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So folks, it's the end of June.  We've heard about the 60+ banks being hacked with "unknown" complex algorithms and now this scandal with Barclay's (and other) banks.  It's not gone MSM, but there is an indication things are happening. 

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Interesting Information

I was reading on GLP and this was posted:

We received a call from a friend out of Utah who has close ties to the military base....long story short, a military truck had a wreck in a remote area, he came upon this personally and the truck was full of signs that said "Bank Closed" and "Martial Law". He 'assisted' them by taking one of the soldiers to an area to get reception to call an officer.

When he returned home, he later met with one of his friends with the military who indicated October is when things will start to get rough......Another word of advice, do NOT take the vaccinations/flu shots/etc that will be offered at first and later mandatory for everyone to receive.

I am aware of the ridicule and shit talking that I have set myself up for in just "saying" bumping or anything required.....take it or leave it. I have nothing to gain by repeating any of the above. But shit truly got real for me today.

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Own your own meteorite

MASSIVE PROMINENCE: Amateur astronomers around the world are monitoring a massive, active prominence dancing along the sun's southeastern limb. If you have a solar telescope, take a look. The latest images suggest an eruption might be in the offing. Stay tuned for action.

DARK HOLE IN THE SUN'S ATMOSPHERE: Ultraviolet telescopes onboard NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory are monitoring a vast dark hole--a "coronal hole"--in the sun's upper atmosphere. It has just turned directly toward Earth:


Coronal holes are places where the sun's magnetic field opens up and allows the solar wind to escape. A stream of solar wind flowing from this particular gap is en route to Earth, due to arrive on July 2nd or 3rd. The impact could spark geomagnetic storms and auroras. Aurora alerts: text, voice.

ACTIVE SUNSPOT: Sunspot AR1513 is crackling with impulsive M-class solar flares. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash from one of them at 0920 UT on June 29th:


This M2-class flare illuminated Earth's upper atmosphere with a pulse of X-rays and extreme ultraviolet radiation. Waves of ionization rippled over Europe, altering the propagation of low-frequency radio signals around the continent. Using a receiver tuned to 60 kHz, Rob Stammes detected the sudden ionospheric disturbance over Norway. His antennas also picked up radio waves from the flare itself at 26 MHz and 56 MHz.

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I'm not sure what to make of this. If this thing doesn't go down as planned, I doubt Wilcock's "finger" (this article) will stop the stampede.  Perhaps Wilcock was deliberately not informed?  I can't see why he would deliberately misinform with such a short time fuse left.  I can see he's hedging his bets by saying he'll be happy if it does happen. What effect does his "this may not happen" message have on people?  Dampens spirits.  Causes a sense of futility.  Turns out the "lights"?  Could this be a last ditch effort to spoil the show?  If "Green Light" doesn't happen because the ETs want to see what the cabal will do if they think it's the real thing, then they stand to lose a lot of support.  The thing the ETs have to understand is that if you call a date and it doesn't happen, you're out of the game.  Too many deadlines have passed without anything happening.  We're all on edge about this, and so much disinfo floating around, no one knows who or what to believe any more.


The "Green Light": Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Written by David Wilcock Friday, 29 June 2012 17:17

Three different insiders independently told Drake that mass arrests are imminent. We spoke personally to Drake on the phone to get you the latest update in this intriguing story.


While I was in Australia I heard credible insider reports, from the highest levels, that the US dollar is within weeks, not months, of collapsing -- and the Euro is even closer. My dreams seem to be mirroring this information as well. I keep hearing that massive changes are imminent -- almost every morning.

Things may have to get worse, economically, before they get better. We may have to see some sort of collective "dark night of the soul" event, in which we seem to be at an "all is lost" point, before the changes we need to see will actually manifest. Nonetheless, given the time windows we are now working in, that moment seems to be arriving.


Soon after I got back, while I was still sleeping 12-hour nights and recovering from powerful fatigue, I got private emails saying Drake had been told that the mass arrests of Cabal members would occur some time before Independence Day, July 4th. I called Drake as soon as I was functional, after seeing these reports. I wanted to find out exactly what was going on, directly from him, rather than listening to any radio show -- as it certainly had all the hallmarks of a great story.

What he told me was that three different insider sources -- each of which have senior military clearance -- independently told him that they are about to begin mass arrests of senior Cabal conspirators within days. The other significant data point was that apparently Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh were given similar information, and told to keep quiet until it starts actually happening.


I must say that I did NOT hear similar information from any of my own insiders. Further follow-ups and checking have not changed this. I cannot change the fact that my intel does not line up with Drake's at this point.

I do know there are moves being planned that are very significant and exciting. I am involved with some of them, to a degree. Significant legal documents have already been posted exclusively on this website. However, these new moves are not going to occur within such a short window of time -- based on what I have heard.

The most recent "good intel" that I heard was that it was being done gradually, in stages -- and the idea of doing it all at once had essentially been voted out. We do seem to be in a narrow window -- but I highly doubt any arrests will happen until we see some real economic bloodletting first. That is the "window event" that must precede action, in order to garner the greatest public support.

People have to realize there is a problem -- a very powerful, overwhelming, outrageous problem -- before they will see that "business as usual" only benefits the people who are running the show. Therefore, I did not rush to make a public statement, because I cannot independently confirm these reports from the insiders I know and trust. I would be happy if it happens, but not surprised if it doesn't.


So let's assume that nothing happens between now and the end of July 4th. If this is the case, Drake will have to issue an embarrassing retraction and public apology. If it does actually happen, I will be the first to celebrate -- and will be very glad that I was wrong, and this time it actually was not another upset. I certainly do not mind publishing these statements in advance if it really happens.

Let's bear in mind that guys like Drake and me have NO control over this situation. We do not have any direct involvement in what is being done, how it is being done or when it is being done. Simply put, we hear information, we pass it along if we feel it is appropriate, and if the information proves not to be true, the people who told us this information remain safely anonymous -- whereas we are publicly castigated in the process.

I asked Drake if it were possible that he had been lied to, deceived, or otherwise used as a pawn by being told something like this. He did not rule it out as a possibility. He also said he did not want to dwell on it, because focusing on it as a potential reality could make it more likely to turn out that way.


Providing that nothing happens in the next four days, there are a couple of reasons for why this could have been done. First of all, Drake did not go into detail with me about who these sources are. I do believe he is telling me the truth about what they said, and I do believe he is telling the truth about the trust they have built up with him. However, it is also possible that things are not as they seem.

Drake doesn't want to go down these roads, but I am willing to, because we have been totally "set up" here for a major upset -- and I don't want to see that happen. Drake was given this information in the morning and told he could not go public with it until his radio show that evening. That gave him several hours to build up an enormous amount of enthusiasm and excitement before airtime. If someone were seeking to psychologically manipulate him for maximum effect, this would be a great way to do it.


Let's start with the premise that the people Drake spoke to are real people, not conspirators, who have earned his trust and generally want to do the right thing.
It is possible that these insiders who spoke to Drake have been threatened with death if they did not share this blatantly untrue information with him.

All it would take is getting in touch with three different people who are in Drake's normal circle of contacts -- and threatening them or just their families. The purpose could then be to utterly destroy the credibility of the whole "mass arrests" concept. In one sudden move -- with a very rapid expiration date -- you crush everyone who has been tracking and supporting this story, and demolish all their hard work.

My dream data has continued to tell me, quite blatantly, that we are not far away from seeing some amazing stuff -- involving the downfall of the Cabal, followed by Disclosure -- in rapidly-accelerating increments.


If Drake was deceived, this type of a move also weakens the actual people who are working to make these arrests a reality -- not just those like Drake who are publicly reporting on it. By taking down the original messenger and all those who side with him and believe he "must" be right, the movement is destroyed -- and very few people even believe it anymore.

