running. In a few days, society would be in serious disturbance.

A recent television movie and website depiction of a just a 10-day power outage scenario by National Geographic suggests how problematic this would be.

Some are saying that the TV and website programs about this, together with the power outage drill and the warnings by public officials are “predictive programming” for a power down situation known to be coming.

Preparation Is Needed

There is little time left to prepare as well as possible. A power outage is the only one of these eight disasters that is not already in progress, but the possibility of is very real. I have suggested that people form a support community with nearby family, friends and neighbors. It is important to take immediate action to plan for provisions, security and survival, gather supplies and build any shelters deemed appropriate.


Jon David Miller is a social analyst, wellness educator, philosopher and singer/songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion and a Master of Divinity from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies research and writing.

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Published on Nov 3, 2013

The CELESTIAL Convergence | http://thecelestialconvergence.blogsp...

November 03, 2013 - SPACE - A rare "hybrid" solar eclipse, hailed as "the most interesting eclipse of the year", has swept across parts of Africa, America and Europe on Sunday.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth casting a shadow on the Earth. It's a rare event because this is a hybrid type. During a total eclipse, the Moon fully covers the Sun, whereas in the annular variety the Moon doesn't totally block out the Sun, leaving a halo of sunlight visible around the Moon.

A hybrid eclipse usually starts and ends as an annular event, although it appears as a total eclipse in the middle.

According to NASA, this Sunday's eclipse is even more unique as it starts annular and ends as a total eclipse.

Thanks to the round shape of the Earth, lucky enthusiasts in West Africa have a chance to observe a total eclipse, while others in Europe and in the US will only see the sun partly obscured.

Doctors warn, however, that during the eclipse viewers shouldn't look directly at the sun, unless they use special welder's glasses or are watching the phenomenon with a pinhole camera. Plain sunglasses won't protect the naked eye well enough.

The eclipse begins about 1,000 kilometers east of Jacksonville, Florida, with an annular eclipse visible for four seconds at sunrise.

The greatest part of the eclipse is expected to take place over the Atlantic Ocean, about 330 kilometers southwest of Liberia, at 12:47 GMT, lasting one minute and 39 seconds.

A state on the west coast of Central Africa, Gabon, will get peak viewing of the total eclipse sweeping over a path some 60 kilometers wide. At its peak, the sun will be blocked out for about one minute.

"The eclipse will then continue across Africa through the Congo until it passes through northern Uganda and northern Kenya, ending in southern Ethiopia and Somalia," the International Astronomical Union said. In northern Kenya, the eclipse will last about 10 seconds.

Depending on the weather, partial phases of the eclipse will be visible in southern Europe, including parts of Spain, Italy and Greece.


Rare solar eclipse in America, Europe and Africa

Watch footage of the eclipse filmed in Washington DC, Nairobi and Lagos.

A rare solar eclipse allowing a view of the Sun that is totally or partially blocked by the Moon has taken place.

It was first visible in the southern United States, before sweeping east across the Atlantic Ocean and the African continent.

The US space agency, Nasa, said the greatest total eclipse occurred over the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the best views was in northern Kenya, where tour companies organised trips to view a total blackout.

Local myths there attribute the event to the Moon eating the Sun.

Men and women from the Turkana tribe take part in a ceremony in the Sibiloi national Park in the Turkana region Men and women from the Turkana tribe in Kenya took part in a ceremony ahead of the eclipse

Partial views were available in eastern North America and southern Europe.


This solar eclipse was a rare occurrence in that it was "hybrid" - switching between an annular and total eclipse.

In a total eclipse, the Moon completely covers the sun, while an annular eclipse occurs when the Moon is at its farthest from the Earth and does not block out the Sun completely, leaving a halo of sunlight still visible around the Moon.

The eclipse event began about 1,000km (620 miles) east of Jacksonville, Florida with an annular eclipse visible for four seconds at sunrise.

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Ultradimensional Ships Blocking CMEs

From an email I received....

As we have spoken in the past, the ships are assisting in getting Earth through these times.  Here is one blocking solar flares. We have NASA photos of them doing it in the past. What were known and predicted as kill shots were diverted.

This is a Dutchsinse video... very interesting...

Where we suspected they were blocking solar flares, we now have evidence that the ETs are, indeed, protecting us.  While an argument was raised it could be a coronal hole, the question remains why is this a new phenomenon, never before seen?  And if a coronal hole, how are the flares being sent back to the surface of the sun?

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Remarkable Solar Activity


REMARKABLE SOLAR ACTIVITY: There haven't been any strong solar flares in days. Nevertheless, some impressive activity is underway on the sun. For one thing, an enormous wall of plasma is towering over the sun's southeastern horizon. Stephen Ramsden of Atlanta, Georgia, took this picture on Nov. 11th:  [of course, I have to did Earth get into his pic?]