This is also when the sarcastic, witty, tongue-in-cheek attacks go out in the mainstream media and among the "paid bloggers" who are hired to look like real, financially needy, independent investigators and journalists online. Once the day comes and goes, the bought-and-sold writers jump right in and have great fun with this. They get their readers to scoff and laugh at the "lunatics" and "tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists" who actually believed such nonsense.

Underneath the laughter is a sinister message -- continually reinforced by a mind-control technique called "psychic driving." It is important that this remain subconscious, so as to not be too blatant:

"Of course, ha ha ha, our overlords are all-powerful, can never be defeated, will never be defeated, and really want what's best for us, minus a few billion people -- so let's all laugh at the idiots who risked their little lives to try to put an end to it." Meanwhile, the "truth" guys step up with the Voice of Reason, and continue to reinforce how we are expected to believe only in perpetual fear and darkness.

A solution must exist, somewhere, somehow -- but it's so impossible and far away that we can't even really articulate any possible way it could ever actually happen. The best we can do is stay perpetually angry and terrified.


UFO investigator Dr. Steven Greer and I have had long conversations about the many thousands of "DDT" campaigns that have been waged against those who seek to uncover the truth. "DDT" stands for "Decoy, Distract and Trash." The idea is that they put out information that is similar to the truth, but is not the truth. This information is a "decoy" that will "distract" people from the real information.

Then, the "trash" part is that the decoy information is attacked. Generally the information will include obvious holes that the original investigator did not take time to uncover, in his or her breathless enthusiasm to go public. Then, if the real information ever comes out, people will not notice the difference, and think it must all now be fake.
In a case like this, if people no longer believe a Mass Arrests scenario is real, they may fail to act when it actually starts happening -- thereby giving the enemy a greater advantage.


Secondly, even if the people who told this to Drake are indeed the "good guys," they may have done this to improve their tactical readiness for such an event. Simply put, we may now be witnessing the implementation of an end-stage plan that was worked into the design all along.

From the beginning, Drake said he would be given a very short notice as to when the arrests would actually happen. By setting it up like this, the planners get to see what events actually take place when the Cabal conspirators believe their time has come. What do they do? Who do they call? Where do they run? What's their ultimate contingency plan?

As military strategists, the guys planning the mass arrests have no problem with casualties -- including the credibility of the people they asked to deliver the message. In terms of the greater good that is served, you "shake the bush and watch all the snakes come out," as Drake has said before.

Whether this is true or not, Drake told me that his insiders said that "every light in the Washington DC offices was on all night" after the alert was issued -- and that they are now "scared shitless and don't know what to do."


I admire Drake for his courage, intelligence and dedication to freedom. All I'm doing here is getting his back in the event that this does not happen. If it does happen, then we will all celebrate. I will feel great relief and will probably sleep even more than 12 hours that night, regardless of my excitement and desire to check for new updates. If it doesn't happen, we can learn from this experience without falling for the classic DDT counter-intelligence maneuver, and suddenly think the entire story was nonsense all along.

Personally, I know I already had very detailed intel about this plan before Drake ever came along. He has added information to the picture and I did have him checked out to confirm that he was "real" and has credibility.


Rather than continuing to write and write, I will end it here for now. That way I will save some of the other amazing things I heard for our post-Independence day window.

Suffice it to say that the stakes in this battle are very, very high. Up until about two weeks ago, I did not understand exactly how high they really were, or how monumental of an event it really will be once this has been resolved.

Given the extraordinary stakes, we can expect that all the best and most classic counter-intelligence tactics will be out in full force as we get close to the end here.

There is no doubt that both the Euro and the dollar are extremely exposed. Once they fall, that's it as far as the Cabal is concerned. They will not be able to stop the public from rising up.

99 OUT OF 100...

I think this is all much simpler than we realize. If you have a sealed room of 100 people, where 99 of them are starving and 1 of them has all the food, no level of voodoo and mind-games will hold off the 99 for very long.

That's where we're at. Yes... they have a Luciferian / Biblical Antichrist aspect that scares the crap out of people, and that's part of why they've been so successful... but even that is no longer sufficient to stop people from rising up.

Believe me -- once this all comes out in the open, people will be very, very freaked out by the negative aspects of the story.

That's where you come in. You can help others stay calm and know that even though this really was happening, and some people really do these things, we can still emerge from this intact, and heal our planet.

I feel very positive and confident about our future, and a great sense of relief that we are this close to major change.

Once I get more rested and caught up with other deadlines, I will tell you some of the other amazing things I have uncovered.

Thanks again for all your support -- as it is most definitely needed in these changing times.

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This is an edited account from all 14 Tablets in the Lost Book of Enki ... only those events and affects were chosen to make this point.

In reading the 14 Tablets, I was surprised that from the point that the Anunnaki first arrived here on Earth, and until right up to Nibiru's passage just before what we call Noah's Great Flood ... everything went well for both of our Races. 

Nibiru had made countless passes through our system with no problems.

The Anunnaki were extreamely surprised to find that their DNA and our DNA were only off by 2 strands! ... both of our systems came from the exact same point.

No problems that is, until a fatefull alignment of all of the outer planets ... from Jupiter to Pluto happened at the same exact time as Nibiru was approaching our system from deep space!  


This fateful alignment altered Nibiru's orbit!


So, I am asking all of you're help to track down this astronomical date ... From Jupiter to Pluto, they were all in alignment ... since Nibiru orbits through our system clockwise ... from right to left ... all of these outer planets would have been pointing somewhere between 1 o-clock to maybe 3 o-clock in the heavens ... this should/will give us a ballpark date that we can project forward in time with


So, one with the show!


Nibiru’s affects on the planet Mars and on Earth … before and at the time of the flood


Upon the Earth the warmth was raising, vegetation flourished, wild creatures overran the land; The rains were heavier, rivers were gushing, abodes repairing needed.

Upon the Earth the heat was increasing, the snow white parts to water were melting.  The bars of the seas the oceans were not containing.  From the depths of the Earth volcanoes were fire and brimstones belching. 


The grounds were trembling, each time the Earth was shaking.  In the Lower World, the snow white-hued place, the Earth was grumbling.  At the tip of the Abzu (South Africa), Enki a place for observing established.  To his son Nergal and his spouse Ereshkigal command thereof he entrusted.


A thing unknown, an untoward thing, thereunder is brewing! Nei-gal to his father Enki said. 

In Nibru-ki, (An orbiting Space Station) the place of the Bond Heaven-Earth, Enlil the heavenly circuits was watching. By the ME’s of the Tablets of Destinies celestial motions he was comparing; There is turmoil in the heavens! Enlil to his brother Enki said. 

From the planet Lahrnu, the place of the way station, Marduk to Enki his father was

Complaining: Strong winds are disturbing, annoying dust storms they are raising!


So Marduk to his father Enki words was beaming: In the Hammered Bracelet (The Asteroid Belt, turmoils are occurring! 


Upon the Earth, brimstones (Meterites) from the skies were falling.  Pitiless demons havoc causing, violently the Earth they approached, into flaming fires in the skies they were bursting.  In a clear day darkness they were causing, with storms and Evil Winds they raged around.  Like stony missiles the Earth they were attacking! 


Kingu, Earth’s Moon, and Lahmu (Mars) too by these havocs were afflicted.  The faces of all three with countless scars were covered!


Enlil and Enki to Anu the king urgent words were beaming, Nibiru’s savants they alerted: The Earth and the Moon and Lahmu a calamity unknown are facing!

From Nibiru the savants were responding; their words the leaders’ hearts were not calming: In the heavens the family of the Sun were taking stations.  The celestials of whom Earth is the seventh in a row were choosing places.