"Solar forums all over the world are buzzing with Sun-stronomers proclaiming this to be the biggest prominence that many of them had ever witnessed," he says.

Remarkably, though, this is not the biggest thing. A dark filament of magnetism is snaking more than halfway around the entire sun: SDO image.


From end to end, it stretches more than a million km or about three times the distance between Earth and the Moon. If the filament becomes unstable, as solar filaments are prone to do, it could collapse and hit the stellar surface below, triggering a Hyder flare. No one can say if the eruption of such a sprawling structure would be Earth directed.

"I cant help but wonder what could possibly come next since we are still over a year away from the forecasted Solar Maximum," adds Ramsden. "There's never been a better time to own a solar telescope than now!"

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September 27, 2011 and what does it mean.

Over the past week or so we have been hearing a lot about this date and I was curious as to the factors at play.  So, I went hunting for all the information I could find and try to figure out it's impact on our lives.  If there is anything anyone can add, please do as this is a culmination of others works and I know I missed a lot!

September 27, 2011 is marked on our calendar because it corresponds to the seventh new moon on the Hebrew calendar. This is the biblical start of the Hebrew holy day known as the Feast of Trumpets, or Rosh HaShanah. (The holy day celebration actually begins on the 28th.)
This holy day is important because the apostle Paul made direct reference to it when he prophesied of our future salvation, speaking of “the last trumpet.” 
Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed—in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality. (1 Cor. 15:51-53)
This trumpet sounds on the Feast of Trumpets.Thus, we know the time of the year of our salvation: it will be on this holy day, but we do not know the actual year. HAVEN'T WE BEEN GETTING REPORTS OF THE SOUNDS OF TRUMPETS WORLDWIDE?
Peter and John prophesied about the celestial and earthly signs that will mark our future salvation.
The sun will be turned to darkness
   and the moon to blood 
before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.
And everyone who calls
   on the name of the Lord will be saved. (Acts 2:20, 21) 

I watched as he opened the sixth seal.
There was a great earthquake.
The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair,
the whole moon turned blood red, 
and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.
(Rev. 6:12-14)

There is another reason why this date is important.
A stunning celestial event will take place: The comet Elenin will cross directly between the earth and the sun. Elenin is expected to eclipse the sun, and cause the moon to turn red (due to the sun’s light bending around Elenin, filtered by our atmosphere). 
Many believe Elenin is not a comet at all, but in reality is a brown dwarf star 2.5x the size of Jupiter. A brown dwarf star is a failed star. It is cold in comparison to the sun, and it is black.
Elenin is worth our attention because during 2010 and 2011 Elenin has been in alignment with the earth and sun, and on the very days of these alignments, we witnessed massive earthquakes.
*February 27, 2010
Chile: 8.8 quake
*September 4, 2010
Christchurch, New Zealand: 7.2 quake 
*March 11, 2011
Japan: 9.0 quake

Add to this the massive fish die-offs recently and I believe we are in for a roughride.

Scientist have also predicted that the solar cycle this year (an even number) will be very active. 

So, with the solar storms, Elenin, and our own governments we should prepare now.  With Obama being in Denver, where there is an alleged bunker under the airport, I must admit I am worried that this is the time we have been waiting for.  And we all know the PTB will not tell us a thing so we must fend for ourselves.  I just wonder if they will do the alien invasion tactic now?  :)



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2013 CME Solar Aftermath Report by J.E. Ante

This is a fictionalized report, however, there are things to be learned from it...

"Simple battery operated transistor radios and extra batteries enclosed and protected in aluminum foil could have saved these 5 billion people from this lack of solar public information. Most people especially in third world countries did not know they could shelter in basements in the shadow of south facing walls or outside in the shadows of large rocks during the daylight hours of megaCMEs."

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Sunspot 1263 produceda X-Class flare

An X-class (X7 according to solar flare just occured from sunspot 1263, apparantly around 8:35 UTC.


X-class flares are the most powerful category of solar flares, which can cause all sorts of problems when earth-directed. It is currently unkown whether this is the case.

Last week has been an extremely active period, with 3 M-class CME’s (originating from sunspot 1261) merging into one large CME. thinks it’s strange that websites like or (so far) have not been writing about this X-class flare, although they did so almost immediately after the M-class flares from sunspot 1261 last week. Nevertheless, the automated graphs on their websites almost went off-scale for the current X-class flare.

UPDATE: according to the flare is not fully earth-directed.

X-ray data for X6-class solar flare (sunspot 1263)

update: NASA Stereo Beacon data of this event

Stereo Beacon data on sunspot 1263 flare

Stereo Beacon data on sunspot 1263 flare

update: NASA Stereo Beacon data of this event

Stereo Beacon data on sunspot 1263 flare

Stereo Beacon data on sunspot 1263 flare

update: NASA Stereo Beacon data of this event

Stereo Beacon data on sunspot 1263 flare

Stereo Beacon data on sunspot 1263 flare

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Would it work for EMP/Solar shelter, as well?