In the heavens Nibiru was approaching, the Sun’s abode it was nearing.


By the seven, in a row arraigned, was Nibiru distracted.  The path through the Hammered Bracelet it was missing!


From the Bracelet bits and pieces it has been displacing!


Bereft of the celestial bar, Lahamu (Mars & a Moon or Space Station) with Mummu near the Sun were crouching.  In the heavens Lahamu (A Moon or Space Station) her glorious dwelling place was abandoning.

Toward Nibiru the heavenly king she was attracted, a queen of heaven she wished to be!

To quell her, Nibiru from the celestial deep a monstrous demon made appear!


A monster once to Tiamat’s host belonging (A Moon), by the Celestial Battle fashioned!


From the celestial deep made its way, by Nibiru was it from slumber awakened!


From horizon to the midst of heaven like a flaming dragon it was stretched!  One league was its head, fifty leagues in length it was, awesome was its tail. By day the skies of Earth it darkened!


By night upon the face of the Moon a spell of darkness it cast!


Who will the dragon obstruct, who will stop and kill it? she was asking?


Only valiant Kingu, once Tiamat’s protector, stepped forward to respond.


To intercept the dragon in its path Kingu was making haste.  Fierce was the encounter, a tempest of clouds upon Kingu was raised; By its foundations was Kingu shaken, from the impact did the Moon quake and shake!


Then the heavenly havoc was calmed.


Nibiru to its distant abode in the Deep was returning.


Lahamu (A Moon of Mars or a Space Station orbiting Mars) its dwelling place did not abandon.


The stony missiles upon the Earth and Lahmu ceased their raining.


Enki and Enlil with Marduk and Ninurta gathered, a surveying of the havoc they   undertook.  The foundations of the Earth Enki surveyed, of what its platforms had befallen he examined.  The depths of the oceans he measured, in Earth’s far corners the mountains of gold and copper he scanned. 


Of the vital gold there will be no shortage. This was Enki saying.


In the Edin Ninurta was the surveyor, where mountains trembled and valleys shook.  In his skyship he soared and journeyed.  The Landing Platform was intact; in the valleys of the north the Earth fiery liquids was pouring!


So was Ninurta to his father Enlil telling; sulfuric mists and bitumens he was discovering.


On Lahmu (Mars) the atmosphere was damaged, dust storms were with life and work interfering.  So Marduk to Enki was saying. To Earth return I wish! to his father he disclosed.

Enlil to his olden plans betook himself, what cities and their tasks he planned he reconsidered. 


A Chariot Place in the Edin must be established! to the others he was saying.


The olden designs of the layout on the crystal tablet to them he showed.  The conveying from the Landing Place to the way station on Lahmu is no longer certain.


What conditions on Earth and on Lahmu/Mars were altering, they wondered?


On the Sun flarings they observed. In the netforces (Gravitational and possible Magnetic) of Earth and Lahmu (Mars) there were disruptions.


In the Abzu (South Africa), at the tip the Whiteland facing, instruments far observing they installed; In the charge of Nergal, the son of Enki, and his spouse Ereshkigal the instruments ware put. To the Land Beyond the Seas Ninurta was assigned, in the mauntainland a Band Heaven-Earth to establish.

On Lahmu the Igigi (Anunnaki/Mars workers) were restless; to pacify them Marduk was the task given: “Until what are the hardships causing, the way station on Lahmu/Mars must be kept!” So to Marduk the leaders said.


“Of that I too did wonder”, Enlil was saying: “Is it a thing on Nibiru, a thing on Earth?”

“Perchance the life cycles (Between the two planets) that differ it concerns”, so was Ninmah saying.

To watch and see what transpires, the three leaders decided.

At that time Fate, or was it Destiny? In its hands the matters took.

In those days the sufferings on Earth were increasing.

1 The days colder grew.

2 The skies their rains were holding back.

3 Fields their crops diminished, in the sheepfolds ewe lambs were few.


In his days the sufferings on Earth intensified; Plagues and starvations the Earth afflicted.

In those days the Anunnaki for their own surviving were concerned. Their own rations were diminished, by Earth’s changes they themselves afflicted became.

On Earth as on Lahmu (Mars) the seasons their regularity lost.

For one Shar, for two Shars, from Nibiru the heavenly circuits were studied. 

Oddities in the planetary destinies from Nibiru were observed.

On the Sun’s face black spots (Sun Spots) were appearing, from its face flames (CME’s) shot up.

Kishar (Jupiter) also was misbehaving, its host its footings lost, dizzying were their circuits (Orbits)

The Hammered Bracelet was by unseen netforces (Gravitational or Magnetic Forces) pulled and pushed.

For reasons unfathomed, the Sun its family was upsetting!

The destinies of the celestials (Planets & Moons) by unsavory fates were overtaken!

“On Earth the tribulations were increasing, fear and famine their heads (Tilted, Faced) reared.”

For three Shars (Years on Earth), for four Shars the instruments the Whiteland (Antartica) facing were observed.

By Nergal and Ereshkigal odd rumblings in the Whiteland’s snows were recorded.

“The snow-ice that the Whiteland covers to sliding has taken!” So did they from Abzu’s tip report.

In the Land Beyond the Seas, Ninurta in his haven foretelling instruments established.  Quakes and jitters at the Earth’s bottom with the instruments he noticed.

“An odd matter is afoot!” So did Enlil to Anu on Nibiru words of alarm send.

For the fifth Shar, for the sixth Shar the phenomena gained strength.

On Nibiru the savants an alarm raised, of calamities to the king they forewarnings gave.  “The next time Nibiru the Sun shall be nearing, Earth to Nibiru’s netforce (Gravitational or Magnetic Force) exposed shall be!”

“Lahmu Mars) in its circuits (Orbits) on the Sun’s other side shall a station take.”  “From the netforce (Gravitational or Magnetic Force) of Nibiru, Earth in the heavens protection shall not have!”  “Kishar (Jupiter) and its host agitated shall be!”  “Lahamu (Mars) shall also shake and wobble!”

“In Earth’s great Below (Antartica), the snow-ice of the Whiteland its footing is losing!”

“The next time Nibiru the closest to Earth shall approach, The snow-ice off the Whiteland’s surface shall come a-sliding!”  “A watery calamity it shall cause: By a huge wave, a Deluge, the Earth will be overwhelmed!”

On Nibiru great was the consternation, uncertain about Nibiru’s own fate, King, savants, and counselors about Earth and Lahmu also greatly worried.

The king and the counselors a decision made: for evacuating Earth and Lahmu to prepare!”

In the Abzu (South Africa) the gold mines shut down. There from the Anunnaki to the Edin came.

In Bad-Tibira, Smelting and refining ceased. All gold to Nibiru was lofted.

Empty, for evacuating ready, a fleet of fast celestial chariots to Earth returned.

On Nibiru the heavenly signs were watched, on Earth the tremors recorded were.

“The floodwaters I cannot arrest, the Earthling multitudes I cannot save”

“To what oath to bind me you therefore desire?” So did Enki his brother ask.


“To let it all happen as if by fate decreed, let it as Enlil’s Decision be known”  “On Enlil alone let the responsibility forever rest!” So did Enki to all pronounce.


His brother Enki Enlil then addressed, to him he was thus saying: “However if ever the calamity might be survived, let all that had happened be remembered.” “Let us tablets of records (Hall of Records?) in Sippar, in the depths of the Earth, safely bury”  “Let what from one planet on another done in days to come uncovered be!”


At that time word from Ninurta came: Earth’s rumblings (Earthquakes) ominous are!



At that time word from Nergal and Ereshkigal came: The Whiteland is shaken!


In Sippar all the Anunnaki gathered, the Day of the Deluge they awaited.