10957978478?profile=originalRelatively cheap and easy...

This is the proven pre-built ready-to-bury completed Mini Blast & Fallout Shelter upgraded by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine and described in detail here. This shelter was originally designed by volunteers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, to where in a pending crisis many people could take the simple plans for the shelter (available free at the link above) to a local steel fabricator and have it quickly and cheaply built.

Also, fabricated and available here at KI4U, Inc., utilizing galvanized corrugated steel (14 gauge rated for under road use type) for 50 psi blast and well in excess of 1000 PF fallout protection. Double entry/exit risers with double welded (inside & outside) 10 gauge steel plate bulkheads and 1/4" steel blast doors. With this pre-built, pickup truck delivered, shelter and less than two hours of backhoe work later, it's in-place in (beneath) your backyard. $3,200.00 FOB Central Texas, call (830) 672-8734 for more information and availability. (9 remaining in stock to ship today; as of 4/1/11) Be sure to also see/read the Nuclear Blast & Fallout Shelters FAQ for lots of other DIY free plans, books & additional other 'ready made' shelter sources! You'll be amazed what you can do right now, cheaply & effectively, with or without a beneath grade basement!

Also read:  "Or, If No Basement" section at for additional information.


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Sun Threw Out An X20+ Flare Last Night

From Sheldon Day.....

Strongest Flare to come off the Sun since 2003 !!!!!!!!  Back then, it was an X40... I believe this Flare came off Sunspot 1166, which is rotating behind the Sun's Western Limb at this time, so apparently NOT Geo-Effective, but after this Region ReEmerges in about a week from now, WE NEED TO WATCH IT !!! This Same Sunspot was PROBABLY ATTRIBUTABLE to the BIG QUAKE in Japan..Now, I just discovered after refreshing the Website, that they took it off but I CAPTURED A SCREENSHOT of the Page just in case they decided to take it off, as I've witnessed them take off a Near-Earth Asteroid posting already... !!!!!! PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT !!!!!!! LOOK IN UPPER LEFT CORNER.... SpaceWEather now showing the strongest 24-Hour X-Class as an "M4"..
Maybe they decided not to alarm the Public toooo much ???
Also, 7 Planets ALIGN in our Solar System today & rumors are scattered around the Net of a POLE SHIFT Today, but I doubt that.. Always be LEARY of folks putting out DATES for BIG EVENTS !!!!!
Sheldon Day, Former Host of 'THE LIGHT OF DAY' Online-Based Radio Shows

Devoted to exposing the Inbound Passage of the L-Class Series Brown Dwarf Star aka 'Planet-X' & The Ruling Power Elite's preparations for the Cosmic Event...


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Part 1: (Deyo starts about 12:40)

(McCanney says Tyche might be a NASA cover of PX coming.)

Part 2: (Deyo on solar flares, etc.)

Part 3: (Planet X)

Part 4: 

Part 5:

Part 6:



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This is a Sorcha Faal article, Russian grey disinfo.  However, there are usually kernels of truth and links to other articles that are worthwhile.  Read with discernment.

Please rebut points you think are not true, or even feel wrong, so the rest of us may benefit from the analysis.

Here are some things to consider:

Sorcha Faal:  "Important to note about all of the animal deaths being reported this past week, the MCHS says, are that they have been confined to a very specific latitude range between 24 and 58 North and 8 to 24 South indicating two separate breeches of our Earth’s upper atmosphere allowing these poisonous space cloud gasses to come through to the lower atmosphere."

StarViewTeam:  "There are several precedents for mild geomagnetic reversals following a solar storm.  Most of them give rise to earthquakes and sudden climate changes in areas where the greatest concentration impact load."



So we may be seeing an increase in earthquakes and severe weather in the orange band (and notice Chile is getting hit, as well as northern South America, which are already unstable). 


Then there's Brian's post at

"The thinking is that as we progress further into each of these 87 day cycles, the amount of 'anticipation' and 'carry over' from previous cycles will increase. So as an instance, August 1 of this year produced only 5 days of geomagnetic affective actions, where the beginning of the next cycle that occurred on October 27 is *still* producing activity in the Indonesian islands. So as we progress into 2011, i suspect that the activity will join together at both ends such that between one cycle and the next full 87 day sun polar 'lap' cycle, the activity, with volcanoes and earthquakes and such, will continue without significant decrease."

I don't know how these interrelate but suspect they do.  Amy has mentioned there are holes in our atmosphere and I was asking last night if extra solar radiation was hitting us, as well

These events look like the impetus that could start the dominoes falling. 


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