In the one hundred and twentieth Shar was the Deluge awaited.

In the tenth Shar in the life age of Ziusudra was the Deluge forthcoming.

In the station of the Constellation of the Lion (Leo) was the avalanche looming.

For days before the Day of the Deluge the Earth was rumbling, groan as with pain it did.

For nights before the calamity struck, in the heavens Nibiru as a glowing (Red) star was seen.  Then there was darkness in daytime, and at night the Moon as though by a monster was swallowed.

The Earth began to shake, by a netforce (Gravitational Force) before unknown it was agitated.  In the glow of dawn, a black cloud arose (Same description as in the Kolbrin) from the horizon.

The morning’s light to darkness changed, as though by death’s shadow veiled.

Then the sound of a rolling thunder boomed, lightnings the skies lit up!

Depart! Depart! Utu to the Anunnaki gave the signal.


In Shurubak, eighteen leagues away, the bright eruptions (Lightning) by Ninagal were seen: Button up! Button up the hatch! (The Ark) Ninagal to Ziusudra shouted.

On that day, on that unforgettable day, the Deluge with a roar began; In the Whiteland, at the Earth’s bottom, the Earth’s foundations were shaking; Then with a roar to a thousand thunders equal, off its foundations the ice sheet slipped!

By Nibiru’s unseen netforce (Gravitational attraction) it was pulled away, into the south sea crashing.  One sheet of ice into another ice sheet was smashing!

The Whiteland’s surface like a broken eggshell was crumbling!

All at once a tidal wave arose, the very skies was the wall of waters reaching!

A storm, its ferocity never before seen, at the Earth’s bottom began to howl!

Its winds the wall of water were driving, the tidal wave northward was spreading!

Northward was the wall of waters onrushing, the Abzu (South Africa) lands it was reaching. 

Therefrom toward the settled lands it traveled, the Edin it overwhelmed (Iraq?). Outside the storm’s wave the people overtook like a killing battle!

No one his fellow man could see, the ground vanished, there was only water. 

All that once on the ground stood by the mighty waters away was swept! 

Before day’s end the watery wall, gathering speed, the mountains overwhelmed!

After the immense tidal wave that over the Earth swept, the sluices of heaven opened, a downpour from the skies upon the Earth was unleashed!

For seven days the waters from above with the waters of the Great Below were mingled; Then the wall of water, its limits reaching, its onslaught ceased!  But the rains from the skies for forty more days and nights continued.

From their perches the Anunnaki looked down: Where there were dry lands, now was a sea of water.  And where mountains once to the heavens their peaks raised, their tops now like islands were in the waters. 

And all that on the dry lands was living in the avalanche of waters perished! 

Then, as in the Beginning, the waters to their basins were gathered, waving back and forth, day by day the water level came lower.

Then, forty days after the Deluge over the Earth swept, the rains also stopped. 

Mankind, all living things, off the Earth’s face are wiped out! 

No one except us few survived, but there is no dry land to set a foot upon!  That the waters of the Deluge to recede continued, and the face of the Earth gradually from under the waters was showing.

The mountainlands were mostly unscathed, but the valleys under mud and silt were buried. 

All that in the Olden Times in the Edin and the Abzu had existed under the mud was buried!

Eridu, Nibru-ki, Shurubak, Sippar, all were gone, completely vanished! 

But in the Cedar Mountains the great stone platform in the sunlight glistened! 

The Deluge we have survived, but the Earth is devastated! So did Enlil to them say.  All ways to recover we must assess, be it on Earth, be it elsewhere! 

Lahmu (Mars) by the passage of Nibiru was devastated! So did Marduk relate: Its atmosphere was sucked out, its waters thereafter evaporated, a place of dust storms it is!

The Moon by itself life cannot sustain, only with Eagle masks is staying enabled!  So did Nannar to the others account give, and then words of enamor he added: Once there, that it was Tiamat’s host’s leader one must recall, of Earth a companion it is, with it Earth’s destiny is connected! 

With satisfaction did Enlil all this to Nibiru words send; with words of concern Nibiru responded: The close passage that Earth and Lahmu (Mars) affected on Nibiru too much damage caused; The shield of gold dust was torn, the atmosphere was dwindling again!

Now new supplies of gold quickly were needed! 

Fervently to the Abzu Enki went, with Gibil his son to survey and search he journeyed.

All the gold mines were gone, by the avalanche of water they were buried.

In the Edin, Bad-Tibira too no longer existed, in Sippar a place for the chariots was no more!  The hundreds of Anunnaki who in the mines and Bad-Tibira toiled, from the Earth were gone!

The multitude of Earthlings, as Primitive Workers serving, by the Deluge were to clay (Buried in the) turned!

No gold can from Earth anymore be provided! So did Enlil and Enki to Nibiru announce.


On Earth and on Nibiru there was desperation. 


At that time Ninurta, his tasks in the mountains of cedars completed.  To the mountainland beyond the oceans once again journeyed. 


From that land, on the other side of Earth, astounding words he delivered: The avalanche of waters deep cuts into the mountainsides there tore!

From the mountainsides uncounted gold, in nuggets large and small, to the rivers below fell down, without mining can the gold be hauled! 

Enlil and Enki to the distant mountainland hurried, with amazement they the discovery viewed: Gold, pure gold, refining and smelting not requiring, all about was lying! 

A miracle it is! So was Enki to Enlil saying. What by Nibiru was wrought, by Nibiru was amended!

In the high mountainland on this side of Earth, some Earthlings have survived!

Descendants of Ka-in they are, with the handling of metals they are knowing!

Four brothers and four sisters are their leaders, on rafts they themselves saved! 

Now their mountaintop in the midst of a great lake is an island.

As the protector of their forefathers they me recall, the Great Protector they call me!

By the report that other Earthlings had survived the leaders were heartened.

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WERE NOT gonna take it any more Bankers


Published on ZeroHedge (

Submitted by PAUL LEO FASO [1] on 04/26/2011 10:47 -0400

1. File on behalf of the American People, a class action lawsuit against the private Federal Reserve Bank and its’ shareholders for a total of $300 Trillion dollars for criminal acts of Fraud, Usury, Conspiracy to commit Grand Larceny and Theft by Deception by systematically looting the Treasury of The United States of America.

For nearly 100 years,The Federal Reserve Bank has debased and debauched our currency by illegally authorizing an ODIOUS DEBT to be encumbered by our citizens without their knowledge, or in any way for their collective benefit.

Contrary to the proper role in maintaining a sound currency, the Federal Reserve Bank along with the perverse oil cartel, has created a PETRO/DOLLAR scam, linked with an illegal DERIVATIVE PONZI SCHEME, run by the Fed and WALL STREET HEDGE FUND CRIMINALS, to defraud the American public, so as to leave them living like refugees in their own land. This ruthless cabal, now has the temerity to pass off this ODIOUS DEBT to the American people, thereby destroying not only our future, but Americas’ ability to be a free, sovereign nation.

For these continuing acts of subversion and theft; the American People have long suffered for decades with fake wars for oil dressed up in an unending bogus war on terror; the repression of new energy patents to replace the ancient internal combustion engine which has been criminally forced to be used by the American people for 100 years to fraudulently prop up the worthless “RESERVE CURRENCY” used by this cabal to exclusively buy unneeded foreign oil in the largest cash flow charade in history.

For this financial insult to Liberty and to the American people, the sum of $300 Trillion is demanded from the Federal Reserve Bank and their complicit shareholders.

2.File under THE R.I.C.O. ACT, charges against any and all, past and present government officials who have conspired to enable the criminals in the Federal Reserve Bank and their co-conspirators to systematically loot the Treasury of the United States of America. Included in the lock up could be Presidents, Treasury Secretaries, Members of Congress, Generals, Admirals, Judges, and of course the Attorneys, who have cleverly crafted the language to deceive the American people out of their money and liberties.

3. If any of the criminal financial acts of terrorism upon the American people are shown to be ACTS OF TREASON and conspired to systematically destroy this nation by covert means, then all those found guilty should be subject to the death penalty for their treachery.

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Travel from Nibiru to Earth


Alalu’s transmission he carefully studied, Alalu for more testings the results he requested.


A Tablet of Destinies for the mission he was fashioning.

If water be the Force, where could it be replenished?


Where on the chariot will it be stored, how to Force will it be converted?


A full circuit of Nibiru did pass in contemplations, a Shar of Nibiru in preparations passed.  The largest celestial chariot for the mission has been fitted.  Its circuit’s destiny has been calculated, a Tablet of Destiny has been firmly fixed.


The celestial chariot he deftly guided; from Nibiru it powerfully soared, toward the distant Sun he it directed.


Ten leagues, a hundred leagues the chariot was coursing, a thousand leagues the chariot was journeying. 

Little Gaga (Pluto) came out to greet them, a welcome to the heroes it was extending.  To blue-hued Antu, (Neptune) the beautiful enchantress, it showed the way.  By her sight Anzu was attracted. Let us examine her waters! Anzu was saying.  Ea to continue without stopping gave the word; it is a planet of no return, he forcefully said.  Toward the heavenly An, (Uranus) the third in planetary counts, the chariot continued.  On his side was An (????) lying, his host of moons about him were whirling.  The Tester’s beams the presence of water was revealing; a stop if needed to Ea it was indicating.  To continue the journey was Ea saying, toward Anshar (Saturn), the heaven’s foremost prince, he was directing.  Soon the ensnaring pull of Anshar they could tell, his colored rings with fear they admired.  Deftly did Anzu the chariot guide, the crushing dangers he cleverly avoided.  The giant Kishar (Jupiter), foremost of firm planets, was next to be encountered.  Her net’s pull was overpowering; with great skill did Anzu the chariot’s course divert.  With fury Kishar at the chariot divine lightnings was thrusting, her host at the uninvited she directed.  Slowly Kishar moved away, for the chariot the next enemy to encounter.  Beyond the fifth planet the Hammered Bracelet was lurking!  Ea his handiwork to set a-whirring commanded, the Water Thruster to prepare.  Toward the host of turning boulders the chariot was rushing.  Each one like a slingshot’s stone ferociously at the chariot aimed.  The word by Ea was given, with the force of a thousand heroes the stream of water was thrust.  One by one the boulders turned face; a path for the chariot they were making!  But as one boulder fled, another in its stead was attacking;<br>

A multitude beyond count was their number, a host for the splitting of Tiamat revenge seeking!  Again and again Ea the commands gave, the Water Thruster to keep a-whirring. 


Again and again toward the host of boulders streams of water were directed.  Again and again the boulders their faces turned, a path for the chariot making.  And then at last the path was clear; unharmed the chariot could continue!


A cry of joy the heroes sounded; double was the joy as the sight of the Sun was now unveiled. 


Amidst the elation Anzu the alarm sounded: For the path to have fashioned, excessive waters were consumed.  Waters to feed the chariot’s Fiery Stones for the remaining journey were not sufficient.

In the dark deepness the sixth planet (Mars) they could see, the Sun’s rays it was reflecting.

There is water on Lahmu, Ed was saving. Can you bring the chariot clown upon it? Anzu he was asking.

Deftly Anzu the chariot toward Lahmu directed; reaching the celestial god, around it he the chariot made circle.

The planet’s net is not great, its pull is to handle easy, Anzu was saying. 

A sight to behold was Lahmu, many hued it was; snow white was its cap, snow white were its sandals.

Reddish hued was its middle, in its midst lakes and rivers were aglitter!


Deftly Anzu the chariot made travel slower, by a lakeside it gently came down.


Ea and Anzu their Eagles helmets donned, to the firm ground they stepped down.  On command the heros That Which Water Sucks extended, the chariot, bowels with the

lake’s waters to fill.

While the chariot was getting its fill of waters, Ea and Anzu the whereabouts examined.  With Tester and Sampler all that matters they ascertained: The waters were good for drinking, the air was insufficient.  All was in the chariot’s annals recorded, the need for the detour described.


With its vigor replenished the chariot soared up, to benevolent Lahmu farewell bidding. 


Beyond the seventh planet was making its circuit; Earth and its companion the chariot were inviting!  In the commander’s seat Anzu was without words; Ea too was silent.

Ahead was their destination, its gold Nibiru’s fate for salvation or doom containing. 


‘The chariot must be slowed or in Earth’s thick atmosphere it shall perish! Anzu to Ea declared.

Around Earth’s companion, the Moon, make slowing circles! Ea to him suggested.  They circled the Moon; by the vanquishing Nibiru in the Celestial Battle it prostrate and scarred was lying.  Alalu they were searching.

Where an ocean touched dry land, where four rivers were swallowed by marshes, Alalu’s signal was beaconed. 

Too heavy and large the chariot is for the marshes! Anzu was declaring.  The Earth’s pulling net, too powerful for on dry land to descend it is! Anzu to Ea announced.  Splash down! Splash down in the ocean’s waters! Ea to Anzu shouted.

Around the planet Anzu made one more circuit, the chariot with much care toward the ocean’s edge he lowered. The chariot’s lungs he filled with air; into the waters down it splashed, into the depth, it was not sinking.

From the Speaker a voice was heard: To Earth be welcomed! Alalu was saying

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Cream of the Crop Circles: New Markings Snake 350ft Across Farmer's Field as 'Mysterious' Summer Tradition Continues


'It appeared overnight, a mysterious snake-like crop circle weaving across a wheat field in Wiltshire.

The 350ft-long installation is marked out of a field near the 200-year-old Alton Barnes White Horse chalk figure. Dubbed a Venus 'sunfish', the circle is thought to capture the 'transit of Venus', an astronomical phenomenon which began last week and will continue until the beginning of July.'

Read more: Cream of the Crop Circles: New Markings Snake 350ft Across Farmer's Field as 'Mysterious' Summer Tradition Continues

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SaLuSa, June 27, 2012

Action is taking place but as you have realized it still does not hit the main Press outlets, but the news will become so important that a point will come when it can no longer be hidden or ignored. Governments like to be in control and have always tried to cover up news about demonstrations or rebellions amongst the people. However, once the media gets hold of the real truth behind what is happening, they will take the side of the people. Naturally there will still be those who take a defensive view of the happenings, fearing that the changes are going to seriously affect them. People do not want to face the idea that they are about to lose their power, or in some cases their ill gotten wealth. No one will escape the financial changes or sharing of wealth, which shall be even greater by the inclusion of Trust Funds set up for this occasion. Be assured that immense planning has gone into ensuring that this immediate period allows for everyone's needs to be considered. It will take time to cover everything but first the old system must be rid off and a new one put into its place.

At the last moment there are inevitably stumbling blocks, but in the context of the whole mission they will not cause any undue delay. However, the pressure is mounting on those in the front line to get matters completely under way. It does require a lot of co-ordination and although we are mainly in the background we can nevertheless exert our authority to move things along. In fact in certain instances such as the cabals attempted false flag operations, we have been very much at the heart of matters. As always we do encourage you to take the lead as it was never intended that we did your work for you. The reasons are involved with karma, and you are expected to clear up problems created by yourselves. They do in fact go back a very long time during which periods you have met the same conditions throughout many lives.

Certainly you have made much progress since the turn of the century, but even so have had to make a supreme effort to stop the plan of the Illuminati reaching fruition. We have been part of the movement to enlighten people as to the threats against them and their liberty, and it has been very successful. Prior to that time you were being lulled into accepting the changes that were insidiously introduced bit by bit, that were removing your rights brick by brick. Thinking that they were infallible has allowed us to use the arrogance of the dark Ones to turn the tables upon them, and they have been taken unawares.

You should savor the coming times as you claim back your sovereignty, as it is nothing less than you deserve for having been treated as slaves for so long. As individuals it does not matter too much what you may have done in the past, as you came to Earth to experience duality. All of you have had your ups and downs and it is what you are today that really counts. It comes down to having learnt the lessons that you needed to evolve, and you will all know how you stand in that respect. If you consider yourself to be of the Light you are undoubtedly on that path, and are unloading any baggage that you have accumulated. You are beginning to understand your true self, and live up to your desire to be of the Light and you will know better than anyone else how you are doing. Be of good heart, compassionate and loving to all souls and if you are able to do so, you are well on the way to ascending.

Times are approaching when communities may need to come together to assist those who may well be confused by what is about to happen. It will seem as though the world is being turned upside down, and the future uncertain. Some areas may be inconvenienced by shortages due to normal services being restricted. So it is important that you care for each other when the need arises. The problems will only be temporary with no long term difficulties, as we are well prepared and already know where help will be needed. Face the future with cheerful anticipation and help maintain the peace that is essential at this time.

We of the Galactic Federation are so pleased for you that at last you can really see the outworking of all the efforts, that have been put in to bring an end to the restrictions that have blighted your lives. The Controllers are on their way out having been severely restricted in their ability to fund the vast operations they ran. When the banking changes are made that will further reduce their power, and no longer will shady or illegal deals be possible. Dealings that are open and transparent will be the order of the day, and possible because the rogue dealers will have been removed. However, much has come from the top establishment and that also will change with more accountability. You have capable people who know what needs to be done and we will work with them.

Your consciousness levels continue to rise and that is a good sign and your assurance of reaching a level high enough to ascend. The advantage is that you are now less likely to step backwards and it will become easier to keep your focus on the Light. You are getting immense help and the pathway through the final months has more key points to come, that will assist your upliftment. We continue to confirm that in spite of delays, everything proceeds well and we are ready to spring into action at a minutes notice. We are in fact present on Earth in ways that are not immediately apparent, as we have bases that give us useful access to our allies. We can also more easily keep track on certain members of the Illuminati that are trying to avoid having to surrender.

We wish your media would drop their hesitation to report the real news, as if it were carried out honestly it would reach more people who as yet have little idea of what is about to happen. In the meantime we look to you to spread the news where and when possible, and soon we shall arrange that our allies are given a voice that will reach the general public. Communication is very high up on our list and you shall see that a new system will be introduced far superior to what you have now. We want everyone to be able to use it and it will involve the use of free energy.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank you for your ongoing perseverance.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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June 28, 2012

Right now banking systems the world over are going into meltdown due to this global syphoning hack that is occuring in over 60 banks worldwide with untold losses in the billions of dollars and counting.

What I want all of you to know is this. It is DAMN impossible for any one hacking group or individual to pull this off. The sheer speed and scope of the operation as well as the precision through which it is being carried out leads me to believe an advanced source is at play.

Look you can not simply hack this many accounts in this many banks simultaneously without leaving any tracks and yet there are no tracks left behind just a bunch of dead end false leads that lead no where.

My sources have told me that the algorithm used in this operation is very very advanced and "they have never seen anything like this." This leads me to one conclusion. A false flag, an inside job designed as a pretext to a broader event. I have been warning about a financial collapse for some time, I have also warned of an impending bank holiday as well as the market indicators pointing to World War Three. I strongly believe this event would be used in any one of these ways.

All of our banking software has back doors built into them for the anonymous power brokers/masters to use as they deem fit. This is an inside job that is done by an International Banking/ Intelligence Agency conglomerate who would have the accessibility, the infrastructure and means to pull this off.

I fear this is a huge prelude to a massive event. I have told many of you through this web site to get your money out...What are you waiting for?


Steve, I am appalled that they (the media) truley are downplaying this mass hack. I spoke to my guy again this morning @ 7am NY time and he feels the number of banks affected could be over  200 but is confident that for sure 100 banks got hit. Another thing that the media is doing right now is damage control saying that the hacks took a year. to do. This is nonsense as the hacks are recent and the money missing from the large accounts would be noticed a lot sooner than a year.

He also stated that the program is NOT Spyeye or Zeus. He stated those they can stop with no problem as they do not have the source code and structure to hit that many servers at that short amount of time. WIll keep you posted on the latest.  V. SQ NOTE: DO AN INTERNET SEARCH ON "PROMIS SOFTWARE" AND SEE WHO STOLE IT FROM WHOM-THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS CONTROLLING THE DIS_INFORMATION AT A FANTASY LEVEL--SEEK GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND ASK HIM TO REVEAL TO YOU WHAT'S REALLY TAKING PLACE.


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The first part dealing with earth technology suppression went fast and there were lots of charts.  Scroll down and read about the new technologies that are coming.  It's pretty wild.

Technologies That Will Transform The World

The mass landings are the key to all that will follow.

Centaurian atmospheric mothership... (long, tube-like ship)

Pleiadian Scout Ship (Type 1) (showed image)

Suppression of Technologies

Talked about only primitive energy devices have been allowed by the ptb, so it could be controlled. 

Wireless Power

Nikola Tesla, the man who invented the 21st Century

Zero point energy age is the next age

Tesla created our present electrical age

Created anti-gravity saucers

Zero point energy systems

Searl Technology—powered antigravity craft—was seized.

Zero point energy creates consciousness.

Moving toward GF beam technology. Beam technology.

GF Andromedan Beam Ship (round base, bubble at top).

Overseeing a New Reality

Holographic Technology—divine light and divine love with space makes all things. We become true co-creators with all physicality.

Technology mirrors consciousness.

Technology resembles magic.

Any sufficient adv tech is indistinguishable from magic—Arthur C. Clarke. The types...

Organic …

Replicators can turn any form of energy into, clothing, furniture, housing, etc., come in all sizes and shapes.

Communicators... Universal Translator Buttons.

Healing... is the transfer of Love and Balance.

Nano devices … can produce actual seeds of any structure. Instead of building a giant replicator, you simply produce these special seeds and within three days.

Holographic devices... virtual people are very real, made out of divine light.

How New Technology Will Make Our Reality Better

Earth's Suppressed Technology

Over past century, inventions were suppressed...

Zero Point Healing Device.

Royal Raymond Rife... they stole his microscope.

Heal cancer to heart disease, etc. No matter how bad, it can heal it.

Dr. T. Henry Moray

Zero Point Transportation

Thomas Townsend Brown—US Gov't stole it and can make their own flying saucers.

Zero Point Medicine

Dr. Wilhelm Reich—Orgone (the basic aspect of life). Orgone generator.

Zero Point Weather Device

Cloudbusters, tech through orgone, can clean up our atmosphere and oceans.

Zero Point Genius – Tesla

Technology Timeline

Late Summer, 2012

free energy devices released

release healing devices

GF processors

Devices to clean Gaia released

By Fall, 2012

Distribution System Operational

Release of More Secret Technology

New Healing Centers in place

GF Spokespersons Explain New Technologies to be given to us

Timeline subject to change... this technology is key to everything... help us to become healthy, easy supply to food, clothing, housing. We now become people instanteously able to provide for our needs. Through the replicators is beautiful, fresh, clean, pure water. Three things we need... clean air to breathe, pure water to drink, we need good, nutritious food to eat. It also provides us with devices to heal us of any health problems.

Restoring Gaia

Huge replicators that can clean the air

The oceans need to be clean—similar devices will clean oceans

Clean up the land – plant nanotechnology seeds

Technology of Inner Earth

Ultimate goal is to move this society from being a limited conscious society that needs manufacturing and provides byproducts that are bad, etc. We don't need that any more. Where is the society that operates like that? Inner Earth—Agartha-5D realm-we are related to the Lemurians, great beings of light. The Annunaki's and Atlantans knocked us into limited consciousness. Fully conscious beings use telepathy. Live in crystal cities. Ag – inside, artha – earth. Their job is to help us move ourselves as best we can to become fully conscious beings. Crystal cities have many types and size. Telos under Mt. Shasta. Has atmosphere, not a cave. Beautiful meadows. Telos is main node. Agartha looks just like the outside. You don't feel like you are in the inside of Earth. You have mountains, streams, waterfalls, streams, rocks. It looks just like Earth. It is Earth. Inner Earth. It is not a giant cave. It's not a crazy place. It's part of our planet. One of the neat things about living quarters in Agartha is that they are like our places, only they tend to be rounded, to enhance energy fields. Want to take energy fields to enhance their own life. The furniture may be more rounded. And you can change your own furniture as much as you like. Sonic showers (no need for toilets). Takes 10-30 seconds. Body-adjusting bed. No dishwashing, just return to the replicator.

The Metamorphic Light Chamber

Epigenetics. We need help to achieve ascension in a small space of time (3 days), which took Ascended Masters generations. It's a living technology. It's organic. It will tie directly into your unique life energies. You are returned to full consciousness. Light chambers are controlled by your vast angelic councils and your personal mentor, specially trained to move you from being limited to fully conscious being of light.

You will be sent to a room, 3D reality temporarily. Then on to the metamorphosis chamber. Think of this chamber that cradles you while you sleep... you become younger, fully potentialized. You will be sleeping, lights and colors of heaven, angels, special guides, galactic mentor, full conscious being, your angels. This is not about separation... it transforms you like a butterfly into a fully conscious being. These special devices perfectly calibrate to your unique calibrations. Making sure your energies at certain levels, then replicated. All Galactic Federation devices are living organic beings of light. This is a heavenly fully conscious transformation of you into who you truly are. You are in this chamber, you become a fully conscious being who will last for thousands of years. When you are in that chamber, you are like being one with angels of heaven, your body angels, your body guardians, your regular life guardians. The colors of heaven will surround. The colors are part of a process to help transform, you are in a chrysalis. Once you finished emerge, transformed, you are to be greeted with joy and love as your mentor and angels embrace you. What you believe is possible, really is. We move into quantum consciousness, where technology is alive, a holographic universe that you become a co-creator of.

Summer 2012

Galatic Federation invited by secret sacred societies, to use its superior technology to force change. We'll see the beginning of this... mass public arrests, proclaim new banking system, new governance in power, UFO disclosure.

By late summer, trial dates set, the technology will start to come out, and after new technology is released, after prosperity, need lightworkers to come forth and (1) use vast monies given to you, your service to create new forms of business to distribute new devices and be part of the process of helping create this new society, and (2) and meetings with earth and space families... education. Society as we know it will be gone. Clean up air, water and soil. Ascended Masters manifest. Begin to educate all of us about the truths of the spirit. Educational knowledge and wisdom for all of us to become fully conscious. Abundance by then will be common. Make us fully conscious beings. The key is divine intervention. To fully transform Earth, as well as ourselves.


How are these technologies be distributed? How do I receive my replicator and when? When arrests happen, new gov't comes in, then announcements... then, distribute technologies. The 1st technology will be the replicator. We have to first of all be telepathic. Can do it in a couple of days. Need telepathy to operate the replicator. Another thing, as you begin to become telepathic, you are on the path to become fully conscious. Once that happens, the technician's job is after s/he teaches you to be fully telepathic, you have to learn how to work the device. Two to three weeks after initial disclosure, anticipate distributing the replicators. Essential, as we get ready to clean up Earth, that it becomes absolutely important that all manufacturing bases be put away. That means a new source has to be in place. Will be done relatively quickly. They (GF) have left timing to themselves. They look at it being months. They have enough people to do it relatively quickly and all over the planet.

Can the replicators make bank notes and coins? Yes, but you won't need money. Key point, prosperity and abundance. It's a transitional item, purpose to move from where we are now, we have scarcities, when economic system goes bye-bye. About a year. After that, you won't need it. The basic point is when you are moving down the road to becoming fully cons, all the basic aspects of this civilization goes away. There's no need for money, farming, manufacturing, the job you create is the joy you are about. A device gives you education you need and your mind will remember everything, and it will take you from kindergarten to Ph.D., depending on level you want, in no more than a month or two. You won't need schools. You won't forget, because your mind is always alive and in perfect balance, and always growing. It's like being a Chinese coolie in 13th Century rural China suddenly being transported to 21st Century America... it is so different.

No beer in 5D. Because when you get a 5D atmosphere, there's no fermentation. No wine, no beer, no hard liquor. But you won't miss it. You'll be so high from other things. You'll be in joy, the ultimate high.

The elementals are key to restoring a forest. The devices will then copy what they say and create pristine world again, recreating Gaia as it once looked.

How will our mentors and light chambers deal with people with mental and spiritual blockages?

All people have baggage. All people with mental illnesses (imbalances) can be rectified by the use of proper, positive energies. When you enter the chamber, you are being changed into your full potential self. All of us have an IAM presence. That being life transcends into your essence when you become fully conscious. So this is what's happening in the chamber. All of that will be integrated, a fully conscious being of light. The chamber is just an environment in which all these different energies, from Heaven, GF, highest levels of who you really are, come down and act as a giant council to work on your physical body, mental, emotional bodies, they look at all different aspects of who you are, integrate that, transform all negative to positive epigenetics, then you are transformed. All fragments will be re-knit. Your DNA and RNA will be reknit... you become a fully conscious being of light, you are fully reintegrated. The remnants are like a library, that is put back together to make the living library you truly are. It's an instrument of love … to recreate neural networks based on telepathy and our connections to each other... the grand unity, new epoch that allows each and every one of us …

Why do we need light chambers? Can't we just naturally transform? Under normal conditions ascending for most people needs the energies of a Buddha or Christ, what is required is something happens that break blockages in us be removed. What is needed to do this requires some device that can do that for us. So, what a light chamber is, is something that takes the focus of ascended masters and brings to us … allows us to fully understand how the universe works.

What's going on with the arrests? How close are we? What is happening is that the cabal said no on June 21st. Then what happened, they began final negotiations. The vast majority have given in. A general plan is ready to be implemented, will not be opposed in most countries. The major aspects of the cabal is beginning to start negotiations, takes a matter of days to a week or two. That process is now under way. The Galactic Federation is now allowed to do the pushes, final negotiations going on. The first major dominoes have fallen. Other major dominoes are being loosened. And it's almost done.

What is the current word on banking, stock markets, banks can stay open, how will accounts at BofA and Chase? These banks will be taken over. They are all bankrupt. The debt mountain they created was so huge it would make Mt. Everest look like a hill. The amount of debt is astronomical. Will they stay open? They will close but open in a few days. There will be new banking rules. Most fees will be gone. The nature how banks handle things will change. All tellers, workers, loans, etc., will discover it will be entirely different. A massive change. Initially, credit cards for 90 days, not work; ATM cards may not work. Within a few weeks, the abundance will spread and people can write checks, transfer monies from old system to new system. To keep it basic, that's what I can tell you, keep it basic.

Could you talk about merging timelines? Because right now we are entering an era where energies around galaxy, it has sped time up. Hard to keep up. As this time began collapsing, it began collapsing possibilities around us. These parallel time lines in process of collapsing, by Fall all the timelines will collapse into one timeline, a new reality, in this new epoch we will become fully conscious beings. All timelines lead to full consciousness, first contact, so that by the time we reach December, when the shift actually happens, we are going to be ready, fully conscious beings living in new reality living with space and earth families.

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"There is a certain computer program which actually drives the whole financial system and this computer program has received a virus on the 21st May this year, so the light forces can actually shut down the whole system just like that, just flick the switch and it’s gone and this might happen in the case of the mass arrest scenario, if this scenario is going to be executed in the way it was planned the light forces can just switch off the financial system and we have a banking holiday around the world everywhere and this is for the purpose of cutting the cabal away from their money..."

The interview happened around June 19th.  What was said then sounds like the 60 banks that are being hacked that was posted yesterday.  There was mention that a logarithm of unknown source and complexity, never seen before, was being used.

This so-called hacking sounds like a story to cover up that the forces of light takeover is in progress.


Good news about earth changes, confirming what other sources are saying.  I've been thinking along these lines and this further leads me to think that the PX scenario was/is a cover-up, masking the true reasons of earth changes caused by positive energies coming in from the galactic sun so (1) people would not awaken to the truth about Ascension and (2) it was an opportunity to create fear to further keep people from awakening.  This would mean, then, that ZT is an outreach of the dark forces (though many unwitting good-hearted people were sucked into it).  And, it just occurred to me, this could be the reason she ordered everyone to "not look at the sun."  Why?  We would see all the various spacecraft of the liberation forces!

As Lothar blogged earlier at, and as Cobra confirms in his interview below, the negative ETs are gone from Earth.  This, then, confirms that Nancy truly has been cut off from her source of information and is winging it (as I've been saying for two years and now have independent confirmation).  She's STS, no doubt in my mind from witnessing her behavior.  An STO could not have worked for STS ETs.  So, she's been working with the STS Zetas (who work with the US Government) and has been cut off.  Being as STS as her employers, and not wanting to lose her position of power and ego-stroking, adoring fans, she has been trying to wing it for years.  It all makes sense now. 

Lisa:  I know there is a lot of talk and you’ve mentioned it before but earth changes, severe earth changes most of the information coming to us about earth changes that will happen are coming from off world sources as are the information about ‘they will be mitigated’ but there is nothing that I am aware of really here on the ground to suggest that we are in for earth changes, nobody’s talking about it from studying the planet and what’s going on with it, it has been said that this is just another fear paradigm that is being orchestrated either by the darker ET’s or the Archons or the cabal, if it fact earth changes are part of this process, why?

Cobra: Ok, this is quite a complex story and I will try to explain, actually earth changes were a part of what was about to happen on this planet this was predicted a long time ago but the activity of the light forces have diminished the impact of those changes dramatically so actually the positive ET races have been expecting those earth changes to happen a long time ago and they did not because of the activity of the light forces on this planet and there might be some earth changes happening but not in 2012 much later than that. They might happen after a certain, then the critical mass of humanity will awaken and the purpose of those earth changes happening is to purify the planet, but day by day the situation looks brighter and brighter so there is nothing to fear and yes there is scientific evidence of those things there is a scientist by the name of Paul Violet? That is speaking about the activity of the galactic central sun and actually those earth changes are happening cyclically every 26,000 years when the galactic central sun gets active and right now we are entering the period of increased activity of the galactic central sun. But as I have said the positive light forces can direct the energy of the galactic central sun in a balanced way so that this process is not traumatic for humanity. So I would say there is nothing to fear.



Cobra on Stockholm Syndrome.  This is another phenomenon that keeps people glued to NZT, despite the obvious flaws:

Lisa: I know you said earlier that humanity is being held hostage essentially which is what has stalled action but is there also a great deal of concern about how humanity is going to react?

Cobra: Well, one of the main concerns of the light forces is actually the reaction of the masses to more definite action because some people will like it and some people will not like it and we have to deal with that, so actually the hostages have been programmed to the point where many of them don’t want to be liberated and that is quite a complicated problem and we are trying to resolve this right now.

Lisa: Yes it is like the victim falling in love with the perpetrator.

Cobra: Yes, yes, Stockholm syndrome.

Lisa: Yes, en mass.

Cobra: Yes

Lisa: It’s a shame, ....


Just remember, NZT said the economy would not collapse.  But it never spoke of mass arrests and all the other issues surrounding Earth's liberation from the dark cabal.  A closing thought, what better way to hide in plain sight than to screech about the "establishment" when you ARE the establishment.

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Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

The GREEN LIGHT has been given. We at PAO are very excited about the window of opportunity we are in. The arrests are beginning so the long awaited prosperity and announcements are to follow. Let's come together Thursday to anchor in our new reality. Be part of PAO's grid of Light shining bright for 90 minutes during Thursday's webinar: Technologies That Will Transform Our World.

NOTE: If you are registering by using Paypal, please note that you need to register before 4:00 pm PDT (California) in order for us to complete your registration. If you are using our shopping cart to register, you can register up to the time of the webinar. We do advise registering early~~cutoff time for assisting with any problems is 4:00 pm PDT.

Selamat Ja!


Cure All Illnesses in 3 Minutes

Video with Gregg Braden

When hearts come together and create one feeling it can change the world. Some would call this a miracle. It is only a miracle until we can understand the science, then it is no longer a miracle but a technology, a sacred science.

In this powerful video, Gregg shows a woman who has been diagnosed with cancer in her bladder. Western doctors said they could not help her. She was terminal. Here she is being healed by three Chinese (healing) practitoners. They are using an ancient wisdom. These practioners are trained to "feel the precise, correct feeling in their hearts" that the woman is already healed. You will see through a sonogram her cancer disappearing as these 3 practitoners "feel the feeling" that this woman is healthy.

This is the same ancient wisdom~~technology~~that we are being asked to bring forth to dismantle the present dark power structure and replace it with our new galactic based on Love and Unity.

This is an amazing video: Cure all Illnesses in 3 Minutes


Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

Yesterday I sent a video from Gregg Braden entitled: Cure All Illnesses In 3 Minutes.

This title is misleading. I received an email from a lady that was with Gregg at the workshop where he presented this information. Here's what she had to say:

I was in the audience for the very first screening of the Gregg Braden video (woman with Chi Masters)...and this was NOT ~ I repeat NOT a 3 minute cure.....Gregg quietly had brought this video into the USA, and he was very clear on this point ~~~ both the Masters and this woman had worked for months to get her to a place where she would know that she was healthy, so when they did their Chi Healing, then and only then, was the tumor gone in less than 3 minutes. ~~

Gregg was incredibly insistent that people realize that this is not a POOF it is gone cure :o)

I sincerely apologize to Gregg and to my reading audience. I simply used the title on the youtube video. As you can see, this title is misleading.

Now, having said that, this video is still remarkable and is an example of what we are capable of doing.

Selamat Ja!


Light shines Love within you

Each moment holds a new beginning of possibility and an opportunity to create without limitation. We can let go of what we perceive or believe is before us and allow our personal potential to shine through. Start each day as a new journey of self discovery. Let go of yesterday and tomorrow and embrace the power of now. Remind yourself daily of the newness of life in the moment. Let Your Heart be your Truth that guides you.

Spiritually Written for all Souls
Joella C. Bernas


The Importance of Live Webinars



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Technologies That Will Transform Our World



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Sheldan will discuss:
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• How technology will restore Gaia to her pristine condition
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• Consciousness and technology

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Both these articles out at the same time.  Think there could be a correlation between Big Pharma's new fat pill and the gov't wanting to funnel people into "obesity counseling"?  Naaah.

FDA OKs First Obesity Drug In 13 Years

Gov't Health Care Panel Wants Obese People To Undergo Counseling

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